Cover Girls: 24

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to
consenting sex between adults, or two women having sex with each
other. If you are under 18, stop now. If you’re against sex between
consulting adults, enjoy your life in the monastery, you sicko. If
you are opposed to lesbians, you’re not only a bigot, but you’re
missing out on some really hot images. This story isn’t meant to
reflect honestly on either Sarah Wynter or Elisha Cuthbert – in
other words, I doubt either one of them is into lesbian sex, and if
one of them is, the chances of them both going at it are slim – but
hey, this is a fantasy, so
just enjoy it.

Cover Girls: 24


Nothing slows down a TV production like rain. And as Sarah Wynter
looked out the window of her trailer and saw the streams of rain
streaking down the windows, she knew there wasn’t going to be too
much shooting today. All the scenes she had for this week’s episode
were done outside, and according to the script, it wasn’t supposed
to be raining.

Of course, they were still shooting some of the indoor scenes – a
show couldn’t wait around forever for the weather to lift, even if
it was as popular as “24” was becoming. If the weather stayed like
this for another day or two, which it might, Fox just might pre-empt
the show again for another six-hour long episode of “American Idol.”
Fans of “24” were already in an uproar about the number of times the
show had been interrupted this season in order to bring little more
than stock footage of a crappy Reality TV show to the hordes of
idiots in the world who found such things entertaining. Sarah was
shocked many of them stuck around, considering how important each
episode of “24” was to the overall storyline.

The blonde beauty sighed. At this rate, she’d be lucky if her
storyline was anything more than that of attractive blonde. She’d
heard rumors that her role was about to become more important to the
over all plot, but so far, that hadn’t panned out. And considering
they’d been saying the same thing to Elisha Cuthbert all season long
without providing the results, Sarah was becoming a bit concerned.
There were only 9 episodes left to film this season, and considering
how tightly-packed each episode was, that wasn’t a lot of room for
her to get in on the action.

Sighing again and moving away from the window, Sarah realized that
action was exactly what she needed. Joining the cast of “24” had
been a wonderful career move, but rather poor on her love life.
She’d recently bought a new house that she never had time to spend
in, and finding a guy to date was nearly impossible. Sarah hadn’t
had sex in seven months, and that was beginning to have its toll.

Glancing down at her body, Sarah thought she certainly looked good
enough to get laid more often. Clad only in a white tank top and
matching white panties, the blonde’s firm body belied her
30-year-old body, and her flawlessly tanned skin complemented her
blonde hair perfectly. Blonde Beauty would be perhaps the single
best way to describe Sarah.

Too bad she didn’t have anyone to show off for.

Sitting down in the one comfortable chair in her trailer, Sarah put
on leg up on the right arm and lay back, trying to relax. She wished
she were home, lounging about naked in the pool in her back yard,
staring up at the night sky. That was about as relaxing as life
could get. Of course, if the weather was nice enough for that, she’d
be shooting her scenes right now, and she wouldn’t be bored.

Glancing over to her left, she saw the complimentary magazine rack
the studio kept in all the cast and crewmembers’ trailers. It was
standard procedure to stock the racks with the person’s favorite
mags and any that had to do with the show. Since Sarah hadn’t
specified any specific magazines when she’d started working, the
only ones she had were all “24” related. She oddly wished she had
something else to read.

Glancing over the mags, she saw that most of them were the same,
almost every one an industry related publication focusing on “24.”
There were a few older TV Guides, and a few issues of People,
nothing particularly new. Perhaps the highlights, from what Sarah
had discovered upon looking earlier, were a pair of men’s magazines
– Maxim and FHM – featuring Elisha on the covers. The FHM had been
all about Elisha, though the Maxim had actually had two different
covers – one with Elisha lying about with Mila Kunis of “That 70’s
Show” and one with just Mila. For some reason, the Canadian Issue
was the only one where you could find Elisha solo on the cover. For
obvious reasons, only the Canadian version was present on this set.

Sarah had looked through the magazine more than once over the last
few months, and because of it she’d actually decided herself to pose
for Maxim. Glancing up at her magazine rack, she saw her own face
staring back at her. Smiling even more now, she reached for it,
dropping Elisha’s copy to the ground next to the chair.

She hadn’t seen the pictures since the photo shoot, so the utter
elegance of them surprised her. She looked sexy, to be sure, but she
hadn’t expected it to look quite so sophisticated. Similar to
Elisha’s cover, Sarah was dressed in a white bra and a white coat as
she lay back on the covers of a bed. The title next to her face read
“24’s Sex Bomb: Sarah Wynter goes nuclear.” The title made her laugh
as she opened up the magazine, flipping several pages in before she
found the first one of herself.

The first shot was a two-page spread that featured mostly her face
and one of her breasts, covered in a bra far lacier than what Sarah
would’ve worn herself any day of the week. If she wore a bra at all.
Turning the page, Sarah gasped in awe. There was a black and white
picture of her, dressed in a different bra, a man’s shirt, and a
pair of low running panties that left her stomach and most of her
waist exposed. She remembered wearing that set, but couldn’t recall
seeing any of the pictures from it. But this one picture took her
breath away, the simplistic yet sexual look to the piece overcoming
her for several long seconds.

“Do I really look THAT good?” she whispered aloud, unable to keep
herself from speaking despite the fact that there was no one there
to hear her.

She spent several long seconds looking at that one picture before
turning to the rest of the spread. The rest of the pics were equally
sexy, but none of them took her breath away like that one picture

Sighing, Sarah placed the magazine back down. The shoot had been
fun, but what she really needed these days was for some actual sex.
It had been so long now. She needed the release. Needed it bad…

Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door to her cabin. Blinking,
Sarah realized that she’d been daydreaming for several long minutes,
and as she had been doing so, her hand had slowly worked its way
inside her panties.

Shocked at her own uncontrollable reactions, Sarah jumped up as the
pounding on her door continued. As she raced to the door, she barely
remembered that she was clad in only her panties and a tank top.
With one hand reaching for a robe that was just a bit too far out of
reach, she peeked through the curtains on the door to see who was
out there.

Elisha Cuthbert stood outside, clad in a purple satin shirt, pants,
and more water running down her shoulders than any one person should
be forced to suffer through. Forgetting her state of undress for a
moment, Sarah pulled open the door quickly to allow the younger
blonde to enter.

