Crimson Gauntlet – Chapter Six

Featuring: Hilary Duff, Mehree Cole

Story Codes: MF, MFF, and Mf


Tonight as Mehree walked up the hill, she expected a wild time. After finding the front door unlock, she’d quietly walked into the house. But when Mehree discovered Steve with a strange woman, she got a lot more than she bargained for. With her lower lip resting upon her chest, Mehree felt…perhaps betrayed…and hurt. For a moment, she wanted to angrily hit Steve with something small…like a bus. But any negative feelings Mehree had were soon over rode by the desire to see him happy. Realizing that she didn’t want to surprise
Steve and his ‘friend’, with a heavy heart, Mehree sneaked back outside and rang the doorbell.

When Steve opened the door, Mehree shouted out, “Hi Steve, I forgot my key.” She made a joke, trying to cover up her the pain in her chest.

Steve hugged her as his eyes bugged out. But looking past him, Mehree’s own shock was compounded. Unable to contain her surprise, she shuddered out, “Hilary…Hilary Duff? How…?”

Mehree entered the room the door, dressed in a pair of cotton gum shorts and a small bikini top. Hilary immediately noticed that her tits were firm and stood upright in her top.

“Come in out of the heat honey,” Hilary said with a seductive voice.

Speechless, Mehree took in Hilary lovely body as she did of hers. Up close, Mehree could really appreciated how big and round Hilary’s tits had become since she was in Lizzie McGuire. Breaking her trance, she shook her head as she wondered. ‘How on Earth was Steve able to bed a baby like Hilary Duff?’ Too nervous to ask, Mehree decided on ply them with strong…very strong liquor first.

It wasn’t long after Mehree had served them that Hilary, Steve, and Mehree cuddled up intimately on the couch. After giving Mehree a winking, Hilary soon began touching him up. Then holding him through the fabric of his shorts, she started jacking Steve off right in front of Mehree! They all kept talking as he got bigger and bigger. But Mehree knew that Hilary was watching her and it excited her. Mehree could feel a slight wetness beginning in her pussy.

But while Hilary gave him head, it surprised him that he thought about Mehree and their fondest memories together.

While he had known Mehree for years, it was their recent trip to Washington D.C. that had changed everything. With big dreaming brown eyes, Mehree had a cute dewy look, which Steve found very sexy. Her head capped by luscious brown hair, she always seemed to have a smile of her pretty face. Developed at an early age, her large breasts were pointed and firm, yet nicely silky soft to the touch. Smooth and tanned flawlessly, her legs seemed to go on forever, all the way up to her sweet little curvy ass.

Mehree’s father, Bill, had been Steve’s best friend since he’d joined the cavalry in 2002. Taking Bill’s death very hard, they both shared in his lost and became very close. Steve tried to help her out anyway he could. But now with high school over and Mehree a college freshman, things were changing. When her father was alive, Bill and Mehree would often visit him. Often Bill and Steve would stay up late into the night. Whilst Mehree was little, she often would fall a sleep in front of the television playing games. Many times, Steve acted the part of uncle and tucked her in.

Mehree always acted as if she’d become a ton of bricks when Steve put her in bed. She’d always wanted him to take her shoes and socks off. Mehree would then put her arms up and he’d take her shirt off. Usually already laying down, she’d raise her up hips and Steve would unzip her pants and pull them off. Instead of a nighty, Mehree always wanted to sleep in his shirt. A clean shirt wouldn’t do of course. It just had to be the one Steve I was wearing. He didn’t mind. Dressed in just her little panties, Mehree liked running her fingers through his chest hair and playing with nipples as she took it off him.

As she blossomed into a stunning teenager, Mehree liked to snuggle with Steve watching television until she fell asleep. Mehree’s brunette hair was now thick and long, flowing over her shoulders going most of the way down her back. In front, her promising bobs were beginning to really sprout out. Usually sitting in his lap, Steve couldn’t help but notice how Mehree’s tiny waist gave way to sexy flaring hips and a perfect pair of jutting buns. And she always liked to bounce them up and down or slid them around on his penis. He didn’t want to call attention to it, but Mehree was somehow obliviously to her effects of his nine-inch penis rubbing between her butt cheeks, between her legs, and even against her panties. So, while he kept it secret that I knew she had a schoolgirl crush on him, it was kind of flattering and sweet. But he kept his own fondness for her to himself.

