Crimson Gauntlet: Chapter 9 – Reunion Before The Storm

Featuring: Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Hallie Todd and Ashlie Brillout

Story Codes: MF, MFF, FF, MMF, oral and cons



Redding Hotel, Los Angeles, California

18:00 Late September 2005

With her hands on her hips, Hilary Duff stood in hallway waiting. “Hi!” Ken Thomas said, answering the door, he said, “I’m really glad you could make.” Ken’s broad toothy grin expressed his sincerity.

Trying to put their grief about Jake Thomas’ death at distance, the girls had changed on the way to hotel. Hilary now wore a low-cut Ivory top and matching shorts.
While the titillating view of her breasts drew Ken’s eyes, he found her hot pink cotton athletic shorts were even more enticing. Not more than a few inches long, little of her fine ass was left to the imagination. Appreciating her choice in clothing, he reached down and padded Hilary’s fine butt approvingly. Then grasping up both her cheeks firmly, he filled his hands with her soft firm butt. Returning his embrace, Hilary ran her right hand along his stomach, stopping just above the bulge in his pants. Blushing bright red, Ken smiled her when she pinched his butt.

Full of excitement, Hilary jumped up into Ken’s arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. Pressing her waist to his, they lock together of a brief French kiss as she rubbed against him Then Hilary slowly slid down, grinding her crotch against his as she went. It was just as Hilary and Ken parted that, delayed in the lobby, Ashlie Brillout (Kate Sanders) and Lalaine Vergas (Miranda) finally arrived. Suddenly not feeling very well, Haylie had went to her hotel room to lie down and hoped to join them later.

Joining Ken at the door, Keith Carradine smiled. “Mmmm…” he said, “and I thought I was going to have a boring evening. It’s great that you all came. Come on in.” All three girls returned Ken and Keith’s smile. Keith waved his hand inviting them in he asked. “Anybody want a beer?”

Entering the penthouse-suite, they gathered around the couch. Ten or eleven empty beer bottles on the coffee table testified to that the party had already started, most of which turned out to be Claytons Snyder’s (Ethan).

Ashlie sat next to Clayton. Putting her arm around him, Ashlie’s tight shirt could hardly contain her heaving breasts. Clayton feasted upon the view of her left breast brushing up against his chest.

Standing beside Keith, Lalaine made a big show of removing her jacket, revealing a small blue strapless dress. His mouth dropped open when, turning towards him, Lalaine adjusted herself and the top of her dress fell exposing the top of her dark-brown nipples. Sure it wasn’t an accident, Hilary and Ken shook their heads. ‘Those two flirts were always playing games with guys,’ she thought, smirking.

Not to be out done. Ashlie placed her left hand on the inside of Clayton’s upper thigh. Then bringing up her thumb up, she rubbed his crotch! At the same time, the little vixen rubbed her nipples against his mouth. Observing that he like all their attention, the way it was going, Hilary half expected an orgy to start at any moment. Having seen this all before, Ken and Hilary shared a bored look.

“Would anybody like some coffee?” Ken offered, hopping to help sober things up.” Clayton didn’t answer. Ashlie and Hilary, perhaps not even paying attention to the question, nodded their heads up and down in reply.

Hilary followed Ken glad to escape her girl friends adolescent pranks. The kitchenette was a small room and they couldn’t keep for bumping into each other. When they both reached for the coffee pot at the same time, Ken accidentally captured Hilary’s left breast in his opened hand. But it was no longer an accident when he closed his hand. His pale look fade when Hilary giggled. A smile grew as he got a good feel. Squeezing her firm breast in his left hand, Hilary smiled back, as he reached down and grasped her butt.

Ken’s heart leaped when Hilary reach into his pants and wrapped her fingers around his penis and squeezed. The intensity of their kissing increased as she rapidly jerked her hand up and down his shaft. Hilary giggled while they shared a long French kiss and Ken pulled up her low-cut Ivory top and caressed her creamy breasts. Then bending down, he filled his mouth with her big firm tittles

Hilary heard Ken moan as she pulled his tempting cock from his pants. With a twinkle in her captivating eyes, she eagerly dropping to her knees and rubbed her angelic face against his erection. Taking hold of Ken’s base, Hilary bumped his cock around with her nose. She could tell he was almost at the breaking point when her hands slid up along his shaft and she kissed the tip of throbbing penis. Her mouth coming away wet and sticky, she opened her luscious red lips. Ken’s heart almost leaped from his chest, when Hilary pressed out her tongue and slurped up his precum!

As the beautiful Hilary Duff continued to kiss his cock and tasted his love juice, Ken’s mind raced. He hadn’t forgotten a millisecond of the last time he’s seen her three years ago. But while he still wanted her, Ken couldn’t face the demons that haunted him.

