Cover Girls: I Wanna’ Be A Pussycat

Note: The following story is a complete work of fiction. Anything that happens in it should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s done in an honorary fashion, meant to compliment the people portrayed within. No offense was meant. Do not read this story if you are under 18 years of age, or are opposed to lesbian sex. If you are under 18, you shouldn’t be here anyway. If you’re opposed to lesbian sex, you’re a bigoted idiot, and I know a good place you can stock up on your white robes. This story is not meant to reflect honestly on anyone who appears in it. Christina Applegate, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera, and anyone else
mentioned in this story DO NOT behave like this in person ­ but it would be totally cool if they did! Enjoy!

Cover Girls: I Wanna’ Be A Pussycat


“Black lace stockings just aren’t my style. And do we really have to dance to these old songs? I mean, I like getting it on to something like B2K or O-Town. This old shit is kinda lame.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes as I waited for the blonde bimbo in front of me to finish her rant about her outfit, the music, and life in general. To be fair, none of us were wearing much of anything, but then again, I had come to expect that by now. After all, one doesn’t try out for “The Pussycat Dolls” and expect to be dressed up for a funeral.

My name is Tina, and I’m a dancer. Well, okay, to be fair, I WANT to be a dancer. A professional one – like in Vegas, or Broadway, or stuff like that. So far, the best I’ve gotten was to be a bikini-clad babe in the background of a rap video. I’d be more proud of it, since I did get some screen time, but I can’t remember the names of either the rapper OR his video, so it’s hard for me to hype it up. Just look at some, I’m the token Asian chick in the back.

Being of Japanese decent doesn’t exactly help my career as a dancer – oh, I’ve got the body for it. Long legs, shapely ass, long dark hair, and firm B-cup breasts. I just don’t have the height for it – I’m a whopping five foot zero in the tall department, and most people write me off for Ballet dancing right away. I hate Ballet. I really do.

“What’s with all the black, anyway?” the blonde was muttering again. I wanted to smack her, and not just because she was annoying – she was also far more likely to get the job. Five-foot-nine if she was an inch, with blonde hair to the small of her back, legs that look like they could crush a man between them, and “fuck me” lips that would probably be wrapped around the dick of the man looking us over as soon as he could get her into the back rooms.

Of course, to be fair, I was desperate enough for this job to suck him AND fuck him, if I thought he’d go for it. My job working at Denny’s wasn’t paying the bills at less than 30 hours a week, and for some reason, I’m not getting royalty checks for my appearance in the rap video. I needed a firm influx of cash, and spreading my legs to get a job like this one would be worth it.

The Pussycat Dolls are a burlesque show in the truest nature of the word – the dancers are all scantily clad without showing off as much as some Christina Aguilera videos, and we dance about like they did back in the thirties and forties. I’ve seen the show twice since it started in 1995 in a small L.A. club, and have always wanted to be a part of it.

I’m not the only one. Several A-List celebrities have shown up and joined the Pussycats on stage, including Brittany Murphy, Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron, Christina Applegate, and Christina Aguilera. All have done several shows with the Dolls, and several more big names were looking to get in.

Right now, I stood in a room with about twenty other girls around me, all dressed in little more than black bras and panties sets. Two men, both in the mid thirties, and one woman were looking us over as we all cooled down from a quick routine that the dolls frequently did on stage. The woman was Robin Antin, the founder of the Pussycats, and arguably the most important person to impress in the room. But the two men were the bigwigs who bankrolled everything, and I could tell they were in favor of my bitchy blonde competition. I sucked in my gut a little, trying to shove my tits out towards the one with more hair, and sighed as Robin called a time out to consult with her moneylenders backstage.

I sighed and let me shoulders droop a little. Grabbing a bottle of water, I wandered off towards the side of the stage. I was draining the majority of the water in one long gulp, desperately trying to re-hydrate myself from the quick dance routine I’d just done and the hours of nerves that had been plaguing me since I’d woken up this morning.

As I rounded the corner, I bumped full-steam into another girl and what was left in my water bottle went all over the two of us.

“Damn it!” the other woman said, her eyes locked down on her wet body. Clad in only fancy garters and a thong, the woman was completely topless and had the most gorgeous skin I had ever seen. Clearly she’d been changing back here where the girls went between songs and dance numbers during the show, and somehow I had managed to slam into her full tilt. The water was dripping of her enormous tits, drawing my eyes downward towards her legs and garters.