Once, when Mehree was still only twelve, she’d fell a sleep nuzzled deep into the crook of Steve’s arm. Later, in the middle of the night, he woke to discover that she had rearranged herself as he slept. Her head was now in his lap and…the side of her face was resting right on top of his shaft. But Mehree’s mouth was right against the mushroom-shaped cockhead of his erection, which had pushed up and almost out of the pant leg of his shorts! Actually he already could see the very tip of his penis sticking out, where it rubbed up against Mehree’s very soft full lips.

Steve just laid there quietly, pretending to be a sleep, haunted by her taboo form, and held captive by her full luscious lips. Knowing that this was wrong, Steve was unable to resist the beautiful girl lying next to him, when Mehree began licking his wide tip. He was so stunned, he sat there, hardly able to breath. Finding himself almost wishing that he hadn’t woken up, all his thoughts were lost in a fantasy, as he imagined it, which began with Mehree deep throating his big hard cock. Not making a sound, Steve felt his erection continued to grow and grow. Then almost as if it were a natural reaction in her sleep, Mehree’s head moved and his big purple cockhead slipped between her soft wet lips. Steve felt himself trembling all over.

The look on his amazed face told it all. He didn’t know how many times had he fantasized about her full sexy lips wrapped around his big hard cock as Mehree began slowly, lovingly licking the wide head and working up and down his long thick shaft.

Moving her lips down even farther, she sucked ever so lightly. Mehree could feel the pre-cum start to leak out of the top and savored his flavor as she drank the squishy substance down. Before he could respond, Steve thought he could hear Mehree moaning out approvingly, as she tasted the pre cum that began to ooze from the tip of the hard purple crown. “MMMM, MMMMM, MMMMMM GOOD!” With difficulty, she slid the first 5 inches of his thick rod to the back of her throat, only pausing now and then to suck lustfully.

Her warm saliva ran down the sides of his cock and over his balls as she slurped away. Steven could sensed that he could have cum right then, but he tried to fight the urge so that he could make this last as long as possible.

Mehree then took the head out of her mouth and licked her way up and down his wrist thick shaft, pausing occasionally to mouth his heavy sperm filled balls. She seemed to enjoy the texture of his massive shaft of flesh and blood. The feel of her tongue on his thick protruding veins felt so wonderful. Mehree then took him back into her mouth and started to slowly bob her head, taking in Steve’s incredible staff deeper and deeper. She started to bob up and down, faster and faster.

Steve pushed the hair away from her face so he could watch this insatiable little nymph sucked and deep throat most of his massive cock. Mehree began to squeeze his balls with one hand while jerking his rod with the other, following her lip strokes with my tight hand motions. This was just too much for him and he began to moan in anticipation of a great release. But finally realizing the awful honor of the situation, he carefully pulled out of her and got to his room as fast he could, hoping he wouldn’t cum before getting there.

Later, when Mehree was a senor in high school, she and her friend, an eighteen-year old named Sally, really got into sculptor, and kept asking Steve to pose for them. When he finally agreed, Mehree surprised when, wheedling a board hungry grin, she started undoing his belt. He started to leave when…

“O-come on Steve.” Mehree insisted. “Remember, we’ve…I’ve seen you naked before.”

Steve knew she was referring to the following year, when he was still married and Mehree had secretively watched his former wife suck his cock. After Susan fell to sleep, Steve received the surprise of her life. Thirteen-year-old, Mehree almost startled him out of his skin when she walked up. With a cute little smile, she asked. “Does it taste good Steve?”

His face pale in shock, silence was Steve only response for a long moment. Then pointing to the door, he said, “Honey, you’ve got to wait until you’re older.”

