Crimson Gauntlet – Chapter Two

Featuring: Hilary Duff

Story Codes: Mf, cons.

Crimson Gauntlet

Chapter Two

Hollywood, July 2005

Wanting to be alone, Ken and Hillary had left the reunion to say a private hello, and he started kissing her. Hilary kissed back and with his inhibitions killed by a river of alcohol, things quickly got out of hand. Even though she was only seventeen, her voice, her mischievous eyes, and well-formed body ravished him. Soon, they started French kissing as hugs turned into petting. Ken felt himself trembling all over when Hilary elbow robbed against the bulge in his pants. He asked in a silent
prayer for her to touch him with her hand, or even her mouth. All his drunken thoughts became entrapped by fantasies of Hilary stroking his cock or even giving him a blowjob.

Lost in what still felt like a daydream, Ken moved his hands to her breasts and ass. Copping a fee, it felt wonderful to filled his hands with her soft flesh. Opening her shirt, Ken then tingled all over as his fingertips tweaked her hard extended nipples. As he fondled her firm breasts, Hilary’s wildly excited big blue eyes looked directly up into his. Feeling his need for this horny young girl, Ken reached inside of her dress and up between her legs. Almost ripping off her panties, Hilary was warm and wet. She moaned as he stroked her pussy. Then pushing his index finger inside the delicate petals of Hilary’s pink inner lips, he caressed the lovely symmetry of the dome of her hooded clit. Hilary began to excitedly squirm around his hand as he stared sliding his forefinger finger in and out of her juicy slit.

Hilary soon climbed on top of him and pulled him into a deep kiss, lasting several minutes before she started to undo his belt. Ken was eager to help out as Hilary yanked his shirt up to over his shoulders, until he could free his arms and remove it completely. Her eyes still held his as she reached up with her left hand to unzip his pants. But upon working it half way down, Ken hesitated. Shaking his head, he thought. ‘Hilary was still only seventeen, a young girl, too young for a twenty-eight-year man.’

Showing a little wicked smirk, Hilary teasingly demanded. “Come on big boy, give it up. I want to suck your big beautiful cock!”

Maintaining her smile, Hilary quickly finished pulling down his pants and started stroking his huge slab of hot cock meat through the material of his boxer shorts. Softly Hilary whispered, “Ken…I want to.” Still wearing his boots, Ken eagerly pulled them out from of his slacks.

During Adam’s frequent parties in the year 2005, Ken and Hilary had discovered they really enjoyed each other’s company. Infatuated by Ken’s good looks and outgoing personality, Hilary was draw to him.

Flattered by all her attention, Ken enjoyed teasing Hilary and telling her jokes. As time passed, they came to enjoy each other’s company more and more. As chance made way for planned meetings, little pecks turned into kissing. Kissing turned to making out. And petting turned into fondling. But it was two weeks before the reunion party, that innocent teasing turned sensual. Neither believing the other would go through with, one dared the other into going skinny-dipping. Ken watched in miss-belief as the then just turned seventeen-year-old Hilary strip nude in front of him. Awe struck by her radiant body, he had done the same.

Getting down on her knees in front of him, Hilary eyes went wide in complete awe as she gazed upon his huge ten-inch erection. Bending forward, Ken brushed his hard cock up against her angelic smiling face. Her smooth skin was warm and compliant.

Continuing to smile, Hilary closed her eyes as he rubbed his hard shaft up her nose, across her forehead, and down her cheek. Ken shuddered as he slid his tip across her mouth. Reflecting the growing boil in balls, Hilary lips came a way wet with his precum. She opened her mouth as her hand took hold of the base of his shaft.

Ken almost climaxed as Hilary’s wet tongue lapped at his cockhead. Her flesh pushed into his piss hole as his white sticky flow dripped on to her tongue. Feeling her squeezing his cock, Ken shuddered again and groaned when she licked her lips and said, “Hummm! Now that’s what I call a hole experience!” Then Hilary closed her soft full lips around the tip of cockhead and gave it a long, wet kiss.

