Crossing The Line, Part 2

Title: Crossing The Line, Part 2

Author: Tori

Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: MF, MMF, BDSM, oral, anal, rape

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Tony and Bob had been watching the large house for days.  They sat on the street in their van and documented every move the occupants made.  When they finally made the decision to go inside, they waited until the women left.  As soon as their car drove through the gates, the two men made their way to the back of the gated home and found the access point they were looking for.  Once through the fence, they went up to the back patio doors and found, to their surprise, that they weren’t locked.

Looking around the luxurious home, they started gathering up all the valuables.  Art work, silverware, several flat screen TV’s and so on.  Bob went upstairs to get the jewelry and suddenly called down to Tony.  “Dude!  You need to get up here, NOW!”  Tony ran up the stairs and found Bob standing in one of the bedrooms.  He was staring at the two cages in the otherwise empty room.  Tony came in and said, “So, they have dogs.  What’s the big deal?”  Bob reached into one of the cages and picked up a dildo.  “Man, you don’t think they use this on a dog, do you?”  Tony looked in the other cage and found another dildo as well as a huge butt plug.  “Those bitches are into some kinky shit, that’s for sure.”  Bob said, “I wonder who the hell lives here.”  Tony walked out and down the hall to the master bedroom.  “Come on man, let’s find out.”

When they entered, they discovered more sex toys, including handcuffs and leather straps attached to the four corners of the bed.  Bob started going through the dresser and found a drawer filled with photos.  “Tony, look at this.  Isn’t this Taylor Swift?”  Bob took the picture and said, “It sure looks like her but weren’t the two bitches in the car brunettes?”  Tony nodded and said, “Now that I think about it, one of them did look like Selena Gomez.  Aren’t they supposed to be best friends?”  Bob thought about it for a second and said, “I guess. Hell man, I don’t follow that shit.  Grab the jewelry and let’s get the fuck out of here.”  Tony emptied the large box of diamonds and other jewelry into a pillow case and followed Bob down the stairs.  He said to Bob, “Come on man, let’s go.”  Bob walked over to a door and opened it.  He found a dark staircase leading down to the basement.  “I’m going to check this out first” he said.

Tony stood at the top of the stairs and watched Bob walk down in the dark.  Suddenly, a light came on and Bob said, “Man, it looks like some kind of dungeon.  It’s nothing but concrete and there’s a steel door at the end of the hall.  Tony hurried down the stairs and stood next to Bob.  “Man, this is creepy.  Let’s get out of here.”  Bob said, “Chill out man” and walked over to the door.  There was a lock hanging from a hasp but it wasn’t closed.  After he took it off, he slowly turned the knob.  When he pulled the door open, the smell hit him like a brick.  “Jesus FUCK!  Take a look at this.”  Tony came up behind him and that was when he saw her.  Cowering in the corner, was a thin, long legged blonde covered in filth.  She was completely naked and from the looks of her, she’d been abused for days.  In front of her, sleeping on the floor were two large black men.  Tony reached behind him and pulled his pistol from his jeans and said, “WAKE UP MOTHER FUCKERS!”  The black men sat up and stared at the huge gun pointed at them.  The girl started shaking and Bob said, “If you move one inch, my friend here is going to blow your fucking heads off, got it?”  The black men nodded and let Bob walk past them to get to the girl.  He bent over and picked her up and carried her out into the hallway.  Tony backed out and quickly shut the door and attached the lock.  Bob carried the broken girl up the stairs and as he did, Tony said, “Man, I think this is Taylor Swift.”  Bob said, “I’m sure of it.  Those guys definitely fucked her up, didn’t they?”  Taylor held onto Bob tight and started to cry.  “They…….they……..” was all she could say.  Bob carried her upstairs to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed.  When he tried to let go, Taylor wrapped her arms around him and said, “Please don’t leave me.  Don’t leave me with them.”  Bob pulled her away and said, “Don’t worry.  You’re safe.  We won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.  Those guys will never hurt you again.”  Taylor looked at him and said, “It’s not them I’m worried about.  It’s Hailee and Selena.  They’re the ones that locked me in that room.”  Bob and Tony stood there speechless.  Taylor put her face in her hands and started to cry.  Tony took her by the hand and said, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”  She slowly got up and followed Tony into the large bathroom.  He helped her into the shower and turned on the water.  Taylor stood there and let him rinse her off as Bob soaped up a wash cloth and gently washed the filth from her body.  Tony shampooed her hair and after they rinsed her off, they wrapped one of the large towels around her and led her back out to the bedroom.

