Cravings of a She-Wolf

Cravings of a She-Wolf

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

As Shakira’s private car pulled up outside the local nightspot,
I looked out at the darkened street in the lovely, warm evening, people going about their plans for a great night of drinking, dancing and sex. And then I looked back over at Shakira herself, the gorgeous Colombian singer sat next to me on the plush black leather seat, looking out the window with a smile, evidently enjoying the idea of a night out when it wasn’t a PR event. As the car stopped I opened the door and stepped out of the car, feeling the warm, dry air of the bustling city envelop me, taking a breath of it as it overwhelmed the cold, crisp air-conditioned air of the car. Closing the door, I walked round to her side, glancing at the still abundant traffic despite the late hour, marvelling how the modern city just never stopped, its pulse constant and strong. I opened her door, stepping aside to wave her from the comfortable car.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile, looking up at me as she carefully exited the car, careful to keep her reasonably short, loose black skirt down over her gorgeous thighs so as not to give the photographers that were inevitably present a view up it. I was Shakira’s bodyguard, one of them at least, but a senior member of her security team and the longest serving, and on top of that she was a good friend, as in several years working together we’d built up quite a good, close relationship in our close quarters and so much time spent together. That wasn’t hard when she was such an amiable and pleasant person to be with, and it made the job a pleasure to do as she travelled around the world. And it was never a bad thing to be friends with the hottest thing to come out of Colombia.

“Always a pleasure,” I replied with a smile, carefully ushering her from the car and closing the door, tapping on the window to signal the driver to pull away, which I swiftly did, his duty performed. With the car gone, Shakira’s arm slid through my own, a friendly, normal thing she did, and I escorted her towards the front door of the club as flashbulbs went all around us from the photographers getting snaps of her for their celebrity rags. She paused to quickly chat with fans and sign autographs, making some dedicated fans entire years as she signed their photo or arm, depending how crazy they were, but none of them were dangerous obsessed types, long since noted by me as I scanned the crowd of people outside the club wanting their moment with her. With the autographs signed, Shakira once again lightly took my arm and we entered the expensive club, the kind of place that sells fifty thousand dollar cocktails with diamond rings in, being greeted by very polite staff who suggested a VIP area.

“So how’s it feel to have a night out of your own, well sort of,” I said with a smile, meaning me, since I was a link to her everyday, superstar life.

“It feels great,” she said with a wide smile, a genuine one, not the everyday one she wore for the cameras, “just so rarely get any days off when we’re touring to explore any of the incredible and vibrant places we go, feels so good to actually do it, get out and taste the essence of a place,” she gushed, evidently quite thrilled to get a night out.

“Can’t get better company though it seems,” I teased, smiling as we walked towards the VIP area.

“Don’t be silly, you’re not just some hired goon to look after me, I’d happily have a night out with you over people,” she said with a smile, turning back to walk ahead into the luxurious VIP area, leaving me to stare after her, checking out the lovely slender pinch of her waist, the flare of her hips and her gorgeous bum, so round and firm, part of her incredibly toned, flexible body. I couldn’t help but gaze at her lustfully for a moment, her gorgeous body and fine ass. I’d always wanted a crack at her, what man wouldn’t, but I assumed her out of bounds, firstly because she was my employer and it was my job to look after her, and secondly because she had a long term boyfriend and was pretty sure she’d have little interest in just another security guard, even if they had become firm friends.

“Come on,” she said, snapping me from my thoughts, at which I quickly followed her into the VIP area and headed to the booth she’d picked out and sliding onto the long seat beside her, where they immediately ordered some drinks, Shakira opting for their unique cocktails as I opted for whiskey with a bit of ice, just enjoying the smooth blended flavours. It was a bit quiet to begin with, but it quickly filled up with the rich and famous, the VIP area bustling, a few people pausing to meet Shakira but generally leaving them be. As the night wore on they drank more, their conversations, which were quite deep about their lives, their families and their life on tour, how they missed being at home but relished it all at the same time and so on. Eventually, though neither of them knew how or ever questioned it, the conversation turned to sex.

“It’s been a while,” Shakira said, quite pointfully shortly after their topic had turned that way, looking up into my eyes.

“I…really?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me, unable to hold back from trying to find out about Shakira’s activities between the sheets.

“…Yeah, been on tour for months, my boyfriend’s back home, not had any for a while bar, well nevermind,” she said, looking back down to her drink.

“Bar what?” I asked.

“Bar…my toys,” she said quietly, glancing about to make sure nobody was listening, though of course they were all wrapped up in their own little world.

“Oh right, not quite the same though huh?” I asked with a slight smile.

“No, not the same. Good sure, they get me through, wouldn’t like to be here on tour without my vibrating friend, but it’s not the same as proper sex,” she said with a smile.

“I’m sure,” I said with a smile, loving that Shakira would divulge this to me, both of them quite drunk though.

“What about you though? When’s the last time you got laid?” she asked boldly, sitting back nonchalantly in her seat and draining the last of her sizeable cocktail.

“I dunno, before the tour began, months, just like you, only I don’t have a friend in my bag to help me along,” I said with a laugh.

“You have your hand though,” she teased with a smile, leaning forward again.

“True,” I said with a laugh, loving the light hearted way they could chat.

“But seriously, none on the tour? I would’ve thought you’d get out there and find some little groupie or someone to hook up with?” she asked, looking quizzically at me.

“Nope, no-one. We’re not usually in one place long enough to have the free time to get any action, I’m always looking out for you aren’t I?” I said with a smile.

“Ah I guess so, anyone waiting at home though? Should’ve asked if that was why you hadn’t…” she said, not finishing.

“No no, I’m single, don’t think I’d want a job like this if I had a family waiting at home.

“Yeah it’s tough, I don’t have children but my boyfriend, parents and friends, all back home, makes it tough to be on the road all the time,” Shakira said.

“But it makes it so much better when you get home right?” I said, smiling as I drained my own glass.

“Well…yeah he’s happy to see me and all, doesn’t take long to get to it,” she said, not sounding hugely enthusiastic about it all.

“But…?” I asked, just waiting for her to say what she evidently had on her mind.

“Well he’s a pretty decent size and everything, he’s good as well, just…he’s not adventurous, never wants to do anything new,” she said, sighing as she looked up to me.

“No? What kinda new stuff?” I asked, wanting to know just what Shakira wanted to be getting up to in private.

“Well, positions, we only do like two of them, and anything a bit playful like role-play, bondage, you know even light stuff with handcuffs,” Shakira elaborated, not the least bit concerned now to tell me this stuff.

“Oh so you want to get a little kinky, and he won’t do it?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited or eager and put her off.

“Not really that kinky, just playful levels, letting me be in charge now and then,” she said, looking a little shy about it.

“Well, it’s kinda kinky, wanna put me in his place do you, be the dominatrix?” I said with a laugh, breaking the tension lest it ruin things. She gave a laugh, a heartfelt, real laugh, a sign of their real friendship.

“No no, I know he’s not up for that, even if I have…dabbled with that in the past,” she said with a smile, “I just want a little fun.”

“Oh been there have you, dominating people with your thigh-high PVC boots?” I said with a smile.

“…Actually, I was under the boot,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“…Master…or mistress?” I asked, feeling my heart beat faster, knowing I was pushing it a bit to even ask.

“…Mistress,” she said, looking into my eyes, and I thought I saw a slight smile curve the edges of her glossy lips. I didn’t speak, just taking in the thought.

“The main thing that really gets to me though, I just can’t really understand,” she said, breaking the moment, and somehow making it clear it wasn’t to be discussed.

“What’s that?” I asked, still thinking of Shakira getting kinky with her mistress.

“He won’t do anal,” she blurted out, looking me straight in the eye, as if worrying she needed acceptance. It was almost enough to make me choke on my whisky, managing to swallow calmly and put the glass down.

“You like anal?” I asked, hoping my voice didn’t sound like it was excited like a teenager.

“Yeah, I really do like it, love it even. It’s something I tried when I was young and foolish,” she said with a laugh, “but I just loved it, it just had something, and with my ass, well, the boys…” she trailed off, not needing to finish, since it was clear that any guy finding out that a hot girl like her with the stunning ass she had would be just euphoric to get to pound on it.

“Wow, didn’t think girls were into that,” I said, thinking of squeezing my hard cock into her ass.

“Most aren’t, but I am, and my boyfriend won’t do it,” she said with a pout, sitting back, a little grumpy as she considered it.

“That sucks, I can understand other things maybe not some peoples taste, but I dunno why…” I trailed off, not quite sure what she wanted to hear.

“Yeah well he doesn’t, and so even when we do have sex I’m always a little bit unsatisfied,” she said with a sigh, giving a quick wave of her hand to get served, quickly ordered them a refill.

“Well you have some toys I assume?” I said, realising how much the alcohol was getting to me to casually say that, and her since she didn’t care now and just told me.

