County Limits

This story was written in two hours, so forgive it’s brevity. I’ve

never actually watched The OC but I have enjoyed the many photo shoots

these fine ladies have done, and wrote this as a hopeful step in

getting more authors to write about them. Enjoy!

County Limits

By Carnage Jackson

Standard Disclaimer:

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community, not be offended by the contents of it…blah blah, you know

the rest.

This story may be distributed freely, for commercial or

use, but PLEASE leave my email/name on it! That’s all I ask!

This work is complete fiction, all made up in my head.

Yes I know the celebs don’t act like this in real life,

but this is a fantasy after all.

The setting was perfect. A large California mansion, down the coast

away from the city, with a huge plate glass window over looking the

ocean. The sunny sky outside created a wonderfully warm and enticing

atmosphere for the photo shoot at hand, with two of the stars of the

hottest show on TV, The OC.

“Ok ladies, go ahead and get comfortable on the couch,” said David,

the photographer. He was in his mid 20s and a bit scruffy around the

edges, but both women – Rachel Bilson and Samaire Armstrong – felt

very comfortable with the setting. They were not strangers to being

photographed. Rachel had done a number of shoots for the “lad”

magazines, Maxim and Stuff, and while Samaire didn’t have as large of

a background, she had done some sexy stuff on her own.

They were both dressed in a provocative, if covering way. Rachel wore

a bikini with a camouflage pattern, the shorts barely covering her

supple ass cheeks. Her dark brown hair hung freely against her

shoulders, accentuating the color of her rich brown eyes, the sun

making them sparkle with color.

Samaire was dressed equally as sexily, with a wife-beater tank top

(and no bra) and a pair of purple bikini underwear, the word TEASE

written across the front, just above her mound. Over her shoulders

hung a loose piece of fabric, light pink in color, to bring out the

contrast of her short blonde hair. Both girls knew each other well,

obviously, from the set and were excited about the prospect of being

in a shoot together, especially to promote the upcoming season.

“Rachel, I want you to sit on the edge of the couch, on the top while

Samaire, I want you next to her, your arms on her knees,” said David.

They both did as they were asked, smiling for the camera as David and

his assistant, Mark, took the first pictures of the afternoon. David

was working the high-res camera while Mark was doing the sample shots

with a Polaroid, the camera churning out test pictures loudly as the

girls struck their pose.

“Alright, Rachel, I’d like to see you put your hair over your left

shoulder,” said David as he clicked off some shots.

“Like this?” asked Rachel, tossing her head back as she smiled sexily

for the camera.

“Yes, perfect. Now Samaire, take off the fabric and hold it in your

hands, letting the edge lay across Rachel’s thigh. Perfect!” said


The shoot continued like this for a few minutes, with about half a

dozen different poses being shot. David would ask the girls to pose

and Mark would take the test shots, setting them in a pile on the

table nearby.

“Alright, let’s take a break,” David said after a minute. Both girls

stood from the couch and stretched while David and Mark talked amongst

themselves, looking over the shots.

“I really liked Entourage this year Sam,” Rachel said to her friend.

“It must have been nice to get away with all that swearing on TV,”

Samaire grinned. “Yeah, it was nice. The ratings weren’t too hot, but

what can you do. It’s not TV, it’s HBO,”

“What else did you do while we were off,” asked Rachel.

“Not too much. I read some scripts, traveled some, went to some

premieres but mostly just enjoyed the break. After the show hit so

big, it was hard to find any sort of peace and quiet,” she replied.

“Yeah, I hear that. I want to do some movies too, but I know that the

show is going to hamper my schedule a bit. I’ll see how things go with

my contract when it’s up, maybe I’ll move on,” Rachel said.

“I know. We can only pretend to play teenagers for so long. I don’t

want to end up as another 90210, you know?” Samaire said.

“Mos def,” Rachel said with a laugh. David approached them, clearing

his throat.

“Uh ladies, I’m afraid I have a bit of bad news. Mark just got a call

that his wife is going into labor and, since we rode together, I’ve

got to take him to the hospital. I’m afraid we are going to have to

start this shoot over some other time,” he said to the two women,

disappointment in his voice.

“In labor? Shit man, you better go then!” Rachel said with a laugh to

Mark, who grinned sheepishly. The four said their goodbyes and Rachel

and Samaire watched them go as they went to gather up their stuff and


As Samaire picked up her bag, she realized that Mark had left his

camera on the table.

