Crossing The Line, Part 6

Title: Crossing The Line, Part 6

Author: Tori

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, Dove Cameron

Codes: MF, gangbang, oral, anal, DP, drugs, BDSM, lesbian

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Taylor Swift sat on the cold steel bunk in the county jail waiting for her arraignment.  It was two days since she had been released from the hospital and brought here.  The first night in her cell, she cowered in the corner, scared shitless by the sound of screaming coming from one of the other cells.  She prayed that she would be left alone and luckily, she was.  Unfortunately for her, that wasn’t going to be case much longer.

She looked up when a female guard came up and unlocked her cell.  The guard told her stand up and strip.  Taylor looked at her and then the guard slapped her across the face and yelled, “I SAID STRIP CUNT!  Don’t make me tell you again.”  Taylor unzipped her orange jumpsuit and let it fall down to her ankles before kicking it over to the corner of the cell.  The guard turned her around roughly and ripped her panties off before bending her over the bunk.  She slapped Taylor’s ass and said, “Spread em bitch.”  Taylor reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart and then without warning, the guard shoved her nightstick into her ass.  Taylor screamed out in pain as the guard violated her, shoving the stick deeper and deeper into her asshole.  Taylor fell forward onto the bunk, sobbing, with the nightstick still firmly implanted in her bunghole.  The guard took off her slacks and panties and got on the bunk in front of Taylor and said, “Eat me superstar.  Lick my nasty pussy.”  Taylor started to lick her as the guard fucked her ass with the baton.  The guard pulled the stick from her bleeding hole and made her suck on it before pushing it back into her rectum and brutalized Taylor for almost an hour before she finally got tired and left.  Taylor curled up in a ball on the floor next the bunk and cried.

A few minutes after the female guard left, two male guards came in, grabbed Taylor and pulled her out of the cell.  They dragged her down the corridor into one of the interrogation rooms and laid her on the large table on her stomach.  The men handcuffed her wrists and ankles to the four corners and then took off their uniforms.  One of the men pulled her head up by her hair and proceeded to skull fuck her while the other man shoved his cock into her pussy.  The two guards spit roasted the singer and then switched places, only this time, she was fucked in her ass.  The guard alternated between her pussy and ass while the other man shoved his cock down her throat, making her gag and choke on his huge ten inch cock.

One by one, the guards came in and took a turn on Taylor.  Both male and females used and abused the pop star until it was no longer necessary to keep her secured to the table.  They bent her over and sodomized her, fisted her holes and covered her in piss and cum.  The guards DP’d her, did double anal, double pussy and forced as many cocks into her mouth as they could.  By the time they finished with her, she was nothing more than a mindless whore begging for more.  Before dragging her limp body back to her cell, one of the guards shot her up.  They left her lying naked in her own filth on the cold, hard cot riding her heroin high.

Sometime around 9am, two female guards carried her down to the showers and cleaned her up.  They dressed her in a clean jumpsuit and then shot her up again.  The drugged and daze singer was brought before the arraignment judge high and oblivious to the proceedings.  The judge had no choice but to sentence her to 30 days in jail.  During his statement, the judge stated that it was obvious that the defendant had no regard for herself or the law and that time in jail was the only solution.  As she was led away by the guards, a man seated in the back of the court room stood up and nodded to the judge.  Charlie Patterson walked out of the court house and made a phone call.  “It’s done.”  He walked over and got into his car and looked at the cute blonde sitting next to him.  As he started to drive away, Dove Cameron pulled out his cock and said, “Can we go visit Brutus?”  Charlie pushed her mouth down on his cock and said, “Sure sweetie, anything you want.  Now start sucking.”

Across town, Selena Gomez was getting ready to film her first scene for Sex and Submission.  She was going to be working with James Deen and several other actors.  The BDSM scene was about a young singer caught back stage after a concert.  Selena knew all too well what was going to happen to her and prepared by giving herself an enema as well as a douche.  Later that week, she would be doing a scene for Public Disgrace.  Her new career was off to flying start but deep down, she knew her life in porn wouldn’t last.  Most actresses get used up in less than a year and she had no doubt that she would be cast aside as soon as the next young starlet came around.

