Creating Life

Title: Creating Life

Author: The House of the Weird

Celebs: Debby Ryan

Codes: MF, cons, rom, oral, anal, preg

Disclaimer: The following is a short erotica. And is completely fictional.

Authors note, this is intended to be a little different then the other stories and is best not to rush into the sex part for the full experience.

It was a quiet night when it happened. When I got a text from my friend saying that ‘she’ wanted to see me. We used to go to high school together, back when she was always busy and I only saw her in the one class we had together. But we somehow hit it off when we did talk. Debby always had a smile when she saw me, and she was usually the highlight of my day. But one night, when we were alone together, so much of our relationship changed. She came to my house the one night I was alone with my parents out on a weekend trip, the tears in her eyes told me she was hurt. I let her in and she explained that a she had made a mistake and had hooked up with this jackass of a guy and she feared that she might be pregnant. Having no one to talk to she came to me for help. We both decided that it was best to find out if she was in fact pregnant first before going anywhere with this information.

Sneaking out to get a pregnancy test stick is one thing, doing it with a Disney starlet is another, especially since her parents wouldn’t the only one’s that would kill her if their was in fact a little person inside her. Ten minutes seamed like forever when you’re waiting for a result. But we sat there none the less, waiting for something to happen. I could tell from how nervous she was that she was terrified of what could happen if we get the result that we were afraid of. I reached out and held Debby’s hand, trying to calm the 16 year old down, she accepted my hand trusting me and held it back. She looked into my eyes as if to say thank you for being here, I couldn’t help but look back and say you’re welcome. We came back to reality when the timer on my phone said ten minutes had passed, and the stick said negative. A sigh of relief came from Debby as she was glad that there wasn’t going to be any problem to deal with. A hug soon followed as she thanked me for staying with her, telling me she wasn’t ready for such a big responsibility. In that moment though we should’ve stayed there, I shouldn’t have encouraged her, but without thinking she pressed her lips against mine. That single second sent blood rushing through to my head surprised at her spontaneous action, she quickly realized what happened and pulled back but we couldn’t help but stare. As our eyes looked at each other for the second time tonight, with our bodies still together as we were still hugging one another, as we looked at the other I could tell she was thinking the same thing; and our lips touched each other once again.

We never actually had sex, but she stayed the night in my bed as we were in a spooning position in just our underwear. As I held her in my arms I wondered if our previous make out session was really what my friend needed right now, going from what caused her to almost get pregnant to Frenching her closest friend outside of Hollywood. The moonlight shined into the room letting me see her curves from where I was at. The fact that she took her bra off because she never slept in one was making me feel something inside me as my arm was resting under her breasts. Even she knew that what we did was unexpected and I doubt she thought that lying half naked together in bed was what would happen coming to me for help. Then I asked a stupid question: would you ever want to have a baby? What I wasn’t expecting, was a answer: only if I find someone worth having one with. We then talked for a few more minutes before she did something unexpected. Debby rolled us over and straddled my stomach, as I prayed I wouldn’t get a hard on that could bump into the back of her bum as I had a full view of her perk breasts, she asked a stupid question of her own: Johnny, I trust you, you’re a really good guy. If one day when I’m ready to have a baby, would you please be the father? As she leaned in waiting for an answer I looked into her eyes and suddenly key what I had to say… something I haven’t stopped to wonder why I said it to this day: of course.

It’s been years since that night and she ended up being transferred to Disney’s private school for their stars a few days later and we lost contact over time. There were days where I couldn’t I but wonder if what happened that faithful night was just a dream or not, or even if she remembered. So when a friend of mine reached out to me saying that Debby was trying to contact me, I had asked why she was reaching out now? His response was a message that she had told him to give me. It was two words that she knew I would get…

I’m ready…

We met up two days later, nearly ten years had passed and she still was as beautiful as when we were teenagers. I never really bothered thinking she was attractive back then but I had to get myself ready for what we were about to do, and knowing what was gonna happen definitely made me aroused. After a friendly hug and a peck on the cheek from her we sat down at the coffee shop she had chosen as our meeting spot we begin to talk about our lives until we reached the subject I was hoping to get to, the reason why she was ready. She explained that after years of business and leisure with several boyfriends in between she finally had enough time in between projects to think about what she wanted to do with her life. Her decision was that she wanted to settle down a little bit, and finally decided it was time for a baby. She asked if I was still willing to go on with this, I reluctantly agreed considering I could never say no to her. I was then offered a key to her apartment and a place to stay so that we could get to talk more and not have to worry about finding time to get together.