“Shit! He forgot his stuff!” she said to Rachel, who was pulling her

hair back in a pony tail. Rachel looked at the camera and shrugged.

“Maybe he will be coming back?” Rachel said.

“I don’t know, this doesn’t exactly seem like the house of a

photographer,” Samaire said.

Rachel walked over to the table and picked up the camera, examining

it. “I never understood why they shoot with two cameras when they do

these things,”

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s so they can tell where the weak lighting areas

are immediately, rather than getting the real stuff developed first,”

Samaire said. “Here, go stand by the window and I’ll show you,”

Rachel walked to the window and looked out. The Pacific was clear and

calm today, and the horizon stretched for miles on end. It was too bad

the shoot had to be cancelled, days like this didn’t come along too


“Ok Rachel, strike a pose,” Samaire said with a smirk. Rachel hammed

it up, pursing her lips as she thrust her chest out at the camera, her

young breasts straining against the fabric of her top. Samaire clicked

the camera and a few seconds later a photo whirred out. Taking the

photo, she shook it in her hand and then walked over to Rachel by the


“See, there is a lot of glare here around your head,” Samaire said as

the two girls studied the picture. “But it looks like your boobs came

out perfectly!”

They giggled together at this as Rachel took the camera from Samaire.

“Here, let me try!”

Rachel moved beside Samaire as the blonde leaned against the window,

arching her back and thrusting her pelvis forward. She looked

undeniably sexy, especially the faint tease of her midriff showing

under the top, except for the incredibly goofy face she was making –

her eyes crossed and her tongue sticking out sideways from the corner

of her mouth. Rachel could barely stop laughing to take the picture,

and when it came out they both broke into another giggle fit, sliding

down the glass of the window and sitting on the hardwood floor.

“Oh man, I’ve got to get one of these cameras,” Samaire said. “They

can be so much fun,”

Rachel nodded in agreement, then, looking at her friend, broke out

laughing again.

“What? Don’t think I can afford it?” said Samaire.

“No no, it’s not that,” Rachel said between giggles. “It’s

just…well, I think the camera turns you on a little bit,” she said,

pointing at Samaire’s chest. The blonde looked down and then blushed

brightly – her nipples had become aroused and were now poking out

against the fabric of her top.

“Gimme that thing,” Samaire said, snatching the camera from Rachel.

“You can’t honestly tell me that these things don’t turn you on some


“Oh yeah, they do. Except beach shoots. Damn sand gets all up in my

ass,” Rachel said with a laugh.

Samaire blushed again and giggled to herself.

“Oh, now what? Is your mind going into the gutter Sam?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid it is. It’s just when you said ‘crack’…”

Rachel playfully slapped her friend on the arm. “Stop that, you know

what I mean. Though it does get in there sometimes too,”

“Uh huh,” said Samaire.

The two stopped giggling for a moment, as a weird silence filled the

room. Rachel studied the camera in her hands absently as she suddenly

became aware of the fact that the two of them were alone in the room,

talking about sex. Rachel had been with a number of men before of

course, but had, like most girls, wondered what it would be like to be

with a girl. Samaire was very beautiful, in a unique and inviting

way. She had a great smile and an awesome body and…

Breaking Rachel’s train of thought, Samaire spoke.

“Hey, want to umm…take some more pictures?” she said, her voice

echoing in the room.

“What kind of pictures?” Rachel asked, trying to get her mind off the

lusty thoughts she had been having only a moment before.

“I don’t know, something kinda sexy maybe. There’s still some film

left in this camera and…”

“Sure!” Rachel said, jumping up and handing Samaire the camera.

Consciously, she didn’t even realize why she had agreed to it, but

some part of her brain liked the idea of having a little fun here in

private with her friend.

“You want to go first?” Samaire asked, holding the camera at her waist.

“Yeah, ok. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, how about a little tease for the guys when they come back to

get their camera. Here, go stand against the couch,” Samaire said,

pointing to the back of the couch.

Rachel did as her friend asked, facing away from the window. She

couldn’t help but notice a bit more throatiness in her friend’s voice

when she spoke now, and Rachel could feel a slight dampness starting

to form between her legs.

“Bend over the couch a bit and stick your ass out,” Samaire said with

a giggle. “Ok, good. Now, put your thumbs in the sides of your bottoms

and pull them down jusssstttt a little bit. Perfect!”

Rachel felt funny doing this, she had to admit, but she also could

feel quite a bit of arousal knowing that they were being naughty with

a camera. She heard Samaire take one picture behind her, then heard it

fall to the floor. Obviously, she wasn’t done with just one.

