Cover Girls: Denise Richards

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to consenting
adults engaging in sexual activities. If you are under 18, stop now. If you are
opposed to lesbians, you’re not only a bigot, but you’re missing out on some
really hot images. This story isn’t meant to reflect honestly on Denise Richards
– in other words, I doubt she is into lesbian or bisexual sex, and if she is,
the chances of this particular scenario happening are slim – but hey, this is a
fantasy, so just enjoy it.

(WEBMASTER NOTE: Magazine title changed by us to avoid lawsuits)


Denise Richards,
February 2001


It’s funny in a way. A well-known actress can’t get into a restaurant

without being recognized, can’t go shopping without being asked for an

autograph, and there was no way in hell she could go on a date without the

paparazzi getting every last intimate detail. But she could get dressed entirely

in spandex, put on a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap and go jogging in her

own neighborhood and no one noticed.

Denise Richards thanked God for that. She was also glad that she lived in

southern California, because running in New York City was cold in the middle of


Things were going pretty good for Denise at the moment. She had several new

movies coming out, had just appeared on the cover of Maixm, and was still

considered quite the sex symbol thanks to her threesome scene in the movie Wild

Things and her work as a Bond Girl in The World is Not Enough. Things could be

better – she didn’t think her current film, the horror story Valentine was going

to be much of a blockbuster – but then she’d always been one to think that no

matter how good life was going, she could always work harder.

That was one of the reasons why she jogged every day. Denise worked out

something awful when she was preparing for a movie role, but she always thought

she could do more in order to be cast as a sexy young lady. She refused to let

anyone know her actual age, thus allowing her to play 19-year-olds for the rest

of her life.

The park not far from Denise’s home was perfect for jogging most any time

of the year. There were a lot of trees and a lot of park benches. There was a

small pond with some plastic ducks for character (she hated those ducks) and a

single rowboat no one ever used, and a nice gravel track that was perfect for

jogging on.

The best part about the park was that there was rarely anyone else in it

when Denise was jogging. She’d occasionally see another woman or two, and had

even run into a rather cute guy walking his dog once, but he’d been wearing a

wedding ring, and she wasn’t that interested. Other than that, it was a rare day

she saw anyone as she jogged around the track, and she liked it that way.

Denise always wore the same outfit when jogging. She wore black spandex

leggings with a white stripe along the legs, a black spandex sports bra that

held her firm globes in place as she ran, and a black baseball cap with no logo

on it. She sometimes wore a gray sweatshirt with her outfit if it was cold, but

she wasn’t today. Sneakers, socks and sun blockers finished the ensemble, and

Denise Richards was able to become the perfect stereotype for a jogging female.

No one would ever expect her to be a major Hollywood starlet, even out here in


Denise was on her third lap of the afternoon when it happened. She had

spotted the pair of other joggers on her second lap, one man and one woman. Both

seemed to be in their mid to late twenties, and both were thin and athletic. The

man was maybe six feet tall, with a modest build and sandy brown hair. He wore

only jogging shorts and shoes, and his well-formed chest actually made Denise

smile. The woman he was with was considerably shorter than he was, maybe all of

five feet, four inches. She had a short crop of blonde hair that was tied back

into a bit of a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and her firm breasts were

held in by a running bra similar to the one Denise wore. The biggest surprise

about the woman, Denise thought, was that she wasn’t running in any kind of

jogging pants or shorts – she wore what resembled a modest swimsuit bottom,

showing off all of her legs and clinging to her ass in such a was as to make the

crack blatantly visible to anyone who cared to !

look. Denise wasn’t too sure, but it was possible that it hugged her pussy lips

enough to show them off, too, but she wasn’t sure.

Denise was rounding a corner near a steep incline next to the track when

she spotted the couple again. The woman looked up and Denise and smiled, and the

man gave her a look as if he’d scene her before. Denise wondered if she’d been

recognized, but tried to ignore them save for a small smile when she got close


And just like that, her feet gave out from beneath her. Denise cried out as

her foot slipped on a rock and she went tumbling down the small incline next to

the path. She heard both the man and the woman cry out in surprise, and she felt

a line of fire streak across her upper thigh on her left leg.

“Ouch!” she cried as she came to a stop. She’d lost her hat and glasses,

and had gotten a nasty scratch along the upper half of her left leg, which was

bleeding mildly.

“Are you okay miss?” the man asked as he suddenly appeared next to her.

“I think so,” Denise said, taking his hand and using it to help haul

herself up standing again.

“That’s a nasty cut you’ve got there,” the woman said, pointing towards her

leg. “You should get that looked at.”

Denise looked down at it for a second. It wasn’t bleeding too bad, but

she’d need to put a bandage or something on it. It would be a long walk back to

her place.

“I’m a nurse,” the woman said, bending down to look at the cut. “I’ve got

some bandages at out place, it’s right across the street.”

