Cover Girls: Why Rachel Left

Cover Girls:

Why Rachel Left

by: TRL

Warning: The following is a work of Fiction. None of the celebs involved actually experienced anything in this story as it’s presented here. That’s why it’s fiction! I have no real evidence that Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, and/or Rachel McAdams ever acted like this in real life. But that’s all right, because this is fiction. If you are opposed to lesbian sex, you should probably stop reading – I have it on good authority that this story is full of smutty lesbian sex. Go thump your holy book of choice and let the rest of us rational thinking human
beings enjoy ourselves. Unless said rational thinking human beings are underage. You can blame the Holy Book thumpers, but you can’t read this, either. Sorry. Everyone else, ENJOY!!!

The black sheets on the floor might have looked warm, but in truth, Scarlett Johansson was freezing. It was a good thing her nipples were pressed against the floor, or her rock-hard nibs would be impossible to hide. Then again, even if her nipples weren’t cold, they’d be hard to hide as she lay about naked on the floor.

“Hold still just a bit longer,” the photographer was saying as she adjusted her camera lens for the four-hundredth time. For such a simple shoot, this Vanity Fair cover had been going on all afternoon.

“Keira, your nipple is showing. Drop your arm just a bit more – there you go.”

Of course, the cold of the floor wasn’t the only reason Scarlett’s nipples were hard. One of her two companions in the shoot, Keira Knightley, was also naked, and Scarlett was having a hard time keeping her mind off of the British beauty. The fact that Keira’s bare bottom was now pressed up against Scarlett’s side didn’t help matters, either.

The third member of their little group wasn’t an issue – he wasn’t in the shot, and wouldn’t be until well after Scarlett and Keira were dressed. Tom Ford was the guest artistic director for the annual Hollywood issue, and he got to sit there almost fully clothed, watching while Scarlett and Keira cavorted around him in the buff. Later on, Ford would be added to the cover so that he wasn’t hanging right off Keira’s naked body, but he still got to watch the shoot. Scarlett could think of about two billion men who’d be more than willing to trade places with him if given the opportunity.

“Scarlett, open your lips just a bit.” Scarlett did so, and got no more than a nod from the photographer. Silently, Scarlett wondered how much longer this hell would go on.

“Should Keira put her hand on Scarlett’s rear?” Ford asked casually.

Scarlett felt her heart leap. There was more than enough contact between the two naked girls as it was. If Keira’s hand touched Scarlett’s ass, then there’d be a big wet spot on the sheet where Scarlett’s crotch was. As it was, she could feel the heat radiating out from between her legs, which were spread just a bit apart.

“We do that, and we’ll get called porn,” the photographer said casually. “Besides, Keira moves her hands and her nipples come into view. Again. She’s finally placed right.”

“I don’t mind showing my nipples,” Keira said, almost too casually.

“And I don’t mind her touching my ass,” Scarlett added.

“I don’t mind touching her arse, either,” Keira replied.

“No one’s touching anyone’s ass,” the photographer said. “I’ve almost got it. Scarlett, close your lips a bit – not all the way – THERE! Perfect. Don’t move. Keira press your leg right up against Scarlett. There you go, now bend the knee to match the curve of her ass.”

“I thought no one was touching my ass,” Scarlett joked.

“I thought I told you not to move,” the photographer snapped.

Scarlett blinked hard at that, but the photographer didn’t say anything. Several more minutes passed, and still they weren’t positioned just right. Scarlett’s nipple became visible. Keira’s crotch was a little too-well lit. Scarlett got so frustrated she almost snapped that they ought to just lay down spread eagle and get it over with, but bit her tongue as Keira snuggled just a bit closer. There was no denying it now -Scarlett was turned on, big time.

“All right, I think we’re all set,” the photographer finally said. “Everyone hold still.” The flashes started going off, and for several long seconds, Scarlett felt blinded by the camera lights. She wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to them. Especially going off when she was naked…

In the end, the photographer moved their position a few extra times, and there was talk of Keira and Scarlett doing a shot with the two of them hugging each other, but it was dropped before the girls could even get up off the sheets. Finally, the shoot was over, and Scarlett and Keira were handed bathrobes and thanked by both the photographer and Tom Ford, who looked none the worse for his little adventure with the two naked starletts.

“It’s just too bad Rachel backed out,” Ford said as he looked over the digital previews. “She would’ve looked a lot better than I do.”

“No kidding there,” Keira giggled at Scarlett as the two girls headed towards the dressing rooms.

“Oh, well, at least now we can get dressed,” Scarlett said. “I’m freezing.”

“Judging from those nipples of yours, I believe it, luv,” Keira said.

“You weren’t cold?”

“Only my arse – but you were pressed right down on the floor. It’s a wonder your nipples didn’t punch through to the next floor.”

“Next time you can lie on the floor while I stare at your ass all afternoon.”

“That certainly was a perk,” Keira said. “You’ve got a fantastic arse.”

“Thanks,” Scarlett smiled as they reached the two dressing rooms. “See you after your dressed?”

