Crimson Gauntlet – Chapter Four

Featuring: Hilary Duff, Mehree Cole

Story Codes: MF


The Thunder Bolt

The Ozarks

September 2006

It was a Sunday, Steve Guthridge’s day off. He’d planned on spending the day chopping wood, but it wasn’t half past eleven AM, when his PDA phone rang. Taking a breather, he was leaning against his Ford Mustang’s rear bumper, besides him was a weather worn sticker, which read, ‘America – Home of the Free, because of the Brave! Reading his text message, Steve saw there was a problem at work. As the manager of the Ozark Space Center’s robot activity, Steve knew he couldn’t ignore
the call.

‘s job was to keep things working. While a wiz with software, the employee working today, Mehree was unfortunately completely inept when it came to hardware. When Steve asked her to describe the problem, he could hear trepidation in her voice as she told him, “I haven’t been able to figure it out. I don’t know why but the video sensors just won’t come on. Should I just close today’s sessions and let you look at it tomorrow?”

Feeling the ache in his back, winter suddenly seem a very long way off, as he nonchalantly said, “No. Don’t do that. I’m not doing anything. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” With the first session started in a little less than an hour, he had to hurry.

Luckily the first troubleshooting he tried forty-five minutes later fixed the problem.

Then with Steve standing near by, Mehree gave him a grateful-smile as she started the first session. In pairs, the children sat eagerly at the six-computer control centers he’d designed where they would build and program their robots.

He was glad we didn’t need to close the Robotic Adventure Lab today. While kids are usually eager to get at the robots, it’s the inquiry-based learning that really makes an impact. Putting the participants in the drivers seat gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility for the outcome of their efforts.

To help establish the proper mood, Steve said whimsically, “I sure hope these ‘brave adventurers’ try their best. If they don’t listen to and read their instructions, they might not survive – I mean… succeed, yeah, succeed in their mission to collect samples from the surface of Mars!”

“Yeah, Steven is right.” Mehree said, playing along. “So listen up guys. Your mission today is to build a robot, explore Mars, and return these,” as she talked, Mehree held up a red plastic ball, “Mars rocks back to you space ship in Mars orbit”.

Knowing how difficult to make each of the five computer stations look like the control center of an actual spacecraft, When “Cool!” came from several of the kids, Steve showed a satisfied smile.

Pointing at the wall between them and the Mars surface, a little boy asked, “How are we going to get the Mars rocks if we can’t see them?”

“That’s a good question,” responded Mehree. “Each robot has its own sensors. You’ll control remotely…I mean tell them what to do using your computers. Before your time runs out, you want to repeat the trip to get as many Mars rocks as you can so they can be studied, but on the way you have to avoid the bright lights on the playing field. If your robot flies over a bright light, it will become paralyzed and land. Okay, so why do you think we’re using robots to help explore Mars instead of just sending people?”

Involuntarily, Steven shuddered as several hands went up. Mehree called on a little blonde boy, “Is it safer to send a robot? They don’t need air, do they?” he asked with a curious look on his face.

“Yes,” Mehree exclaimed, “that’s a good answer. Robots are often used in dangerous places to safeguard human life. Also, it’s possible for one person to control dozens of small robot explorers at the same time. This is what NASA is planning to do next year in the first ‘crewed’ mission to Mars.”

Most of the wide-eyed children smiled quietly, all but one. “Okay, how do we work the robots?” he asked impatiently.

But the most important thing that will help you to succeed today is to think. Remember, if the first thing you do doesn’t work, try something else.” As Mehree went through the rest of their instructions, Steve decided to stick around to make sure everything was ok.

He always liked watching this part, because it kind of reminded him of ‘Robby the Robot’ with a hovercraft. It is fun to watch the children as their looks of frustration and incomprehension change to understanding and joy as they figured out how to operate the equipment. The kid’s excitement and joy drew him, helping to covering over Steve’s own feelings of loss and regret, which never seemed more than a nightmare away.