“Elisha, what on Earth are you doing out in the rain like this?”
Sarah asked as the girl came in, shivering from the cold.

“Trying to get inside with you,” Elisha said. “I’ve been pounding on
the door for five minutes now!”

“I’m sorry,” Sarah said, closing the door and looking over at
Elisha. “I was sleeping,” she lied, hoping that the obvious fact
that the men’s magazines were lying about didn’t give away her
slightly more erotic thoughts.

“No problem,” Elisha said. “I was just wondering if you were
interested in going out tonight.”

“Out?” Sarah asked, handing Elisha a towel. “Out where?”

“Anywhere,” Elisha said, grabbing the towel and patting herself
down. “Dancing, to the movies, out to eat. You know, hang out or

Sarah blinked. She and Elisha had never spent much more than a few
minutes together – they hadn’t had one scene together yet this
season, and Sarah wondered if they ever would.

“You want to hang out with me?” she asked, surprised.

“Sure, why not? I mean, Kiefer and the rest are busy doing
voiceovers and such, and neither you or I are going to get any
screen time today.”

“Don’t you have friends your own age?” Sarah asked.

“My own age?” Elisha shot back. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean, you’re what, eighteen? I’m a lot older than you are and-”

“And what, you don’t like to have fun?” Elisha challenged her.
“You’d rather hang out in your trailer all day, wearing nothing but
your underwear, hoping the boredom doesn’t kill you?”

“I like to have fun,” Sarah countered, flustered.

“Yeah? Then prove it. Come out with me tonight. We’ll have some fun,
dance around, maybe get laid. Just have a good old time. You up for

Sarah thought about it for a moment. She’d just been lying about,
waiting for something to happen. Was there anything wrong with going
out and having fun with Elisha for one night?

“All right,” Sarah said. “When do we leave?”

“Give me an hour, and then we’ll go,” Elisha said. “I’ve gotta get
out of costume and into something a little more flattering. And you
might want to put some pants on.”

“All right then,” Sarah said. “See you in an hour.” She watched
Elisha leave, admiring for a second how the young girl’s ass swayed
in her pants as she ran through the rain.

Man, that was an ass Sarah wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

That thought sent a jolt through Sarah’s mind as she closed the
door. Sarah had experimented with women a few times when she’d been
younger. Coming from Australia to New York City had been a big
change, and she’d ended up rooming with another struggling actress
in the city as they tried to work their ways up to anything
resembling a starring role. They were two young women, neither older
than 19. It took exactly seven weeks before Sarah’s roommate made
the first move on her.

Sarah held out, kindly rebuffing her friend’s attraction to her for
three days. It was the early 90s, and homosexuality wasn’t quite as
acceptable as it was in 2003, and Sarah had literally no idea how to
deal with the feelings her roommate was expressing for her.

And then, on that third night, Sarah and her roommate had managed to
get into a club using fake IDs, and they didn’t leave until Sarah
was thoroughly drunk. Her roommate had brought her back to their
apartment, stripped Sarah naked, and started kissing her.

Sarah remembered that night well, laying about almost unconscious as
her roommate fondled her breasts and kissed her lips. The feelings
had been so good, especially since Sarah hadn’t had sex since
arriving in the US. Before she knew it, she was returning her
roommates kisses, and the two had become lovers.

But when they’d separated a year later, Sarah had concluded that she
was into guys, leaving her lesbian lusts behind as she slowly
climbed the Hollywood ladder,

Or so she thought.

Stripping out of her tank top and panties, Sarah climbed into the
small shower in her trailer. The nice thing about working on a show
like “24” was that the trailers all had hot water, guaranteed. Sarah
needed a hot shower, as the memories of her time in NYC came
flooding back to her. She had never really denied that she enjoyed
the pleasures of another woman, but she had never really been in a
situation since New York where she’d been in such close quarters
with another attractive woman.

Hot water poured down her body, running over her erect nipples and
flooding through the small patch of blonde pubic hair above her
mound. Heat penetrated her skin, adding to the pleasures she was
already feeling. After such a long, dreary day, a long hot shower
seemed like heaven.

She had an hour before she and Elisha were to meet up, and while
that was just enough time for Sarah to find something suitable
trendy for her night out, she felt like savoring her shower. Turning
around, she let the hot water roll down her back, over her butt
cheeks, and down through the crack of her ass. A trail of water hit
the bottom edge of her pussy, giving her that much more pleasure,
and before she knew it, her nipples were rock hard.

It was time to finish what she almost started with the magazines.

Sliding her right hand down her body, Sarah slipped a hand over her
clit and started stroking. Instant waves of relief coursed through
her body, desperately needed to loosen her up.

Sarah had two styles of masturbating – long and luxurious, and quick
and dirty. Considering how little time she had to meet with Elisha,
Sarah chose quick and dirty – knowing full well that long and
luxurious would come later that night when she was at home.

Speeding up the finger on her clitoris, Sarah pressed her other hand
over one of her breasts. Leaning one shoulder against the wall of
the shower for support, she allowed any sexy image she could come
across to fill her mind. Considering where her mind had been
earlier, it was no surprise when images of her lesbian lover entered
her brain.

Sarah remembered all the kisses they’d shared, the first time she’d
allowed her friend to finger her, and the first time Sarah had
tasted her friend’s juices straight from the source.

In the ten years since she’d left that particular New York
apartment, she’d often allowed her lesbian experiences to fuel her
dreams, but this time, the images changed as she stroked faster and

Suddenly, instead of her old roommate, she was suddenly licking
Elisha’s pussy! When Sarah realized what she was fantasizing about,
two things happened – her eyes went wide in shock, and her rapidly
approaching orgasm crashed into her full force.

The shockwave of pleasure literally knocked Sarah off her feet, and
had she not been leaning against the wall already, she would’ve
crashed into it. As it was, she sunk to her knees, the hot water
suddenly flowing over her head, matting her long blonde hair to her
face and neck.

She knelt there for several long seconds, allowing the orgasm to go
its course before even trying to stand up again. Glancing over at
the small clock in the bathroom, she realized that more than forty
minutes of her hour were suddenly gone. It was time to get
beautiful, and fast.