Taylor sat down at the makeup table and started brushing her hair.  She looked in the mirror and said, “Why are you here?”  Bob and Tony shuffled their feet and then Bob said, “Well, we were robbing you but we never thought we’d find you down there.  Really, all we wanted was to….”  Taylor turned and said, “It’s OK.  Don’t worry.  I’m not going to call the cops.  You saved my life.”  Bob sat down on the edge of the bed and said, “Look, I don’t know why you were down there but I’m glad we were able to help.”  Tony sat down next to him and said, “If you don’t mind me asking, why were you in that room with those niggg, ummmm, I mean black guys?”  Taylor turned around and said, “I’m not proud of this but I guess I went a little overboard with Selena and Hailee.”  Bob said, “I know who Selena is but who’s this Hailee?”  Taylor said, “Hailee Steinfeld.  She was the kid in the True Grit remake.  Anyway, Selena and Hailee are, or I guess, were, my……how can I say this?  I was their mistress and they were my subs.  I must have gotten a little too rough with them and the next thing I know, I’m locked in that room getting raped and sodomized by those men, who, by the way, used to be my slaves.  I’ve been down there for days.  Hailee took over and became their mistress after she promised them, well, after she promised them me.  They’ve been taking turns on me non-stop ever since.”  Tony looked at her and said, “No shit?  You, little miss goody two shoes Taylor Swift has sex slaves? That is fucking HOT!”  Bob stood up and said, “Tony, relax.”  He turned to Taylor and said, “Listen.  We really should get out of here.  Are you going to be alright?”  Taylor stood up and said, “Please, don’t leave.  I need your help.”  Bob said, “Hey, I think we’ve done enough.”  Taylor let the towel drop to the floor and came up close to Bob and ran her hand across his chest and said, “If you help me, I’ll make it worth your while.”  Tony came up behind her and ran his hands across her ass and said, “What did you have in mind?”

Tony and Bob listened as Taylor told them her plan.  When she finished, she dropped to her knees and said, “If you agree, I’ll suck you both off right now.”  Tony stood up and pulled his cock out of his jeans and said, “Fuckin’ A baby.  I’ve always wanted a blowjob from a hot piece like you.”  Taylor opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips.  As she sucked him, Tony looked over at Bob and said, “Come on buddy, this bitch can really give head.”  Bob stood up and dropped his jeans and came over next to Tony.  He said, “What the hell?  It’s not like we have anything better to do.”  Taylor reached over and took Bob’s cock in her hand.  She started to alternate between the two and began to deep throat the hard cocks.  After several minutes, Bob shot his load all over the blonde beauties perfect tits.  Tony took her head in his hands and skull fucked her hard before shooting his cum down her throat.  After she licked off both cocks, she stood up and wiped herself off with the towel.  “That’s just a sample of what’s to come boys.”  Tony and Bob put their cocks back in their pants and went downstairs while Taylor got dressed.  While they waited, the put the loot back where the found it and took a seat.

Thirty minutes later, Taylor came downstairs and joined the two men.  She had on a pair of cutoffs, a t-shirt and tennis shoes.  Even without makeup, the blonde singer was stunningly beautiful.  “The first thing I’d like you to do is go down and bring up those two from the cell.  She handed them two sets of clothing and sat down to wait.  Several minutes later, Tony led the two black men into the room.  They were dressed in the clothes Taylor had provided and stood in front of her while Tony pointed his pistol at them.  Taylor handed them each an envelope.  “There’s a thousand dollars in cash for each of you.  Now, get the fuck out of my house and don’t come back.”  The men turned and walked out as Bob held the door open for them.  Tony and Bob stood outside and made sure the two men left the property.  When they came back in, Taylor said, “Now, you have it straight, right?  I don’t want anything to go wrong, got it?”  Tony and Bob both nodded and then turned when they heard the car pull up outside.  Taylor got up and quickly ran back to the kitchen while Bob and Tony stood against the wall next to the door.  As soon as Selena and Hailee came in, the men came up behind them and Tony said, “Don’t move bitches.”  Bob went in front of them and said, “Drop the bags and get on your knees.”  Hailee and Selena let the shopping bags drop from their hands and then both women slowly got on their knees.  Tony quickly handcuffed their wrists behind their backs and then said, “It’s OK.  You can come out now.”

When Taylor came walking out of the kitchen, Hailee said, “Fuck!”  She looked at Selena and said, “How the hell did she get out?”  Selena just dropped her head and didn’t say word.  Taylor walked up to Selena and pulled her head back by her hair and said, “I’ll deal with you later.”  She nodded to Bob who came over and pulled Selena to her feet and dragged her up the stairs.  Taylor sat down on the couch and waited until Bob came back.  Both men stood on either side of Hailee and then Taylor smiled and said, “So, Hailee, you fucking whore.  I hope you enjoyed your time in charge because it’s over bitch.”  She spit in Hailee’s face and then said, “She’s all yours boys.”  Taylor went back and sat down on the couch and watched as Bob and Tony ripped the clothes from Hailee’s body.  She crossed her long legs and smiled when Tony shoved his cock down the 18 year olds throat.  Bob got behind the cute brunette and shoved his cock up her ass, making her scream out around the cock in her mouth.  Over the next hour, Taylor watched the two men rape and sodomize Hailee.  By the time they finished with her, she was a cum covered mess lying on the floor sobbing.  Taylor finally stood up and said, “That’s enough guys.”  She walked over to Hailee and looked down at the ruined girl and said, “Now you know who’s in charge.”  She turned and started towards the stairs and said, “You two know what to do.  I’ll be upstairs with the other cunt.”

