Courtney Cox Sucks Cocks

Courtney Cox Sucks Cocks

Courtney Cox loved to shop. On one particular wednesday
that she will never forget , she set out for shopping to her
favorite mall. She always liked to go at odd times like wednesday
afternoon, there won’t be too many people in the mall.
Although she reveled in the attention she got as a celebrity,
she felt uneasy when too many people were around.

As Courtney drove in her car, she failed to notice that a green colored
SUV was following her carefully from a distance. She parked her car
in the parking lot and went on to shop. The green SUV also entered after
her and parked closeby. Courtney
came out after a few hours of satisfying
shopping. She had purchased some new dresses and some liengrie.
She liked to shop at the mall, though she rarely used anything she
purchased from the mall. It was always the designer clothes, these were
just for the fun of shopping. Courtney opened the trunk of her car and as she
was about to drop her bags, she felt a hand on her mouth. The next instant
her hair were grabbed and she was pulled from behind. Courtney struggled to
escape , but there were three men she was against, and she stood no chance.
One of them held her nose , Courtney opened her mouth – desparate for breath.
Something was forced into her mouth, and all she could do was whimper.
The other man grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. She was
dragged across to the next car which was a green SUV. They opened the door
and pushed her inside, one of them sat with her in the backseat and the other
two took the front seats.The man in the backseat took out another rope and
tied her ankles together. He then pushed her down onto the floor of the car.
That way she could not be seen from outside. He then kept his right foot
on Courtney’s head and left foot just above her breasts. She could not believe
it she was being used as a footrest. But there was more to it, he kicked
her head once and warned her that if she made any noises, he would trample
her then and there. He asked her if she understood what he was saying, Courtney
meekly nodded.

Courtney was yet to recover from the shock of the ambush and had no
idea where these men were taking her. She didn’t know what their intentions
were , but they didnt seem too noble. They got out of the parking lot and
drove on. Courtney began assessing her situation, she had by then realized that
the gag in her mouth was a penis gag. She was being used as a footrest by this
darkhaired white man, who seemed very evil. She hadnt got a chance to see who
her other captors were, but she noticed that one of them was black and the other
white. Why were they kidnapping her ? ransom ? rape ? She flinched at these
And decided she did not want to think any further. They drove on for another
of hours.The car stopped and the man pulled Courtney up onto the seat holding
her by hair.
He then untied her ankles and pulled her out of the car, they dragged her into
seemed an old country house. They lead her inside to one of the rooms, the man
was sitting in the backseat appeared to be the leader. The driver whose name was
mark entered
the room. He informed ted that the video cameras were switched on. Courtney was
as well as confused as to what this all meant. One thing she was sure of , they
were upto
no good. Ted told mark that it was quite late already and they should start.
Mark brought two chairs. Ted sat in one and made Courtney sit in the other. Mark
back in a minute and told Ted that he had checked everything and he should start

Ted came upto Courtney and grabbed her hair and made her look upwards at a video
that was positioned on a shelf.

“Look into the camera Courtney.” Ted said, “you are a star”.

He then continued looking at the camera.

“Hello friends, today we have here Courtney Cox, star of friends.
Courtney say hello to the audience.oh, it seems she already has a cock
in her mouth.”Ted said, refering to the penisgag in her mouth.
“it looks like she likes to have cocks in her mouth.

don’t worry , your mouth will soon get to suck a real cock, Ms. Cox”

Ted and Mark both laughed at ted’s little joke.

Ted then removed the gag from Courtney’s mouth and told her to
say hello to the audience. Courtney was in a state of utter confusion
and being free from her gag after a long time her mouth and lips were quite
sore. She did not say anything. Ted was infuriated and landed a backhand on

cheeks. “Don’t you understand what I am saying , bitch ?” He shouted at her.

“Please let me go, please don’t hurt me… “Courtney pleaded.

This was responded by another sharp slap.

“Shut up bitch ! and speak only what you are told to speak.

So much for an actress. you don’t even speak your lines correctly.
Now let me make some rules clear. You are under our complete control
and we can do with you anything we wish to. But we are nice people and
we won’t hurt you if we don’t have to. You will do as you are ordered, and
speak only what we tell you to speak.

We don’t want to kill you and We will let you go when we are done with you.
but if you go to police or tell anyone about this the tape we are making
right now will be made public.

While you are with us you will be called slave Courtney, and you are to
regard us as your masters. Understand, slave Courtney ?”
Courtney nodded.


“I asked you a question bitch, answer me. do you understand what i told you?”

