Cover Girls: Willa ford

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to lesbians and/or
oral sex. If you are under 18, stop now. If you’re opposed to Lesbians, you’re
missing out on some truly wonderful and sexy individuals. If you are opposed to
oral sex – well, hell I can’t think of ANY reason to be opposed to oral sex. Try
it. It rocks. This story isn’t meant to reflect honestly on Willa Ford or
Vitamin C – in other words, I doubt they’re really like this in real life, and
if they are, the chances of this particular scenario happening are slim – but
hey, this is a fantasy, so just enjoy it.

Authors Note: This story was conceived and written for the most part more than a
year before it got posted (don’t ask why) – as such, I will say now that it’s a
little weak compared to my more recent works. Still, it’s a fun story involving
two girls who by now can only be considered “One Hit Wonders” – much to my
dismay. Oh well, read and enjoy! – TRL

Cover Girls:

Willa Ford: August 2001


Colleen Fitzpatrick was not happy. Six months ago, her alter ego, Vitamin C,
had been Pop music’s definitive Slut Queen. Aside from Britney, she had been the
most desired body when it came to the pop princesses. Now, with Britney becoming
more “mature,” virginal Jessica Simpson was embracing her shaped-up body, Mandy
Moore turning 17 – perfectly legal in some states – and Christina Aguilera going
totally slutty, Colleen was suddenly lost amid the vast new array or lithe
little nymphs on the airways.

And despite her breast bearing turn in “Dracula: 2000” and a nearly topless
issue of Gear magazine, Vitamin C had dropped on the sex radar screen
dramatically. Her latest album, titled “More,” had barely fielded a top-ten
single and had vanished shortly after that. Now, her status as a
“One-hit-wonder” seemed to be cemented into place, and Colleen wasn’t happy.

Colleen was pissed, and for the most part, her anger was directed at the other
pop princesses – Britney, Christina, Mandy, Jessica, along with others. These
teenagers were beating her out, a thirty-year old woman who could fuck any man a
hundred times better than these little babies with boob jobs could. It made her
angrier to see the press bashing them for their lack of creative talent, which
only seemed to keep them in the public eye. Vitamin C had nearly vanished.

Lately, one of the newer pop princesses was making her angrier than most.
Colleen had wanted Vitamin C to be the Slut of the pop princesses, but now a new
girl had arrived, and with one song and a pair of short-shorts had stolen it
away from her. Every time she saw that video, Colleen just fumed inside.

Willa Ford, and her hit single “I Wanna Be Bad” had shaken up the whole Pop
Princess industry. Here was a young girl who actually was willing to be every
boy’s sex toy. Willa Ford WAS a slut, and she made sure everyone knew it. What
she lacked in singing and dancing ability, Willa made up for with her sculpted
body, with its firm breasts, shapely ass, and tight stomach and legs. Colleen
could see why so many men craved Willa’s body, and she hated it.

Colleen had begun hearing the rumors about Willa shortly after her song hit
TRL. Some people in the music industry were saying that Willa treated a
different one of her male fans each night to a blowjob, and maybe even something
more if she liked them. The rumor certainly seemed plausible – Colleen had
fucked several of her own fans after performances, and had heard that a lot of
other female stars did as well. Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Little Kim were
famous for after concert orgies. Colleen had even heard a rumor that Shania
Twain and Faith Hill reserved themselves for their female fans. So Willa being a
cock slut wasn’t too surprising for Colleen.

By the time Willa’s issue of “Stuff” magazine hit newsstands, Colleen
Fitzpatrick had seen enough. She had to do something about Willa Ford, or else
Vitamin C would be out of a job by Christmas time.

* * *

He sat before her, a ball gag in his mouth and his arms tied behind the chair.
His legs were tied to the feet of the chair, and his naked cock stuck out a good
six inches from the rest of his bare body. She didn’t know his name, nor did she
really care. He’d been cute when she’d spotted him up on stage, and she’d made
sure he’d gotten a backstage pass so she could get a better look.

