Crimson Gauntlet – Chapter Three

Featuring: Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Ashlie Brillault and Mehree Cole

Story Codes: MF, MFF, cons.

Crimson Gauntlet

Chapter Three

Adam Lamberg Estate, Beverly Hills, California 19:30

Reliving his fond, yet immoral memory of Hilary’s losing her cherry, Ken wiped sweat from his face. Unable to face what he’d done, let alone accept what Adam was now doing, Ken jumped completely into the bottle. He believed redemption was impossible.

Everyday since his long night with Hilary, Ken vowed to never touch her again. While he kept his promise during the day, every night he was haunted by his
dreams. That was until Adam’s party. Ken knew he should never go back.

But with his daydream over, Ken’s conscious found himself back at Adam party as Hilary fondled him. Hilary giggled and rolled her pretty eyes as she stroked his cock. Ken could see that the ‘mysterious’ blonde woman was now kneeling in front of Adam. She seemed to be sucking Adam’s dick as he continued to sing. But then to everyone’s dismay a rubber dildo fell from her mouth to the floor with a low thud. Welding a whisky bottle and appearing hardly able to stand, Adam show a smile from ear to ear as he departed from the song and shouted, “I hate it when that happens!”

Throughout the laughter, Haylie had continued to stare at the band with a look of confusion, taping her right index finger against her mouth. She seemed to be on the verge of recognition, just as the blonde disappeared from the stage. A musician from the band took her place holding Adam up.

“This is all too damn pretentious…too decadent!” Ken said, knowing he better change the subject before Haylie recognized Adam latest plaything.

“Yeah,” Hilary answered. “Adam’s become like a lot of Hollywoodites we know. They make their fortunes by selling crap to the public. Then to convince themselves they still have artistic merit, they champion fashionable causes like the Dali Lama and Scientology.”

Ken nodded his head in agreement as Hilary added, “The same people are falling all over themselves to get near the Dutchess Anastasia.”

“People love to associate with royalty, even the illusion of it,” Haylie added.

“I didn’t know blondes watched CNN?”

“Very funny Ken. We must have heard about the debate over the Dutchess’ legitimacy on Nick News,” Haylie joked sarcastically, showing a wounded look.

“I thought I was the smart one.” Juliet said, kidding along. Continuing to yank on his erection, she gave Ken an alluring smile as a man dressed in a dark-black suit walked in. Halting at the door, his hard eyes scanned the room intently. Ken frowned as the man turned around and waited for the rest of his group. As they entered the room fell deathly silent, he whispered, “Speak of the devil.”

With everyone’s attention upon the Dutchess’ entrance, no one but Haylie noticed Hilary work Ken’s zipper and reached inside his pants. Reliving a ‘fond’ memory, immediately his manhood responded in her grasping and stroking fingers. While Ken tried to keep an eye on the party goings on, Hilary, with a wicked smile, began jacking him off as her sister watched.

The Dutchess Anastasia Mikhailovich was quite a sight. Her long flowing ivory gown shimmered of sequence. Her only jewelry was a large glittering diamond and gold necklace with matching earrings and bracelets. While the band began to play Laura’s Theme from the movie Dr. Zhivago, Ken attention was partially drawn to the Dutchess.

Speaking very formally to the group in perfect English, she said. “I bring greetings from my son, Ivan Mikhailovich. My family is looking forward to working with many of the people in this room.” Listening half-heartedly while Hilary manipulate his hard shaft, Ken put off checking his security arrangements as he finished his fourth screwdriver too many that night.

When the Dutchess finished talking, Erick Harvey, president of the largest movie studio in California, stepped forward from the crowd. At first sight, Erick Harvey was an enormously likable man, well groomed, and beautifully dressed. His delight seemed genuine as he addressed the crowd, raising his glass. “I’m sure everyone here would like to welcome Dutchess Anastasia to America, and wish the whole Mikhailovich family success in the movie business. Dasvidaniva!” Just having purchased controlling interests in Mr. Harvey’s studios, a blind man could see the Dutchess’ family was a rising star in Hollywood. Soon Mr. Harvey had every ones attention was draw away from their dark corner.

Hardly able to breath, Ken sat there captivated by her lurid eyes and her full luscious lips. Never losing eye contact with him, Hilary slid completely underneath the table onto her knees between his legs, not letting go of his impressive hard on. Hilary then told him, “O, Ken, that feels sooooo good! Your cock looks so yummy!” Her provocative smile told all as she rubbed her face against the swollen head of Ken’s erection.

Hilary began lovingly licking the wide head, as she slowly stroked up and down his long thick shaft. He could see her biting down on her lip to not make a sound. Then almost as if it were a natural reaction Hilary’s lips wrapped around the tip of Ken’s mushroom-shaped head. His erection continued to grow and grow as his big purple head slip past her soft wet lips. The sight of his cock disappearing completely into her mouth and going down her throat was too much for him. There was no way he was going to be able to hold out very long. Ken wrapped a hand around her head to help guide his cock into her mouth. Immediately, almost painfully, his body shuddered as he felt her suck forcefully upon his cock.