Keira looked around for a second, then suddenly pushed Scarlett backwards into one of the two rooms.

Before Scarlett could say a word, Keira’s lips were on hers, and her tongue was invading Scarlett’s mouth. Shocked for a second, Scarlett just stood there, accepting the kiss. Then, when she finally got her wits about her, she started kissing back. It wasn’t Scarlett’s first time kissing another girl, and when that girl was as hot as Keira was, Scarlett wasn’t going to say no.

Finally, the two actresses broke for air. “God, luv, I’ve wanted to do that all afternoon,” Keira said, huskily.

“Yeah?” Scarlett said, pulling Keira closer to her. “Anything else you’ve been wanting to do all afternoon?”

“Oh, hell yes, sweetie,” Keira said, pulling open her robe and letting it fall to the floor. Scarlett followed suit, and the two girls were once again naked. This time, though, no one was going to tell them to cover their nipples and hide their crotches.

“God, I love your body,” Keira said, gently running her hand up and down Scarlett’s chest. “I’d kill for breasts like yours.”

“What are you talking about?” Scarlett said, tweaking one of Keira’s nipples playfully. “You’ve got great breasts.”

“I don’t have breasts, I have pecs,” Keira sighed. “These,” she said, hefting Scarlett’s impressive mounds. “These are breasts.”

“Well, I like girls with tiny breasts,” Scarlett said, kissing Keira again. “Now, how’d you like me to play with your pecs?”

Keira smiled at the other girl. “Fuck the pecs, babe. I want your hands all over my twat!” With that, she grabbed Scarlett’s hand and pressed it right down into her crotch. Scarlett could tell at once that Keira was hot and wet, similar to her own state of arousal.

“Sorry, luv,” Keira whispered in Scarlett’s ear as she saw the other woman’s reaction. “My mouth gets a little filthy when I’m turned on. Now, get your fingers walking, will ya?”

Scarlett responded by driving two fingers right into Keira’s snatch. Warm, wet folds encompased Scarlett’s fingers, and Keira moaned happily in response.

“There you go, bitch,” Keira said as Scarlett slowly started to work her fingers in and out. “Fuck my wet cunt.”

“Okay, that’s getting distracting,” Scarlett said.

“Fine, then,” Keira said. She shoved Scarlett back, and something cut the American off at the knees. She fell down and landed sitting on the tiny little bench that served the changing room.

“Ooh,” Scarlett gasped as her rear end landed on the solid bench.

“Spread ‘em, bitch,” Keira smiled as she dropped to her knees before Scarlett. Keira pushed Scarlett’s legs apart and dove in, her tongue finding Scarlett’s clit almost instantly.

“Whoa!” Scarlett moaned as Keira’s hot, wet tongue found it’s mark. Scarlett had been wet all day, since the photo shoot began. And, she had to admit, it was because of Keira. Scarlett found the Brit gorgeously sexy, and had wanted this little tryst to happen. Now that it was, though, she almost couldn’t believe it.

If Keira had a dirty mouth during sex, it didn’t prevent her from being an expert with her tongue. Within seconds, she was hitting all of Scarlett’s most sensitive parts – from her clit to the deepest reaches of her pussy. Keira’s fingers followed next, penetrating Scarlett’s crotch when her tongue covered her clit.

“Oh. My. God!” Scarlett moaned as pleasure started to flow up through her body. It had been a while since she’d last had sex – longer since she’d had another woman. Now Keira was practically devouring her snatch. One of Scarlett’s hands found it’s way to her own breasts, kneading the hot flesh between her fingers. Meanwhile, her other hand found it’s way to the back of Keira’s head, pressing the other actress deeper into her crotch. From the happy moans coming from down there, Keira apparently approved of Scarlett’s activities.

Scarlett had been turned on all afternoon, and now all that arousal was coming to a head – Keira’s oral ministrations were rapidly driving the American to climax, and both girls knew it. Scarlett felt like her juices were gushing out of her, coating Keira’s face with every lick.

“I’m comming, I’m comming!” Scarlett gasped aloud as Keira continued to feast. Upon hearing that, Keira slammed three fingers deep into Scarlett’s pussy, and sure enough, Scarlett came.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Scarlett moaned as orgasm shot through her body, bouncing off every nerve. Keira continued to slam those fingers in, extending the orgasm, while Scarlett merely flailed her arms and legs from where she sat. Eyes rolled back into her head, Scarlett slid down the wall to lay on her side on the bench.

“Damn, luv, when you come, you come,” Keira teased as Scarlett fought to catch her breath. Reaching up, the young Brit began playing with Scarlett’s nipples, clearly admiring the American’s impressive chest.

Scarlett lay there, just letting Keira play with her for several minutes until she felt like she could think clearly again. Opening her eyes, she saw Keira – still naked – smiling at her with her face covered in a sheen of Scarlett’s own juices. And just like that, Scarlett’s arousal was back.

“Come here,” she whispered, grabbing Keira’s head and pulling the other woman to her. She kissed her, tasting her own juices on Keira’s lips. Even Keira’s tongue tasted of Scarlett. Slowly, Scarlett pushed Keira down onto the floor and climbed on top of the Brit.