It occurred to her as she kneeled in front of the naked boy – who could be no
more than eighteen – that she didn’t even remember what color his hair was.
Peeking up, she saw that it was a sandy brown. She quickly decided she didn’t

Willa Ford had worked up a bit of a superstitious quirk in her brief few months
as a singing star. She had discovered that after a session, her throat got a
little sore. She’d also discovered that swallowing her (now ex) boyfriend’s cum
helped clear it up a lot faster than she’d expected. So now, every night, after
a concert of performance, Willa Ford blew a guy off until he shot his load deep
down her throat. Sometimes, after that, she’d actually fuck the man, but only if
they were still up to the effort.

Something told Willa that tonight wouldn’t be a night like that. This boy would
shoot his cum down her throat, and then probably go home happy as a clam. Willa
made sure he was safely tied up before lowering her lips onto his stiff pole.
Willa liked to be in charge of her sex, even if it was just oral sex. No man had
ever forced his way into any part of Willa, and she’d be damned if it happened

Willa wrapped her lips around the young man’s pole and started sucking. As
usually happened when Willa ended her day sucking, she lost track of time and
what was going on around her. Her photo shoot for Stuff had gone really well,
and she’d already agreed to do one for the US version of FHM, though Eden’s
Crush had already won the cover. Still, another hot photo spread and some more
talk about being a good little “bad girl” couldn’t hurt her career at all.

Willa was daydreaming about beating out Britney Spears’ sales with a new record
when the guy finally blew his load down her throat. She snapped to at once and
started drinking his cum, feeling it slide down her mildly sore throat. He had
five or six good squirts before she had to milk the rest out. She spent a full
minute sucking down every drop of his spunk before letting go and giving him a
quick lick before standing up.

She was about to say thanks to the nameless boy and send him on his way when
she heard clapping behind her.

“What the fuck?” Willa said, spinning around, her golden hair spiraling into
her face as she saw the intruder and gasped.

“Vitamin C?!” Willa said, incredulously.

“You can call me Colleen,” Colleen Fitzpatrick said as she smiled. “Nice lip
work, Willa. How’re you on pussies?”

“What are you doing in my dressing room?” Willa asked.

“Enjoying the show,” Colleen said, motioning towards the boy who was still tied
and gagged to the chair. “I heard the rumors that you sucked a guy off after
every show, but somehow I suspected you’d at least get naked.”

“Well, show’s over, and I don’t do women, so you can just fuck off.”

“Actually, you’re about to do women,” Colleen said. “Specifically, you’re about
to do me. And you’d better be damn good at it. I generally prefer cocks to lesbo
tongues, but you’ll have to do.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Willa cried. “I ain’t licking you for
anything! Get the fuck out now, or I’ll call security.”

“No, you won’t” Colleen said. She pulled out the remote from Willa’s TV and
pressed the power button. Instantly, the screen flared to life with the image of
Willa Standing before the naked boy. In the corner of the TV, the REC symbol
showed that everything Willa was doing was being captured on videotape.

“Oh, no,” Willa whispered.

“Oh, yes, Willa,” Colleen said. “I got your whole blow job on tape, from three
angles. Only this one is hooked to the TV. I also have your last shower, and the
masturbation session you did when you woke up this morning. So, unless you want
to become the hottest video on the Internet, you’re going to do what I say,

Willa was shocked. Rumors about her blowing guy behind stage were one thing –
they’d get more men to come to her concerts. But actual video footage would ruin
her career. She had a no nudity clause with her record label, and a promise to
Playboy to bare her body once that contract ran out, assuming she was still
popular enough to warrant the spread. Her record company would drop her faster
than a burning hot sack of manure, and Playboy wouldn’t take her for more than a
tenth they’d promised her because she was already known as a slut, and her body
would be freely available all over the place.

Willa Ford would be ruined instantly.

But then again, Willa had been in situations like this before, and knew that
the best way to deal with them was to give the person what he or she wanted.

“All right, Colleen,” Willa said, lowering her head. “You’ve got me. What do
you want? Money? Part of my contract? A duet? What?”