As Steve watched the children contend with the simulated hazardous of exploring Mars, his mind race to the life he’d left behind. He remembered the hopeless represented by the overwhelming, yet unfocused thousand-yard zombie-like stare that the famous war correspondent Erie Pyle wrote so vividly about. Beyond the wounded and killed, many unhurt by shrapnel or bullets were nevertheless casualties. While he’d been taught that the strongest feelings people have are for those who sacrifice their lives for their comrades or a cause, it seemed to Steve that the most powerful and the saddest thoughts were with the…survivors. Having done his duty, there should have been nothing more to say. But after seeing what little nobility the ‘elephant’, dealing with the pains of gilt was a mystery that Steve just didn’t understand.

Suddenly, the same the boy, who had impatient interrupted Mehree earlier, almost dropped his robot. Shaking his head, Steve put his troubled thoughts aside. Noticing that Mehree was having a particularly frustrating difficult time with him because he was refusing to read the instructions or listen to her advice. Steve decided to give her a hand. But because of Mehree’s sexy shape, it was difficult putting his lustful thoughts aside as he tried provided some clues to the boy.

When the session was over almost an hour later, Mehree first smiled, then asked, “Steve…can you please show me how to enter the participant questionnaire data into the office computer?”

Steve nodded.

When they went into the office, he locked the door behind them. Standing next to Mehree, with my left arm around the back of her chair as the other reached along her right breast to get at the computer key broad. But while doing so, he rubbed his hard bulge against her shoulder and neck. With very luscious burette hair, Steve moved his left hand up and ran his fingers through it as he brushed the erection in his pants up against her face.

“Come on, stop that!” She prattled. “You know we don’t have time to play.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered sensually.

“O, you dirty old man. What…are you trying to do more research for…school? Can’t you wait for our date tomorrow.” But Mehree’s actions did reflect her words. Brandishing a hungry smile, she brought a hand up between Steve’s legs. Then she grabbed his butt, while her tongue ran a long the bulge in his pants.

Steve kissed her passionately as he reached into her bra and messaged her big firm size 38 C teenage breasts! A soft moan past her lips as Mehree’s right hand then unzipped him and pulled out her favorite sex toy, his nine-inch penis. They stopped kissing suddenly when, Mehree whispered huskily, “O, Steve,” still stroking his shaft, “you’ve got such a big beautiful penis. Happy birthday!”

Mehree then got on her knees in from of him and pressed out her tongue and ran it against him. With glee in her eyes, Steve heard her whisper, “I waited so long to give you this present!”

Since Mehree and he had really, only first gotten together only three weeks before, Steve chuckled as Mehree embraced his dick with one petite hand and lowered her head. At first Mehree’s tongue shyly played upon his crown, then she gave it a little kiss. He moaned as she shyly brushed his cockhead with her full, soft lips. Before he knew it, his tip was between her lips and he could feel her sucking. He felt the wetness of her saliva on his burgeoning head and the smooth sweetness of her lips dancing around him. Her lips parted wide and slid down once around his crown. Her tongue ran along his cock as her warm moist mouth welcomed him in fully as Steve put both his hands on the back of her head to help push me farther down her throat! Little by little she opened her mouth wider to let more of him, till her nose was pressed into his stomach! He felt Mehree increase the force of her sucking as her head began to bob up and down, faster and faster.

It was all Steve could do to hold in his lustful moans as she began to deep throat him and took him into throat. The letting out a soft moan and arched his back in the pleasure of the moment. ‘Damn! I’m glad she likes this job,’ he thought. Steve then put both his hands on the top of her head to help guide her farther down into her throat!

“That nice – Huummmm -this really makes up for me coming in today.”

Mehree then tried to speak without taking him out of her mouth. Feeling the vibrations of her voice on his cock, he said. “What did you say, honey? I couldn’t understand you?”

Mehree laughed, pulled back, and looked up at him, “I said, you’re welcome.”

