Crimson Gauntlet – Prologue


Russia cannot be understood with the mind.

Nor can she be measured by a common yardstick.

In Russia one can only have Faith

Fyodor Tyucheu

19th century Russia Poet


Starring the talents of: Christina Aguilera and Ashlie Brillout (Kate Sanders from Lizzie McGuire)

Story Codes: MF, MFF, cons.

Moscow, May 2006

The meeting occurred in an ancient crimson-color stone building. Built on a grand scale, the structure dated back to the time of Peter the Great. Only the Czars of old had known greater grandeur and opulence.
During the Soviet days it had housed the Moscow museum. While it was still known as the Gosudarstvenny Istorichesky Muzei (Grand Historical Museum), now one man called it home. On this day, Nicolai Ilyich Ulyanov, the leader of the New Russian Communist Party, walked quietly along its central hallway. Resplendent with marble floors, decorated columns and chandeliers, each flanking wall was covered with over a thousand years of Russian glory represented in a treasure of paintings, sculptures, and bronzes. Looking from side to side Nicolai thought, ‘This Organizatsiva (the roof) bastard is setting himself up as a Czar with the things he has stolen from our people. Millions of Russian children are going hungry, while criminals like this are growing fat in grand palaces. I don’t know which is worse, him or the capitalists.’ His last thought almost brought a smile to his lips, knowing how he knew he was using both against each other. At the end of the hall he met the ‘palace’s’ owner. Leaving his grim bodyguards at the door, Nicolai entered the throne room, the opulence and grandeur of the hallway paling in comparison. Nicolai immediately noticed two statuette women, both with long disheveled blonde hair. Wearing matching black silk bras and thongs, their garter and hose were stretched out as they knelt before him. With their faces pressed into Ivan’s waist, Nicolai was only able to observe the back of their lovely bodies.

Staying seated at his large mahogany desk, Ivan Mikhailovich greeted him. “I congratulate you, comrade, on your success in the last election. Even I didn’t predict the Communist party would win so many seats in the Duma.” As Ivan spoke, he held each girl by head as they doubled his pleasure.

“You are too kind. Soon the communist party will regain its former dominance. Then we will show the world that Russia is a great power again!”

“Of course…of course. Your Grandfather would be very proud of you. So how is your health, Nicolai?”

“I am as strong as a bear. How is your mother the Grand Duchess?” As Nicolai talked, he considered the implications of Mikhailovich reclaiming his family’s former Czarist titles.

“She is fine. So, how can I help you my friend?”

The leader of the Russian Communist party withdrew a photo from his jacket and showed it to him. “Do you know this man?”

“Yes, Adam Lamberg…an imbecile, Ivan said, omitting a hollow laugh. “He’s now in Moscow for the premier of his new film.” Ivan’s face contorted into an expression of amusement as he looked down and smiled at the young women furiously sucking his penis. “He’s a drug addict that owes me a lot of money. Yes, I own him. I own many Americans.”

“Good,” Nicolai said, ” then I will be very gratefull if you convince him to influence several of his Hollywood friends to work in the new film I’m backing. To help ensure its success, of course.” As he talked, Ulyanov placed a picture of two other people on the polished desk between a solid gold picture frame and a small bound book. He then handed Mikhailovich an envelope. “Here are your instructions and the first half of the numbers of the Swiss account with your payment. After your mission is complete, I will provide you with the rest of the numbers, just like the last time.” Nicolai looked down and saw that one girl was now stroking Ivan’s shaft into the other girl’s mouth.

“Of course Comrade,” Ivan had been paid very well, one million in gold for the assassination of the former head of the Russian Communist Party. Now he was being offered more than twice that to perform a far simpler operation. While his assets were worth well over a billion dollars, still, two million in hard currency was too much for even him to turn down.

“I will be glad to help you with this,” Ivan told Nicolai. Grinning like a wolf, he padding each of the pretty American’s on the top of her head. Then he suggested. “Perhaps Christina could sing in it and little Ashlie could act?”

Nicolai nodded his head. “Excellent, then I look forward to working with you in the future Ivan.”

Moaning out, Ivan grinned like a wolf as his orgasm exploded. Still grasping her head, he pulled his cock from her mouth. The pretty Americans held their mouths wide open and lapped away at the streams of thick white cum that completely coated their faces and hair. His climax over, still beaming, Ivan said. “Before you go Nicolai, would you care to give my little American pets a try?”

While Nicolai had never met these girls before, he thought he remembered that she was an actress of some short. The more famous of the two, the singer’s name was Christina Aguilera he thought. While very desirable, Christina would have been beautiful if it wasn’t for the dead look in her eyes. But he smiled as he took in her body, her excellent breasts and shapely ass. He reached down and grasped her breasts. Bring on a slight whimper, Nicolai pinched her nipples, squeezing the actresses’ breasts and shaking them firmly.

