Cover Girls: Monica Potter: March 2001

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to Bondage play in
sex between consenting partners. If you are under 18, stop now. If you are
opposed to Bondage Play, then let your girlfriend or boyfriend tie you up and go
to town on you and you’ll become fond of it. This story isn’t meant to reflect
honestly on Monica Potter – in other words, I doubt she is into bondage this
much, and if she is, the chances of this particular scenario happening are slim
– but hey, this is a fantasy, so just enjoy it.

Cover Girls:

Monica Potter: March 2001


Monica Potter couldn’t see much from
where she was tied to her bed. She could
see the bedroom, of course, and the closet and the chair, and even her bedside
table, where her Maxim issue sat, her own face staring back up at her. The
blonde starlet could see her own body, the sexy lingerie she was wearing, and
the straps tying her feet spread eagle to the bed. She could see her vibrator,
lying right next to her black satin panties, yet to have entered her moist
crotch. She could see the open window where her “captor” had snuck in from, and
could see his coat and boots lying next to the chair.

But she couldn’t see her “captor”, and that worried her.

Monica Potter was a rising film star in Hollywood, but if anyone knew how she
liked to relax on weekends, she’d be reduced to playing B-movies at best, if not
Porno. Monica liked being tied up for sex, and had often tied herself up just to
masturbate, as she had tonight.

But something different had happened tonight.

The man had come in just as Monica had finished putting her left arm in its
strap with her right hand. She would normally have slid the vibrator into her
pussy, then held onto her right strap while the dildo reamed her out until she
came. It was her favorite way to get off, and she found herself doing it at
least once a week.

But this week, things had changed, and now she might be in trouble.

The man had come in the window and jumped at the chance to strap Monica to the
bed fully. He then moved out of the room, and she had no idea what he was doing.
She was worried he might be robbing her house, but she would’ve thought he’d
fuck her first, and the fact that he hadn’t worried her. What man could resist a
drop dead gorgeous blonde tied to a bed, ready for a fuck?

Turning her head, Monica saw something moving in her Bathroom, which she could
just barely see from where she laid. The shadow moved and Monica saw her
“captor” again. He had stripped himself naked, and it was obvious from the
seven-incher he was sporting that he hadn’t decided to give up on Monica just

“Please, don’t hurt me,” Monica whimpered.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” her “captor” said. “I’m going to fuck you.”

“Please-!” Monica started.

“I will fuck you, and you’ll love it. You tied yourself up, you slut. You were
about to get yourself off with this vibrator. You’re ready for sex anyway – now
I’m going to join you.”

“Oh, god…” Monica trailed off. The man sat down and put his hand on her thigh,
near her black thong panties. Monica’s leg twitched, but she couldn’t pull away.
The bonds she had tied herself now trapped her on her own bed, where her
“captor” was about to fuck her.

“This feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked as he rubbed her legs near her crotch.
His fingers sent tingles through her body, and it was all she could do not to
moan in pleasure. “You’re enjoying this, you slut,” he whispered in her ear as
he continued to stroke her legs. “I can feel the heat coming out of your twat,
you whore. You’re loving this.”

“Oh, god!” Monica said, trying hard not to enjoy the sensations, but her
“captor” was right – she loved every second of it. This was the fantasy she had
every time she tied herself up and masturbated. She dreamed of a man coming in
and fucking her body until she came. It was as if he had read her mind before
coming in and was now giving her exactly what she wanted.

Her “captor” moved his hands up over her tight tummy and up to her perky
breasts. Monica Potter was not a big-breasted blonde bimbo – and she refused to
play one in her movies. That being said, she was proud of her pert breasts and
the way she could use their smaller size to bewitch men just as well as some of
the bigger-breasted women in Hollywood did.

His hands grabbed her left tit and started to circle her erect nipple. Monica
moaned aloud as the sensations floated up her body and ran rampant around her
head. She couldn’t help it, the sensations were flooding her body in such a way
that she could barely control herself.

Suddenly, the man stopped touching her and reached across her body, his arm
brushing against her nipples beneath her top. She sucked in her breath at the
sensation and turned just in time to see him pick up the Maxim magazine.

“This is you!” He said, looking at the cover. Sure enough, Monica was on the
cover, looking almost as sexy as she did that very moment. “My god, you’re
famous, slut!” Her “captor” said, flipping through the pages.

“Please, I’ll give you money –“ Monica started to say, but he cut her off.

“No way, slut. I’ve never fucked a famous pussy before, Miss Potter,” he said.
“You’re going to be my first movie star twat.”

“Please!” she begged, and her “captor” put his hands back on her stomach. She
could feel his cool hands along her skin, and it sent a chill through her
restrained body. She shivered, both in the cold and in a slight bit of pleasure.
She didn’t want to enjoy this, but she had always fantasized about it.

His hands moved up and under her lingerie top. She felt his fingers brush the
undersides of her breasts and she squirmed. Her nipples were rock hard, and were
clearly poking up through the fabric of her top. Her “captor” started running
his fingers along the inside of her breasts, running up towards the top.
Suddenly, he grabbed the fabric and pulled as hard as he could. Monica cried out
as she felt the fabric press deeply into her skin before giving way and ripping
off her body.

“Perfect tits, whore,” said her “captor,” as he started running his fingers
over her nipples. Monica moaned despite her efforts not to show this man how
much she was enjoying this. She felt every move of his fingers reverberate
through her nervous system, every tiny nerve sending sparks back to her brain.
She had never been so turned on in her life.

“I’m going to fuck you, slut. How do you want it?” her captor asked as he
started running his fingers down her body towards her thong panties.

“Please!” she begged. “Don’t!”

