Crossing The Line, Part 3

Title: Crossing The Line, Part 3

Author: Tori

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld

Codes: FF, BDSM, beast, anal, rape, WS

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Hailee Steinfeld struggled to maintain her sanity.  It had been one, maybe two days since Taylor Swift had taken her revenge out on her and had her raped by two men.  After they finished with her, they brought her down to the basement and hung her by her wrists, leaving her in the cold, dark room, alone with only her thoughts to keep her company.  She’d lost all feeling in her arms and to make matters worse, she’d soiled herself multiple times so by the time the door opened, she was too weak to speak.  She struggled to lift her head only to see Taylor standing there, dressed in black leather holding a whip.  As soon as the light hit her eyes, she knew the last two days were only a prelude to the suffering Taylor was about to inflict on her young, teenage body.

Taylor had a sadistic look on her face as she slowly lowered Hailee to the floor.  Before she unlocked the cuffs, she attached a four inch thick leather collar around her neck, forcing her head up.  Once she released her wrists, Taylor pulled her arms behind her back and reattached the cuffs.  She then attached the ceiling cable to them and raised her up again.  Hailee struggled to her feet and as the cable raised her arms up, she was forced to bend over, exposing her naked ass to whatever awaited her.  It didn’t take long before she felt the first crack of the whip against her back.  As she lashed out at Hailee, Taylor screamed, “YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!!  HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU COULD TREAT ME LIKE THAT!!!!!  IT’S TIME YOU REALIZED THAT YOU”RE NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!”

Hailee had no idea how long Taylor had been beating her but she was relieved when she finally stopped.  Taylor came in front of her and tied her long brown hair to the cable attached to her wrists.  With her head pulled back, Taylor commanded her to hold the whip in her mouth as she left the room.  When she came back a few minutes later, she was wearing a huge, black 16 inch strapon.  Taylor got behind and said, “Geez, you smell like shit you fucking cunt.”  As she pushed the strapon into Hailee’s ass, she said, “If you drop that whip, you’ll learn what real pain is.”  With that, Taylor proceeded to slam young Hailee’s asshole with the strapon.  She fucked her hard and deep, pounding the poor girl until she couldn’t hold onto the whip any longer.  As soon as it hit the floor, Taylor screamed, “YOU CUNT!!!   I TOLD YOU NOT TO DROP IT.  NOW YOU’RE GOING TO PAY!!!!”  Taylor pulled the strapon out of her ass and replaced it with her fist.  She buried her fist deep into Hailee’s ass, halfway up her arm and then she started to twist and turn it while she slapped her ass cheeks with her other hand.  The sounds coming from Hailee’s mouth were almost animalistic.  Her screams confirmed the amount of pain Taylor was inflicting on her.  By the time Taylor pulled her arm out of her ass, Hailee was nearly comatose and unable to comprehend anything around her.  Taylor lowered the cable, allowing Hailee to collapse on the floor.  She removed the cable and the handcuffs but before she left, Taylor squatted over Hailee’s face and told Hailee to open her mouth.  When she did, Taylor started to piss, forcing her to swallow the rancid liquid.  When she finished, Taylor used Hailee’s hair to wipe off her wet pussy and then walked out, laughing as she locked the door leaving Hailee laying on the floor, totally humiliated.

Later that day, Taylor opened the cell only to find Hailee cowering in the corner with her knees pulled up to her chest.  “STAND UP CUNT!!!” she demanded.  Hailee struggled to her feet and stood there while Taylor attached a leash to her collar.  “Let’s go bitch.  I’ve got some new friends I want you to meet.”  Taylor led Hailee out of the cell and back up to the room she once shared with Selena.  When they walked in, Hailee was greeted to huge Great Danes.  The animals could smell the ruined girl and she knew immediately what Taylor had in mind.  Taylor slapped her on the ass and said, “On your hands and knees you fucking cunt.  My friends are horny as hell and you’re going to be their bitch.”  Hailee slowly got down on the floor and started to beg.  “Please Mistress.  Please don’t do this to me.  I’m sooooo sorry for what I did.  PLEASE!!!!!”  Taylor just laughed as she led one of the dogs behind the 19 year old actress.  Hailee felt disgusted as the dog began to lick her filthy holes.  While one of the dogs licked her, Taylor pulled the other one over in front of Hailee and put him on his back and said, “Suck him.  Suck his nasty dog cock.”  Hailee stared at the huge cock sticking up.  She leaned down and stuck her tongue out and licked it.  Taylor slapped the back of her head and said, “HURRY UP BITCH.  SUCK IT!!!”  The young girl opened her mouth and started to suck off the big dog cock.  As she did, the dog behind her mounted her and started to hump against her pussy.  When he found his mark, he pushed his cock inside Hailee and started to pound away at her.  She felt him knot up inside of her as she sucked on the other dog.  Taylor put her foot on the back of Hailee’s head and pushed her down, forcing her to take the dog’s cock deep into her throat.  She did this several times until the dog let go with his hot load into Hailee’s mouth.  Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, the other dog started to fill her pussy with his seed.  Hailee finally dropped down on the floor and laid there until the animal was able to pull his cock from her gaping hole.

When she was able to pull herself up, Hailee saw Taylor standing there with a video camera.  “Oh my GOD!  Did you film that?”  Taylor laughed and said, “Of course I did.  I didn’t want to deprive your fans from seeing your best performance ever.”  Hailee started to cry.  Taylor squatted down next to her and said, “I ruined Selena and now I’m going to ruin you.  You’ll never work in this town again.  Porn, maybe, but you’ll never be able to show your face around Hollywood again.”   Taylor walked over and downloaded the video onto the internet and said, “Tah Dah!!!  I’ll bet this gets a million hits by the end of the day.”

Taylor closed her laptop and told Hailee to follow her downstairs.  After she took off the collar, Taylor handed her a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants and told her to get dressed.  Hailee pulled on the clothes while Taylor opened the door and said, “Get the fuck out bitch.  I never want to see your face again.”  Hailee stumbled out onto the porch in her bare feet and saw a cab waiting.  Taylor said, “He’ll take you anywhere you want to go but since you don’t have any money, I told him you’ll be paying for the ride with your mouth.”  Hailee stopped for a second and then Taylor pushed her and said, “Go on, get going you fucking whore.”

After the cab drove away, Taylor went back into the house and up to the room.  When she opened the door, she saw a cute little blonde laying on the floor, naked, with her legs spread wide open fucking herself with a huge dildo.  She was sucking one of the dogs cock while the other one licked her pussy.  Taylor stripped off her clothes and knelt down beside her.  She grabbed the dildo and started fucking the girl hard and deep and said, “I hope you’re not going to cause me any trouble like the last two bitches I owned.”  Dove Cameron started to moan and said, “No Mistress.  I won’t cause you any trouble, I promise.”

The End

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