Crossing The Line, The Final Chapter, Part 2

Title: Crossing The Line, The Final Chapter, Part 2

Author: Tori

Celebs:  Lauren Taylor, Ava Phillippe, Olivia Holt, Piper Curda, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Amy Adams, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, AJ Cook, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: Mf, gangbang, oral, anal, DP

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Owning the hottest after hours club in LA did have its perks.  Thomas Mann stood in his office overlooking the main room and watched his customers through the one way glass.  The A List stars mingled, danced and did things they’d never do anywhere else.  He paused for a second and turned his attentions to the young girl on her knees servicing his cock.  The pretty little blonde was busy sucking him deep down her throat as she played with his cum heavy ball sack.  “Mmmmmm baby.  You really know how to suck cock” he moaned.  A minute or two later, Lauren Taylor looked up at him with her big blue eyes and swallowed the hot load he gave her.  After she licked him clean, she stood up and he kissed her cheek.  “That was great sweetheart.  We’ll have to do this again sometime but right now, I’ve got some calls to make so run along.”  He patted the cute teen on her ass and watched her bounce her out of his office.

Thomas sat at his big desk and made a few phone calls and then decided it was time to go down to the club and mingle.  The minute he was on the floor, he was greeted by celebrity after celebrity.  He chatted with several of them and even stopped by a few tables on the way to check out the private rooms in the back.  Along the way, he ran into AJ Cook getting sodomized by a huge NFL player.  AJ made it a point to come to the club a few times a month to let off some steam and have sex with very willing partners.  He passed by Adriana Grande giving head to one of the member’s of The Foo Fighters, the drummer if he wasn’t mistaken and over by the bar, Miley Cyrus was sitting on a bar stool getting railed in the ass while she chatted with her old costar Emily Osment.  The debauchery never stopped and neither did the cash register.

As he headed down long hallway lined with doors, he was stopped by Katy Perry.  The gorgeous singer, sporting her new short blonde hair, simply dropped to her knees, pulled his cock out and sucked him off while people walked by.  After he came in her mouth, Katy spit the load on the floor, stood up and walked out to the dance floor.  Thomas made his way to the first room and opened the door.

Every time he visited the private rooms, he was surprised.  Not by what the people inside were doing but by the people he saw doing it.  Up on the small stage was Jennifer Lawrence getting gangfucked by half a dozen men.  The blonde beauty had all her holes filled and was stroking two huge cocks with her hands.  There were several other men all standing around waiting for their turn with the sexy Oscar winner.  Thomas left the room and went into the next one where he found Olivia Holt, Piper Curda and a young blonde he’d never seen before.  Olivia and the other girls were completely naked and lying on the bed in a daisy chain.  They were licking each other’s pussy while a dozen men stood around them jerking off.  The girls were already covered in cum and within minutes, several of the men shot their loads all over their faces as they made each other scream out from their own orgasms.  He walked over to the unknown girl and said, “Why don’t you meet me in my office later.”  The girl wiped the cum from her eyes and smiled and said, “Okey dokey mister.”  He knew she looked familiar but couldn’t place the face.  As he walked out, he heard her ask Olivia who he was.  Olivia told her and she said, “So that’s him.  I can’t wait to do him.”

Thomas was still smiling when he opened up the next door.  Scarlett Johansson was on her hands and knees getting spit roasted by two men.  He stood and watched while the man fucking her pulled out and impaled her ass.  He started alternating between her holes as she sucked on the huge cock in front of her.  Thomas watched her perfect breasts swinging back and forth and then the man pulled out of her mouth and came on her face.  The other man grabbed her by the waist and flipped over onto his back, pulled her on top of him.  She spread her long legs wide and let him slam his cock deep up her ass.  She looked over at Thomas and smiled.  Using her finger, she beckoned him over to her so Thomas got up on the bed and pulled out his cock.  He looked down at her as she took him into her mouth and said, “Making up for lost time I see.”  Scarlett mumbled something and then took his cock out and said, “You know it Thomas.  My divorce is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.”  She went back to sucking him off and just as the man started to cum in her ass, Thomas pulled out and shot his load all over her perfect tits.  After Thomas zipped up, he left and headed towards the next door.

Just then, one of his floor managers stopped him and told him he a phone call.  Thomas made his way back up to his office and picked up the call.  “This is Thomas, what can I do for you?”  He listened for a few minutes and said, “No Mike, I haven’t seen Taylor since before she went to jail.”  He listened again and said, “Nope, haven’t seen Hailee either.  What’s going on?”  He listened and then said, “I’ll keep my ears open.  Count on it buddy.”  As he hung up the phone, he heard a knock on the door.  “Come in” he called out.  The door opened and the little blonde he saw earlier came into the room.  She had on a short skirt and sequined tube top and sneakers.  She’d managed to clean herself up and as Thomas stood up to greet her, he said, “I’m sorry sweetie you look really familiar but I don’t know your name.”  The young girl smiled and said, “Ava.  Ava Phillippe.”  Thomas smiled and said, “So, you’re Reese’s little girl.”  She put her hands behind her back and said, “Yup, that’s me.”

