Cover Girls: Vitamin C: April 2001

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to oral sex. If
you are under 18, stop now. If you are opposed to oral sex – well, hell I can’t
think of ANY reason to be opposed to oral sex. Try it. It rocks. This story
isn’t meant to reflect honestly on Colleen Fitzpatrick (Vitamin C) – in other
words, I doubt she’s really like this in real life, and if she is, the chances
of this particular scenario happening are slim – but hey, this is a fantasy, so
just enjoy it.

Cover Girls:
Vitamin C: April 2001


No one wants to be a one hit wonder. And no one wants to be a one hit wonder
gets another hit and then becomes a one hit wonder who’s first song is
completely forgotten. Somehow, Colleen Fitzpatrick was looking at that, and she
refused to just let that happen.

Known in the Pop Music circles as Vitamin C, Colleen was the oldest teen queen
in the world: she was thirty and appealed to 14 year-old girls more than
anything else. It was a stigma she was afraid she wasn’t going to be able to
hold off for long without doing something dangerous.

And “Dracula: 2000” was just dangerous enough. A vampy supporting role with
some gratuitous nudity was the last thing her fans expected, and was sure to win
over the 20-year-old college boy demographic very quickly. Already, Colleen was
in talks to pose for Gear magazine and as she had told them, showing her nipples
was not an issue. She wanted men jerking off to her image, and she wanted them

Vitamin C had a new album due out in the beginning of 2001, and she was hoping
it would do well. She’d hit one-hit-wonder status with her first solo single,
“Smile,” and it looked like that would stick when her second single “Me, Myself,
and I,” failed to follow up as well. But then she surprised everyone by
releasing “Graduation Day (Friends Forever),” which instantly became the end of
the year anthem for 2000. Now though, she’d become a one hit wonder again,
because everyone had already forgotten about “Smile.”

Pop music was a dangerous profession for young women at the moment, unless they
were Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Those two were battling over the
Top-Diva position, and no one was going to topple them. Following them in
popularity was ultra-young, ultra-sweet Mandy Moore, who had some interesting
artistic ideas and a good on camera personality, and then Jessica Simpson, whose
vigin-esque performances appealed to both those who valued one’s virginity and
those who dreamed of taking Jessica’s away one night.

All Colleen wanted was the last remaining spot that had gone unclaimed so far:
Pop Diva Slut. Colleen liked sex, did it with both men and women, and wasn’t
ashamed about it. She didn’t mind being a slut if it got her records off the
shelves. She wasn’t interested in artistic credibility, or a horde of
value-based fans. She wanted money, sex, and more money, and if being a slut on
stage and screen got her that, then she’d be happy to do it.

There were two other stars in “Dracula: 2000” who were going to show some flesh
for the first time. The biggest name of the three was Jeri Ryan. Known to
millions of Star Trek fans as Seven of Nine, her breast baring scenes would
excite her nerdy fans to new heights of lust, making her pin-up status sore.
Jennifer Esposito had just recently left the hit sitcom Spin City, and by
showing her T&A in her first major film since then she hoped to become a major
movie star.

But then the news hit and all three girls hopes of improving their careers
through nudity were pushed back. The rating for the film had come in a little
high, and the studio was demanding the nudity be cut back to a bare minimum. At
last count, the director had decided only to leave in a few shots of Jeri Ryan’s
bare ass in the new edit.

Colleen wasn’t happy about it at all. And that’s why she was hanging around
outside the editing room today. Colleen knew that Davis, the guy who actually
edited the final cut of the film, had just recently been divorced, and hadn’t
had any sex in something like a year and a half. He’d been caught once
masturbating over the supposedly ultra-top-secret still photos of the sex scene,
and had probably jerked off during the original editing of the film. Now, as he
went back to work on the sex scene, Colleen was pretty sure his pants would be
around his ankles as she walked in.

She was right about his pants being around his ankles, but she was surprised by
what else she found.