“You already know,” Colleen said. “You’re so good at licking cocks, let’s see
how you do with my pussy.” Colleen moved closer to Willa, running a hand through
the shorter girl’s curly blonde hair. “You’re pop music’s biggest slut right
now, Willa. And I have all the evidence to prove you’re more of a slut than
anyone would ever guess. From now on, you’re going to be MY slut.”

“I’m not a lesbian,” Willa said as Colleen’s hand moved down the plunging
neckline of Willa’s spandex top.

“You will be, when I’m done,” Colleen said, with a wicked smile. “Now, let’s
get you out of these clothes.”

“What about him?” Willa asked as Colleen started groping her breasts through
the thin fabric covering Willa’s chest.

“Let him watch. If he gets hard enough, maybe we can have some fun with him.”

“God, you’re sick,” Willa said as Colleen pulled the spandex top over the
younger girl’s head, exposing the perfectly shaped breasts underneath, sans bra.

“God, you’re fucking perky,” Colleen said. “Are they fake?”

“Not yet,” Willa said as Colleen molested the breasts with her hands. “If they
ever start to sag, they’re being replaced. It’s in my contract.”

“God, you’ll be another baby with a boob job,” Colleen muttered as her hands
worked their way down Willa’s tight stomach and to the rim of her frayed blue

“I don’t hear you complaining,” Willa said.

“Just as long as you treat my pussy well, slave,” Colleen said.

“I’ve never done this before,” Willa said as he jeans hit the floor. Colleen
stepped back and stared at the young girl’s body, now clad only in the black
thong panties she’d worn underneath her jeans. Colleen admired the younger
girl’s form. Willa was in great shape; there was no denying that. Colleen fucked
both men and women, and lusted after both. Lately, though, she’d been more
attracted to women, simply because she didn’t need a whole lot of protection
against pregnancy or anything worse. Now, with Willa in front of her, she
allowed her lesbian lusts to fill her body. She was going to enjoy this, no
mater what.

“Don’t worry about your lesbian virginity,” Colleen said as she took Willa by
the hand and lead her to the bed. “By the time I’m done with you, you won’t be
using boy toys like the one tied to the bed ever again.”

“You don’t understand-“ Willa started to say.

“Hush,” Colleen said, pushing Willa down on the bed. “Save your tongue’s
strength for my pussy.” Colleen pulled out a pair of handcuffs and latched Willa
to the bed frame.

“Why are you doing that?” Willa asked, no longer sounding as defiant as she
once had. Now the young girl’s voice was beginning to fill with fear. Off to the
side, the nameless boy mumbled under his gag.

“You enjoy bondage so much,” Colleen said, running one of her hands down
Willa’s prone form, from the nape of her neck, though her breasts, and to her
belly button. “I thought you might enjoy being to one tied up for once.”

“Oh, god,” Willa moaned as Colleen reached down and gently rubbed the younger
woman’s erect left nipple. Colleen had done this sort of thing before. To
convince a songwriter to let her sing one of her songs on her second album,
Colleen had seduced her, despite the fact that the thirty-year-old was happily
married with one child. Deep down inside, all women were bisexual, or so Colleen
believed. And she knew how to bring out their lesbian sides quite quickly when
she needed to.

Willa Ford looked up as Vitamin C continued to gently rub and massage Willa’s
tits. Willa had always had very sensitive nipples – it was one of the reasons
why she only wore bras when she absolutely had to. Now another woman was
forcibly arousing Willa’s nipples, and there wasn’t anything she could do. Even
if she wasn’t handcuffed to the bed, Vitamin C still had the videotape of her
last blowjob. Willa had no choice but to go through with what was about to

Suddenly, Colleen stopped. “Hang on a sec, sweetie,” she said with a sickening
coyness in her voice. She stood up and yanked off her shirt. For the first time,
Willa took in what Colleen was wearing, and realized the older woman had dressed
for both maximum sex appeal, and minimum removal effort. Her skin-tight belly
shirt flew from her hands and hit Willa’s boy toy in the head before falling to
the ground. Underneath, Colleen was braless, exposing her own perky tits to the
air. Colleen worked out for an hour and a half every day doing exercises that
would emphasize her sex appeal. And it showed. Her stomach was flat as a
washboard, and her tits, while smaller than Willa’s, we erotic enough to drive
any man who saw them into a lust filled craze. And it was beginning to work on

The short shorts came next, sliding down Colleen’s dancer-fit legs until they
hit the ground. Underneath, Colleen had a simple sheer black thong that showed
the mild tuft of neatly trimmed hair just over her pussy lips. Instantly, Willa
felt her own crotch moisten, and for the first time, she thought she might enjoy
being Vitamin C’s sex slave.