Sitting on the side of the bed, his hard-on stuck out in front of Mehree. Steve was going to cover myself, but the little nymph was too fast for him. Grabbing his cum-covered shaft, Mehree started running her fingers along his cock. As she gave him head, Mehree exclaimed using a little girl voice, “You’ve got such a nice big piece of meat there…big boy!” she giggled as said the last two words.

Steve saw a little crook of a smile growing on Mehree face as she got on her knees in front of him. With their eyes locked together, she wantonly rubbed her full red lips up against his erection as she played with his nuts. Then in one fast quick motion, she stretched her mouth around his cockhead, just as she had seen his wife do earlier! He thought her mouth appeared so small and his cock looked so large as Mehree gave his tip several licks. Then she slurped it up his pre-cumm, making approving ‘Mmmm’ noises.

Then she shouted out. “Hummm! Damn Steve…you’re so big already!” After she spoke, Steve’s cock seemed to have a mind of its own as it was swallowed up by Mehree’s steamy mouth.

Steve shuddered when he felt her began to suck. As Susan had, Mehree started stroking his shaft into her mouth. Steve knew there was no way he was going to be able to hold out much longer. Mehree kept stroking his erection and sucking on his knob as his knees weakened and his balls began to throb. Soon the sight of his cock disappearing completely into her mouth and filling her throat was too much for him. He stayed frozen as Mehree sucked his dick for several minutes. Then Mehree’s young face held a look of miss belief when Steve suddenly filled her throat with cum.

Steve gleefully watched her get one good swallow of his cum before she had to pull off to breathe. But as his orgasm continued to erupted. Cum spraying like a fountain, as wave after wave of hot steaming sperm spasmed out, hosing down Mehree’s sweet teenage face.

It felt incredible, but it was a real mess too! Cum got into Mehree’s hair, on her face and even ran down her neck. As he had cummed, Steve smiled and moaned as he arched his head and back. Still hard, Mehree took him back into her mouth and kept on sucking his dick. Really enjoying her hot little tongue, Steve took hold of her head and started humping his cock into her small steamy mouth.

In about ten minutes, Steve’s next wave of cum spurted out. This time, and again just as Susan had done, Mehree pulled her mouth back to his tip, and held out her tongue like a platter. Steve could only watch as she stroked his shaft to pump out his entire load of cum, making little slurping noises as she licked and swallowed up his cum. She did a wonderful job of not gagging on all his thick creamy love juice that he pumped into her hot young mouth. Only when the skin of Steve’s dick was beginning to fell raw, did he regain his senses.

Steve pointed to the door again, Mehree had left slowly as her eyes feasted upon the view. Afterwards, neither one of them had ever talked about this. And She made sure to keep at a safe distance.

This was the last time she had visited before the terrible mission to Asia and the death of her father. While he still lived close be, it wasn’t until Mehree was eighteen, during their trip to Washington, D.C., that Steve let himself be along with Mehree. Refocusing upon his memory of ‘sculpturing’, Steve remembered how persist Mehree had been.

“Steve.” Mehree insisted, still trying to convince him to pose for her. “Come on, I won’t try anything…this time. ”

He resisted, but after a lot of pleas and puffy lips, Mehree overcame Steve’s reservations about posing nude. But still nervous, when undressing in the bathroom, he’d left on his briefs. But continuing to keep after him, Mehree shook her finger at him, as she said. “Because we’re doing Michel Angelo’s David, we have to have nude model. Come on Steve. Lets see it!”

Steve red face and his growing erection were enough of an answer for Sally. So she walked right up next to him. Then wrapping her thumb around his waist band, Sally lightly tugged at it, as she said, “Don’t be so embarrassed, we’re artists. We don’t expect sex…not on the first day, anyway.” She seemed to positively beam at him, or more correctly at his waist.

Then using her thumb and forefinger, she stretched out the elastic band of his briefs and took a peck at his cock, now not so well hidden. Sally let it snapped back with a loud sound, as she said. “It does look like you’re really…built.”