“You’re a nurse?” Denise said.

“Yep. I can patch you up in a few minutes,” the girl said. “David, help

this poor girl across the street already!”

“Right, Tina,” the man said, taking Denise by the arm. Before she could say

anything, he had hefted her up into his arms and was carrying her towards the

exit of the park.

“Uh, I could make it on my own, I think,” Denise said.

“Oh, let him do this,” Tina said. “He’ll feel useful.”

“Gee, thanks honey,” David muttered. Suddenly David looked down at Denise.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“I don’t think so,” Denise replied, her answer an automatic habit from

being a celebrity.

“Oh, it’s okay, Denise,” Tina said. “We both know you’re Denise Richards –

hell, David got the Maixm issue with you on the cover just the other day.

“Uh, can we not make a scene about this?” Denise asked.

“Oh, sure, Denise,” Tina said as they crossed the street. David and Tina

lived in a rather large building, almost as big as the one Denise lived in. The

inside of the place looked just as nice, making Denise feel as if Tina and David

were rather on the wealthy side – even by southern California standards.

“What do you two do?” Denise asked as David carried her into the kitchen


“Like I said, I’m a nurse,” Tina said, “But I also write novels in my spare


“What kind of novels?” Denise asked.

“You know all those trashy romance novels you see in the Grocery Store

check-out line? Chances are I ghost wrote at least half of them.”

“Wow,” Denise said, surprised. She’d read one or two of those herself

during vacations or long days shooting, and had even masturbated to a few during

her more private moments.

“David here is also a lawyer. He’s defended a few famous people and gotten

paid fairly well for it – he even defended Robert Downey jr. Once!”

“Wow,” Denise laughed as David placed her down on a chair. “Remind me to go

to you if I ever get in trouble with the law!”

They all had a good chuckle before Tina started to look over Denise’s leg.

“Hmm. I’m going to need you to take off your shorts, Denise.” She turned around

for a moment. “David, out with you! Let the poor woman have a little privacy!”

“Right,” David said, leaving the room. Denise quickly stood up and pulled

down her torn running shorts, revealing the nasty cut on her leg. Tina quickly

started to patch things up using some antiseptic and some bandages. Denise

winced as the other woman touched her cut, and felt some pressure from where

Tina squeezed her leg while holding it still.

“Now that David’s gone, can I ask you something?” Tina said.

“Sure,” Denise said.

“You were in ‘Wild Things’ With Neve Campbell, right?” Tina asked.

“Yep,” Denise said. “And yes, we had that famous three-some scene, too,”

Denise said. She’d gotten this question a lot from people who’d seen her films.

“Did Neve ever come on to you for real?” Tina asked.

Denise blinked for a second. Usually she got THAT question from men – never

from other women. And for some reason, she felt she could tell Tina the truth.

“Actually, yes, she did,” Denise said. “It was right after our lesbian

scene in the pool. We were both pretty drunk, and we actually ended up sleeping

together. You aren’t allowed to tell anyone that, you realize.”

“Oh, yeah,” Tina said, still holding Denise’s leg. “I was hoping maybe

you’d had an experience with another woman, because I have a friend of mine

who’s been coming on to me for a month now, and I’ve been really tempted to take

her up on it.”

“What about David?” Denise asked.

“Oh, we’re not married or anything – and we have an agreement where the

other person can sleep with anyone else they want, as long as the use


“Oh,” Denise said.

“So what was it like?”

“Huh?” Denise asked.

“Lesbian sex? What was it like?” Tina asked again.

“It was different, that was for sure. I don’t remember half of it because I

was drunk at the time, but Neve had the softest hands I’d ever felt, and I knew

for a fact that she’d never done it before, either. We were both Lesbian

virgins, and it was fun. She basically licked me and fingered me how she liked

to be fingered, and then I did the same for her.”

“Wow,” Tina said. “It’s getting me a little hot just thinking about it.

“You aren’t the only one,” Denise laughed. “We’ve actually done it twice

since then – we aren’t committed lovers or anything, but we do enjoy having sex

with each other.”

“So you’re bisexual then?” Tina asked.

“I guess so,” Denise said. “I’d never really thought about it.”

“Huh,” Tina said. She suddenly stood up, and Denise saw just how perky her

breasts were. The small blonde woman was quite attractive, and thinking about

her times with Neve had kind of gotten Denise going.

“You’re all set,” Tina said. “You should go wash that leg off in the


“Where is it?” Denise said, pulling up her half-ripped running shorts.

“Down the hall to the left, just past the master bedroom.”

“Thanks,” Denise said, heading out the kitchen door and down the hallway.

As she passed a half-cracked door, Denise thought she heard a strange

sound. Stopping momentarily, she heard it again. A grunting seemed to be coming

from the room. Thinking nothing off it, Denise continued on to the bathroom.