“Oh God!” Davis said as he saw Colleen enter. He stood up from the chair and
tried to cover his erect cock as she entered. But Colleen wasn’t looking at his
manhood – she was staring at the pictures of her laying around the editing desk.
Davis apparently had a thing for her.

“So while you’re supposed to be editing the movie, you’re really in her jerking
off, huh Davis?” she said.

“I’m sorry, Vitamin- er, I mean Miss Fitzpatrick,” Davis said, bending over for
his pants.

“Don’t you dare pick those up,” Colleen said, looking more closely at the
pictures. “These are all shots of me. Do you think I’m some kind of slut or

“N-no,” he stammered. “It’s just, well, I mean, uh….” He trailed off, his face
bright red.

“You must think I’m sexy,” Colleen said. “I mean, you’re jerking off to
pictures of me while you’re supposed to be working. Do you think I’m sexy,

“Y-yes, Miss Fitzpatrick.”

“Do you want to fuck me?” Colleen asked.

Davis’ eyes went wide. “Yes,” he said without hesitation.

Colleen smiled. “Well, too bad. Your limp little member will never touch my
pussy.” Davis’ look of hope was replaced with one of despair. Colleen figured he
though she was going to report him to the cops.

“But you know what, Davis?” Colleen said, coming over to him and laying a hand
on his arm. “There is something you can do for me.”

“W-what’s that?” He asked.

“You can re edit the sex scene so only I’m naked.”

“B-but the director wanted-“

“Jeri, yes I know,” Colleen said. “But I’ve been talking with her, and she
really isn’t comfortable with that right now. So I figured I’d see what I could
do. And after all, I’m sure you haven’t thrown away my nude shots yet, have

“N-no,” Davis said.

“Well, if you are a good little boy, you’ll re edit the film so that you can
see my breasts for a few seconds. Not too long, so the censors won’t complain.
And for doing that, I won’t tell anyone about you getting ready to stalk me.”

“O-okay,” Davis replied. He tried again to pull his pants up.

“Tut tut,” Colleen said, pushing him down into the chair and taking the pants.
“You leave those off. You re-edit the film, and I’ll come back and check on you.
If I like what you’ve done, I’ll give you your pants back.” She didn’t give him
a chance to say a word before walking out of the editing trailer and leaving him

She gave him two hours, enough time to jerk off once and then edit the film.
She then came back wearing a new outfit, one that maximized her cleavage and
hugged her hips and showed off her legs. Her top was so tight around her push-up
bra, she feared it would rip open, but she wouldn’t need it for too long. She’d
worn the short-shorts so that her tanned and trim legs would be as free to move
around, if she needed them to. And she suspected she would.

Colleen loved the power she had over men. She’d used her body to get her so
many things in her life, and this would be just one more. She dreamed of being
able to manipulate millions with just a flash of her tits, or by showing some
leg. She knew she had the body for it, now all she needed was the public to see
enough of her.

Davis was watching the sex scene with his raging hard cock in his hands when
she entered the trailer again. He took one look at her and came, his seed flying
up over the control board.

“Oh, come on, Davis,” Colleen scolded. “You’ve been staring at my bare tits all
afternoon, and now just seeing me fully dressed gets you to come. I guess you
aren’t quite the ‘man’ I thought you were.”

“I’m sorry, miss Fitz-“

“Call me Vitamin C, Davis. I’m the girl you dream of, the girl of your
fantasies. And if I’ve like what you’ve done, maybe I let you live out a tiny
fantasy with me.”

“Oh my….” Was all that Davis could say.

Colleen sauntered over and sat down on the control board, her bare legs right
in front of Davis’ eyes and only a few inches from where he’d just blown his
load. She had him show her the sex scene, and made sure her body was never out
of his line of sight.

Colleen had to admit that while the shot of her tits was shot, it made an
impact. Her male fans would be clamering for it all over the internet in a few
days after the movie came out. She could see the start to her rise to ultimate
fame start here.