“Your turn,” Scarlett whispered as her hand worked it’s way down Keira’s body, running over the Brit’s painfully erect nipples and pierced belly button. Reaching Keira’s hotbox, Scarlett slowly traced around the other woman’s clit, avoiding the actual button while still making out with her.

Finally, Keira pulled off. “You’re driving me wild, luv.”

“I know,” Scarlett said, kissing Keira’s neck. “Don’t you like it?”

“I need it too bad to like the teasing, luv,” Keira said, kissing Scarlett’s earlobe and gently sucking on it for a second. “Fuck me, baby,” she whispered. “I need it bad.”

Scarlett responded by slowly rubbing her fingers over Keira’s clit. Keira gasped as first, then moaned quietly. “Harder,” she whispered in Scarlett’s ear. Scarlett complied, pressing against Keira’s clit with more pressure.

“Oh, fuck me,” Keira moaned. “Fuck Me, Fuck Me, FUCK ME!” Scarlett continued to pound away at Keira’s snatch, rubbing her clit with her fingers.

“Stick those babies in my cunt, luv,” Keira moaned. “Penetrate me, bitch. Fuck me with those fingers!”

Scarlett complied by sliding two fingers inside Keira. The Brit moaned at once, clearly happy with what was going on. Scarlett quickly started pulling and pushing her fingers in and out of her new lover, driving Keira wild.

“Oh, god, yes! Fuck me, bitch! Fuckin make me come!”

“My god, you’ve got a dirty mouth,” Scarlett said, leaning over and kissing Keira on the lips. “You keep yelling like that, and you’re going to get us caught.”

“Let ‘em catch us, luv,” Keira replied, groping one of Scarlett’s tits. “The two of us have been stuck naked together all afternoon. Of course we’re going to end up fucking.”

Scarlett smiled and shoved a third finger into Keira, who moaned loudly in response. Reaching up with her thumb, Scarlett found she could both finger inside Keira’s pussy as well as rub her clit with her thumb. Smiling wickedly, Scarlett started working the other girl over even harder.

It was suddenly very clear that Keira was approaching orgasm. Scarlett leaned down and took one of Keira’s nipples in her mouth, licking the diamond hard nub for all she was worth.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!” Keira screamed as her orgasm shattered through her lithe frame, sending spasms through her arms and legs. Scarlett actually tried to hold the Englishwoman down as her climax racked her brain.

Finally, Keira calmed down into a heavily panting, sweaty lump. “Holy crap, that was bloody fantastic,” she told Scarlett.

“Mmmm. Glad you enjoyed it. We’ve got to do this again sometime.”

“Doing anything later tonight?” Keira asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I am now,” Scarlett smiled, kissing Keira playfully on the lips.

“God, it’s a shame Rachel didn’t stick around.”

“Oh, tell me about it,” Scarlett agreed, standing up slowly. “She’s so hot.”

“What was the problem, anyway?”

“Didn’t want to pose naked, I guess,” Scarlett said. “When I heard she wasn’t going to do it, I almost dropped out, too.”

“Really?” Keira asked. “Why did you?”

Scarlett smiled at her. “Because you were still doing it. As long as I wasn’t naked alone, I didn’t have a problem.”

“Well, my only concern was that they didn’t show my arse. My rear end isn’t anywhere near as cute as yours is.”

“Oh, baloney,” Scarlett said, helping Keira stand up. Reaching around, she slapped Keira playfully on the ass. “I’d fuck that ass, no problem.”

“Careful, I just might hold you to that,” Keira said, seductively.

“Save it for tonight, then,” Scarlett said. “You know, maybe tonight, we can hunt down Rachel and see what her problem was.”

“And see if she’s willing to join in on our little fun?” Keira asked, hopefully.

“Would you turn Rachel McAdams away if she wanted to sleep with you?”

Keira pretended to think for a moment. “No. No, I most certainly would not.”

Scarlett giggled. “Then let’s see what we can learn from little miss Rachel, shall we?”

* * *

The white sheets on the bed might have looked warm, but they were as cold as the room, and that meant that Rachel McAdams was freezing. Her hotel room was dark, the only light coming from the TV that Rachel had on more for background noise than anything else – she didn’t even know what show she was watching. She couldn’t get her brain around what had happened earlier.

When she’d first been approached to do the Vanity Fair cover shoot with Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, it had sounded like a wonderful idea. Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue shoots were always glamorous and filled with famous people. She had agreed almost at once.

Then she found out she would have to be nude. And suddenly, the shoot didn’t seem like such a good idea.

Rachel had no real problem with nudity. She’d done her obligatory topless scene in a foreign film a few years back, and had gotten pretty well undressed in “The Notebook,” too. And, if a role really called for it, she would happily disrobe again – she wasn’t a prude. If it had been just her, she would’ve happily stood naked for Vanity Fair’s cameras.

She just couldn’t do it with Scarlett and Keira.