“MMMMM good” Hilary again whispered approvingly, tasting the pre cum that began to ooze from the tip of Ken’s hard purple crown. Savoring his flavor, she drank the milky liquid down. As Hilary stroked his shaft, she looked provocatively up at him. The look on her face told him that Hilary had been fantasized about wrapping her full sexy lips around his big hard cock.

Hilary started slow. Her young teenage mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft as she simply, but effectively, sucked on his cock-head. Her hands began stroking his shaft into her mouth. Enraptured, Ken just stood there, enjoying the experience of this beautiful eighteen-year old giving him a blowjob. Her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster. She soon could feel his body shaking as his cock pulsated in her mouth. With his tongue inside her pussy, Ken felt a growing quiver in Hilary’s body as she fucked his cock with her mouth.

“OHHHH KEN… It’s so bigggggg … ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…. yessssssssssssss…!”

Ken watched her eager eyes as she pushed forward and slowly buried his big dick to the hilt in her hungry mouth. Horny beyond belief, Ken drank in her moans of pleasure. Meanwhile, sitting next to them, Haylie had been watching in wide-eyed fascination. Ken was very pleased when she joined in.

Reaching out, Haylie started robbing his balls and stroking his cock into Hilary’s bobbing mouth. Doing a little reaching of his own, Ken put his left hand inside Haylie panties. She moaned as his began caressing her pussy lips. Haylie started excitedly squirming around his hand as he stared sliding his finger inside of her juicy slit.

Stroking and sucking upon him faster and faster, Hilary’s soft lips and Haylie’s firm fingers got him more and more excited. Then joining her sister, Haylie got beneath the large table and starting licking Ken balls and between his legs. She even put her tongue into his ass hole as Hilary and Haylie took turns deep throating him.

Wanting even more, Ken rolled Haylie over and pushed her up on all fours to mount her from behind. Haylie arched her back and moaned as Ken pushed his huge cockhead into her hot little hole. Ken held his penis as he pressed the head against her tight opening. She squirmed a little as she tried to relax her sphincter muscles and allow Ken enter her. Slowly, the head of Ken’s dick was enveloped and his shaft soon followed. After pushing himself in to the hilt, he stopped and marveled at the extraordinary warmth and tightness of her ass. Then going between them, he kept switching from Haylie’s ass and Hilary’s mouth.

As time seemed to slow down, Ken lustfully pistoned his cock at an exceedingly rising tempo until they all came in an explosion. His massive cock throbbing deep inside of her, sending Haylie over the edge, just as Hilary climaxed again and again, as the spasms churning in her stomach.

He could feel her strong inner muscles squeeze away at his dick, milking him for all she was worth as their mind-wrenching climax turned Ken into a sexual beast. Tickling Haylie’s slit and her g-spot, he worked all of his ten inches into her, first slowly, and then faster and harder into her luscious love canal. He loved how her fine tight body shook as he hammered away with his demanding dick. Glistened with love juices, her sweet little ass took his massive cock hard and deep. Hilary buried her face into Ken’s ass as Ken continued to stretch her out her sister.

“Oh, yes. Oh Haylie!” exclaimed Ken. “Oh, Hilary.”

Slowly pulling out, he pushed back in Hilary’s mouth again as his hands gripping her head tightly. He kept the pace nice and rhythmic, bringing both of them great pleasure. Soon, he pushed back on Haylie’s ass, as she urging him to go faster.

Really turned on, Ken punctuated each hard thrust with a savage grunt. He increased his speed significantly. His balls were slapping her pussy as Hilary reached out and furiously rubbed her sisters clit with her fingers and tongue.

“Yeah, that’s the way girls! You like being fucked by my big dick? Huh? Don’t you both?”

Reaching up under Hilary, Ken mauled her hanging tits, squeezing and massaging them. Then lifting her up and grasped Hilary’s curvy hips as he rode her. Ken could feel Haylie’s tongue running along the underside of his prick. He pulled out of Hilary’s pussy and pushed his prick again into her sister’s mouth. The feeling was incredible as she sucked Hilary’s juices off his prick. Ken reached down and started ramming his fingers in and out of Hilary’s pussy until they were slick with her juices.

Ken humped them both with long deep strokes, fucking their glove tight bodies with the stamina of a bull servicing his herd. Both girls almost screamed out in joy as even more intense orgasms consumed them as he banged both their beautiful butts with his hungry loins. Hilary and Haylie both whimpered in turn, writhing their buttocks erotically into his crotch as he humped them. His hands moving down to squeeze their swinging breasts as he sodomized both the beautiful Duff sisters slowly, deeply and forcefully.

Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore of Haylie’s sweet butt milked his big cock for his load of heavy cream. Switching holes, with a mighty thrust Ken rammed inside of Hilary’s mouth and held it buried to the hilt, pushing deep into her throat. His muscular body tensed, as his testicles felt ready to exploded again. Pulling her against him as hard as he could, his tremendous cock was ready to empty. “Oooh, I’m going to come!”