* * *

“You look so hot!” Elisha said over the pounding music.

“Thanks!” Sarah hollered back, trying very hard to not look too out
of place in the crowd of considerably younger people. Elisha was
about the average age for the party, and Sarah was clearly the
eldest, save perhaps the bartender.

They were at a club that dealt mostly with younger people – in other
words, no alcohol, but plenty of hot music and dancing. Elisha had
claimed that she’d discovered the place last year, and quickly
become a regular while filming the first season of “24.”

The music was a mix of Top 40 hits, Rap, and R&B, with a
considerable leaning towards danceable beats. L.L. Cool J, Elisha’s
favorite, had already been played twice during the forty minutes or
so they’d been there, and Sarah was beginning to suspect that Elisha
had some sort of pull with the D.J.

Both “24” girls were dressed up for dancing. Sarah had chosen a
bright red skirt that fell down to mid thigh, while going with a
matching half-back top that left her arms bare and had a teardrop
shaped neckline, which showed off just enough cleavage to let men
know her breasts were certainly there.

Elisha, on the other hand, clearly wanted everyone to know ALL of
her was there. A silver mini-skirt that barely descended below the
bottom of her ass was paired with sparkle-covered top that could
easily have passed for a bra, because it certainly didn’t cover much
more than any bra Sarah had ever owned. With more skin showing than
the average hooker on the street, Elisha was getting a LOT of
attention from the men in the club. Some she let dance with her,
while others she shunned outright. But she kept close to Sarah, as
if making sure the older girl wouldn’t get lost.

“Doin it an Doin it, an Doin it well,” Elisha sang aloud as she
sauntered up to Sarah. “Doin it and doin it, an Doin it well.”

“What on Earth are you singing?!” Sarah hollered over the noise of
the crowd.

“L.L.!” Elisha said. “You having any fun?”

“Sure,” Sarah said, sipping her second virgin cosmopolitan of the
evening. She wished her drink wasn’t quite so virgin – the slight
headache the music was giving her was starting to build. “It’s not
that often I go out like this anymore.”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause I’m getting a little too old for such things,” Sarah said.

“But you used to do it before, right?”

“Sure,” Sarah said. “My first roommate in New York would take me out
clubbing just about every night. Of course, back then, the music was
a little different. Grunge was just starting to push The New Kids on
the Block and Paula Abdul off the airwaves.”

“You ARE old!” Elisha laughed, causing her breasts to jiggle
suggestively in her top.

“Elisha, are you even wearing a bra?” Sarah asked.

“Hell no!” the younger blonde answered. “Why bother? This holds me
in well enough.”

“I remember when my tits could stand about perfectly on their own,
too,” Sarah said, taking another long sip off her drink. “Enjoy them
while you’ve got them, girl.”

“What are you talking about?” Elisha asked, seemingly shocked.
“Girl, your tits are still great looking!”

“Thanks, but shouldn’t you be saving the pickup lines for all the
guys checking you out?”

“Are you kidding?” Elisha asked. “Nothing but losers here tonight.
Well, maybe that tall guy in the corner whose been giving you the
eye all night, but the rest are down and out nobodies.”

Sarah turned in the direction of the guy Elisha pointed towards.
Sure enough, a tall, brown haired man with a neat shirt and a tall
glass with something that almost looked like beer in it was looking
right at her. He caught her eyes and smiled, tipping his glass
towards her. Sarah blushed, and then turned back towards Elisha.

“He is NOT checking me out,” she said.

“Sure he is,” Elisha said, bopping her head along with the music.
“I’ve seen him watching you all night. You should go over and
introduce yourself.”

“No way,” Sarah said, glancing back at the man again. He was still
watching her, and smiled at her again. Sarah estimated his age at no
more than 21, several years younger than she was.

“Go for it!” Elisha said.

“I’m not here to hook up with some guy whose still in college.”

“Why not. He’s hot!” Elisha proclaimed.

“I said no, Elisha,” Sarah said, downing the rest of her drink in
one long gulp. Man, did she wish she wasn’t in an under 21 club
right now.

“Suit yourself,” Elisha said. “But when you get home and are all
horny, don’t complain to me.” She turned around, her boobs
practically falling out of her top, and Sarah got more than an
eyeful of the young actress’ assets.

Somehow, Sarah thought that there might be a chance that if she DID
go home horny tonight, Elisha just MIGHT be responsible.

The music continued to blare, and Sarah found herself watching
Elisha dance the night away. The skimpy outfit the young girl wore
made an impact on Sarah, and fast. The sway of Elisha’s hips, the
twist of her waist, the swell of her breasts. All of it seemed to
sear it’s way into Sarah’s mind, awakening feelings she hadn’t felt
in years.

After watching Elisha for no more than five minutes, Sarah had to
admit it.

She was horny, and in the worst way.

“Excuse me?” A voice suddenly said behind her. Sarah jumped a bit at
the noise, turning around.

The man from across the bar now stood next to her, a small,
apologetic smile on his lips.

“I’m sorry if I startled you,” he said.

“It- it’s okay,” Sarah said, trying hard to reign in her emotions.
Something deep inside her crotch was throbbing, a sure sign that
she’d need to get off, and soon.

“My name’s Tim,” the man said, offering his hand towards her. “I
couldn’t help but notice that you were just standing here, watching
your friend dance. Don’t you like the music?”

“Oh, it’s not that,” Sarah said as the beat changed, and another rap
song came on. Inwardly she sighed. “Actually,” she said, “The music
isn’t quite my thing.”

“Mine either,” he said. “But, then again, it’s what brings the kids
in, and that’s where I make my money.”

“You own this place?” Sarah asked, surprised.

“‘Fraid so,” Tim replied. “My brother and I actually started the
place two years ago. He’s across town now, trying to set up another

“That’s great,” Sarah said. “Twice the income, right?”

“Something like that,” Tim smiled. He looked at her a moment longer.
“I’m sorry if I’m a bit out of line, but you don’t quite look like
you’re under 21.”

Sarah smirked at that. “I hope the lines on my face didn’t give me

Tim looked confused. “No, no,” He said. “I just saw how you looked
more like you’d been dragged here by someone who couldn’t get in

“Nailed it on the head,” Sarah said.