Steve laughed as Mehree returned to pleasuring him. Soon, feeling the growing storm in his balls, Steve pulled his cock from her mouth and pressed it in and out between her big lovely firm titties. Mehree continued to lick at his tip as she grab his butt checks with both hands and really started to help to drive him even farther into her throat. As Mehree pleasured him, Steve grabbed her butt and started stroking between her legs. Her pussy felt hot and wet as his fingers entered her. Then they both got on the floor, twisting and bending. Steve grasped up her sweat little ass as she wrapped her legs around his head. In a 69 position, Steve licked at her pretty brunet curls, while her lips swallowed up his shaft, sucking madly, like a hungry baby would a bottle! Her hands stroked him shaft, faster and faster, getting him even more excited. In a few minutes her eyes grew into little moons as his cock jerked and his orgasm burst forth. Wantonly spraying his cum explosively into her mouth, at the same time, Hilary filled his mouth with her own juices. Knowing how it really turns him on that she likes to swallow, Mehree made sure to take most of his hot white flow in her mouth.

As each wave of chum followed, she sucked it in. Stroking his shaft to get it all, he felt her swallow several times. Really turning him on that she likes to swallow, smiling, Steve moaned out, “Hummm, my sexy little girl”

After sucking down his orgasm, the look in Mehree’s eyes was beyond her years, as she joked with a knowing smile, “Well, I hope you like this present. I couldn’t wait till later tonight to give it to you.”

During her job interview three months ago, when he’d asked, “Okay, I’ve got a lot of qualified applicants for this job, so Mehree, why should I hire you?” Mehree surprised him when she’d unzipped his pants and knelt in front of him. Even though they had been friends a long time and she hadn’t been surprised by how big his cock was. She still almost couldn’t fit it into her mouth.

While he was a competent with computer components, Steve didn’t know one algorithm from another. He had hired Mehree because she’s brilliant at writing software. But beyond that, Mehree was an intelligent and funny raven-haired beauty. While she was only a college freshman, her charm, her wit, and serious nature seemed beyond her years.

Steve just didn’t know how to tell her that he didn’t want to get too close.

It was at times like this, Steve wasn’t really sure if he’d hired her because of her ability to write robotic software or because of her good looks and a willing luscious body. Having an employee who was beautiful, sexy, and who could suck a golf ball though a garden hose was wonderful! But it was a mystery to Steve why Mehree liked in the first place. With his nose usually stuck in a book, he was a stereotypical history nerd. Never any good at small talk, he liked to keep to himself. While Steve liked to tell jokes, even he knew his sense of humor was kind of corny. An avid runner, he was in good physically shape. Steve thought his appearance rather average, if a bit rugged, which the jagged mark besides his right eye didn’t help. But despite all his rough edges, Mehree made it clear that she wanted to be more than just his friend. The problem was that right now there isn’t room for love in his heart right for anyone. Like being half a man, it was as if his emotions were a disassembled toy with incomprehensible instructions he couldn’t make head or tails of.

While Mehree was only eighteen, at times, she some how understood he didn’t want to get too close. Steve would always remember how her facial expression seemed so understanding, yet so painful at the same time, as she said. “Perhaps you’re too young for me?”

Ignoring Mehree’s question, he finished showing her what to do on the computer. Then Steve told her, “I’ve got something pressing at home to do. I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

“Sure…I’ll see ya tomorrow.” Mehree answered flatly, her face a blank mask. Not in a real hurry, he took the long way home.

Steve enjoyed driving the roads in the hilly area where he lived. Sliding around turn after turn, working up and down the five speed of my gearbox, he felt like master of a well-broken steed. Taking his Mustang to its limit, not past it, was one of the most satisfying feelings he knew. It was with no small sense of accomplishment, when, spying a turtle in my path, and with a slight jerk of the wrist, he blew past it doing 85 mph, missing it by a few inches. Steve knew the spot well. It was right by the 35 mph speed limit sign, which he usually chuckled at when traffic didn’t get in his way. Just after this the road stretched into a mile long straight away, where he loved to put his foot down, and watch the telephones poles flash by. Suddenly, Steve’s radar went off when he spied a voluptuous blonde standing beside a car up ahead on the roadside. Dense blue smoke was rising from the engine of a red 2005 Corvette, which Steve soon observed had California plates. The “broken down” vehicle was in front of a fancy metal fence that a local church had just recently erected to guard its borders.