Now she lay naked in her hotel room bed, all alone and wondering if she’d done the right thing. The VF cover would’ve brought her a ton of publicity, and probably gotten her a few extra work offers. She’d had a good year, what with “The Notebook,” “Wedding Crashers,” and “Red Eye,”but it wasn’t like she was booked with work for life. Rachel knew full well that as an actress, if she didn’t prove herself soon, she would be lucky to get ten years of work in the industry. Rachel wanted to be acting when she was seventy – not sitting around, thinking about her glory days.

But she just couldn’t be naked with Scarlett and Keira. She couldn’t.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Rachel blinked. Who could be looking for her at this hour of the night? Who even knew she was here?”

“Uh, hang on!” She called out, sliding out of the still cold bed, she grabbed her bathrobe and hurried over to the door. She’d barely slid her arms into the robe when she reached the peephole, and looked out to see two people she never, ever expected to see at her door.

Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson.

“What the hell?” Rachel said, closing her robe and drawing the tie closed, she unlocked the door and swung it open, almost expecting this to be some kind of joke.

“Oh, hey, luv,” Keira said, smiling at her. “Did we wake you?”

“Uh, not really,” Rachel said slowly. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We need some answers,” Scarlett said, gently pushing past the stunned Rachel to enter the hotel room. “Jeeze, dark in here. You sure we didn’t wake you up?”

“Oh, I’m awake,” Rachel said, following Scarlett and Keira back into the hotel room. “What are you guys doing here?” she asked again.

“We wanted to know why you backed out of the shoot.” Keira asked, flopping down to sit on the bed. Scarlett sat down in a chair facing the bed, smiling up at Rachel warmly.

“Uh, I wasn’t comfortable with it,” Rachel said slowly.

“Oh, bollocks,” Keira said, waving her hand dismissively. “You’ve done nudity before.”

“Yeah, that whole sex scene in ‘The Notebook’ was hot,” Scarlett put in.

“That was for a role,” Rachel said. “This was different.”

“What do you mean?” Keira asked. “It’s just a still camera. You don’t even have to like who you’re naked with.”

“Though that always helps,” Scarlett said mischievously.

“I liked Ryan just fine,” Rachel said, defensively.

“That’s right,” Scarlett said, suddenly. “You and Ryan are an item now, aren’t you?”

“You’re fuckin’ your co-star?” Keira asked. “Damn, don’t you know that never works out?”

“It’s working out just fine,” Rachel snapped. “Is this really the only reason you two came by? To ask me why I quit the shoot?”

The two women traded looks quickly before answering together. “Yes.”

The way they answered, Rachel knew that wasn’t the case at all.

“Come on, Rachel,” Scarlett said, getting up and walking over to stand by Rachel. “If you don’t have a problem with nudity, why didn’t you want to do the shoot?”

“Who says I don’t have a problem with nudity?” Rachel asked.

“I do, luv,” Keira said. “There obviously was another problem.”

“Was it the photographer?” Scarlett asked.

“No,” Rachel said.

“Was it Tom, the guy who set everything up? I’m sure he would’ve left the room if you asked him to.”

“He wasn’t the problem,” Rachel said, sighing.

“What was it then?” Keira asked.

“It wasn’t us, was it?” Scarlett asked. “Oh, god, it’s us! What did we do to make you hate us so much?”

“Whoa, whoa,” Rachel said, holding up her hands defensively. “I never said it was you two.”

“But it is, isn’t it?” Keira asked, giving Rachel a wary eye.

“It’s not you,” Rachel sighed, sinking down into one of the hotel room chairs. “It’s me.”

“Okay, I’m confused,” Scarlett admitted.

Rachel took a deep breath. She hadn’t planed on every telling this story to anyone, but it would probably be the only way to get Scarlett and Keira out of her room.

“I can’t be naked around other women,” Rachel said slowly.

“You can’t?” Keira asked. “Why not?”

“I can be naked around other women because I get hot.”

“Excuse me?” Scarlett asked. “You get hot? Like a fever?”

“I get hot. Sweaty. Horny.”

“Whoa, okay, I see what you’re saying now,” Scarlett said, smiling. “Sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Yeah,” Keira said, smiling wolfishly. “You don’t think Scarlett and I weren’t all hot and bothered being naked around each other, do you?”

“You don’t understand,” Rachel said. “When I did my first topless scene, it was with another girl. We were playing girls at a topless beach, and we spent several hours topless with each other. The whole time, I couldn’t think – I could barely get my lines out. I was so hot, I didn’t need any help keeping my nipples hard. By the time the day was over, I was about ready to explode.”

“So you were turned on, big deal,” Keira said. “Go frig yourself in your trailer and you’re all set to go.”

“No,” Rachel said. “I mean, yeah, I could’ve done that, but I didn’t. It wasn’t the being naked that got me hot – it was knowing that other girl could see me naked. And I could see her naked. Every time I looked at her breasts, I thought I was going to explode.”

“Oh, sweetie,” Scarlett said, sitting down on the chair arm next to Rachel. “You had a little lesbian lust in your heart. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Yeah, luv, we all get that from time to time,” Keira added.

