Cover Girls: Rose McGowan

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to lesbians,
light bondage, and/or oral sex. If you are under 18, stop now. If you’re
opposed to Lesbians, you’re missing out on some truly wonderful and sexy
individuals. If you’re opposed to bondage during sexual intercourse, then
you probably aren’t that kinky a kind of person. If you are opposed to oral
sex ­ well, hell I can’t think of ANY reason to be opposed to oral sex. Try
it. It rocks. This story isn’t meant to reflect honestly on Rose McGowan –
in other words, I doubt she’s really like this in real life, and if she is,
the chances of this particular scenario
happening are slim – but hey, this
is a fantasy, so just enjoy it.

Cover Girls:

Rose McGowan


Rose McGowan was wet. Head to toe, she was dripping in water. Her
sweater-top was drenched enough to cling to her skin, and her short little
skirt was plastered to her legs. Her newly red hair seemed almost glued to
her head, and her shoes squashed when she walked.

Normally, Rose would’ve been rather upset about her dampness, but right
now she was glad to just be out of that scene.

For the last two hours, Rose had been doused and re-doused with water as
she shot a scene for the Season Premiere of “Charmed.” In the scene, she
had just barely been released from a water trap a sea hag had cast on her,
leaving her drenched as she was. Rose didn’t really have a problem with
that (despite the slight twinge of lameness of the Hag’s ‘attack’), but she
did have a problem with having to stand around dripping wet for a single

If only Holly had gotten her lines down right. Holly Marie Combs ­ who
played one of Rose’s sisters on the show ­ had been having an off day, and
as such, had flubbed her lines more than six times, forcing the crew to wet
down Rose again and again.

Rose was now headed towards her dressing room, a hot shower, and perhaps a
bit of masturbation. Rose had spent most of the day in the same room as
Jamie Pressly, the hot young model/actress who was guest staring in the
episode they were working on. Jamie played a mermaid, and as such, spent a
great deal of time in a special “tail.”

A special tail, AND a pair of scale-shaped pasties over her breasts.

Rose didn’t really hide her bisexuality ­ heck she’d been engaged to
Marilyn Manson, which meant she HAD to have a kinky sex side to her. Jamie
had similar feelings about sex with women, and the two had fooled around a
bit over the course of the last two days.

Unfortunately, they’d never gone all the way, and Rose was beginning to
feel frustrated. With no boyfriend at the moment, and Jamie playing hard to
get, Rose needed any relief she could get. And while Rose sometimes fooled
around with Alyssa Milano, Alyssa was off shooting other scenes for the
show that didn’t require Rose, leaving her to suffer alone.

Well, Rose had a vibrator to handle problems like this, and she intended
on using it as soon as she warmed up.

Rose’s plans weren’t meant to be.

As she approached her dressing room, Rose saw a young girl ­ no more than
18 years old if she was a day ­ standing outside the room. She wore a
simple white shirt and a black skirt that showed off shapely legs. Her
brown hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, and a pair of glasses rested
on her nose.

Rose instantly realized why the girl was here. She was a winner of some
contest or another that gave her access to the set for today’s filming.
That also meant that she got the chance to visit with the stars of the show
in-between takes.

Rose forced a smile on to her face and continued on towards her room.
She’d have to get the girl moving quickly, if she was going to enjoy a hot

“Hi there,” Rose said, approaching the girl with her hand out.

“Hi!” The girl said, a little startled. “Wow, you’re Rose McGowan!” Rose
had decided many years ago to never trust anyone who told her who she was.

“That’s me,” Rose said. “You must be our contest winner. What’s your

“I’m Jessica,” she said. “You can call me Jess. Uh, did you know you’re
dripping on the floor?”

“Didn’t catch the last hour of filming?” Rose asked with a smirk as she
unlocked her dressing room.