Like something right out of a movie, the girl looked to be about twenty. Her arms outstretched to the raised hood, she wore a very tight short blue dress that tightly squeezed her finely sculptured voluptuous body. As a warm-blooded male, just having turned twenty-eight, Steve punched the brakes and down shifted. Pulling to the shoulder, he thought, ‘Oh, what a wonderful world it is that has sexy girls in it!’ then he shouted out the window, “Hi, need any help?”

She smiled back warmly, as she said. “Yeah, I sure do!” For some reason seeming very familiar to Steve. “My auto club said it would take at least two hours to get here.”

Listening to her voice, noting her glowing smile, bright blue eyes, and sexy demeanor, Steve felt like steel drawn to her magnetic beauty. His bottom lip dropped slightly as he tried to take in want she said.

Shaking the car’s hood, she continued. “This damn car. It’s so pretty…but I should have known better than to buy a used sports car.”

It didn’t take Steve to long to find out what was wrong. As soon as he pulled the oil dipstick, Steve noticed it was dry. While he wanted to help her, the only thing he was able to accomplish was to ruin his shirt when he got underneath the car to check her oil pan. Noting how the warm morning had turned into a steamy afternoon, he offered, “Can I take you any where?” Noticing that she wasn’t wearing a ring, Steve wished he’d instead asked her to go get a soda or go to dinner.

“Thanks,” she answered. “I really appreciate it.” But before he could reply, she bent down to talk to him, her large firm cleavage dangling in front of his eyes. “You’ve been so nice. Can I buy dinner to make up for your shirt?”

Astonished, he wanted to shout, ‘Y-E-S!’ Steve answered instead, “Sure, dinner sounds great! But you don’t have to worry about my shirt. I’m happy to help out.” Like usual when talking to pretty girls, so he said nervously, “I like a few curves in my life. But my Mom always told me to be nice to ladies, especially when she’d beat me!” Holding out my hand, swatting the air a couple times. “That’s a real slapper!” He was relieved when she smiled at the dumb joke that accidentally slipped out.

“I’m Steve.”

“My name is Hilary. Charmed, I’m sure.” She answered, showing a blinding smile that seemed to stop his heart.

Steve shook her hand. It felt warm and soft. “Will your service take care of your car?” he asked.

She nodded her head yes. “Do you mind if we stop and I change my shirt?”

“Sure – that’s fine,” she answered.

Opening her door for her, Hilary got into his car. As Steve held the door for her, he saw that her dress was so short, that a little bit of her white panties was even visible! But as he tired not to stare, Steve noticed how delicate and beautiful she was, especially her legs and ankles. He bet she was a dancer.

“So…what do you do at the…Space Center?” As she spoke, her right hand rested upon Steve’s upper right thigh. Her fingers were so close, his manhood burned for her touch.

“Whaa…” Steve’s surprised held until he remembered the uniform shirt he was wearing. From the top of his head came, he blurted out. “Yeah, I scare kids with robots.”

Noticing she didn’t understand, Steve realized that it was probably a good thing that she offered to buy dinner before he ‘d told her any of his jokes. He continued, “Well, actually, I run an activity where kids use robots to investigate and solve problems.”

“That sounds real cool. You must be a Techie!”

“No, not really. I’m working on my Masters in history and museumology.” Figuring he might be talking too much about myself, Steve asked her, “So what brings you here?”

“I was near Chicago…and decided to go for a little drive.” Her hand raised up just enough to brush against the bulge in his waist. Hilary didn’t seem to notice his erection throb and twitch against her fingers.

‘Three hundred and fifty miles wasn’t a little drive? It didn’t require a Sherlock Holmes to surmise Hilary was holding something back,’ he wondered. But Steve didn’t press the issue, not realizing that he would discover her secret soon enough. She seemed to be waiting for him to make the next move. But living nearby, they soon pulled up the to his cabin.