“yes, I understand”


“stupid slave ! where are your manners ? is this how you speak to your master ?”

“nn .. no master”

“then ? do you understand the rules ? ”

“yes , yes master” replied Courtney.

“Now greet the audiences and say who you are and tell them that you are here
for their pleasure”

“Hello master, I am Courtney Cox. I am a slave for your pleasure”

Courtney appeared to have learnt from the earlier experience.

“good , now ask for permission to take off your clothes,slave Courtney.”

“pp..please don’t make me do that”begged Courtney. Seems she hadn’t learnt
the rules well enough yet.

“hmm.. so you want things the hard way. Don’t you understand that you are
absolutely powerless here. If you misbehave , I will have to punish you.
tell me now, if you want to beg for letting you strip ?”

Courtney shook her head in defiance.

“maybe we can do something to help you understand things better.
what do you think , mark ?” ted said looking at mark.

Mark nodded his head with an evil smile on his face.

“Why don’t you take Courtney to the whip-post mark, I will
get the bullwhip. Maybe we can help Courtney to understand things better.”Ted

Mark came near Courtney and grabbed her by her hair and began dragging her

the room. He brought her to another room. This room had two posts in the center.

On the walls & shelves were various whips, dildos, cuffs and several other
of torture. Mark brought Courtney to the posts he got four pairs of cuffs from
of the shelves. He untied Courtney and cuffed her to the posts by her wrists and
ankles. Ted came forward with a menacing bullwhip in his hand.
He stood in front of her holding the whip and grinning. He moved the whip
over her face, her neck, her breasts and began telling her.

“Since you don’t want to take off your clothes by yourself, I will have to
rip them off your body. Even with this whip I think it will take around 200
to tear and rip your clothes. But I am going to enjoy every moment of this.
He had an evil smile on his face.”

Courtney began to tremble at the thought of being whipped.

She begged,”please don’t whip me,master. I will do as you order.”
The sight of the whip seemed to have brought some sense in her pea-brain.

“Good. Nothing pleases me more than an obedient bitch. I am pleased with you,
so I am letting you off without a single lash this time. Otherwise normally
I would have given you at least 10 lashes for causing us the trouble of tying
here.” He proceeded to untie her, and led her into the room they were earlier
She was again made to stand in front of the camera and ted motioned her to

“Master, please let me strip for you.” Courtney said shaking with fear and

Ted nodded, and Courtney began to take off her clothes one by one.
Finally she had only bra and panties on. Ted told her to stop stripping.
He knew that letting her have bra and panties on was better than stripping
her completely naked. That way he could always force her to take them off
later, adding further humiliation. He knew very well how to humiliate a bitch.

Ted looked pleases, “You have got a good body , Courtney, Now tell me when we
brought here there was something in your mouth. What was that ?”
“It was a gag, sir” Courtney replied.

“What kind of gag was it Courtney ?”

“it was a p.. penis gag, sir”

“So it seems you like sucking cocks. ok, Ms. Cox I will let you suck mine
if you beg for it.”

“No… I can’t do this ! ” shouted Courtney.

“Be quick or its the whipping post for you again, Courtney.”

Courtney stood there in defiance. The thought of giving a blowjob was a most
despicable one. At the same time the thoughts of the whippost sent shivers
her back.
Ted motioned mike to take her to the whippost, which he did with great pleasure.

They went inside to find Courtney bound to the whipping post by cuffs at her
and ankles. Mark was fondling her breasts with his left hand, while his right
was caressing her cheeks. courtney looked in utmost discomfort and ashamed of
her helpless situation.
Ted came there and told Courtney,”I am going to give you 25 lashes to make you
understand the situation you are in. And then,after that I will whip you until
you agree to do what you are told.”

Courtney’s resistance wilted at the site of the whip and she began to plead.
“master please dont beat me. I will do whatever you want”.

“I am glad to hear that Courtney, but to make sure that you remember this I need
to give you the 25 lashes i promised you. I don’t want to punish you more.
So its your duty to count aloud each lash. If you fail to count , or scream.
I will just have to start all over again.”

“yes sir” Courtney said, she was now almost crying.

Ted went towards the back of the post , his hand went up in the air and the
whip came crashing loud on Courtney’s back.


“AAAAAAAAA !!!” screamed Courtney as her back bursted in agony. She had never
experienced so much pain. In the shock of the pain she forgot to count.
“Count aloud slut, and no screaming!” shouted Ted as he brought down the
whip again on Courtney’s back.

