Creamey Dreams #1 – Lacey Turner, Secretary

Title: Creamey Dreams #1 – Lacey Turner, Secretary

Author: Creamey

Celebs: Lacey Turner

Story Codes: MF, cons/reluc, oral, spank

Disclaimer: This story is pure fantasy (quite clearly). That means that the described scene never happened. The involved people have never been and will never be involved in the described proceedings, and in no way does the iDream really exist. By God, I wouldn’t be doing this if it did. If you are easily offended by explicit sexual material DO NOT READ ON. If you’re underage or if this material and/or the described proceedings are illegal in
your country DO NOT READ ON. Otherwise, READ ON. Oh yeah, and don’t use it without my permission. Thanks.

Lacey Turner is a British soap actress, who stars as Stacey Slater in Eastenders.

You settle down for the evening, place the iDream over your head and drift slowly and naturally in to a deep sleep.

You find yourself in your office, the same furniture, stationery and paperwork that you’d left there that afternoon. But glancing up you see a figure looking over her shoulder at you, bending over the opposite desk in a short black skirt, stockings and heels. The girl is Lacey Turner, and she keeps her eyes fixed on you stare at her raised bottom.

“Would you like me to arrange tomorrow’s meetings before I leave, Mr. Sharpe?”

You stand up, your cock growing steadily as you move closer, amazed at the lucidity of the dream created by your new machine. You admire the view as Lacey arches her back, her legs totally straight as she naturally adopts the position that the iDream selects as most arousing, calculated from your brain activity.

“Mr Sharpe?”

You suddenly realise that Lacey is waiting for an answer, so you respond instinctively.

“Oh no Lacey, don’t worry,”

But as she starts to stand up you have to remind yourself that she’s just an illusion, and it dawns on you that you could say anything to this girl and she’d respond in the most pleasing manner possible.

“I mean to say, you have more important things to see to. Get back over the desk. And tug up your skirt a little more.”

Lacey slowly begins to bend right over once more, her skirt sliding up her firm young thighs as she reaches back with on hand and lifts at the tight fitting material to let it slip up over her gorgeous round bum. You groan under your breath as you stare transfixed, the pretty black knickers looking so skimpy and sexy stretched across her cute arse as you slide a hand up her stocking-clad thigh and give her bum a rough squeeze. Those big blue eyes glance back at you as you step back and admire her again, your cock straining in your trousers as you murmour at your new plaything.

“God you look so spankable…”

Without thinking she reaches back gives her cheeks a little rub with the palm of her hand, before administering a loud hard smack straight on her bottom, gasping hornily as she stings her bare skin. You can’t help yourself unzipping your fly now, releasing your stiff cock and stroking it slowly as Lacey raises her hand and gives herself another sexy sudden spank on her juicy arse. She looks so sexy spanking her own bum as she bends over for your pleasure, but its when she opens her mouth to speak that you wonder how long you can make this last…

“You like to see your saucy secretary spanking her bottom for you don’t you Mr. Sharpe. I’m a very naughty girl Mr. Sharpe, a very naughty dirty little girl because I just love my horny old boss wanking over me while I bend over like a tart and give my sexy bum a nice hard slapping.”

With that you groan loudly and move forward again, your balls tightening as you watch Lacey peel her knickers over her bottom, keeping them stretched just underneath her cheeks at the tops of her thighs. The sound of another self-inflicted spank makes your cock twitch in your hand.

“Wouldn’t you like to cum all over your naughty secretary’s bottom Mr.Sharpe? I could rub all your hot spunk into my bare bumcheeks and make it all slimy and slippery for you, wouldn’t that be nice and naughty Mr.Sharpe?”

The sight of this perfectly slutty little secretary talking such sweet filth drives you closer to the edge. Suddenly you tense up and throw your head back with a groan as a long jet of cum shoots over Lacey’s perfect round arse, the thick gooey spunk glistening on her soft cheeks as she moans softly and offers up her tight bum, feeling the warm messy cum oozing down her thighs and into her knickers, smiling and moaning for more as you unload your balls all over her perfect rear, spreading it all over with her fingers as she smiles sexily.

The overload in brain activity causes the iDream to shut down and you awake with a hard-on, but nothing more. You realise you ought to change the settings to react less quickly to your desires if you want to make the dream last longer, so you alter the options for a more teasing experience. You also raise the shutdown threshold so that next time you can choose to enjoy the aftermath of shooting spunk all over a Lacey Turner’s arse, instead of waking up just at the crucial moment.

You’d only been asleep for 15 minutes, so you place the iDream back over your head and desperately try to fall back to sleep as quickly as you can.

Once again you find yourself in your office, the same furniture, stationery and paperwork that you’d left in the previous dream. But this time Lacey is not bent over the desk in front of you but sitting behind it, tapping away on the keyboard. You slide a hand in your pocket and find your cock soft, and feeling as if you hadn’t cum in weeks. The sight of Lacey’s cleavage in her tight white blouse and black push-up bra soon has it stirring again, and with renewed confidence you speak up as you did before.

“Lacey, do something for me would you? Unbutton your blouse and show me those gorgeous tits”.

Lacey looks up at you stunned, with a slight look of disgust in her eyes.

“You what?”

This wasn’t the reaction you were expecting, and you wonder if she’d heard you properly.

“I said get your boobs out, give them a jiggle for me”.