There wasn’t any shade and, knowing that his car would heat up quickly, he asked, “Would you like to wait in side where it’s cooler while I change?” When she answered, “Yes, thanks.” He wanted to shout out in his best Austin Powers impersonation, ‘Yeah – Baby! Yeah!’ Which is probably why Steve gave out a little smile when he stepped on his ‘shag’ carpet doormat as he held the door open for her. Noticing the large bulge in his shorts, Hilary gave him little innocent, yet quizzical, smile as she brushed the side of her hand against the front of his pants, even though there was plenty of room for her to get by.

In the mist of rebuilding an old log cabin, Steve could really smell the pine tree sap that was always getting into his clothes. It was such a bitch to wash out it almost made him glad the house was smaller than one he’d originally planned for. But things had changed recently.

“This is really beautiful!” Hilary’s eyes were wide as she looked back and forth. “I like the cathedral ceiling and all the woodwork”.

Rather proud of the results of the work he’d put into the modest 30 x 20 ‘great-room,’ Steve appreciated that she like it as he walked besides her.

“Wow! That’s nice!” she said, stopping in front of his fireplace.

“Thanks,’ Steve smiled in appreciation, “it took me two days just to haul all the stone. It took another three days for me to put it up”. It had been his friend Bill’s idea to construct flanking staircases, instead of just one he’d planned for. Steve could hardly walk past it without remembering Bill suggestion. ‘Budgeting the luxuries first, makes life worth living.’ Steve was now sure he’d been right when he saw that she liked it.

Pointing to one of Mehree’s younger pictures on the mantle, Hilary asked, “Is that your daughter? She’s pretty.”

“No…Mehree’s my the daughter of my…friend Bill. He’s…passed away.” My eyes turned sad for a moment, until I refocused to the present. “Would you like a beer?”

“Thanks, I sure could use one.”

Her next question surprised me even more. “Is that a ‘Cap and Ball’ revolver over your fire place?”

Impressed by her surprising knowledge of firearms, his infatuation blossomed. ‘…Beautiful and smart! What should we name the children?’ He thought. “Sure, it’s a Walker Colt pistol. I’m helping to design a museum exhibit about US. Calvary guns. Next to it is my 1911 Colt .45 automatic. They both really work.”

“Do you hunt?”

“I used to.”

“Shouldn’t they be on exhibit some where like the Smithsonian?”

“They are!” Steve answered with what he’d hoped was a disarming smile.

“I’ll just be a sec.” Steve left her in front of the picture window that was the cabin’s eastern wall. He’d built his home here mainly because of the hill top view of the Meramec River valley. When Steve returned with two bottles, Hilary was still standing there looking out.

She thanked him with a smile more picturesque than the broad river valley below. After taking a sip, she said. “Wow, that’s a nice view!”

“Yea, this is a nice…peaceful spot.”

“Do you get television here?” She asked, noticing that He didn’t have one in my living room.

“Yes…upstairs in the bedroom. But down here I just like to listen to the radio. I don’t like how TV ties you to its screen. I like the freedom of the radio.

“I really like it here.” She said, smiling, thinking a moment before asking, “Do you mind if we stay here for dinner?”

‘Y-E-S!’ Steve’s mind wanted to shout out. ‘A quiet dinner…alone…sounded great.’ Besides for the view, another benefit of living in the country, was having his own personal shooting range. This afternoon, he’d planned on working on comparing analysis report on the U.S. Calvary use of the Walker Colt, Colt 1911 verses the Berretta 9 mm. While his findings were due soon, figuring he’d work on it later, Steve answered, “Sure – I know a Mom and Pop near by that delivers. Do you like pasta, pizza, or both?”

“Sounds great, but I’m not a big eater. Please just get me a Spring Mix salad with vinaigrette dressing and I’ll eat a little of yours.”

Using his country down on the farm voice, Steve responded, “I don’t know if I can get that here in the fall?” Hilary looked at him inquisitively for a moment then she look crossed eyed at him before returning his smiled. Her smile was adorable.

