Crimson Gauntlet: Chapter 8 – The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Mobsters

Featuring: Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff and Ashlie Brillout

Story Codes: MF, MFF, FF, MMMF, oral, cons, rape, drugs


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Mobsters

Church of the Ill Fated Fools

Los Angeles, California

Late September 2006

‘Why does it always seem to rain at funerals?’ Hilary Kelley wondered, as heavy drops began to fall from the gray sky. Letting out a sigh, she cast her sorrowful eyes downward. Her sprits already gloomy, Hilary, her sister Haylie and Ashlie Brillout slammed their cars doors behind them. Looking back across the church parking lot, Hilary
saw that the church entrance was covered by thousands of sympathy cards and flowers. It is rare that an actor dies at the height of their movie career, but still, to her, it seemed that those who had known Adam Lamberg the longest felt it the worst. Having grown very close during the making of the television show McGuire, while quickly retouching her makeup, Hilary was still taken aback by the flood of tears at the funeral mass.

Ashlie had wisely parked by the street. Otherwise, the on-rush of over a thousand people attending Adam’s funeral would have trapped them. The congestion was made even worse by of the attendance of the newly elected Vice-President of the United States. Sharing a look with the others, trying to sound cheerful, Ashlie voiced what everyone was thinking. “It’s a nice surprise that ‘Madame’ Vice President could be here. I’m glad Hallie Todd wasn’t too busy giving them ‘Hal’ in Washington.”

“It’s strange,” said Haylie, “how the slogan ‘Give them Hal – lie’ started as a joke, but then carried her to the governor’s office in Sacramento in 2004. With three Peoples Choice Awards, remember how the media went crazy when Hallie ran for governor of California after the show ended four years earlier?”

“Yeah, she’d been so wonderful playing the part of Lizzie McGuire’s wacky-mother reporter,” added Ashlie. “I always knew the girl could do it.”

“It always amazed me how she could act and still be President of the Screen Actors Guild,” Hilary said. “Who’d thought the lady who was like a second mother to me, would be the first woman Vice-President. Her election was almost as big a surprise…as Adam’s sudden murder was tragic.”

“I’m going to miss him,” Haylie said. “Adam was always so nice. He’d been such a big help lately.”

“Yea,” Hilary replied. “I know, sometimes he felt like a brother to me.”

With a sullen look, Ashlie shook her head. “Maybe,” she said without any remorse. “I don’t know. He’d changed a lot the last few years.”

Looking sideways at Ashlie, Hilary said, “I hadn’t seen him much lately. But despite his success, Adam still seemed like the same drunken clown.”

“Speaking of Men,” Haylie spoke up, pointing to her right. “Check that out it.”

Unable to resist looking, like the others, Hilary liked the view of Ken’s wet dress shirt clinging to his large pecks. But while he still looked good, she noticed that he’d been putting on weight.

Noticing Ashlie jerk her head to get herself a look and listening to her sister talk, took Hilary back to when, as adolescents, they would check out guys and argue about who was hottest.

Having had a bit of a crush on him back then, Hilary looked too. She involuntarily sighed, wondering, ‘I wonder what Steve is doing. If only…’

“Yeah, he’s still a hottie,” Ashlie. “It’s too bad he couldn’t have been a better influence on Adam…” Ashlie’s voice trailed off, her face wrapped in conflict.

After shaking her head, Ashlie started the car. “Okay ladies what should we do?” she asked. “Do you all want to go back to the hotel? What’s his name asked us…”

“Ken you mean!” Hilary cut her off sharply.

“Well,” interjected Haylie, “Ken suggested that we all get together back at his suite to catch up on things. I vote we go there.”

‘They hadn’t changed,’ Hilary thought. She just hoped Haylie and Ashlie wouldn’t follow Ken around with big puppy dog eyes like they used to. Hilary figured it was a good bet that she was in for an interesting night.

“That’s fine with me. Do you want to go Hilary?” asked Haylie.

