Crossing The Line, The Final Chapter, Part 3

Title: Crossing The Line, The Final Chapter, Part 3

Author: Tori

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld

Codes: MF, MMF, oral, anal, DP, torture, snuff

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

After leaving the club, Charlie Patterson drove home and had Dove pack a bag.  He told her he was taking her someplace safe for a few days.  Dove didn’t want to leave but after Charlie explained what was happening, she reluctantly packed some things while he called a friend to drive her.  After she was gone, Charlie made a call to Mike and went over his plan.  It was little past 10am when he got the call from Taylor telling him where and when they were supposed to meet.

Up at the cabin, Taylor looked at Bob and Tony and said, “It’s all set.  Go get her ready.”  Tony walked into the barn and said,   “Stand up cunt!”  Hailee struggled to her feet and stood as Tony set the bucket of soapy water at her feet.  While he began to wash her filthy body, she wondered what was next for her.  Tony used the big sponge on her entire body and when he finished, he turned on the hose and rinsed her off with cold water.  Hailee stood shivering until he tossed her a towel and said, “Dry yourself whore.”

When she was dry, Tony unchained her from the wall and attached a leash to her collar.  He led the bald, naked girl from the barn and took her into the house.  When they entered, Hailee saw the backdrop and lights set up.  Taylor and Bob stood waiting and when they saw her, Taylor turned to Bob and said, “Let’s try to blue on first.”  Bob picked up a blue wig from the table and put it on Hailee.  The wig was a short bob with bangs and after he put it on, Taylor walked over and applied a thick coat of red lipstick to her mouth.  As soon as she was satisfied, Tony pulled her over in front of the backdrop and said, “On your knees bitch.”  Hailee complied and then Taylor started filming.  Tony and Bob both took off their clothes and stood on either side of Hailee.  Taylor squatted in front of her with the camera and said, “Go on bitch, those cocks aren’t going to suck themselves.”

Hailee opened her mouth and took Tony first.  She sucked on his hard cock for a minute and then turned her attention to Bob.  She alternated between the two men, sucking them deep down her throat while Taylor filmed her.  After almost ten minutes of hard sucking, Tony and Bob shot their loads all over Hailee’s face and wig.  After she licked them clean, Taylor said, “Put the pink one on her and get her on her hands and knees.  Bob quickly pulled the blue wig off and put a pink one on her.  It was the same style and Tony thought it looked like the wig Natalie Portman once wore in a movie.  After applying a fresh layer of lipstick, Hailee was on her hands and knees waiting for the inevitable.

Taylor got up close to Hailee’s ass and filmed Tony shoving his cock inside of her.  Hailee’s asshole gaped open to accept the fat cock and she was soon grunting and moaning as Tony sodomized her.  Taylor slapped her ass and said, looking over at Bob, “You’re up.”  Bob took Tony’s place and rammed his cock deep inside Hailee’s ass.  This went on for almost thirty minutes.  The two men took turns fucking Hailee’s butt until they finally filled her with their hot loads.  As the cum oozed from Hailee’s ass, Taylor came over and attached a leash to her collar and pulled her out of the house.  Hailee squinted when the bright sunlight hit her eyes, it felt like forever since she’d seen daylight.  Taylor stopped in front of her and said, “Listen up bitch.  Your old man is paying a lot of money to get you back.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t think you’re worth a penny but being that I lost everything, that money will help me get out of the country and away from you forever.”  Hailee didn’t say a word as they pushed her into the van and drove off.

The ride into the city took almost an hour and when the van stopped, Tony got out, opened the sliding door and pulled Hailee out by the leash.  Hailee found herself standing in front of a large warehouse.  Taylor and Bob joined Tony and led Hailee into the building.  Bob slammed the door shut behind them and said, “Let’s go bitch.”  They took Hailee to the back of the empty building and opened the door to one of the back rooms.   When Hailee walked in, she saw Charlie Patterson sitting behind a desk.  On the desk was a large bag.  With Tony and Bob standing on either side of Hailee, Bob said, “It’s clear.  You can come in.”  Taylor came into the office and said, “Hi Charlie.  Long time no see.”  Charlie looked her over and said, “You’re looking much better than the last time I saw you.”

Taylor walked over to the desk and said, “Let’s cut the chit chat.  Did you get it?”  Charlie pushed the bag over to her and said, “It’s all there.  You can count it if you want.”  Taylor opened the bag and looked at the money and smiled.  She closed the bag and said, “No need.  I’m sure it’s all there.”  As soon as she picked up the bag, Charlie flew out of his seat and grabbed her.  He had his 9mm pressed against the side of her head and said to Bob and Tony, “You two.  Let Hailee go and get down on your knees.”  Bob and Tony did as they were told and as soon as Hailee was clear, Charlie said, “Hands behind your heads assholes.”  Bob and Tony put their hands behind there heads just as Mike came into the office.  Hailee ran over to him and wrapped her arms around her husband.  He held her tight and said, “Are you alright?”  Hailee started to cry and said, “She…..she made me do things.  Look what she did to me.”  Hailee pulled the wig off and Mike saw her shaved head.  He looked over at Taylor and said, “You fucking bitch.”  Hailee cried harder and said, “Those bastards raped me over and over again while she fucking filmed it.”

Charlie quickly pulled Taylor’s hands behind her back and handcuffed her wrists.  He pushed her down to her knees and said, “Mike, you should take Hailee out of here now.”  Hailee looked at Charlie and said, “I’m not going anywhere.  I want these mother fuckers to pay for what they did to me.”  Charlie said, “It’s not going to be pretty.”  Hailee said, “I don’t give a fuck.”  Mike looked at Charlie and said, “Make it quick.”  With that, he walked over behind Bob and Tony and shot them each in the head, point blank.  Their lifeless bodies fell to the floor as Taylor screamed out, “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!!”  Charlie walked over and pulled the former pop star to her feet and bent her over the desk.  He pulled her shorts down and shoved his pistol into her asshole making her scream again.  “FUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!  I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!”  Charlie looked at Mike and then Mike nodded.  Charlie turned back to Taylor and pulled her head up and said, “Too late.”


The End

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