Crimson Gauntlet – Chapter Seven

Featuring: Hilary Duff and Mehree Cole

Story Codes: MF, MFF


THREESOME and then some

Mehree gave a queer look when Hilary Duff she was asked about what grade she was in.

But her face changed to cute little smirk, when Mehree answered her, “I’m a College Freshmen.”

“That’s cool. So do you have…Hummm,” Steve’s moaning interrupting her, “…a boy friend?”

Mehree showed a thoughtful half smile as an eyebrow cocked up at a sharp angle, before she said. “I think so. I’ve know him years.” Mehree answered.

Suddenly it was Steve’s turn to give a smirk. But
Hilary halted the conversation when, in one quick motion, she pulled down his shorts. Letting his cock stand out like a totem pole, Mehree’s eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise.

With the alcohol reducing his inhibitions, Steve was cool with a threesome as Hilary brought down her mouth and gave the tip of his crown a kiss. Hilary then looked at the Mehree as she said, “Hummm! Steve’s so hard. I bet he wants to fuck us both?” Turning her eyes to Steve, Hilary asked, “You do don’t you?”

Having a pack of condoms in her pocket, Mehree handed Steve one. Hilary smiled as he handed it to her and joyfully opened up the package with her teeth. Then she pulled out the condom, and then blew into to. Starting at his tip, Hilary pulled it down his shaft, playing with his cock and balls as she did her work. Hilary smiled warmed the room as she said, “I think that will do it.”

Full of passion, Mehree helped Steve to removed Hilary’s clothes as they both gave her breasts long open mouth kisses, thoroughly licking her nipples.

Hilary thought she was in heaven when Mehree reached up around her legs and rubbed her ass. Arching her back, Hilary took hold of both Steve and Mehree heads and pushed her great tasting titties further into their mouths. Steve joined in caressing her body, as they both kissed all over her body, tasting her sweat and love juices. Together they pulled off Hilary’s thong, as Mehree rubbing her sweat spot while Steve ran his fingers in and out of her.

He could tell Hilary like what was being done to her. Still radiating her smile, she rolled on top of Steve and immediately impaled herself on his broad nine-inch cock. Her pussy was nice and tight and resisted sliding into her.

“Oh Hilary, you’re so tight, so beautiful.” Steve told her. “I’ve dreamed about this for so long. I really enjoy fucking you!” As Steve spoke, he pulled his cock almost all the way out and ran it along the inside of Hilary soft tender cunt lips.

It didn’t take long for Hilary’s first orgasm. It really excited Steve to know that men and boys…and some of the women…across the planet would kill to do what he was now doing to her. Soon afterwards, Steve picked her up and placed her on his bed. Hilary spread her legs eagerly as Mehree and Steve went for her slit.

A little while later when Steve pulled out, a very full condom dangled from his cock. It looked like he poured a pint of milk in it. Dropping it to floor, he put his cumm-covered cock into Hilary’s mouth. She proceeded to lick and suck him clean. While Hilary got Steve off, Mehree grab Hilary’s ass and continued to lick her pussy. In little later, with Steve’s cum dripping from her mouth, Hilary held out his cock to Mehree and suggested, “Ok, it’s your turn for a taste!”

“Thanks,” answered Mehree, letting go of Hilary’s pussy and taking hold of his manhood. “I really like to suck Steve’s cock!”

“Oh, so this isn’t your first time?” Hilary spoke, smiling at him. “That’s cool. Steve’s big enough for the both of us.”

Steve tried to smile back innocently as he motioned for both of them to come to him.

But he was surprised by their onslaught. Mehree quickly shot her right hand up and grabbed up both his balls. Then she began stroking her hands up and down his cock as Hilary began licking his ass.

He saw a little crook of a smile grow on Mehree face as she brought her small mouth to his cock. She gave his tip several licks, slurping up his pre-cumm, making an approving ‘Mmmm’ noise. The she said, “Hummm! Damn Steve…you’re so big already!”

“Yes! O, Yes!” Steve moaned as Mehree began sucking his dick. “This is nice.” The pre-cum was already spilling out as his trip in wonderland continued.

“He’s a horse ant he,” Hilary said. Then she added, “Okay, deep throat! Don’t take all day, I’m after you.”

Though she wanted to, Mehree wasn’t able to smile with her mouth full as Hilary brought her tits up to his mouth. Both young girls began stroking, licking and sucking on his body. Soon, Steve began moaning out, “Mmmm, Mmmm, and Mmmmm.”