“I do, plenty, but they just aren’t the same,” she said, smiling dazzlingly as she received their fresh drinks.

“I guess, but if he won’t do it, then I guess it’s all you have,” I said, offering her sympathy about it all, and thinking how I’d do her ass good and hard, wondering how her boyfriend passed it up. There was a pause when they sipped their drinks.

“It’s been so long since I got fucked in the ass,” Shakira said with a sigh, resting her chin on her hands.

“Or fucked at all for that matter,” she said, before I’d had a chance to respond.

“That’s life touring, in the same boat there,” I said, raising a glass to engage her in a toast.

“Yeah,” she said glumly, lifting her glass.

“Except I don’t want to be fucked in the ass,” I said with a laugh, Shakira laughing, lifting her mood again as she toasted and drank healthily from the cocktail. They finished their drinks quite quickly, both nicely drunk now, chatting and laughing about various things, though the topic of sex seemed right there between them now, and I couldn’t deny I was seeing Shakira in a new light now, and feeling a bit horny, wanting her more than I ever had now I’d heard the details of her sex life. After that drink they decided they’d had enough and left, paying the tab off and heading out of the club, opting to walk, both wanting the fresh, cool night air after their drinking, staggering just a little as they walked, Shakira far more though, her petite frame unable to cope with the alcohol quite so well.

“I wish I could go back to my hotel and have sex now, I love drunken sex,” Shakira mumbled, holding onto my arm, saying it almost to nobody in particular.

“That’d certainly be something I wouldn’t turn down,” I said, knowing how sex could top off a night out just perfectly.

“But I guess so, just have to wait, for months, but I need it so much already,” she complained, giving a deep sigh as they walked, her heels clicking on the pavement.

“Maybe, but it’ll be worth it,” I said, turning them into an alleyway, a cut-through back to their hotel that saved around twenty minutes walking, which was a big deal when we were drunk.

“Just wish I could have it now,” she sighed wistfully, walking slightly ahead of me down the alley where it turned a slight corner as I paused for a moment. I’d always wanted a crack at Shakira, even if she was technically out of bounds, but right now I didn’t care. I was horny and a bit drunk so unable to rationally stop myself, and it was pretty evident that right now she was more than up for it. I pounced and grabbed her tightly, making her give a gasp as I just firmly groped her, squeezing her humble chest, another sliding to her tummy and hip to pull her back against me as I started to kiss and nibble at her soft neck, knowing deep in my mind if this went wrong I was totally fucked. However, Shakira just gave a throaty groan, pushing back into my hardon, feeling it pressed against her stunning ass through her thin black skirt.

I knew she was up for it as she gave a little wiggle, jostling my hard cock between her bountiful booty, teasing me when I was already very horny, making me grab her tighter a moment and then just throw caution to the wind and go for it. I almost threw the sexy Colombian star down over a bin, thinking of nothing but fucking her now, my hand at her hip grasping her little black skirt and pulling it swiftly up over her back as I stepped away from her a little, revealing her gorgeous ass, full and firm as she bent over the bin, looking absolutely mouth watering in a pair of lace and satin black and white French knickers. I took just a moment to absorb the image, Shakira bent over the bin, skirt over her back, sexy underwear, stunning arse, her smooth, toned thighs leading into a pair of brown leather knee high boots. My hands immediately found the waistband of her knickers, my fingers slipping into it, feeling the wonderfully soft smoothness of her skin as I pulled them down, letting them fall past her knees over her boots as she spread her legs a little more, both of us breathing heavily as I took in the wonderful sight of her pussy peeking between her thighs.

“Do it, fuck me,” she breathed, her hand fumbling back for my jeans, dropping back with her other one to hold onto the edge of the bin as I reached down to undo them, rapidly mastering the buckle, button and zip that was preventing my rock hard cock from getting at the luscious Shakira. I quickly released my erection, grasping it firmly to push it down towards her inviting pussy as my spare hand slid onto her stunning ass, giving it a good squeeze as I moved in, sliding it up to hold her hip as I expertly aimed my cock at her hot, slippery entrance. I took just a moment to achieve a final position and then pushed powerfully into her, feeling a slight resistance and then her suddenly give way and welcome me in, the hot, tight walls of her velvet smooth pussy hugging and clenching around me. She definitely hadn’t had it for a while, she was so tight, her muscles snug round my cock as I drove in, both of us giving deep, soulful groans at the feel of the penetration after so long without it. I buried around half of my cock in her before her pussy clamped down tight to stop me, needing a moment to adjust and let me in, but I just didn’t want to make love to her, I needed to fuck her, good and hard.

Shakira gave a grunt as my other hand smacked her across her arse, feeling the wonderful firmness of her round ass before I grabbed hold of her hips, pulling back just a fraction and then driving forward, getting another inch or so before her vagina tightened up and stopped me, but this time I was intent on getting balls deep.

“…Fuck,” Shakira growled through gritted teeth as I grabbed her curvy hips tightly and just forced my rock hard member into her, pushing through her immensely tight pussy, the feel of it sliding past my cock just incredible as I pressed myself right to the hilt inside the gorgeous singer, pulling her wonderful ass back into my hips. I relished the feel of her warm, firm rear pressed to me for a second and then took a tight grip on her hips again and pulled back, feeling her vagina pulling tightly at me as I slid back till just my head was inside her and then buried myself into her once more, pushing a long grown from her, feeling her shiver with pleasure. My hands slid to her waist, feeling the wonderful curve of her midsection as I abruptly pulled back and then pumped into her deeply, slamming her against the bin and making her grunt in a mix of surprise and sensation, and then give a long, ascending squeal as I suddenly started pounding on her as hard and fast as possible, my hips a blur as I suddenly gave her the hardest fucking she’d probably ever had.

“Oh fuck meee!” she whined in a strained fashion as I pounded on her, my hips slapping her incredible ass as it jiggled from me fucking her so hard, pounding deep and hard, feeling her pussy squeezing at me, Shakira dangerously close to an orgasm already, having gone so long without a real cock and a good fucking. She held the bin tightly as I slammed into her, squeezing her ass hard as I slowed and suddenly pulled out, making her gasp at the sudden void inside her, but before she could ask why I pressed the bulbous head of my cock to her tight asshole. My cock was slick from her absolutely dripping pussy and I knew she wanted it, and with her hot ass and the way she’d been talking about it, I had to have it. I pressed hard, feeling her involuntarily block me a moment and then her stretching, seeing her tense up, time seeming to freeze for a moment as I felt her tight ring opening up, holding me back, and then time cascaded forward again as there was a sudden jolt and my hard cock was in her ass, feeling her squeeze down tightly behind my head as she gave a cry.

I didn’t wait at all, grabbing her hips once more and pushing in, all the way till my balls were against her soaked pussy, feeling her try to pull away but pushing back at the same time, growling in both pleasure and pain, since it hurt a bit since it was so sudden and she hadn’t done it for a while, but still felt so good. She gave a deep grunt as I pulled back, feeling how wonderfully hot and tight she was as I immediately built up a rhythm, getting to work fucking Shakira in her gorgeous ass. I started to pump her quickly, going as deep and hard as I possibly could into her, her gorgeous ass slapping back hard against my hips as I fucked her, holding tightly onto her hips. Shakira clutched the bin tightly, grunting and moaning in pleasure as I pounded on her ass, the pain only heightening her arousal now, pushing back to meet me as she grit her teeth and groaning uncontrollably as she enjoyed a good, hard ass fucking.

My hand slid up her back to find her long, dirty blonde hair, grabbing a good handful of it and pulling back, lifting her head from its overwhelmed position leaning down over the top of the bin, making her suddenly seem much louder as her gasps and grunts were projected up into the crisp air for me to clearly hear. Holding her hard I pounded on her ass as fast as I could, feeling how incredibly tight it was, especially as she started to squeeze at me, my groan of pleasure only spurring her to do it more as I fucked her roughly in the ass, somehow lasting ok though despite it. I leaned back and placed a good hard spank on her, making her tense and yelp in response, but not of pure pain, enjoyment as well, which I enjoyed hearing as I delivered a few more before I got back to the real focus of fucking her brains out.

It was all too much for her, and I could see she’d clearly been trying to hold it back, perhaps to make it as good as possible or maybe so she couldn’t let on how much she was enjoying it, but Shakira tensed up with a pre-orgasmic shudder. Pulling her hair a bit harder, I grabbed her hip with my other hand tightly and really ramped up the pace, fucking her hard and deep, just pumping into her with all my might, knowing I was about to make Shakira come, from being fucked in the ass! With another ten or so seconds of hard thrusts Shakira burst, tensing up and then giving a sudden, violent shudder over the bin, her legs shaking as she let out a long, wailing shriek of pleasure, shaking and twisting so much I thought she might fall off the bin as I continued to fuck her, sliding my hand back to grab a good handful of her gorgeous rear as she climaxed.