Just then Ken felt the first of his sperm racing from his balls. All of the penned up lust he had for her and her for him came spilling out. Hilary held her mouth wide open in surprise as streams of sperm shot into her mouth, across her face, onto her breasts and hair. Seeming like it was never going to end, he didn’t stop cumming until she was completely coated with his thick white cum. When he finally did stop, Hilary was a sweaty and sticky mess as she resumed licking his cockhead.

Ken took hold of her hand and began slowly pushing the tip of his shaft passed her full red lips and into her mouth. He felt her soft tongue rub a long his shaft as Hilary’s lip parted and he pushed deep inside her still cum filled mouth.

The sight of Hilary’s sweet little mouth parting wide around his shaft was amazing sight. But to Ken’s regret as soon as soon as he tickled the back of her throat, she then blushed a deep dark red as she started gagging and immediately threw up all over his crotch. Her face a bright rosy red, Hilary was then so embarrassed, that she jumped into the water.

For a while Ken and Hilary swam and played innocently in the water, until they came together again. Ken held her softly in his arms for a while, not say a word, specking volumes at the same time. Then beginning with a soft, slow kiss, touching turned to caressing, tickling turned to fondling. Hilary soon began tentatively playing with his love tool, giving him head as they kissed and caressed. Their kissing turned to French-kissing as Hilary continued to stroke his cock. His excitement growing, Ken asked her with a mischievous grin. “Hilary, you should try sucking my cock again. I want to feel my throbbing flesh in your throat again.”

When Hilary didn’t answer, Ken said. “O, Hilary, don’t worry. It’s normal to gag the first time. Trust me, when you get use to it, you’re going to love oral sex. You love the feel of my hot sperm filling your stomach.” But, after her ‘facial’, Hilary had been too shy to put his cock back in her mouth again and Ken had to settle for a nice hand job that night. But later, things had changed.

As the Lizzie McGuire Party went on nosily below them, Hilary and Ken French kissed for a long hot minute. As the tongues locked, Ken slipped a second finger into her sweet little pussy as he continued to fondled her round ‘perky breasts with his other hand. Moving his head down, Ken sucked on her nipples. Wrapping her hands around his head, Hilary moaned out as she thrust her full breast into his mouth. Sucking lightly on her nipple at first, he pushed it between this tongue and teeth applying a little pressure. He heard another slight moan escape Hilary’s lips and her back lifted slightly off the bed as Ken slowly licked his way down her body until his mouth was between her legs. He hesitated a moment until he heard Hilary call out.

“Please Ken, please lick me there…I want you to make me feel good.”

Spreading her soft folds of skin apart, Ken paid close attention to Hilary’s swollen hood. Flattening his tongue out, Ken gave her a luxurious tongue bath from bottom to top. She moaned again and again as he feasted upon her steamy uterus. As her excitement grew, he probed for sensitive spots, alternating from side to side. Ken then slipped his tongue inside and slowly worked it around. Unable to resist the sweet flavor of Hilary’s delicious body, Ken eagerly worked his hungry tongue fully into her.

Squirming in ecstasy and it didn’t take long for Hilary to climax. Writhing around on the bed and thrusting her hips up, the young girls pubic region smashed against Ken’s mouth. The air was filled with her moans of pleasure as she cummed over and over. When her fourth orgasm subsided, she slumped back down on the bed. Hilary called out to him. “Please, Ken, do more!”

Then Ken folded his tongue to make a little cradle out of it. Bending back down, he enthusiastically lapped at her clitoris with his tongue as he pushed a finger in her anus. Rubbing her clit with his other hand, he diligently used his whole mouth and forcefully sucked on her clitoris. Hilary thrashed and shook. She bucked and rode the waves of her orgasm for what seemed like hours. Screaming his name so loud that jet airline pilots could probably hear her.

