Cover Girls: Tara Reid: December 2000

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to sex between
consenting partners that eventually becomes non-consensual sex. If you are under
18, stop now. If you are opposed to sex, then don’t plan on having any kids any
time in the future. If you’re opposed to non-consensual sex, I can sympathize,
but I felt it was important to the story. This story isn’t meant to reflect
honestly on Tara Reid – in other words, I doubt she’s really like this in real
life, and if she is, the chances of this particular scenario happening are slim
– but hey, this is a fantasy, so just enjoy it.

Cover Girls:
Tara Reid:
December 2000

A Note About This Story: I had a very specific idea in mind when I plotted this
story, and before long, as I was writing it, I came to realize that it meant
touching on some things I haven’t really touched on before. Namely
Non-consensual sex. And as I wrote this story, I knew that it would take time to
play it out, and I decided that I would start it here, and then come back to the
story later in another issue of Cover Girls. I already know what issue that will
be, and hopefully will get to it soon, but I want to put some time between the
two. Eventually, when they’re both posted, readers will be able to read them
back to back, but when that happens I hope they’ll take some time and read
something else in between.

Let me make myself very clear on this: I don’t support non-consensual sex in any
form. I’ve known a few girls who’ve been raped, and many more who’ve almost been
sexually assaulted, and it’s a very traumatic event that I wouldn’t wish on
anyone. That being said, I have always been fascinated by stories involving “NC”
sex, and will probably write a few more along similar lines. But these stories
are not meant to be a sign saying “go out and rape.” If anything, I hope to show
the kind of horrible effects rape and other forms of NC sex have on both women
and men.

If you know someone who’s been raped or sexually assaulted, encourage him or
her to report the event and to seek help. If you have been sexually assaulted
yourself, then report the event right away, no matter how long ago it happened,
and get into some counseling.

That said, I hope you all enjoy the story. It isn’t really a cliff hanger, but
I hope it will leave you interested in what’s to come.



The very fact that Caron Daily had never done this when he was engaged to Tara
Reid was unbelievable to Tim. Tara was the perfect ditsy blonde, starring in
movies like “American Pie,” and “Urban Legends” as characters designed to get
men horny. And they’d certainly done that to Tim. But perhaps the role that had
turned him on the most was her role in “Josie and the Pussycats.”

Tim didn’t see the movie (he’d just recently pre-ordered the DVD), but he’d
seen a lot of the promotional materials, and even owned the CD – it wasn’t
really bad music, if you like rock-ish pop. He had dozens of pictures of all
three stars, but Tara was his favorite. He spent many a night jerking off to her
Maxim issue (he owned three copies, and one was signed), and even had a sealed
version of her “Josie” doll, which he kept hidden from EVERYONE.

When he’d bumped into Tara Reid at a bar shortly after news broke out that she’d
broken up with MTV’s most bland (and therefore most popular and digestible) VJ,
he couldn’t help but try to talk with her. Somehow, he ended up buying her a
drink, and by the end of the night, he had her number and a cute little goodbye

Three weeks later, they were fucking like jackrabbits, and Tim was smiling like
an idiot most of his waking hours.

But tonight was a night for fantasies, and Tim was about to have his biggest
come true.

Most stars get to bring home some things from every movie they star in, and
this was true of “Josie and the Pussycats.” One thing each girl had been allowed
to bring home was her various “cat ear” costumes. Tim had heard that Rachael
Leigh Cook had donated one of hers to a Planet Hollywood on the day the film
opened. They had taken it down a few weeks later when the film had failed to
become the cultural phenomenon all movies needed to become these days. But Tara
had kept all of hers, and she had admitted to him one night when she’d had one
too many ‘Sex on the Beach’ that she had always thought the idea of fucking
while wearing the cat ears and fake tail a funny idea.

Tim had taken her up on it, and as he sat on the bed, he saw his dream girl
come walking out of the bathroom wearing one of the outfits from the movie,
complete with cat ears, artificial tail, and even the eye glitter. Tim felt his
member stiffen at once – here was his new girlfriend, all decked out as he’d
always dreamed about her. It was almost enough to get him to blow his load right

“Hi there!” Tara said, her voice bubbly. “Are you the fan who won the backstage
pass?” she said.

“Huh?” Tim said.

“Like, D’uh! I’m Melody, from Josie and the Pussycats. You’re Tim, the guy who
won the contest to spend sometime backstage with me, right?”

Tim caught on at once, and nodded his head. “Uh, yeah, that’s me.”

“Kewl,” she said, bouncing over to sit next to him on the bed. He could see the
fake tail swing in the air behind her. She was wearing low-hugging pants that
ended right above her ass crack, and he could tell at once that the tail wasn’t
connected to her pants – it was attached to either a garter belt or her panties,
he couldn’t tell exactly which.

“Uh, nice job at the concert,” he said, trying to think of something to say.

“Yeah, well, playing the drums in front of all those people always gets me
goin’,” she said. “And not in a – y’know – spiritual way.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m a real physical babe. I get turned on somethin’ bad by all those
people screaming out my name.”

“So what do you do to relieve yourself?” Tim asked, hoping he knew the answer.

“Well, if my boyfriend were here, I’d fuck him silly,” she said with a
matter-of-fact bluntness that was oddly right in character. Tara was really
taking the role-playing to heart.

“But he’s not,” Tim pointed out.