A few minutes later, with her mouth full of his cum, Hilary titled her head up. Dark brown and flecked with green, her hungry-sexy peepers complemented her lovely blonde hair better than any blue-eyed girl he’d ever known. But starring up into Ken’s eyes, she didn’t see…anything. When his eyes broke from hers and Hilary got to her feet. Hurt by his rejection and unable to think clearly, she shook her head slowly. Hilary had to look away for a moment. But after a long pause she told him softly. “I’m not a child any more.” Frustrated, her voice grew stiff. “I …I just didn’t understand…” Unable to say any thing more, Hilary jumped up and ran from the room.

Going back into the living room, Hilary heard Clayton, standing by the window, drunkenly let out a loud-deep beer belch. Ashlie still had her arm around him. But yawning, Clayton seemed almost oblivious to their teasing. But now, as her right hands rubbed his stomach just above his zipper, the tips of her fingers were slowly poking down into his pants! Not to be out done, Lalaine straddled Keith’s leg, rubbing her crouch against him, while he left hand rubbed his lower back. She giggled when she lower her hand and squeezed his butt. But when Lalaine grabbed his balls with her other hand, Keith pulled away from her and sat down.

In the kitchenette making the coffee, Ken was unable to think or even feel anything. It frustrated him that he was unable to find any sugar, but when the pot was full he put it on a serving tray next to five cups. Picking everything up, he carried it all into the living room.

Hilary was the only one who noticed that when Ken offered coffee, drawing everyone else’s attention, Ashlie stuck her hand down into Clayton’s jeans and grabbed him!

Finally getting a reaction. Clayton drunkenly jerked his head back and his eyes shot wide and immediately darted to the safety of the couch. Jumping down next to Keith, he appeared about as white as the napkins on the serving tray as he nervously accepted coffee from Ken.

Near the window, the girls gathered on the far side of the room. Turning to face them, Hilary barked angrily, “Are you crazy. You can’t go around flashing people!”

“O, come on Hilary, we aren’t hurting anybody.” Lalaine replied defensively. “We didn’t show them anything they haven’t seen before. Clayton usually loves it!”

Joining in, Ashlie said with a childish grin, “Clayton wasn’t giving our shit back. He wasn’t playing fair.” Her smile growing larger, “But he sure moved when I grabbed his dick!”

Lalaine paused as she thought for a moment. “Okay! Hilary, okay! Your right, I…we might have gone to far. But I’m not going to apologize till later. I want him to sweat a while first.” Realizing that lecturing wouldn’t help, Hilary let it drop. The subject of conversation switched to Ashlie’s latest porno movie.

The girls stood there talking, watching the sunset. Ken, Clayton and Keith just sat on the couch sipping their coffee and talking. After about ten or fifteen minutes, Hilary noticed that neither of them seemed to be making much sense. Then all of a sudden Ken past out, while Keith and Clayton started acting really – REALLY – DRUNK!

While Clayton couldn’t even get off the couch, Keith was able to stager up and started playing ‘air guitar.’ Swaying back and forth, Keith seemed to be trying to say that he was the world’s greatest guitar player. But instead of strumming a pretend instrument, he played the front of his zipper!

Afraid he was going to fall down and further embarrassing himself, Lalaine ran to him. She helped him back down to the couch next to the now comatose Clayton. But then with a ‘big-shit eaten grin,’ Keith ran his eyes up and down her body. Showing a mischievous smiled, he reached out and filled his hands with Lalaine’s soft round breasts, getting a good feel. Bending forwarded, Keith eagerly started suckling upon her nipples. Brushing his hands down, he grabbed Lalaine around her nice ass and pulled her towards him.

“Damn,” he stammered, “if you girl ant the hottest li…ttle – hing. Come…sit on my face.” Keith’s hand noticeable shook as he reach up Lalaine’s skirt, grasped her panties, and started licking between her smooth legs. But before he was able to get them off her cute butt, she was able to pull away. Backing off, Lalaine heard him whisper as he shook his head. “Too old, too damn old.” Then to her relief, Keith immediately passed out on the couch.

Ashlie started to laugh, “Shit, they can’t hold their liquor worth a damn!”

Shaking her head, Lalaine added, “What an old fart!”

“Now – what the hell are we suppose to do while they sleep it off?” asked Ashlie. Since the guys would be out for a while, they had some time to kill. Liking her coffee sweet, Hilary I reached for some …then froze. On the tray was the same sweeter that had been in Ashlie’s purse! Lalaine was about to take a sip, Hilary shouted, “Stop!”

“What’s wrong? Ashlie asked. “Did Clayton piss in it, the…?” She paused, turning white in understanding. “Oh…NO! Those stupid jerks must have thought the drugs in my purse was sweetener and…and put it in their coffee.”

At a lost at what to do, Hilary asked, “What can we do?”

Keith, Ken and Clayton seemed dead to the world. But after Ashlie checked the trash and discovered only one packet had been used, she rechecking their vital signs. A look for relief soften her face as she said, “There just in a very deep sleep. They haven’t taken enough of the drugs to really harm them. I think they’ll be fine.”