“Oh Shit…” Steve exclaimed, as he pressed deeper into Mehree’s mouth. “I’m goanna cumm!”

“Oh, please! Hummm, come all over us!” Hilary exclaimed, while still licking his ass.

While Mehree tired to get her lips every closer to his balls, Steve moved his hands down to fondle both her breasts. They were really full firm and perky. He began suckling and kiss them, just as his organism came to a boil and seemed to explode.

“I’m cu-u-m-m-m-i-n-n-g-g!” Steve shouted, rewarding Mehree’s efforts with bolts of milky white cumm. With his balls close to turning blue and his erection throbbing, he cummed so hard that orgasmic spasms of cumm exploded all over both girl’s faces and into Mehree’s mouth.

“Good to the last drop!” Hilary commented as Mehree used her tough to lick off Steve’s dick. She squeezed her hand up and down the whole length of his shaft, from his balls to the tip, trying to milk him dry. In a minute, his balls felt empty as his dick started to slacken.

Seeing the puddle of white cumm on Mehree’s breasts, Hilary leaned over and licked them off, suckling on her nipples as she went. As her breasts were sucked, Mehree continued to kiss Steve’s shaft, as she ran her fingers into Hilary’s pussy.

Then kneeling down, Steve turned Hilary to one side and open up her legs. With his hands wrapped around her butt, he put face between her legs and ate out her hot pussy!

Steve became excited again. He licked Hilary deeply as she returned the passion, stroking his cock as her hot tongue pleasured Mehree’s pussy. Soon he could feel another organism building, so switched positions, he brought his cock up to Mehree’s pussy.

Knelling on the bed and eased himself down onto her naked body. Steve parted Mehree legs and ever so gently peeled her cunt lips apart. Running his fingers up and down the folds of her tiny pussy, he could smell the unmistakable musty aroma of Mehree’s hot excited vagina. First, he ran his hands cautiously over her tight wet pussy.

His anxious fingers parted her smooth labia, and Mehree moaned softly when he slipped two fingers inside her. It was obvious she was enjoying it. Fucking her reminded him of their first time just last month. They’d fuck often and frequently since then. While Mehree and Steve fucked again, Hilary had continued licking and pocking her fingers into them, adding to her passion to theirs.

After finishing, Steve padded their cute butts, as he said, “I hope you both…enjoyed that! I certainly did! That’s how Mother Nature intended a man and…women to be. That is, me and many women.” He gave out a low, joyful laugh.

Both Mehree and Hilary smiled innocently at back him. “Sure big boy, we’ll clean your clock any time you want!” Mehree said. Hilary nodded in agreement.

“I like a man,” Hilary added, “who knows what he wants…and goes for it.” She smiled. Then she moved to Mehree. Grabbing up one of her breasts in each hand, Hilary took turns suckling and kissing them!

Not wanting to be left out, Steve join in. Grabbing up Hilary slender waist in his hands and bent down. Feasting upon her juicy teenage slit, Steve really enjoyed suckling and messaging every-inch of her young supple body.

Their orgy continued with Hilary bending down and caressing Mehree’s stomach and shoulders! Then she opened up Mehree’s legs and ate out her tight steamy pussy. Soon, Steve joined in the tasting of Mehree’s sweet body! Mehree moaned again and again, covering their face with her love juices, as Hilary and Steve continued to feast!

Their lovemaking was wild and clenching, but at the same time tender and gentle. Soon he could feel the engulfing wave of Mehree’s passion under them, and then breaking with theirs, they all surged together in delight. But soon, having reaching the end of their strength, after Hilary and Mehree cummed again, they finally collapsed. Smile to the end, Steve knew he was in heaven! He hoped that their lustful threesome would continue in the morning. Sleep came soon.

Like every night, unvaryingly the dream started the same way it always did. Steve was back in charge of an infantry squad of six men, escorting a convoy. On the twenty trucks he was protecting were 183 women and children. Steve’s mission was to take them to the airfield at Dushanbe, where they would be evacuated. Not much more than skeletons, they were the only survivors of a Tajikistan death camp, all which were left of what had been a province of over 100,000 people. The dream never included the first 100 kilometers. It always began with the B’Kiber pass was above them and safety was only forty kilometers away, when the…shit hit the fan.