“You still don’t understand,” Rachel said, her voice cracking slightly. “When we finished out shoot, the girl and I returned to the same tent to get changed. As soon as we entered the tent, I broke. I was all alone with her hot, naked body, and I broke. I grabbed her and forced myself on her.”

“You forced yourself on her?” Keira asked.

“I raped her,” Rachel admitted, a tear streaming down her face. “I ripped off her panties and started kissing her crotch. She tried to push me off, but I wouldn’t let her. I… I licked her until she orgasmed.”

“Whoa,” Keira said. “Was she angry?”

“No,” Rachel admitted. “She told me later that I had opened her up to her real sexuality. She became a lesbian after that.”

“See, everything worked out then,” Scarlett said.

“I just can’t be naked around other women anymore,” Rachel said quietly. “I can’t let myself do that again.”

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe some other girls would like you to do that to them?” Keira asked.

“Yeah,” Scarlett added. “Heck, I know a lot of lesbians who would die to have Rachel McAdams trying to rip off their panties.”

“But I’m not a lesbian,” Rachel protested. “I like sex with men.”

“So do I, luv,” Keira said. “But that didn’t stop me from going down on Scarlett earlier today.”

Rachel blinked at that. “What?”

“Keira ate me out after the shoot,” Scarlett said, sliding down the chair until she landed on her knees in front of Rachel. “And then I fingered her snatch.”

“It was quite hot,” Keira added.

“Y-you two are lesbians?” Rachel asked.

“No,” Keira said at once. “But we know that women can be just as much fun in bed as men.”

“Better, even,” Scarlett said, smiling up at Rachel as she placed her hands on the other woman’s legs. Suddenly, Rachel was very aware of the fact that all she had on was a robe.

“Did you enjoy licking that other girl?” Keira asked, sauntering over to stand right next to where Scarlett kneeled. “Did you enjoy the taste of her on your tongue.”

“Yes,” Rachel whispered, feeling the heat rise between her legs, not very far from where Scarlett’s arms rested.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman other than that one time?” Scarlett asked.

“N-no,” Rachel stammered.

“Would you like to?” Keira asked.

Rachel froze. “I-I don’t know,” she whispered.

“We’d like to have sex with you,” Scarlett said.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said, clearly shocked. “I-I just don’t know what to say to that.”

“Say yes,” Keira said.

“We’re really good,” Scarlett added.

Rachel was clearly conflicted, her eyes wide with fear. It was almost as if the girls had asked her to let them chop her head off or something. To be fair, it wasn’t a request one got too often – have lesbian sex with two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Suddenly, Keira snapped her fingers. “I know what will get her to say yes.”

“What?” Both Scarlett and Rachel asked at the same time.

In response, Keira lifted the T-shirt up over her head and chucked it onto the bed. The young Englishwoman had forgone a bra – as she did most days – and now stood before both Rachel and Scarlett topless.

Rachel’s jaw dropped. Scarlett giggled happily. “Oh yeah,” the American said, standing up. “If spending time with one topless girl made her go lesbian, imagine what will happen when she sees two!” With that, Scarlett started unbuttoning her blouse.

“I’ll take care of that, luv,” Keira said, stepping over and pulling Scarlett’s hands away from her buttons. In one swift move, Keira reach over and ripped the shirt open, sending buttons flying everywhere. Scarlett gasped, but not nearly as loudly as Rachel did. Scarlett wore a white, lacy bra underneath that looked about two sizes too small for her impressive bust. Her breasts were practically spilling out over the top, a wealth of curvy flesh that neither Keira nor Rachel could deny.

“My god,” Rachel moaned, feeling heat springing forth from between her legs. She couldn’t tear her eyes from Scarlett’s chest. She’d had that one lesbian experience years ago, and since then, had managed to avoid her lust for women. It hadn’t been easy – in today’s society, images of breasts were almost impossible to avoid. And Rachel had certainly succum to some of those images enough to be turned on. On one recent date with Ryan, she’d caught a glimpse of a pair of breasts not much smaller than Scarlett’s, held into a very tight, strapless dress. Rachel had taken Ryan into the bathroom at the restaurant and fucked him hard right then and there. And there had been many a night Rachel had fingered herself to sleep to a TV commercial, or a perfume add in a magazine.

She’d even masturbated to an image of Scarlett in a golden gown, those same breasts she now stared at spilling out before her.

“This,” Keira said seductively as she circled Scarlett, “Has to go.”

“Oh, no, not my bra,” Scarlett said theatrically. She crossed her arms before her chest just as Keira released the snap in the back. Rachel’s heart almost stopped as the bra straps flew off of Scarlett’s shoulders.

“Time to move those hands, luv,” Keira whispered into Scarlett’s ears.

Scarlett turned and gently kissed the Englishwoman. “If you insist.” With that, she opened her arms wide, allowing the bra to fall to the floor, and her ample breasts to bounce right in front of Rachel.

“What d’you think, luv?” Keira asked Rachel, stepping to the side of Scarlett, so her own toplessness would add to the effect.