“If it’s any consolation, you aren’t Elisha’s first,” He said.

“You know Elisha?”

“Of course,” he said. “She became a regular last year, and hasn’t
really stopped coming since. You’ll hear all of her favorite songs
tonight – she’s got the DJ wrapped around her little finger.”

“I should’ve known,” Sarah smiled ruefully. “Here I was, thinking
she wanted to spend more time with me, and all she wanted was
someone to go dance with.”

“Like I said,” Tim remarked, “You aren’t her first.” He glanced
around the room for a moment. “Say, would you like something a
little stronger to drink?”

She shot him a look. “I thought you didn’t serve alcohol here.”

“We don’t serve it,” he smiled. “But I do keep some wine up in my
office, and the bartender has a few wine coolers for the days when I
need a quick dose of pain relief.”

Sarah laughed.

“So, would you like a wine cooler, on the house?”

“Love one,” Sarah said.

“Bill!” Tim called out, raising two fingers to the bartender. The
guy manning the bar looked up at Tim, glanced briefly at Sarah, then
reached deep underneath where he stood and pulled out two small
bottles. Sliding them down towards Tim, he turned back to whatever
it was he’d been doing before.

“Here you go,” Tim said, handing one of the bottles to Sarah.

“Thanks,” she said, unscrewing the bottle and taking a small sip. It
was a fiery flavor that she couldn’t quite place, but the kick told
her that she wasn’t drinking the stuff reserved for the under 21 set
anymore. She took a second, larger sip.

“Good,” she said.

“Glad you like it,” Tim said. “So, how do you know Elisha?”

“We work together,” Sarah said, suddenly scanning the crowd. Elisha
had vanished all together. Cursing herself for loosing her, Sarah
took another large sip of the wine cooler.

“So, you work on ’24’?” he asked.

“That’s right,” Sarah said, turning back towards Tim. Looking him up
and down, Sarah realized that he was actually rather attractive. Not
quite her age, but clearly not Elisha’s, either. Something stirred
inside Sarah’s crotch, sending the unneeded reminder that she hadn’t
been laid in far too long.

“So,” Tim said, “I don’t suppose you can tell me how this season’s
going to end?”

“Wish I could,” Sarah said. “Because that’d mean I’d know myself.”
She took another large swig of the wine cooler. “But, since they
won’t tell me, I can’t tell you.”

“Too bad, I could’ve made some money betting with some friends of

“You bet on TV shows?”

“Why not?” Tim asked. “I mean, some of them. Shows like Friends or
Frasier aren’t good betting shows – no on-going goal or plotlines.
Obviously, shows like Survivor or American Idol are easier, because
you can try and pick who will win. But ’24’is the real challenge.
Can you guess what the next big twist will be? Who’s going to live,
and who’s going to die? And who’s really behind it all?”

“Sounds like you’ve done this before,” Sarah said, finishing her
wine cooler. “Got any more of these?”

Tim smiled, and raised his fingers to the bartender again.

* * *

Tim’s lips hit Sarah’s neck, sending a wave of pleasure across her
skin. They had just barely managed to slip inside his upstairs
office. His hands were running along her bare back, occasionally
twisting amidst the laces that held her top to her neck. For her
part, Sarah was moaning pleasurably while fumbling with his belt.

Less than an hour had passed, but six wine coolers apiece had been
consumed, leaving Sarah bordering on the thin line between lucid and
unconsciousness. She didn’t even realize when they’d started to make
out – was it after wine cooler five or six? – but she knew it had
been her idea to go up to his office. Unable to think of anything
more than getting off at that point, Sarah would’ve done Tim down on
the bar, with everyone watching, had he suggested it. But instead,
they were up here, about to relieve each other of all their
pressures and problems.

Her top suddenly came loose, floating down to her waist, exposing
her breasts to him.

“Wonderful,” he said, stooping down to lick her right nipple. Sarah
gasped at the sensation of his tongue on her breast, but continued
to fumble with his pants. The belt was undone, at least, though
getting the zipper to work was taking some effort.

His lips started moving up her neck, and she lost track of what she
was doing. It felt so good to have that kind of physical attention
being placed on her. It HAD been a while, but now she was going to
take care of that.

She heard a sound, and she felt rather than saw Tim’s pants slide
down his leg. His raging hard on – all seven inches of it – was
suddenly pressing against her crotch, only the thin fabric of her
skirt and the front panel of her thong between it and where they
both wanted it to be.

He muttered something in her ear. “You’re so hot,” or something like
that. Sarah wasn’t quite sure. She was certain she was more than a
bit tipsy, but that didn’t bother her right now. All that mattered
was that she was hot, in need, and that she had a willing penis
pressing at her gates.

She reached down and pulled up her skirt, exposing the lacey black
front of her thong. He glanced down at it, looked up at her, and
smiled wickedly. The next thing Sarah knew, she was being pressed
backwards. She took three, maybe four steps before she bumped her
ass into Tim’s desk. Something rattled, but she ignored it.

“Hop up,” he said, motioning towards her. She braced her arms on the
sides of the desk and jumped up enough to slide her ass onto the
hard wood. A chill ran up her spine, and she felt something slide
back as her rear end brushed against it, but didn’t care. He wasn’t
going to lie down on her here. He was going to thrust in and enjoy
himself while she was sitting like this!

Tim reached down and grabbed the front of Sarah’s thong. His fingers
brushed against her enlarged outer lips, sending a shockwave of
pleasure through her cunt. Half expecting him to rip the thong right
off her, she was surprised when her pulled it to one side, and then
pushed his solid steel member right inside of her.

“Oh my god, you’re so wet!” He cried as he sunk halfway in on one
thrust. Sarah simply moaned in response. She needed this. She needed
it so bad. She needed the release, the pleasure, the fucking. She
needed it, wanted it, and would stop at nothing to get it.

Tim started thrusting in and out as best her could. Sarah wrapped
her long legs around his waist to help hold him in – he was pretty
much standing in front of her, one hand still holding her thong to
one side while the other played with her nipples. For her part, her
hands were back behind her, holding her up. One was on the hard wood
of the desk, the other on some papers, which made for a slippery

“Oh, god, yes!” Sarah cried, trying to buck her hips in time with
his thrusts, though not exactly succeeding. Still, every stroke
brought more relief to her body, and she was more than a little
grateful for that.