Trying to conceal her feelings, Hilary answered meekly, without any enthusiasm. “Yea – sure, – as long as he doesn’t bore us to death.”

Using their old nickname, Ashlie asked, “So ‘Sister-Sister’, how’s the career going? You two haven’t put out a new movie for at least a couple of months. Things must be bad.”

Speaking with a silly smirk, Hilary knew Ashlie was kidding. While everything had gone so well during the show, Ashlie couldn’t know how bad things had become. But that had been three long years ago, a lifetime in Hollywood, since they’d made a successful movie. Lately they hadn’t been getting any offers at all.

“Things were…are looking up. Hilary and I had just landed supporting acting roles in a new movie later this fall. We’re supposed to be filming in Russia no less, that is, if someone else can be found to take over Adam’s role.”

Feeling the irony of situation, Hilary said to Ashlie. “It’s so sad. With him already in the movie, it was poor Adam who’d helped us get the parts.”

“If it hadn’t been for him, our next lines would probably be…do you want fries with that?” said Haylie.

While $500,000 for only 4 weeks work was too good of an offer to turn down, Hilary had an ominous feeling in the pit of her stomach about the movie. It hadn’t been easy to get the role. When they tried out for the part, she still eerily remembered the first thing, Ivan Mikhailovich, the movie’s Russian producer, had told them, “I have a lot of other good prospects and you girls really need to please me if you want to get the role.”

Needing to work, Haylie had answered for both of them. “Mr. Mikhailovich, we’ll do our best to give you what you want.”

Hilary was very impressed when the Producer had flown the director, his cameraman, and the both of them in a helicopter to a beautiful secluded oceanfront house in Northern California. The goal that day was to do a photo shoot, which, if hired to do the movie, would be used as part of a marketing campaign for the film. “This spot we’re going is perfect,” he had proclaimed. “Just like the Black Sea coast where we’ll make the film!”

When the chopper touched down, they were served large glasses. The girls were served lemon aid while the men all took tall glasses of vodka. Very sour, he tore open what looked like Sweet-Low for each of their drinks. As he threw the sweetener away, Hilary noticed something appeared strange about the color of the paper. But her attention was drawn away when he raised his glass to make a toast. While Haylie and Hilary took a slip, all the Russians gun-down their drinks in one gulp. After slamming down their glasses they shouted in unison, “POBEDA!” (Success)

Hilary wanted to pick-up another packet to examine it, but with an arm around each of them, as he hurried them from the helicopter, Ivan said, “We must go. We are losing the light!”

The sun bright beat down as they both took in the beautiful green park like scenery around an Old Victorian Mansion on top a grass slope above the crash of the Pacific waves below. Unimpeded, the view of the ocean reached out to the distant bluish-gray horizon was breath taking. When the long walk to the house was finished, they went inside to prepare for the photo shoot. But it worried her when she saw the bright wolfish gleam in his eyes and dark dim of the stainless steel in his teeth as he gave them their entire wardrobe, little red string bikinis. Having already run into a number of Hollywood wolfs who’d tried to get them to do everything from nude scenes to just providing a cheap thrill, she would have call a cab right then if Adam hadn’t already been doing the movie.

Noting the apprehension in her sister’s eyes, Haylie suggested. “Hilary, we’ve already gone this far. What the hell.”

Feeling a little tipsy, Hilary threw her hands up and showed a little nervous smile as she followed her sister into the changing room.

The bikini was the smallest Hilary had ever worn! While it fit just fine, the thong was only a thin strip that ran between their butt cheeks. They had to shave or it wouldn’t have covered them up in front. A little too tight, the top consisted of straps and two small triangles that covered little more than their nipples! But it surprised Hilary that she actually kind of liked being so uninhibited! After the girls finished dressing, Haylie looked at our shooting schedule. Hilary wasn’t surprised to hear that the first item on the list was beach volleyball.