I’ve slept with women before, and I’ve never had any reason to complain. Women are soft, tender, and can go for hours upon hours. But there’s just something about a penis that draws me to it. The penis was meant to be sliding in and out of a pussy, and it just feels right doing so.

With all that in mind, I still would’ve crammed my tongue down this girl’s crotch if I thought she’d let me.

I started sprouting apologies, and as I looked up, I felt my eyes go wide, my jaw drop, and my chances of becoming a Pussycat go flying out the window.

For the woman I had just doused half a bottle of water over was none other than Carmen Electra, model, singer, ex-wife of more than one idiot, and just about one of the sexiest women to ever be a Pussycat. Carmen had been with the Dolls for ages now, more than a year, and she had no plans on leaving any time soon. She and Robin were good friends, and they’d been seen out partying together all over LA in the last couple of months.

I watched Carmen sigh, absent-mindedly trying to brush the water off her tits, then look up at me.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice slightly chilly, but not as angry as I expected.

“M-my name’s Tina. I’m trying out for the Pussycat Dolls.”

She looked me over once, then shook her head. “You’ll never get it. Unless you fuck Rich and CJ, you’re out of luck.”

I felt my own anger growing at that. “Excuse me, but you’ve never even seen me dance – what right do you have to say I’ll never get the spot?!”

Carmen’s eyes went wide, and she held up her hands, palms towards me. “Whoa, calm down there, Tina. I’m sure you’re a great dancer. But the Spot’s already filled. The try-outs today are just for contract reasons – Robin and the boys have had a girl lined up since yesterday morning.”

I felt my heart crash, and it clearly showed on my face. Glancing back around the corner, I saw my Blonde opponent already flirting pretty heavy with both of the two guys and some of the other girls were already getting dressed and heading towards the door.

“Hey there, cheer up,” Carmen said. “It’s just a tryout. Trust me, there’ll be a hundred more.”

“But I really needed this,” I muttered.

“How bad?”

I looked up at Carmen. There was a strange look in her eyes as she scanned my body again.

“Bad enough to consider doing what Blondie’s doing with the boys back there.”

Carmen peeked around the corner just in time to see the two men take my chief competition off towards the hallways adjacent to the stage. I would’ve bet money that there was a casting couch in whatever room they were headed towards. Even my chance to fuck the guys funding the show was gone now.

“So you would’ve fucked those two guys to get the part?” Carmen asked, looking back at me.

I looked down at my feet, ashamed to admit it now. “Yes,” I said, my voice barely a whisper.

She was silent a moment, then looked up at me. “Well, I can’t get you the role – like I said, that’s gone. But I CAN get you and understudy part – IF you help me out.”

My eyes went wide, and I leaped forward, embracing Carmen in a tight hug. “THANK YOU!” I called out, ignoring the fact that her bare, wet breasts were pressed into my upper chest, just above my own tits.

“I haven’t told you what I want you to do yet,” she pointed out.

“Anything,” I said. I would’ve given her my one of my kidneys in order to get even an understudy part.

“I need you to fuck another girl.”

I blinked and looked up at her. “Excuse me?”

“I need you to get naked and wait in someone’s dressing room until she comes in. She’ll fuck you silly, and then you can come see me.”

“You can’t be serious,” I said, pulling away.

“You don’t have to do it,” Carmen said. “I mean if you aren’t into girls, that’s okay-”

“I’m into girls,” I said, almost too quickly.

“So you’ll do it?”

I sighed. Even working as an understudy on the Pussycat Dolls was better than nothing. And if I was willing to whore myself out to two men, why couldn’t I do it for one girl? I wasn’t seeing anyone, so it wouldn’t be cheating, and because it was another woman, I certainly couldn’t get pregnant. I really couldn’t see a down side to it.

“Yeah,” I said, my voice a whisper again. “I’ll do it.”

Carmen smiled and put her hand on my shoulder, pulling me gently towards the recesses of the theatre.

“All you have to do is when Christina gets here, just get her naked, go down on her until she comes, and let her do anything she wants to you. Once you’re done, come see me in my dressing room. I’ll make sure you get an understudy part then.”

“Alright,” I muttered.

“Great. Christina’s dressing room is down this hallway, on the right. It’s unlocked, so just go right in and get comfortable.”