In the meantime however her ass had squeezed down like a vice on my hard cock, bringing me suddenly much closer to my own peak, and with her still trembling and shaking over the bin as she still continued to push back on my cock, I knew it wasn’t going to take long. My hands slid from her hair and hip to the sexy pinch of her waist, taking a firm grip on her wonderfully warm body, holding tight as I suddenly picked up the pace again to my absolute max, pounding my cock into her hot ass harder than a pornstar. She responded, groaning and arching her back to push onto me, absolutely loving and not losing interest even when she’d had an orgasm, loving my cock inside her as much as I did. I just focussed on my own pleasure now though, fucking her hard as she squeezed her ass even tighter around me, making me feel the telltale sensation that preceded my own orgasm.

“Oh fuck…fuck…” I growled, holding it back and pounding into her, my cock hardening even more as I was about to come, Shakira taking this as a sign to squeeze and hold her ass as tight as she possibly could do. The sudden resistance and her deliberate aim to make me come was all it took, and with a yank back on her hips and a deep thrust into her I came hard with a long, guttural groan, my eyes squeezing shut as I pumped into her deeply with a few hard thrusts, emptying my balls of their huge load deep in her aching ass. I squeezed the last of my thick come into her, Shakira helping with squeezes of her ass to get every last drop, stroking her back a bit as I leaned forward over her to briefly rest, my still hard cock buried inside her, the only sound our deep, gasping breaths.

After a minute we came to our senses and I pulled myself up with a stretch, looking around quickly to make sure nobody had just seen what happened in this alleyway, breathing a sigh of relief when I saw it was clear. Pulling back slowly, I slipped my cock out of her ass, both of us giving a slightly jolt of sensation as my head popped out, noting how Shakira squeezed her ass shut tightly afterwards, evidently to get it back how it should be, and stop my come leaking out so much. I reached down for my jeans and shorts, pulling them up and fastening them as Shakira straightened up, her skirt falling down into place over her tremendous bum as she reached down to retrieve her sexy panties from their position round the ankles of her sexy brown leather boots. She still hadn’t turned round, smoothing her clothes out as best she could, wiggling her arse a little and tugging her skirt down before she finally did, looking up into my eyes and biting her lip cutely, evidently feeling a bit unsure.

We didn’t say anything, and just heading slowly back towards the hotel, Shakira no longer holding onto my arm, just walking along besides me, an awkward silence between us after what we’d just done. Shakira just wandered along, looking both up to me and down at the ground, feeling a mix of emotions as she walked, and also feeling a slight hint of arousal as she felt some of my come leak into her underwear from her exhausted ass. Arriving at the hotel, I escorted her to her room, where we said a brief, polite goodnight, not really sure what to say, shifting my feet a little unsurely before turning to walk away, when Shakira’s delicate hand took my arm, making me look back to her, immediately captivated by her big brown eyes. She didn’t say a word, just giving a pull on my arm to entice me into her room, saying all she needed to in that one little gesture. Despite the awkwardness currently hanging between them since their encounter in the alleyway a little while earlier, Shakira couldn’t deny she wanted more from him, him to hold her and take her fully, make her his all night long, and she figured since she’d already gone this far, she may as well go all the way with it.

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous Colombian, letting my feet follow as she pulled me into her room, flicking off the lights she’d turned on just moments before when we’d arrived. I stumbled in the darkness, taking her hands as she stepped confidently, and a little drunkenly, back towards her bed, pulling me along till she reached it, pressing her calves, well her boots, back against it and dropping down to sit on the end of the bed. Her hands immediately found my jeans, quickly undoing them again and pulling them down, along with my boxers, revealing my semi-hard cock. Her soft, skilful hand quickly found it in the darkness, wrapping firmly around it and starting to stroke me, quickly helping it to grow in her hand, stroking it faster as she shifted a little on the bed in the gloom, before I suddenly felt her hot breath. Before I could say anything I was in her mouth, giving a shuddering gasp as she started sucking softly at my head, her mouth just so hot and wet, velvet soft and perfect as she started taking a little more, giving a murmur as she lifted herself from the bed a little, her hands fumbling up under her skirt.

Shakira kept sucking as she pulled her sexy panties down again, shoving them over her boots to her ankles before sitting down again on the bed, resuming sucking in a more focussed way, reaching down to shuffle her underwear over her feet and completely off as she got me to complete, rock hard erection once more. With one last firm suck to the tip, she pulled off it, looking up at me, discernable through the gloom as she licked up the underside, making my hardon bounce at the intensely pleasurable sensation before she pulled back, my hand sliding from her dirty blonde hair. Shifting back up the bed, she leaned up on her elbows and flicked her little black skirt up over her stomach to reveal herself, however in the dark I could only tell what she’d done, rather than surveying her neatly shaven pussy.

“Come on, fuck me, just pound my pussy,” she breathed, her heart pounding in her chest as she just went for it, inviting me on. I didn’t need asking twice and quickly slid onto the bed on my knees, dropping down over her, leaning beside her shoulders as I slipped between her thighs, pushing my achingly hard cock to her juicy snatch. With an easy push I was inside her, both of us giving a groan of pleasure as I did, feeling her pussy convulse around me, Shakira pulling her legs up beside me.

“God Shakira…” I started, but a soft finger pressed at my lips.

“Shh, no talking, just fuck me, fuck me…” she breathed, giving a deep sigh as I pushed right into her, before giving a strained groan as I immediately picked up a rhythm, her body curling up, chin towards her chest and pushing her hips up towards mine as I started to pump into her, going full depth immediately, feeling how relaxed and dripping wet she was for me, really wanting this, and I wouldn’t deny that I did as well. I’d long dreamt of getting to fuck her, and now I had it, and it she was just perfect, pushing in harder as her boots locked behind my back, pulling me tighter to her. I ground deeply against her, her arms pulling tight round my neck and holding me close, our foreheads pressed together in the darkness, breathing the only thing we could hear as I started to pump her again, Shakira’s legs picking up the beat to let me slide back and then help to pull me into her, driving deeply and powerfully into her luscious little body, feeling her velvet walls pull and clench at my manhood, my head tingling with the immense pleasure of being inside her.

Leaning up on my arms, I shifted to press down on her shoulders, properly pinning her to the bed as I started to pump her hard, no faster, just very hard, slamming our bodies together, Shakira giving a deep grunt with each one, the strength in her legs fading with each one till they dropped to the bed, her body arching and writhing in pleasure of being banged so hard. Starting to pick up the pace, I slammed down into her, knowing I wouldn’t last too long screwing her anyway, but holding it back, just picking it up enough to really push her buttons, my hands gripping her shoulders now as I jammed myself into her, Shakira lifting her hips from the bed to let me get as deep as possible inside her, giving a yelp of pleasure as she got the right place to get right into her and hit her cervix, sending a burst of sensation through her, my hips grinding her clit with every thrust.

Her incredible flexibility was a great asset as she bent up to meet me, letting me fuck her, until I could take no more of it, rolling her hips suddenly sideways and grabbing her leg, lifting it up straight from the bed, easily able to bend her wonderfully pliable body in such a way, dragging my tongue up the back of her thigh and onto her leather boot as I pulled her leg to me and really picked up the speed, shifting a little to get a better position before really pounding into her, making her immediately tense up and grab at the bedcovers with a strained groan of ecstasy. Holding her leg tight to my chest I slammed into her, fucking her hard and fast, not quite as deep now but it didn’t matter, she was inches from coming as I fucked her slippery snatch sideways, loving how it felt different for her muscles to squeeze me at this new angle.

“Oh god fuck it, fuck me, fuck it hard!” she gasped, breaking her no speaking rule in the best possible way. I was spurred by this, lifting her hips a bit more to fuck her a bit deeper, pumping her hard and fast, her gorgeous, firm round ass jiggling just a little as I fucked her, Shakira’s hand fumbling down to her clit, feeling her just bump me before she got her mark and moved her hand in a well-trained blur, her body immediately tensing up as she initiated orgasm, then dropping her hand to let me do the rest. I happily obliged, feeling quite close myself now but keeping at it, knowing she only needed a few seconds to put her on cloud nine. Fucking her hard, I reached out to grab her perky breast, not something I’d done thus far, adding something new, enough to help her along, pumping deeply into her as she came, feeling her muscles preparing before they suddenly squeezed down on me, making me immediately slow as I felt worryingly close for a moment.

Shakira gave a wail of delight, grinding herself against me as I continued to thrust, slower but still deep and powerful into her convulsing, clenching vagina, so hot and tight, her body shuddering and writhing on the bed, grabbing a pillow and pulling it over her face as she gave a muffled scream of pleasure, her legs kicking and twitching around me. Her scream became a series of deep, satisfied sighs, letting the pillow drop to the bed as I released her leg, slipping down between her legs to slow down a moment, just sliding easily in and out of her relaxed pussy. After a moment to steel myself, I started fucking her again, hard once more, wanting my own pleasure now, Shakira giving a groan as she was almost forced to have the pleasure from it, unable to stop her body loving it as I slammed into her.