“Before we eat can I use your phone, or better yet, e-mail my sister where I am?” she asked.

“Sure, you e-mail her while I change? Then I’ll order dinner and show you around the place.”

“Okay, but can I use your bathroom first?”

“Right this way, my lady.”

Steve had planned on stopping at the bathroom door, but that was before he noticed the pile of dirty work clothes on the bathroom floor. He quickly darted in and throwing them in the hamper. Then he spun, starting back out and ran right into her. Steve had to grab hold of her waist to keep from knocking her down. Hilary didn’t seem very surprised that he held her longer than needed to keep her falling. With his finger resting upon her butt and her side right just below her breast, Steve continued to hold her.

Steve’s heart seemed to stop as he squeezed her firm butt. Then he brought his right arm up and filled his hand with her full round breast! Then Hilary stood up on her toes and briefly brushed her luscious red lips against his. Still holding her, Hilary seemed to melt in his arms when he squeezed her nipple.

Still holding Hilary in his arms, Steve wanted to kiss her, but she was so alarmingly attractive. Time seemed to stop, as he froze, unable to deal with the passion boiling inside of his loins. Hilary looked into his eyes like she was expecting something. But she looked surprised when Steve didn’t try anything. Embarrassed, he retreated sweating. Regretting not being able to even smile in a measure of how empty my heart had become.

Hilary continued to smile at him as she close the bathroom door.

After Hilary finished using the bathroom, Steve showered, shaved. Regretting his earlier shyness, wearing only a towel, he went to see if Hilary was able to use his computer. It seemed to him like I’d never have a better chance to have her. When he walked up besides her, the towel draped from his large erection like a flagpole. He could tell from the way she licked her lips and her lustful stare, that he gave her trill.

“Steve is that real?” Hilary exclaimed.

“Hummm, why don’t you feel it to make sure?” Steve offered, cocking his face to one side, giving her a half smile.

Hilary chunked as she flashing him her famous sweet smile. Then she wrapped her fingers into the cotton fabric of his towel and pulled. His manhood released from its covering, it popped up and almost smacked into her stomach. Hilary then took his cock in both in hands. Feeling up his shaft, she squeezed and stroking him from his tip to his balls.

“Damn Steve… that’s the biggest penis I’ve every seen!” Hilary said, as she lowered her luscious red lips.

Steve loved at as she licked up the telltale drop of fluid from his tip. A shiver racked him as she dragged her tongue around his manhood, her hands moving up and down his shaft. Then Hilary opened up her mouth and wrapped her lips around his aroused shaft. The tremors that racked his body were almost brutal as she grabbed hold of his balls and threw her mouth on his cock.

Steve had hoped for something outrageous. After all, he had heard the legends of Hollywood depravity. But he was not quite prepared for ‘sweet little’ Hilary Duff’s voracious plummet on his sexual organ with hardly even a courteous and friendly word of preparation. He froze, unable to move, unable to think again. Steve was excited in a way he had never been before but part of it was because this girl servicing him had been the object of many of his earlier adolescent dreams.

Running his fingers through her hair, he shouted, “Oh, Hilary – oh sweet mercy!” But after less than a minute, to Steve’s horror, his cock quickly started jerking and prematurely filled her mouth with sperm!

Even though Hilary seemed to happily suck it all down, embarrassed about cumming so fast, Steve got up and excused myself. After he dressed, Steve finished showing her around. Not having a lot of possessions, besides his Library of about thousand books, it didn’t take long. But noticing the balmy sun was starting to go down and it was finally starting to cool off, he asked, “Would you like me to show you my hill?”

“Sure, I would love it!” Hilary answered.

There’s an old wire fence that crosses Steve’s six acres. Because the trail to the top of the hill crossing the fence, to get over, Hilary put both her hands on his shoulders. As he lifted Hilary the top of the fence, her cleavage rubbed against his face! While he held her waist for a moment too long, Steve wanted to fuck her right then and there. But when he didn’t, she looked down at him, curious at his hesitation.

