Crimson Gauntlet – Chapter Five

Featuring: Hilary Duff (2006)

Story Codes: MF


Back in the house, not totally sure if the afternoon had been a dream, Steve busied himself building a fire and got the table ready for dinner. Instead of the usual paper plates, he got out real dishes. In the other room checked her e-mail, Hilary suddenly excitedly shouted out. “Steve…I got the part. A big part in an Adam Lamberg movie! It’s been so long. Isn’t it great?”

‘Doing a movie?’ – It finally rattled loose, ‘Hilary was Hilary Duff. As in the popular TV sitcom ‘Lizzie McGuire’ back in the late 1990’s, when she’d been voted
America’s favorite teenager two years in a row.’

Now he realized how she knew about his Walker Colt. Hilary had been in the awful Disney remark of the classic western movie True Grit back in 2004. She had been utterly miscast as the resolute legendary figure of Mattie Ross, a young girl that had to stand up to desperate outlaws to avenge the death of her father. Despite looking really good in blue jeans, the movie had literally ‘shot’ Hilary’s career in the foot.

Steve was captivated by her smile, as he tried to think about the implication of the news.

While she hadn’t worked lately, Hilary was a movie star and he was a…nobody. He knew should have been happy for her, but he kept asking myself sorrowfully, ‘Would I ever see her ever again?’ Trying to guard his words, he asked, “Where are you going to do the filming?”

Running her right index finger through her hair, she answered, “In Russia.”

“That’s…great. What is the movie about?”

“It’s a big historical epic, like “Titanic. My sister and I play the parts of sisters caught up in a historic epic. We’ll get to really act.”

“What is it called?”

“Potemkin. I’ve only seen part of the script. But what I’ve read is very good.”

‘Potemkin, as in the Battleship Potemkin?’ Steve tried to think. ‘Sergei Eisensteins 1925 film hadn’t been a love story. Well, Hollywood was always screwing up the classics.’

Nodding his head, he said. “I’m glad you finally got a good role. To be honest, you’re nothing like the roles you’ve played.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. “I look pretty good in a bikini, don’t I?”

He knew she was being sarcastic. ‘But actually, she did look delicious in a bikini.’ Unsure how to express his thoughts, Steve told her, “You’re…more intelligent.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Hilary said, “not everybody notices. Having a brain is not what gets you ahead in Hollywood. Men are threatened by it, they don’t want it and they’re even afraid of it.”

“Wouldn’t movie people want to listen to a star like you?”

“They don’t care what I think. Talk, talk, talk, doesn’t she know what a mouth is for. Right. I hate pretending to be just a pretty face.”

“Are you happy being a national figure?”

“So far…maybe. I’ve had to be dedicated and sacrificed a lot.” Then see looked at him sideways, “that was a pretty good pun.”

“Is that why you’re not married?” As soon as Steve uttered the words, I wished I could take them back.”

“Perhaps. Maybe it’s only true for me, but marriage, good or bad, can tear you up and hurt your career. I wish it wasn’t so, but it’s better on my own.”

Over a long pause, her eyes seemed to pierce his. Steve hoped he understood what she was telling him was beyond words. ‘Perhaps,’ he thought, ‘there was a reason why she emphasized love was absent from her life.’ Remembering the kiss she gave him, what Hilary had said about her mouth almost made him laugh. Steve knew he wanted her in many different ways. A part from passion, kissing her promised much. He leaned forward and their lips brushed lightly. Hilary’s lips seemed to exude sexuality as the firelight bathed her form in brazen gold as he kissed her again, this time much longer.

“That was nice,” Steve told her.

“Especially for a monk?” Hilary responded, with a little chuckling, her eyes lighting up.

Overwhelmed by her beauty, desired filled them. As their mouths met sensuously again he drew an uneven breath. She was so small in his arms. Hilary’s slender thighs flexed as he slid down onto the couch. Sweeping his hands across the soft skin of Hilary’s back, her dimples teasing his outstretched fingers. She griped him tightly, giving out a little moan. Then arching, Hilary leaned back like a pagan offering in an old silent movie. Lowering his lips, Steve feasted upon her neck. Hilary swooned in his arms as he kissed greedily.

Hilary felt her nerves dancing as she grew damp between her thighs. Smiling a mischievous grim, she worked Steve’s zipper and slid a hand into his shorts. Squeezing firmly, she could feel his blood surging. Driven to look, she tore her gaze from his eyes and stared.

