Country Women’s Low Down

This story is a work of fiction and is not an indication of the true sex lives of those mentioned. After all this is just a fantasy. contains: cons FF, FF.

Faith Hill had become very bored with her at home life. While she loved her husband Tim, their bedroom sex life had gotten very boring and routine. Part of her down deep wanted to explore her fantasy side of life.

Her husband on the other hand was very excited to get tickets to the superbowl. While Faith got to sing the national anthem, she found out that Shania Twain was singing at half-time. This was very exciting to Faith since her and Shania were friends.
Plus about a year ago, Shania Twain had kissed Faith. Faith was shocked, but found that she enjoyed it. Shania told Faith she had always wanted to do that to her. It was very different but exciting to Faith, and thoughts of their kiss came back to her often. She was very turned on by Shania. Before then, Faith had just found Shania and other beautiful woman, as just that, beautiful. However since their kiss, Faith started looking at other women in a sexual manner.

Along with Shania, there was the sexy Leanne Rimes, that Faith had her eyes on. As she sang the national anthem Faith wore her sexy short yellow dress, nicely displaying her tan toned legs. The dress was cut in a v in the front, she had no bra on. Underneath she had a yellow thong with silver high heels. Faith thought she looked good in the outfit. The fact was she looked incredibly good! The football players eyed the beautiful singer like they were a pack of wolves and Faith was a piece of meat. Faith was turned on by people checking her out.

Faith made her way back to her dressing room. She then heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

In walked Shania Twain. Shania was dressed like a dominatrix. She wore a long black shiny trenchcoat, knee high black high heeled boots, a silver studded bra and a black mini skirt. Faith could only stare with her mouth open at the incredibly sexy woman in front of her. She was speechless. Did Shania wear this for her?

“I take it you like?” Smiled Shania.

“You look………….delicious!” That was the only word Faith could come up with.

“Well, you definitely like it then. I’m glad, cause I’m performing in this at half-time.”

“What, your wearing that in front of the TV cameras?”

“Yes,……..oh my God Faith, did you think I wore this for you?” She asked with a big smile.

“Well, ……………..yes I guess I did.”

“Well, I would gladly wear it for you Faith, come here sweetie.”

The two beautiful women hugged. Faith’s hands wrapped around Shania caressed the brunette’s shoulders. Shania wrapped her arms around Faith’s lower back. She let her hands roam lower, and soon she was squeezing the blonde’s tight ass through her thin yellow dress, and kissed her neck. Faith softly moaned as Shania squeezed her delectable rear. Faith slid her hands to Shania’s front she slid off the long black coat, and felt on Shania’s firm breasts in the silver bra.

“I want you” Shania whispered in Faith’s ear.

“I want you too.” Responded Faith.

Shania grabbed the bottom of Faith’s dress and lifted it off of her. There was the beautiful Faith Hill naked except for high heels and a yellow thong. Even having children did nothing to hurt her incredible figure. Her skin was tanned and silky smooth. Her breasts weren’t large but were very firm. Faith made the next move and unhooked Shania’s silver studded bra in the front releasing her boobies to Faith. Faith wasted no time, latching on to a breast with her mouth. Sucking a whole breast and teasing Shania’s hard nipples with her tongue. Faith gave each breast equal attention as Shania’s hand pushed the back of Faith’s head into her cleavage.

The two leaned in to each other, both of their bare breasts pressed together as they kissed. Shania and Faith’s tongues came alive in each others mouth. Faith slid off Shania’s mini skirt and found she also had on a thong, it was black. Faith then slid to her knees and kissed Shania’s pussy through her thong softly.

“Take it off” Said Shania is a voice that longed for Faith to see her sacred treasures.

Leaving Shania’s knee high black heeled boots on, Faith slid off Shania’s thong, revealing a near bald pussy, there was only a tiny patch of brunette pubic hair above her pussy. Faith couldn’t help herself and immediately started muff diving on her. She buried her face in Shania’s pussy. Her tongue licked up the sweet pre-cum juices from the sexy singer. Shania balanced herself by putting a hand on the dressing room table as she wrapped a leg around Faith’s head. She felt her own breasts pinching on her nipples as Faith’s cunt licking skills seemed to be far from a women who was doing this for the first time.

Shania moaned as Faith lightly bit on her clit. She guessed it was true, only another woman knew where the right spots were, and Faith was hitting all the right spots! Faith started fingering Shania as her nibbling and sucking on her clit continued. This proved to be too much and Shania’s exploded on Faith’s face, coating the blonde with her female essence. Faith licked it up and found it very sweet not at all salty like when her husband came in her mouth.