“No, he’s not,” she said. “Are you interested in the job?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he answered at once.

“So you wanna’ fuck, huh?” she teased, placing her hand on his chest and
holding him at bay. “This must be your lucky day, getting to fuck the hottest
drummer in all of music, huh?”

“Oh yeah, Melody,” Tim replied. He could feel the heat of her hand on his chest
through his shirt, and knew she wanted sex badly. Here before him was Tara Reid
– dressed up like Melody of Josie and the Pussycats – and ready to fuck. It was
a dream come true in more ways than one.

Tara eased towards Tim and started playing her fingers through the strings
holding her top on her. It was a wrap around top that wasn’t much more than a
piece of fabric clinging to her breasts and held together in the back with some
strings. It did cover her shoulders, and Tim was a little surprised at that –
Tara didn’t wear a lot of clothes that didn’t show off her shoulders somehow.

As her fingers undid the final tie string, he learned why she’d covered her
shoulders. The top fell to the bed revealing the leopard print bra that matched
her cat ears perfectly. The bra seemed perhaps a size too small, Tara’s perky
tits almost spilling out of it in a glorious display of cleavage.

“Oh, god!” Tim said as “Melody” started to take off his shirt, unbuttoning it
and pulling it off his arms. He felt her breath on his skin as she pulled close
and teased his chest by almost kissing it but pulling away at the last second.
She then reached down and started to unbutton his pants. Pulling his belt away,
Tara threw it to one side and ripped open his pants, exposing the tent his cock
was creating in his boxers.

“Nice cock,” Tara said with a strange mix of seductive bubblyness. “Get those
pants off, baby!” she giggled.

Tim wasted no time sliding his pants down to the floor and was about to remove
his boxers when “Melody” held up her hand.

“Hold on there, buster. You haven’t seen me in just my underwear yet,” she
smiled, her eyes sparkling with lust.

Tara stood up before him and he admired her in her small bra and low hugging
pants that ended well below her belly button. Melody really turned Tim on, and
now he was getting to fuck her, his true dream girl.

Tara slowly unzipped her pants and slid them down her legs. Underneath she was
wearing a surprise. A pair of thong panties matched her leopard print top, and a
black garter belt, complete with leopard print stockings, held up the movie

Tim almost blew his load right there. There was no more teasing from Tara, no
more playing around. Tim grabbed her by the arms and dragged her to the bed,
instantly crawling on top of her. His lips started to roam over her barely held
breasts, and his fingers found there way down to the thong.

“Oh, god, Tim!” Tara cried out, her pussy overloaded with need.

“Melody,” Tim said as he ripped away her thong.

“Ow!” Tara said as the fabric pressed into her skin before breaking and flying
across the room. “Hey, that thong cost my thirty bucks!”

Tim wasn’t listening; he already had shed his boxers and was now pressing his
member to the entrance to Tara’s pussy. She felt him brush against her clit,
sending a spark of pleasure through her before he thrusted in with all his

Tara had an extremely well lubricated pussy. She’d never once needed KY jelly
or anything like that, and when she was turned on, she could go for hours
without becoming even the slightest bit dry. Now, as Tim’s six-incher sank into
her folds, Tara was glad of it. She had been ready for sex, but hadn’t expected
it to start so quickly. The damn cattail was poking into her ass slightly, and
Tim had never even looked into her eyes before starting to ravage her.

Tim was stroking hard now, filling “Melody’s” cunt with as much of his manhood
as he could. If he had been thinking about it, he would have noticed that Tara
wasn’t participating as much as she usually did, but he didn’t care – as far as
he was concerned, he was fucking Melody from Josie and the Pussycats, and he
wasn’t going to stop for anything.

Tara was enjoying the sex, but not as much as usual. And there was something
odd about Tim as he lived out his fantasy – he wasn’t his usual self. He wasn’t
making love to her – he was fucking her. And she was rapidly loosing interest.

Fortunately for her, it didn’t take him long to climax. Unfortunately for her,
he had forgotten the condom.

“You bastard!” Tara screamed as his cum filled her pussy. Tim kept fucking, his
cock growing slightly more limp. “Get off me, mother fucker! You’re going to get
me pregnant!”

Tim pulled out, but didn’t stop. He rolled Tara over and sank his cock into her
ass. Lubricated only with his own cum and Tara’s pussy juices, the anal sex was
a lot more painful than the earlier fucking had been for Tara, and tears
streamed down her face as Tim kept pounding away, ignoring her cries to stop.

After he came in her ass, Tim seemed to wake up, but Tara didn’t want anything
to do with him. She got up and threw on her clothes screaming at him that she
never wanted to see him again in her life. The last thing he heard her say was
that if she got pregnant, she’d charge him with rape and he’d spend the rest of
his life in prison.

Tim heard her leave, knew that what he had done was wrong, but didn’t seem to
realize it. He lay on the bed, her cat ears in his hands, for several hours
before getting up and going to another room where he kept all his Tara Reid
memorabilia. Grabbing her Maxim magazine, he sat down on a couch and opened it
up to her pictorial.

For a moment, he just stared at her, wondering what had gone wrong. Then he
felt a stirring in his groin, and before he knew it, he was jerking off, the
memory of fucking Melody a powerful pull on him. As he came again, he realized
that he HAD to fuck Melody again, no matter what….

To Be Continued….

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