Colleen had gotten off the control board and leaned over it to watch the scene,
leaving her ass hanging right in Davis’ face, and she could tell from his
whimpering that he was having a hard time not touching his cock again. She
decided as she watched the scene end that it was time to reward Davis for his
hard work.

“You’ve done a good job, Davis,” she said, not turning around. “You can have
your pants back when I’m done with you.”

“Ma’am?” he asked, not knowing what was coming next.

Colleen turned around and looked down at Davis, who was still sitting there,
his cock rock hard as it poked out of his boxers.

“Tell me, Davis, you’ve been watching me bare my breasts on film all day long.
Do you think they’re sexy?”

“Oh yes, Miss- er, Vitamin C.”

“Would you like to see them in person?” she asked.

All Davis could muster was a quick nod.

Colleen reached behind her back and unleashed her tits from their top. They
weren’t the biggest set, but they were pert and no man she’d ever fucked had
ever complained.

“My god,” Davis said.

Colleen was suddenly very tired off this game, and she dropped to her knees
right in front of Davis. She took his cock in her hands and gave it a quick
lick. He practically jumped out of his seat, but she held him there.

“As your reward for doing a good job, Davis, I’m going to blow your mind by
blowing your cock. From now on, whenever you masturbate to my pictures, remember
this. It won’t ever happen again.”

Without waiting for him to answer, Colleen sucked his cock into her mouth and
started sucking on it. Colleen had gotten several jobs by blowing her bosses,
and she was a pro. Davis was having spasms of ecstasy in seconds, his rod
feeling like electricity was shooting down it.

Colleen kept her hands on Davis’ legs, holding them wide as she sucked up and
down his pole, stopping occasionally to like the head. She had no idea how many
times Davis had blown his load in the last three or four hours, but she was
willing to bet that he wasn’t exactly loaded with cum right now. Just from what
he’d shot on the control panel, she could tell that he was down to the “watery”
stage, that point men reach when they’ve just run out of semen and most of it’s
just piss.

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to swallow THAT!

Pulling off his rod, Colleen sat back and started stroking his monster with one
hand while the other fondled his super-sore testicles.

“Do you want to blow your load over my chest?” Colleen asked.

“Oh, god yes!” Davis shouted, his breath increasing. “I wanna blow my load all
over you, Vitamin C! I love you!”

“None of that now,” Colleen muttered. She licked the tip of his cock to get him
concentrating on the feelings as she pumped faster. She could tell from his
breathing that he was going to come soon.

She let go of his cock and lay back, her breasts exposed to him as she lay up
against the editing deck.

“Let ‘er rip, Davis,” Colleen whispered huskily. Davis wasted no time taking
over pumping his cock, and mere seconds later, he shot his load all over
Colleen’s chest. It was, as she expected it to be, rather watery and lacking
most of the “white” stuff inside. But it felt the same to Davis, and it still
got her chest all sticky. Colleen ran her hand through the stuff and smiled

“Well done, Davis.” She reached over and grabbed his pants, the same one’s she
denied him earlier. Taking them, she whipped off her chest as best she could
before handing them back to him. “If I ever make another movie, I’ll try and
make sure you’re one of the editors.”

“R-really?” Davis stammered as Colleen got up and put her top back on. She’d
rush back to her place and take a nice hot shower after this. Then maybe she was
due for a night out in the clubs – maybe pick up a hot guy or two – or even a
hot girl. She wasn’t sure what mood she’d be in yet.

“Yes, really, Davis,” Colleen said. She leaned over his still shocked fame and
kissed him once on the cheek. “Now you make sure you keep buying everything
Vitamin C, sweetie. Your fantasy girl needs the money.” She winked at him and
walked out of the trailer.

She smiled to herself as she headed out of the lot. The sex scene would do her
career a world of good, she figured. After that, there was no one in the music
business who could deny her the “Bad Girl Tramp” label she needed to compete
with those “cheerleaders with boob jobs” littering the airs now. Colleen
Fitzpatrick – aka Vitamin C – was set to take off.

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