Faith stood back up and looked Shania in the eyes as she smiled and pulled her thong down past her tan legs and out from under her high heels. She leaned back on the table and spread her legs for her new lover. Shania could already see the dampness in the blonde’s pubic hair. She kissed Faith with a lot of tongue, tasting her own juices on Faith’s lips as her hands caressed the blonde’s breasts. She squeezed Faith’s nipples between her thumb and forefingers, as she could feel the heat from Faith’s pussy against her own pussy.

Shania licked Faith’s smooth skin, starting between her breasts, and leaving a trail of saliva past Faith’s bellybutton. Finally she reached the blonde treasure between Faith’s legs. She open up Faith’s lips and immediately went to work tonguing Faith’s pinkness. Faith closed her eyes in pleasure as one of her high heels dug into Shania’s shoulder. Shania dug her tongue deep into Faith’s pussy, hitting all the spots that her husband never hits. Faith lifted her other leg high above her head opening her pussy as much as she could for Shania. Shania stuffed three fingers into Faith as her tongue work aroused the blonde singer’s clit.


This hot talk only encourage Shania to double her efforts and soon Faith’s body was spasming into a huge orgasm. Shania licked up every drop of her savory juices, before wiping her face off on Faith’s inner thigh. The two kissed yet again and held each other tight.

“I got tell you, there’s only one other woman in this world that I would like to share this pleasure with?’ Said Faith.

“Oh really who does my diva Faith Hill have her eyes on?” Wondered Shania.

“Leanne Rimes, she’s such a little hottie!” Answered a blushing Faith.

“Well, she is quite a cuttie, but unfortunately I’ll be on tour in Australia, so your gonna have to seduce her on your own. I’m sure it won’t be difficult for you though hon.”

With that the two kissed each other good-bye and got dressed.

About a week later, Faith met up with Leanne backstage after one of her concerts in Texas. Faith wore a white dress cut low in the front and the length going just above her knees, and stockings with white high heels, the outfit also had a white G-string and garter belt underneath, she didn’t wear a bra. She hoped that she wasn’t looking slutty, but she knew if Leanne had any feelings for another woman this dress was the one to wear. Then she spotted Leanne, or at least the backside of her. Leanne’s butt was looking incredible in tight beige pants that showed off her round cheeks very well. She was also in a blue denim button up shirt and black open toes heels that showed off her cute dark purple painted toenails. Faith just stood there in awe of the younger girls ass. She would have been content just staring at her lovely derriere.

Then Leanne turned around and the two women were face to face.


Leanne gave Faith a big hug, which Faith graciously returned.

“Its so good to see you again, why did you come?”

“I needed to talk to you.”

“Um sure Faith lets go back to my tour bus.”

The two made their way back to the tour bus. Faith hoped that Leanne didn’t catch her stealing peeks at her firm behind as they went. Once inside she offered Faith a soda, after all she still wasn’t 21 yet. Faith excepted, sitting down in the chair and crossing her legs. Leanne sat across from her.

“So what did you need to talk about Faith?”

Faith decided not to beat around the bush (so to speak).

“You think I’m pretty Leanne?”

“What? I think your gorgeous Faith.”

“Well, good, cause I think your incredibly sexy Leanne!’

“Um OK…………………… where are you going with this Faith?”

Faith took a deep breath before blurting out….” I wanna make love to you Leanne.”

Leanne sat there stunned, not knowing what to say. The most beautiful woman in country music had just asked her to sleep with her. Leanne was certainly flattered, but at the same time she knew that she herself wasn’t a lesbian, nor was she at all experience in girl/girl love.

“Faith, are you a……a………..

” No, Leanne, I’m not a lesbian, like you I love men, I love my husband, its just that my sex life has became very dull. So a friend of mine introduced me to how good love with another woman is. I have to tell you Leanne its wonderful, no one knows a woman’s body better than another woman. ”

“Well, what about Tim, I mean I’m a married woman now too, don’t you feel guilty about cheating on him?”

“I don’t consider sex with another woman cheating. I would never sleep with another man, cause I love Tim. Sex with another woman is just loving another woman’s body. I mean no matter how much I have sex with another woman, I’m not gonna get pregnant, and I’m definitely not gonna divorce Tim to be with another woman. Sex between two women is something wonderful to share, that’s why I’m asking you Leanne, your beautiful, and I want to make you feel good.”

There was a long silence before Leanne finally spoke up.