Grabbing her legs, I flipped them over my shoulders, boots rubbing against my skin, making an interesting contrast between them and her own gorgeously smooth skin as I plowed into her, pushing her hips back and pounding on her, fucking her as hard and fast as I could, the position allowing me to get every inch into her juicy haven, groaning with pleasure beneath me as I fucked down into her, holding her legs tightly as I felt my own climax approaching swiftly. I pumped her with a ferocity she’d seemingly forgotten could exist in sex, groaning loudly with pleasure as I fucked her, her body tensing and writhing in the dark as I fucked her, squeezing her pussy on me as tight and as fast as she could muster to help get me off as our hips slapped together loudly. I revelled in the feel of her wonderful pussy, her ass was tighter but her pussy was just as heavenly, and so easy to fuck, and it made me realise just how much I’d missed sex on the road, driving myself as fast as possible as I felt my orgasm start.

Holding it back as long as possible, I felt my climax boil in my balls as I pumped her hard for several more seconds till I couldn’t stand any more, driving deeply inside her with a stuttered thrust, pressing my weight down on her to push myself as deep as possible as I unloaded a big, thick load inside her. She gave a murmur as my hard cock twitched and surged inside her, shooting my come deep into her womb as I rested on her gorgeous ass, filling her up. I felt such a wave of pleasure as I came inside her, emptying my very soul into the sexy pop star, feeling her clenching to squeeze every last drop out of me before I rocked back on my heels, both of us breathing hard as I leaned down to just share one soft kiss, before slipping out of her. We just lay there for a couple of minutes before I slid off her, kneeling up on the bed.

“I think you need to be spanked,” I said with a smile, a joking tone clearly in my voice as I looked down at the exhausted Shakira laid on the bed in the gloom, her legs open, skirt up over her tight tummy. I’d only been joking, but my eyes widened in amazement as after a brief pause Shakira got up and then rolled over onto all fours, pressing her chest down to the bed and arching her back, reaching back to flick her little skirt back up over her amazing ass without a word. I wasn’t going to refuse it, and reached out to just stroke her ass softly, before pulling back and giving a good firm spank, making her gasp lightly. I then did the same on the other cheek, much harder this time, a properly stinging slap that made her clench with a mumble of pain, dropping down onto her knees, making it clear I’d given her a spank.

Turning, I slid my legs off the bed and pulled my shorts up, followed by my jeans, doing them up as Shakira turned back over and pulled herself to the end of the bed, pulling her skirt down and reaching to the floor. As I went to step away, she took my hand, making me pause.

“Goodnight,” she said softly, squeezing my hand, and with the other stuffing her underwear into my back pocket.

“Night,” I replied, walking slowly from the bed to her door in the darkness, just able to see my way now, seeing clearly that Shakira wasn’t coming to see me out, opening the door and stepping back into the bright corridor, shielding my eyes from it as I closed her door firmly. Reaching back, I felt her soft lingerie in my back pocket, then I headed to my own room down the corridor, thinking of how I’d just fucked Shakira, twice, and it’d been simply fantastic, but also that things between us may never be the same again, or that I may even lose my job. Despite that uneasy thought in my mind, as soon as I’d stripped off and got into bed I fell asleep, Shakira having worn me out completely.

The next day was horribly awkward, and the next couple of weeks weren’t a lot better either. Things between us were strange, which was kind of to be expected, especially since Shakira had a long term boyfriend at home. Our professional relationship was ok, we did our jobs, or rather I did my job and she didn’t fire me, so evidently it wasn’t enough of a problem to be rid of me. It had been a fantastic night, and I wanted to know how she felt as much as whether there was any hope of more. I politely and cautiously broached the subject, getting an equally polite hint of no, clear enough not to mention it, so I backed off, not wanting to ruin things completely, wanting to keep our friendship professional at the very least, even though I wanted to fuck her again. I’d have just liked to know how she felt though more than doing anything.

Shakira however was feeling much like I was, thinking back over it all the time, about how great it’d been, how she’d not felt so desired and wanted in months, years even, and she certainly hadn’t been fucked that way for a long time, it’d been fantastic, and she’d got the anal sex she loved so much. However, she’d cheated on her boyfriend for that fantastic fuck, and that guilt was weighing on her conscience. It’d be cheating to continue it, once was one thing, at least she could pretend so, but a long term affair to get her fix of sex was quite another, and this little personal war raged in her mind for days. However what of course I then didn’t know, is that Shakira decided that she couldn’t be without it and wanted more, and made the decision to just go for it and make sure she kept it all quiet.

A few weeks after our little encounter, with things between Shakira and I returning to normality almost, as much as could be expected, I was intrigued to find a note left in my hotel room, having been slipped under the door, a do not disturb sign hanging on the handle that I didn’t remember putting there. It was late in the afternoon, another rare day off in the tour that we’d been enjoying, and I’d just got back to the hotel after being out all day. Picking up the note, I kicked the door shut and opened it, immediately recognising Shakira’s delicate handwriting. I stopped where I was, almost feeling my heart stop, before a sudden rush in its pace as I read her note, which outlined just how she felt about the encounter we’d shared, how much she’d loved it and that she wanted to continue things, and to meet me at a small motel on the outskirts of the city, leaving directions and telling me to arrive that evening.

I immediately stripped off and headed for the shower, resisting my growing erection and telling it to wait for Shakira as I cleaned up, picking out some fresh clothes and quickly planning my evening, thinking of what might await me in a few hours time.

Arriving at the motel, I parked up in the rental car I’d got from the front desk and checked my watch, and the name, just to be sure, then got out, flicking the locking as I walked towards the motel, looking along the door numbers. It was a small, out of the way place, a little run down too, certainly not somewhere you’d expect to find Shakira, and that was likely the idea, so she’d not be found here and could indulge herself. Finding the room number, fifteen, right at the end of the block, probably to limit listening ears, I knocked at the door, feeling my heart pumping strongly. There was a pause, then I heard feet on the floor, before the door was pulled quickly open, a hand reaching from behind it to gesture me into the room, before it was swiftly closed and locked, the curtains already drawn.

Turning back, I got my first look at Shakira, my eyes widening to take her in. Shakira was standing in front of my wearing thigh-high black leather boots, skin-tight with a big heel on them, a tiny little black skirt so short it barely concealed her, and a tight brown corset type top that was squeezing her in and up in all the right ways. With sexy dark eye make up on and her hair down and curly she looked particularly foxy and fierce, giving a smile as she saw me eyeing her up. She looked hungry and was ready to pounce, having been thinking of their night of lust and going without for a few weeks, she just wanted it badly now. Pulling close to me, she slid her arms around me and pulled me into a deep, long kiss, her passion radiating through it as she held me, before finally pulling away.

“I hope you want this as much as I do,” she said, looking earnestly into my eyes, as if fearing rejection.

“I’ve wanted you for too long,” I replied, my arms sliding up her back, feeling the tight brown leather wrapped round her body.

“Just since that night I can’t stop thinking about you, us, what happened, I just can’t go without it,” she said, looking down shyly, her hands sliding down.

“Then you don’t have to,” I said, and it was like she was waiting for a starting pistol. Her dainty hands immediately found my belt, undoing it and my jeans swiftly as she dropped to her knees.

“Thank god for that, if you’d said no…” she trailed off, grasping my hardening cock and stroking it for a moment before wasting no time in taking me into her mouth. I gasped and struggled to stop myself doubling over at the intense rush of sensation she delivered, sucking hard and working her tongue right from the get-go, so much so fast I wasn’t sure if I could stand it. However she backed off a little and got into a rhythm, sucking me firmly and bobbing up and down at a good rhythm, not pushing to make me come too fast, but clear enough to let me know that she could if she wanted, working her tongue over and round my head, varying her sucking a bit as she did, rubbing me into the soft insides of her cheeks.

“I really need this on tour, I can’t keep just going with my toys, I need proper sex,” she murmured in a pause, stroking me firmly at the same time before slipping me back into her hot mouth, sucking particularly hard this time, making me groan in pleasure as she started to work harder, going down deeper and faster this time before slipping off once more.

“Just have to have you around, indulge my every fantasy and need,” she said, not looking up as she went down on me again, using her tongue plenty now, pressing it into the underside of my cock and working it briskly round my bulbous head as she pulled back, taking her time with it now, just enjoying herself sucking my cock, before slowly sliding back off it, letting her soft lips just hang on the tip for a minute before pulling away.

“I can give you exactly what you want, and you get me,” she breathed, leaning close and flicking out her tongue to lap at my cock. I really couldn’t take any more of this fantastic but teasing blowjob now and grabbed her head, my fingers pushing through her soft hair as I took control, pulling her onto my cock, Shakira just giving a slight moan as she was dominated, sucking immediately on my manhood with a renewed intensity and starting to work her head powerfully up and down my cock. Holding her strongly, I started to pump into her mouth, upsetting her rhythm a moment before she fell back into step with me, now letting me work harder and faster into her mouth, pumping my hard cock faster and deeper than she had been, aiming to push it right down her throat.