Getting underneath her sister, Hilary shuddered when Haylie licked an especially sensitive spot in her vagina several times in a row. “OH! God! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Hilary yelled. Her throat contracted and her hands squeezed Ken’s cock very hard, the orgasm bubbling inside his balls threatening to erupt.

Every muscle in Ken’s body tensed, and he wanted to cry out that he was going to come. Just after Ken felt the first of his sperm racing from his balls into Haylie’s welcoming mouth, she suddenly pulled herself off, just as Hilary pushed her own face down right in front of Ken’s rigid member.

He almost screamed, ‘Oh GOD!’ as the first thick rope of sperm splattered both Haylie and Hilary’s angelic faces. Aiming his stream of sperm, they landed across their faces and breasts. Hilary gamely opened her mouth as the second and third ropes of cum erupted. She caught as much in her mouth as she did on her chin and neck. He didn’t stop shooting until both girl’s faces and hair were completely coated with large thick globs of his cum. When the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock and Hilary cupped her hands under it to try and catch every bit of the precious fluid she had worked so hard to obtain. She swallowed down his cum like a pro as Haylie cleaned off her sister’s face and breasts with her tongue.

But with Ken’s climax, the reality of the room snapped back. Even as the Duff sisters continued to suck double-team upon his cock, Ken sat back and resumed listening to what Mr. Harvey was saying. As he took it all in, Ken puzzled over the grim faces of the Dutchess’ bodyguards. He noted their mannerisms, their body posture, and fit of their clothes. Considering the wealth and importance of her family, he was aware that the Dutchess’ security forces carried side arms. But then suddenly Ken recognized an earring one of her bodyguard’s was wearing. He had to wonder, ‘Why would she employ Spetznaz as bodyguards?’

Shaken by the presence of elite combat soldiers, Ken moaned blissfully again as he filled both Hilary and Haylie’s mouths with his seed. But with his second orgasm, Ken pulled his erection from Hilary and Haylie’s mouths. Straightened his clothes, he excused himself. Grasping his cock through his pants, she told him, “Give me a call some time.” Hilary gave him a parting smile.

His face a mask, Ken didn’t answer her. As he walked away, Ken raised his wrist and whispered into his microphone to make sure his staff was alert and sober. ‘Damn it Ken,’ he screamed silently at himself, ‘no more alcohol!’ as he went to collect Adam, Ken knew he would have to sober up before the meeting with the Dutchess people later tonight.

During the party, Marko Baikal, the leader of the eight-man spetsialnoe naznachenie (special purpose forces) squad protecting the Kniyginia (Dutchess) Anastasia, observed Ken Adamson intently looking over him and his men. Marko wondered if the American posed any threat. Just in case the buffoon’s whom owns this whorehouse didn’t react rationally, they were to ensure that the actor accepted what he was offered. Each of his men was equipped with a silenced 9-mm automatic, grenades, and a knife. Because they were attending a social occasion, they had left the rest of their equipment, including their AK-74 assault rifles, RPG-16 grenade launchers, SA-14 surface to air missiles, and a Browning .50 Cal semi-automatic rifle in the car. But if there were any problems Marko hoped to use his knife.

Adam Lamberg Estate – 24:00

‘The Russians have certainly made themselves at home,’ Ken thought. It made him nervous to just sit outside of Adam’s office. He had tried to voice his concerns earlier, telling him, “I should be in there with you. Adam, you can’t trust these people.”

Adam had just smiled and shook his hand. “Ken, the Dutchess just wants to met with me. You can ask her to dance later.” Adam could see Ken didn’t find his joke funny. “Don’t worry,” Adam continued. “I just have to sign another contract and everybody gets paid.” Drunk like usual, Adam wouldn’t listen.

The tension only increased when Marko Baikal came out and walked straight to Ken. Marko’s coat was open with the grip of his pistol clear to see. Ken stood to face him as Marko spoke ominously, “Your boss is confused.”

“What?” Ken responded, looking him in the eyes and seeing…nothing. For the first time in many years, real fear gripped him.

“Adam owes Ivan Mikhailovich a lot of money. If he does the movie we will cancel his debt. Otherwise we will expose his …bad habits. Perhaps other…painful things might happen.”

Ken eyes fell, shaking his head. If word got of Adam’s addiction to drugs, gambling, and young girls, he would face ruin. That was worse than threatening him with death. There would be no more parties, no more being king of the world. Knowing what the consequences might be, if Adam didn’t cooperate.

Entering the office, as the Dutchess gave him an icy stare, he saw Adam sitting down, holding his head in his hands. Ken was amazed to see that Adam was sitting on the couch next to the Dutchess. His pants were opened and she was fondling him with her fat fingers. Ken was even more surprise to see the old woman stroking his throbbing erection.