“You’re so big! So thick…and so engorged. No, not fully.” She chuckled as she stroked him, biting her lip as hot vibrations crashed through their bodies.

Hilary could feel him thickening still, hardening beneath her sliding fingers. His dusky satin turned even duskier as her nails scraped up his shaft. Then the smooth pads of her fingers ran over his blunt tip. Lowering her mouth, he chocked in joy when she captured the telltale drop of fluid from his flesh. Then a shiver racked him as she painted his manhood with her tongue, her hands moved up and down his thighs. Hilary then wrapped her lips around his aroused shaft as brutal tremors racked his body as she held him tightly around his butt.

Running his fingers through her fine blonde hair, Steve helped to push her mouth down along his shaft. He went deeper into her throat with every stroke. With a popping sound Hilary pulled off to take a breath, then she smiled and fell upon him again.

Steve wanted to roar with the power of it. Hilary’s hands stroked and fondled his shaft and balls while her mouth lustfully sucked and licked. Brushing her hair back off her face, he looked into her blue eyes as the precious moment came. Soon waves of sperm exploded into her mouth! He could see her throat work as she swallowed. Then Hilary ran her tongue around her lips. “Hummm!” she moaned. Still arosed, Hilary continued sucking and licking.

“You’re a witch, a devious, seductive witch.” Steve exclaimed as Hilary’s eyes flared, giving him a sweet feline smile. His joy spilled into the kisses he gave her.

Feeling the needed to give her pleasure, to make her sob with it. Grasping her waist, Steve easily lifter her and spread her thighs so he could devoured her. Leaning over, he placed his face between her legs and pressed out his tongue to taste her sweet juices. Her laugh of surprise faded rapidly under the pulse of desire rocketing through her as he pushed his tongue inside her womanhood, sending hard jolts of pleasure ripping up her body. Penetrated, Hilary gave out repeated soft moans as he teased her slick slit and erect clit. While both her hands pressed his head down into her. “Hummm!” she moaned again and again as he ate her out until he couldn’t take it any longer, wanting his throbbing manhood in her now. He ran his hands over the smooth, creamy flesh of her taut stomach and slid a finger into her honey blonde thatch.

Hilary whimpered. “Oh, God! Fuck me! I’m so hot! I need your big cock inside of me now.”

Hilary was still deleting in licking him with her tongue, but then she had to pull back again to take a breath. Just then another organism shot through her, and, feeling dizzy, she laid back down on the couch to keep her head from spinning. Letting her rested, Steve messaged her body and suckled upon her breasts. When her head cleared, she reached for his shaft and pulled me towards her waist. Hilary gripped him, feeling raw and savage.

Adrift in a storm, Steve picked her up. But then pausing for a moment, he said. “I don’t have… any…protection.”

“I’m on the pill, it’s ok,” Hilary answered. Then she cried out, “Oh, fuck me, please!”

Overwhelmed by desires and needs long locked long away, he said, “Lets go up stairs.” There was no question in his voice, no hesitation.

A few moments later, they were in his room. Stoking the hairs of his chest, Hilary sensually beckoned Steve with her smile and the candid invitation of her voice. Her mischievous eyes and her well-formed body were ravishing. Their passion was wild and clenching, but at the same time tender and gentle.

First, he slowly tickled Hilary’s sweetness with his tip. Then he pressed it half way in her. Trying to move it up and down, her tight pussy resisted his movements. Then he pulled it almost all the way out and ran it along the inside of slit. Feeling Hilary had another organism building, Steve pushed most of shaft in one hard push.

Steve had never felt anything so wonderful as Hilary’s hot throbbing desire buffeted him. Her sensual pressure was tight and hard, building rapidly with each stroke. He gripped her hips and pushed into her deeper and deeper, climbing with her as his cock spearing her. Loving his power, the untamed way he made love to her, Hilary became unglued. He could feel her pussy yearning for his manhood. To help enflame her passions, he paused for a moment as he pulled it out. Then he brought his tip up to her wet pink lips and again rubbed it up against her steaming pussy.

“O – Fuck! That feels so good,” Hilary shuddered as she spoke. Then it was Steve’s turned to shake as she rolled on top of him and pushed herself down on top of him. Letting her weight pull her down, her pussy slid down around him. Tithing her pussy muscles around his cock’s wide girth, Hilary started grinded up and down on his hard shaft.