“Uh, no I was talking with Alyssa Milano-“

“No problem, it’ll save a surprise for you when you see the episode on


“So are you a big fan of the show?” Rose asked as she entered, allowing
Jess to follow her.

“Yeah. Charmed is my favorite show on right now. At least until ‘24’

“‘24’” Rose asked. “That show that takes a whole season to get through one

“It’s really good,” Jess said. “you should try to catch it sometime.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said, dismissively. “Do you mind if I get
ready to take a shower?”

“No,” Jess said, nodding. “If you want, I can wait outside for you to get
out of the shower.”

Rose shook her head at that. She wanted her shower to be long, pleasant,
and solitary. Worrying about Jess outside would ruin that. Besides, it was
hard to masturbate when she got out of the shower, and Jess wasn’t
conductive to solo sex.

“No, it’s okay,” Rose said. “You can stay while I slip into my robe. I
don’t mind. It’ll give us more time to talk.”

“Cool,” Jess said, sitting down on the couch in the room.

“So, do you want me to sign anything for you or something?” Rose asked as
she stepped over to the small closet on the far side of the room.

“Actually, I did bring a magazine I’d like you to sign,” Jess said,
reaching for her bag. Rose took the opportunity to slip out of her wet
skirt and top. She was standing in her mildly wet underwear when Jess’s
head popped up again, holding the magazine.

“Wow,” Jess said, her eyes darting up and down Rose’s near-naked frame.
Rose saw a hint of envy in the girl’s eyes. “You’re in great shape! What
kind of exercises do you do?”

Rose smiled. “A combo of yoga and kick boxing,” Rose said. “If I can’t
find inner piece with my yoga, I go kick the shit out of someone.”

Jess laughed at that, and Rose smiled as the younger girl’s giggles filled
the room. Jess had a charming, almost enchanting laugh that made Rose
forget that she was standing in front of the young girl in nothing but a
sopping wet bra and panty set.

“So, what do you have for me to sign?” Rose asked as the laughter died

“This,” Jess said, handing over a magazine. Flipping it over, Rose almost
gasped aloud as she saw which magazine it was.

“This is my Maxim issue,” Rose said, surprised.

“Yep,” Jess said. “The March, 1999 edition. One of the hotter shoots
you’ve ever done.”

“Wow, that was a while ago,” Rose said. “I barely remember doing that
shoot.” She shook her head and grabbed a pen. “So, is this for your
boyfriend or something?” she asked as she headed towards the small desk she
kept near the bathroom door.

“No, that’s mine,” Jess said.

“Really?” Rose asked. “I haven’t met too many women who read Maxim.”

“Oh, I don’t read it,” Jess said. “They’re a rather idiotic bunch of
editors and writers. I get it for the pictures.”

“Pictures?” Rose echoed.

“Yep. I think women are beautiful.”

Rose shrugged. “Guess your boyfriend must enjoy that little aspect of your

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Jess said.

“Girlfriend?” Rose guessed.

Jess looked down at the floor. “Not right now,” Jess answered. Rose raised
an eyebrow in response to that.

“But you are a lesbian,” Rose said.

“Well, I WANT to be a lesbian,” Jess said, still staring at the floor.

Rose suddenly felt her pussy twinge again. “You’ve never had sex with a
woman, have you?”

Jess looked up, her face a mask of defensiveness. “No ­ but I have KISSED
another girl!”

“Wow, you made it all the way to what, first base?” Rose snorted. She
tried hard to keep an air of detachment in her voice, but her eyes kept
darting to young Jess’ ample chest. “The first time I kissed another girl,
she had her hand in my ‘cookie jar’ ten minutes later.”

“YOU’VE slept with other women?” Jess asked, her eyes widening. “But I
thought you were straight!”

“I slept with Marilyn Manson, girl. OF COURSE I’ve experimented with other
women. Hell, anything’s better than that freak was in bed.”