“But I…I get fifteen million a movie!” Adam stammered out. He was holding his contract in his shaking fingers, desperately paging through it. It was a mistake to read it in front of her. Ken had warned Adam earlier that he should have an attorney look it over. With people like her son, their word was their only bond.

With a kindly, motherly voice, the Dutchess said as she patted his head, “I’m just the messenger. The choice is yours Adam.”

Ken saw Adam look to him for help, but he had none to give him. “Adam, you’ve made your bed. I can’t help you with this.”

Hearing Ken’s answer, Adam’s eyes glazed over as his shoulders dropped. He signed his contract. “What the hell. It’s only money. I can make more.”

As she resumed stroking Adams manhood, the Dutchess smiled. “Very good. Ivan will be pleased. Now that’s taken care of, we want your help to get other movie stars to work for us.” She pointed at Ken. “Like the two pretty ones I saw with him earlier. I would like to meet them.”

Ken had to turn his eyes away as the Dutchess resumed stroking Adam’s cock. Adam’s only answer was to nod his head and take a long drink. Spreading her fat spidery legs wide apart, the Dutchess raised the hem of gown above her waist. Ken left the room as Adam shakily got on his knees and put his head between the Dutchess’ wrinkled legs as she wrapped her cracked blood-red-lips around his cockhead.

Adam Lamberg Estate 1:00 AM

After the meeting, Ken ran into Adam’s newest sexy toy, Ashlie Brillault (Kate Sanders). Happy that he wasn’t completely wasted, he put his arm around her. While Adam actually preferred Susan when she was a teenager, Ken knew that while he definitely enjoyed Ashlie’s recent breast enhancements.

“I saw you with Hilary and Haylie,” she asked, “did they recognize me?”

He thought Haylie might have, but didn’t want to worry her. “I don’t think so. Would you like to go to the pool?”

“Okay, a swim sounds great. But I didn’t bring a suit.” Despite what Ashlie had just said, her alluring smile denied any hesitation on her part.

“That’s okay with me,” Ken said, knowing she had already been give the new Russian drug and thus needed no reassurance.

During Adam’s parties the pool was always crowed. But Ken and Ashlie were lucky enough to find a quite corner. After they broke off a passionate kiss, Ken began the journey downward with his mouth, visiting her neck, collarbone and chest. As Ken undressed her, he explored her body with his mouth and hands. When he titty fucked her, he exclaimed, “I really love your new tits.”

Ken did not hold myself back, or deny himself the pleasure of her nipples, her breasts, her pussy, as his mouth consumed them all with a voracious passion. Soon, completely exhausted, Ken past out in an alcoholic induced coma like sleep.

Adam Lamberg Bedroom 1:00 AM

Upstairs in Adams bedroom, Hilary and Haylie waited. Looking over a new movie script on Adam’s desk, Hilary leaned forward. Hilary looked at her sister impatiently, putting down her cup of coffee, she asked. “Where is he?’

“I don’t know? But Adam said there was a new movie offer he wanted to talk in private about. Well, at least he left us something to drink.” Haylie answered, sipping her own black coffee with sweeter.

Finding her sister exceptionally lovely tonight, Haylie had trouble concentrating on her copy. Needing to be close to her, Haylie walked over, barely in control of herself. She tried to avoid looking at Hilary’s dangling cleavage unable to stop thinking about throwing Hilary down and fucking her. Sitting down besides her, Haylie suddenly leaned in and gave Haylie a very deep kiss. It must have lasted several seconds when she broke it.

“OHHHH MY,” Hilary exclaimed, surprised, but very turned on.

Haylie looked into her sister’s eyes and said, “Sorry.”

Sitting down next to her, Haylie said. “I guess I shouldn’t have done that. You just look so hot sitting there.” Feeling her kiss returned, Haylie placed her hand on Hilary thigh. Haylie wondered how far she could push this as she started to stroke her sister’s leg. But Hilary’s look of frustration lifted as Haylie asked with a silly smirk. “What got into you earlier?”

“I don’t know.”

“You were fucking the shit out of the Ken.” Haylie said brazenly. Her hand moved higher. Sliding up Hilary’s dress, Haylie fondled Hilary’s wet panties.

Haylie first thought she saw her mouth the word no, then Hilary shuddered. “Hummm, that feels so good!”

“Just watching you two got me so horny,” Haylie now smiled shamelessly. “I just had to join in. It was incredible.”

“I know, I climax three times and I’m still horny. Can you believe it?” Hilary said, as she wantonly spread her legs for her sister.

“I know how you feel. Why don’t we strip off each other’s clothes off and have a little fun?” As she spoke, Haylie slid a finger into Hilary’s sopping pussy.

Between moans, Hilary said. “You mean, you and me?” Hilary knew she wanted too, but she had never done anything like that. “I don’t know?”

“Please I’m so hot,” Haylie practically begged, “and Hilary, my dear sister, it is you’re fault. I mean you’re so sexy. And the way you wantonly begged Ken to fuck you, God it was so great!” Haylie slid a second finger into Hilary pussy and moving them in and out.