Thomas looked the tiny blonde over and said, “Having fun?”  She twirled her blonde hair with her finger and bit her lip and said, “I’m just getting started.”  Thomas looked at her said, “Really?  Let’s see if we can’t make a little fun of our own.”  Ava stepped back and pulled her top down exposing her perfect teen breasts.  She reached over and undid his trousers and as they fell around his ankle, Ava pulled his boxers down and took hold of his ten inch cock.  She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and said, “Wow mister.  You’ve got a big cock.”  With that, she bent over and started to suck him.  As she did, Thomas took off his jacket and shirt and then took hold of Ava’s head and started to skull fuck the young girl.  She was gagging as he rammed his cock down her throat, saliva dripping from her mouth onto the expensive carpet.  He looked down at the tiny teen devouring his cock and said, “You know, you definitely inherited your Mother’s oral skills baby.”

Ave reached behind him and grabbed his ass, pulled him towards her, forcing his entire cock down her throat.  When he pulled out, he stood her up, pulled her tiny skirt up and bent her over.  Ava slid her hands down and grabbed her ankles while Thomas rubbed his sloppy cock along her wet slit and pushed into her pussy.  He began to bang away at the tiny 17 year old and as he did, she begged him to fuck her harder.  Thomas held onto her slim hips and pounded her tight pussy until she started to cum.  He quickly pulled out and had her get on her hands and knees.  As he straddled her ass he said, “Now, let’s see if you like anal as much as your Mother does.”  He slowly pushed his cock into the young girl’s little brown hole and as he did, she started to moan.  “mmmmmmMMMMMMMM OOOOOOHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.  “JESUS MOTHER FUCKER THAT’S A BIG COCK MISTER!!!!”  Thomas held onto her waist as he drove his cock deep into her ass.  He slammed harder and harder and soon had her squealing like a pig and grunting as he bore down on her.  He pounded away at her for almost ten minutes and then filled her ass with cum.  His cock slipped out of her gaping hole and he stood back, admiring the massive load as it poured down her legs.  Ava fell onto the floor and lay there, still panting like a dog.  Thomas stood in front and pulled her up by her hair, forcing her to lick his cock clean.  Once finished, he picked up his clothes and started to get dressed, leaving the ruined teen lying on the floor.

Just then the phone rang again.  He walked over and picked it up and said, “Hold on a minute.”  He looked over as Ava struggled to get up and said, “Get dressed and get out.”  Ava looked at him frowning and pulled her top on.  “Didn’t you like me mister?”  Thomas smiled and said, “Of course I did sweetie but I need some privacy so if you don’t mind.”  Ava pulled her skirt down over her ass and quickly left.  Thomas could still see cum dripping from her freshly fucked ass as she closed the door.  Turning his attention back to the caller, he said, “Now, care to repeat that.”  He listened intently to the caller and slowly sank down in his chair.  After he hung up the phone, he picked it up again and made another call.  “Charlie?  Thomas.  Listen, I just got a call and I think it was Taylor.  I need you to get over here, pronto.”

Across town, Charlie Patterson, Private Eye, hung up the phone and pushed the gorgeous blonde off his cock.  “I’ve got to go.”  Dove Cameron sat up on the bed and said, “It’s two in the morning.  Where the fuck do you have to go at two in the morning?”  He pulled his clothes on and said, “Thomas just got a call from Taylor Swift.”  Dove laid back and said, “No shit?  Taylor?  I thought she was gone for good.”  Charlie picked up his jacket and then tucked his 9mm into his belt and said, “So did I baby.  Lock all the doors and don’t let anyone in until I get back.”  Dove did as she was told and then poured herself a drink.

Charlie made it to the club in record time.  He ran up to Thomas’s office and said, “What the fuck did she say?”  Thomas sat back and looked at him and said, “She told me she has Hailee and if anyone wants to see her alive again, they’d better do what she wants.”  Charlie sat on the couch and thought for a moment.  “Is that it?  Anything else?”  Thomas said, “Yeah, she said she’ll deal with you and you alone, anyone else and the deals off.”  Charlie pulled his cell phone out and called Mike.  He told him what Thomas said and after he hung up he said, “What time is she going to call you back?”  Thomas looked at his watch and then the phone rang.  “That should be her now.”  He put the call on speaker and both men listened as Taylor told them what she wanted.  When the call ended, Charlie stood up and said, “Do you think Mike has that kind of money?”  Thomas nodded and said, “I think so but if he can’t raise it, I’ll help him out, for sure.”  Charlie stood up and said, “I’ll let you know.”  He headed for the door and then turned to Thomas.  “I know I don’t need to remind you to keep your mouth shut about this.  Not a word, understand?”  Thomas nodded and said, “Of course Charlie.  I’m not stupid.”  Charlie smiled and said, “I know you’re not but I needed to say it just the same.”

To be continued…

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