“Wow,” Jess said. Rose was instantly aware that Jess’ eyes were running up
and down her idol’s body. Rose’s body was reacting, too, and the young star
knew that she’d have to do something to relieve some tension, soon, or
she’d blow.

“So,” Rose asked, “Have you ever, y’know, played with yourself while
looking at my pictures?” It was the most forward Rose had ever been with
another woman, but her own needs were rising, and Jess was rapidly looking
like a better outlet than her personal vibrator collection.

Jess looked up at Rose, her face a mixture of both fear and lust. “Yes,”
Jess whispered.

Rose’s heart leapt. She KNEW that Jess could be hers for the taking. Now
she just needed to take.

“So you dream about fucking me?” Rose asked, stepping forward. She swayed
her hips seductively, running a finger down her own side, catching it in
her panties briefly before snapping them back. The sound made Jess jump a

“Yes,” a mesmerized Jess said, her voice barely audible over the thunder
in Rose’s heart.

Rose moved up until she was standing directly in front of the other woman.
“Do you dream about licking my pussy?” Rose asked, her voice a husky

Jess merely nodded, her eyes wide as saucers, her breath becoming more and
more rapid.

“Do you want me, Jess?” Rose asked, staring into the girl’s eyes.

“Yes,” Jess replied. Rose reached up to the clasp of her bra behind her

“Do you want me… Now?” Rose asked, as she undid the clasp, and allowed the
wet fabric to drop to the floor.

Jess was speechless, her eyes glued to Rose’s ample tits. Rose gently ran
a finger up and over her left nipple, then leaned down closer to Jess’s

“Take off your shirt,” Rose said.

Jess hesitated for just a second, but Rose wasn’t willing to wait. She
reached down and took the shirt by the bottom edges and lifted. Jess didn’t
resist, and allowed the starlet to remove the white t-shirt easily. Soon,
Jess’ own bra-clad breasts were in view. Easily on the larger side of a
B-cup, her nipples were erect enough to poke through the fabric in the
sexiest of ways.

Rose wanted to rip Jess’ bra off and suck on those nipples, but decided to
be a bit more tactful.

“Stand up,” Rose whispered. This time Jess did as she was told at once,
and stood before Rose quietly. Rose allowed herself the pleasure of taking
one of the girl’s boobs in her hand, slowly massaging it in her hands
through the fabric of the bra. Her other hand wrapped around Jess’ back,
pulling the other girl up close.

“Do you want to have sex with me, Jess?” Rose asked, her lips inches from
the other girl’s face.

“Yes,” Jess whispered.

“Good,” Rose said. She leaned forward a bit, and placed a kiss directly on
Jess’ lips. The other girl went rigid for a second before melting into
Rose’s lips. Jess’ arms came up to engulf Rose, pulling the newly red-hair
girl into her. A heart beat later, Rose felt Jess’ tongue at the entrance
to her mouth. Rose allowed Jess to slip past her lips, and their tongues
began to mingle.

Suddenly, Rose broke the kiss.

“What?” Jess asked, in between heavy breaths.

“Take off your skirt,” Rose said. “Now!”

Jess smiled as she opened up her black skirt and allowed it to fall to the
ground silently. Underneath, she wore a simple black thong. Rose
immediately dropped to her knees and ran her fingers over the thong.

“So,” Rose said, gently rubbing the fabric above Jess’ slit. “How many
boys have you had?”

“None,” Jess confided. “I don’t like boys.”

“You’re a virgin?!” Rose asked, shocked.

“Well, I’ve had a vibrator in there, but that’s it,” Jess said.

“Guess I’ll have to change that, won’t I?” Rose said, gently pushing Jess
back down into a sitting position. Reaching up, Rose pulled Jess’ thong
aside. Jess’ pussy was pink, VERY pink, almost a bright red, in color. She
kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed into a tiny v-shaped patch above the
entrance to her slit, and her clit stood out at attention.

Rose smiled, looked up at Jess’ face, gave the clearly scared girl a quick
wink, and then dove in.