Ken continued to feast upon Hilary’s pussy. Like having a mind of its own, his over stretched boxers rubbed up against her breasts, her neck and…her face. He could sense Hilary’s excitement when his scantily clad erection pressed against her full red lips. Her bottom lip trembled as it dropped and her tongue plunged out against the tip of his bulge. The material of his boxers was soon soaked as Hilary bathed him with her tongue. Stretching out of his clothes more, she slipped her tongue inside and ran it all the way down the hot flesh of his shaft. Ken groaned out as his body shook. Her loving tongue felt wonderful on his thick protruding veins as Hilary slowly licked his cock. Her warm saliva ran down the sides of his penis and all over his testicles as she slurped away. Working her teeth around the elastic strap of his boxers, she pulled down.

Ken wasn’t surprised at Hilary’s reaction when his gargantuan cock popped out of its restraints and slapped against her mouth with a loud splat. Still awed by his size, her lower lip dropped. But this time, Hilary seductively opened her lustful mouth. Ken gasped and his knees shook as his cock entered her mouth for only the second time.

He had not been expecting anything outrageous, even though working for Adam, Ken was becoming somewhat accustomed with Hollywood depravity. But Ken was not quite prepared for Hilary’s voracious plummet on his sexual organ without even a courteous and friendly word of preparation. He kept licking her pussy, but not tasting, not seeing. He was excited in a way he had never been before. While part of it was because this girl servicing him in the dark had been the object of his dreams, Hilary wasn’t at all like the tentatively girls that earlier had gone down on him during high school. Some how, Hilary had gained some experience since the last time they’d been together and had threw up. While some women go down on men because they’re expected to, Ken realized that sucking cock now really turned Hilary on.

“MMMMM good,” she mumbled approvingly, savoring his flavor of the milky substance of his pre cum that began to ooze from the tip of the hard purple crown. With difficulty, she pushed the first five inches of his thick rod in. Reaching all the way to the back of her throat, she paused to suck lustfully, running her tongue up and down his shaft.

Moving her lips down even farther, Hilary sucked with wanton sexual hunger. Her warm saliva ran down the sides of Ken’s cock and over his balls as she slurped away. She sensed that he was obviously fighting the urge to cum so that he could make this last as long as possible.

Hilary then took his cock out of her mouth and licked her way up and down his thick shaft, pausing occasionally to suck on his heavy sperm filled balls. She seemed to love the texture of his massive column of flesh and blood. The thick protruding veins felt so wonderful against her loving tongue as she slowly paid homage to his cock. The Hilary took him back into her mouth and started to slowly bob her head, taking in Ken’s incredible staff deeper and deeper. Faster and faster, she bobbed up and down, going even farther.

With his huge dick pressed into Hilary’s mouth, she was barely was able to get it passed her tonsils. Ken was amazed by the way her neck expanded as his big cock went deep down into her throat. She retreated and gasped for breath as Ken’s huge manhood was withdrawn from her air passage. Ken then took hold of her head in his hands, one on each side and started to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth.

Ken pushed the hair away from her face so he could watch this insatiable little nymph suck and deep throat almost all of his massive cock. Hilary began to squeeze his balls with one hand while jerking his rod with the other, following her lip strokes with tight hand motions. This was just too much for him and he began to moan in anticipation of a great release as he went even deeper into her mouth. Ken then reached down and got a grip on handfuls of her hair to add him pushing his throbbing prick farther down her hot mouth.

Hilary wantonly continued the incredible task of sucking on his huge swollen shaft. Feeling his balls tremble in her palm, Hilary gave them one final squeeze, sending him over the edge. Rasping in pain and ecstasy, Ken could feel cum shooting up from his balls and out into her waiting mouth. As the room filled with little slurping noises, Hilary tried valiantly not to gag on all of Ken’s creamy love juice pumping into her hot young mouth.

Catching her breath, Hilary licked Ken’s cock clean. She then buried her mouth and tongue in his pubic hair, running it down over his balls getting every drop of his love juice.