Hailee, on the other hand, was enjoying her new life with Mike.  The two were busy making arrangement for their upcoming wedding and Hailee was thinking about starting a family.  When Mike came into the bedroom, Hailee said, “Who was that on the phone?”  Mike smiled and said, “That was Charlie.  It’s done.”  Hailee sat down and said, “I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.”  Mike pulled his cock out and said, “Here’s something to take you mind off that bitch.”  Hailee smiled, got on her knees and said, “I love you.”  Mike watched his fiancé start to devour his hard cock and said, “I love you too baby.”

Meanwhile, Taylor was taken to her cell in the general population block.  Her cellmate was a 42 year old Latina.  Maria was a full blown bull dyke and spent the first night beating and raping the 26 year old blonde to within an inch of her life.  Over the next several days, Taylor was completely turned into Maria’s bitch and did whatever her cellmate demanded.  Maria sold Taylor to the other women on the block for cigarettes and drugs and every night, Maria shot her up and made her eat her pussy for hours on end.  One night, Maria got into trouble with one of the guards and made a deal with them to let him and some of the other male guards use Taylor in the laundry room.  The men sodomized Taylor for several hours and when Maria came to get her, she found the blonde singer lying on the floor with a broken broom handle sticking out of her still gaping asshole.  Maria took her back to the cell and fist fucked her until she passed out.

Seven months later, Selena Gomez was standing at the podium in a Vegas Hotel accepting her AVN Award for best gangbang scene.  She also won the New Cummer Award that night.  Everyone in the audience stood and applauded their new star and Selena took in the adulation, barely remembering her life before porn.  At the after party, Selena and several other actresses got gang fucked while being filmed for a special video.  Her new career gave her money and fame and even though part of her hated what she had become, she knew she would never be able to go back to her previous life as a Disney princess.

Across town, six months after her release from jail.  Taylor Swift, who now called herself Bambi, was sitting in a seedy bar just off of Hollywood Boulevard.  She was just a twenty buck fuck working the streets for Maria’s brother.  She’d just finished doing a john at the motel across the street and needed a drink.  As soon as she came in, several bikers approached her for sex.  Taylor downed the shot of tequila and stood up.  “Where do you want to do this?  I have a room across the street.”  One of the bikers grabbed her and said, “The pool table will do.”  He pulled her over and bent her over the table, pushing her short skirt up over her ass.  As he started to fuck her, another biker got on the table in front of her and fed her his ten inch cock.  The two men went at with Taylor and then the other biker pushed the fat end of a pool cue into her ass.  They were all laughing as they used the cheap skank.  One by one, each of them took a turn on her and when they finished, they dropped three twenty dollar bills on her sweaty, cum covered body and left her there, lying on the filthy floor under the pool table.  Just after she stumbled out of the bar into the cool night air, a large car with two men in it pulled up and grabbed her, dragging her into the backseat before driving away.

The next day, Mike and Hailee were having a party in their huge backyard.  They were surrounded by all of their friends including Charlie and Dove.  The two had become inseparable and were even talking about getting married.  Hailee walked out of the house and kissed Mike on the cheek and handed him a tray of munchies.  When she spotted Selena, she ran over and gave her old friend a hug.  “I’m so happy you came.  I missed you so much.”  Selena kissed her cheek and said, “You look absolutely gorgeous.  Marriage agrees with you.  Congratulations!  I’m so happy for you and Mike.”  Hailee took her by the hand and the two sat down and chatted, catching up on each other’s lives.  Mike came over and started rubbing Hailee’s shoulders and said, “Did Selena tell you the good news?”  Hailee looked at Selena and said, “No.  What news?”  Selena smiled and said, “Well, with the help of my manager here, I’m starting my own production company.”  Hailee leaned over and hugged Selena and said, “OH MY GOD!!  That’s FANTASTIC!”  Selena said, “I know, right?  I can’t believe it.”

The three sat in silence for a few minutes and then Hailee asked Selena, “Have you heard anything about Taylor?”  Selena’s smile disappeared.  She looked down and said, “No, not a thing since she got out of jail.  Rumor has it she’s turning tricks in Hollywood but no one knows for sure.”  The three looked at each other and then started laughing.  Selena held her glass up and said, “Here’s to the biggest bitch in the world, may she rot in hell!”  Hailee clinked her glass and said, “Damn straight.  Fuck her!”

As the party across town hit full stride, Taylor Swift was getting reacquainted with two old friends.

The End.

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