“Hey Rach, pull them down just a little bit more. Let’s see some of

that crack!” Samaire said. They both broke into laughter again, but

Rachel complied with her friends request, feeling the top of the

bikini slide down further, exposing just the slightest hint of her ass


Samaire moved closer and, as Rachel turned around to look, saw her

friend kneeling as she zoomed in on Rachel’s ass and supple legs.

Feeling a little uncomfortable at the closeness of this, Rachel stood

up at the waist.

“My turn to take some of you,” Rachel said. Samaire looked up at her,

a little disappointed, but handed the camera over anyways. She

couldn’t help but notice as well, that Rachel had left her bikini

bottoms pulled down slightly, exposing even more of her ass than what

Samaire had originally asked for.

“Here, why don’t you go stand by the window and take your shirt off,”

Rachel said boldly, checking how many pictures were left in the


“What???” Samaire said, surprised.

“I’ll turn my head, don’t worry,” said Rachel. “I just wanted to get

some pictures of your back and it would look better if people thought

you were nude,”

“People? Who are you planning on showing these to?” Samaire asked,

feigning shock.

“Oh you know, all those perverts on the Internet,” Rachel replied

smartly. “I’m sure you’re fans would love them. Look what happened to


“Ha, not likely,” Samaire said. “But alright, I guess it’s only fair,”

Rachel turned her back to Samaire, but watched out of the corner of

her eye through the reflection of a nearby picture as Samaire removed

her top and shook her hair free, her small breasts sticking out

excitedly from her chest. Rachel again felt a surge of heat between

her legs, but tried to stay calm.

“You can turn around now Rachel,” Samaire said as her friend did just

that. Samaire was standing there wearing nothing but her tiny, TEASE

panties, but held her arms across her chest to cover her breasts.

“Ok, perfect,” Rachel said. “Now turn around and face the window,”

Samaire gave her friend an evil little grin before turning around,

her bare, sexy back now facing Rachel. Puttering around behind her for

a minute, Rachel sounded concerned.

“No, that angle won’t work. Why don’t you lift your arm up and press

yourself against the glass to hide your nipple and I’ll take a

sideways shot of you,”

“Alright,” Samaire said. She slowly slid her arm up the glass, not

caring now if Rachel got a little nipple slip for her trouble. The

truth was, Samaire’s breasts were aching with arousal, and she had

trouble containing her moan of pleasure as her nipple touched the cold


Rachel moved beside her, very closely, and aimed the camera. Samaire

cast her a smoldering hot look as Rachel clicked the picture, and the

photo fell to the floor, developing. Not even realizing what she was

doing, Rachel let go of the window and turned to watch the photo on

the floor as it came into focus, leaving her standing there naked from

the waist up, with Rachel just a few feet away.

As it developed, Rachel bent down to pick it up, shaking it a little

bit as she rose to her feet and came face to face with Samaire’s


“I think…” Rachel stammered, stepping closer to hand her friend the

picture. “I think that it came out, uh, beautifully,”

The two girls eyes met, and Rachel was having a hard time not

focusing on Samaire’s breasts. They were small, probably a low B cup,

and had the pinkest nipples she had ever seen, like the color of

cotton candy, the tips sticking out from perfectly formed areolas.

When she finally looked down for a split second and then looked back

up, she caught her friend’s eyes, which had been watching her look.

“I don’t think that the picture is the only beautiful thing here,”

whispered Samaire. The two girls, as if drawn together, then moved

within an inch of each other. Rachel felt her arms go around Samaire’s

bare waist, and the girls hands do the same for her. Their eyes

locked, they both hesitated to see who would be the first one to make

the next move.

Rachel, as it turned out, had less patience and abruptly leaned

forward, placing her lips against Samaire’s. For a split second, there

was a bit of resistance, but then it was all over – their lips parted

and tongues danced together as they heatedly embraced one another,

pressing their supple, young bodies together, arms rubbing and

touching all over each other.

Samaire slithered her hands down Rachel’s back and ran her finger

along the crack of her ass. Rachel moaned into her mouth and

instinctively pressed her pelvis forward against her friend. They both

leaned back against the wall, the afternoon light from the window

starting to fade as they groped and kissed each other. Rachel lowered

her lips from Samaire’s and gently kissed and licked her neck, causing

the blonde to moan and roll her head around her shoulders, enjoying

the feel of Rachel’s heavier breasts pressing against her own.