‘It’s funny,’ Hilary thought, ‘but Ashlie is nothing like the ditzy blonde she is reputed to be.’ With her career having more downs than ups, Ashlie had entered medical school two years ago.

“I learned about this type of drug last semester.” Ashlie added reassured to them, “It will help if we rub them down.”

Having desired Clayton for years, it was too much of a temptation, because Ashlie bent down and unzipped his jeans. Clayton just continued to sleep dead to the world as they came off. With an evil smile, Ashlie lustfully chattered, “This patient’s clothes are O…too tight. I have to make him more comfortable!”

But Ashlie’s head jumped back in disappointed surprise when Clayton’s manhood popped out, it was only about five inches long. Ashlie’s eyes were fixed on it as she continued on with her examination. Wide eyed, Hilary and Lalaine watched from across the room.

Ashlie took his manhood in both her hands and stroked it, slow at first, then faster. Then lowering her head, she teased his cock with her tongue. After kissing his ball sack, she slowly ran her tongue up his shaft, swirling it around until reaching the top. Then she swallowed his cock and sucked up and down. Clayton’s penis start to throb and his butt squirmed, as his shaft grew hard. Ashlie pulled off her shirt, revealing how good a job her plastic surgeon had done, placing his stubby penis between her amazing breasts. Five feet away, Hilary and Lalaine continued to watch in astonishment. Ashlie obviously wasn’t the same young schoolgirl Hilary used to know during the show.

Dropping the blankets she had got from the bedroom, Lalaine started messaging herself.

Eagerly pressing two of her own fingers in her pussy as she cupped her left breast and squeezed her nipples. While Hilary watched, she drew close to Ken. Putting her arms around him, she rubbed down his prone form.

With Clayton’s little penis swallowed up by her big tits, Ashlie licked his tip with her tongue. Until suddenly, a bolt of milky-white shot on to her face and into her mouth! With a smile on his face, Clayton continued to sleep happily away.

Ashlie’s face was quite a mess. White sticky cum dripped from her mouth and nose. It was in her hair and ran down her breasts. Hilary found it incredible to watch Ashlie used her tongue and fingers to lick it up all up. Then removing the rest of his clothes. “Just to be sure he is comfortable,” she said smiling. When finished, Ashlie stood up smiling. “Anyone else want a turn?”

With the wickedest littlest smile Hilary ever saw, Lalaine walked over to Clayton. She licked her lips and then dropped to her knees in front of him. Hilary could see she was already wet from anticipation. Swallowing a bit at a time, Lalaine took his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his shaft. Following Lalaine’s example, Ashlie fell to her knees next to her in front of Clayton. They both went after his cock and balls with gusto. Soon, after Lalaine mounted, him and was humping Clayton for all she was worth, Ashlie started rubbing her pretty blonde pussy curls on his face. She seemed to be enjoying his big German nose. Meanwhile, both girls were French kissing and fondling each other bodies, when Lalaine, riding Clayton like wild horse, suddenly climaxed. Her back bent and arms reaching out in joy. “O – God,” she shouted. Then she smiled a knowing look at Hilary.

Not content with just watching, Ashlie bent down and started caressing Lalaine’s creamy stomach and shoulders! While now happily sucking away on Clayton, Lalaine didn’t seem to take notice of Ashlie opening up her shirt and take off her bra. Not having realized that Ashlie felt ‘that way’ about Lalaine, still, Hilary could understand why. Tanned and toned, Lalaine did have a nice body.

Turning Lalaine on to her side, Ashlie opened up her legs and wrapping both her hands around her ass. As her friend starting eating out Lalaine’s pussy, Hilary wondered if this was reason why Ashlie liked her porno work?

In a little while Ashlie turned to the still sleeping Keith and said, “I wonder how big his cock is?” In flash Ashlie ran her hands inside of Keith’s shorts and pulled them down! Ashlie seemed surprise to find his man hood ‘at rest.’ Hilary’s eyes went wide as Ashlie chuckled.

“Damn, I thought it would be bigger!” Ashlie omitted an evil laugh as she grabbed his ass and swallowed up his soft penis. Wrapping her lips around Keith’s cock, she quickly felt it grow and hardened. But when she about to deep-throat him, Hilary moved quickly to claim Keith. She excitedly snatched up his manhood from out of Ashlie’s mouth. Stroking it gently, as if protecting him, she said, “It gets much bigger. He’s really big!”

Not quite believing their ears, Ashlie and Lalaine looked at Hilary in shock. Lalaine’s eyes were so large they appeared ready to pop out of their sockets! Remembering her earlier put down, both Ashlie and Lalaine seemed to simultaneously ask, “How the hell would you know how big he is?”

With a pained look, Hilary didn’t seem to know what to say. Letting go of Keith’s cock, she could only stare at the ground. Hilary didn’t have to look at her friends to know that they eagerly wanted an answer.

“Okay,” Hilary began, “remember back in the last time we were all together? I mean – everybody from the show.”

