Cover Girls: Brittany Murphy – July 2001

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to Female
Masturbation and voyerism. If you are under 18, stop now. If you are opposed to
masturbation, what the hell are you doing reading this story? This story isn’t
meant to reflect honestly on Brittany Murphy – in other words, I doubt she is
the slut she appears to be in this story, and if she is, the chances of this
particular scenario happening are slim – but hey, this is a fantasy, so just
enjoy it.

Cover Girls:

Brittany Murphy: July 2001


Any man who’s ever had a hard on so bad that they needed to run to the nearest
and relieve themselves would be able to relate to how Brittany Murphy
felt as the last half-hour of photographs for her Maxim magazine spread went by.
The sexy, 23-year-old redhead was hornier than she’d ever been in her life as
the woman working the camera took shot after shot, and if she didn’t get some
kind of relief soon, she was going to burst.

Murphy stood up against a wall wearing nothing but simple pair of white panties
and some torn fishnet stockings. She was glancing up at the camera from where
her head was tilted down, and her hands were all that stood between her breasts
and the probing camera lens and the six stagehands and staffers in the studio.
Despite the fact that she was nervous in front of everyone, and that the room
was quite warm – especially under the lights – and the fact that part of her
felt like she was going to throw up for exposing herself this much, Brittany
craved some kind of sexual relief. Her nipples poking into her palms as she held
her breasts were proof enough for that.

It had been the studio’s idea, but she’d felt like it might have been a good
chance to get her name out to people who might not know her. Guys all over the
country read Maxim, and millions would see her face. The studio wanted her to
pose in an effort to promote her new movie with Fredie Prinze jr., “Summer
Catch,” but the film wasn’t due out for quite some time, and Brittany had other
ideas about how to use the shoot to improve her career.

Not that being stuck as one of the voices on “King of the Hill” was a bad job,
and her turn in “Girl, Interrupted” had gotten her the spot in “Summer Catch,”
but she really hadn’t done much else since she’d starred opposite Alicia
Silverstone in “Clueless” way back in 1995 and Brittany was getting restless for
the stardom she felt she deserved.

And it wasn’t like she was posing for Playboy or some magazine where she’d have
to expose everything – not that she hadn’t been offered. Maxim was just one
really sexy magazine, and she felt it had been right.

But at that very moment, with her nipples so erect they hurt, her hands trying
to remain still on her breasts instead of kneading them and fondling them, and a
tickle in her pussy so strong that she could feel her knees about to buckle,
Brittany Murphy would give up any dreams of stardom she might ever have for one
good fuck.

“That’s a wrap!” the photographer said suddenly. “Great job, Brittany. You can
hit the showers and head home!” She tossed Brittany a pink robe and started
packing up.

Brittany managed to maneuver into the robe without exposing too much more of
her breasts, but she could still feel heat rolling out of her loins. She needed
to get some place where she could be alone.

Rushing back to her dressing room seemed to take forever, and she passed so
many people. Stagehands and secretaries. Caterers and grips. Two elderly men in
business suits were clearly eyeing her, and a young woman who seemed to be
someone’s go-for girl winked quite suggestively at her. Had she not been sure it
would ruin her career in a heartbeat, she would’ve fucked any one of them that
instant. Instead, she raced to her room, hoping everyone would think she simply
wanted to take a shower and get dressed.

As she slammed the door of her dressing room shut, she dropped the robe and let
her breasts free to the air. The nipples were rock hard, and clamoring for
attention. Brittany lifted her hands back to her breasts at once, squeezing her
nipples the way she did whenever she was horny. She gave half a second’s thought
to calling her last boyfriend for a “one-last-time-booty-call” but decided
against it. She needed attention right now, and to do that, she’d have to take
matters into her own hands.


Like many women, Brittany rarely masturbated to climax. She used Masturbation
to relax for a while, sometimes right before bed, sometimes in the shower, even
a few times during long car drives. But having an orgasm was usually reserved
for sex with another person. But tonight, Brittany knew, she was going to
masturbate until she came.

The stockings fell away so fast, Brittany practically tripped over them as she
leapt for the small couch in her dressing room. Her fingertips circled her
nipples as she lay back and closed her eyes. She let her left hand fall away
from her breasts and head for her panties as she imagined her last boyfriend
massaging her tits and getting ready to fuck her with his cock.