Even though he had been here many times, Steve always surprised by the beauty of the shadows cast by the setting sun upon the valley behind them. Two thousand meters above them two Mini-Predators, their only escort, flew slow circles above them. In the front passenger seat of the led vehicle, Steve relaxed his fingers on the remote flight controls of the aircraft that, because it looked like a part of the male anatomy, they been nicked named the “Little Fokker.”

With the most dangerous part of the journey supposedly over, Steve’s breathing was coming easier just both aircraft were blotted from the sky. From spidery brown and white clouds, flaming bits of wings and fuselage rained down in front and to the right of them. He would have thought it a pretty sight, if it hadn’t been so deadly serious.

It was just then that, three kilometers behind them, a company of BMP’s (BMP-3’s, Russian manufactured infantry fighting vehicles) let loose a deadly cascade of 100 mm shells. Hiding in the shadows of a ravine, their old ‘friends,’ the Tajikistani’s were laying ambush!

To reduce their thermal image, the enemy had been waiting with their engines off. In the few minutes it took for the Tajikistanis to get their engines going. The convoy ran desperately, but weighed down with humanity, they gained steadily. Because the Tajikistani’s don’t take prisoners, Steve’s only hope was to get to the top of pass first. Falling in behind, luckily the narrow valley allowed only the leading BMP’s to fire.

Again, Steve was in charge.

Again people would die because of his actions.

Again he called for help over the data link that would arrive too late.

Again his plan was simple. After the first three-man section laid the anti-tank mines, they would rejoin the convoy. He would take the other section to the top of the nearest hill and cover the minefield with their M-04 machine gun. But first, they had to win the race to the top.

Again, even though they fired smoke to interfere with the Tajikistani shooting, two trucks quickly fell behind us, burning. It sickened Steve again that they couldn’t stop to check for wounded. But to stop was death.

Again, from the rear of the convoy Sergeant Bill Cole’s voice came over the radio. “Lieutenant, ‘those people’ are going to catch us before we get to the top.” Bill always had a way of understating things. “We should place our mines before its too late!”

Again, Steve answered him. “Negative on that.” Having already looked over the terrain, he said. “There’s too much ground to cover until we get to the top.” Having an idea, he said. “Bill, throw your spare gas cans out.”

“Yes, sir.” He answered, “Okay, I’m for burning the bastards!”

Again, Steve threw smoke canisters to lay a little subterfuge on the road.

Again another precious cargo was lost just before they reached the summit. Delayed by burning gasoline and the fear of air attack, the Tajikistanis were still more than a 1000-meters behind them. But the top of the pass was now clearly marked by the flames of what had been the last truck in the convoy. Having to turn his eyes from a human torch rolling on the ground, Steve could still hear her screams burn into his brain. It was just like a scene from, ‘Drums along the Mohawk,’ during the movies climatic Indian attack.

A preacher was the only one with enough courage to put out of his misery an old man being burned-alive by the Indians. But Steve just couldn’t bring himself to shoot, and thus left her to suffer.

Again Steve ordered, “Bill, deploy your anti-tank mines.”

Again Steve heard his reply, “Roger, Lieutenant, we’ll see you in Dushanbe. But…Steve…be careful!”

Again, Steve heard Bill’s voice, “Hurry guys…we got to lay these bad boys and get the hell out of Dodge!”

Again, Steve saw the first three BMP’s, with their guns blazing, charge Bill’s position. He lost sight of what was happening in the BMP’s explosive barrage. Then suddenly, a mine destroyed the first enemy vehicle. Then two next vehicles, seemed unwilling to try their luck, hesitated and stopped.

Again Steve shouted, “BILL, COME.” But he didn’t answer. “DAMMIT, BILL, COME IN!”

Again, Steve reached the top of the rise and jumping from their Hummer. He slammed their machine guns tripod stand down. While Corporal Robin Smith finished assembling the weapon he’d nicked named, “his little friend,” PFC Bill Walters looked nervously down the electronic sight of his M-16 rifle and fired futility at the quickly approaching armored vehicles.

Knowing Bill was giving away their position, Steve shouted. “Cease-fire! Cease-fire! Damn it!”

In a few seconds Steve turned the machine gun on. The weapon almost seemed to point itself. He saw the lead enemy vehicle in its range finder. Setting the smart ammunition to burst at three meters, Steve punched the fire button.