As Haylie furiously masturbated her sister, she opened up her own blouse to reveal a very nice and firm set of tits. Unable to resist any longer, Hilary leaded over and started playing with her sister’s nipples. Haylie moaned in pleasure as Hilary began to suck on them.

Pulling off Hilary’s clothes, Haylie started kissing, fondling, licking, and sucking all over her younger sister’s body. Opening up Hilary’s sopping wet pussy, she stuck her tongue inside. Pleasantly surprised at Hilary’s sweet taste, Haylie dug in deeper, quickly bringing Hilary to orgasm.

Hilary giggled, as she said. “Well, seeing how it was my fault…” She started removing her sister’s clothes. Haylie’s skirt and blouse coming off quickly, then Hilary forcefully maneuvered into a 69 position over her sister. While she shoved her pussy into Haylie’s giggling mouth, Hilary started munching on her sister’s juicy pussy. Soon, just as Haylie’s own orgasm ripped through her, Adam Lamberg entered his bedroom.

While he’d had a great time partying it up all day, Adam had spent the last hour being ‘literally’ strewed over by his new boss. But entering his bedroom, he almost couldn’t believe the hot lesbian action he beheld. Hilary and Haylie were naked on his bed, their tongues in each other’s glistening wet slit. While his cock instantly shot hard at the prospect of a three-way with the Duff sisters. Adam was surprised that, for once he actually wanted to be left alone. But knowing he still had a job to do he, he shrugged his shoulders. ‘It’s a though job, but somebody got to do it!’ he thought. Then he chuckled, remembering how he had arranged this hot little scene with the help of a little of the new Russian aphrodisiac drug. Hilary and Haylie were so in to each other that they didn’t even notice him come in until Adam accusingly blurted out. “Hi girls, what are you doing?”

“OH MY!” Hilary exclaimed, blushing a dozen shades of red, as she reached for her clothes.

Haylie responded more coolly, and at the same time, more warmly. “Hi, Adam. We were just having a bit of fun.” Haylie then stood up and walked completely naked over to him. “We were kind of hoping a big strong man like you would join us.”

Adam looked crossed at them as he sarcastically said. “I should spank you for having such naughty thoughts young lady.”

Haylie smirked as she thought a moment. “That’s a wonderful idea, I think you should spank both of us. What do you say Hilary.” She said, presented her ass to him. “How about we lean on your desk and you give us a good spanking?” Haylie swayed her hips sensuously as she laid across his desk, exposing her naked ass to Hilary and Adam. Then Haylie said with a giggle. “Come on, Hilary.” Hilary smiled as she immediately joined her naked sister.

Adam grinned from ear to ear as grazed at the two naked women laying face down on his desk, their butts jutting up towards him. He walked up behind them and then started to fondle both their sexy behinds as he brought his hand down forcefully and repeatedly. Forcing one finger then two into their tight asses, Adam was surprised that Hilary’s ass was looser then Haylie’s.

Continuing to ‘punish them, Adam tried to sound angry as he said. “You hot little sluts like that, don’t you?”

Quickly shifting gears, he started to massage both their pussies, sticking his fingers into one then the other. Soon, his hands were soaking with their cum, as he pushed Hilary’s supple thighs apart and his tongue entered her. As he started licking at her clit, she cried out. “God, I want it.” Hilary thrashed in ecstasy as Adam ran his tongue along her pussy, giving her another orgasm.

Hilary turned eagerly and felt Adam’s hardness through his swimming trunks. Showing a devilish grin on her usually angelic face, she reached inside, and started stroking his very nice piece of meat. She then slid her hands across Adam’s body as she pulled down his trunks. Then kneeled before him, his cock sprang out, hitting her in the face. Suddenly Hilary was staring at his prick as Adam rubbed it all over his ‘TV girl friends’ face

Hilary told him, “My, you’re so big!” as she starting licking all over Adam’s prick. Hilary gave him an angelic smile just before she took his prick into her mouth. Equally excited, Haylie helped to push his very had cock forward into her sister’s mouth. But knowing he couldn’t last long, Adam soon pulled out. He maneuvered behind Hilary and shoved his fat cock into her cunt.

“God yes, fuck me. My big friend, fuck me!” Hilary cried out as she felt his large prick enter her. At the same time, Adam used his fingers to penetrate her anus.

Hilary giggled as she wrapped her legs tightly around Adam’s waist and he began to fuck her with reckless abandon. During the making of the show Lizzie McGuire, Hilary had hardly given him the time of day. Now any objections she had harbored previously about fucking him were now lost in the soft folds of her fabulous cunt. And Hilary fucked back as hard as Adam fucked her. In and out, he sawed his prick into her cunt, already sopping from her sisters previous tongue fucking. “God your pussy feels good. Your so tight!” He groaned.

Immediately, Hilary reacted. “OOOH!” She winced. “AHHH…IT HURTS…OH…FUCK ME!” While Ken could make her out, her voice was muffled by Haylie’s mouth and tongue.

