Cruise Control: The Limo Ride

Cruise Control: The Limo Ride

by Rinky Dink

The following is a work of fiction and any similarity to real events is strictly coincidental. Do to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this _ go away.

This is the way you KNOW it had to happen:

“Why are we still dressed Tom, I want to hump you like a whale,” said Katie Holmes with pleading eyes as she sat next to him in a stretch limousine. “You are so hot, I can’t sitting next to you without sexing you up.”

“Not yet now Katie-bird, we have some guests joining on the way to
the ‘Mission Impossible 3’ premiere.,” said Tom Cruise with a smile. “Keep your clothes on until at least we greet them.”

“OK my love, but it is so hard not have sex with you whenever I’m near you,” said Katie with a pout. “You are so hot, I can’t control myself usually but I’ll try. I need your man-eat in me so bad.”

The limo slowed down and then stopped.

An extremely thin young blonde with some light freckles came into the back. She was wearing a strapless gown but she frankly didn’t have much in the cleavage department and only had two small lumps at the top of the dress to show the awaiting paparazzi.

Katie Holmes had no idea who this skeletal-like girl was, she figured she had to be a model.

“Hi, I’m Katie and I guess you know Tom or you wouldn’t be here, maybe on some fashion shoot?,” said Katie as she politely shook the bony hand of the girl, who looked about 18 and in desperate need of a cheeseburger.

“No, I don’t do fashion shoots, I’m an actor like you guys, Tom’s letting me ride with you to help boost my career,” said the human stick-figure. “My name’s Lindsay Lohan.”

“Oh, oh yeah, loved you in ‘Freaky Friday’, you were so much, uh, younger then,” said Katie who was really thinking: “My god, you used to have such a big rack, I was so jealous of it, and your beautiful red hair you gave up for a bad dye job? What the ‘F’ did you do to yourself? ‘

The limo once again came to a stop and Katie saw Lindsay tense a bit as a young blonde women in a fluffy pink dress poured herself into the seat next to Lindsay.

“Before you say anything Lindsay, I want you to know that I invited Hilary Duff to join us, it’s about time you two patched things up,” said Cruise.

“Never!” shouted Lindsay. “She stole my boyfriend. I hate her.”

“And I hate her too. She is such a bitch,” said Hilary. “If I had another way to get to the premiere right now I’d leave this jerk, no offense Tom but Lindsay Lohan is evil.”

“Now Katie,” said Cruise.

“Now what?” said Katie in confusion.

“What we discussed doing before our passengers arrived,” said Cruise. “You know.”

“OH yeah,” said Katie, who then got excited. “Time to play.”

Katie quickly stood up and slithered out of her tight-fitting white dress. She turned toward Tom and seductively snapped off her bra, her breasts now free and swinging.

Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff stopped looking at each other with daggers in their eyes as they gasped at stood Katie Holmes almost totally nude in front of them.

Katie them jumped on top of Tom Cruise and began passionately kissing him. She was moaning loudly and obviously in the throws of sexual ecstasy.

Tom had removed his pants and his and Katie’s hips began grinding against each other.

Lindsay was stunned at this open display of sexuality – she was their invited guest after all and they were acting like tramps as far as she was concerned. She could have went with her friend Paris Hilton if she wanted to see a couple have sex in front of people.

Tom was now clawing at Katie’s breasts while she put her hands through his hair and began opening his shirt up.

Lindsay turned to Hilary to see what her reaction was and was surprised that she was sitting there rather calmly.

Well, since Hilary doesn’t seem to be bothered by this wanton display despite her goody-goody reputation, then she should not mind if I strip and fuck her furiously like a wild animal, just like Katie was doing to Tom, thought Lindsay.

Where did that thought come from!

Lindsay’s eyes widened but she tried to get control of herself and went back to watching the couple opposite her. Katie was kissing Tom’s chest now and he had inserted his member into her slit and was banging away.

Lindsay’s breathing became ragged as she watched Katie and tom make out like rabbits. She was sexed up right now and all her thoughts were of Hilary Duff!

