Coyote Sexy

Disclaimer: This is purely fiction and does not depict the actress’s sexual preference in any way. Enjoy!

Maria returned to her trailer after a hard day on the set of Coyote Ugly, her latest project.

It was the first day of filming and she had been working with the other new actresses all day.

They were all quite hot, she thought, especially the lead actress Piper Perabo, boy would she like to sink her teeth into her!

Just the thought made her extremely horny.

She entered her trailer and immediately took off all her clothes.

She stood in front of the mirror.

She had a fantastic body,
even if she said so herself!

She didn’t look all of her 33 years.

She ran her hands over her body, starting from her shoulders and worked slowly down to her chest, lightly running her fingers over her nipples. That feels good!

She let out a small sigh.

She had a boyfriend, but was also eager to check out the young female talent on the movie sets.

Her hands wandered down her body, to her naval, then eventually to the top of her blonde fuzz.

She ran her hand over her blonde bush, curling the fine hairs around her fingertips.

Then she worked slowly down to her wet snatch.

Her fingers parted her puffy lips while her other hand found her clit.

She rubbed her fingers lightly over her clit, feeling a shudder as it hit the sensitive spot.

Her fingers worked faster as the pressure increased.

She watched while she fingered her soaked pussy. It was turning her on immensely.

She always liked to watch herself, or have her boyfriend watch her.

A sigh passed her lips as the build up to the orgasm approached.

One of her hands moved further down and she jammed 2 fingers into her wet hole.

She was thinking of her sexy new co star, pretending it was her fingers that were buried deeply into her love hole.

‘Piper, Piper’ she called out. ‘Fuck me now, pump your fingers into my cunt.’

She was so wrapped up in her own delicious world that she did not hear the door open and a figure approach her.

The figure was her co star, the same sexy babe Maria was fantasising about.

Now completely lost in her own fantasy, her fingers pumped furiously in and out of her pussy. Her moans getting louder, her orgasm approaching fast.

‘God yes, give it to me Piper’

She heard a cough and stopped in her tracks. Her eyes opened to find the same girl, the one in her fantasy, standing over her, with a look of shock.

Maria immediately got up and covered herself.

‘You were fantasising about me? Piper asked, a little bewidered, but also a litle turned on.

‘Yes’ Maria replied meekly.

‘Well don’t let me stop you!’ Piper said with a wink.

With that, she started to undress slowly, leaving her bra and panties on.

Maria roamed Piper’s body with her eyes.

The girl had a great body, one Maria wouldn’t mind getting familiar with.

At the same time, Piper was admiring the older actress’s body.

‘Carry on with what you were doing’ Piper said softly.

Maria returned to fingering her pussy while Piper took off her remaining clothes, very slowly, teasing as she went.

Soon Piper was fully naked, standing in front of her co star.

She had never experienced voyuerism before, and was finding it an immense turn on.

After a few moments she said to Maria ‘Tell me what you want me to do’

By now Maria had worked herself into a frenzy watching her sexy co-star undress in front of her. Something that was her fantasy only minutes ago.

‘Rub you beautiful tits for me’ she said in a husky voice.

Piper ran her hands across her small mounds, she felt her nipples go hard at her own touch. In her mind she imagined it was the older acress that was touching them.

She closed her eyes and let out a sigh.

Maria continued to pound her tight pussy, her eyes never leaving Piper’s body.

Piper moved her hands down to her perfect blonde pussy. Her fingers exploring the folds. She gave a little whimper as her fingers brushed over her clit.

Maria was approaching orgasm watching the younger girl finger herself.

Her breathing growing rapid, she was totally lost in her own world.

She came hard, her fingers working furiously over her clit.

About the same time, Piper climaxed, fingers pumping in and out of her snatch.

When the orgasms subsided, Maria called Piper over. She took Piper’s fingers and put them in her own mouth. She tasted her co stars juices. She tasted so good.

Piper, feeling a little braver now, did the same to Maria’s fingers.

The taste wasn’t unpleasant, a little salty.

Maria broke the mood. ‘We’d better get some rest for tomorrow’ she winked.

‘Ok’ Piper agreed ‘See you tomorrow?’

I certainly will’ Maria gave a wink as piper turned to leave.

This was the start of a beautiful friendship!

To be continued….


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