Hilary grabbed ken shoulders and pulled herself close, kissing him as her hands reached down to rub her clit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh….” She moaned softly into his ear, her convulsing pussy pulling at his cock.

Adam kept right on thrusting into her for a few more seconds as she kept cumming, her juices making it slippery travel for his pistoning cock. Right at the peak of her orgasm, her pussy tightened up so much Ken could no longer contain his own climax.

Pummeling his dick into Hilary’s cunt faster than he had previously thought possible, he was pounding her so fast she couldn’t even get a scream in with every thrust. Instead, she was just moaning and shrieking in random intervals now, as he hammered her and squeezed her tits as hard as he could, after a few minutes like this, Hilary’s screams reached their peak. “OH GOD! FUCK ME! AH, FUCK ME, ADAM. I’M CUMMING!!!!!” Constricting even tighter, Hilary’s pussy spasmed around his cock. “Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned loudly as her juices lubricated Adam’s cock.

Her moaning was such a turn on that Adam found myself yelling with her. “UH, AH YEAH, AH YEAH!!! …ARGHHH! “Whose your daddy now, whose your daddy now?” Adam winced and moaned out. After a few more thrusts, Adam shot his load into her tight pussy, making her moan even louder and prolonging her orgasm even more as she felt the warm fluid coursing through her tunnel. After they had both finished cumming, Hilary rolled off of Adam and lay there on the bed, sweat covering her body, his cum slowly trickling out of her pussy. With a broad grin, he asked. “How was that, ladies?”

“Fantastic,” Hilary answered quickly, showing her most innocent smile. “But what about the new movie?”

“Hilary we have time for business later,” Haylie remarked as she stared eagerly at Adam’s waist. “But I hope you’re not done already.” Noticing Adams dick now soft and sorry looking, Haylie knelt down before him and took him into her mouth.

With a wolfish grim from ear to ear, Adam asked Hilary. “Well aren’t you gone to help your sister?”

Hilary quickly kneeled down and started to take his balls into her mouth. As both Duff sister’s worked together on Adam’s cock, he quickly became hard again. He then showed another broad smile as he said. “I think you two are prefect for the movie.”

“You ready to fuck me up the ass?” Hilary asked. “Why don’t you do my ass first?” She climbed back up on the desk as Haylie slid in beside her. Adam stood up behind her. Then he jammed his cock into Hilary’s pussy getting it nice and slippery, causing her to moan out again and again.

“You ready for it Haylie?” Hilary asked her sister. When Haylie only nodded she added. “Come on Hilary, you have to tell him what you want.”

“I want him to fuck my ass now,” Hilary called out. “Please, Adam, fuck me up the ass!” She felt Adam pull out of her pussy and in one swift stroke he buried his cock in her Hershey highway. She yelled out in pain. But as Adam started to fuck her ass and Haylie licked her pussy, Hilary was lost in sensual delight as orgasm after orgasm came.

Adam was enjoying Hilary’s ass but with Haylie also right there, he pulled out of Hilary and rammed his cock into Haylie’s mouth. After fucking her face for a few strokes Adam switched to Hilary’s pussy, then back to her tight ass. The feeling of fucking each of these three holes was incredible.

“God, you’re so tight Hilary.” Adam wanted to keep fucking Hilary, but he desired to try Haylie too. So he pulled out of Hilary and rammed his cock into Haylie’s butt. His climax getting the better of him, as he hit bottom Adam shot his load up her ass.

“OHHHH YES!” Adam cried as he filled Haylie’s ass with sperm. When Adam finished cumming, he sat down heavily, nearly exhausted. But with both girls still hot and eager, Hilary grabbed her television friend’s cock and pulled him into the shower. Haylie joined as a ‘cleaner’ version of their steamy three-way continued. A little later, gripped by a satisfied sleeping grin, Hilary, Haylie and Adam all pasted out in a heavy drug induced sleep with their damp bodies plied together on his bed.

“I think they’re finished.” Marko told the Dutchess as he fondled Haylie and Hilary’s big firm breasts. The older women smiled hungry as stood above Hilary and Haylie.

Marko moved quickly and set up a video camera as the older women down besides Hilary’s young nude form. Her pussy was very well groomed, only a thin strip of blonde hair above it. It was still very wet from the oral attention that John and her sister had paid it previously. Reaching down, the Dutchess roughly grabbed up one her breasts and squeezed it.

Satisfied that Hilary was out cold, the Dutchess spread the younger girl’s legs and pressed her tongue into her teenage slit. After tongue fucking both girls, the Dutchess strapping on a large plastic dildo and started ramming it, first into Hilary’s small and already over worked pussy, then her ass, and finally her mouth.

When his employer was done having her way with the three young Americans, pulling his pants down, Marko had his own fun with both Duff sisters. After Marko was done, the rest of the Dutchess bodyguards came in for a turn with the three doped up Americans.