Lalaine and Ashlie seemed to think for a moment until first Lalaine then Ashlie nodded their heads. “Yea, for the final episode of Lizzie McGuire, back in 2003.” Lalaine answered.

“Keith,” interjected Ashlie, “really sucked that night. He kept forgetting his lines and missing his marks.”

Lalaine looked confused as she asked Hilary, “What are you trying to tell us?”

“That’s a good question.” Hilary nodded her head. “I’m still not sure how to explain this. I’d hoped it never get out. Well…do you remember how bummed he was that day. I went back to his dressing room.”

“What happen?” They both asked, actually demanded.

“Well, lets say I tried to cheer him up.”

Lalaine and Ashlie stared at her, their mouths open, unable to speak.

“Keith was in his dressing room.” Hilary continued. “So, I sat down in his lap, gave him a big hug and he hugged me back. I know I was only fourteen and he forty, but I had such a huge crush on him. Keith is such a babe you know. Whenever I worked with Keith on the show, my panties used to get so wet.

Well, I felt kind of light headed sitting in his lap. And when I brought my hands down…” She couldn’t go on.

“COME ON! Please…what happened?” Lalaine demanded.

“Okay, Okay. I didn’t know if any one would walk in on us. But the possibility of getting caught was kind of exciting. I felt so hot and I could tell Keith . . . liked me when I accidentally put my right hand on top of…you know. Realizing I was touching him…I froze, unable to move. I don’t know how I was able to summon the courage. But I gave him a kiss…on the mouth. It was really nice. Things just seem just to happen after that.

“Did you put your tongue in his mouth?” Asked Ashlie, with a silly, yet vindictive tone.

Hilary took a breath, “I hadn’t ever…felt a penis before.” As she talked, Hilary held out both her hands out, closed together with her palms facing they spread apart as she talked. “Well, it grew…you know. I just was sitting in his lap with my legs a part and it came poking up between my legs rubbing against my…you know.”

Curiosity overcoming her surprise, Lalaine asked, “What happen?”

Hilary continued, “I looked into his eyes and we smiled. So I… so I… I started rubbing his …”

“What do you mean? Did you jack him off?” asked Ashlie with an interested smile on her face.

“No, I mean – sort of – we…”

“DAMN IT! Will you fucken just tell us?” Ashlie pleaded, as Hilary thought, ‘I guess the cat is out of the bag.’

“Remember I was a still virgin then,” Hilary continued, nodded her head. “I told him that I wasn’t sure what to do? Well, we kissed again. Then I squeezed my legs around the bulge in his pants and started to moving my ‘bottom’ up and down.”

“Damn, you really were still a virgin?” Ashlie looked from Hilary to Lalaine, they exchanged a look of miss-belief.

“I thought you just acted that way to protect your image?” said Lalaine.

“I think it’s true,” Ashlie added, looking at Hilary in misbelieve. “Hell, to get my job on Lizzie McGuire, the producer took my cherry. But I guess you (Hilary) took longer to grow up than I did. I know every time I tried to talk about sex, you became embarrassed and clamed up. I didn’t realize you were the last virgin in Southern California.”

“She a lot different from her sister,” Ashlie exclaimed, hopping Hilary would resume her story before anyone brought up her part at the cast party orgy. “Remember how Haylie pulled a train with the whole film crew at the final Lizzie McGuire cast party!”

Continuing to listen, Haylie remained silent, even though Ashlie had taken part in the train too.

“Keith was so nice to me,” Lalaine added. “We’d help me with my lines in my dressing room. Sometimes he’d opened up his pants and started jacking off right in front of me! It was fun as long as he didn’t cum all over my face!”

“Hell,” Ashlie shot back, “Clayton tried that all the time on me! With a little dick like his, it’s no wonder he likes little girls with tight butts.”

After a long pause Hilary resumed her story, “As we were French kissing, I could feel a shock rising up in me. Our tongues locked as he continued to grow…you know. Running his hands over me, Keith stroked my butt. Then he opened up my shirt and ran his fingers under my ….bra. When he started kissed my nipples, I thought I was in heaven until he reached up my mini shirt and rubbed me.” Hilary was talking fast now, she’d seemed afraid to stop.

“Oh, his finger felt so good inside of me. He continued kissing my nipples and stomach and then…I had an explosion in side of me! Keith picked me up and laid me on the couch. It hurt, but his fingers ran in and out of me until he pooped my cherry. Then it felt o-so good! Bending down, he pulled off my panties.

It was then that I noticed that his ‘bugle’ was right next to my mouth, so I rubbed my face up against it. In a minute, I put the top of it in my mouth. Just then he …bent down as I eagerly spread my legs.

“Keith went down on you?” asked Ashlie eagerly.

