Crossworlds – Entrapped


Catherine slept soundly that night, barely even registering the storm outside. Even after reaching the top of Hollywood society such the luxury of deep and restful sleep still sometimes eluded her. Sometimes it had been the baby or the trouble with the pre-nuptial agreement but usually it was her career, which disturbed her sleep.

In-spite of some spectacular reviews and audience reactions she knew it was her marriage to Michael which kept her at the top rather than her films, after all she had had more flops that successes, especially if you took the British stuff into account, but
tonight she slept soundly until…

Catherine awoke suddenly and knew something was amiss. Even before she registered the absence of her husbands breathing she knew she was in a different room to the one she had gone to sleep in. The early morning gloom couldn’t disguise the different decor. She also realised with a start that she was now naked and covered only by a cotton sheet.

Absently she slid her hand underneath her pillow as if she expected to find a gun there but her hand found nothing.

Across the room she heard a short intake of breath and Catherine sat up rapidly completely forgetting that she was naked. She saw in the half-light the figure of a bearded man sitting in the chair next to the window. He was wearing black and his face was too far away to see but in his hand was the gun she had half expected to find under her pillow.

“Rule number one…” he began in accented English. Catherine gasped in surprise as she recognised the voice. It was Sean Connery, her co-star from Entrapment. “Never carry a gun or you may be tempted to use it.”

It dawned on her that she was naked and as what little light there was seemed to shining directly at her she was sure that Sean was getting a far better view of her that she was of him.

Catherine was still feeling confused as to what they were both doing here but as he had the gun she kept her hands still and made no move to cover herself. She half remembered the film Zorro where her beautiful black hair had been artfully arranged to cover her breasts when her costume had been finally cut away.

Her brain suddenly kicked in again and brought her a conclusion, which seemed to cover all the facts. This must be a dream. There was no way Sean could have brought her here, and she had been worrying about her films recently.

Having made this conclusion she felt far more relaxed. As it wasn’t real she could act as she wished, and she remembered exactly how she thought this scene should have been played.

“What are you doing here?” She asked remembering her lines perfectly. Already the dawn air was making her nipples grow firm and erect, something Sean, Mac, she mentally corrected herself could hardly fail to notice.

I’m going to ask you some questions and if I don’t like the answers you’re going straight out the window.” He responded. Whether he had noticed or not he gave no sign of it but continued to recite lines from the script. “Why are you following me?”

“I’ve got a proposition for you.” Catherine didn’t want to spoil the dream by deviating to much from the script but knew that if she didn’t push it her way soon then Mac would vanish as he had done in the original scene.

“How do I know that you’re not a cop?” Catherine cursed silently as Mac continued with the script. Surely in her own dream a man could be expected to take advantage of a situation like this. She was naked and with the gun he could order her to do anything.

She shook her head trying to stay in character. “I don’t know you’ll just have to trust me.” She moved a lock of hair away from her face.

“Rule number two, never trust a naked woman.” He said still in character but unlike the film she was sure he had dipped his head as he looked over her body.

Catherine was sure that this was the moment she needed to break out of the scene. It would still be in the overall character of the film, they’d just need a different certificate. “But that’s part of the proposition.” She leant back a little and supported herself on her arms. The pose emphasised her beasts, throwing them into greater prominence and leaving no doubt that she was offering herself to him.

Mac smiled, even in the shadows it was obvious he was enjoying what he saw. “First we try, then we trust.”

Catherine frowned as she heard another line from the film but as it’s new meaning hit her warmth flooded through her body. She could already feel herself growing wet. The feeling of desire she had felt on set towards her co-star and her love of coercion during sex was making her hornier than she had ever felt in her life. She slowly eased herself forward onto all fours and crawled towards him.

At the end of the bed she gracefully slid her leg onto the floor. The rest of her followed and she crouched down at his feet. She glanced briefly at the gun, which he kept pointed at her before returning her gaze to Mac’s groin. As she had began to move he had moved his legs apart making it obvious what he wanted from her.

Catherine reached forward, undid the zipper and reached in. Immediately her hands felt his penis straining against the material of his boxers and she pulled it out. Already it was huge and as her slid around the shaft she felt it grow again.

She gripped the base in her hands as it pushed further into her mouth. Catherine felt Mac’s free hand on her head forcing her to take every inch of him. Unlike reality she felt no inhibitions and sucked and licked his cock with vigour, totally lost in her own dark fantasy. Catherine tasted the precum and redoubled her efforts. One of her own hands slipped down to her clit and began rubbing herself towards her own orgasm, but Mac had other plans.

Pulling her away by her long black hair he threw her towards the bed, she landed half on and half off. Mac’s unexpected move had totally thrown her and she scrambled onto it in an effort to get away. Mac was too quick, however, and he caught her legs preventing her escape. He had been intending to finish this little test by simply fucking her but having seen her ass he had new ideas.

Forcing her legs apart he trust inside her to gain the lubrication he would soon need to complete his desire. Catherine gasped as he pushed into her. This new assault had been just what she needed and she moaned in pleasure, as his thrusts grew quicker and stronger.

Her own hands gripped the bed as she tried to push back to meat his every move. When he had grabbed her legs she knew he had abandoned the gun but she was to far gone to care. She needed his cock to finish her off properly.

She gripped the bed as her orgasm built and built before exploding inside her and she screamed in pleasure, but Mac still was not done. As she lay there he gently shifted her position so that her ass was more accessible. He had withdrawn his cock but continued to finger her clit applied her own juices to her anus and slowly pushed in.

He met resistance both from her ass and from Catherine as she realised what was happening. She attempted to clench her cheeks to deny him entry but he was still rubbing her clit as he pushed in and she surrendered to him as another orgasm built within her. Catherine pushed back to meet every thrust oblivious to all else and as she came again she felt him pull out of her. She looked over her shoulder and saw him masturbating. She felt his cum hit her cheeks and slowly she slipped back into unconsciousness.

In the morning she awoke with the vivid memory of her dream and a dull ache in her ass which she couldn’t quite explain.

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