Our first night together was sensational, as she wanted to have a romantic evening to set the mode instead of just a quick fuck. She came into the bedroom wearing a satin black robe that was open to reveal her matching black lace underwear, her large breasts very much positioned by the bra to make her look even more sexy. Her exquisite outfit was soon removed from her body as I positioned our now naked bodies with her on top of me the same way she was when I first promised her a baby. Only this time, I slid my now mighty 9” cock into her for the first time. Riding me as her perky tits bounced from her body going up and down on my member. After ten minutes or so I felt a certain feeling inside me, one that I knew she was waiting for. Giving her a grunting sound as a heads up, I thrusted my hard cock deep into her as I filled her womb with cum.  And as she laid on top of me with her breasts pushing down on me like squishy pillows to give me a long hard kiss after our sexual release, I knew that even if she did get pregnant tonight it wouldn’t be the last time we would be together.

I couldn’t have been more right..

After finding out she didn’t get pregnant that night, we continued to have sex each night while still getting to know each other a little more since it’s been years since we last spoke. One morning, I awoke to Debby actually hold my penis in her hand stroking it as I had morning wood. As she saw that I was awake she gave me a wink and proceeded to put the top of my dick into her mouth. This spontaneous blowjob continued for about five minutes until she made me cum in her mouth. As she swallowed my load she told me that she just wanted to see how I taste for once. I responded by tasting her as I ate out her vagina. We continued our relationship for two months before something different happened. We were in the living room beside the fireplace as she sat on my lap facing away from me with my penis inside her pussy. We created a rhythm as I was groping her breasts with my hands marveling at how soft they were. Her nipples were between my fingers as I poked and rolled them causing her to moan in lust. As we kept this up I let my hormones take control and asked a stupid question. What I wasn’t expecting, was the answer I hoped for. We moved into the doggie style but instead of her vaginal area I slid my juice lubed cock into her tight ass. In the past I had only groped her amazing tushy before but now I actually was inside it. We kept it up until I don’t the how long but possibly until the both of us came as the two of us had passed out from pure sexual ecstasy and woke up still on the living room floor with our juices everywhere. As I kissed her good morning I said something I never thought I’d be saying when I signed up..

I love you…

At first, I thought I was in trouble. But after a moment of silence and looking into her eyes Debby said the four words that I was so glad to hear…

I love you too…

Six months has passed since we first reunited, and we had become more than just two people trying to have a baby, but two lovers who have fallen for each other. And although it has been a little hard not having a baby yet, today was something I actually wasn’t expecting, even though I should’ve since it’s how I fell in love with Debby. Returning home with flowers in my hand a stupid question in my head, and as I opened the door and declared that I was home Debby came running up to me in joy giving me a big hug and a fat kiss on the lips. As she backed up I saw what she was so happy about, a pregnancy test..

Only this time, it said positive..

As we celebrated on finally achieving what we came together for we ended up back in the bedroom as I rested my hand on her bare belly, touching where the baby would grow inside of her from the outside as we laid on the bed in our underwear. As we got close to each other my stupid question came to mind and I couldn’t help but ask it. We’ve agreed I would be the father right? Confused a little bit she nodded her head yes. I was just thinking maybe it would be best since I’m the father I should, be there for the baby as it’s actual father. She agreed that it is a good idea but I doubt she fully knew what I was going to ask. So you want to stay with me? This time, I got on top of her, put my arms on either side of her as I looked into her eyes an finally asked my stupid question. I was actually wanting to know if you would marry me? The pause that came after, was worth seeing a smile on her face when she gave me an awesome answer…


Two years have passed since that night, our little baby Elizabeth was born on our eight month anniversary of our wedding. We had it before she was born so that we could be a happy family when she came. And six months ago it turns out my lovely wife Debby became pregnant again. With our little girl with her grandparents tonight I have her all to myself, except for little Matthew inside her of course. And as I rub Debby’s tummy as she laid with naked, I assured our little one on the way, that what me and mommy are about to do is going to be ok for him. Although I don’t think I’m ready for a third baby while expecting our second. Hmm, guess I’ll cum in her ass then, she does enjoy that. And as we kiss telling one another how much we love each other, I couldn’t help buy be happy that I said yes all those years ago…

The End

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