“On yea…his tongue felt so good in me! He darted in and out and then rolled it around and I had another organism! It was then that I tried to take off his pants, but his zipper got stuck! So, I tugged and pulled till I got it to work. I swear he gave out a yelp when I finally stroked him up and down. It was my first one and I really liked it. I’ve had bigger ones since then, but… ”

“That’s no big surprise! I thought this was a ‘short’ story.”

“Okay, very funny, Ashlie!” Hilary shot back. “I thought you wanted to hear this.” Hilary shot her tongue out at her. “Well, you never forget your first. He noticed I was licking my lips. With a little mischievous smile, he asked, “Do you wanted to get a better look at my big one?” I smiled and said, “Yes, Big Daddy!”

“What…were going to check out his feet?” Said Ashlie, continuing to kid her.

“I cautiously ran my tongue up and down. Then I pressed my lips up against his tip. Then opening my mouth, I pushed my tongue into his cock hole.

Keith ran his fingers through my hair and pressed my head down. As I swallow him up, I used my tongue. Then, just as I had most of him in and I could feel him tickling my throat, a big milky flow exploded into my mouth. I was surprised it happened so quickly, but actually, I sort of liked ….it and swallowed it all down.

Smiling I ask him, ‘Hmmm, can I do that again?’ He nodded and I licked and sucked his softening dick hard again. Just like I’d seen Ashlie do.”

Lalaine turned her head and looked at Ashlie in misbelieve. “Well, what can I say,” she rallied. “One time she walked in on me. Hilary said she’d tell my mom if I didn’t let her watch. Jake Thomas and Ken hadn’t minded at all.”

Not waiting for any more interruptions, Hilary kept on telling her story. “Keith told me, ‘You’re so beautiful. I really want to fuck you…right now!’ And I shivered all over with delight until he’ moved down…but not towards my pussy, but around to my back. Then he told me, ‘You’ve got such a great ass!’ Then pulling me open, Keith put several of his fingers into my pussy, and used them to lube up my ass.”

“He did you up the Ass first?” Interrupting, Ashlie asked with an interested smirk.

“Okay, what ever. Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little nervous. But when I felt him press his tip between my butt cheeks, I became really excited and got a good grip on the couch. It hurt as he slowly started ramming it into me. It really hurt. It hurt so much that I asked him to stop, but he kept going. Then all of a sudden Keith’s body spasmed and shuddered and I felt his warm chum shoot up my anus and ran down my legs.” Showing a bashful smile, Hilary rubbed her butt as the story continued.

“Keith squeezed my breasts as he kept humping me. My anus was more slippery now and he rammed into me faster and faster. Timing with his thrusts into my ass, he humped two fingers into my pussy. Soon, I felt another explosion in me and I yelled out, “O…Keith! That feels so. Don’t stop fucking my ass!” After I had my third organism, I felt Keith pull out of me. “I want your pussy now,” he said, turning me around.

Dangling before my eyes, his cock shone with a soft luster. It looked so good, and wanting another taste, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked as hard as I could. While squeezing his balls, Keith’s hands helped to slide his cock into my throat. And this time I was able to swallow all of him up!”

“You little sex-machine you!” Lalaine exclaimed. “I wouldn’t have believed you were such a cock hungry girl back then.”

Still sitting besides him, Hilary wrapped her right hand around Keith’s cock. With a smile that could hardly be called innocent, Hilary started stroking his penis. Then she bent down and took his whole cock in one swallow. Holding Keith’s large cockhead in her throat, Hilary demonstrated to her friends just how good a cocksucker she was. Pulling off after Keith blew his load, she licked off Keith’s swollen cockhead while looking at her friends. Then continuing her story, she said, “I enjoyed licking him until another organism shot through me.

My head spinning, I had to lie down on the couch. Letting me rest, Keith messaged my body and suckled on my nipples. When my head cleared, he mounted me. Keith tried to put it in me, but I screamed out in pain as my virginity resisted his efforts to fuck me. But he kept at it. Soon it stopped hurting so much after I lost my cherry. But the moment his cock was all the way in, I felt my insides grew warm and sticky. Cumming like a racehorse, Keith shouted out as he really filled me up. But then he soften…”

“You mean he melted in your…mouth!” joked Ashlie.

Her sprits dropping, Hilary wasn’t able to go on, until Lalaine interceded, “Go on honey, what happen?”

Keith seemed crushed as he said. “We always want the things we can’t have, especially when it’s very beautiful like you. This has all been a terrible mistake.” He couldn’t look me in the eye. Keith’s voice was week and actually cracked as he told me, ‘I’m sorry, but we can never be together again. I’ll go to jail if word gets out. This has to stay our secret.’

I cried a little, but I promised him that I would never tell anyone. It’s been four years and we haven’t been alone since then. I know it was all a big mistake.”

With her story finally over, Hilary bent forward and put her head in her hands. While her emotions were overwhelming and her eyes were filled with tears, she still couldn’t help but notice that Keith was now very hard. Conveying years of built up sexual frustration, she started kissing and licking all over Keith’s cock again. It was at that very moment that Hilary finally realized that Keith was conscious when he took her head between his hands and began to fuck her mouth.