The instant Rose’s tongue made contact with Jess’s clit, the younger girl
gasped. Her back arched and her fingers clawed at the couch. Rose ignored
it all and concentrated on the small nub that was Jess’ clit. She pressed
her tongue hard against it, trying to smother the small object as she
slowly lapped at the tiny bud, forcing her face closer and closer to Jess’

“Oh god,” Jess muttered.

“Sussh little girl,” Rose said, taking a quick breather from her lapping.
“You’re about to be entered.”

“What?” Jess asked, looking us just in time to see Rose slide her finger
up into her slit. Jess’ back arched again, and Rose twisted her finger
around inside her new lover.

“Now, where was I?” Rose asked, as she leaned down and started lapping
again. Jess’ body was reacting now, as her juices started to flow inside
her. Rose gently slid a second finger into her, curling it to her Jess’

“Oh my god, HARDER!” Jess demanded. Rose complied licking harder against
Jess’ clit.

“I-I’m going to cum!” Jess called out suddenly. Rose blinked, but kept
lapping. She figured Jess must have been a quick orgasm. She started
thrusting her fingers in and out of Jess’ pussy, forcing her young mate
closer and closer to climax.

Suddenly, Jess hand clamped down on Rose’s shoulder, and with a scream,
Jess came all over Rose’s face.

“Wow,” Jess said as she calmed down. Rose had already sat back on her
heels as she licked and wiped at her face, trying to get Jess’ cum off her.
“That was amazing Rose,” Jess said, standing up. Rose stood up as well,
taking her new lover by the hand and leading her towards the small bed Rose
used for naps in between shots.

“Oh, we’re not done yet. You’ve had your orgasm, now it’s my turn.”

Jess smiled at Rose and nodded her head. “You know what, Rose?” She said,
a wicked look coming over her face at once. “I think you’re right.”

Rose had exactly one second to puzzle over the sudden change in Jess’
demeanor before the young girl jumped on her and pressed her down onto the

“What the-“

“Shut up, Rose,” Jess said, all trace of the scared little girl gone. She
grabbed Rose’s arms and hefted them above the pinned starlet’s head. There
was a clink of metal, and suddenly Rose was handcuffed to the headboard!

“Fuck!” Rose swore. “What the hell are you doing?”

Jess climbed off Rose and grabbed a bag from under the bed. “Sorry, Rose,
but I think it’s time you learned the truth. I’m no virgin.” Jess reached
into her bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. Reaching down, she snipped
the string on Rose’s panties and exposed the starlet’s cunt to the room.

“What are you doing?!” Rose demanded.

“Oh, I’m not going to hurt you,” Jess said. “I snuck in here earlier and
set this all up.”

“Fuckin’ A, let me go!” Rose screamed.

“Now, now, Rose, you know your room is sound proof,” Jess said as she
pulled a digital camera out of her bag.

“NO!” Rose cried. “Don’t!” She was too late ­ Jess was already snapping
pictures of the trapped starlet, who was now tied naked to the bed.

“Don’t worry, these are just for me,” Jess said a minute or so later. “I’m
not going to blackmail you or anything. I really am a big fan of yours.”

“What now?” Rose asked.

“It’s time for you to come, Rose,” Jess said, putting the camera down and
reaching for the bag. “Unfortunately, I lied about something else, too. I’m
not a lesbian ­ not really. I’m bisexual, of course, but I don’t lick
women. I let them lick me, but I never stick my tongue down there. The
taste is such a turn off.

“Still,” Jess continued, “You do need to climax. So, I brought some help.”
She lifted her hand to Rose’s view. Rose felt her eyes go wide as she saw
the large, bright pink dildo Jess was holding. “Do you like it in the pussy
or up the ass?” Jess asked, a hint of her innocent tone from before

Suddenly, Rose was getting turned on again. Normally she was the one in
charge of her sexual situations, but this sudden reversal of fortune had
her running hot. She was still charged from before, and since Jess was
going to stick the vibrator in her anyway, Rose figured she might as well
enjoy it.