Ken gasped, asking himself silently, ‘Where does a teenage girl learn how suck cock like that? Is she a natural talent? Or, is some one giving her lesions.’

Taking commanded, Ken told her. “Get down and lay on the floor.” He was pleased that Hilary obeyed without question. He went over and pushed face over her pussy as she took his cock back into her mouth.

Ken started on Hilary’s pussy as she started working on his cock again. Mystified, he almost couldn’t believe he was in a ‘sixty-nine’ with the beautiful young Hilary Duff. If he hadn’t already cummed, just the thought of it would have caused him to. This time Hilary was able to swallow most of him up! But probably because of eight or nine screwdrivers he’d earlier consumed, his strength began to fail him. Soon he could only nod his head as Hilary sucked him hard and deep, squeezing Ken’s balls with her left hand and stroking his shaft with her right. Exhausted and out of breath, Ken drifted into an alcoholic induced sleep. As he past out, Ken remembered telling Hilary, ‘Wrap those sexy lips around my big cock you little slut and suck till my balls turn blue!’

Later some time during the night, he awoke to discover that Hilary’s face was now resting in his lap and his shorts were gone. He was astonished to feel her fingers stroking up and down his shaft, as Hilary’s lips pressed against his cockhead and her tongue pushed into his piss hole again. Ken could feel that Hilary’s licking and sucking had brought his cock back to life. Grabbing her head, his hands pushing her mouth back down again on his shaft. Hilary looked up at him and saw a smile on his face as she resumed sucking his dick even harder.

Ken enjoyed fondling her breasts and nipples, needing her firm flesh. His hands moved down and caress her little ass while she continued to feast upon his cock. Ken wanted it to last forever, but he could tell the end was coming quickly. Soon new waves of chum followed, which Hilary sucked in. Stroking his shaft to get it all, he felt her swallow like a professional several times. Smiling, Ken moaned out, “Hummm, you sexy little girl” But then again, he pasted out.

It was still dark when Ken woke again, just as he came like a cannon. With hot sperm rising up the length of his shaft, it empty in spurts into Hilary’s mouth. Hilary did her best to keep it in. But there was so much back pressure, cum began to leak out between her full red lips, running down her chin and dripped onto her tits.

Carefully, she tilted her head back so as not to spill any of Ken’s thick cum from her sexy little mouth. Then she parted her lips a bit, showing him how full her mouth was with his thick creamy love juice. Closing her eyes, she slowly swallowed his seed. Then she held her mouth wide open to show that she’d swallowed every drop.

Ken moaned out again and again as Hilary licked each of her fingers clean right there in front of him, just as he’d shown her how. Ken shook his head in awe and moaned again. As if on cue, he said. “You’re such a great little cocksucker!”

Hilary’s beautiful faced twisted in a wicked smile in appreciation of his comment. Then Ken laughed, as he said. “Hilary you’re a little cock hungry slut!”

Her sexy mouth still cover with saliva and cum, Hilary gasped. “Yes, I love the feel of a man’s cock in my mouth!” Then Hilary smiled alluringly up at him as she playfully slapped her noise his cock. With her innocent voice, she said. “Please, Ken, fuck me.”

She was light as a feather as Ken picked her up. He cradled Hilary in his arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. Hilary could taste her own pussy juices as she buried her tongue deep inside his mouth.

Dreamlike, Ken laid Hilary down upon his bed. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist as he mounted her. Thrusting and rubbed the head of big prick along her hot steamy pussy, lubing it up for easier entry, Ken’s ridged cock seemed to have a mind of its own.

While it had been hours since his last drink, Ken still felt drunk as he touched her breasts, so soft, so full. Then she was in his arms so quickly that their bodies came together in one line of silken electricity and he kissed her warm mouth deeply, as he crushed her body against his. In one hard thrust, his cockhead was buried in the hot wet velvety entrance of her virgin pussy. He would never be able to describe the wonderful sensations and feelings as the tip of his cock pushed against the elastic barrier of her maidenhood. He was barely in when he felt that unavoidable barrier. Ken had pushed a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. Hilary almost pleaded into his eyes, her face a mask of pleasure and pain. Pushing forward ever so gently and it had respond by every so softly pushing back.