In shock, Hilary popped up. She was going to try to somehow apologize, until she saw what Ashlie, Lalaine AND Clayton were now doing. Both Ashlie and Lalaine were sandwiching Clayton in a three-way, who was now also very much awake!

Keith smiled at her silently, unable to think of anything to say. After his earlier rejection and needing him to tell her he was sorry, Hilary stood hesitantly in front of him, shifting her weight on her legs. While he remained speechless, the sincerity of his smile told her all she needed to know. A moment later, he reached out, took her in his arms and kissed her.

Seeing Hilary’s tears of joy, Keith realized that he really wanted to fuck her. He hugged her, as she whispered, “I want you so bad.”

“Wow! That’s nice!” Keith said, his face a glow. “I’m so sorry. I was so damn stupid earlier.” Hilary’s smile lit the room as she nodded her head in understanding as he continued, “So…if it’s okay for a forty-two-year old man and a seventeen-year-old women to…I would be the happiness man in the world if…we have sex.”

Hilary beamed beautifully after he kissed her and it her turn to say, “Wow!”

Keith grinned back. “Isn’t there something we left unfinished,” he asked.

Hilary gave him back a big kiss. “Does Big Daddy want his big one taken care of?” Finishing her question, they hardly could make it into his bedroom before they tore each other’s clothes off. Coming together in a hot six-nine, Hilary worked her mouth around his cock with gusto. Eating her pussy, Keith was receptive to her charms to say the least! Hilary soon paused, shuddering excitedly in climax. Then she resumed going after his cock and balls with gusto. After working her lips up and down, drawing in her lips, Hilary started sucking powerfully. As she went, Keith ran his fingers through Hilary’s hair and pressed her head down. As she swallowed him up, Hilary used her hot tongue to brush his throbbing shaft.

To help drive his cock deeper and faster, Keith wrapped both of his hands around her head. He could feel her hunger as she sucked his cock as she ran her hands up and down, banging his balls harder and harder. Enjoying her breasts, Keith pinched and sucked on her nipples. She could feel Keith tensing up, and knew he was about cum.

Deep throating him, Hilary could feel him tickling her throat, his milky torrent filled her mouth and shoot down her throat. Grunting wildly, she tried to swallow it all up, thoroughly licking his dick clean and milking all she could get. Even though Hilary liked it, she was disappointed that it happened so quickly…again. But after getting him hard yet again, Hilary climbed on top and smiled blissfully as she impaled herself on Keith’s cock.

Humping him furiously, Hilary moved her hips in time with his. Keith thought Hilary actually seemed to glow. Her beautiful titties dangled deliciously in front him. Keith took turns suckling her nipples as she rode him to orgasmic joy! Wanting more, Keith put a pillow on the floor, laid her back on it and lifted her legs up over his shoulders. Hilary grasped as he entered her again and again. Then latching on to Hilary’s ass and squeezing her breasts, he pounded her pussy with all his lusty might.

“Hilary,” he spoke to her, “your so beautiful. I want you so much.” He moaned with delight as his balls and back tensed, ramming his cock to hilt. Pleasurable agony gripped him as his hot milky load shot deep into her tight pussy. Then he pulled out, bent over and licked her out. “Hummm, vanilla!” he said, causing a shared laugh. Wanting to get back inside of her. As Hilary resumed sucking him hard-on again, his hands gently massage all over her body. Excited that Keith’s cock was still hard after twice empting his balls, Hilary knew that she wanted him as a lover. And with Keith’s last orgasm, Lalaine, Ashlie, Ken and Clayton joined them and a wild six-way orgy on Keith’s king size bed.

Hilary was hesitant at first about joining in, until Clayton’s unattended cock conveniently brushed up against her face. At only about five-inches, Hilary was surprised that his cock was so much smaller than Keith’s. But looking at it up close, she noticed that Clayton’s cock glistened with male and female juices. She smirked, wondering if Ashlie and Lalaine had fallen down on the job. Remembering her teenage crush on him, Hilary just couldn’t help herself. Swallowing up Clayton’s cockhead, she sucked her heart out. Immediately he put his hand on the top of her head and pushed her lips all the way down his shaft, Hilary realized that was what Clayton had that in mind. Riding her pussy over Keith’s face, while deep-throated Clayton’s cock, Hilary really got into her first group-sex experience.

Uncertain whether Hilary had ever taken part in an orgy before, Hilary relieved Keith’s concerns when she omitted a happy moan. Looking down, Keith to happy to see that while he’d been busy eating her pussy, Hilary was sucking on Clayton’s cock as Ken did her up the ass! Casting his eyes about, he saw everyone had joined together in a dream-fulfilling orgy. His eyes circled as Keith ate out Hilary’s pussy as she sucked Clayton’s cock. While Clayton was eating out Lalaine’s pussy, she ate out Ashlie’s pussy, as she sucked on Keith’s cock.