His fingers continued down her stomach until they reached the top of the thong,
pausing briefly.

“You know,” he said, getting a nasty look on his face. “You’ve got a great ass.
Tell you what, if you let me fuck your ass, I’ll untie you and leave when I’m

“Really?” Monica said. She’d had anal sex a few times before – enough to know
it hurt but got better.

“Yeah,” he said. “You can even leave your thong on – I’ll just push it aside.”

Monica thought about it. Part of her really wanted this to end, but another
part wanted her “captor” to fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

“Time’s up,” he said, running his fingers into her panties and brushing up
against her sparse blonde pubic hair.

“Wait!” She cried. “I’ll do it! You can fuck my ass!” Monica called out.
“Please, just get it over with.”

“Smart little whore,” he said, moving to untie her legs. It took a moment or
two, but Monica was soon free and lying on her stomach, her pantied ass ready
for the fucking to come.

Her “captor” was greasing up his cock with some K-Y jelly she kept in her
bedside table. For half a second she debated running for help, but decided
against it. As much as she was being forced into this, she loved the thought,
and was so turned on, she couldn’t wait for him to plunge his rod deep into her
ass. She needed this sex, desperately.

“This might hurt, so if you need to scream, bite the pillow, whore,” he said,
kneeling behind her ass.

“Oh, god,” she whispered as she felt the tip touch her sphincter. He placed his
hands on either side of her waist, and she knew there was no going back now.

“Auuughhh!” she screamed as fire raced through her ass. He thrusted as far as
he could on one push, sending waves of pain through Monica’s entire body. She’d
never had anyone just thrust into her ass like that. Anal sex took working,
careful timing, lots of caution, and even more lube. Her “Captor” simply plunged
in as far as he could and was now sliding back and forth through her anal

“Oh, god are you tight!” He said. She could feel the head of his penis swelling
inside her, his length moving back and forth, in and out. The pain was growing
less, but the pleasure wasn’t building. Something was wrong. Monica was
desperate for some kind of orgasmic release, and now she was being denied it
anally because of how he had entered her.

“Please, slow down!” she begged as tears streamed down her face.

“Hush, whore. I’m just warming you up,” he said, pushing faster. The pain was
slowly ebbing away with each stroke, but something else was building – his
climax. Before she knew it, he was panting faster and faster, his grip on her
waist was becoming slick with sweat. He was going to blow his load – and soon!

“Oh god, here I come bitch!”

And come he did. He collapsed on her back, his cock spewing a warm fluid
through her bowels for several seconds.

Part of Monica felt relieved – he was done, the ordeal over. But another part
of her was upset – she hadn’t gotten off at all, and she was desperately horny!

“Thanks, whore,” her “captor” said, standing up, his cock limb but still large
as it hung before him. “You were great.”

“What about our deal?” she asked him, as she rolled back onto her stomach. Her
thong was still on, and she was more covered in the front than the back, not
that it mattered anymore.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. Suddenly, he sprang forward and slammed her arms up
against the bedrest – and back into their ties.

“What are you doing!?” Monica screamed as he pinned her legs down and retied
them. Suddenly, she was just as trapped as she had been before – only now her
ass hurt.

“You stupid cunt,” he said. “Do you really think I’d let someone with a body
like yours go?” He reached forward and placed his fingers on either side of her
thong sides. Monica noticed that his cock was rock hard again, K-Y still
glistening from parts.

“NO!” She screamed as he grabbed her thong strings and yanked hard again. He
left red marks before the strings gave way and ripped off her body. Now Monica
Potter was completely naked before her “captor.”

“Please, don’t” Monica whimpered as he climbed on top of her. She was lying
now. His actions had turned her on so bad; it was all she could do not to scream
out for him to fuck her. She could feel her juices boiling inside her pussy
lips, and her nipples were as hard as diamonds. If her hands had been free,
she’d have been pulling his body to her.

“Let’s see if your cunt is as tight as your ass, whore,” he said as he placed
the tip of his penis to the entrance of her lower lips.

“PLEASE!” She begged, though she didn’t know if she was begging him to stop or
to start.

He entered her, and she felt it. She felt every centimeter, every speck of
flesh. She felt his veins and the pounding of his blood. She felt him swelling
inside her, hitting all her spots in just the right way. Say nothing else about
her “captor,” he knew how to fuck a woman and make her enjoy it.

She suddenly felt his hands on her breasts, carefully kneading the flesh to
send a completely different sense of pleasure through her nerves, and she
swooned. Prior to the man she was dating now, none of her lovers had ever been
able to move their hands much once they were inside her. She’d learned to love
that the first night she slept with her current boyfriend, and it still rang
true tonight. As his palms grazed her nipples, she felt her mind go blank in

Monica had no idea how long they fucked, but with her hands and legs tied to
the bed, she was forced to endure for as long as he did. She had come shortly
after he bent down and kissed her on the mouth, and had done so again when he’d
reached down and placed a finger on her clit. It was a while after that when she
orgasmed again when he started blowing his load over his stomach before
collapsing on top of her sweaty form.

“That was great,” he said into her ear.

“The best ever,” she agreed, still panting. “Thank you for fulfilling my
fantasy, Dave.”

“Any time, sweetheart,” Monica’s boyfriend said as he climbed off her naked
body. “It was fun for me, too.”

“Next time though,” she said as he started to untie her. “When we’re having
these kinds of play sessions, can you not call me a slut and a whore and a
cunt,” she chided him.

“Okay, sweetie, but I doubt many rapists would call you snuggles.”

Monica swatted him and then took him in her arms, now free again. She kissed
him deeply and they fell onto the bed, both becoming aroused again.

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