In the morning the Hilary and Haylie both awoke naked and alone in one of Adam’s spare bedrooms. They were surprised to discover that cum almost dripped from the knots and tangles of their hair. Like wise, their battered and abused bodies were completely covered with sticky white semen. Hardly able to walk and her pussy squishing with cum, Haylie said, “Man we must have had a good time last night.”

Neither could remember much of what had happened the night before. With a splitting headache, Hilary’s clearest memories were only of their three-war with Ken and the new movie deal. As she whipped off dried sperm from her lips, Hilary wished she could remember what had happened in Adam’s room last night.

Washington D.C. – National Air and Space Museum

“There’s why we came here,” Ken Guthridge told Mehree Cole as he pointed at the full size replica of Skylab hanging from the museum ceiling. “We can even go inside of Skylab’s crew quarters from upstairs.” While he wanted to look at everything, from Sally’s bored expression, Ken could tell she wasn’t impressed with America’s first space station. He hoped that would change as Mehree got older and her interests broadened past shopping malls and writing software-programs.

Their young NASM tour guide knew her script very well, but Ken wasn’t surprised that she, like many Americans her age, took the manned exploration of space as ancient history.

After taking digital pictures of three sides and the crew quarters, Ken waited for the tour to move on. When they were out of sight, he climbed up on the railing. Very careful not to look down, he took a tight hold of a steel pillar. Keeping his eyes locked upon the space station, Ken reached out and pointed his camera. In seconds, a dozen high-resolution images were taken. “I’ve got have these digital pictures of the back of Skylab to help make virtual reality recreation to…” Mehree cut him off.

“Steve!” Mehree spoke in a whisper, but the sharp chastising tone of her voice grabbed his attention. “Get down, security going to kick us out!” Suddenly becoming fascinated by the view through his pants legs, Mehree lustfully smiled as she said, “Not that would be such a bad thing.”

Frowning, Ken looked down impatiently at her. “I drove all the way from Missouri…Don’t worry, I’ll be quick.” Steve paused as he noticed where Mehree’s eyes were locked. His cock twitched.

Lustfully drawn by Steve’s cock sticking out of his boxers, Mehree reached up through the pant leg of his shorts. As Steve’s cock grew hard in her grasping fingers, he smiled down at her, remembering how his young sexy teenage friend had given him her first blowjob just yesterday at the hotel. He actually laughed, thinking about how a quick stop had turned first into a quickie, and then an all nighter. Wanton and eager, Mehree was quickly learning how to deep throat and swallow.

After looking quickly left and right to affirm no one was watching, Mehree impetuously pulled the tip of Steve’s cock out his pant leg. Then she bent forward and wrapped her lips around his helmeted shaped crown. Knowing this moment of ecstasy couldn’t last he let himself enjoyed that short stretch of time. With her face pushed into his waist, Mehree sucked his cock in the middle of the largest space museum in the world. As Steve wondered his eyes down across her luscious body, he unintentionally looked at the floor thirty feet below and his head started spinning. Suddenly, Mehree froze when she was surprise to see Steve’s eyes bug out in fear. Then he began to dangerously teeter.

Coming to his rescue, Mehree quickly reacted and grabbed him around the waist, trying not to bite his cock as she pulled back for all her 105 pounds were worth.

Falling towards her, Ken luckily remembered to roll when he hit and the fall only hurt his pride. Mehree almost didn’t let go of his erection as he got up. Luckily he was able to cover himself before anyone noticed what they’d been doing. But picking up the pieces of his camera, he remembered how when the real Skylab fell from orbit in 1983. While most of it had it burned up in the atmosphere, several large holes were made in Western Australia.

“Ken, are you okay?”

“Yea, I’m fine. Thanks! But, my camera’s smashed. I didn’t seem to hurt the floor any.” He frowned as he got up. Ken’s face softened when he saw the memory chip appeared to be okay.

“Well, we better make sure your okay. Let’s find a place to sit down.”

There weren’t any chairs around, so Mehree helped him into a small restroom. With the fall and spending eighteen-hours behind a steering wheel yesterday. Ken felt good to sit down.

“I’m feeling better, but I need to be alone for a minute.” Needing to relief himself, he waved his hand goodbye at her.

Mehree got up and went to the exit. But she showed a crooked smiled as she locked the door. Mehree then knelt in front of him and opened his pants. “I’ve got to make sure everything is okay.” As she pulled down his pants, she saw Steve’s cock jerk with excitement.

Ken found Mehree adorable. With her radiate smile, big blue eyes, full red lips, shoulder length blonde hair was thick and luscious, Mehree was beautiful. Her slim waist gave way to a perfect ass, curvy and sexy. As she had grown into womanhood, he’d often feasted his eyes upon her alluring curves, wonderful butt, sinuous legs, flat stomach, and round tasty breasts that sat firm and high on her chest.

As far as Ken could see, Mehree’s ripe teenage body was as sexy as any of the girls in Sports Illustrated or even Playboy. He had only just discovered what a delight Mehree’s body was yesterday on her eighteen-birthday. Taking in the total package of her beauty, his resolve melted away and his pulse started to race.