When Taylor walked into the bedroom, she found Selena naked with her wrists handcuffed to the top of the cage.  Her legs were spread wide open and she could see the butt plug inserted in her ass.  Selena started to beg, “Please Mistress.  I’m sorry.  Please have mercy on me.  I swear I’ll never let you down again.”  Taylor stood and looked at Selena and started to laugh.  “You stupid cunt.  You’re lucky I don’t fucking kill you after what you and that pig did to me.”  Just then, Tony and Bob came into the room.  Taylor turned and looked at them, “All done?”  Bob said, “Yup.  She’s not going anywhere.”  Tony went over to the cage and looked at Selena.  “So, are we going to get a piece of this bitch now or what?”  Taylor pulled her shirt off and said, “Later.  Right now, it’s my turn to thank you for all your help.”  She took off her shorts and laid down on the floor, spreading her legs.  “Who’s first?”  Tony and Bob did rock, paper, scissors and when Bob won, he quickly stripped out of his clothes and got on top of her.  His hard cock slipped inside her sopping wet pussy and he began to fuck her hard while Selena watched.  She wrapped her legs around his back and started to cum while Tony jerked off his cock.  As soon as Bob filled her hole with his load, Tony took his place for sloppy seconds.  Tony fucked her hard and fast, pounding her gaping hole with his fat cock until he finally pulled out and shot his load all over her flat stomach.  Taylor slowly got up and wiped the cum from her body with her t-shirt.  “I’m going to take a shower.  Why don’t you two go downstairs and make something to eat.  I’ll be down shortly.”  Tony and Bob left, but before she did, Taylor said to Selena, “I have something special planned for you tonight.  Think about that bitch.”

After Taylor showered, she joined the two men and ate.  She was famished.  It had been days since she had any decent food and Bob and Tony watched the thin beauty gobble down a huge sandwich and two bowls of soup.  When she finished eating, she said, “Come on, it’s showtime.”  Tony and Bob followed her upstairs and waited while she set up two webcams.  She handed Bob and Tony each a leather hood and said, “Here, strip and put these on.  I don’t want anyone recognizing you.”  As the men did what she asked, Taylor logged into the web and pulled up a live cam site.  She looked at the monitor and saw the live feed pop up on the screen.  There, live on the web, was Selena Gomez in all her glory.  She looked at all the comments filling the screen.  “HOLY FUCK!  She looks just like Selena Gomez.”  “That IS Selena Gomez.  Check out the mole on her tit.” Etc……..

Taylor stood back and watched as the hooded Bob and Tony unlocked the cage and pulled Selena out.  They handcuffed her wrists behind her back and then proceeded to skull fuck the gorgeous Latina.  Within minutes, there were thousands of viewers watching the young singer getting covered in cum.  Bob laid down and pulled Selena on top of him and started to fuck her pussy.  Tony got behind her and removed the butt plug only to replace it with his hard cock.  The two men DP’d Selena for several minutes and then switched places.  Selena came over and over again as she was brutalized live on the web.  Taylor watched the viewer count rise and noticed that most of the comments had stopped.  She figured everyone was busy jerking off as they watched one of the most famous women in the world getting fucked.  After almost two hours of hard sex, both Bob and Tony shot their last loads all over Selena’s face.  Taylor turned off the live feed and logged out of the website.  She looked over at Selena and said, “Get dressed and get out bitch.  I don’t ever want to see you again.”  Tony removed Selena’s handcuffs and tossed her some clothes.  Selena slowly got dressed and left.  Taylor heard her car drive away and then joined Tony and Bob in the living room.  “Thank you both for a very rewarding evening.  I guess it is true when they say that revenge is sweet.”  Tony and Bob stood up and headed for the door.  Bob turned around and said, “If you ever need anything, just call.  I left my number by the phone.”  Taylor came over and hugged both of them and handed Bob and piece of paper.  “Here’s her address.  Pay her a visit sometime.”  Tony smiled and said, “You really are a nasty bitch, aren’t you?”  Taylor smiled and said, “The nastiest.”

The next day, Taylor smiled as she read story after story about Selena’s live sex show.  The news was everywhere and although her publicist denied it was her, everyone knew it was.  Taylor relished in the fact that her former BFF’s career was over and her reputation was ruined beyond repair.  After she finished her coffee, Taylor went downstairs and unlocked the cell.  She walked in and found Hailee hanging naked by her wrists from the ceiling, exactly where Bob and Tony had left her.  Hailee lifted her cum stained head and said, “Please Mistress.  How long are you going to leave me here?”  Taylor pulled and twisted the young girl’s nipples and said, “As long as it takes.”

The End

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