The photographer began by posing them around the net. They first stood together, with their backs arched and their arms stretched out above their heads as if to block a shot. Next, they locked their hands together in front of them at the ready position as if they were going to return a serve. At first he didn’t like Hilary’s pose, but after pushing her arms in which heaving up her breasts, he gave them an approving smile. Then bending over, they faced each other, stretched out at a forty-five degree angle. The girls then had to arch their backs again and reach up towards the sky, facing the camera with big smiles. Again, she couldn’t explain why all this didn’t seem to bother her as she and Haylie started hitting the ball back and forth.

The only players, Hilary took one side of the net and Haylie the other. Immediately, they noticed they were unsteady on her feet and the ball seemed to be moving too fast. But it was fun to play, even though they still jiggled a little every time they jumped or ran for the ball. The photographer busily took pictures of them, remarking, “This should help us picture what we want.”

When Haylie actually at chuckled at his remark, Hilary was surprised that instead of giving her a dirty look, she also laughed. But she figured the combination of the heat and sunlight had to be getting to both of them. Feeling very thirsty, Hilary asked for something to drink.

“I’m very sorry, but all we can offer you is orange juice,” he answered. “Is that ok?” They both said it was fine and thankfully accepted a tall glass.

The feel of the moisture from the cold glass in her hand increased Hilary’s thirst. In her haste to drink the orange juice she didn’t notice it was mostly vodka until after she had taken a large swallow. At only eighteen and not use to hard liquor, Hilary hesitated over drinking the rest of it.

But then Ivan said reassuringly, “It is go-od Russian Vod-ka…the children in my country drink it everyday!”

Thus comforted, her thirst over came any reservations and she quickly drank down the rest the glass. After he gave them another, they were directed to run in the surf and splash each other. “Be sure to get each other nice and wet,” they were told.

When Hilary left the water she noticed that someone had really messed up. The wrong type material had been used for their swim ware and the wet translucent fabric clung to their bodies. Through the wet bikini bottoms she could clearly see the color and shape of their pussy curls and vaginal lips! And because they were freezing, their hard nipples shod out clearly! Hilary would have used her hands to cover herself, but she was too woozy with a sudden headache. While rubbing both of her temples seemed to help, in her current-befuddled state, Hilary didn’t point out the Russian’s over sight.

Luckily, by this time the shooting was finished, and the photographer had asked Hilary and Haylie to wait her on the beach while he went through their pictures. “In case we have to do any re-shoots. Go ahead and lie down while you’re waiting,” Ivan said as he handed them a couple of large beach towels. Hilary and Haylie gladly took them and started toweling off. Joining in, the cold and alcohol eliminating her inhibitions even more and the Ivan’s fingers felt good as he helped to dry off Hilary’s body.

Haylie must have had been feeling the effects of the liquor even more than her sister was. Almost falling as she positioned her towel on the sand, Haylie forgot all modesty as she layed down on her backside and fell a sleep with her legs and arms stretched out. Her suit still wet, Haylie’s privates were open to view.

Remembering her modesty, Hilary laid facedown to sun her back. Still keeping a little of her head, she immediately reached over and crossed her sister’s legs for her. Hilary then layed back down to relaxed and warm in the sun, which seemed to make her head feel better. By this point Hilary’s worries about this being a set up seemed far away, it all seemed legit enough. The combination of the cold and alcohol seemed to finish melting all of her inhibitions.

Still standing above them, Ivan produced a bottle of suntan lotion. Because the editing of the ‘fi-lm’ would take longer than they’d first thought, both the producer and the director offered to rub them down with sun tan lotion. “So you won’t burn,” they said.

Normally Hilary would have told them what they could do with their lotion, but by this point Hilary’s worries about this being a set up seemed far away. It all seeming legit enough, she said instead, “Sure – thanks.”

He did a real nice through job of oiling Hilary’s back. Unlatching her bikini top, it’s straps of fell away as he rubbed the sides of her breasts that were exposed. It surprised that she liked him telling her, “Little Hilary doesn’t want to a tan line does she?”