To further mortify him, she pulled his briefs down with a hard jerk and his erection popped out. Sally continued to beam as she starred at his tool. Then she put her hand on it and noting how her fingers could barely wrapped all the way around Steve wide shaft.

But after seeing Mehree’s disapproving gaze, with a wave of his hand, Steve shoed Sally back to her artistry. It turned out, that posing was a lot of fun. Mehree had even told him, “You’d really looked like the statue of David if you changed your, and of course, your bigger!”

But then during his break, it got a little awkward when the girls snickered amongst themselves. A very pretty and temping girl, Sally kept licking her lips and smiling at him.

Steve knew Sally and Mehree were just playing with his head, but invariably their teasing gave him an erection, which is what they wanted. Mehree had seemed very disappointed that he wouldn’t let them touch his cock. Steve was relieved that neither girl had asked to suck on it. But when Mehree left to go get lunch and left him and Sally alone, she got out her ruler. As she measured him, she playfully ran her finger along his length. Sally then wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his shaft and started stroking him.

“Stop that you little temptress,” Steve whispered, trying to resist her charms.

But not listening, Sally immediately bent forward and started licking his cock. Steve tired to get away by jumped up. But instead of escaping, he drove his cock right up into her mouth. Steve then shuddered as her lips pushed down his shaft. A moan escaped his lips as Sally started sucking upon his hard mushroom-shaped cockhead.

Relenting to his passions, Steve told her. “O, Sally, you little slut. Keep those sexy lips of yours around my big cock and suck till my balls turn blue!”

“MMMMM, MMMM, MMMMM good!” Sally mumbled approvingly, tasting his pre cum that began to ooze from the tip of his purple crown. Savoring his flavor, she drank the squishy substance down. Her warm saliva ran down the sides of Steve’s cock and over his balls as she slurped away as, with difficulty, the first five or six inches of his thick rod slid to the back of her throat. Really going at, Sally paused only to suck lustfully.

Sally seemed to love the texture of Steve’s massive column of flesh and blood. The thick protruding veins felt so wonderful on her loving tongue as she slowly paid homage to his cock. She started to bob her head up and down, faster and faster, while as the same time, taking in Steve’s incredible staff cock deeper and deeper.

Sally pulled up, still holding of his cock firmly, she said in a sexy demanding manner. “Do you want to fuck me Steve?”

“Yeah, I really do.” Steve said shaking.

Sally was in essence, beautiful. Steve thought to himself, whatever boy gets her will be very lucky indeed. He couldn’t take he’s eyes off Sally’s body. Sally began to remove her stockings and eventually stood there in just her bra and panties as she told him. “Then you have to do something for me” Sally said after planting a long wet kiss on his lips.

“Anything you want.” Steve said, running his hand over her tits.

Sally looked into his eyes and said, “Treat me like a slut, humiliate me, make me do anything you want, and I mean anything YOU want. Pull my hair, tie me up but make sure you treat me like your own personal whore.”

Steve looked a bit shocked, but then a smile came across his face as he reached out for her and she came to him. He kissed her and then grabbed her by the hair, pulling it back along with her head. He looked at her and said, “Suck my cock, you fucking slut.”

“Make me,” Sally said defiantly. With that he slapped her across the face, not too hard but hard enough.

“Is that the best you can do? If you want your cock sucked then make me suck it,” she said.

Starting to enjoy this game, Steve grabbed her and pushed Sally to her knees. He grabbed her hair hard and when she began to moan he pushed his cock into her mouth. Needed no second invitation, Sally immediately sucked the rock hard meat into her mouth, “That’s it you bitch, suck that dick.” Steve said, now he was beginning to feel the power that Sally had allowed him to have.

All of a sudden Steve saw a figure near the curtain covering the window to the lounge room where all the action was taking place. His heart went to her mouth, until he realized that the figure was that of a female. He couldn’t make out whom it was but it was turning her on even further to know he was being watched.

Steve decided to play the action up even further, hoping to entice the voyeur into the open so he could identify who was spying on them. With his cock still in Sally’s mouth, he looked down at her and said in a voice loud enough so his audience could hear. “Suck big dick or I’ll spank you.”