With deliberate difficulty, Colleen pulled off the thong, lifting up one leg to
expose her sex to Willa while she yanked it off her foot. Twirling the flimsy
piece of fabric for a second, she let it fly behind her, and once again, Willa’s
blowjob of the night got a face full. Colleen stood there for a second, posing
for Willa to admire her body.

“Wow,” was all Willa could say.

“You like?” Vitamin C asked coyly.

“Yes,” Willa answered truthfully.

Colleen smiled, and crawled onto the bed. Starting down at Willa’s toes, she
licked her way up the younger woman’s body, passing by Willa’s crotch
altogether, until she got to the two C-cup breasts. Colleen looked up into
Willa’s slightly glazed eyes for half a second before enveloping her young
captive’s right nipple with her mouth.

“OH!” Willa gasped as the sensations ran through her body, forcing her to
convulse in pleasure. She’d had men lick her tits before, but none of them had
ever elicited the amount of pleasure Colleen was at that exact moment. It was
like a million pinpoints of pleasure roamed her chest in a wave of heat and
saliva. Occasionally, Colleen would lick the nipple, or even bite down gently on
it, making Willa swoon with pleasure.

Colleen suddenly switch to the other side, biting down on Willa’s left nipple
with more pressure than she had used on the right, and just like that, Willa
Ford came. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her breathing stopped, and her
back arched, despite the fact that Colleen was lying atop her body.

When Willa Ford came, she became oblivious to the rest of the world. She could
be out in the middle of Times Square, buck naked with a million people staring
right at her, but if she was climaxing, she wouldn’t even notice. She didn’t
notice Colleen on top of her, didn’t care about the boy still tied to the chair
watching this lesbian encounter, and didn’t care that her arms were still tied
to the headboard above her.

Colleen smiled. “Well now, you DO have sensitive breasts.”

Willa simply panted in response.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed your first orgasm, ‘cause now it’s my turn.”
Colleen shifted up and moved until her pussy was directly in front of young
Willa Ford. Willa could smell Colleen’s scent, see her neatly trimmed bush, and
feel the heat rolling off the older woman. It was unlike any sexual encounter
Willa had ever had before. Most of the time, it was the men who craved her. But
now SHE was craving another woman. She understood all at once why men craved
women, why they couldn’t sit through any foreplay, why they were always trying
to get between women’s legs. It was the most erotic place in existence.

Colleen grabbed Willa by her blondish-brown hair and forced the girls nose into
her crotch. “Lick me,” she commanded.

And Willa licked.

Colleen rode Willa’s tongue for forty minutes straight, climaxing twice. After
the first ten minutes, she turned over and started 69ing the young starlet.
Colleen pushed her pelvis down hard, grinding her pussy against Willa’s face,
forcing more and more of her sex over the younger woman. She countered this
harshness with her own, gentle licks on Willa’s clit, lightly arousing the girl
while she impaled herself with Willa’s tongue.

Something Colleen did with her tongue suddenly sparked a lot of interest from
Willa, as the younger singer suddenly wrapped her legs up around Colleen’s head!
Colleen knew that, as a dancer, Willa would be pretty limber, but this was
incredible. The younger girl was slowly pushing Vitamin C deeper into her
snatch, trying to force the older woman to get her off.

Colleen decided to play nice, at least for a few seconds, and reached up with
one of her hands. As she continued to lick harder and harder on Willa’s clit,
she slammed two fingers into the teen’s cunt, sending a wave of pleasure across
Willa’s body. Three seconds later, Willa Ford climaxed.