“Oh, stick it in my pussy, babe,” Rose said, feeling her cunt muscles
clench in anticipation.

“Don’t call me babe,” Jess said sternly as she placed the vibrator at the
edge of Rose’s red-hot slit. With one gentle push, Jess guided the dildo
all the way inside Rose’s sopping wet slit. Rose gasped at the sudden
presence in her pussy, but quickly got over it.

Then Jess turned the vibrator up to maximum.

Rose gasped again. Her entire body seemed to reverberate with pleasure as
the small, pink dildo hit every nerve inside Rose’s cunt. After so much
time without release, Rose suddenly realized that she might be a rather
quick orgasm herself.

Then she felt something at the tip of her asshole.

“What-?” Rose clamored, but it was too late. Jess shoved the slightly
smaller dildo into Rose’s ass, making the starlet scream in pain.

“WHAT THE FUCK-?” Rose cried out as the pain started to subside. It had
been a while since anything had entered the Charmed star’s ass.

“Sorry Rose,” Jess said. “I guess I should’ve warned you.”

Rose didn’t hear her, as her entire body was alive with fire and passion.
Rose had tried just about every type of sex she could think off, but
nothing had ever been as hot as this young girl almost forcibly taking her
two holes with vibrators. Even as her mind clouded over with wave after
wave of pleasure, she knew she’d have to try this again.

And then she felt Jess climb on top of her again. Rose pried her eyes open
wide enough to watch the young girl lean down and lick at Rose’s nipples
with her own tongue. Rose wasn’t sure what was holding the vibrators in her
two holes, but now that Jess was actively participating, Rose knew she
wouldn’t hold out long at all.

She didn’t last another ten seconds.

With vibrators in her ass and pussy, and young Jess licking at her
nipples, Rose came harder than she had in quite some time. She bucked on
the bed, almost throwing Jess off as wave after wave of orgasm crashed
through her system. Rose felt her eyes roll into the back of her head, and
her fingers practically rip into the pillow they were chained on top off.
Her legs thrashed and her breath almost stopped altogether. It was the most
mind-blowing orgasm Rose McGowan had ever had.

She had no idea how long she laid there ­ Rose suspected she’d lost
consciousness for a bit. When she finally managed to pry her eyes opened,
she saw Jess snapping a few more pictures of her. The young girl was
dressed in her shirt and skirt again, though her panties now lay on Rose’s

Rose went to reach for them, but her arms were still chained to the

“Sorry, Rose, but I kinda expected this to take a little longer,” Jess
said as she put her camera into her bag. “That chain is on a timer lock.
It’s got about another hour to go before it unlatches.”

“WHAT?!” Rose cried out. Then she felt them.

Her eyes went wide, and another wave of pleasure washed over her body as
her mind finally caught up to what was still going on between her legs.

“Yeah, I left both vibes still going,” Jess said. “Don’t worry, the
batteries will last at least for the full hour you’re chained up. You
should enjoy yourself.”

“What do you mean? Let me go!” Rose cried out.

“Sorry,” Jess said. “I’ve still got to catch up with Holly Marie Combs,”
she said. “She’s the only one I haven’t met yet, and my time on set only
lasts until the end of the day ­ stupid contest,” Jess muttered as she
zipped up her bag. “Oh, if you see Alyssa, tell her you have her panties.
She was a bit more forceful when she ripped mine of earlier.”

Rose felt her eyes go wide as she watched Jess leave the room, closing the
door behind her. Had she really fucked Alyssa Milano before she’d come to
see Rose? Was she going to try and seduce Holly as well?

Suddenly, another orgasm rocked Rose’s body, and all her questions were
forgotten. She was stuck here for an hour, she figured. She might as well
enjoy it.


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