Brittany wished she had a dildo or something to masturbate with, but for now
her fingers would have to do. She took her left hand and slid it under the white
panties and found the folds in her flesh, her pussy lips swollen in her arousal.
She could feel the intense heat flowing off her sex, and didn’t hesitate to
start rubbing her swollen clit. The intense pleasure floated up and down her
entire body as she went about circling her clit with her finger. She desperately
needed this now.

Suddenly, Brittany heard a gasp. Opening her eyes, she found you Harry, one of
the stagehands for the photo shoot, staring at her, his mouth so open, you could
fly a 747 through it.

“Ohmygod!” Brittany gasped. “Close the damn door!” She said, trying to cover
her bare breasts with her hands. Harry blinked twice, and quickly closed the
door behind him, then turned back to look at Brittany again.

At first, Brittany wanted to tell the young man he was supposed to leave first,
THEN close the door, but then she thought of something.

“How long have you been standing there?” she asked him.

“A minute or two,” Harry answered, not blinking.

“Did you enjoy what you saw?” she asked.

“Y-yes,” Harry admitted.

Brittany still felt a raging fire in her loins, but she wasn’t willing to fuck
Harry. He was probably just barely 19, and wasn’t really her type. But she
needed to masturbate, and figured a little visual stimulation might help her
climax even sooner.

“Are you excited right now?” Brittany asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Are you aroused?” she asked.


“Are you hard?” she asked. She knew the answer because there was a rapidly
growing buldge between his legs.

“Yes,” he answered truthfully.

“Would you like to masturbate to my naked body?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered, his eyes growing impossibly wider.

“Then drop you pants and let me see your cock. If it’s big enough, I’ll let you
jack off while I play with myself.”

Harry’s pants were on the floor before Brittany could blink. Harry wasn’t the
largest man Brittany had ever seen, but he was a healthy six inches and quite
thick. He had a smattering of pubic hair and she could actually see some of his
veins pulsating from where she sat.

“Nice,” She said, looking at the cock and imagining it sliding in and out of
her pussy. “You can jerk off to me as I do myself. But once you’ve come, you’re
done. It’s out the door, and we never speak of this again, understand?”

“Yes,” Harry said, already taking his member in his fist and pumping up and
down. Brittany smiled. Harry was a man of few words, and knew his place.

Brittany let go of her breasts and heard another gasp of appreciation from
Harry as she pulled aside her panties and started stroking her clit again. She
felt her passion growing as she felt Harry’s eyes on her body, her breasts, her
pussy, her face. He knew who she was, he knew what she was doing, and he knew
she wanted him to watch and to beat himself off.

“Oh, god, Harry,” she said as she fingered herself. “You’re so big, and make me
so hot. Do I make you hot?” she cried out as she slipped a finger into her
pussy, hunting for her g-spot.

“Yes, YES!” Harry said, stroking his manhood faster and faster.

“Do you like it when I stick fingers inside me?” Brittany asked as she moved a
second finger between her folds.

“Oh, god, yes,” Harry muttered.

“Would you like to see three?” she asked him.

“Yes,” he responded.

Brittany slid in four. Harry fell to his knees, still jacking himself off.
Brittany rubbed the inside walls of her cunt while her thumb rolled back and
forth over her clit, sending intense waves of incredible pleasure through her
body. Every inch of her skin seemed to be on fire, and her every breath seemed
to suck the air out of her lungs. She’d never had a masturbation session feel
this good.

She sensed herself approaching climax quickly, and tried to slow down to give
Harry a little more time. Then, just as suddenly as he’d appeared, Harry blew
his load. Three quick spurts flew across the room, one landing on Brittany’s
foot, the others falling to the floor before her as the rest of his load
dribbled down his cock and pooled at his knees.

The warm stickiness on her leg set Brittany off, and she came, her own juices
flowing from her body as she pressed hard against her clit, trying to extend the
length of her orgasm.

Brittany lay there for a moment, feeling the heat radiate off her in waves, and
watching as Harry caught his breath. She smiled at him and winked once. It
didn’t take long to get him cleaned up and out, and she promised to send him a
signed copy of her Maxim Issue, along with a surprise. A few weeks later, she
made sure to send him some of her panties and a picture of her topless. She
would get thank you notes from Harry for the rest of her life…

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