“No … … Yes.” She wailed. “Stop! Stop! STOP!” she screamed. “Please stop!” she begged. “You’re tearing me apart!” But Hilary knew it was supposed to tear, so immediately she told him, “No, no! Don’t stop, keep going.”

She’d rubbed her own nipples, his ass and balls, as Ken became her first real lover. Her flesh and taut silk hair, all eagerly surged against him wildly in a virginal erotic frenzy. When he finally entered Hilary, she gave sudden gasp and was still for a few seconds. Then with a powerful forward thrust of her pelvis, she locked her satiny legs around his hips. Ken would always fondly remember how Hilary’s eyes bugged out the first time his shaft speared her and a thin line of blood ran down her leg.

Hilary moaned as Ken pushed forward, slowly and methodically. He took great pleasure in the tight steamy feel of her eager pussy as it stretched around his cockhead. Even as wet as Hilary was, her cunt gripped him like a velvet vice. Slowly stroking in and out of her, he went a little deeper with each thrust forward. Ken’s moans of pleasure were joined by Hilary’s moans of both pleasure and pain as their bodies fit together. Grasping, Hilary came several times as he worked his long thick tool into her!

Picking up the pace, Ken lifted Hilary slightly off the bed with each powerful thrust into her glove tight pussy. Penetrating even deeper than he’d ever done before, he hammered his massive battering ram against her cervix repeatedly. Established a rhythm, Ken fucked her with short hard strokes, which were followed by long deep strokes. Ken loved the way Hilary’s sexy little body jiggled as he slammed into her.

“Oh God”, Hilary squealed. “It’s SSoooo gooddd! I don’t want it end. Keep fucking me with your big cock!

Wild with lust, Ken grabbed her ankles and lifted them up high to rest on his broad shoulders. In that position it was much easier to ram his hard-on deep inside of her. Then he buried himself to the hilt with one powerful thrust. She wrapped her long legs around him and locked her ankles behind his neck. Her grip was tight, but again she instinctively knew that it was just what he wanted. All Hilary wanted now was for Ken to fuck her hard and deep, taking her to rapture again and again.

Hilary cunt tried feverishly to stretch to Ken’s enormous size as his pounded away at her tight pussy. The intense feeling of her cunt stretching over his thick cock was making her weak. She started trembling as his manhood enflamed her inner most carnal desires. As he humped her furiously, Ken bent his head down to Hilary’s hard nipples and sucking and nibbling on her tingling boobs as his humping brought Hilary closer and closer to orgasm. Ken held her tightly in his strong arms as he continued to pound away, matching her urgent need with his rhythm, while engulfing his face with her heaving breasts.

As time seemed to slow down, Ken lustfully pistoned his cock at an exceedingly rising tempo until they both came in an explosion. His massive cock throbbing deep inside of her, sent Hilary over the edge. She climaxed again and again. She could feel the spasms churning in her stomach. It felt just as wonderful for Ken, as he filled her pussy with his warm milky cum for the first time. He could feel her strong inner muscles squeeze away at his dick, milking him for all she was worth as their mind-wrenching climax turned Ken into a sexual beast. Wanting more, he tickling her slit and g-spot as he worked all of his nine inches, first slowly, and then faster and harder into her luscious love canal.

Still wanting even more, he noted that her sexy ass just begged to be fucked. Rolling Hilary over, he pushed her up on all fours to mount her from behind. Hilary arched her back and moaned as Ken pushed his huge cockhead into her hot little hole. He held his penis as he pressed the head against her tight opening. Hilary squirmed a little as she tried to relax her sphincter muscles and allow Ken enter her. Slowly, the head of Kens dick was enveloped and his shaft soon followed. Quickly, after pushing himself in to the hilt, Ken stopped and marveled at the extraordinary warmth and tightness of Hilary’s ass. Soon, Ken loved how her fine tight body shook as he hammered away with his demanding dick. Glistened with her love juices, her sweet little ass took his massive cock hard and deep. Hilary buried her face into the pillows as Ken stretched her out.