Smiling, he started running both of his hands lower down Hilary’s body. “Don’t want to take chances with skin cancer you know,” he said, rubbing the insides of Hilary’s thighs and then her entire bottom. Hilary squirmed as Ivan put one hand under her and pushed his hand between her butt cheeks. She actually giggled when he rubbed a finger along her slit. Bending down, Ivan French kissed her as he jumped a finger into her little wet chunny. When he finished kissing her, Hilary squirmed and giggled again when he gave her cute butt a hard slap.

Looking at her sister, Haylie’s eyes seemed expressionless and glazed over as the ground seemed to spin slowly around. Rolling her over, the photographer slipped Haylie’s top off her pretty titties. Then bring down his mouth to her right nipple, she just laid there with a dull look on her face as he kissed and suckled all over her body.

“People go nude on this beach all the time, Ivan said to Hilary. “Try it…you’ll like it. Don’t worry, no one will see.”

Hilary wouldn’t later remember drunkenly saying, “You don’t have to ask me twice. I like to sun myself in nude all the time!” But by now, Hilary was so out of it that she just laid there as she was rolled over on her back. After taking off her top, Ivan poured vodka all over Hilary’s breasts and hungrily licked them off.

It was almost as if Hilary was a bystander, as he squeezed her breasts, pinching, biting and sucking on her nipples. Then he spoke again, “Hilary, let me help you with that too.” Raising her ass up with one hand, he pulled off her bikini thong with the other. Then he rubbed his hands across Hilary’s flat stomach, her ass, the insides of her smooth thighs, and down her toned legs. When Ivan’s pants fell away, he shoved his large cock into her pussy.

Actually enjoying his big member humping into her, Hilary wantonly wrapped her legs around his ass and helped to push his whole length forcefully and rapidly in side. After her pussy, Hilary’s little butt accepted him. Afterwards, he wantonly filled Hilary’s mouth with his cum as two other men simultaneously fucked her pussy and ass.

As Hilary was done in a three-way, the photographer rubbed Haylie down like a professional masseuse. Then he brought a bottle of vodka to Ashlie’s mouth to give her a drink. “Take it easy, don’t drink it so fast!” Then pushing his cock into her mouth, he laughed. “You better have saved room for our cumm, my little American hore!”

Soon, with her eyes having trouble focusing, as she was being fucked from three directions at once, Hilary swooned and finally lost complete consciousness.

Later, Hilary awoke with a splitting headache. As the fog in her brain slowly lifted she recognized the beach and remembered where she was. Noticing that the sun was setting, Hilary realized that she’d been asleep for hours. After hearing her moan next to her, Haylie asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” shaking her head, Hilary let a groan. “We must of fell asleep.”

While everything seemed blank after laying down on the beach, but in the back of mind, Hilary seemed to remember a few burly images dealing with sun tan lotion. Hilary tried to concentrate but Ivan, noticing that they were awake, walked over.

Smiling at them, he said, “You two girls worked so hard, you fell a sleep. We left you alone.” His smile broadened. “You girls maybe just what we are looking for?” Hilary didn’t think it was possible, but his grin grew even larger when he added, “It will give me much pleasure for you to work for us! If we hire you, because travel can be difficult in my country, be sure to give me your passports. I will take care of all the red tape! We will all have a good time in my country.”

Excited at the chance to be working again, she felt like running. But she quickly decided against it because, for some reason, her groin and sphincter muscles were so sore it was difficult to walk. Turning to Haylie, saw her sister felt the same way. They both did look the worse for wear. Their hair and makeup were a mess. Hilary’s mouth tasted of vodka and her lips felt sticky and gooey, the way you get when you’re really thirsty, but it didn’t tasted quite right. And her head was pounding from too much and sun and vodka she assumed.