Lacey turns a shade of pink, drops the pen she was holding and starts to make a move for the door, stammering under her breath…

“I…I don’t believe this, I’m getting out of here, Mr. Sharpe, I’m sorry but that is so…so degrading”

She tries the door but finds it locked, which is a surprise to both of you. You get the sense that perhaps you altered the arousal levels down too far. She turns round with a worried look on her face as you stand up and walk over to her, deciding that you’ll have to make the best of it. Changing the settings again would mean spending another half hour getting back to sleep. Curious as to what her reaction would be, you say nothing but reach out and push her backwards against the closed door, pinning her arms and staring down her cleavage.

“Oww!…what….what are you doing, let me go!”

You let go of her arms and rip open her thin blouse, her boobs shaking as she gives a yelp. You stare, amazed at the ease in which you were able to tear the fabric clean open, and how despite the look on Lacey’s face, she makes no attempt to get away or conceal herself.

“Now”, you say looking her straight in the eye. “I said show me those tits.”

She pauses and looks down, her cheeks flushed as you stand over her.

“Please…..Mr. Sharpe….”

“You want a spank do you?”

She gives you a cold look, but starts to tentatively unclasp her bra. You watch as she allows her full soft breasts to spill out in front of you, her pink nipples hard as her white blouse hangs off one shoulder.

“And, young lady, I also said jiggle them for me”.

She gives a pained expression at the humiliation, closing her eyes as she pushes out her boobs, shaking them reluctantly, making your cock stiffen in an instant.

“Oh now there’s a good girl Lacey, don’t they look pretty bouncing around like that? Don’t you think Mr. Sharpe would like those bouncing around his cock?”

“Yes…” says Lacey with a whimper, “I’m sure Mr. Sharpe would.”

You press on her shoulders, guiding her to her knees and instructing her as she unzips your fly, allowing your hard cock to spring out in front of her sweet pretty face. With more strongly worded orders, you soon have her curling her fingers around your thick shaft and wanking you slowly against her cheek, even running her tongue along the underside of your cock as you ooze precum over her skin. The sensation is all the more thrilling knowing you are totally in charge of this hot busty secretary as she licks your balls hesitantly, feeling so used and dirty as she works your cock over her sweet lips.

“Mmmm, that’s it, worship your boss’s cock Lacey, I want you to suck it and show me how much you love it. I’m paying you to do this you know, you’re my personal whore. Its still office hours, and you’re here to take notes, take phonecalls and take my cock in that slutty little mouth of yours”.

You feel her warm breath on your bulging cockhead as she gives a soft little sigh, wrapping those sexy lips around your throbbing tip and sucking gently. Growling through your teeth you look down as Lacey slowly slides your length in and out of her slurping mouth, her tongue working along the underside as she bobs her head rhythmically, occasionally looking up at you with a pleading look in her eyes. Stroking her hair away from her face you hold it back in one hand, using it to guide her head faster and deeper on to your big cock as you leak precum all over her tongue and down her throat. Her sloppy mouth feels so good engulfing your cock, and each time you feel the cum building you pull out and allow Lacey to catch her breath, the gooey ropes of thick saliva and precum drooling from her lips to your cockhead and running down her chin. Each time you push back deeper into her tight throat, you hold it there and listen to her gurgling, sucking and swallowing earnestly as you grip her hair. But as you pull out again for a fourth time, you step back and admire your fucktoy, kneeling, her perfect tits splattered with spit and precum and looking up at you with those puppy-dog eyes, panting breathlessly.

“Offer me a titty fuck”. You say clearly, your cock glistening as it sways from your trousers. Lacey pushes up her boobs, squeezing them together, showing off her wonderful cleavage as she stares at the floor.

“Look at me” you say sternly, “and offer me a titty fuck”. Lacey looks up at you once more, cupping her big breasts as she kneels on the office floor.

“Would you like a titty fuck Mr. Sharpe?”

You smile adoringly at your secretary, moving forward and sliding your cock against her sticky spit-drizzled tits.

“Oh yes Lacey, I would” you say smiling as your cock pushes between her warm juicy tits, your hips bucking instinctively as her big boobs surround it, squeezed so tightly around your shaft. The feeling of titfucking Lacey, still with her ripped blouse draped open round her arms drives you crazy as your balls squash and slap against her smooth skin, your slippery saliva-coated cock sliding faster and harder between her wonderful ample jugs. You lean forward uncontrollably as your cock oozes precum between her tits, forcing her whole body against the door as you hump her jiggling breasts, growling louder as she gives out desperate little cries pressed up hard against the door. Your body lurches and you lean back, your cock shooting a long creamy jet of cum right across her beautiful tits as she moans out loud in a breathy wail, an arc of cum squirting across her face as you unload all over your little slut.

“Ohh yeah, thats what a secretary is for” you say, flicking your cummy cock against her face, splattering her cheeks with the last of your spunk and smearing it all over her messy glossy lips. Pleased that the iDream had not shut down, you plunge your tingling cock back in to Lacey’s mouth and let her gently suckle you clean, swallowing the last drops as she gazes up at you for approval.

“Thank you Mr. Sharpe” she says with her mouth full, her warm wet tongue and lips gliding over your cummy cock, and with that the iDream shuts down.

It seems the threshold still wasn’t enough to handle that kind of activity.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear if you have any requests for other celebs who need the iDream treatment.

Otherwise, feel free to email me with your comments, suggestions and feedback to and I’ll always reply.

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