“Oh, yes,” said Ken. “Oh, Hilary.”

Slowly pulling out, he pushed back in as his hands gripping her hips tightly. He kept the pace nice and rhythmic, bringing both of them great pleasure.

“Fuck me…hard, Ken! Don’t stop fuck my ass. I like it hard like that!” Hilary demanded as she started to push back on his dick, urging him to go faster.

Really turned on by Hilary’s dirty talk, Ken punctuated each hard thrust with a savage grunt. He increased his speed significantly. His balls were slapping her pussy as Hilary reached back and rubbed her clit furiously with her fingers.

“Yeah, that’s the way. You like fucking my ass with your big dick? Huh? Don’t you?” she said, to Ken delight.

Reaching up under Hilary, Ken mauled her hanging tits, squeezing and massaging them as he fucked her. Next, he lifted up and grasped Hilary’s curvy hips as he rode her into the sunset. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore, Hilary’s sweet butt was the best he’d ever had, milking his big cock for his load of heavy cream. Switching holes, with a mighty thrust Ken rammed back inside of her pussy and held it buried to the hilt, stretching her little love hole even more. His muscular body tensed, as his testicles felt ready to exploded again. Pulling her against him as hard as he could, his tremendous cock was ready to empty inside of her spasming body. “Oooh Hilary, I’m going come soon!”

Hilary shuddered when Ken touched an especially sensitive spot in her vagina several times in a row. “OH! God! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she yelled.

Hilary’s vagina contracted and squeezed Ken’s cock very hard, the orgasm bubbling inside his balls threatening to erupt. Every muscle in Ken’s body tensed, and he cried out that he was going to come. Just after Ken felt the first of his sperm racing from his balls into Hilary’s welcoming body, Hilary suddenly pulled herself off of him and pushed her face down right in front of Ken’s rigid member.

“Oh GOD!” he screamed as the first thick rope of sperm splattered Hilary’s angelic face. Aiming his stream of sperm, they landed across her face and onto her breasts. Hilary gamely opened her mouth as the second and third ropes of cum erupted. She caught as much in her mouth as she did on her chin and neck. He didn’t stop shooting until her face and hair were completely coated with large thick globs of his cum. When the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock and Hilary cupped her hands under it to try and catch every bit of the precious fluid she had worked so hard to obtain. She swallowed down his cum like a pro as Ken cleaned her face and breasts off with his tongue.

Afterwards, they both collapsed, feeling totally drained, physically, emotionally and sexually. Ken laid on her stomach with his huge cock still fully embedded in her steaming seventeen-year-old mouth. Their bodies meshed into one and they laid joined, totally exhausted from their super intense fuck session. Hilary laid there, under him, enjoying the feeling of his warm cum in all of her orifices. Ken would always remember how, after licking her lips, Hilary gave Ken a beautiful, knowing smile. Then she told him, “Well, I hope you like my birthday present. Give me a call some time.”

But there fun together was over yet. When they came to the end they were locked together so fiercely, straining against each other so violently, that falling away from each other was like the tremble before death. That night and the weeks that followed, Steve came to understand his masculine power her. Given trust, give affection, a young full-blooded like Hilary aroused from virginity to erotic awareness was as delicious as an exactly ripe fruit.

Hilary’s virginal passion matched his lust and it wasn’t until dawn when she fell into an exhausted slumber. Spent but not yet ready to sleep, Steve sat on the window ledge and stared at her naked body while she slept. Her face too was lovely in repose, a perfect face he had seen before only in art books of painted Italian Madonna’s who by no stretch of the artist’s skill could be thought virginal.

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