Steven then arranged the chair so the person at the window would also have a view of his exhibition he was putting on. Sally began to moan instantly as he continued to ram his cock into her mouth, while the strange watching his performance.

Pulling off for a breath, Sally glared up at him. “Come on Steve. Talk to me. Tell me what I want to hear.

“Do you like what I’m doing,” he asked, “you little slut? Do you like sucking my friggen dick? Ohhh! Ohhh! Don’t you love me sticking my cock down into your hot wet throat?

Real getting into this with all his might, he moved closer and whispering in Sally’s ear that she was the dirtiest slut he had ever seen and he wanted to fuck her in the mouth, cunt and asshole.

Suddenly he recognized that is was Mehree who’d been watching them. Steve knew that she wouldn’t be able to hear what she was saying. But he wanted Mehree to hear so she yelled at Sally. “Scream at me. Call me what you want but yell it out at me.”

“Fuck me if you want! Degrade me hard and loud!”

Really enjoying it as well, Steve knew she was turning two people on, he couldn’t see, but he could imagine that Mehree was playing with her pussy whilst watching the action.

“On you knees, bitch!” Steve said as he forced Sally to the ground, “Turn your ass around so that it faces me,” he demanded of his ‘captive’.

Sally obliged. “Now play with yourself, while I fuck your wet pussy.”

Sally began to finger her clit as Steve slid his nine-inches into her. Sally began to moan loudly and Steve seized the opportunity to give her some more of what she really liked. As he really began to fuck her, he grabbed her by the hair, reefing her head back and shouted at her, “This is what you want? Isn’t that what you want…you fucking slut?”

“Yes.” Sally eagerly said.

“Tell me what a slut you are, Sally.” Steve demanded, his voice now becoming even more dominant.

“I’m your slut Steve. I’m your fucking cocksucking slut that wants her asshole and her cunt fucked by you. I want to feel that hot cum of yours spraying all over my face. I want you to push it all into my mouth after you have blown. I’m a whore Steve. Your fucking whore, now FUCK ME!”

Steve laughed as he let go of her hair. He pulled his cock out of her soaked pussy and told her to lick her juices off it. Sally couldn’t wait. She turned around and began to lick his cock clean of her juices.

“Come on, fuck your whore Steve!” Hilary shouted. “Ohhh that’s it baby. Fuck me hard, yeah hard, I want to feel it harder, fuck me. Fuck me like a slut. Pound that cock into my pussy, Steve, fuck me!”

Sally continued to scream at Steve as he continued to pump his cock into her harder and harder, enjoying the wet pussy that was on offer to him. His cock slid in and out of her tight, excited pussy.

“Come on wench! Push your fucking ass back at me.” Steve yelled at her, while slapping her ass cheeks with balls and ramming his rock hard cock into her time and time again.

Sally began to feel herself building up to a huge explosion and she was ready for it. “Come on Steve, I’m ready to cum, fuck me! Oooh yeah, fuck my cunt. Yeah! Yeah! Yesssssssss, I’m cumming! Oooh fuck yes I’m cumming.”

“That’s it you slut, I can feel your slutty juices baby, come on let me hear it,” David, said.

Sally continued to moan and scream until she collapsed to the floor exhausted, but not having cummed yet, this was her opportunity to allow Mehree to see him blow his load over her face. “You are such a good cocksucker, suck your juices off my cock, make me cum over your face bitch.” He demanded.

“Here it cum’s,” and with that Steve took hold of his cock and aimed it right at her mouth and face. He was stroking it ferociously, “Yeah, here it is, yes take it bitch, Aahhhhhhh, Yesssssssss!” He growled at her, and with that blobs of white-hot sperm came gushing out of his cock and onto her face and hair. There was so much cum. Sally must have thought he hadn’t blown his load for months by the amount of it.

“Oh yeah.” He screamed again as he watched it land over her face. Then he grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her face towards his cock and said, “Lick it up slut, swallow it, I want to see you eat my cum.”