Now in a 69 position with Ken, Ashlie knew this was best way to deep throat him, because the angle helped Ashlie to relax her throat. Ashlie knew from experience that she could do about six strokes before she had to take a breath. Making yummy noises as she embraced his entire penis, Ashlie sucked so hard, she almost forgot to breathe.

As Ashlie’s eyes watered, Lalaine enjoyed how she squirmed all over Hilary’s face. Lalaine lustfully licked out Hilary’s pussy until her mouth was filled with girl juice. Enraptured by their passions, both girls moaned out again. Almost simultaneously, Keith burst into Ashlie’s mouth just as Clayton filled Hilary’s. After catching their breaths and switching partners, the orgy continued. While Hilary knew that one-on-one was better because you can really give your attention to one person. Discovering that she really liked group sex, ‘Wow,’ Hilary she thought, ‘Wow!’

About two hours and many organisms later, they all sat in circle smiling at each other. Having never been in an orgy, Hilary wanted to make the most out of it. She was happy that everybody had been so willing, so able, and so ready to go. But when she tried to stand, her muscles ached in exhaustion. “Woooo! I’m really feeling F – U – C – K -E – D out!” she exclaimed. Not carrying if any one was listening and noticing that it was 2:30 AM, she felt as beat as everybody else look. “Damn! We’ve been fucking for hours!”

“It’s so late,” Keith suggested. “Why doesn’t everybody stay her?”

Having already spent most of the night, everybody enthusiastically agreed that Keith had a good idea. Hilary giggled as she excitedly led Ken by his cock to a bedroom. Lalaine and Ashlie went with Clayton and Keith. Hilary and Ken fucked for a few minutes before falling a sleep in each other’s arms.

Later, Hilary awoke to the clamor of Ken snoring next to her, dead to the world. It was still pitch black out, but her bladder felt ready to burst. So Hilary slowly got up and tried to feel her way in the darkness.

After using the bathroom, Hilary headed back to bed. But getting the rooms confused, instead of ending back where she started, she discovered she was in the wrong room. But she filled with excitement when she noticed Keith and Haylie lying naked together.

She wanted to feel the pleasure of Keith’s big cock in her pussy. She wanted to suck on it and taste his cum. She wanted to feel it rammed up her ass again and again. Cock-crazed, Hilary’s panties became moist as she went to him.

First she took Keith’s cock into her mouth and sucked. Hilary was surprised how much she enjoyed moving his soft cock around in her mouth with her tongue. As she sucked and tugged, Hilary couldn’t get over how much bigger Ken’s cock was than Keith’s.

When his cock began to grow, she pulled off. Giving him kisses all over his face, she commenced stroking his cock. Starting to wake up, Keith open his mouth and Hilary shot her tongue in.

Aroused in more ways than one, Keith spoke, “Hey, Hilary! You certainly know to make a mans dreams come true.” That being just what she wanted to hear, Hilary hoped he would fulfill some more of hers!

Taking his balls in one hand and still stroking him with the other Hilary said, “Keith, you were always so nice to me. You treated just like a father.” She started kissing him all over his body, as her hands rapidly stroked up and down his shaft. Then with a little mischievous smile she asked, “Will my big TV father please grant little ‘Lizzie’ the pleaser of his huge cock in her sweet – little – pussy?” She really emphasized the last three words. Then she added a, “Pretty please, father?” giving him the most innocent look she could.

He couldn’t refuse her and in a moment, Hilary’s persistence paid off. Rolling on top, Keith began to forcefully and urgently fuck his TV daughter’s brains out.

After doing her missionary, he fucked her doggy style. When she cummed, he next did her in a reverse cowgirl, and then, after she cummed again, he bang her in sledge hammered! Even after all this, Keith wasn’t finished. He grabbed her breasts and titty fucked her. Afterwards, he banged her up the ass, while finger fucking her pussy with two fingers and his thumb! Having woken up some time during the titty fucking, Haylie joined in the kissing and sucking. Using her tongue, Haylie cummed again while her sister ate out her pussy.

O – good it really hurt! But she didn’t what them to stop, no matter what. When Keith shot his load in Hilary’s anus, she came yet again. Hilary continued to climax as Haylie got on her knees and licked out her ass! Then, almost throwing her on the bed, they got into a sixty-nine. Keeping right up with them, Keith licked their crotches, their titties, and their butts. Then, when Keith resumed humping Hilary, she told him, “Any time you and that big dick of yours are back on the west coast…please come by and give it to little Lizzie and her sister!”

“I’ll fucken move there to get at sweet ass’s like you two!” His answer caused them both to giggle.

But Hilary didn’t want Keith to find out that she liked Ken’s cock better than his! His was so much bigger, she thought, ‘Ken’s so big and he really knows how to pleasure a woman. It’s too bad that Steve isn’t here.’ While realizing that a schoolgirl fantasy only goes so far, after finishing with Keith, Hilary padded the ‘little dear’ on the head, and then went back to Ken’s room to wake him up.