“Thanks,” I said, feeling more than a little uncomfortable about all this. I knew there was still time to back out, but I also knew my rent was due, and if becoming a bit of a hooker to get what I needed was what it took to pay the bills, at this point I was more than willing to do it.

I headed down the hall slowly, glancing over my shoulder to see Carmen walk off with a smile. Clearly she didn’t care one way or another if I actually went into the dressing room or not. If I did, then great, she’d talk to the people who’d hire me on. If I didn’t, she never needed to see me again.

I glanced up at the dressing room doors, noticing one on the left marked “Christina.” Testing the door, I found it unlocked, and with a silent prayer, I stepped inside. The room was dark, and I almost flipped the light when I noticed someone lying on the couch, clearly asleep. I guessed that Christina got here sooner than Carmen expected.

For several heartbeats, I just stood there in the doorway, frozen in place with fear. But Christina didn’t move, and I realized that she must have been asleep, grabbing some rest before the next rehearsal or such. A small shaft of light from the door fell upon her face, and I stood there for several seconds, realizing that I knew that face from somewhere.

Then it hit me, and it made perfect sense. Christina was none other than Christina Applegate, former TV star, and currently the MC for the Pussycat Dolls. I hadn’t really watched her much on TV, but being a fan of the Pussycats meant I knew her well. I was a bit disgusted with myself for not realizing who she was just by her name – there weren’t that many Christina’s involved with the show.

Worried that the light might wake her, I closed the door behind me and waited for my eyes to adjust to the small light being emitted from a crack in the window shade. As the door clicked quietly shut behind me, I wondered if I should’ve been on the other side of it, giving Christina the privacy she was looking for. Then I remembered why I was here, and resolved myself to play the whore.

As I stood there in the dark, I wondered just how I should go about seducing a TV star while she was asleep. Then I remembered a time, a few years back, when one of the girls I had been sleeping with had awoken me by slipping under the covers and tonguing my pussy. Seeing as how I couldn’t think of any other options – and not wanting to go back to Carmen without accomplishing what I set out to do, I steeled myself and crept closer.

Christina must be a very deep sleeper, for as I approached her, she made no notice of me at all. Her breathing remained the same as I gently lifted the simple gray T-shirt she wore underneath. Sliding up on to the couch, I held still as Christina shifted a little, spreading her legs as she did so. Glancing down in what little light there was, I saw that she wore no panties, and a slight tuft of blonde hair greeted my eyes.

My own body was starting to heat up now, as lowered myself down towards Christina’s snatch. I could smell the faint traces of arousal between her legs, and wondered just how sweet her dreams were at the moment. Pushing the edge of her T-shirt higher, I gently placed my finger over the small bud that was Christina Applegate’s clitoris, and just as gently, I started massaging it.

The reaction was instantaneous. A low moan escaped Christina’s lips, and for half a heartbeat, I feared she’d wake up to find me molesting her, but she shifted a bit more, dropping one leg off the couch, and exposed more of her slit to me. Her clit was getting harder, and the smell of her sexual juices was becoming far more pronounced. My nipples were rapidly becoming rock hard as old memories came flooding back to me. It had been a while since I’d last gone down on a woman, and I decided to enjoy this moment, even if Christina woke up.

I gently stuck my tongue out and lapped her clit.

Suddenly, her hands were on my head. I gasped, but instead of pulling me up with a scream, she pushed me deeper into her crotch. I kept lapping, wondering why she hadn’t said anything.

I crammed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, lapping at all the juices I found there. Her taste wasn’t exactly the most pleasant thing in the world, but I’d gone down on slits that were a lost nastier, and didn’t find this one to be too much of a chore.

Suddenly, she started bucking into my face, her hips moving in rhythm with my licks. I couldn’t contain myself any more, and as continued to lap away as best I could, I slid one hand into my stretch pants, and began to massage my own clit.

Christina moaned again, her body reacting to every twist and plunge of my tongue. My own juices were flowing steadily now, and I knew I wouldn’t be long in reaching climax. I was determined, though, to get Christina Applegate off first.

Using my free hand, I reached up and did something I would never have allowed happen to me – wetting it with Christina’s own juices, I slid my finger up her ass. Surprisingly, I found little resistance – I now know that Christina Applegate is no Anal Sex virgin. Soon my finger was all the way up her rear end, and before I could so much as think about pulling it out, she came.

And she came HARD.