Again, red bolts arched toward the enemy. While Steve knew that the 20 mm shells couldn’t stop armor, but they could ‘stop’ any dismounted infantry from clearing land mines from the road.

Again, for a moment, Steve thought their blocking action was going to be successful. The machine gun’s sight showed the effects of his fire. A dozen bodies must have been haphazardly scattered on the ground, their infrared glow spreading and fading.

Again, another enemy vehicle charged past the burning one, threatening to roll past the roadblock. Then Steve saw someone run from the burning truck that had been carrying the noncombatants. Climbing on top of the advancing BMP, the person paused then jumped. Immediately an explosion followed. But instead of running for safety, he got back on top of the burning BMP and fired its heavy machine gun back towards the enemy.

Again, observing from above, Steve sat motionless, awed by the person’s wild bravery or perhaps, his utter stupidity. Steve watched until the mad man stopped shooting a few moments later when the Tajikistani return fire smashed his position. Finally shaken out of his amazement, Steve let lose a ineffectual burst of smart ammunition as more armor moved forward. Just then, below them he saw dozens of flashes were aimed at him.

“Hit the deck!” Steve screamed as the earth rose up around them. Bleeding and broken, his arms flailing around, trying dig out his men. Steve was unsuccessful, again.

“Steve.” Holding him, she said, “It’s me, Hilary.”

“What…?” Steve said, realizing that he had been dreaming again.

Steve paused, waiting for her to ask about his dream, or even worse, to offer help. But she just continued to hold him, remaining silent. Not offering to help somehow seemed to ease his apprehensions. Surprisingly, Steve started talking.

“It happened in 2004…during the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Tajikistan.” His eyes pointed to a plaque on the wall as he talked.

In the darkness it wasn’t possible to see it was written in both Russian and English. Steve had lost a lot of sleep staring at it, knowing that he had to face it. While the dream only came two or three times a week now, he still woke up soaked in sweat. “But it’s not,” Steve continued, “something to talk to a lady about.” His gaze returned to her eyes.

She suddenly laughed, “What makes you think I’m a lady?”

“You are,” he asserted, “my word on that.”

“Maybe,” Hilary replied, “but I don’t think you’re a very good be a monk.” Then her smile faded, “Is that where you got your scars?”

Steve nodded. “I’m better now,” not telling her the whole truth. But Hilary pressed her lips and kissed the jagged mark besides my right eye. He moaned, stiffing with anxiety, and was about to pull away when… “Oh, Steve,” Hilary said, “don’t.”

She held him. “Please don’t push me away. I don’t see a scar. I see courage.”

Steve lips trembled, then flattened to a thin line. “I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.”

“Oh, silly,” with a low seductive voice, she said trying to easing his apprehensions, “the last thing I feel for you is pity.”

“It’s…I was injured,” he said, pointing to his waist. “I can’t have children. I haven’t been with anyone since it happened.” Steve didn’t tell her that I had only been with one other girl. They were going to get married. But when he got home, things didn’t work out because Betty wanted kids.

Hilary’s mouth fell open. Then she met his gaze. “Steve, everything seems to work just fine.” Then noticing color and shape of medal and ribbons hanging from the wall plague, she asked. “Steve, you received the Congressional Medial of Honor? You could be in the movies just like…” she paused for a moment unable to remember his name, “like the guy who did all those ‘B-Westerns’.

Knowing that Hilary was referring to Audie Murphy, Steve shook his head. “No, I’m not proud of what happened over there. Some of my friends didn’t come back. The way I see it, the things I had to do over there aren’t for buy and selling.”

Hilary then kissed him again and their conversation fell away. This time, with her warm caring body next to his, it was easier to shake off dark memories. Exhausted, falling into a restful sleep, Steve wondered if he was already dreaming.

Sure that last night had been a dream, when Steve awoke to the light of early morning, he was almost afraid to open his eyes. But when saw Hilary sleeping next to him, he exhaled and smiled. Trying to let her sleep, he got and went to the bathroom downstairs.

Mehree, a very sound sleeper, was on the couch. Having spent the night with him several times, Steve knew she was almost impossible to wake up. But he also knew that Mehree had very passionate dreams. Often he would wake with her stroking or sucking on him.