With the camera still in her hand, Rachel held it out away from them

and clicked the button blindly, hoping that the shot would come out.

Samaire however, was having none of it and took the camera from

Rachel, flinging it softly onto the nearby couch – she had more

important things to do.

As the camera finished whirring away, the room was silent except for

the heavy sound of kissing and smacking lips. Rachel enjoyed the fact

that Samaire was taking the lead on this and put up no resistance as

her friend spun her around and pressed her body against the window.

Making her way up and down Rachel’s shoulders, back and neck, Samaire

kissed and licked her friend feverishly, her hands kneading and

squeezing Rachel’s ass as she slowly worked the bikini bottoms down to

her friend’s ankles. Barely missing a step, Rachel stepped out of the

bottoms and flung them to the side as Samaire bent down and began to

kiss up and down Rachel’s leg, running her long tongue against each

and every muscle she could find.

Rachel’s nipples were hurting from arousal, so while Samaire was

making love to her legs, Rachel undid the back of her top and let it

too fall to the floor. Standing up slightly at the waist, she pushed

her long, beautiful hair into a pony tail and proceeded to tease and

squeeze her nipples as her friend made her way achingly slow up

towards Rachel’s now dripping sex.

Samaire glided her hands up towards Rachel’s V opening between her

legs, her soft fingers delicately brushing against Rachel’s calves,

causing the brunette to moan with pleasure. Bringing her mouth closer

to her sex, Rachel shuddered as Samaire’s lips blew soft air against

her wet opening.

When her mouth finally made contact on Rachel’s sex, both girls

shuddered with pleasure and enjoyment. Rachel gasped as she felt the

first little bit of Samaire’s tongue touch her outer lips, which had

parted in arousal. Pushing her way slightly into the beautiful

brunette’s pussy, Samaire licked and tasted each drop of moisture that

leaked out from her cunt.

Her face now buried in Rachel’s ass, Samaire used her hands to

squeeze Rachel’s ass cheeks as her tongue explored her nether regions.

The touch of Samaire’s hands against Rachel’s hips let her know that

this certainly wouldn’t be the last time she used the talents of a

woman to help her get off. The slurping, wet sound of her own pussy

being sucked and licked turned Rachel on to no end, and it wasn’t but

a moment before she felt an orgasm start to build in her spasming


Pressing her hands hard against the glass, Rachel threw her head back

and cried out in bliss as Samaire caressed her clit with her tongue

and flickered back and forth against her opening, the wet juices from

within turning now into a constant stream of arousal.

“Oh shit Sam, lick me! Lick me, yes! Yes! Yes! Arrgggh, I’m

cummmminnngggg,” Rachel screamed as her knees nearly buckled, her

pussy unleashing a flood of juice onto Samaire’s waiting and thirsty

tongue. Samaire licked and drank in every drop that she could get, but

relished the fact that some of it didn’t make it into her mouth and

was now dripping down her lips and onto her bare chest, making Samaire

feel both slutty and powerful at the same time.

For Rachel, she never imagined it could be so good. Fireworks were

going off in her head as her vision grew darker around the edges, the

open ocean and the anonymity of being alone in a house with a

beautiful woman getting her off just turning her on to no end. As her

orgasm continued to rock her supple body, Rachel whimpered in

pleasure, still reeling from the tonguing that Samaire was giving her.

When it had finally subsided, Rachel put her panting head against the

glass, her steamy breath fogging the window in front of her as she

felt her juices run down her legs. Samaire slowly pulled her mouth

away from Rachel as she rocked back on her knees, but couldn’t resist

giving her cunt and her asshole one final lick, a move that made

Rachel moan again.

Sinking down onto the ground to catch her breath, Rachel closed her

eyes, her lips pursed in a blissful smile as she heard Samaire lick

her lips clean of her juices. When Rachel opened her eyes again, she

was greeted to the most sexy sight in the world.

Samaire was sitting on the floor in front of her, her tiny underwear

coming off at some point. The blonde was busy rubbing her breasts with

one hand while the other caressed and stroked her also dripping pussy.

Samaire’s lips were red with arousal and Rachel noticed that, like

herself, Sam kept her pussy neatly shaven, not even a hint of her

blonde hair showing around her wet and ready cunt.