“They’re beautiful,” Rachel admitted. “Both of you are so beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful, too, Rachel,” Scarlett said, stepping forward. “Would you like to touch them? Would you like to touch me?”

“Yes,” Rachel hissed, unable to tear her eyes away from Scarlett’s amazing tits.

“Whoa, hold up,” Keira said, interposing herself between the other two women. “No one is touching anyone they haven’t touch before until I see some more skin.”

“Fine,” Scarlett said, reaching down and unbuttoning her skirt. With a quick tug, she pushed the black material to the floor, leaving her clad only in a pair of white, french-cut bikini bottoms. “Better?”

“Much,” Keira said, running a hand down Scarlett’s ass. “But it’s not your skin I’m talking about.”

Both girls looked over at Rachel.

“M-me?” she stammered.

“You,” they said together.

Rachel seemed like a deer caught in headlights – frozen, unmoving, scared to so much as blink. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Not since she’d forced herself on that other girl had she ever truly though she’d have sex with another woman. Now she was being told to strip by two of the most beautiful young women in Hollywood! It was as if her wildest fantasy came true. She didn’t dare move, incase it was all some kind of illusion or dream, and moving would wake her up.

But Keira and Scarlett weren’t going to wait. They shared a quick look between each other, then reached down and pulled Rachel to her feet.

“I get to pull the robe off,” Scarlett said.

“Fine, then I get to have her go down on me first,” Keira shot back.

“Oh, hell no,” Scarlett said. “You got to cum first last time.”

“The hell I did,” Keira said. “YOU came first on my tongue.”

“I don’t care,” Scarlett said, reaching up and ripping open Rachel’s robe.

“Whoa,” Keira said as Rachel’s bare body came into view. Her perky little tits were showcasing her erect nipples, and it was clear from the trimmed, barely-there bush that she’d shaved recently. She tried briefly to cover herself with her arms, but Scarlett gently pulled them aside.

“You are so beautiful,” Scarlett said, looking right into Rachel’s eyes.

“Really?” Rachel asked quietly.

“Oh, yes, luv,” Keira said, stepping closer. “You’re completely beautiful.” The young Englishwoman reached up and slowly pulled Rachel’s head to her own. The moment her lips touched Keira’s, Rachel felt her fears melting away. As Keira’s tongue entered Rachel’s mouth, Rachel’s inhibitions melted. And as Keira wrapped her arms around Rachel’s back, pulling her naked body closer, Rachel realized this was what she’d been missing in her life.

“Okay, okay,” Scarlett said, pulling Keira and Rachel apart. “No fair hogging all of Rachel.”

“Excuse me, we were snogging,” Keira huffed.

“Yeah, whatever that means,” Scarlett said, grabbing Rachel and kissing her hard. Rachel couldn’t hold back anymore, and saw no reason to. As Scarlett’s tongue sought out her tonsils, Rachel reached up and grabbed Scarlett’s breasts, one in each hand. Scarlett squealed and pulled off the kiss for a moment. “Why do they always go for my tits?” She asked, looking playfully at Rachel.

“Girl, if I had tits like those, I’d want my lovers going for them all the time,” Keira said as she came up behind Scarlett and kissed her neck.

“Oh no you don’t,” Scarlett said, spinning around to face Keira. “Drop trouser, sweetheart. Only naked girls get to kiss me.”

“Then you’d better be naked, too,” Rachel said. She suddenly lunged forward and grabbed Scarlett’s panties from behind. As Scarlett shrieked in surprise, Rachel yanked the white lace down her legs, exposing Scarlett’s wonderful ass to herself, and her shaved crotch to Keira.

“Ooh, someone’s getting into things,” Keira said as she watched Rachel press herself against Scarlett’s back, grinding the American’s ass into her crotch. As Scarlett gasped in surprise, Rachel reached around to grab her breasts, kneading the flesh between her fingers.

“You are so gorgeous,” Rachel whispered in Scarlett’s ear. “I have to have you.”

“Oh, you can have me,” Scarlett giggled as Rachel practically humped her from behind.

As Keira watched, Scarlett turned around and kissed Rachel full on the lips. As their tongues meshed together, Rachel’s hands continued to fondle Scarlett’s tits. Rachel’s fingers would pinch and squeeze and caress, lifting and tugging on Scarlett’s impressive rack, even as Scarlett’s hands went down towards Rachel’s crotch. As soon as Scarlett’s fingers hit Rachel’s clit, the young Canadian swooned, practically falling off her feet.

“Whoa, let’s get you to a bed,” Scarlett said, leading Rachel towards the bed. Dropping the other woman onto the bed, Scarlett climbed up on top, straddling Rachel, and leaned in for another kiss. “Are you ready for this?”

Rachel answered by reaching up and pulling Scarlett’s head down to her mouth, ferociously kissing the other woman.

As soon as the kiss broke, Scarlett wasted no time kissing her way down Rachel’s body, stopping only long enough to kiss and lick both nipples several times before moving on down to Rachel’s crotch. Slowly, Scarlett pushed one finger into Rachel’s pussy, feeling the hot, wet juices coating it almost at once. Slowly, she turned the finger around, making Rachel squirm on the bed.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” Rachel moaned as Scarlett slowly inserted another finger, and then yet one more. With three fingers buried inside Rachel now, Scarlett leaned down and placed one gentle kiss atop the other woman’s clit.