Lying there she appeared to be an angle, a very sexy angle that is. Steve bent down and softly kissed her cheek to ensure she was sleeping. Then he brought his throbbing cock up against her lips and pushed his tip into her mouth. Still sleeping merrily away, Mehree’s tongue lick around his shaft. Then his cock slid past her lips. Like how a hungry baby sucks on a nipple, she began sucking hard. Acting out her wet dream, Steve just stood there as she swallowed him all up. She mouth worked his cock long and hard. His balls were blue when Mehree finished.

A little later, Steve returned to his bedroom and fell back to sleep. When he later awoke, drew in a deep breath of fresh air and smiled. After turning off his alarm, he took in Hilary’s soft and delicate features. The most beautiful women in the world him, she seemed very much the part of a sleeping beauty. But, what he admired most was her earlier silence during his vulnerability last night. Beyond her drive for stardom, there was strength in her. Like the ability of a desert flower to weather an endless drought until a sudden rainstorm brings it to life.

But there was something else too. Maybe it takes someone in pain to recognize another. It seemed almost like…an issue of faith. Steve knew what haunted him. After losing his faith in the future, his dreams were only of the past. Hilary’s faith seemed only in her future. He wondered what haunted her? Then her eyes opened. Steve kissed her good-morning as he caressed her body. Starting with her knees, Steve kissed along her legs until he reached her pussy. Then he pressed his tongue inside of her juicy slit.

“Hummm, what a way to say good morning.” Hilary told him as she grabbed up his cock and started stroking.

In the short time they’d known each other, there’d been no mention of anything beyond the moment. In the hope Hilary was waiting on him, as her tongue wrapped around his cock, Steve asked, “Hi, bright eyes, what are your plans for today?”

“Juliet’s reserved a ticket for me at the St. Louis airport today. I asked her to get me a afternoon flight so I could spend the morning with you.” Her licking stopped.

“That’s great, I don’t have to go into work until 1 PM. I’ll be…happy to drive you.” He paused, happy didn’t seem the right word. But now that Steve knew she was leaving he had to say, “Last night was wonderful!”

“Yes, it was.” While smiling, Hilary jerkily ran her finger through her hair.

“Do you know I love you?” He asked, speaking from his heart. Steve felt head over heels for over her.

Hilary nodded, a far away look in her eyes as she asked. “You do?”

“And you?” Steve asked back.

“Can we wait a little longer?”

Hilary was staring at the plaque on the wall, seeming more troubled than he’d ever seen her before. Steve sensed that playing with her hair was a nervous habit.

“I wish,” she said, turning toward him, “I could give you a yes. But it wouldn’t be true. Not yet anyway. We’ve shared a lot in so little time.” Her eyes now grave, but tender. “It began with your gallant rescue and sweet smile. Under the stars last night,” her hands pointed to the bed, “I knew we might end up like this. But things haven’t turned out like I thought they would.” As she finished talking, Hilary smiled. Then she bent and swallowed up his cock again.

They were silent for a long time, while the wind blew the tree branches softly against the window as Hilary gave him a slow, drawn out blowjob. When she finished, she spoke again, but now her voice was happier and more confident.

“Steve, men are always asking me to sleep with them, or even marry them. Sometimes I think about the propositions, but luckily …so far I’ve been able to walk away.”

While Steve knew he shouldn’t have been surprised, still his face went rigid. Then Hilary leaned forward, kissed his cock. As she continued to hold it, her soft fingers were immensely comforting, and Steve’s bleak thoughts of other men making love to her melted away.

“Now there is you,” she went on, “you are none of the bad things I have gotten so used to. I like your quirkiness and intelligence, but at the same you’re so full of passion. I’m on the edge with you, the very edge. There are things about you that I already respect and…admire. It’s surprising and a little frightening. This is altogether a new thing for me, I have never felt it so strongly before.”

“And with all that?” Steve asked.

“With all that, only the edge of love?” Hilary resumed fondling his cock again.

“Did I speak too soon?” he said, unsure how to explain it to her. Despite it being common today, he’d never believed in casual sex. He’d been kidded enough about being a ‘hopeless romantic’. It wasn’t that he didn’t have desires. Rubbers were standard issued in the service, but he’d never need them. With a Susan at home, Steve had spent his free time studying or working out.

“No, we should be honest with our feelings. I did say…you’d charmed me.” With a twinkle in her eye, she leaned toward him. “Right now…I want to fuck some more!”