“Tim? Sarah? You up here?” A voice suddenly called. Looking over
Tim’s shoulder, Sarah suddenly spotted Elisha standing in the
doorway, her jaw wide open. Sarah gasped, but Elisha held up a
finger to her lips, as if to silence the older woman. She then
proceeded to reach down and lift up her skirt. Her finger slid into
her own black thong, and a shocked Sarah Wynter watched as Elisha
Cuthbert began to masturbate, right there in the doorway.

Sarah went rigid, but Tim didn’t seem to notice. He kept pounding
away, sliding in and out of her snatch like a piston, his cock
sending reverberations all across her body. Sarah’s eyes were locked
on Elisha’s hand as it worked beneath her thong, stroking away,
almost in time with Tim’s stroking.

And then it hit Sarah. Elisha WAS moving in time with Tim’s
movements. Taking a deep breath, Sarah swung her arms up and wrapped
them around Tim’s neck, allowing her to get a better view of Elisha,
while also making sure he didn’t turn around. Elisha smiled

Everything changed at once. Suddenly, Sarah wasn’t having sex with
Tim anymore. He was simply a tool, no better than a dildo she could
use to turn Elisha on. Sarah’s old lesbian feelings were
skyrocketing back to prominence, and Elisha was the target.

Sarah stared at the young girl’s jutting chest, marveling at how
firm the globes looked beneath her top. She was mesmerized by
Elisha’s tanned and toned legs, wondering how the girl kept them in
such good shape. And she was fascinated by the girl’s finger gently
probing beneath the thong, touching herself in the most intimate way

“Harder,” Sarah whispered in Tim’s ear, and sure enough, he started
thrusting faster. But Sarah barely noticed. She was more interested
in watching as Elisha started moving her fingers faster. A damp spot
was now visible on the younger blonde’s panties, and Sarah knew that
Elisha was rapidly approaching climax.

“Harder,” Sarah said again, raising her voice so Elisha could hear
her. Tim thrusted harder, and Elisha followed suit.

“HARDER!” Sarah demanded, and both her new partners pushed harder.

Suddenly, Sarah felt her orgasm racing up at her. She fought to hold
it off. She couldn’t let Tim see Elisha getting off behind them. It
wouldn’t be right. She wasn’t there for him. She was there for
Sarah, and Sarah alone.

So Sarah did everything she could to keep her orgasm coming. From
the way Elisha’s head was rolling about her neck, she knew she
wouldn’t have to hold out long. The younger blonde was clearly
screaming in towards climax like a missile, and Sarah wanted to

It was a strain. Keeping back her own orgasmic release, and keeping
her eyes open, locked on Elisha’s body.

And then, Elisha Cuthbert came. Her eyes rolled back into her head,
and she slumped against the side of the doorframe, sliding down to
her knees, her finger still going inside her thong.

It was the single sexiest site Sarah Wynter had ever seen, and
suddenly there was no keeping her own tide in check.

She exploded, climaxing harder than she’d ever had before. Her arms
slipped from Tim’s neck, and she fell back on to the desk, nearly
bashing open her head on his desk blotter. As it was, the impact
sent more stars through her head, and for several long seconds, she
thought she’d pass out. The pain in her head wrestled with the
incredible pleasure in her crotch, and in the end, her crotch won
out. Just lying back, allowing Tim to finish himself off inside her,
Sarah lay back and allowed herself to enjoy what was left of her

Tim’s hot jizz shooting inside her got her to start moving again. As
he pulled out with a wet pop, she looked towards the door to see it
empty. Elisha was long gone.

“That was amazing,” Tim said, falling into a chair on the side of
the room.

“Y-yeah,” Sarah said, rubbing the back of her head and straightening
her skirt so that it covered the incredible wet patch on her thong.
She thought she could feel something dribbling down her leg in back,
and knew that she’d need to clean up before she left.

* * *

Sex was still very much on Sarah’s mind as she stepped out of the
cab and walked towards her trailer. She’d completely lost Elisha
after fucking Tim, and despite his insistence that Sarah should
stay, she thought she should at least get away from the club. Too
much had happened there.

She couldn’t get the image of Elisha stroking her pussy out of her
mind. It had been ages since Sarah had even thought about another
woman masturbating, but now that image was plastered on her brain.
When she closed her eyes, she could see Elisha standing there,
stroking. When everything was quiet, she could hear her own voice
urging Tim/Elisha to thrust harder. When she stopped moving, she
could feel her moist crotch radiating heat like it hadn’t in years.

Sarah Wynter was turned on. She’d had sex less than two hours ago,
and she would’ve fucked every man on the set of ’24’ if she thought
they could give her what she wanted. But she knew better than that.
There was only one person out there right now who could really give
Sarah was she needed, and she’d lost her when the sex had ended.

Climbing up into her trailer, Sarah flipped on the lights and saw
the magazines she’d been looking at earlier littering the floor
around her chair. Half-naked pictures of herself and Elisha ran like
a ring around the recliner, as if to trap the chair there.

Sarah snorted and quickly undressed. Her sopping wet thong hit the
floor, her top followed, and in a matter of seconds, she was naked
again. For a brief moment, Sarah toyed with the idea of getting into
the shower and cleaning up. But something else called for her
attention, and she knew that there was only one thing she could do
at this point to allow her to get through the night.

Sliding back into her simple cotton panties and throwing another
tank top on, Sarah walked barefoot out to her chair and sat down in
it. Grabbing her issue of Maxim, she flipped open to the picture
she’d been marveling earlier. She looked so good in it. Who knew
that her, simple Sarah Wynter, could look as sexy as she did in that

He clit was throbbing now, demanding attention, and Sarah knew she
had to give her little friend what it wanted. Dropping her magazine
to the floor, she scooped up the FHM magazine with Elisha on the
cover. Choosing a shot with Elisha in a brown T-shirt and tiny
panties, Sarah allowed her right hand to slide beneath her own
panties and gently start stroking her clit.

When Sarah usually masturbated, she simply did so. No real fantasies
entered her mind, and no particular faces appeared to her. She
simply allowed her body to take over, her fingers automatically
getting her where she needed to be.