Her juices started flowing out of her pussy like a damn had burst, and I spent several enjoyable seconds practically drinking it all up, like the good little lesbian whore I was at that moment. Then my own orgasm hit me, and before I knew it, I was flat back on the floor, my body flexing about in pleasure.

When it had passed me over, I glanced up, expecting to see Christina looking down at me. She wasn’t. Still fast asleep, Christina lay spent on the bed, her bare pussy and ass visible for anyone to see in the dim light of the room.

It took me several seconds to get my wits about me – having expected to be caught red-handed (or perhaps red tongued is a better choice of words), I was shocked to see Christina Applegate still fast asleep, her bare crotch humping the air in front of her. Still, I had done what I’d set out to do, and there was no way Carmen could deny me the recommendation she promised me.

* * *

“You fucked WHO?” Carmen shouted.

We were in Carmen’s own dressing room now. She was clad in a simple pink robe that ended just below her ass, and showed enough cleavage to be considered a mountain range. I had changed out of my dance clothes and back into my street clothes, which, admittedly, hid very little more than my dance outfit did. A light green halter-top and a pair of jean short-shorts left little to the imagination, and I liked it that way.

“I fucked who you told me to fuck,” I said, getting angry. “Christina Applegate was asleep in her dressing room. I went down on her, got her off, and got out before she noticed a thing.”

“You went to the dressing room on the left, didn’t you?” Carmen said, scowling.

“Yeah, the one marked ‘Christina,’ just like you said.”

“I said the door on the RIGHT!” Carmen cried out, shaking her head. “Christina Applegate isn’t even gay! You’re lucky she was asleep, or you would’ve been thrown out of the building!”

“The who the hell was I supposed to fuck?!” I cried out, shocked that I had pretty much raped a TV star in her sleep.

“Christina Aguilera is our guest this week! She’s in the guest dressing room right across from Christina Applegate’s!”

I could’ve slapped myself silly when I heard her name. Christina Aguilera, perhaps the biggest name yet to be attached to the Pussycats had arrived in town earlier today. I remembered, only then, seeing a shot on the noon news about her arrival, because she’d been wearing something akin to a barely there top and short-shorts so low that prostitutes would want more coverage than that. And I remembered thinking upon seeing that report that, perhaps, just maybe, I’d get to see her when I was doing my audition for the Dolls later.

“Wait a second,” I said. “Christina Aguilera’s a lesbian?”

“Pure Bi, girl,” Carmen said, getting up and grabbing my arm. “She does her male dancers one night, her female dancers the next. Her nickname’s not Xtina for nothing, you know?” She pulled me out the door and down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

Carmen shot me a look. “To do the job I told you to do,” she said with a huff. “And now, thanks to you practically raping the OTHER Christina, you’re late, and I’m going to have to explain it to Chrissy.”

“Hang on a second,” I said, stopping dead in the middle of the hallway. I wasn’t opposed to going and fucking Christina Aguilera under any sense of the word. And, truthfully, I wasn’t too surprised to hear she was Bisexual, either. I was surprised at what Carmen was implying, though. “Christina was expecting someone to be in her room?”

“Yeah,” Carmen said, pulling me forward again. “Pussycat Tradition she started. We celebs trade off the lesser-known dancers when the new Big Name shows up. Only problem is, Xtina’s done every dancer here twice – even Robin, who recruited her into the gig and is adamantly straight.”

“Whoa, hold on!” I said. “You guys are using the dancers as your own personal whores?”

“Yep,” Carmen said, matter-of-factly. “And if you want a shot at being one, helping me get Christina Aguilera off is a great way to help.”

I thought about that for a second. I desperately wanted to be a Pussycat Doll. I’d been willing to sleep with Christina Applegate, and in fact, had almost raped her. So now, why was I balking at getting it on with Christina Aguilera – whom I found far more attractive than Miss Applegate, despite Aguilera’s new uber-slut style?

“Do you want the chance or not?” Carmen asked, placing a hand on her hip.

“Yes,” I said, lowering my eyes. I was willing to become a whore to get the job I wanted. The next thing I knew, Carmen was pushing me into the Guest dressing room, directly across the hall from where I’d just fucked Christina Applegate.

The first site that greeted me upon entering Christina Aguilera’s room was more than enough to set my lesbian libido going again. Xtina stood in front of her mirror, looking at her make up. Her back was to me, and she was completely naked below the waist. I could see her puffed up pussy lips from here, slightly moistened with her own juices. All she wore above that was a tan bikini top that was more string than anything else, and I could see the outline of her erect nipples reflected in the mirror before her.