Standing up rock hard like a missile on a launch pad, Mehree exclaimed, “Wow! Your not just big, your huge!!”

Ken gasped when he felt Mehree’s warm breath on the head of his penis. He looked down, eyes wide, as Mehree opened her mouth and took him inside. As her lips closed, Sally’s head began to bob up and down. In the middle of a public building, Ken knew he should tell her to stop. But out of his mouth came, “Yes! O yes, Mehree, suck my cock!”

Her cheeks hollowed as he felt her pressure on his manhood. Able to take most of his shaft in, Mehree kept rubbing the rest with her hands. Soon Ken felt a boiling inside him.

“Oh, Mehree, watch out, I’m going to cum,” he gasped. But she didn’t pull up. Ken watched in fascination as she took his orgasm in her mouth, swallowing it all down. When he finished chumming, Mehree smiled. As she sucked out the last drop of his tasty

semen, Mehree returned his unwavering gaze fixed on her every movement. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she licked off her cum covered fingers.

Ken’s mouth dropped open. Not his wife or none of his girlfriends had ever done that.

His emotions tumbled in confusion as she slowly rose and turned, asking over her shoulder in a sexy whisper. “Undo me Donkey Boy.”

He reached up and fumbled at her dresses zipper, finally drawing it down to the small of her back. The sides of the blue cotton dress pulled away slightly, exposing the gentle curve of her spine. Slipping the two straps off her shoulders, Mehree turned around to face him. Ever so slowly she peeled off her bra and let it fall away. Her heavy breasts emerged as steep rises of creamy smooth flesh on her young body. Her nipples were already stiff and stood out. She slid her hands over herself as the dress dropped to the floor as he moved forward and pulled her hips to him. He began to kiss her tits and nipples, nibbling on them ever so hungrily. Then he tenderly peeled off her cotton panties and silk stockings. Mehree stepped out of them as he wrapped both his hands around the sweet curves of her butt and leaned forward. She smiled as Steve buried his face in her between her legs.

Feasting upon her vagina, Mehree began to sway above him. When his tongue penetrated her, she grasped Ken’s shoulders for support. He pulled her tight with his strong broad hands, kneading her firm buttocks as he ate her out. “This is so much better than any of my girl’s friends…ever told me,” Mehree gasp out as his actions over loaded her pleasure centers. Soon Sally’s juices were flowing. When Ken’s tongue touched her clitoris, Mehree closed her eyes in delight, wobbling on her heels.

Her flesh and hair taut silk, now she was all eagerness, surging against him wildly in a virginal erotic frenzy. When he entered her she gave sudden gasp and was still for a few seconds. Then with a powerful forward thrust of her pelvis, she locked her satiny legs around his hips.

Mehree felt a stirring begin deep inside her as all her muscles contracted at once. Her moans increased in volume as violent spasms wracked her body. Holding Ken tightly, she went weak in the knees and fell, impaling herself on his penis.

“Oh, yesss, oh, yess, oh, that’s so GOOOOOOD! Unnnnnnnhhhh!” Mehree moaned as he entered her tight vagina and his testicles were covered with her flow. When they came to the end of their sexual rapture, they were locked together so fiercely, straining against each other so violently, that falling away from each other was like the tremble before death.

Steve enjoyed his masculine power over Mehree. Given trust, give affection, a young full-blooded girl aroused from virginity to erotic awareness was as delicious as an exactly ripe fruit. Last night, Ken couldn’t get enough of Sally’s beautifully sculpted body, her honey-colored skin, her huge brown eyes glowing with passion. Her sex even had a wonderfully fresh smell, with a sweet fragrance and unbearably aphrodisiacal. Mehree’s wonton virginal passion had matched his desire and it was dawn when they fell into an exhausted slumber in their hotel room last night. Spent but not yet ready to sleep, Steve had stared at her naked body while she slept. Her sleeping face was so lovely. A perfect face he had only seen before on statues and paints of the virgin lady Madonna.

Mehree and Steve had been friends a long time, she also his employee. But during this trip they were becoming a lot closer. Both avid readers, they shared many interests, besides for museums of course. Ten years her sensor, he I’d been a close friend her late father, Bill, ever since he’d joined the U.S. Cavalry eight years ago. They had both taken his death four years ago very hard. Steve tried to do everything he could for her, he owed Bill that much. Surprisingly, Ken thought Mehree’s schoolgirl crush on him was rather sweet. If she’d been older, he would have found it uncomfortable. But, because she was only eighteen, it was actually kind of flattering and fun. But Steve knew he couldn’t ignore how things were changing much longer. While part of him enjoyed having sex with her, part of him just couldn’t… open up to her. It was like he didn’t want her too get too close. Steve knew they better have a talk about this soon. But now was definitely not the time. They had come to Washington D.C. so Ken could do some museum research and because they both had an appointment at the Rose Garden. Thirty minutes later, they left the museum walking quickly to the car hand in hand. When they got into his car, Steve wondered if Mehree understood why her mother hadn’t come.

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