“Oh, YES!!!” Rachel cried out as Scarlett’s tongue started working small circles around her clit. At the same time, her fingers wiggled deep inside Rachel, hitting areas the Rachel had never had stimulated before. Rachel’s only other lesbian experience had been her forcing herself on another woman. That other woman had never touched her. And while Rachel’s own fingers had probed her pussy rather thoroughly, she’d never had another woman – another person – touch her so fully before.

Now, Rachel knew what she was missing.

“This is bollux,” Keira muttered. She’d been watching the whole time, mindlessly stroking her own nipples as she watched her two friends really go to town on each other. Keira was a bit of a voyeur – she liked watching others have sex. But she enjoyed having sex herself more so, and as she watched Scarlett go down on Rachel, she saw a sight that she’d actually seen for several hours earlier in the day.

Scarlett’s ass waved seductively before her, like a sexual beacon calling out for Keira. And after having watched that same ass all afternoon at the photoshoot, Keira decided it was well past time she had a bit of that wonderful ass.

But first, Keira needed to get naked. While keeping her eyes on Scarlett and Rachel, Keira unbuttoned the single button holding up her jeans, and then unzipped the zipper. As they’d driven over, Scarlett had joked that Keira’s pants must have been painted on, because they seemed skin tight. In truth, they were probably a bit smaller than Keira would’ve preferred, but they showed off what little curves her ass had.

Keira was a little self-conscious about her ass – it was the one part of her she wasn’t willing to show naked on camera. She’d even insisted in the shoot earlier that her ass no be in view for the Vanity Fair cover. Fortunately, Scarlett covered most of Keira’s behind during the shoot.

But now it was just Keira, Scarlett, and Rachel, and getting Keira’s ass out in the open was a priority. Shedding her jeans took a little effort – they clung to her legs so tightly that they were all turned inside out by the time she managed to get them off her leg. Not that Keira cared.

She wore no panties – her jeans were tight enough without underwear getting in the way – and she was completely naked as she moved towards the bed. Not that either Rachel or Scarlett noticed. They were too busy making love to each other.

Rachel was experiencing a whole new wave of ecstacy as Scarlett plumbed her pussy for all it was worth. Scarlett’s fingers were hitting pleasure points Rachel didn’t even know existed, and sending shockwaves of lusty delight straight into the back of her brain. It was the best sex Rachel had ever had, and she hadn’t even climaxed yet.

“You are so hot,” Keira suddenly whispered in Rachel’s ear as she stood next to the bed. Rachel opened her eyes, not even sure when she’d closed them, and saw the very lovely, very naked Keira standing before her. The Englishwoman leaned down slowly and kissed Rachel gently on the lips, bitting her bottom lip ever so slightly as she pulled away, tugging at it until it fell back, leaving a shocked Rachel behind. The young Canadian had almost forgotten there was a third woman there.

Scarlett, on the other hand, was going to get a far more intense reminded.

Rachel watched as Keira sauntered around the bed, coming up behind Scarlett with a wicked smile on her face. Scarlett was completely absorbed in fingering and licking Rachel’s cunt – and she was doing a hell of a job of it. Rachel felt like she would explode any second now. But in doing such a complete job of fucking Rachel, Scarlett had no idea what was coming up behind her.

The first clue Scarlett had was when Keira shoved four fingers deep up into her gushing snatch. With a yelp, Scarlett turned around, and seemed genuinely surprised to see Keira standing behind her, her right hand buried halfway between Scarlett’s legs.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing for me, luv,” Keira said, swatting Scarlett’s ass with her free hand. “I’ve just been staring at this lovely arse all day long, and now I’m finally going to get me some.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Scarlett giggled, wiggling her ass in Keira’s face. Keira responded by shoving her fingers deeper into Scarlett’s snatch.

“Uh, HELLO!!” Rachel cried out. “Girl on the edge of orgasm here!”

“Hush, you,” Scarlett said. “I’m about to get me some.”

“You’re already getting some! From me!” Rachel pointed out, humping herself up a little onto Scarlett’s hand.

“The new girls are always the hardest to please,” Keira joked as she started fucking Scarlett with her hand.

“When did you two decide you hated me?” Rachel muttered.

“Sush,” Scarlett said, clearly enjoying what Keira was doing behind her. “Oh, god, yes, that’s nice.”

“You like that?” Keira asked, pulling her hand almost all the way out.

“Oh, yes, ma’am,” Scarlett cooed.

“Then you’ll love this.” Keira added her thumb to the mix and slowly started working her whole fist into Scarlett’s pussy.

Scarlett came on the spot.

“OH FUCK YES!!!!!”

“You like that, my little whore?” Keira asked as she slowly worked her fist in and out. As Scarlett’s juices coated her hand, she began to move faster and faster. “You like it when I fuck you little cunt with my fist?”