This time was different. This time, she wasn’t masturbating to her
nameless, faceless needs. This time she was stroking off to Elisha

She imagined kissing Elisha, fondling her young breasts. She
imagined running her hands down the younger girl’s bare ass, and
licking her pussy. She imagined sixty-nining the smaller blonde
until they both came a hundred times in a row.

She had no idea how long she sat there, her eyes barely focused on
Elisha’s picture while her fingers ground down onto her clit.
Minutes, hours, days, years could have passed by. She didn’t know,
and she didn’t care. She simply wanted Elisha. She wanted the
younger actress, and she knew that when she got the opportunity, she
would HAVE the younger actress. You didn’t masturbate in the doorway
of an office, watching two people having sex, if you weren’t a
little adventurous.

“Wow,” Elisha’s voice broke through the haze in Sarah’s mind. “Two
shows in one night. I’m a lucky girl.”

Sarah blinked awake, and suddenly, Elisha was standing in the
doorway. She had changed from her dancing outfit into something far
more casual – white shorts and a pale blue tank top. All of it was
plastered to her skin from the rain, and her nipples were clearly
visible through the fabric of her top.

“Elisha-” Sarah started.

“Sush,” Elisha said, placing a finger to her lips and stepping all
the way inside. “Don’t stop.”

“What-?” Sarah started, but stopped as Elisha quieted her again. The
dripping wet girl came all the way into the trailer, closing the
door behind her.

“I know what you want,” Elisha said. “I could see it in your eyes
when you fucked Tim. Don’t stop now.”

Sarah slowly started to stroke her clit again, her eyes glued to

“You’re getting off to my magazines,” Elisha said, watching Sarah
masturbate slowly.

“Y-yes,” Sarah whispered, unable to deny it.

Elisha looked down at the magazine pictures and smiled. “I look
pretty sexy, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” Sarah said, her voice suddenly quite confident, at least in
making that statement.

Elisha looked back up at Sarah’s face. “But don’t you think the real
thing would work better than these pictures?”

Sarah couldn’t speak, she simply nodded slowly, her finger faintly
tracing around her enlarged clit, her sexual needs engulfing her.

“So do I,” Elisha said, reaching down and slowly peeling off the
soaking wet tank top. Dragging it over her head, the younger blonde
exposed her bare chest to her costar. Tossing the soggy top to one
side, she placed her hands on either side of her hips. “Better?”

Sarah dropped the Magazine to the floor.

Elisha smiled. “Thought so. Do you want to see more?”

Sarah, her voice parched, could only nod her assent.

Elisha looped her fingers into the pockets of her drenched shorts
slowly down her legs, making the simple task seem slow and
laborious. Sarah found her eyes following the shorts down Elisha’s
legs, marveling at the shape and firmness her young friend showed.

Finally, Elisha stepped out of the damp shorts and stood up. Naked
save for a pair of sheer panties that hid very little, Elisha
Cuthbert stood steady before Sarah Wynter, daring her costar to say
something – anything.

“You’re beautiful,” Sarah whispered finally, her dehydrated throat
finally croaking out a response.

“So are you,” Elisha said. “But aren’t you overdressed?”

Sarah looked down at her tank top and panties. Even with her still
moving hand covering her crotch, Sarah didn’t consider herself
overly dressed, but knew that Elisha was hinting at something more.

Taking her finger off her pussy, Sarah quickly shed her tank top,
standing up next to Elisha. She towered over the younger girl by a
good inch or more, but it was clear to both who held all the power
in the room at that moment.

“You’re so beautiful,” Elisha said, her sharp tone softening
slightly. “Has anyone ever told you that before?”

“No,” Sarah whispered. She wasn’t sure if anyone had ever said those
words to her, but certainly no one ever said it the way Elisha just

“I’ve been with women before,” Elisha said, bringing her hand up to
gently run her fingers along Sarah’s shoulder. Sarah melted into her
touch, the searing hot sensation of skin on skin. Elisha’s eyes
weren’t roving Sarah’s body – they were locked on Sarah’s eyes, just
as the older woman was locked on the shorter blonde’s eyes. There
was a lot more communicating going on than just what as being said

“So have I,” Sarah said quietly.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” Elisha asked, her other hand coming up to
run along Sarah’s other shoulder. The two hands on either side of
her made Sarah weak in the knees. She’d never felt like this before
– not with her lesbian roommate in New York, not with any of her
male lovers, never. She’d always been somewhat in control. Her needs
had never been so overpowering.

“Yes,” Sarah said.

“Say it,” Elisha said, her fingers brushing their way across Sarah’s

“You are so sexy,” Sarah whimpered. Elisha’s hands dipped
dangerously lower upon Sarah’s chest.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Elisha asked next, her eyes never
moving from Sarah’s. Her fingers were dancing just above the top of
the older woman’s breasts. Sarah desperately wanted to feel Elisha’s
fingers upon her breasts. She wanted the younger girl to play with
her nipples. She wanted her newfound lover to slide her fingers in
and out of her dripping wet pussy.

She wanted Elisha to make love to her like there was no tomorrow.

“Yes,” Sarah hissed, her own hands swinging back and forth at her
sides. She wanted to touch Elisha, to drag the young woman down to
the floor and do every nasty trick she’d ever learned from her
roommate. She wanted to see and smell and taste every inch of the
delectable Miss Cuthbert’s loins. She wanted. She craved. She

Elisha smiled wickedly.

“Do you want me to touch you?” she asked again.

“Yes!” Sarah said, louder this time. Elisha’s fingertips brushed the
very edge of her breasts before darting back up to her collarbone.
Sarah whimpered in denial.

“Tell me,” Elisha whispered, her voice so soft, Sarah had to strain
her ears to pick it up.

“Touch me,” Sarah said. Elisha’s fingers brushed the top of Sarah’s
breasts again, longer this time, but still not approaching anywhere
near where Sarah really wanted them.

“Again,” Elisha said.

“Touch me!” Sarah said, louder this time.

The fingers dipped lower on her breasts, but didn’t touch the

“Again!” Elisha demanded.