Shakira just kept sucking and working her tongue as best she could as I thrust my cock powerfully into her mouth, bumping the back of her throat and feeling it contract as I did so, starting to build up quicker now to really fuck her mouth. Her throat kept me at bay as I started to pump into her, the fast strokes not getting the job done, so I slowed and pressed my cock deep into her throat, feeling it tighten then relax as I squeezed my cock into her mouth, hearing her give a slightly strained sound as I pulled her head down onto me till my balls pressed into her chin. She gave a couple of almost-gags as I held myself there, revelling in the sensation of having my cock buried deep in the sexy singers throat, before I pulled back so she could suck at my swollen head. However, I didn’t want to wait now I’d opened her throat and immediately plowed deep into her mouth again, nearly down to the hilt, making her cough as I pulled back.

I quickly regained my old rhythm, Shakira doing her part perfectly now, sucking and slurping at my cock as I pounded it into her throat, pumping quite deep now. Giving her a little bit more was too much, and she started to gag, but right then I just didn’t care and kept on going, quickly loving the feel of her throat tightening around the tip of my cock as she did. Despite the fact I was slamming my cock into Shakira’s throat as she struggled to take it, gagging loudly on her mouthful of cock, she didn’t try and pull off me or stop, she just held my thighs and left me to hold her head and pump powerfully into her mouth, quite simply loving being treated like this. However, as good as it was face-fucking Shakira, and I certainly wasn’t stopping, I really wanted to fuck her again. Her pussy had been a tight treat, almost as much as her ass had been, and I wanted another piece of it. With another good few hard strokes into her throat, really deep so my balls smacked into her chin, making her gag more again, I then plunged right in and held at full depth for a second, then suddenly pulled out of her mouth, making her cough and wipe at her mouth as my erection sprung away from her soft lips.

“I won’t be able to sing properly tomorrow night,” she gasped, looking up with a slight smirk, clearly loving that she’d just got her throat pounded by me.

“As long as you can scream tonight, I don’t care,” I said with a smile of my own, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her up from the floor, then turning

and shoving her roughly down on the cheap motel bed, which gave a creak, something it was going to be doing plenty more of tonight. Grabbing Shakira’s legs from where they hung over onto the floor, I took hold round the ankles of her thigh high boots, pulling her legs high into the air, keeping them dead straight to just marvel at her wonderful flexibility as I turned her hips, giving me a clear view straight up her tiny skirt to show she was wearing not a scrap of underwear, which was fine by me as I got a look at her neatly shaved pussy, sporting a tight little arrow that pointed straight down at her clit, the rest of her smoothly shaved to perfection.

“If you needed any directions,” she said with a teasing smile.

“I found it in the dark, I think I can manage,” I said with a grin, hooking her leg over my shoulder as I reached down for my rock hard cock, pushing it down and pressing it to her dripping wet entrance, giving a swift thrust and burying myself in her, both of us groaning loudly as she squeezed up tightly around me, feeling a rush of pleasure. I started to pump, slowly at first to open her sweet pussy up a bit before I increased the pace, holding onto her thighs now, her legs hooked over my shoulders as I pumped my achingly hard cock into her sweet, snug pussy. She groaned deeply in pleasure, rocking her hips with me as I really began to fuck her, aiming to give us both the release we needed after weeks of sexual tension since our first drunken, lustful encounter.

“Oh fuck…” she groaned, writhing in pleasure as I held tightly to her sexy, toned legs and pumped deeply into her, slamming into her now, feeling her wonderfully warm body as I drove every inch into her needy pussy, making her jolt with pleasure, a good orgasm already on its way for her, evidently close anyway because she was so turned on. I wasn’t exactly far away thanks to the sensational blowjob she’d opened with, and having gone without sex just like her since we’d had sex before, and my hand just wasn’t the same. I intended to keep focussed and hold it back till Shakira was done though, which didn’t seem like it was going to take long, especially as her hand slid down her tight, toned stomach, through the sexy arrow straight to her clit, which she immediately began massaging quite firmly, giving a shiver and tense as she did, hitting the spot exactly right as I started fucking her harder and faster, aiming to get her off quickly.

Pumping down into her, I rolled her hips so I pressured her G-spot, which combined with her vigorous clit rubbing did the trick, picking up the pace just a fraction more to really make her scream, the sound of ecstasy bursting from her like beautiful music as I fucked her hard, wailing her pleasure to the world as she came for the first time today, and I was intent on making sure it wasn’t the last time. But that would come later, as her squeezing pussy made her feel even more inviting and spurred me to pump long and hard into it, loving the last twitching clenches of her orgasm fading around me as I thrust deeply into her luscious body, holding her legs tight as I hammered her, aiming to fill her up now, feeling the sensations beginning to build.

“Pull out, when you’re gonna…don’t do it in me,” she gasped, holding onto the bed as I rode her ass hard, fucking her as deep and fast as possible, loving the feel of pounding in against her gorgeous arse.

“What, why not?” I breathed, feeling hot now from my fantastic exertion, pulling my shirt off quickly over my head to save time.

“I want to blow you to the end, please, just let me,” she breathed, looking up at me imploringly between her flexible legs, which I had bent back quite tightly over her body.

“Ok,” I said simply, smiling as I pressed her legs back even further, Shakira just smiling naughtily back as she kept her legs dead straight, showing off just how well she could bend as I pushed them back down onto her, holding her toned calf muscles as I now pumped directly down into her, making her grunt in pleasure at the new angle. She gave a deliberate squeeze of her pussy to help me along as I held her tight and chased my own climax now, thumping down into her, making sure she took every inch. It seemed her flexibility wasn’t limited to just her limbs, as despite being lovely and tight she still stretched out to swallow up every last millimetre of my cock. And that lovely tight pussy had me almost on the edge now, Shakira raising her hips to meet every thrust between her tight legs as she was pinned back on the motel bed. She seemed know before me that I was going to come, feeling the twitches and characteristic hardening of my cock in readiness.

“Pull out, pull out!” she gasped, really seeming to want a mouthful tonight. I wasn’t going to deny Shakira wanting to suck on my cock as I finished and gave one last deep stroke and pulled out, releasing her all in one. My cock barely had sprung up before she flipped herself round on the bed to present me her gorgeous, smiling face, reaching eagerly for my cock, feeling her warm, soft hair flick around my thighs. However it seemed I was closer than either of us had reckoned, and as she took hold of my hard cock, stroking it expertly up and down, slick with her own abundant juices as she guided it towards her face, I came hard. Combined with her want and hand, it was all I needed, and just as she pulled my rock hard cock to her eager mouth I exploded with a grunt and a buck of my hips, Shakira giving a loud gasp as she was caught completely off guard. However she didn’t pull out the way in disgust, she just gave a moan and her hand increased its pace to a blur, knowing just how to tug a guy during orgasm to make him keep coming hard.

“Oh fuck!” I growled as she did, the sensations almost overwhelming, feeling my knees wobble as she pulled my spurting cock, giggling below me as I watched my come shoot powerfully over her face, a burst going right across and into her hair, emptying the biggest load of my life. She managed to milk another powerful shot from me as I was winding down, going mostly into her open mouth and down her chin before she squeezed the last few drops out over her bare upper chest and cleavage. I gave a low groan of satisfaction as I turned and dropped down on my back beside her on the firm, cheap bed, Shakira herself dropping on her back on the bed with a sated, exhilarated sigh, before she swallowed.

“Don’t get up,” she said with a smile as she pulled herself to her feet, keeping an eye closed since it was covered with my juices, looking with her one good eye carefully to make her way to the bathroom and clean up as she left me recovering. I just breathed in deeply, a smile creeping onto my lips and fixing itself there firmly, and why not, after all, I just got to screw Shakira, and finish on her face. I closed my eyes and relaxed, feeling rather fantastic just then, especially since I could now absorb the fact that Shakira had said she wanted me on a permanent basis on tour, and to indulge all our fantasies together, and since she seemed rather open, that encompassed a lot.

I glanced over as I heard Shakira strut back into the room, her boots making sound through the thin carpet, gazing over at and up her thigh high sexiness, taking in every millimetre of the thigh high black leather as it hugged her incredible legs, right up to her tiny black skirt and her curvy hips, before the wonderful pinch of her waist from the brown leather corset top that squeezed her in and up, making her perky, humble breasts look quite incredible. All this below a beautiful face that sported an arched eyebrow, and a dirty smile that suggested we were just getting started. This was further accentuated by the handcuffs dangling from her fingers, which rattled a little in her hand as she approached and slid on the bed with me with a smile, reaching for my wrist.

“Whoa hey hey come on now,” I protested, not quite sure I liked where this was going.

“Hush, it’s for your own good in the long run, trust me,” she purred, looking into my eyes deeply as she licked her lips. I thought a moment, and then gave a playful role of my eyes.