Smiling up at him, Christina reached up and unzipped his trousers and started rubbing his penis against her face. Soon she parted her full red lips and began licking. Grasping him by the base, she licked his cockhead and then slowly tongued up and down his shaft. Christina looked up into Nicolai’s admiring eyes and purred hungrily. “Ooooooo! What a big beautiful cock you have. You do want me to suck it, don’t you?”

Gleefully watching her work, Ivan laughed until his mood turned suddenly grim. Then he reached out and slapped Christina hard across the face. “Don’t ask questions you American bitch. Your mouth is only for sing and sucking big Russian dicks!”

Flinching from the pain of Ivan’s hand, Christina’s smile fell from her face. A little over seven inches, she took over half of Nicolai’s penis easily in one gulp. Nicolai wrapped his hands around her head to help guide his cock faster into her mouth as she sucked like a baby would a bottle. Warping her checks inwards as she forcefully sucked. Her warm saliva ran down the sides of his cock and all over his balls, slurping away. It didn’t take long for her talented tongue to bring him close to climax. But staying in control, he pulled out and motioned her to get on top of Ivan’s large desk. Nicolai could tell Christina was a nymphomaniac, someone who always wanting a man inside of her tight slippery pussy.

Feeling his need, the horny young blonde immediately complied, spreading her legs for him. Then wrapping her legs around his waist, Christina helped pulled him inside of her swollen pink cunt lips. She smiled at both man as she entwined Nicolai with her limber legs and began tapping her heels on his moving ass. Her heart and lungs seemed out of control as she plunged into the abyss of passion, matching his every stroke with two of her own. As he fucked her, Ashlie got underneath him and grab his butt. Running her tongue between his checks, Ashlie probed his anus.

Christina felt her own orgasm build as Nicolai approached his peek. Christina clinched her vaginal muscles tightly. Then the gorgeous American singer shivered. Her moans were followed by screams as he continued to drive his cock inside her tight cunt. Her hips began a rhythmic in motion, as the walls of her vagina tightened, gripping his cock like a cylindrical vise. Need seemed to radiate through her hips as he heard the panted gasp of her breath. Christina gasped for breath and Nicolai continued driving his cock in and out of her, as Ashlie continued to lustfully give him a rim job.

Wanting to shout, Nicolai only grunted as his erection swelled, his butt muscles tightened and his balls throbbed. Suddenly, Christina felt his hot semen filled her tight slit as Ashlie went between sucking on his balls and licking the bottom of her pussy.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” Christine shouted again and again. Her pussy already filled with his cock, was now flooded with Nicolai’s boiling seed as Ashlie’s tongue joined his penis inside of her.

Suddenly, feeling her own peek, Christine clenched him with whitened knuckles and arched her back. She let out yet another wale as Nicolai finished with her. Taking her place, Ashlie bent forward and began frantically deep throating Nicolai’s cock.

Enjoying the way Ashlie literally rammed her nose into his stomach and used her sizzling tongue, Nicolai suddenly remembered another pretty girl whom he hadn’t seen for a very long time. It troubled his disciplined thoughts that this Ashlie reminding him of her. So much so, that he turned Ashlie down when she offered her own luscious body to him.

Ashlie showed a pouty disappointed look when Nicolai said, “Thank you for the use of your…pets.” He then grunted, giving a satisfied smile.

Padding both girls on the head, he said, “I am needed elsewhere now. Dasvidaniva Comrade!” As Nicolai left, he noticed that both American sluts climbed into Ivan’s lap, hugging and kissing each other as the mobster watched.

As was his nature, Nicolai rapidly reviewed his plans as he was walked with his bodyguards back to the car. ‘While he has excellent taste in women, this Cossack bastard Mikhailovich desires to become Czar,’ Nicolai thought. ‘Luckily, he is unable to see past his own nose. He thinks I have nothing to hide…beyond my own greed.’ Bringing a sudden pause to his Oprichniki (secret police) escort, Nicolai omitted a small but perching chuckle.

Remembering the book that had been next to the picture of Miklailovich’s mother, Nicolai continued to calculate, ‘The Prince! Bah, it was written by was an imperialist stooge, Machiavelli didn’t even play chess!’ While still being driven through the Kremlin, he turned on his secure satellite link up and the sent message to his agents to begin operation Robart. Then opening his billfold, Nicolai gazed pensively at the picture of a young blonde Russian girl.

Looking out his Limousine’s window, Nicolai Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin saw he was passing his Grandfathers Mausoleum, he continued to review his omniscient plans, which were laid out in his mind as if on a VR screen, Nicolai thought about how Russia had been earlier saved from the Romanov’s and about his own plans for Russians future.

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