She closed the door and stripped off her running shorts and panties. Tina

had done a good job patching up the area, but there was some dirt and dried

blood covering her shapely legs, and Denise quickly used a washcloth to wash

away the reminders of her accident.

As she did so, she thought about Tina’s question – about her and Neve

Campbell. It had been several weeks since the two had gotten together for a

lesbian love fest, and their schedules seemed to be growing more and more apart

each day. Denise had never harbored any kind of illusions that she and Neve were

in a relationship that was anything but sex, but she was beginning to resent the

fact that Neve was never around to fuck her anymore.

And then she thought about Tina’s hot body. Her perky tits still held in

her jogging bra, and her fine ass in her swimsuit bottom. The nurse hadn’t taken

off her sexy jogging outfit while she had helped Denise, and now the Hollywood

starlet was getting quite turned on.

“That’s it,” Denise said aloud, pulling up her jogging shorts and leaving

her panties on the floor. She had decided she would offer to be Tina’s first

lesbian lover. She was an adult, and she wanted sex, and who could refuse Denise

Richards that?

She left the bathroom, and headed back towards the kitchen. Then she heard

that noise again, and it sounded louder. She looked at the door it was coming

from and decided to take a quick peek inside. After all, it couldn’t hurt, and

Tina would still be there when she got done.

Easing up to the door, Denise pushed it open slowly, trying to peek around

it. It wasn’t until she was halfway through the door that she saw what was going

on inside the master bedroom of the building.

David had his back to the door and his jogging shorts were down to his

knees, his tight and firm ass showing for Denise. He was masturbating with his

right hand while he looked at a magazine on the bed, turning the pages with his

left hand. He was grunting and moaning quite a bit.

He suddenly spun around, the magazine landing flat on the floor as he

struggled to cover himself up, not quite able to hide his seven inch cock with

his hands.

It didn’t matter much; Denise was looking at the magazine, her mouth wide


It was her Maixm issue, and it was open to her pictorial.

David had been masturbating to her.

“D-denise!” David stammered. “I, uh, I was just-“

“Jerking off to my pictures!” Denise said, more shocked than anything else.

“I’m sorry, I was just-!” David started to say.

“Stop,” Denise said, looking down at his still hard Penis. The fact that

she’d left her panties in the bathroom, intent on fucking Tina was fresh in

Denise’s mind. She was horny, and at this point, even a man could fill her

needs. “I know what you were doing.”

“I’m sorry,” David said.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” Denise asked.

“Yes,” he answered, still trying to hide his erect member.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Denise asked.

“Y-yes,” he whispered.

“Do you think Tina would mind?” Denise asked.

“Not if she can join in,” Tina said, suddenly standing behind Denise, her

hand reaching for Denise’s arm.

Denise smiled. “Good then,” she said, reaching over and kissing Tina on the

lips. She heard David moan and looked over to see him stroking his cock again,

not trying to hide it at all now.

“David, why don’t you just get rid of those shorts,” Tina said as she

pulled Denise towards the bed. David allowed the shorts to fall from his knees

and hit the floor. He was right next to Tina in a heartbeat, and Denise decided

it was time to take some action of her own.

“Now David, you’ve got quite a nice penis there. When was the last time

Tina sucked on it for you?” the star asked.

“A few days ago,” Tina answered for him.

“I’d love to see her do that for you again,” Denise said, looking over at

Tina while saying it.

Tina didn’t even wait for David to blink. She was on her knees in front of

David, taking his cock in her hands and quickly sucking half of it into her


“Does it feel good, David?” Denise asked as he moaned.


“Would it feel better if Tina was naked?”

“Yes,” David said.

“Don’t move, Tina, just keep David going,” Denise said, moving away from

the bed. She knew David’s eyes, if they were open, would be fixed on her ass,

but didn’t care. She headed for the desk and grabbed a pair of scissors and

quickly returned to Tina.

“If this outfit is too expensive, I’ll buy you a new one Tina,” Denise said

as she snipped the strap on her jogging bra. Tina tried to pull off David’s

cock, but Denise held her head down. “Keep sucking, Tina,” Denise said. “I’m in

charge here from now on.” With that she cut the two shoulder straps and watched

the bra fall to the floor, unleashing the single perkiest pair of tits Denise

ever saw in her life.

She reached forward and grabbed Tina’s breasts, enjoying the feel and

texture of the other woman’s erect nipples poking into her palms. David seemed

to enjoy it, too, for he groaned once and shot his load deep into Tina’s throat.

Tina swallowed most of his cum, some of it dripping out at the corner of her


“David!” Denise scolded, standing up. “You weren’t supposed to cum yet! Now

you’ll just have to sit back and watch as Tina gets me off.”

