Crime and Punishment

Title: Crime and Punishment

Author: Tori

Celebs: Landry Bender

Codes: MF, MMF, NC, anal

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Landry Bender sat nervously on the cold metal folding chair waiting.  The cramped back room at the department store was lined with shelves of returned merchandise and sitting on the table was her bag.  Landry and her former costar Lauren Taylor had been apprehended by a security guard and accused of shoplifting.  After being brought to the back room, the guard searched both of their bags and when he didn’t find any stolen merchandise in Lauren’s bag, he let her go.  Landry, on the other hand, had several items in her bag and was ordered to stay in the room until the head of security spoke to her.

After almost thirty minutes alone, the door opened and a middle aged man dressed in black slacks, white shirt and tie, came in and started poking through her bag.  He pulled out several items with the price tags still attached and as he looked them over he said, “So, Miss Bender, care to explain all these items in your bag?”  Landry looked up at him and said, “I don’t know how those got in there, honest.”  He smirked and said, “Sure.  That’s what all you thieves say.”  He put the items down and stood in front of the scared teen and said, “Shoplifting is a serious offense.  In fact, since the items you took total over two hundred dollars, it’s a felony.”  Landry started to cry and said, “Please, I’ll pay for them.  Just let me go.”  The man just laughed and picked up the phone.  He pressed a button and said, “Marge, place a call to the police.”  Landry stood up and grabbed his arm.  “Please mister.  Don’t call the police.”  The man looked at her and then said, “Hold that call Marge.”  He put the phone down and said, “Now why shouldn’t I call the police young lady?”  Landry sat back down and said, “I’m sorry.  There’s got to be something I can do.  Just don’t call the cops, ok?”  He looked at her and said, “Stand up.”

Landry slowly got up.  The man looked at the short, skinny teen and licked his lips sending a chill up her spine.  She tried to look away but the man said, “Take off your shirt.”  Landry stared at him and said, “What?”  The man came closer and pulled at her t-shirt and said, “Take this off.”  Landry hesitated for a minute and he said, “Fine, I’ll just make that call.”  “Wait!” she said.  Shaking slightly, the young girl pulled her t-shirt up over her head and dropped it to the floor.  The man looked at her small breasts and said, “That’s better.  The sooner you do what I tell you, the sooner you can go home.  Now, lose the jeans.”  Landry slowly slid her tight jeans down and took them off, leaving her standing in nothing but her white cotton panties.  The man then came even closer and ran his hand across her tight tummy.  “Turn around” he said.  Landry did as she was told and then the man pushed her over the large table, pulled her panties down around her ankles and slid his hand across her pussy.  His rough fingers rubbed against her hairless slit and he could feel her getting wet.  He leaned over Landry and said, “You like this don’t you?  I can feel how wet you are.”  Landry closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt the man push his middle finger into her pussy.  He started to finger bang the little teener and said, “I love catching little sluts like you.”  Landry started to cry and then something else happened.  The man slipped another finger inside of her and used his thumb on her clit.  Suddenly, her body began to shake and she came.  Her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightening and she screamed out, squirting her juices all over his fingers.

When she tried to stand up, the man held her down and with the other hand, undid his trousers and pulled out his hard cock.  “Stay there baby.  I’ve got something else for you.  Get ready little girl.  I’m going to fuck the shit out you.”  With that, he pushed his hard cock balls deep into her sopping wet pussy.  Landry’s head came up and with her eyes wide open she screamed, “OH MY GOD!!!!!”  He held onto her hips and started to bang her tight teen cunt while she begged him to stop.  “PLEASE MISTER.  PLEASE DON’T RAPE ME!!!!”  As he pounded away at her tight hole, he slapped her ass and said, “I’m not raping you.  This is called an interrogation.”  After several minutes, the door opened and another man came in and said, “What the fuck is going on in here?”  Landry turned her head and said, “Please mister.  Help me.  He’s raping me.”  The man stood there for a second and then walked over next to the table and said, “I don’t know.  Say Fred?  Are you raping this young lady?”  The security cop smiled as he banged away at Landry and said, “Noooooooo.  Just doing a cavity search.  Want to help?”  With that, the other man pulled his cock out of his pants and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Fred pulled his cock out of Landry and pulled her up off the table.  He held onto her arm and sat down on the chair.  When he was settled, he grabbed Landry by the waist and said, “Climb aboard baby and do it quick or I’ll make that call.”  Reluctantly, Landry swung her leg over the man and sat down on his cock.  He held her tight and sucked on her nipples as the young teen began to grind on his cock.  While he watched, Jack, the other man, stripped off his clothes and got behind Landry.  Fred held her body against his and said, “Go on man, let see what she’s got up her ass.”  Landry screamed out as Jack pushed his cock in and said, “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT THERE!!! PLEASE!!!!”  Fred kept holding the struggling teen and said, “Listen.  Stop screaming or we’ll really give you something to scream about.”  The tears were flowing down Landry’s cheeks as the man behind her pushed more and more of his cock into her tight virgin hole.  When he was half way in, he pulled out and then shoved his entire length inside.  Landry screamed again only this time, her words were unintelligible.  She continued to scream and grunt as Jack fucked her ruined asshole harder and harder.  Fred began to fuck her too and before long, Landry stopped screaming.  Fred held her face against his neck and he could feel her hot breath on him as he fucked her wet, sloppy cunt.  Jack suddenly pulled out of her ass and covered her back with his hot load.  A minute later, Fred filled her pussy with his cum, eventually pulling Landry off of him and dropping her to the filthy floor.

The two men stood up and looked down at Landry.  She was curled up in a ball, crying while cum dripped from her gaping holes.  Jack leaned down and picked up her shirt and wiped his cock off before handing it to Fred.  After he was finished, he tossed the cum soaked shirt to Landry and said, “You can go now but if I ever catch you shoplifting again, you will go to jail.”  When she didn’t move, Jack nudged her with his shoe and said, “Let’s go.  Get dressed and get out or do you want his cock in your ass?”  Landry slowly got up and put her clothes on.  Several minutes after she left, Lauren came into the room and said, “I hope you taught that little bitch a lesson.”  Fred came over and closed the door.  He put his arm around the pretty blonde and said, “So tell me.  Why’d you put those things in her bag?”  Lauren smiled and said, “I found out she fucked my boyfriend.”  Jack came over and sandwiched the teen between him and Fred and said, “Revenge.  I guess that’s as good a reason as any.”  Lauren could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass and said, “Maybe you should search me too.”  Fred gave Jack a wink and then started to unbutton Lauren’s blouse.  “Baby, you read my mind.”

The End

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