“Ok then, have your fun,” I said, stopping resisting and letting her snap the handcuffs round my wrist.

“Oh I will,” she purred with a devilish grin, pulling my arm up to handcuff it to the headrail of the bed, before getting some more handcuffs from her bag to do the same with my other arm. With me securely cuffed to the bed, Shakira gave me a quick kiss and then slipped back away down the bed, feeling her soft hair tickle me as she pulled down over my body, but staying well clear of my semi-hard cock right now. Standing up at the end of the bed, she gave a playful smile and leaned forward a bit to show off her perky breasts, pushed high in her brown leather corset, before turning with a flick of her hair to show off her gorgeous ass, peeking out under the miniscule skirt she had on as she arched her slender back, presenting the most amazing figure to me as I eyed her up.

She gave a smile as she looked away again, before bending slowly over to touch her toes, just taking her time as her body moved in a smooth, fluid motion till she not only touched her toes, but put her palms flat on the floor, pushing her ass right up in the air, the tiny skirt having retreated over the top of her bum long ago to leave me to gape at the firm, perfect cheeks of her gorgeous ass, her pussy just peeking between her wonderfully toned thighs. I just stared at her, taking in every millimetre of her perfect soft skin, wishing I could be holding her curvy hips and sinking my cock deep inside her as she wiggled a little to show herself off. I drew in a slow breath, feeling my cock twitch, as she really upped the ante and just let her legs slide slowly apart, somehow doing the splits even with his boots on, sliding her feet across the carpet as she just slipped downwards towards the floor, her pussy and ass spread totally for me to see as she did, arching her back as she sank to the floor, disappearing from my view as she pressed herself flat down, her legs completely flat in sideways splits on the floor.

Standing up, she smiled as she walked round the side of the bed, just trailing her fingernails up my leg and over my hip, avoiding my cock as she dragged them along my body gently, swaying her hips sexily, before simply lifting her skirt up to show off her smoothly shaven pussy, before she let the little strip of fabric drop again and turned with a spin so it flicked off to show her gorgeous booty again. She pushed her hands slowly down her sides to her hips, arching her back and pushing her ass out, before flicking her ass powerfully to one side, then the other, building quickly to a stunning ass shake with a giggle. By now my cock was well and truly recovering now, making a good firm erection, which bounced up harder as she turned to lean over and give it a brush with her fingertips.

“Mm looks like he wants something,” she purred, standing back and arching her body to push her perky breasts out in their tight corset.

“Yeah, a bit of that tight pussy,” I said in a slightly strained tone, feeling every inch of how hard I was now, pulling at the cuffs in a futile bid to get hold of her. She gave a giggle, reaching down to lift her tiny skirt again.

“This tight pussy you mean?” she said with a smile, letting me gaze at her smoothly shaven snatch, just waiting to perfectly fit round my cock. I just nodded, making her smile as she slid to the bed, gliding onto it on her knees, one of which she quickly threw over me, right over my cock, making me think for a moment she was instantly impale herself and slide deeply onto my manhood. However she didn’t, just gliding over and settling down ahead of my cock, her hips rolled invitingly so that she could just slip back onto me, just an inch or so ahead of my now rock hard cock. I pushed up to try and get her, knowing I couldn’t but perhaps it’d be enough to tempt her to take me up on the offer.

“Down boy, not yet,” she teased saucily, pushing her hips down on my lower stomach to push me back down as my cock stood right up for her. Leaning down, she softly kissed me, which quickly escalated into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss that was loaded with passion and sexual hunger, Shakira pushing back just enough to touch her slick pussy on the head of my cock, but she immediately pulled forward as soon as I tried to thrust up into her, giving a giggle.

“Not yet,” she murmured softly as she breathed hotly on my neck, beginning to gently kiss and bite at me, just grazing me with her teeth, before giving me a much firmer bite, making her growl with the unexpected pain, but my cock gave a surge and became even harder, which Shakira felt as she rocked a little bit to just feel its bulging purple head bump at her pussy.

“Aww somebody needs a good fucking,” she cooed, her soft highlighted hair tickling me as she kissed lightly down my neck, in turn sliding her body backwards, but lifting up to just carefully clear my hardon, letting it bump at her clit and then slide easily over her smoothly shaven mound as she slipped downwards, grinding her clit against the underside of my thick shaft as she changed to licking at my neck, making me shiver with pleasure as she covered me in her slick juices.

“And just maybe you’ll get one later,” she said with a smile, flicking her tongue at me cheekily as she grinned, kissing me on the cheek as the gave a good hard grinding down into me, making me pull back instinctively with a roll of my hips to try and penetrate her. It almost worked, with the head of my cock pressing at the back of her hot, wet pussy momentarily, but she was too tight and with her wetness I slipped off, pushing up towards her ass, where she lifted up so she could press down on it again.

“No no, you’re not gonna get to fuck me that easily, but nice try,” she giggled, smothering me with another deep, long kiss as she ground against me, murmuring with pleasure. Breaking away, she knelt up over me, giving me a good look at her tightly laced body in her brown leather corset, humble breasts pushed almost up and out of it, taking her in as she smiled, reaching down between us to take hold of my cock, holding it up straight for her. I wondered what she was doing given she’d told me she wasn’t going to fuck me, immediately forgetting that as I felt her just slipping me back and forth across her juicy entrance, almost enough to let me slip in but not quite, just letting me get a taste of what was to come.

“You’re not getting anything till I get what I want,” she said, looking down at me with a flick of her eyebrows, before she lifted herself up off me, pulling her leg over me, and then throwing the other one back over to straddle me facing away now. She immediately lifted herself onto her knees and slid herself backwards, pushing her pussy into my face, her sweet heat and scent overwhelming me as she did, her gorgeous, firm ass perfectly positioned for my to grab, had I not been handcuffed.

“Eat me,” she commanded, reaching under herself to rub her clit and slightly pull her dripping wet snatch apart for me. Not being able to hold her and pull myself in to eat her made things tricky but only served to add another dimension to it all, and reinforce that she was in control. Leaning up, I buried my mouth in her slippery pussy, where she immediately gave a groan, grinding herself back into my mouth as I set my tongue to work, seeking out her clit through her soft folds, gliding easily through them to her button, knowing straight away that I’d hit the spot as she gave a breathy, gasping groan at the first curl of my tongue. Circling my tongue quickly, I rapidly whipped Shakira into a frenzy, swirling and pressing my tongue at her delicate button, making her gorgeous thighs and ass tighten and tense around and above me as I ate her pussy.

“Oh yeah lick that pussy,” she gasped, riding my face quite hard now as I lapped at her clit, working it in every way I knew how, just wishing I could be running my hands round the curves of her incredible hips and ass as I licked her pussy, flicking my tongue up under her soft clit hood to get at her nub directly, making her shudder as I caressed it carefully but firmly with the tip of my tongue, before I pulled away from it for a good lick up the back of her pussy towards her hot ass. Just flicking my tongue up her entrance, resting it for just a moment, I could see how horny she was for it, twitching and trying to resist pushing back and begging me for more.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned deeply as I suddenly drove my tongue deeply into her pussy, pressing herself down on it as I thrust and wiggled it as deep as possible into her, tasting her delicious pussy as I worked it a little before pulling it out, changing to little stabbing thrusts of it into her most intimate place. She just worked her hips in a strong grind as I licked and delved into her soft, shaven pussy, so smooth that my tongue just glided perfectly across her, only making me want to lick at her more. Shakira groaned deeply as I tongue-fucked her again, making her get into an automatic rhythm pretty much riding my face as my tongue stabbed into her, pulling at my cuffs as I worked hard eating her pussy.

“My ass, lick my ass,” she gasped, riding my face, her arousal evident now from the hot, needy way she was moving her hips and how wet her pussy was now. I was just considering going for it, when she pushed herself back, rubbing her ass in my face as she leaned down and gave a swirl of her tongue round the head of my achingly hard cock before taking it in for a sudden, perfect suck of the bulbous tip, making her shudder and gasp with its intensity as she slipped forward again. That was more than enough to dispel any possible complaints I had, and I immediately pressed my hot tongue between her gorgeous cheeks and ran it over her tight, strong anus. Shakira gave an unabashed moan as she felt me lick at her tight, forbidden hole, letting my tongue linger so the tip probed a little at the muscle, making the Colombian beauty writhe and wiggle on my face as she breathed heavily.

“Mm don’t tease!” she whined as I pulled it away, circling her asshole again, letting my tongue push down to just lick at the back of her pussy lips, feeling how incredibly wet she was, carrying her juice with my tongue back up over her ass, her gorgeous body tensing and shivering over me as I did. Tickling at her ass with my tongue, I just carefully loosened her up, feeling her arse relax in a series of twitches where she relaxed then squeezed again automatically, having not done much anal recently by her own admission, though not by her choice.