His whole life, Steve had been afraid of heights. As a boy, trying to face his fear, he even climb a high-tension tower near his house. Moving deliberately, he climbed slowly one hand or foot at a time. After more than a dozen attempts he’d finally been able to open his eyes and look down. Facing Hilary felt like…he was hoping up and down on one foot, at the very top of that tower. But Steve knew he had to take another step. To be so close to Hilary was like a dagger in his heart, threatening pain, but in an instant it turned tender and warm as he took her hand and held it. Then as they walked up the hill, Hilary’s questioning look changed. Smiling, she gave him an alluring gaze. He hoped this was a promise of more to come. It wasn’t bravery didn’t make him act. It was the over riding fear of losing the chance to kiss her. While he was still sweating, Steve gave a sigh of relief. As he returned her smile, he wished there were a tower he could climb to put aside other things…

Steve continued to hold her hand as they climbed the old rocky path. The going a little treacherous, their steps slowed, as he matched his to Hilary’. While they walked he let slip another joke. “If I, a man, were to say something here in the forest, and you, a women, weren’t here to hear it, would I still be wrong?”

Hilary was briefly silent, until she said. “Perhaps a tree should fall on you to test that?” She laughed as the path opened up to a small knoll. Steve liked her laugh.

At the top of the hill, the view really took on all its grandeur. The forested hills surrounding the river valley were a patchwork canvas of interwoven colors that extended into distance and seemingly into time. ‘I’m sure people have been coming here for centuries,’ Steve thought. He’d had always hoped to build a home at a place like this. Just as he’d always thought a complete man was a man of action, a man of imagination, and a man capable of love. School and his work at the Space Center seemed to provide only half of what he needed to fulfill himself. But he was at lost to know what the other half was. He had thought it had to find a good woman and raising a family, but that all seemed very difficult to dream about now.

Below, the river flowed past old Cedar Mill. For over 77 years people had brought their harvests there. Steve had often wondered about all the history that happened there. While the mill had been out of operation for over 50 years, water still cascaded over the remains of its stone retaining wall. The pool created above the mill was his favorite local fishing spot. Because it had been too difficult to build a road all the way to the top, otherwise he would have built his cabin right here. But the first thing Steve did when he bought the six-acre hill was to put a wood bench here. Up here, he loved to sit and let his mind wander, or just read. The view always seemed to inspire him.

Noticing the focus of his gaze, Hilary looked down at it for a moment. Then she said, “You’re not going to tell me any ‘Dam’ jokes are you?”

Caught off guard, he didn’t know what to say. Until Hilary squeezed his hand, as her smile lingered around her mouth and eyes, she asked. “Don’t you think my joke holds water?”

“I deserved that didn’t I? With work and writing my books, I lead kind of a monkish life. It shows doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but… its ok. Guys who are too rehearsed turn me off. I like your sense of humor, you’re definitely not too practiced,” she said.

Steve only smile back, his silence expressing his growing comfort at being close to her. Then as they listened to sounds of a large red tail hawk soaring above them, both were silent for a minute.

“I’ve been needing this,” she said, finally breaking the claim.

Steve turned to look at her, “What? The hot day, your car breaking down, or my silly jokes?”

“All of the above. Perhaps, not having to pretend to be someone else. I’m really glad you stopped.”

Pointing to the wooden bench, he said. “It going to be a beautiful sunset. Why don’t we stay and watch? Here take a seat with me.”

They sat there as the brilliant colors faded and made way for a dark purple night sky. Content in the simple bliss of sitting next to her, he watched the first twinkling diamonds and a harvest Moon rise in the velvet-black sky. Steve watched Hilary’s deep blue eyes light up as the Milky Way began to blaze before them.

“You’re a city girl aren’t you?” He asked, despite being afraid to inquire where she lived because it might some how pull her away from him sooner.

“How’d you guess that?”

“I could see the wonder in your eyes. City people are always surprised by the country night sky. I like to sit here all the time and look at the stars. It’s fun to image other planets. I wonder if there are any like ours. Perhaps there’s even a Federation of Planets trying to bring peace to the Galaxy?”

