Crossing The Line

Title: Crossing The Line

Author: Tori

Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: FF, FFF, MMF, BDSM, scat, WS, rape


This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Lick me harder bitch, make me cum.”  Taylor Swift pulled the cute brunette’s mouth tight against her shaved pussy, forcing her tongue deep inside her wet hole.  “I said, LICK ME HARDER GODDAMN IT!!!”  Hailee Steinfeld licked and sucked the dominating singer’s cunt with all she had but it wasn’t good enough.  She held Hailee’s head tight against her snatch and said, “You worthless piece of shit.  You can’t do anything right.”  Taylor looked over at her other pet in the room and said, “YOU!  SLUT!  Get over here and motivate this cunt.”  Selena Gomez quickly got on the bed behind Hailee and immediately shoved her fist up the younger girl’s pussy.  “HOLY FUCK!!!” screamed Hailee.  Taylor grabbed two handfuls of Hailee’s hair and said, “Shut the fuck up and eat me.”  Hailee was screaming out in pain as she licked Taylor’s sloppy pussy.  Selena was pumping her fist in and out of the gaping hole harder and harder when finally, Taylor began to cum.  She started shaking and then she squirted all over Hailee’s face.  Selena pulled her fist out of Hailee and quickly scooted up to help Hailee lick their Mistress’s pussy.  It took several minutes for Taylor’s orgasm to run its course.

Taylor pushed both slaves aside and got off the bed.  “Next time do a better job bitch” she said to Hailee and went into the bathroom.  Hailee laid on the bed crying and looked over at Selena.  “I can’t believe you did that to me.  Why?”  Selena laid down next to her and softly stroked her cheek.  She said, “Trust me sweetie, if you hadn’t made her cum, both of us would be paying the price right now.  You know how she gets.”  Hailee rubbed her sore kitty and said, “Yeah, I guess so but Jesus Christ, that fucking hurt.”

When Taylor eventually came out of the bathroom, she was wearing a foot long strap on.  “On your knees bitches” she demanded.  Both girls slipped off the bed and got on their hands and knees and waited for Taylor and her strap on.  Taylor got behind Selena and shoved the huge black toy up her ass.  She pounded the gorgeous Latina’s hole for several minutes and then switched over to Hailee.  She alternated between the two for almost an hour before finally making them lick the toy clean.  When they finished, she attached leashes to their collars and led them into their room and put them in their cages.

The next day, Taylor came in wearing a black leather corset and black thigh high boots.  She unlocked Hailee’s cage and had the young teen lick her boots.  Hailee eventually licked her way up to Taylor’s snatch and ate out the singer while Selena watched.  Taylor looked over at her and gave Selena permission to play with her pussy.  The sexy Latina immediately started to finger her dripping wet hole as Hailee licked and slurped away at their Mistress’s cunt.  Taylor grabbed Hailee by the hair and pulled her mouth away and shot a long hot stream of rancid piss into her open mouth and then made her swallow it, after which, she pulled Hailee back onto her pussy and let her resume eating her out.  After fifteen long minutes, Taylor started to cum and held Hailee’s head tight between her slim thighs until her orgasm subsided.  As soon as she released the pretty teen, she looked over and gave Selena permission to cum.  Selena shoved four long nailed fingers deep into her gaping hole and came immediately.  When she stopped shaking, she looked up at Taylor, still breathing hard and said, “Thank you Mistress Taylor.  Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of cumming for you.”  Taylor walked over to her cage and gently patted her head.  “You’re welcome slut.”

Taylor turned and looked at Hailee and said, “You, bitch.  You took way too long to make me cum.  I’m going to have to punish you for that.”  A tear ran down her cheek and Hailee said, “I’m sorry Mistress.  I did my best.  Please give me one more chance.”  Taylor attached the leash to Hailee’s collar and said, “I’ve given you enough chances.  Come with me bitch.”  Selena watched as Taylor led Hailee out of the room.  She knew what was going to happen next and was glad it wasn’t her this time.  Mistress Taylor could be brutal in her punishments and even though she felt sorry for the 18 year old beauty, she thanked her lucky stars that Hailee was the one paying the price.