Hilary’s cunt lips were wonderfully soft and tight. Feeding upon the fragrance of her body, she was compliant and ravishing to Steve’s senses. While his mouth pressed into her vagina, Hilary in-turn feasted upon his manhood. He could feel the trembling of her lower lip, which might have been both nervousness and desire. After he fucked her mouth, Steve fucked her up the ass again, and then her pussy. In the height of lustful enjoy, she enthralled him again with her taste, her sight, and feel, as rapture took them again.

Whispering his name, Hilary trembled powerfully and fell ‘bonelessly’ upon him. The sun seemed to fill the room with light as he climax and filled her tight slit with his warm seed again.

Smiling and ignoring the rumbling in his stomach, he asked. “The edge of love, still?”

Hilary nodded, chuckling. Then pulling off, she said, “The edge is nice, too.” She then kissed the crown of his cock briefly but assuredly. Still stroking him, she asked with an infinite knowing look, “Are you trying to make an honest women of me?”

He stared at her dumbfounded for a moment before I spoke. “A heart is something to be respected.”

She nodded again, “I understand, that’s the type of guy you are. But we come from two different worlds. How can we make them meet?” After she spoke, Hilary looked up at him as she ran her tongue a long his shaft.

“I believe anything is possible. It’s the trying that matters most,” He answered. Relieved that he hadn’t asked her to marry him, Steve still had to wonder if he was cheapening what they had by not asking her. Just as he felt every time he fucked Mehree.

“We’ll see.” Hilary said, as she wondered about what Steve had said. It sounded like something her sister Juliet would say. But it was just too simple to her. A day ago it wouldn’t have even seemed possible. ‘Could Steve be a man she could love and understand?’ she wondered. Sincerely watching his face, Hilary asked, “How patient are you?”

“For you, very.”

“There’s no hurry for an answer?” Hilary thought out loud. Then she opened her smiling mouth and Steve’s cock slid briefly between her lips again.

“No hurry,” Steve said, “especially since you’re such a good kisser, you give such a good blowjobs and…” adding with a smile, “you like my jokes.”

Hearing his joke, Hilary choked and almost bit him. Then she pulled off. “Maybe.” Hilary answered with another twinkle. Then her lips wrapped around Steve’s cock as she sucked upon his crown again. Hilary was so good at sucking cock. It was like she was born to do it.

Steve answered her with a question. “Which one do you want to practice?” Hilary quickly got in his lap and kissed him, and then she wantonly impaled herself on his cock. In a little while after they finished, Steve noticed his stomach rumble again. “Are you hungry?”

“Yeah,” she answered with a bashful smile. “We got a little distracted last night, didn’t we?”

“Lets take a shower first, ok?” Steve said as she smiled back at him.

Hilary whistled a wolf call at him when Steve jumped up naked. Then using her little girl voice from the television show, she told him, “You’ve got nice piece of meat swinging there, Mister!”

Steve’s feet seemed to float. In the warm water, they washed each other slowly, and started kissing again. Picking her up, Steve wrapped her legs around his waist. Then with her back press against the shower wall, he fucked her again, madly and forcefully. Hilary then hollowed out in passion as he first fucked her pussy, then he did her up the ass, fulfilling his every fantasy.

A little later Steve had bacon going, when he shouted up to her. “How do you like your eggs?”

“Just one over-easy please?” Hilary called back. Steve cooked her two, just in case she was hungry. Steve felt starved and the bacon smelled sumptuous this morning.

In the living room, Mehree must have heard him and woke up. She walked into the kitchen silently. Smiling playfully, she sneaked up behind Steve and grabbed between his legs. They were French kissed as she gave him head, when Hilary, still nude, rejoined them.

Mehree was dressed again in her sexy cotton gum shorts and small bikini top. Steve watched watch intently as Hilary pulled at the top string of Mehree’s bikini top and it fell to the floor. Steve just stared as Hilary pulled on Mehree’s nipples and played with her tits in front of him.

“You like these, don’t you Steve?” Hilary coyly asked, all the time smiling at him. “Come on play with me, I promise I won’t bite,” she said with a wry grin on her face.

Hilary and Steve began mauling Mehree’s big tits and she moaned accordingly. All three kissed in a hot and passionate embrace swapping tongues and saliva. Sitting on the bed and spreading Mehree’s legs to reveal her creamy wet pussy to her. Hilary began to rub Mehree’s clit enticing.