Sally looked straight up at Steve and began to push the cum on her face into her mouth, slurping at her finger like little girl does with an ice cream.

Continuing to defy her young lover. Sally then got the idea and grabbed Steve by his own hair and pulled his head up to her pussy. “Now eat it you bastard,” she growled at him.

Steve happily followed her instructions to the T. Soon he pulled his mouth away from the delights that he was eating, and said to Sally. “We have to be quick, Mehree will be back soon with lunch.”

Knelling over Sally’s pussy in the classic sixty-nine position and Steve began to lick her sweet smelling pussy again. She expertly moved her mouth all over Steve’s cock and balls, encouraging him to lick all over her pussy. It wasn’t long before Sally was moaning and rolling her crotch against Steve face in ecstasy. “Yes, that’s it I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” and with that Steve exploded in his own frenzied orgasm.

In a few minutes, looking around the room he saw that Mehree hadn’t left the window, so he said to Sally, “Did you enjoy that, was it everything a little whore like you would want?”

“It was great, I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

“I enjoyed it too.” Steve said gratefully, dropping his act. “But, Sally, you must promise me that this will be our secret. But with their passion still growing, Sally giggled when Steve picked her and wrapped her legs around his waist. Reaching in between her thighs, he pushed her thong to the side and Steve impaled her. Forcefully and wantonly he rammed his cock into her. Soon he felt his cum shooting up from his balls and straight into her warm waiting vagina. The room filled with their moans as Sally valiantly took his whole big cock into her body. Soon, Sally tried not to scream out in exhilarate sexual joy as Steve filled her up with his passion. Looking up Steve noticed that Mehree was gone.

They soon had to stop, when the time approached for Mehree to come backing. Cum dribbled from Sally’s pussy down her legs as Steve quickly pulled his cock from between her cunt lips. After this close call, Steve realized that posing for them had been a mistake and he never did it again. But he did go out with Sally a few times.

It was after spending a thousand-mile drive together, in a Washington D.C. hotel room on Mehree’s eighteenth birthday that things changed forever. Tired out from the long drive, Mehree went to straight away while Steve had stayed up reading for an hour so. After turning off all living room lights, he went to his room looking forward to celebrating her birthday the next day. About to shut his door, when he glanced down the hall at Mehree’s open door, Steve froze.

Toweling off, Mehree was standing half naked, listening to soft music playing in her room. With her back to him, Mehree’s perfect young body was displayed in all its glory by the bedroom light. In the darkness he stood there, secretly watching as she gracefully swayed to her music. Toweling off her damp hair, Steve’s eyes grew wide as Mehree full breasts jiggled with her movements. Immediately afterwards, the towel around her waist suddenly fell from her hips.

Mehree’s tight young ass was flawless! Perfectly round, firm white cheeks were outlined by a gorgeous tan. Suddenly turning towards him, he saw her evenly tanned succulent breasts and lovely brunette-curl covered vertical smile.

Steve’s mouth dropped open when Mehree cupped her breasts with one hand, fondling her nipple. Then with her other hand, she message her pussy. When she began running her fingers into herself, he felt his loins begin to boil. After watching Mehree masturbate for a few minutes, Steve quietly shut the door, smiling to myself, as he thought. ‘The little girl that I used to know has definitely grown up.’

Later that night, he literally awoke to the delights of Mehree body when she joined him in his bed. After they had calmed down, Steve cradled Mehree in his arms showering her with kisses. He said, “Thank you sweetheart, what a lovely day it’s been.” They both drifted off to sleep, as Mehree smiling to herself as she thought, ‘yes, we’ve had a big day.’

In the morning, after a long and passionate night, Steve was surprised even more when she said. “You know, Steve…you’ve got no one right now. Do you ever wish there was someone you could share your life with?”

Overcome again by the hidden wounds to his psyche, Steve remembered how he had quickly changed the subject as his thoughts returned to the present, just as Hilary asked Mehree, “So what grade are you in?”

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