Taylor led Hailee down to the basement and unlocked a large metal door.  She pulled the young girl into the room and Hailee saw what awaited her.  Two large black men immediately dropped to their knees and bowed their heads in the presence of their Mistress.  Each man was naked and had at least twelve inches hanging between their legs.  Taylor removed the leash and pushed Hailee down onto the floor.  “You’ve got 24 hours to do what you want with this piece of shit.”  With that, Taylor turned and left, locking the door behind her.  Hailee looked up as the men stood in front of her stroking their cocks.  Taylor was about halfway down the hallway when she heard Hailee scream.  She stopped for a second and smiled, then, she turned and went back up to the main house.

Over the next 24 hours, the men raped and brutalized Hailee Steinfeld.  They took turns resting while the other man fucked the young girl in all her holes.  They used her for a toilet and even double penetrated her asshole several times, forcing the pretty brunette to endure unspeakable agony as they tore her asshole open with their huge cocks.  The men forced her to eat their scat and drink their piss and shot rope after rope of hot cum down her throat.  By the time Mistress Taylor returned the next day, Hailee was nothing more than a mindless piece of meat lying on the filthy floor getting sodomize.  Taylor walked in and let him fill Hailee’s ass one more time.  She walked over and pulled Hailee up by her hair and attached the leash to her collar, pulling her out of the cell.  Hailee could barely walk as Taylor led her upstairs and helped her into a hot bath.  Taylor gently washed her slave, kissing and stroking her hair as she did.  When she was finished, she toweled her off and took her to her bed and cuddled the young girl in her arms.

The next morning, Taylor woke up to Hailee licking her pussy. She looked down as the teen licked her slit and sucked on her clit.  She made Taylor cum within minutes and when she finished, she did it again and again, making her Mistress cum a half dozen times in less than an hour.  Taylor eventually took Hailee back to her cage and told her to get some rest.  As soon as she left, Selena whispered, “Hailee, are you alright?”  Hailee shook her head and started to cry, “No, I’m not alright.  I’ll never be alright.”  Selena nodded, “I know.  I’ve been in that room before.  I couldn’t sit down for days so I know.”  Hailee looked over at the pretty Latina and said, “I was all in for being her sex slave and doing whatever she wanted but she crossed the line between dominating and sadistic.  We need to teach that bitch a lesson.”  Selena smiled and said, “I know.  When I first agreed to let her dominate me, it was exciting.  I loved the way she ordered me around and used my body but she changed.  I don’t know if it had anything to do with the last guy that dumped her but she’s not the same Taylor I wanted to please.”  She thought for a second and said, “OK, I’m in.  What did you have in mind?”  Hailee told her plan to Selena and Selena said, “There will be hell to pay if this doesn’t work.  Those men have been her slaves longer then we have.  They might not do it.”  Hailee said, “Trust me.  It’ll work.”

Later that afternoon, Taylor came in and let Selena out of her cage.  As soon as she was free, she tackled Taylor and choked her until she passed out.  Selena quickly let Hailee out of her cage and the two handcuffed their Mistress’s hands behind her back.  Hailee shoved and ball gag into her mouth while Selena pushed the biggest butt plug she could find into her tight ass.  They stood and waited for several minutes before Taylor finally came too.  When she did, she looked up at started to mumble something through the gag.  Hailee leaned down and spit on her face and said, “Shut the fuck up cunt.  It’s our turn.”  The two pulled Taylor up to her feet and then Hailee put a collar around her neck.  She attached one of the leashes to her and pulled Taylor behind her.  Selena followed, repeatedly striking Taylor across the back with a riding crop.  When they got to the basement, Hailee unlocked the door to the men’s cell and walked in.  The men got up and started towards her but stopped when they saw Taylor standing behind her.  Hailee pulled the blonde singer into the room and said, “Listen up.  I’m taking over.  From now on, I’m your Mistress and this, this fucking cunt is my slave.  If you agree, she’s all yours.”  The black men smiled and knelt down in front of Hailee and began to kiss her hand.  One of the men said, “We live to serve, Mistress Hailee.”  Hailee tossed the keys to the handcuffs on the floor and turned to walk out.  She looked back and saw the two men pull Taylor down on the floor.  She left the room and Selena locked the door.  Selena and Hailee held hands as they walked up the stairs.  When they got to the top, they could hear Taylor screaming.  Selena looked at Hailee and said, “Mistress?  How long are you going to leave her down there?”  Hailee said, “As long as it takes.”

The End

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