Their fun resuming, Ken fucked Hilary’s hot little pussy again as their tongues interlocked. Later, as the sun was just beginning to peak through the window, Keith rolled over and past out. Also, feeling bushed, Hilary both took a well-deserved cap nap.

When Hilary woke up she saw a ray of sunlight was shining down upon Ken’s mid section. She saw that sometime in his sleep, Keith had rolled over on his back and ended up laying spread eagle. Highlighted by the sunlight, his naked form reminded her of Michel Angelo’s statue of David. Only Ken’s cock was bigger. Reinvigorated by her nap, Hilary woke him by sucking his dick. Later in the morning, after he and Hilary had showered, they ordered breakfast in bed.

Later, much later, that morning, they all gathered in a large hot tub to relax and regain their strength. The hot water was feeling very good when Ashlie started something really crazy by asking Keith and Clayton, “Have you boys ever wondered about fucking ‘Lizzie’ at the same time?”

It is no secret, but Hilary had grown sick of always being called that name, but this time she seemed to like it. Ashlie could tell that the thought of them doing her at the same time turned Hilary on!

Already been holding Keith’s penis at the time, Hilary reached out for Clayton’s. Then she smiled enthusiastically, jacking them both off at the same time. “Please fuck me boys?” She asked eagerly, adding a, “O! Pretty Please! Bang my little pussy and ass at the same time.”

Because she’d been actually joking, Ashlie was too shocked to say anything, when, to Hilary’s great delight, both men carried her from the hot tub. It really turned her on that they both guys were going to fuck her! With a big smile on her face, Hilary stood up, spread her legs, and motioned them to her. Having each other to turn to, Ken, Lalaine and Ashlie didn’t mind.

Water was still dripping off Hilary’s body as both men started to kiss and message her body. Clayton was first to claim her pussy, as Keith did her up the ass. Keith’s big one needed a little help getting started. But after licking out Hilary’s ass hole, he was able to ram it in to her. Soon, switching palaces, as they continued fucking her, Hilary seemed a washed in pleasure, losing track of who was who.

Afterwards, Hilary thought it would be fun to try something else out. So she asked, “Come over guys and put your both your cocks in my mouth.”

Ken wouldn’t have believed it was possible but Hilary was able to suck both Clayton and Keith’s cocks at the same time. Hilary even tried to deep throat them, but her throat just wasn’t big enough. Even though both guys had already cummed earlier, they treated her mouth to a double load of ‘cream.’ But with both their cocks still in her mouth, it was almost too much for her to handle. Cum dripping down her throat on to her breasts as Ashlie and Lalaine licked it away! Hilary looked as if she were drunk on the experience.

Later when Hilary was finished, Ashlie said, “Take it from some who knows, blowjobs are even better with two dicks in your mouth. Let me tell you!” Then before anyone else said anything, she asked, “So have you guys every wondered what it be like to do each other?”

Hilary couldn’t believe Ashlie had asked that, but to their amazement Clayton almost seemed to like the idea. With a lick of the lips and an evil grin, he looked over at Keith pecker. Then getting on his knees he looked upwards at Keith pale face. Bending forward, Clayton put is lips upon the tip of Keith cockhead. Then he opened his mouth and look about to do it. But suddenly, to almost everyone’s relief, Clayton laughed and shook his head. “Just kidding!”

While Keith didn’t seem to think it was funny. With a hardy laugh, Ashlie joked, “I know I couldn’t have resisted Keith’s big one bouncing in front of my face. Hummm!”

Feeling left out of the fun, Lalaine came over and sucked on Keith’s dick. At the same time, Hilary French kissed him and stroked his cock into her friend’s mouth. Then while Keith massaged their bodies, Hilary and Lalaine giggle as they grabbed each other’s butts and started eating each other’s pussy.

Ashlie was next to joined in. To show their approval, both Hilary and Lalaine took turns finger fucking Ashlie while they continued feasting upon each other’s pussy juices. When it seamed to them like Ashlie might be feeling neglected they switch places. Doing his part, Clayton went from body to body, licking, sucking, caressing and kissing. Taking his time, after he gave rim jobs to everyone but Ken. But while he licking Keith’s butt, he gave him a hand job. Then, going against his earlier claim, he sucked Keith’s cock while Ashlie, Lizzie and Haylie all took a turn wrapping their legs around his head, keeping him busy. As the orgy continued, withdrawing her steamy pussy from Lalaine’s loving mouth, Hilary dropped into Ken’s lap. Impaling herself on his cock, she began lustfully riding him again.

Downing his sixth drink of day, Ken enjoyed the goings on very much! ‘O God! Hilary’s really knows how to fuck. Jake always said she was a nice piece of ass,’ he thought.

The Lizzie McGuire Reunion Orgy continuing, no one left Keith Carradine’s hotel room all that long ‘hot’ day.

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