“Hey Chrissy,” Carmen said from behind me, pushing me further in as she stepped up next to me.

“Carmen, where you been, babe?” Xtina asked. “I mean, I was expecting you here when I got in – or at least someone in your place.”

“There was a mix up in your order,” Carmen said, shooting me a look that made me want to crawl back into my mother’s womb and stay there for another twenty years. “Tina here went to Miss Applegate’s room and promptly moved to molest her while she was napping.”

“She did, did she?” Christina said, turning around to look at me. My eyes were glued to Christina’s completely shaved pussy, just as moist looking from the front as it was the back. “I suppose Christina’s placing charges as we speak.”

“No, she slept through it,” Carmen said. “Remind me to get her drunk and see if she’ll switch sides now that she’s done a woman.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Christina said, licking her lips. I got the distinct impression that she had a very experienced tongue by the way she moved them across her lips as seductively as possible. “So, Tina, you’re not one of our dancers. Are you a hooker Carmen brought in for the fun?”

“No!” I said, a little surprised. “No, I was at tryouts today and-”

“And she agreed to do anything you want, just for the chance to be your little love slave,” Carmen said, cutting me off. “She’s really a big fan of yours.” Well, that wasn’t exactly true. I preferred Britney to Christina, and Jazz to Pop any day of the week. But, looking at Christina’s lithe little form, I was more than willing to forget about those preferences for an hour or so.

“So you’ll do anything I want, eh?” Christina said, approaching me and looking me up and down. It was clear that she was gauging me by how much pleasure I would give her in bed. For a second, I felt even more like a piece of meat than I had all day, but I knew that my chance to be even close to getting into the Pussycats lay in Christina’s pleasure, so letting her treat me like a piece of meat was all right for now.

“That’s right,” I said slowly, trying hard to stay still as Christina walked around me.

“Did you enjoy doing Christina across the hall?” She asked me, laying a hand on my shoulder blades.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Good. Could you do the same sort of thing for me?”

“Yes,” I said, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically.

“Good. Remove your clothes.”

I wasted no time in getting naked again, but when I turned around to present my body to my new “mistress,” I discovered her lip-locked with Carmen, her small little hand grasping at the exposed flesh of Carmen’s right breast. Carmen’s robe was wide open, leaving both breasts open to the room, and for a moment, I just sat there, marveling at the site.

Carmen Electra’s boobs aren’t real. They’re too big, too round, and too perfect to be real. However, they are gorgeous, and decidedly ample. Somehow, when she was running about earlier, I had missed just how well endowed the former playboy model was. Now, seeing tiny little Christina Aguilera manhandling those monster boobs, I became very aware of just how hot Carmen was.

And I became aware that, should she desire it, I would be more than happy to do Carmen as well as Xtina.

I stood there, completely naked, for several long seconds, my juices starting to flow, as I watched the two stars make out like they were long lost lovers – which, apparently they were, after a fashion. Still, it was odd to watch two rather famous people “mack out” on each other, almost completely unaware that I was even in the room.

Suddenly, Christina pushed Carmen aside and looked directly at me.

“Come here,” she said, crooking a finger. I moved forward, trying very hard not to be blatantly nervous, and failing rather miserably.

“Tina, huh?” Christina asked, placing a finger directly on my left nipple. The contact instantly set me off, and my juices, already barely contained from my earlier work with Christina Applegate and from watching Carmen and Xtina making out, started gently flowing down below.

“Yes,” I said, unsure of how else to answer.

“You have very lovely tits,” Christina said. “Carmen, have you tasted her tits yet?”

“Nope, Chrissy,” Carmen said. “She’s fresh for you. Not even Christina got a piece of her earlier – though Tina certainly got a piece of her.”

Christina giggled. “Well, we need to fix that. Carmen, babe, why don’t you show Tina how well you can lick her nipples?”

“Sure,” Carmen said, and as I stood there, Carmen Electra came around and lowered herself down enough to place her lips around my dangerously erect right nipple. I gasp aloud as her moist and warm mouth enveloped my nipple. It was a direct contrast to the slightly cool and hard finger Christina still pressed against my left nipple.

Then Carmen started sucking, and my mind forgot completely about Xtina’s finger.