Courtney realized by now that if she did anything than what they ordered her to
do, it would only mean more pain. She regained some of her composure and somehow
managed to say “one”.

The whipping continued as Courtney was holding back her screams with utmost
and counting.

WHACK !! “twentytwo..”

WHACK !! “twentythree”

WHACK !! “twentyfour”

WHACK !! “twentyfive…”

In spite of all the agony, Courtney breathed a sigh of relief.
Just then the whip came down once again on her back.

“mannerless bitch ! thank your master” Ted shouted.
Courtney managed to murmur “Thank you master”.

Ted came on her front side and held her face in his hands.
She was sweating, sobbing, and trembling with fear, and her back
was in unimaginable pain. He asked her, “so now do you want to beg
for sucking my cock ? ”

Courtney managed to say through all this,”yes master”.

“good bitch” ted said fondling her breasts.
and ordered mark to bring her to the main room.
Mark untied Courtney and dragged her into the earlier room.

She was thrown at Ted’s feet.

“please let me suck your cock ,master” Courtney managed to say as she
was looking down in shame. She was wishing all this were a nightmare and she
would wake up soon. But it was for real and whats worse they were taping

“ok slut” said ted and began to pulldown his pants. And placed his erect penis
in front of her face. He grabbed her by the hair and
guided her face forward. She simply opened her mouth and allowed his penis to
penetrate her lips. Carefully, she closed her lips around it and began to suck,
licking its undersides with her tongue. She concentrated on pleasing this man
with all her soul, using her tongue and lips expertly. The soft, sucking sounds
that came from her mouth were painfully humiliating to her; but Courtney was too
afraid of Ted to complain. It was the sight of Courtney slavishly sucking his
cock as much as the sensation of her tongue working on his penis that brought
Ted to the point of no return. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and
began using her face as if it were her cunt. His thrusts rapidly picked up speed
while Courtney gagged helplessly under him. She was choking, unable to draw a
breath, when he began to climax. Courtney swallowed the hot load he shot into
mouth without protest; she could feel the cum burning its way into her stomach.
She was grateful her ordeal was finally over, at least for the moment. Ted
withdrew his penis from her mouth and smiled down at her. He traced his fingers
over the actress’s lips and into the small stream of whitish cum trickling out
them. He picked up a glob of the thick cum on the tip of his finger and looked
at it for a moment. Then he pushed his cum covered member into the kneeling
Courtney’s mouth and wiped it clean on the surface of her tongue as she stared
submissively at him, too frightened to protest. He was pleased.

“You are a good cocksucker, Courtney cox” Ted told her.

“uh .. thank you master”

Courtney was beginning to learn quickly.

“Now ask your other masters if you can suck their cocks too.”

This was unthinkable. Not only were they abusing her , they were passing her
like she was a toy. But after the beating she had received earlier, Courtney was
too afraid to protest. She begged mark and then bubba to let her suck their
Each passing moment Courtney was being degraded more and more.
She sucked mark’s cock and thanked him. then she went on to bubba. bubba lasted
more than the other two. By the time he climaxed, her face and hair were covered
cum. She was choking and felt like throwing up because of the cum she had been
to drink. Courtney was lying at bubba’s feet tired,humiliated and no longer in
position to resist.

Bubba grabbed her hair and dragged her into another room. He took her to a small
and shoved her inside,locked the door. The other two, ted and mark followed them
There was a big screen at the center of the room. Ted switched on the projector
began to show images taken earlier. They were making Courtney watch her entire
which they had taped. They left Courtney alone to sulk in his humiliation.
They knew it was always more effective that way.
Bubba returned two hours by which time courtney had already witnessed her
twice. He opened the cage, took her out and brought her into another room where
Ted and Mark
were sitting sipping whiskey. Bubba joined them and they made Courtney sit on
the floor.

“Now Courtney Cox, You would have relized by now that you are absolutely in our
and we can do anything we want with you. but we are kind people, so we are going
to leave
you. In fact we are going to drop you at your home tomorrow. But, if you tell
about this
or us to anyone, the tape you just saw will be made public. I have just given a
of the tape to a friend of mine, whom you don’t know. If any of us is arrested
by the police,
he will make the tape public within 1 hour.” Ted explained as he was sipping his

“there is one more condition for your release. you must provide us with 20,000$
each month.

You have to deposit this money in an account we will tell you.
And not a word to the police or anyone else.”

Courtney nodded her head and said,”thank you master, you are very kind.”

she herself was shocked that she was refering to them as master even when they
were not
forcing her to do so.

Courtney was returned to her home the next day, and as she had promised told
noone about her

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