” Well, I can’t deny that I’ve been curious before. I had always wondered if a woman could hit the spots that a man missed. I guess that if I’m gonna try love with another woman that I’d be comfortable doing it with you. I just hope my body is good enough for you Faith.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem Leanne.” Smiled Faith.

Faith stood up and dropped her dress leaving her in her heels garter belt and panties, her nice breasts in display for Leanne. Leanne’s smile showed Faith Leanne liked what she saw. Leanne stood up to meet Faith and the two started to kiss. The kiss went from soft and tender to more intense. Mouth’s opened and tongues went as the two beautiful blonde singers started French kissing. Leanne’s eyes popped up, as she felt Faith give her a pinch on her round butt.

Faith started to unbutton Leanne’s shirt, underneath she found a pretty black bra. She placed her free hand on one of Leanne’s breasts, squeezing it through the lacey bra. Her other hand continued playing with her sexy ass. Faith slid down Leanne’s bra straps, then reaching back unhooked her. As her bra fell to the floor Faith behold the sight of Leanne Rimes topless. Her breasts were much like Faith’s very firm, a B cup likely, bordering on a cup. Faith had no tanlines, while Leanne had bikini tanlines.

The two leaned in and kissed again, their naked breasts pressing together. Their kiss was full of passion this time, as their tongues fought for control in the others mouth. Faith squeezed hard on Leanne’s behind, squeezing each cheek in her hands. Faith turned Leanne around so she could admire her ass. Faith had never wanted to be a pair of beige pants anymore in her life. Faith kissed the young girls neck, planting wet kisses all over it. She whispered in Leanne’s ear.

“I wanna take your pants off sweetie. ”

Leanne had her eyes shut and was softly moaning, she simply nodded. With that Faith unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and was delighted at what she saw. No panties, just luscious twin globes of flesh. Faith practically drooled at the sight.

“No panties Leanne, you little slut!” Faith gave her ass a nice slap.

“I hate pantylines, you must like what you see though, you can’t keep your hands of it.”

“I’ll show you how much I like what I see.” Faith dropped to her knees, and started worshipping Leanne’s ass. She kissed her bum and slid her tongue all along it. Her tongue then reached her ass crack and she slid her tongue up and down it. She spread the young singers cheeks and began to lick her from her ass crack down to her cunt lips. She couldn’t help herself but to taste Leanne. Leanne was already wet and Faith sucked on her pussy lips tasting her girl cream. Leanne got weak in the knees real quick as Faith licked on her scared treasure. Leanne closed her eyes lost in pleasure. Her eyes shut tightly as her tongue stuck out to lick her lips. She never imagined she would enjoy lesbian sex, much less her first time would be with Faith Hill!

“Ohhh Faith right there, oh yesss ohh God yesss, yesssss that’s the spot, Faith, Faith, that’s it!”

Before long Leanne was on all fours unable to stand and pushing her ass back at Faith’s face. Faith licked and sucked on Leanne’s love button. Leanne’s young moans encouraged Faith all the more to bring her off. Faith buried her tongue as deep as she could inside of Leanne’s pussy, as she began slapping her firm ass, leaving red hand prints as she did. This proved to be too much for Leanne. Her back arched and she released the biggest orgasm in her 20 years of life. Faith loved every drop and licked her pussy dry. A heavy panting Leanne kissed Faith again their embrace was tighter than ever as they’re hot bodies were as one.

When the kiss broke Leanne said” I wanna make you come too Faith.”

“MMM that sounds good, thing is I wanna taste you again Leanne, so lets go a 69.”

Leanne couldn’t help but blush at the use of the word “69” it seemed so naughty of a word. Leanne gladly obliged though and got on top of Faith. She pulled off her panties and tasted another woman for the first time. The two women feasted on each others love boxes. Leanne was doing quite well for a first timer. While Faith’s seemingly expert tongue was doing its work to get her off a second time. Faith was in heaven as she ate the beautiful girl out and looked up at her magnificent rear. Faith shoved two fingers inside Leanne’s tight pussy as Leanne buried her tongue as deep as she could into Faith. She even got bold wetting her finger and slid it up Faith’s asshole.

The sounds of the sucking and moaning seemed to echo in the bus as the two women making love seemed to be all that existed in the world. Soon they were both orgasming, and orgasming together!

the two lied there for what seemed forever caressing each others naked bodies when there was a knock on the door startling them both.

“Mrs. Rimes, we need to get on the road soon,” a voice called out.

“OK thanks Harold” Leanne called back.

“I’ll never forget this night Faith.”

“Nor will I Leanne, lets keep in touch OK?”


With that the two kissed again and hugged good-bye. As far as they were concerned this was just the beginning.

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