“Don’t tease, eat my ass!” she gasped, reaching back to grab my hair and pull my face deeply into her ass, pressing my mouth hard between her incredible cheeks. I didn’t disappoint her, as my tongue, circling the tight, clenched hole of her ass, immediately started to assault it much more thoroughly, making her moan with pleasure, before she gave a sharp cry as I thrust my tongue through her tight right, feeling it squeeze down around my tongue tightly as I did. I pressed on, wriggling and pulsing my tongue deeply into her ass, getting as deep as possible, feeling her give a deliberate squeeze now to hold my tongue tightly.

“Yeah just like that,” she growled, circling her ass on my tongue before releasing her grip and kneeling up a bit again, giving me freedom to work at her ass, which I immediately did, circling and thrusting my tongue into her, making her groan in a satisfied pleasure as she leaned down and gave a long lick along my rock hard cock, making me shiver now, and pause momentarily. Focussing and getting back to it, I pulled my tongue out to lean back and bite her ass firmly, making her squeal as I nipped both cheeks before delving back in, slipping my tongue straight up into her pussy again, plunging it deeply, easily able since she was leaning over attending my hard cock, which she immediately moaned into, pressing her lips to the smooth, hard skin in a kiss as she did.

Pulling back, I let my tongue flick down to her clit for a quick tease, making her buck in the sudden different sensations, before a lick up the back of her dripping pussy back to her ass, where I once again teasingly circled it, making her push back in a bit to get my tongue back into it. I didn’t refuse her however, letting my tongue press hard against her back door as she ground down, popping through her sphincter, her anal control now completely hers again, totally relaxed about it all as she squeezed at my tongue as I buried it into her amazing ass again to a sigh of pleasure from her. Shakira knelt up over me, pushing her luxurious, dirty blonde hair back with a sweep of her hand, sweat glowing over her fantastic body.

“God you don’t know how long it’s been since someone ate my ass!” she gasped, squeezing her eyes shut as she rode carefully up and down on my rigid tongue as I held it for her to do so.

“I can’t imagine what you’d do if you had your hands free,” she said with a sexy smirk, glancing back over her shoulder through her hair, managing to catch my eye as she leaned forward with an arch of her back. I didn’t try and respond, simply suddenly switching to stabbing thrusts of my tongue deep into her ass before curling it back to lick at the inside of her tight ring, making her tense and groan once more, dropping down onto all fours over me, pushing her incredible ass back, her lovely, toned thighs tensing up as she writhed in pleasure, feeling her hot, short breaths over my cock. I felt more than that though, as a moment later as I plunged my tongue back into her ass she opened wide and just swallowed half my cock with a moan, making her tingle from head to toe as she went down, just letting her tongue slide to caress it carefully, her soft hair draped over my thighs as she just held for a moment, then pulled back quickly and then pushed down slowly again to almost rock up and down, her hot tongue once again slipping delicately over the top of my mighty erection, this time sucking firmly at me as I gasped round my mouthful of her incredible bum.

“Goddamn…” she breathed, mumbling something in Spanish as she slipped my cock out of her mouth, pushing back a few times faster and harder before she abruptly pulled herself forward from my tongue, leaving me hanging as she did, wiggling her hot ass in my face with a giggle before climbing off me, offering a good view of her juicy, shaven pussy in the process. Turning round, Shakira paused to stroke my aching cock as she climbed back over me in the conventional cowgirl position, pulling herself forward so she was straddling me, her hot, slick pussy pressed into the underside of my big, stiff erection. I pushed up against her, but this time she didn’t pull away or tease, she far too horny for that now and instead leaned forwards and ground her hips down into me pressing her clit into the underside of my swollen head.

Sitting up more again, Shakira started to gently slide back and forward on the underside of my cock, my shaft settling between her soft, shaven labia, her slippery juices coating my cock as she worked her hips, making me harder and more horny than I’d ever been in my life. Just as I thought she’d get on and fuck me, pulling herself forward over the tip of my cock and pushing her dripping pussy down against it, she leaned down to softly kiss me as she pushed back a little. Just as I felt I was going to separate her pussy, she gave a quick roll of her hips and I slid up the back of her as she lifted herself to slide slowly backwards, dragging her juicy snatch down the top of my cock from balls to tip as I gasped in a mixture of sensation and frustration.

“I’m not fucking you,” she said, looking down at me with a deep look in her eyes as she rubbed her pussy back up my shaft again, working it over the sides a bit with perfect rolls of her hips. Sliding up me again all the way from the balls, Shakira once more just let her succulent pussy drop over the tip of my cock, pressing back carefully again. I was ready for her this time, or so I thought, as I suddenly my head was engulfed in the hot, tight confines of her smooth, juicy vagina, making me gasp and arch up from the bed as she squeezed around me, making me strain at the cuffs, holding the chains.

“I’m just lubing you,” she whispered, pulling herself up and off me, making me almost beg her to fuck me as she went back to sliding herself up and down my cock. I just tried to be patient, knowing she had all this planned, but what she was hinting at just made me need to get at her ass. She just giggled a little at my erection, now so hard she had trouble pushing it back down to my body as she ground up and down its length. It did however make it very easy for her to pop it back into her pussy, once more only letting the head past her entrance, squeezing her expert muscles down just below it, making me surge and push up, managing to edge another inch or so into her before she climbed off again. She worked me once more, making me grit my teeth as she teased, not knowing how much more I could take before I went insane. Pulling up over me again, Shakira arched her back and pressed down to take my cock, feeling her tightness as she pressed at me, before I popped into her, only this time she pushed herself all the way down, her very wet pussy just taking me all the way in one push till she pressed herself into my hips with a sigh.

“I thought you weren’t fucking me,” I gasped out as she sunk slowly down onto my erection.

“I’m not,” she purred with a teasing smile, gyrating and rolling her hips to move herself on me, her perfectly pussy moving round my cock as her incredible ass worked on the top of my legs. She was absolutely driving me wild, refusing to meet my thrusts, just sitting on me firmly working her hips as I tried to drive up into her. She just gave a smirk as she leaned back, producing the key for the handcuffs and working to unlock my feet from the bed, making me sigh with relief at the remove of the biting metal and being able to properly move my legs. After a few stretches, Shakira gave a grunt as I put my legs to use by pushing up firmly from the bed to properly drive my cock into her, her eyes almost closing as she fought the pleasure. Leaning over me, she unlocked my wrists, not paying much attention as the first one she released immediately went to her firm, perky breasts, displayed completely in her tight brown leather corset. As soon as she set my other arm free I seized her in my strong grasp, making her squeal as I lifted her up slightly and suddenly unleashed a furious, frenzied fucking on her, pounding my rock hard member into her like she’d never had before.

“Oh my fucking god!” she screamed, grabbing my chest and digging her nails in for the few seconds I pounded on her. But I didn’t linger, throwing her off me, face down on the cheap motel bed as I sprung up, fairly pouncing on her, completely intent on giving it to her properly. She was already pulling back to all fours as I grabbed her, pulling her into place, my spare hand sliding to her pussy, rubbing at her delicate clit as I leaned down to once more tongue her ass. Shakira groaned loudly, bucking and pushing back towards me as my fingers slipped easily into her soaking pussy, curling them down to find her G-spot as I licked her tight asshole, probing into it a little as I rimmed her, intent on getting her good and wet to go with the lubrication she’d given my cock, not wanting to be struggling to get into her tight ass.

“Oh god just fuck it, fuck my ass!” she gasped, dropping her head as she arched and pushed back at me in pleasure. I had no problems fulfilling that request, pulling up from her gorgeous ass, before pulling both hands back and delivering a good, hard spank to both sides, one cheek after the other, making her squeal as I grabbed her hips, pressing my slippery, pussy-lubed cock to her tight, waiting anus. Shakira pushed back firmly as I pushed into her, wanting my cock in her ass as much as I did, giving a grunt as it easily popped into her, making me groan at how tight it was round my cock, which had been dying for some proper sex for ages now as she’d teased me. I reached out and grabbed her hair, twisting a fistful of it as I grabbed her waist, pulling her back hard as I wasted no time and drove myself deep into her, grinding myself in balls deep straight away as she cried out in a mixture of sensations. After making it clear her ass was totally mine for the taking now, I pulled back and started to fuck her, not building up, just going straight for the hardest possible fuck I could give her, my cock demanding it as I pulled back on her long blonde hair, making her squeal as I pumped myself into her full depth, slapping my hips into her incredible booty, feeling the smooth leather of her thigh-high boots on my legs.