Colleen suddenly felt like she was trapped on a bucking horse – Willa’s body
shook and flailed about wildly, as the orgasm rushed through her body. Muffled
cries of pleasure came from Colleen’s crotch, and Willa’s perky tits pressed
hard into Colleen’s stomach, sending odd but pleasurable feelings across Vitamin
C’s lower half.

Seconds after Willa started her orgasm, Colleen had her third of the night, and
the two collapsed together, a pile of flesh on the bed.

Suddenly, Colleen heard something off to the side. Both she and Willa looked
over at the boy tied to the chair. He had, quite evidently, enjoyed the show.
His cock, just now deflating, was covered in his own spunk, and several
“squirts” worth could be seen on the floor ahead of him. Considering that his
hands had been tied to the chair the whole time, Colleen had to imagine that
he’d been so aroused by their little performance that he’d gotten off with
nothing but the site of the two singers licking each other!

“Wow,” Willa said from underneath Vitamin C. “Guess we turned someone on all

“Guess so,” Colleen said, getting up and off Willa.

“So now what?” Willa asked. “I mean, you got what you wanted, right.”

“Oh, I got part of what I wanted,” Colleen admitted, reaching down to gently
pinch one of Willa’s nipples. “But you’re still my slut. I’ll let you know when
you can service me again.”

“WHAT?!” Willa cried out. “What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re my sex slave,” Colleen said calmly as she pulled her panties
back on. “When I’m in town, and I’m horny, I’ll call on you. Unless you want my
videos to hit the internet, then you’d better be willing to put out.”

“You can’t do this!” Willa cried out, thrashing her legs on the bed.

“I can, and I WILL,” Colleen said. “You’ve got a damn good tongue there, Willa.
You want to be bad; you can be bad with me. Whenever I want.”

“Why are you doing this?” Willa asked, tears starting to trickle down the side
of her face.

“Because you’re a slut,” Colleen said, pulling her pants up over her ass.
Behind her, the boy whimpered in response. “You’re a slut, and you’re proud to
be one. But in the Pop Music world, there’s room for only ONE slut, and that’s
ME.” Colleen leaned over Willa’s body and quickly kissed the girl on the lips.
“You’re mine now, slut.”

Willa just lay there, letting her tears flow silently as Colleen continued to
get dressed. She was stuck, and she knew it.

Colleen finished dressing, and then packed up her stuff. Before she left, she
let Willa loose, then kissed the girl once more.

“I’m not that bad, Willa,” Colleen said as she headed out the door. “I just
love sex. You’ll learn.”

Willa watched the older woman go, then collapsed naked on the bed. She lay
there for several minutes, wondering what kind of trouble Vitamin C had in store
for her.

Then she heard him. The boy was still tied to the chair, the ball gag still in
his mouth, and his cock once again at rapid attention.

“Damn, you recover quickly,” Willa muttered to the boy. “Guess you enjoy seeing
two hot celebs go at it.”

The boy nodded in response.

“Well, you can’t tell anyone about this,” Willa said. “If you do, I’ll make
sure Vitamin C releases all the nice shots she has of YOU tied up to my chair.
Would you like that?”

The boy shook his head, trying to speak around the ball gag, with no success.

Willa glanced down at the naked boy again, and admired his once again hard
penis. Smiling to herself, she decided to give him one last thing to remember
his night by.

“Since you’ve been such a good little fuck toy, I think I’ll use you one more
time,” Willa said. Colleen could dominate her all she wanted, saying that Willa
would be her lesbian lover, but as long as Willa could still find boys, she’d
still fuck them. She stepped over to the boy, straddled his legs, and sat her
naked body down over his cock.

He moaned in delight as Willa’s pussy enveloped his dick, and Willa instantly
felt him trying to thrust himself deeper into her.

She smiled. Yes, she may be Vitamin C’s little fuck toy, but all the men in the
world was still HER fuck toys, and she’d use them every chance she got.

As her young boy toy started to moan and groan with her every thrust, Willa
Ford allowed herself to enjoy the sex for what it was. She’d deal with Vitamin C

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