Creamy Fun

Disclaimer: If you ain’t 18, begone! This is for the adults, and Sweetness, you’re not.

This came to me during a Hunico withdrawl from a while back
Heather is someone from my imagination

This never happened, I made it up

This and Heather and Hunico are standalone.
Hope you enjoy it, if you don’t well, I tried.
I don’t speak Spanish, so if what I have is wrong, blame me and those internet translators.

And remember, there is no spoon.

Heather was sitting crossed-legged on her hotel bed playing a computer game.
She got up and stretched, her muscles were slightly stiff.She her long
black hair in a ponytail. She walked around her room for a bit. She was
waiting for room service to bring her order.
There was a knock on the
door. Heather walked over and opened it.  The waiter wheeled the cart
in. She moved out of the way, then tipped the waiter. Heather went into
the bathroom and washed her hands. She went back into her room and sat
at the table. She lifted the lid and and placed it on the table.
Strawberries and cream, her favorite.

Carefully, she took a
strawberry, dipped it into the cream and took a bite. The combination of
fruit and cream was heavenly to her.She finished that strawberry and
started another. Soon, she was out of strawberries, but still had a lot
of cream. She dipped a finger in and slowly sucked the cream off. She
was becoming aroused. She dipped again and again.

Hunico’s friend, Camacho, was pacing the room, waiting for his friend to
come out of the shower. He had gotten a glimpse of Heather when she
wasn’t looking. He had seen her long black hair, but he wanted to make
sure it was her. He managed to hide til he was able to see her face to
be sure. His patience paid off. He knew Hunico was hot for Heather.

” Camacho,lo que está pasando?”(What’s going on?)  Camacho turned, he had a huge grin on his face. Hunico was getting dressed.
“De Heather al lado.” ( Heather’s next door)”¿Realmente? ¿Está
absolutamente seguro?”(Really? Are you absolutely sure?) ” Sí.Me
aseguré.”(Yes. I made sure) Thinking about Heather had Hunico grinning
and hard. “Quizás es el momento que le hice una visita.”(Maybe it’s time
I paid her a visit.)  Hunico finished dressing and left the room.

was unzipping her jeans when she heard a knock at the door. “Dammit!”
she muttered, getting up and going to the door. She looked out the
peephole and saw Hunico standing there. She grinned, her brief anger was
quickly extinguished by lust. She opened the door. “Come in.” Hunico
entered the room. He glanced at the bowl of cream. She was gonna be his
first African-American woman. He was fascinated that she was. She looked
Hispanic. “Can I get you anything?”

“I’m good,thanks.”  “What
can I do fo-” He kissed her. She didn’t fight, returning the kiss.He
could taste the strawberries and cream she ate not that long ago.
Hunico’s hands slid down her back, and gripped her ass. Heather moaned
into his mouth. He broke the kiss, both were panting.

He lifted her shirt over her head, Heather helped by lifting her arms. Hunico reached around and unhooked her bra. It fell.
pulled her close, bent his head a little and sucked a nipple while
playing with the other. She arched her back, moaning. He switched to the
other nipple, doing the same to it, however, his hands unbuttoned her
jeans, and pulled them down.  Heather stood there almost naked.

reached over and removed his tank and jeans. She was surprised to see
him with no underwear. Hunico pulled Heather’s panties off. He kissed
her again. She could feel his dick hardening on her belly. He grabbed
the bowl of cream, there was a lot inside, and walked over to the bed.
She followed. Hunico passed the cream to Heather, then laid on the bed.
Heather dipped a few fingers into the bowl,then drizzled the cold cream
onto Hunico’s chest. She offered her fingers to Hunico who sucked them
clean. Heather licked the cream off his chest. The combination of the
coldness of the cream and the warmth of Heather’s mouth was driving him

Heather slowly poured more cream onto Hunico, pouring some
onto his stiff dick. Hunico jumped, then relaxed. Heather licked the
cream off, moving down his body. She came to his dick. She licked her
lips, bent her head and started to lick the stiff dick. Hunico was
yelling with pleasure. Heather started to suck him off, enjoying the
taste of cream and dick. She took the whole shaft in her mouth, without
gagging. Hunico gripped her head and humped his hips, fucking her in the

He shouted,as his dick exploded in her mouth. She
swallowed every drop of cum as his dick shot it out. Heather released
his dick and swallowed the rest of the cum. Hunico got up and gently
pushed Heather back onto the bed. He took the cream and drizzled some
onto her tits. She gasped. It was still cold. Hunico licked the cream
off, then sucked a nipple. He switched over to the other one, licking
and sucking on it. Heather was gasping and moaning from his touch.As he
was licking and sucking her nipples, Hunico trailed a hand down to her
pussy and slipped two fingers in. She bucked her hips at the touch.
Hunico explored her pussy, his fingers becoming wetter with each

Hunico removed his fingers, and before Heather could
protest, grabbed the bowl and poured the rest of the cream onto
Heather’s pussy.  Hunico bent his head and licked the cream up. Heather
inhaled sharply. Soon, the cream was gone, and he was still licking. She
felt his tongue slide in and tried not to buck her hips. Hunico grabbed
her hips and kept them still. His tongue explored her pussy. Heather
was moaning loudly. Hunico reached up and started playing with her tits.
Heather groaned. Hunico used his tongue and fucked her cunt, almost
like using a little dick. He felt her getting close to her orgasm.
Hunico removed his tongue, stopped playing with her tits, shifted his
position, and plunged his hardening dick inside.  She grabbed a pillow
and screamed with pleasure.  He pulled out and plunged back in, over and
over. She removed the pillow from her face, and kept up with him.  She
wrapped her arms and legs around him. Hunico plunged one last time,and they came together.  Hunico laid on Heather, still inside. They were both panting.

They rested, then got up and showered together.  After the shower, they went to their own rooms.

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