“Oh, God, PLEASE TOUCH ME!” Sarah called out, barely able to keep

Elisha’s wicked smile returned, and for one heartbreaking instant,
Sarah feared the younger girl would walk out, denying her the
release she so urgently needed.

And then, Elisha walked her fingers down to Sarah’s nipples.

The sensation of Elisha’s hot fingers on her agonizingly erect
nipples was enough to knock the feet out from under Sarah. She
collapsed to the floor, and instantly, Elisha was over her,
straddling her waist and pinning her to the ground with her hands on
her shoulders.

“Did you like that?” Elisha whispered into Sarah’s ear.

“Yes!” Sarah said, struggling to get her hands out from underneath

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Elisha asked, her voice stern and

“Yes!” Sarah said. “Oh, god, yes, please kiss me!”

Elisha smiled again. “You’re learning,” she said, bending down to
plant a kiss on Sarah’s forehead.

“Please,” Sarah whimpered.

Elisha smiled again, and this time pressed her lips to Sarah’s.

Never in all her years had a kiss so nearly brought Sarah Wynter to
orgasm. No kiss had ever had such an impact. Her blood boiled, her
nerves shattered, and her pussy juices flowed freely. It was so
perfect, so soft, and so erotic, that Sarah came within a
heartstring of climaxing from just that kiss.

Elisha, though, would have none of that.

“Do you want me?” she asked next.

“I want you,” Sarah replied, her voice a husky whisper.

“Do you want me to make love to you?” Elisha asked.

“Please make love to me!”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“YES! Please FUCK ME!” Sarah cried out.

Elisha’s lips returned to cover Sarah’s, and an instant later, the
younger girl slid down her costar’s body, until she was lying
directly atop her, breast to breast. Elisha’s hands slid from off
Sarah’s shoulders and ran down the older woman’s sides, touching and
teasing their way down to her panties.

Suddenly able to move again, Sarah allowed old reflexes to take
over. She kissed Elisha hard, her own hands coming up to encircle
Elisha’s body, pulling the girl impossibly closer to her. The
sensation of Elisha’s breasts against her own made Sarah swoon, and
the feeling of the girl’s lips upon hers sent Sarah skyrocketing to
new heights of bliss.

Elisha suddenly slid off of Sarah, breaking all contact. She stood
up, looking down at her new lover with a warm smile – all trace of
wickedness gone by now. She then kneeled down next to Sarah, and
slowly pulled aside her costar’s panties.

“He did this to you,” Elisha said, a hint of her controlling tone
returning. “He pulled these aside to fuck you, didn’t he?”

“Not these panties,” Sarah said, breathing hard. “I was wearing a

“I want you like this,” Elisha said, running her finger over Sarah’s
exposed sex. “Your panties brushed aside, as if you couldn’t wait
long enough to take them off before I entered you.”

“I couldn’t,” Sarah said.

Elisha responded by pushing a finger into Sarah’s saturated cunt. It
slid all the way in effortlessly, but its affect on Sarah didn’t go
unnoticed. The feeling sent a shiver of delight through her body,
causing her to arch her back uncontrollably.

“You like that?” Elisha asked, her voice little more than a murmur.

“YES,” Sarah hissed, unable to control her body.

“Your nipples are hard,” Elisha said, reaching up her other hand to
brush the hard as nails nipples Sarah was now sporting. This sent
another jolt of ecstasy through Sarah, who was being dragged to the
breaking point by the lightest of Elisha’s touches.

“Do you want me to continue?” Elisha asked.

“Yes, please fuck me,” Sarah said, humping her hips so as to try and
get Elisha’s finger deeper into her wet folds.

Elisha slowly pulled out her finger, curling it just slightly so as
to drag it along the top of the inside of Sarah’s walls. The older
blonde thrashed her head at this, her body bubbling over with
near-orgasmic delight. As she reached the end of Sarah’s cunt, she
straightened the finger, and pushed it back in, just as slowly as
she had pulled it out. She pushed until she hit her knuckle near
Sarah’s clit.

Sarah swooned.

Again, Elisha curled her finger, dragging the tip back along the
upper portions of Sarah’s cunt, each centimeter suddenly alive with
fiery passion. Sarah’s head rolled from side to side at the action,
unable to control herself anymore.

“Please!” She moaned. “Please, Elisha, make me cum!”

Elisha smiled, but said nothing. She ran her finger in and out two
more times, never increasing her speed or the pressure. Sarah
thrashed and moaned in response, but while she hovered close to
reaching her second orgasm of the night, Elisha prevented her from
getting there.

Sarah was moaning unintelligently know, Elisha unable to make out a
single word. The young actress smirked and decided it was time to
bring her newest lover home.

She slowly pushed her finger in as deep as it would go, the slow,
agonizingly delicate touch doing more to keep Sarah hot than any
fast action Elisha had ever known. It was a little trick she’d
picked up a year or so ago, and had used on every female lover she’d
had since.

Now, it was time to make all the unbearable waiting worth it.

Elisha crooked her finger again, and prepared to drag it back along
the top, gently once more. But this time, as Sarah was bracing
herself for the expected action, Elisha leaned down and just as she
started to drag her finger back, she wrapped her lips around Sarah’s
engorged clit and gently sucked it.

Sarah Wynter exploded at once, her entire body giving way to the
massive tidal wave of orgasmic gratification ransacking her body.
Every nerve fractured, every skin cell boiled, and everything went

She awoke an unknown amount of time later, the sensation of Elisha’s
lips upon her own dragging her back from unconsciousness.

“Wow,” Sarah whispered when Elisha gently pulled away.

“I’ve never seen someone orgasm themselves until they blacked out,”
Elisha giggled, suddenly seeming very much like a young girl. A
naked, sweaty, and highly erotic young girl, but a young girl none
the less.”

“That’s never happened before,” Sarah said, feeling a bit woozy.

“You all right?”

“Oh, yes,” Sarah said. She knew now that she hadn’t been out long –
her breath was still rushed, and her heartbeat was still trying to
slow down. Her crotch was flooded with cum, and her legs ached.

She’d never felt better in her life.


“Sush,” Elisha said, cutting Sarah off. “We’re not done yet,” the
younger actress said.