Feeling that she had perhaps cheapened herself by letting them parade them around in such little bikinis, Hilary still didn’t understand why she had done it in the first place. ‘We must have been swept away by the lovely location and too much alcohol.’ But needing the money, Hilary figured. ‘What is done, is done.’

Even though she didn’t think so, both Haylie and her are often described as very pretty, sometimes even beautiful. Realizing the Russians must have enjoyed ‘The Show,’ Hilary wished her career were going better. However that’s the way Hollywood worked, and this was their only prospect. But she sighed in relief that they hadn’t tried to take advantage of them.

In a moment, while her thoughts turned back to Haylie and Ashlie, to Hilary’s surprise, she did regret not telling Steve of her apprehension about her new employers. But not having seen Ashlie for quite a while, Hilary really wasn’t sure what she was doing now. While Hilary hoped things were going better for her, it was impossible to miss Ashlie’s fantastic boob job.

“It’s going ok,” said Ashlie. “I’m still paying the bills.”

“That’s cool,” Haylie responded, “I’m happy your doing ok.”

“So, what’s new with you?” Haylie asked.

“Not much really,” Ashlie answered, keeping her eyes fixed on the road. “I haven’t had a good role for quite some time now.”

Hilary was going to ask how she was paying her bills, when Ashlie continued. “Now the only work I can get now is in ‘adult’ movies. I never thought I’d be just another Hollywood reject sucking cock and get fucked in porno films.”

Hilary knew that Ashlie had her pride and didn’t say anything more, even though she was dying to ask how she could do such a thing.

They all remained quiet for a while. Even though they hadn’t gotten together for a long time, it didn’t mean they stopped caring about each other. Ashlie was Hilary’s friend, just as much as Ashlie was. But Haylie had less restraint. “You mean that you made a video and didn’t tell us?” she asked. And Hilary smiled in relief that Haylie hadn’t made fun of Ashlie.

“Yea, I did,” Ashlie replied. “I wasn’t sure what you girls would think about it?”

Hilary waited for her to continue, but Haylie cut in again, “O Ashlie, it’s not your fault that your were typed cast and now have trouble getting work. If our parents had saved most of our earnings, we would have been broke years ago!” It was common knowledge the Kelley Twin’s joint trust held well over a Seventy million. Because Ashlie was driving, Hilary hoped she didn’t see the look that she shared with Ashlie. While they were worried about their future, Hilary certainly hoped they would never get as desperate as Ashlie was.

With a demur smile Ashlie said, “Work’s not that bad…really. There are a lot of professional actors and actresses who are really comfortable with there sexuality. It’s the production people you’ve got to watch out for. They can be a very sleazy.” Ashlie let out a little chuckle as she said. “You’re okay as long as you watch your back.”

Her chuckle faded to a crooked grin, Haylie smiled back. While the corners of her mouth bent up, Hilary was embarrassed that she didn’t get what had to be a joke.

“But things might be looking up since I got these,” Ashlie said, pointing to her new boobs; “I was on Howard Stern’s show last week and he called me a ‘perfect piece’ of ass. And now I’m up for a nude body double role in a nude scene with Mel Gipson. I get to suck his dick, than he does me doggy style!”

“Wow,” The Duff sisters both said in unison. Then Haylie added, “Let’s us know if you can get passes to the set that day, I’d love to watch that.”

“That would be cool!” Ashlie responded. But suddenly noticing the grumbling in her stomach, she suggested that they stop at the first restaurant they saw. It having been a long funeral, Ashlie and Haylie left to go the bathroom, leaving Hilary waiting line for a table.

Unfortunately the cologne of the man standing in front of Hilary started her seizing uncontrollably. Not seeing any tissues and desperately needing to get away from the man’s scent, Hilary ran to the bathroom.

Opening the door, Hilary was surprised to discover Ashlie was bent down in front of Haylie, she was fondling her breasts and suckling upon her right nipple!

“Hi Hilary,” Haylie stammered out, with an innocent smile as Ashlie covered herself. “I wanted…to check out Ashlie’s new boobs.”