Hilary continued to smile as she impaled herself upon Steve’s long shaft. She rode him furiously with her hips moving in time with his. Bouncing up and down as fast as she could go, Hilary’s beautiful perky tits dangling in front of his eyes. Steve grasped up both of them, and took turns sucking her nipples. Hilary’s pussy was slick and tight as her inner muscles clenched around him like an oiled fist. Her cunt clamping so hard it almost hurt. With one of his hands latching on to her ass and the other squeezing her left breast, Steve enjoyed it immensely.

“Your so…beautiful.” Steve told her, as she felt his balls and back tense just as he shot his milky load deep into her hot wonderful pussy.

Hilary moaned with the delight of her own organism as he removed his dick out and bent down to lick her out her pussy. Then with his mouth full of cum and Hilary’s own juices, she French kissed him, swallowed it all up. “Hummm, vanilla!” She said, as they both laughed.

“Jeeezzus, what a fucken orgasm!” Steve shouted out. While he had only known Hilary for a few hours, he had never cum so much in his life! He marveled at her limp body with her innocent face, her lovely breasts, her flat stomach, her slim hips, her yearling-like legs, and her tight juicy pussy. It was so exciting to be actually fucking the star of the television show Lizzie McGuire and a dozen movies, a girl that men across the planet desired.

Wanting to fuck her in every position that he knew, Steve pushed deeper into her sexy young body. Hilary grasped on to his gyrating hips, moaning, “Ohhh, oooh that’s so good.”

Following her next organism, Steve switched her to a reverse cowgirl, and then she cummed again when he banged her in sledge hammered! He then put a pillow on the floor, laid her back on it, and lifted her legs up over his shoulders. She grasped as he entered her and began to pound her pussy with all his might.

“Fuck me hard!” Hilary begged. “Fuck me faster!” she next demanded, as he thrusted his throbbing cock again and again into her teenage body.

Steve shivered all over with delight as he moved around, away from Hilary’s pussy, and around to her back! Having loved her curvy little ass ever since she was a young girl on television, Hilary could see him looking at her butt as he said. “You’ve got such a great ass. I bet it’s nice and tight!”

He ran several of his fingers around in her pussy and, bringing his hand around, he pushed them into to her ass lubing up her hole. Steve then pushed her legs apart and brought his cock up to her butt. He then took hold of her checks with both of his hands, and pulled her open.

“I’m going to give your ass the attention it deserves now.” He told her.

“O, Yes! Please! Fuck my ass!”

She hadn’t been sure what to expect, as she felt Steve press his tip into her. He got even more excited. Hilary groaned as the sides of her ‘bottom’ resisted, but as he worked, she relaxed some, and he pushed about half my cock into her. It actually hurt a little as he pulled part of it out. Then bedding his arms down to get a better grip on the bed. He slowly started ramming in and out of her. He could sense she ready to ask him to stop, but our excitement over ruled her pain.

Steve then moved his left hand up to Hilary’s breasts, trying to couple both of them, as he renewed humping her. But now, since she was stretching out a little, he could drive his whole shaft in and out of her, faster and faster. As Steve kept at her, he moved my right hand down to her pussy and start running three fingers in and out in, timing his thrusts with their humping. Soon he felt another explosion built up in her. She yelled out, “O – Steven!” as another organism griped her. Then all of a sudden, she felt his body shuddered, as cum shot into her and ran down her legs.

Soon she felt him pull out. “I want your pussy again,” he said as Steve turned around and laid her back on the couch. His cock was shinning with a soft luster. But before he could get at her pussy, wanting to taste me again, she raised her head, took his cock in her hands, and pushed her lips most of the way down his shaft!

It was great. She sucked hard and long. At the same time squeezing his balls with her left hand. Steve put his hands on her head again and helped her slide my cock all the way into her throat.

This time she was able to swallow most of him up! “You little sex-machine you!” He kidded her. When I withdrew, warm and wet, Steve burned for more. Soon he could feel the engulfing wave of Hilary’s passion breaking with his as they surged together in delight. Then she shattered beautifully in Steve’s arms, her tender moans of completion budding with his own as spasms of ecstasy sapped their strength. Burning for more of her, Hilary flexed to the beat of his desire, her flawless form was smooth and supple to his touch.

In a dream-like haze they continued, growing even deeper, transfixing upon the other’s pleasure. Both of them submitting, both of them guiding, their private tempest heightening even more. Together they became special, greater than before. On this night it felt like they were born to each other. But wrapped in passion, Steve had forgot Mehree was supposed to come for a late dinner. His surprise was complete when, having parked at the beginning of my long rough driveway, Mehree walked quietly up in the dark to his cabin.

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