“YESSSSSSSS,” Scarlett hissed, trying to recover as her orgasm kept rocking through her brain.

“You like being my little slutty whore, don’t you?” Keira said, really working her hand in now, practically grinding away at the other woman’s pussy. “You want me to make you cum again, my little cum slut.”

“Oh, god, someone FUCK ME!!!” Rachel screamed out from under Scarlett.

“Fine,” Keira said. Quickly she switched the hands she had inside Scarlett, working her left hand into the slowly recovering actress. Then, reaching down and extracting Scarlett’s limp hand from Rachel’s crotch, she replaced it with her own. She wasted no time at all, the coating from Scarlett’s orgasm mixed with Rachel’s own juices proving more than enough lubricant to work four fingers into Rachel.

“Oh, fuck YES!” Rachel gasped as Keira penetrated her. With a hand in each girl now, Keira slowly started pumping in and out, alternating hands. In on Scarlett, out on Rachel. In on Rachel, out on Scarlett. It was almost like working in a factory, but far more arousing. Both girls gasped or moaned or cried out with each thrust, and whimpered with each withdrawl. Rachel pushed Scarlett off her, making the American lie down next to her. This twisted Scarlett on Keira’s hand, sending a whole new sensation through Scarlett’s head, nearly making her climax again.

With the two girls lying side by side, instead of one on top of the other, Keira was better able to pump her fists. Soon she was really going to town, even slipping her thumb into Rachel’s body. Had she been asked, Keira probably would’ve laughed at the idea of her fisting two girls at the same time. Now that it was actually happening, she was amazed she hadn’t had an orgasm herself just from watching.

And then, Rachel came, practically screaming her head off as her cunt clamped down on Keira’s fist. The sound of her new lover creaming was enough to send Scarlett over the edge again, and right before her eyes, Keira was watching two girls orgasm at once. They writhed and squirmed on the bed for several long moments before practically fainting away from pleasure.

“Oh, fuck no,” Keira said. “I don’t care which of you two fuckers does it, but I need to be fucked RIGHT NOW!” she climbed up on the bed between the girls, stopping long enough to kiss each girl’s clit and nipples before flopping down face up on the bed.

“Go ahead,” Scarlett said, motioning towards Rachel. “You want to lick another girl? Here’s your chance.”

Rachel didn’t hesitate – she slid down the bed and rolled over on top of Keira’s legs. Spreading them as she slid between them, Rachel bent down and gently kissed Keira’s crotch right above her slit, making the other woman shiver in anticipation.

“Don’t tease,” Keira demanded. “I need to get fucked.”

Rachel leaned down again, this time kissing Keira’s clit straight on. Keira moaned in delight as Rachel’s tongue slipped out and started playing with the little bud, twisting and turning around slowly, experimentally, but quite successfully. Remembering what had worked that one time so long ago, Rachel began to suck on Keira’s clit, as well as licking it, twisting it with her tongue.

“Oh, fuck yeah!! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!” Keira cried out as Rachel kept working. “Fuck my slutty little cunt with your mouth, bitch!!”

Rachel blinked and looked up at Scarlett.

“She swears when she’s getting fucked,” Scarlett said, shrugging. “Just go with it. As soon as she gets off, she’ll be better.”

“Care to help?” Rachel asked.

“Fuck, yes! Lick my tits, whore!” Keira demanded, looking right at Scarlett. Scarlett giggled a little as she bent down over Keira’s chest and started sucking on Keira’s very erect nipples. Keira wasn’t the biggest girl in the world when it came to breasts – she seemed positively flat compared to Scarlett’s massive mammaries – but Keira did have nipples. Nice, hard nipples. And they were just as sensitive as Scarlett’s, if not more so. Between Rachel’s lips on her clit, and Scarlett’s on her tits, Keira knew she wasn’t going to last long.

“Oh, god, motherfucking YES!!!” She hollered moments later as her long-overdue orgasm started to spike through her body. “Don’t stop, you slutty little whores! I’m coming! I’m Coming! I’MCOMINGI’MCOMINGI’MCOMING!!!!!!!” He words slurred together as Rachel pushed just one little finger deep into Keira’s cunt, adding just the right amount of new sensation to send the Englishwoman over the edge.

As Keira came around, she found Scarlett lying down on one side of her, and Rachel on the other. Smiling slightly, she kissed each girl in turn. “I knew this photoshoot was a good idea.”

“I wish I’d done it now,” Rachel said.

“Well, we’ll just have to keep you naked as long as we were,” Scarlett said, giggling as Keira gently played with one of her tits.

“Ooh, that’s a lovely idea,” Keira said. “But we don’t have any cameras.”

“Well, we’ll just have to come up with something else for Rachel to do while she’s naked,” Scarlett said, giggling again.

“I can probably come up with a few ideas of my own,” Rachel said, stretching out enough to showcase her breasts to the other girls. All three looked at each other and laughed before Scarlett and Keira jumped all over Rachel’s naked body.

And all three spent the rest of the night naked together, and all three thought it was just too bad that none of the cameras were there for that session…

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