Ashlie’s inquisitiveness kind of made sense to Hilary, so she locked the bathroom door and joined her sister. Rubbing their bodies together, for a long minute the Kelley sisters filled their mouths with Ashlie’s firm titties while Ashlie reached up between both their legs and ravaged their pussies. But then Hilary was startled from her feast when there was a knock on the door. So, after taking care of her nose, Ashlie told her she had to fix her make up and Haylie would stayed to ‘keep her company’ while Hilary went back to check on the table. In about ten minutes, Ashlie and Haylie were all smiles when they rejoined her.

Hilary ordered a tea and dry salad. Ashlie, being a pig, had a hamburger and Brandi Alexander. Ashlie only drank coffee with rum and she was really slugging it down. After the bad experience the last time they drank, it worried Hilary that Ashlie was drinking so early in the day. She had to wonder if Ashlie was drinking in spite of their experience. Or…was it because of it? After swallowing a piece of red leaf lettuce, Hilary decided to ask, “Ashlie, why are you hitting the…coffee so hard?”

Before she could answer, with a concerned toned, Haylie suggested, “You’ll get sick if you don’t eat something.”

Ashlie emitted an evil little smile. “Not today girls, I’m pretty wiped. I met a…guy at the hotel bar last night and we went to the beach.” ”

“Hummm, weren’t you two cold?” Haylie asked inquisitively.

“On the way there we started touching,” Ashlie resumed her story, “and kissing in the car. It got so hot we didn’t even make it to the ocean. We ripped each other’s clothes off and we did it like rabbits right there in the car! Later, we’d continued our passions in my room.”

While she wasn’t a virgin, still Ashlie’s story surprised Hilary. But noticing the disbelief in her eyes, Ashlie told her, “Hilary it’s been along time since we were little girls on the show. I’ve learned that’s good to be uninhibited sometimes. Life’s too short if two…” Ashlie giggled, ” or three people have the right sexual chemistry they should dive in and indulge!”

After leaving the restaurant they had to stop at a toll both and, of course, having just gone to funeral, none of them had any pockets. Luckily, Haylie had her legionary purse that always seemed to have just what was needed. Sitting next to her in the front seat, Ashlie handed it to Hilary so she could look for coins. Finding enough to feed in to the machine, Hilary handed them to Ashlie, who tossed the change in.

Back on the highway, with the purse sitting open in her lap, Hilary noticed that there must have been four or five-dozen packets of Sweet In Low in the side pocket. Picking one up, she focused on reading the long list ingredients while Ashlie finished telling the story of last night’s passions. Only half listening to the story, Hilary noticed that the color of the paper and size of the print seemed odd, but she just couldn’t put her finger exactly on it.

“Ashlie, what’s with all the sweetener?” Hilary asked.

“O that’s not what it appears to be,” Ashlie answered. “It’s actually drugs that an asshole tried to give me…” she hesitated a moment, “one night. I took all his stuff to be sure the little bastard couldn’t try it on someone else. This shit can really hurt you.”

Hilary and Haylie exchanged a look of shock.

“He was so stupid,” Haylie continued. “That asshole had to of known he didn’t need that stuff to get me in bed! I’m just glad that I found he was such a monster before…” Her eyes cast downward as she paused to clam her emotions.

“Did you turn him in to the police?” Hilary inquired.

“No…he offered me ten thousand dollars to keep it secret. But when he offered me the money, I kicked him in the balls as hard as I could. I then stomped his face with my heel. He won’t be able to try that on anyone again…” Ashlie paused for a moment, unable to go on. But she recovered quickly. “I did take the money though…and gave it to the first homeless person I came across.” Seeming to be lost in thought, Ashlie stopped talking.

They all sat silently as they drove along. While the road drifted by, Hilary found herself thinking about all the men she had known in her life and wondering why she missed Steve, the man she’d know the least, the most.

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