Now it was Rachel’s turn to be the aggressor, something that she had

no problem being. Pouncing on Samaire, she pushed the blonde onto her

back as Rachel moved towards her mouth. The two girls kissed

passionately, each passing the taste of Rachel’s cunt back and forth

between them, a taste that Rachel found both pleasant and naughty at

the same time. Rachel’s hands were all over Samaire as she squeezed

the girl’s smaller breasts, Rachel’s own tits hanging down just a few

inches away from Samaire’s chest.

Rachel lowered her hips against Samaire’s and the two of them brushed

their pussies against one another, the wetness between the two more

than enough to make the heated friction feel wonderful. Samaire’s legs

parted wide for Rachel as the brunette bent down and licked at

Samaire’s nipples, holding each breast in her hand as she swayed her

ass back and forth invitingly over Samaire.

Patience was not one of Rachel’s virtues, and she wasted no time in

kissing her way down her friends stomach, pausing only for a moment to

lick and tease Samaire’s belly button. Samaire took Rachel’s head in

her hands and stoked her hair as the brown eyed brunette moved down

between Samaire’s trembling and excited legs. Pressing her mouth on

Samaire’s opening, the blonde took hold of Rachel’s hair tightly and

pulled just a little bit, not letting Rachel go as the brunette went

to work on her.

Though she wasn’t the most experienced pussy licker in the world,

Rachel knew what a woman would like, and wasted no time in getting to

it. Sliding a finger deep inside of Samaire, the blonde groaned and

arched her back as Rachel explored the hot depth of her sex. Rachel

kissed and caressed all around Samaire’s thighs, looking up at her

friend for a moment.

Their eyes met, and Samaire, through panting gasps, gave her friend

one clear set of directions:

“Lick me Rachel, fuck me with your tongue!” Samaire said.

Rachel grinned devilishly and dove down between Samaire’s legs,

placing her mouth right on the girls opening. Samaire screamed with

pleasure as Rachel drove her tongue deep inside her friend, flicking

and licking all of Samaire’s juices with her tongue.

Rachel found it a bit hard to breath between her legs, but she had

found Samaire’s clit and knew that it would just be a matter of time

till Rachel’s own licking set her off. With another finger now added

inside of her, Rachel alternated between thrusting in and out of

Samaire and battering her clit with her soft tongue. Samaire’s ass

rocked back and forth on the hard wood floor as she lifted and dropped

her head alternately, watching and loving the attention that her

friend was giving her pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Rachel, fuck me good. Shit, you eat pussy so

goooooooddddd!” Samaire screamed, her orgasm dangerously close to

starting. Samaire’s hips bounced up and down now, but Rachel held on

tight to her friends waist, her free hand rubbing and caressing the

blonde’s tits as her friend drew closer and closer to orgasm.

When Rachel put her entire mouth over Samaire’s cunt and pushed her

tongue in as far as it would go, it was over for Samaire. Rachel drove

her tongue in and out, her fingers working the inside of her cunt just

as deeply as her thumb brushed against Samaire’s clit. Moaning with

enough volume to make the window next to them shake, Samaire screamed

one final time before unleashing her juices onto Rachel’s tongue.

Rachel was prepared for the sudden burst of female cum and opened her

mouth wide to drink in as much of it as she could – and there

certainly was a lot of it! The sweet nectar of Samaire’s orgasm was

like ambrosia to Rachel’s tongue, as she couldn’t get enough of the

wonderful taste. Cum flowing down the side of Rachel’s own cheeks, the

brunette squeezed Samaire’s tits as the girl bucked and bounced on her

face, her overly aroused nipples just adding more peaks to Samaire’s


Rachel continued to lick at Samaire until the girl finally calmed

down, out of breath and panting, the last little bit of juice flowing

out of her and onto Rachel’s tired but waiting tongue. Moving her head

from between Samaire’s legs, Rachel slid up Samaire’s body without a

word and gently kissed the panting blonde on her lips, making sure her

friend could get a sampling of the wonderful taste that Rachel had

just enjoyed.

The two friends lay in each others arms, giggling and caressing each

other for a few more minutes, before Samaire deftly began to stroke

and caress Rachel’s pussy.

This set off another whirlwind of girl sex between the two of them,

and as the sun went down a few hours later over the California coast,

both Samaire and Rachel enjoyed many more orgasms well into the



When David arrived at the rented mansion the next day to pick up his

friends camera, he found it exactly where Mark said it would be, the

house in perfect order. The strangest thing though: the film in it was

all used up, and yet he had no pictures to show for it. Driving away,

David wondered to himself where they had gone. Maybe at the

rescheduled shoot a few weeks from now, he would ask Rachel and

Samaire if they knew anything…


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