“When do I get to get off?” Tina asked as Denise lifted her up onto the


“When I tell you that you can,” Denise said, kissing the other woman while

still fondling her breasts. “I need to cut off your panties,” the starlet said

as she lifted the scissors to Tina’s waist.

“No, wait they’re part of my bathing suit-“

It was too late, Denise cut the string on first one side, then the other,

and pulled away the fabric, revealing Tina’s bare crotch.

“Ah, someone shaves,” said Denise, running a finger along the edges of

Tina’s pussy lips. “What’s that matter, not a real blonde?”

“No, I like being bald down there,” Tina said as Denise’s finger ran up to

her breasts.

“Well, I’ve got a surprise for you, Tina.” The actress got up and pulled

off her own top, revealing her perfect breasts to the couple before reaching

down for her shorts. “I left something in the bathroom, and now all I have

covering my ass is my shorts.”

And just like that, Denise dropped her shorts, and was instantly naked in

front of the couple.

“Oh god,” David whispered as Denise crawled on top of Tina and started

kissing her neck and chest.

“Getting hard again, David?” Denise asked.

“Yes ma’am,” David said. Sure enough, his cock was back to its full seven

inches and was ready to go.

“Then why don’t you fuck Tina while I ride her face?” Denise suggested

pulling herself up so that her pussy was level with Tina’s face.

David didn’t wait for Tina to even voice her objection. He jumped up and

spread her legs, slamming his cock into her lower lips and started thrusting

away. Denise reached down and held Tina’s head to her own crotch.

“Lick me!” Denise hissed, and Tina obeyed.

Denise Richards had enjoyed Lesbian sex with Neve Campbell, but there

was something very appealing to this almost-rape of this woman she’d just met.

Something so vital and animalistic was taking over the movie star. She grasped

Tina’s short blonde hair tighter and shoved her deeper into her crotch, loving

the sensations and feeling the power floating over her body.

Tina licked like a virgin – tentative and cautious – but she was placing

her tongue in all the right places, and Denise was moaning in pleasure. So was

David, who grunted with each thrust, and moaned with each withdrawl. Denise

could hear the sound of his cock slipping out of Tina’s sopping wet pussy, and

knew they were both quite turned on. She felt Tina press her tongue against her

clit, and just like that Denise Richards came.

“GOD YES!” Denise cried as she rolled off of Tina. She felt the other woman

shutter and squeal, and knew that she’d climaxed as well.

“I want David to fuck you while you lick me,” Tina whispered into Denise’s

ear was the two naked women lay on the bed.

“David, do you feel like fucking a movie star?” Denise asked, spreading her

legs wide and showing of the thin patch of light brown hair between her legs.

“Yes,” David said, pulling out of Tina and moving between Denise’s legs.

“Tell me what you wanted to do to me while you were jerking off to my

pictures,” Denise said before David could enter her.

“I wanted to fuck your ass,” he said. “I wanted to feel your body beneath

mine as I rammed myself inside your rear end. I wanted to hear you cry out in


Denise smiled once and rolled over.

“I’m all yours, big boy,” she said. Tina came forward and helped the star

spread her ass cheeks while David lubed his cock with some KY jelly the two

lovers kept in their bedside table. Tina spread some over Denise’s anal bud, and

then pulled back, allowing David to press his cock head into her.

Denise winced in pain. She’d only had anal sex twice in her life, and

hadn’t really enjoyed it either time, but the idea that this was what this man

had wanted to do to her while masturbating mere minutes ago turned her on so

much that she couldn’t refuse him. She felt him enter her ass and tried hard not

to cry out in pain. And then, suddenly, he thrusted forward as hard as he could,

sinking all the way into Denise. She screamed, but was quickly silenced by Tina

kissing her on the lips.

“You were going to eat me out,” Tina reminded the star as she shuffled her

own crotch up to be even with Denise’s head. The star smiled and quickly started

lapping at Tina’s pussy lips like an expert.

David’s ass fucking didn’t help Denise keep pace for long, but Tina didn’t

need much to reach her second orgasm of the day. As Tina’s juices flooded over

Denise’s face, she began to feel her own pleasure from David’s actions. For the

first time in her life, she was enjoying anal sex. As Tina helped by fondling

her breasts, David stroked faster and faster until he finally couldn’t hold out

any longer and exploded inside of Denise’s ass. The starlet felt warmth shoot up

her insides and her own orgasm exploded over her body, more powerful than the

first. David collapsed on top of the star and Tina fell to the bed beside them

both. Before long, the two women were kissing while David caught his breath.

Denise left David and Tina’s a few hours later, having fingered Tina and

shown David the proper way to eat out a woman. She’d been invited over for

dinner a few days later, and she intended to bring her strap-on dildo Neve had

given her for her last birthday.

As Denise Richards jogged home, she realized that had David not seen her in

his Maixm issue, she’d still be quite frustrated sexually. Doing that spread had

been a better idea than she thought.

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