Soon Steve noticed a brilliant star that dominated the southern horizon. He recalled the new space plane, the Robert Goddard, was docked there right now unloading materials. Some of Goddard’s cargo was for the first manned mission to Mars next year, but some of it was classified. Turning his head, pointing his right index finger over his left shoulder and asked. “Do you see the bright star over there to the right of the moon? That’s our future.”

“What,” confused, sliding up against him, “is that Venus?”

“It’s the International Space Station.”

“Oh, you sound like my sister Juliet. But sitting here, I can see why she loves astronomy. I just didn’t know the stars could be so beautiful!”

The stars were a sight, but as he watched them with her, the beauty in Hilary’s voice struck him.

“Your sister sounds like she’s pretty nice…” he paused, “almost as nice as you are.” She gave him a crooked little smile as they fell quiet, continuing to watch the sky. The silence was only broken by the sound of distant thunder. The trees behind them blocked their view of the approaching storm. Then as the lights of a distant town appeared out of the deepening darkness, Steve noticed their shadows had drawn together. They were ‘one’ before the moon. Just then Hilary said, “Notice our shadow?”


“It’s romantic here.” Hilary said, as he put her left arm around his shoulder. Then she hugged him. When he returned it, Steve felt as if their ‘spirits’ seemed to touch as they embraced, coming together in a touch he wouldn’t forget. While they held each other, Hilary placed her head upon his shoulder. Her hair smelled wonderful as her right hand reached down to Steve upper left thigh.

Considering one of Steve’s favorite movie characters is George Bailey, he somehow expected to hear a train whistle blow in the distance as Hilary’s thumb rose up and rubbed along his zipper. But instead, Steve felt emotions which he hadn’t felt for a long time. The moonlight did not rob Hilary’s face of an atom of its beauty. As Hilary actually seemed to glow, Steve wondered, ‘If Paris looked upon Helen the same way.”

“You’re so lovely.” He pointed to the right, and said. “Venus is…right there.” Then he turned to look into her eyes and said, “and right here.”

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” Hilary whispered sensually.

Her invitation was a joyous surprise and at that moment what ever was damning up his emotions burst. Nodding his head, Steve tingling in excitement as he kissed her.

At the same time, Dora reached into his shorts and grasped him. She stroked him while their lips pressed tightly together. Then Dora bent down and brushed her lips against his cockhead. Dora’s head lowered further as her tongue lustfully probed and licked around his crown as he happily moaned out. This time, Steve knew he would last longer. And almost immediately, cock crazed Hilary had his cock between her warm welcoming lips.

He could feel Hilary again sucking madly as her tongue seemed to dance upon his shaft. Pressing her gums around his engorged cock, he felt her mouth stretching around him. Steve seemed to lose control as the world around them reduced to just this moment. Soon, her head was bobbing up and down five or six inches worth of his cock

Then Hilary pulled off Steve’s shorts. Her fingers ran over his butt as she pulled him deeper into her mouth. He started fondling her breasts and nipples, needing her firm flesh. His hands then moved down and caress her little ass while she continued to feast upon his cock. Next, Hilary pulled off her panties, offering too tempting of a target, that Steve’s mouth couldn’t resist. He rolled Hilary over and wrapped her legs around his head as he pressed his tongue into her steamy pussy. While he ate her out lustfully and she covered his face with her juices, his cock drove deeper into her throat. As she sucked harder and harder, Hilary’s lips and tongue seemed to burn on Steve’s shaft.

After about five or six minutes of heaven, Hilary had to pull off to take a breath, just as Steve began to cum. His load shot high into the air, like a fountain, landing over six feet away. The volume and intensity surprised him. Taking him back into her mouth, she swallowed down the last of cum that still could be sucked out. Their hot six-nine continued, until suddenly there was a flash, almost immediately followed by the boom of thunder. A strong gust of wind followed. He hesitated for a moment, wanting to press on. But with bad weather threatening, Steve knew he had to get her under cover, leaving his hopes for rapture behind. They gathered up their clothes and ran for the cabin.

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