Hilary unbuttoned Mehree’s shorts and began to pull them down. She removed her panties to reveal a smooth and silky cunt. She had been shaving her cunt for several weeks now and Steve thoroughly enjoyed fucking her and eating her shaved cunt. Mehree’s nipples were as hard as ever and her cunt was wet and warm as Hilary and Steve’s fingers moved slowly through her gash. They continued to kiss, slipping their tongues into each other’s mouth before getting completely undressed.

“Mehree, I beat your Steve’s fucking slut, a cocksucking slut,” Hilary said with a giggle, as she and Steve now beginning to play with Mehree’s pussy.

“I want you to be my cunt licking slut, ” Hilary said. Then looking rebuffed, she asked. “Aren’t you going to eat my hot tasty pussy?”

With a big smile, Hilary pulled Mehree’s light white thong to one side and began to kiss her pussy lips, slipping her tongue into the wet and warm slit of Hilary’s pussy. Mehree buckled at the knees as Hilary and Steve threw her on the bed and sucked her dry.

Mehree also giggled as she put her tongue to the sweet smelling pussy in front of her. Hilary began to pant and moan louder and Mehree knew she was getting close to exploding.

“Oh that feels so fucking good, Mehree. You really know how to eat pussy.” Hilary moaned as she felt the firmness of Mehree’s hot tongue sliding in and out of her love hole.

Mehree looked up at her and said, “Well I had a good teacher.” “Who was that?” Hilary asked. “Oh just a hot little slut name Sally, that lives next door to me. And a certain man I know.”

Knowing that Hilary would like it, Steve slipped his tongue into her asshole. “Oh yeah, Lick my asshole baby, lick it.” Hilary screamed to Steve. “I like to be pampered around my butt,” she said almost wickedly. Then her moans increased in tempo. “Ohhhh Fuckkkk, yesssssssss, lick my asshole baby, fuckkkk yesssssss, I’m going to cummmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssssssss, I’m cumminggggggg! Ohhhh…godddddd! I’m cummingggggggggg!”

Hilary shuddered and exploded all over Mehree’s face. She just kept licking until there was no more. After a few moments, Hilary regained her composure and thanked Mehree with a lovely tongue kiss that lasted for about two minutes.

“Well Mehree, how about we sandwich this Hollywood babe,” Steve said.

“Sounds good to me.” Mehree said, letting out a happy squeal.

Taunting them, Hilary spoke. “Make it happen then, fuck me you bastards, fuck me good and hard.”

Steve walked up and slid his cock into Hilary’s pussy from behind. At the same time, Mehree walked around the front of her. Then she slid under her Hilary’s so that her tongue was ready to push into Hilary’s pussy when Steve had finished coating his cock ready for the assault on her asshole.

Hilary placed a finger into the smooth confines of her wet vulva. Her body was shaking with anticipation of what she was going to be the recipient of. Steve pulled his cock out of her pussy and Hilary said, “Now, shove your cock up my ass, fuck my ass with your big cock.”

For a moment Mehree watched as Steve, her lover of only a few weeks was about to fuck another woman. Then Mehree found herself saying, “Do it Steve. Fuck the pretty little bitch!” Mehree then slid her tongue into Hilary’s cunt while Steve started to vigorously pushing his cock into Hilary’s asshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, easy Steve,” groaned Hilary, “slowly baby, ohhhhhhhh yeah that’s it, slide your cock into my ass babe, ahhh god yessssss, that’s it, yesssssssss, it feels so gooddddddddddddd!”

It wasn’t long before Mehree was moaning and rolling around on his bed, feeling ecstasy of her own. “Yes, that’s it I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” and with that Hilary and Steve exploded in their own frenzied orgasms. Now licking Hilary sweet pussy with great vigor, Mehree intently enjoyed their attention, while Hilary gave him head, it surprised him that he still thought about Mehree and their fondest memories together. But as their hot threesome of passion came to a close, Steve French kissed Hilary as Mehree licked Hilary’s pussy. At the same time, Steve continued to fucked Mehree’s tight slit.

A little while later, as they all sat down to eat their reheated food, he felt no need to pray. Last night and this morning were blessing enough. Steve knew that if he really loved Hilary, he had to be willing to set her free. If Hilary loved him, they’d be back together again. It was difficult to think about letting her go, but even if she came back, he’d have to hold her loosely.

They ate quickly. Their thoughts free and full joy, yet at the same time troubled. Knowing that his lovely threesome was too good to last, all three people wondered about the future as they eat.

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