“You like me fucking your ass huh?” I growled as I pounded on her, loving how hot and tight she was, her powerful sphincter clenching down round me in strong, tingling twitches, only making me fuck her harder. Shakira didn’t answer, she couldn’t, crying out and shuddering as I slammed myself into her tight backdoor, not that it was so tight anymore as I plundered her treasures. With all she’d done, I wasn’t too far from an orgasm, and as I felt the familiar sensation of it approaching, I yanked her hair harder and picked up the pace so I was fucking her as hard as I possibly could, pushing up from my knees so I was using almost my whole bodyweight to drive down into her sweet ass, absolutely balls deep, fucking her so hard and fast she just trembled and screamed. Being so close and Shakira screaming so loudly was more than enough for any mortal, and after a few more seconds of intense, inspired pumping into her rear I gave a deep, growling groan and unleashed my load into her ass, exploding deep inside her as I gave a few jolting final thrusts with deep gasping breaths as I climaxed, burying myself completely in her as I filled her up, Shakira groaning deeply at the sensation.

Rocking to a stop, I couldn’t even speak as she squeezed her ass round me a good few times, clamping hard to squeeze all the come from my drained balls, finally releasing me, my semi-hard cock slipping from her aching ass, both of us groaning as I did. Shakira’s ass gaped open in the wake of my cock, her tight hole now loose and used, squeezing tightly shut as the gave a clench of her fine booty before sliding down onto her front on the bed as I rolled onto my back beside her, both of us breathing hard.

“I’m never going without anal again,” Shakira breathed, looking over at me with a slight smile.

“Oh really, what about your boyfriend though, he won’t do it,” I murmured, immediately wondering why I’d been stupid enough to mention her boyfriend. Luckily it didn’t bother her, and she just smirked slyly.

“Then I guess you’ll just have to do it for me,” she purred, breaking into a grin as she reached down to release the zips on her boots, leaning up to pull them down, then pulling the boots off and onto the floor, deciding she needed to free her dainty little feet.

“I think I’ll be able to manage that,” I said, relaxing more onto the bed as I rested.

“Good, and I hope you’re gonna manage something else, as you’re not done with me yet,” she said, reaching over for my softened cock.

“Too right I’m not done with you,” I said, feeling her grip my cock in response.

“Oh really? And what have you got in store for me?” she cooed innocently, almost mockingly, just urging me to do whatever I had planned for her. I decided to give her exactly what she wanted, pulling up from the bed and grabbing hold of her fine body, Shakira squealing playfully as I pulled her up to her knees. She gave a more defined squeal of pain however as I grabbed hold of her long blonde hair, pulling her backwards, forcing her to twist round on the bed, where I pressed her head down to my crotch, onto my recovering cock. She didn’t question it, just going with the dominating air of things and slipping my cock into her mouth, tasting her ass on it as I pressed her down into my lap, feeling her begin sucking and working her tongue at me to bring my cock back to life for her.

As I held her down with one hand in her hair, with my other hand I reached back to her fantastic ass, stroking and grabbing firmly at it, making her mumble as she worked at my cock, which was now a pretty decent erection in her hot mouth, working up and down it as I guided her with her hair. I pulled away a bit and laid a firm spank on her, which turned to grabbing a good handful of her ass, making her groan, and then moan as I slid my hand across to run my fingertips over the back of her pussy, which was already wet. Teasing my fingertips up and down the back of her juicy slit, she fidgeted and wiggled under me as I did, giving a gasp round my cock as I brushed her clit. I pressed her head down to make her deepthroat me, feeling her throat work round me as she focussed intently on sucking me to full erection again as I drew back and delivered a good hard spank on her ass. I dealt her several more of those, only making her hornier as she started to suck me harder, deeper and faster, barely needing my hand to make her work it fully, though I kept it there. She grunted with every hard spank on her hot ass, her legs spread wide and back arched, making her totally accessible to me as I suddenly inserted a finger deep inside her, Shakira struggling a gasp as she shivered.

“Like that huh, that dripping wet pussy, maybe I’d better fuck it,” I said, feeling her suddenly increase her sucking at that, evidently enjoying the idea.

“Sink my cock into this tight pussy,” I said, working my finger a moment and then hearing her groan as I inserted a second, pressing it knuckle deep in her, feeling her pussy clench.

“Just fuck the life out of you huh, that what you want is it?” I asked, thrusting my fingers quickly in and out of her. She moaned affirmatively, continuing to suck my cock, though going as deep as possible now as I pressed her head down. I pulled my hand back and then brought up a third finger, rubbing it up her juicy slit to lube it before I pressed it to the back of her pussy, pressing it into her, having to work it a little to open her up before I pushed them deep inside her in a slow, smooth motion, feeling her vagina stretch around my fingers as she gave a low groan, a mix of pleasure and sensation at the slight stretch. Pumping my fingers into her, she rocked back to meet them, moaning in pleasure.

“Maybe not as tight as I thought, but I’m still gonna fuck you,” I said with a smile, Shakira giving an intense, deep suck, making her shake before I suddenly yanked her off, throwing her back down on the bed. Pinning her down on her back, I pulled her arm out and locked it into the cuffs, left hanging from my imprisonment shortly before. She just looked up lustily, breathing heavily as I locked her other arm in place, before quickly doing the same to her now bare ankles, leaving her chained down spread eagle on the bed, dripping wet and wanting a fuck. My hard cock was bouncing before me, throbbing and eager to oblige, and with that I slid between her legs, slipping between her smooth thighs as I pushed up to her juicy, waiting pussy, and with one little nudge slipped my cock inside her. We both groaned, her even more so as I pushed all the way in, balls deep with one long, slow stroke, feeling her squeeze down around me powerfully, thrusting her hips up towards me.

“Oh god fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped, head tilted back and eyes squeezed shut as she arched and tensed with pleasure. I was more than happy to do that, and began immediately thrusting, wasting no time just like with her ass, aiming to just give her an outright fucking. Leaning over her, I pumped every inch of my cock from head to balls in and out with every thrust, going hard and fast on her, feeling her shuddering and twitching around me as I did, her whole body writhing in pleasure, pulling at the cuffs as she groaned and grunted under me, not too far from an orgasm given the anal, spanking and fingering. The cuffs rattled as she shuddered and pulled at them, just needing a little push towards an orgasm, which I aimed to give her as I shortened my stroke to vastly increase my speed and power in burying my cock inside her.

Shakira reacted with a long, slow squealing moan, unable quite to get it out because she was solely focussed on me fucking her so hard, the bed jolting and shaking, headboard smacking into the wall loudly, handcuffs rattling noisily as I pounded on her as hard as I could, our hips slamming noisily together as I gave her every inch of myself as deep as I possibly could. Shakira came hard, with a loud, animated spasm, her entire body shuddering and bucking on the bed beneath me, trying to both push up and pull away from my pounding as she came, screaming deafeningly loud as she had a huge orgasm, her pussy squeezing and rippling around me, the velvet walls sucking at my hard cock deep inside as it drove in and out of her shaking, kicking body. She was pulling at the cuffs so hard I was sure she’d draw blood, biting her lip as her orgasm faded, still continuing to fuck her tightened pussy hard.

“Don’t stop, come in me, come on,” she breathed, finally opening her eyes to look at me in need, looking absolutely exhausted as I pumped, her pussy releasing and loosening again now. After a moments rest, as best she could, she started to squeeze her pussy on me as tight and fast as possible, aiming to make me come. I hadn’t intended to make this too quick, but she’d clearly got what she wanted and was looking pretty finished now, and her pussy was blissfully hot and tight. As I thought about it, I felt the signal of the climax, knowing I could either push it back or chase it, and in this case opting to chase it, pounding her with renewed vigour in the hardest, more intense fuck I think I’ve ever given a girl, Shakira gasping and grunting beneath me in surprise as she was overwhelmed by how hard I was fucking her.

“Fuck here you go!” I managed to force out through gritted teeth, holding it back as much as possible, just slowing down before I burst inside her sweet pussy with a deep, final thrust to make sure it was a deep in her womb as possible, making her all mine as I shook and pumped with every hard spurt inside her, growling through a gasping orgasm, turning to sighs of release as I finished, before just lowering myself down on top of her, resting my head on her chest, both of us now completely shagged out.

“Well, you really did fuck me, I don’t think I’ve ever…” she breathed, still breathing heavily, her perky breasts heaving under my head.

“Yeah I just…that was something,” I breathed inanely, just going back to resting with her a moment, before I remembered her cuffs and looked for the key. It’d slid to the floor, where I retrieved it from under the edge of the bed, tiredly uncuffing her, where she sat up to rub at her ankles and wrists, deep marks pressed into her soft skin from the harsh steel as she’d pulled at them. Flipping the covers of the bed back, I climbed lazily under the sheets, helping Shakira back over them and in beside me, where she paused to push her corset together, releasing the front hooks and pulling it apart, throwing it off over the side of the bed, letting me see her perky breasts for the first time. I pulled her down in bed beside me, reaching over to give her humble chest a squeeze as we snuggled up together.

“It’s always something with you blokes,” she giggled tiredly.

“It won’t be the last time either,” I said, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“I sure hope not,” she murmured, which I definitely concurred with as we quickly dozed off, completely exhausted in the best possible way and totally sated, Shakira completely satisfied for the first time in years.
The End

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