Warm folds, a stiff tongue, and a powerful vacuum enveloped my breast, and pleasure leaked rapidly through my nerves. Carmen slowly and steadily sucked a little more of my breast inside her mouth, using her tongue to graze and massage the nipple, while her hands wrapped around my back to hold me in place.

Suddenly, Christina’s finger returned. I hadn’t noticed it leave, nor had I realized how long it had been gone, but it must have been for a minute or two, because when it came back it was lubed up and slid directly into my ass like a guided missile.

“OHMYGOD!” I gasped as her digit entered my anal opening.

“Shush,” Christina said. “I need to be sure you can take it. Have you had anal sex before?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered. Carmen had raised a hand to my pussy and was gently playing with my folds, fingering me just enough to offset the mild pain in my rear with pleasure at my clit.

“How often?”

“Not t-too often,” I admitted as Xtina shoved a second finger up my ass. Carmen held my body steady, despite my urge to pull away from the probing fingers of one of America’s most famous pop stars.

“When was the last time you took one up the ass, sweetie?” Christina asked.

“Maybe a year ago,” I said, trying to steady my nerves. It wasn’t easy. Carmen’s work on my nipple and my cunt was getting me hot, and fast. I could easily imagine getting off in this position, but something told me that it would be a while before I did.

Suddenly, Carmen stood up, abandoning me completely. I fell forward to the floor, Christina right behind me, one hand stretched out in front of her to catch her own weight, one hand still inside my ass. I landed with a thud, my hands barely able to keep me from smacking my head wide open on the floor. Xtina had no such problem, and her two fingers were working me a little wider even as I fell.

“Don’t move,” Christina said, sliding up my body, while never removing her fingers from my rear end. Suddenly, her head was right next to mine, her lips almost on top of my ear.

“Do you want me to fuck you, slut?” she whispered, her breath hot upon my earlobe.

“Yes,” I said, feeling my need for sexual release rise.

“Do you want Carmen to fuck you, whore?” Christina asked, pushing a seemingly impossibly long third finger inside my ass.

“YES!” I said, feeling pleasure starting to seep through my ass. I didn’t care at that point if the used broomsticks to rape my ass – it was starting to feel good, and I needed to get off.

“Take her ass, Carmen,” Christina said, rolling off of me. Her fingers slid out of me, and for a terrifying second, my anal opening gaped, raw and empty. Then, a new weight hit me from behind, and the next thing I knew, a very large, very hard object was sliding inside where Christina’s fingers had just been.

Carmen Electra was wearing a strap on dildo.

“Oh my god,” I moaned as the hard, phallic object slid deep inside my behind, filling me unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I’d had anal sex a few times in the past, but no guy had ever filled me like the dildo Carmen was wearing did. The pain returned at once, but so did the pleasure I’d been feeling. Anal sex wasn’t my favorite, but I’d gotten off on it once or twice, and as the huge dick Carmen was slamming into me hit places I never knew existed, I knew I’d be getting off tonight.

Suddenly, Christina was in front of me. Lowering her bald pussy underneath my lips, I knew at once what she wanted.

“Be a good little slut and get Xtina off,” Christina said. I’m not too fond of people who speak of themselves in the third person, but the aroma of Christina Aguilera’s pussy was too much for me to let pass. As Carmen pushed the dildo deeper into my ass, I dove in and started eating out Xtina’s pussy.

Aside from the lack of attention my own clit and slit were seeing, I was in a sort of bisexual bliss. I’d enjoyed both men and women in the past, and having my fill of Christina’s pussy juices coating my lips while a full, hard rod worked it’s way in and out of my ass just dissolved me into a sexualized frenzy. I’d like to think that I lasted twenty or thirty minutes, but in the end I went exactly three minutes and twelve seconds before my own arousal and the pounding my ass was getting brought me to an earth shattering climax.

I spent the night In Christina Aguilera’s bed, eating her out at least three times before dawn. In the morning, I got the news that my blonde bimbo competition got the job as a Pussycat Doll. I guess she did a real good job sucking and fucking the money boys behind the show. Me, I simply did the same for the stars. Guess we know now who really controls things in Hollywood.

But don’t feel too bad for me. I’m on the road right now as a backup dancer for Christina Aguilera’s new tour, and when that’s done, Carmen’s invited me back to try out again for a spot in The Pussycat Dolls. Until then, Xtina’s been using me as her own little Pussycat – in that I spend most of my time licking her pussy.


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