“Good,” Sarah said. “I want to keep doing this. I want us to be
lovers, Elisha – no matter what. I want-” Elisha cut her off by
placing a finger to Sarah’s lips, a smile creeping over her face.

“God, you older women are always jumping ahead,” Elisha said. “I
meant that we weren’t done tonight.”

“We aren’t?” Sarah asked, confused.

“I haven’t had my orgasm yet,” Elisha said with a sinful smile.

Sarah’s eyes went wide as Elisha pushed her back down on to the
floor. The younger actress stood before her new partner, completely
bare. A tiny patch of pubic hair rested just above the glistening
wet lips on Elisha Cuthbert as she moved so that she straddled
either side of Sarah’s head.

“Have you ever licked pussy before, Sarah?” Elisha asked, her voice
the very timbre of innocence.

“Yes,” Sarah said, subconsciously licking her lips with her tongue.

“Then let’s see how well you can do,” Elisha said, lowering herself
down to her knees. Her crotch now rested an inch or so above Sarah’s
face, and the older actress could smell her young costar’s juices
already flowing. It was a smell she hadn’t experienced in almost ten
years – another woman’s aroused pussy mere inches from her nose. A
new wave of arousal shot through Sarah’s body as old reflexes kicked
in. Suddenly, she was a young woman in New York City once more,
experimenting sexually and just enjoying another woman’s body.
Everything seemed so right.

And then Elisha lowered her crotch a little more, enough so that the
very top of her slit was brushing against Sarah’s nose.

“Lick me,” Elisha whispered.

Sarah Obeyed at once. Elisha’s legs prevented Sarah from doing
anything more than grasp the younger woman’s ass, so she parted the
shorter girl’s cunt lips with her tongue, savoring the spicy flavor
that greeted her taste buds.

Elisha moaned approvingly as Sarah slowly started to work her tongue
in and around inside her pussy. Everything was new, but blessedly
familiar to Sarah. She had never been inside Elisha’s cunt before,
but she’d been in enough to know the right areas to hit. Her tongue
worked like a piston on some areas, driving in fast and hard, while
in other areas she gently licked over soft spots.

Looking up at her beautiful new lover, Sarah saw Elisha’s breasts
swaying and her head rolling slowly from side to side. It was a
sight to behold – one that took Sarah’s breath away. The sweet aroma
of Elisha’s cunt filled Sarah’s nose as she gazed at the younger
woman’s perfect breasts, their firm, roundness holding up perfectly
the way only young breasts do. Sarah wanted to grab them, to suckle
them, to grope and fondle them. She wanted to make love to Elisha’s
breasts, to literally stick the pointy nipples into her own snatch
and get herself off. Those beasts were the ultimate joy for Sarah.

Sarah’s tongue snaked deeper into the young pussy before her, the
spicy taste growing stronger as Elisha’s body reacted more and more.
The younger blonde’s breathing came fast and heavy now. Sarah could
tell her co-star was rapidly approaching climax. It was time. Time
to show Elisha just how well Sarah knew how to operate another
woman’s body.

Tonguing Elisha’s slit once more, Sarah trailed her tongue up and
over her lover’s clit. Elisha bucked hard, but didn’t cum. It was
enough, though, for Sarah to slip a hand out and bring her fingers
to bare of Elisha’s cunt.

“Oh, yes!” Elisha moaned loudly. “Finger my pussy, Sarah! Finger me

Sarah quickly slid two fingers deep into the moist folds of Elisha’s
cunt – but she had no plans on stopping there. Instantly pulling out
again, Sarah trailed her fingertips down until she circled the
opening to Elisha’s ass.

“W-what?!” Elisha shot up, her body going ridged. But Sarah quickly
pushed a cum-coated finger inside the younger blonde’s ass, licking
her clit at the same time.

Elisha swooned as her body nearly exploded in orgasm. Every inch of
the younger blonde shook and quivered as she collapsed to the floor
beside Sarah. Cum flowed freely from Elisha’s crotch, and all at
once, Sarah knew she’d done well.

It took a few minutes, but Sarah was eventually able to get Elisha
up and conscious again.

“You HAVE had sex with women before,” Elisha said slowly.

“And so have you,” Sarah said, kissing Elisha gently on the
forehead. Their relationship had changed when Elisha had climaxed.
No longer was the young girl in charge. Now Sarah took over, gently
helping her co-star to recover, treating her with love and respect
due not just a lover, but also a daughter.

“I’m glad we did this,” Sarah said, lying down next to Elisha on the

“Me too,” Elisha said. “I didn’t think you’d go for it. Not after I
caught you fucking Tim in his office.”

“Just because a girl likes a big, hard man every now and then
doesn’t mean she’ll forget about her girlfriends.”

Elisha smiled at her, and Sarah felt something inside her heart
leap. “I’m glad we’re friends.”

“We’re more than friends,” Sarah said, confidently.

“Yeah,” Elisha said. “We are, aren’t we?”

Sarah answered her with a long, passionate kiss to the lips.

They made love deep into the night, Sarah showing Elisha all the
tricks she’d learned back when she was younger, Elisha finally
getting Sarah off with her erect nipples. Their hands traveled
everywhere, their fingers probed everything. Lips kissed skin, toes
curled, and hair flung about. Sarah had lost count of her orgasms by
the time she fell asleep.

* * *

Nothing slows down a TV production like rain. And as Sarah Wynter
looked out the window of her trailer and saw the streams of rain
streaking down the windows, she knew there wasn’t going to be too
much shooting today. All the scenes she had for this week’s episode
were done outside, and according to the script, it wasn’t supposed
to be raining.

Sarah stood at her trailer window, looking out at the rain. She wore
simple white panties, and a white tank top that hugged her breasts,
while sipping tea. No, she wouldn’t be getting in front of the
camera again today.

But that was fine with her.

“Are you coming back to bed, or do I have to force you?” Elisha
called out. Sarah looked over at her naked young lover, who was
sprawled out on the small bed inside the trailer – the sheets only
covering small portions of her body.

“I’m coming,” Sarah said, sipping a little more tea. She placed the
mug down on the counter, reached up and pulled her tank top over her
head, throwing it onto the magazine rack. Walking topless back to a
waiting Elisha, Sarah smiled at the thought of their pictorials.
Maybe next time, they’d do one together…

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