“I shouldn’t be so nice to you slut but you really should take off your clothes to get more comfortable,” said Hilary to her.

Lindsay sighed. She hated Hilary but she was right, her clothes were really bothering her.

Lindsay stood up and began peeling off her dress. She then unsnapped her bra and pulled off her panties and left the clothes in a puddle in front of her.

“Boy, you have lost a ton of weight,” said Hilary, as she looked at Lindsay’s bony-form.

“Thanks,” said Lindsay coldly. She did want to have sex with Hilary Duff but that didn’t mean she liked her or anything. She was just turned on by the display Tom and Katie were putting on, she told herself.

After a few more minutes, Tom and Katie were flat out having intercourse with each other. Katie was shrieking with joy as she humped her hips against Tom’s member which was now deeply in her.

Tom was now in just a shirt as his mouth had latched onto one of Katie’s breasts and was suckling them for all they were worth.

Katie then gave an extra loud shout and her hips wobbled back and forth wildly, obviously in the throes of a major orgasm.

Lindsay’s face was now beet red and pre-cum was leaking out of her slit. Her mind thought of nothing except having sex with Hilary Duff – and soon.

“OK, so we don’t stand out in this limo, I’ll let you have sex with me,” said Hilary laconically to Lindsay, although she knew in actuality thanks to the programming she had paid to be implanted in Lindsay head, she knew Lohan was virtually insane with desire for her by this point, and she was loving every second of it.

Hilary then reached over and gave one of what-had-been a very large breast and gave a squeeze of the nipple. Lindsay turned to her and gave a low moan.

Remembering what happened in the lesbian porno’s she has watched in preparation for the day she ran into Lindsay, Hilary then pushed Lindsay down on the long limo seat and carefully sat on her face.

Lindsay immediately began lapping happily away at Hilary’s blonde-fringed snatch with glee. She had been waiting so long for this! She had wanted to eat out Hilary Duff almost as soon as she had entered the limo.

Lindsay stopped her tongue for a second.

She hated Hilary Duff’s guts, why did she want to lap her box so badly, she wondered.

“I’ll get off if you want,” said Hilary cheerily, knowing what the answer would be, knowing how deeply Lindsay had been brainwashed.

Lindsay’s eyes bugged out. “No way, stay right there!” she shouted down below. Hilary’s threat made Lindsay realize how badly she wanted to bury her tongue in Hilary’s pink folds and began lapping furiously away.

She despised Hilary but loved the taste of her pussy, she couldn’t get enough of it. Lindsay also snaked a hand up and began feeling up Hilary’s pert breasts and enjoyed their soft touch.

There was no more talking in the limo for the next 15 minutes as Tom Cruise pounded away at Katie Holmes while on the opposite seats Lindsay Lohan sighed contentedly as she licked Hilary Duff’s box.

Tom grunted s her pressed his hips deep into Katie’s slit and Holmes shrieked with joy as the center of her universe deposited his seed into her.

Lindsay and Hilary were still going at it as Tom cleaned and zipped himself up. He pointed to the two teens going at it furiously and said: “Why don’t you make it a threesome Katie-bird. That would be fun.”

Katie looked at him, wiped some sweat from her forehead, having sex with her living-god guy always took a lot out of her, and said: “But Tom I love you, I only want to have sex with you. You are all that I need – and I’m no lezzy anyhow.”

Tom gave a smirk: “I know Katie your straight as an arrow but, well, it would give me pleasure to watch you make out with those two hot girls. But if you want to deny me some pleasure, that’s OK.”

“No, no Tom. I would kill myself if it would make you happy. You’re the reason I breathe. Anything for you,” said Katie who got up and went to the girls side and leaned over and began French kissing Hilary Duff, who was more than happy to be getting sexually assaulted now in two openings.

It did not take long before Katie was next burying her head in Lindsay’s red snatch and her bony hips and spewing cum as her frail, thin body began convulsing with a major orgasm.

At this point, Hilary was rolling on the limo floor shouting at the top of her lungs and her slit was pouring its love juice out as she tore off her own big orgasm.

While this display of Sapphic lovemaking was taking place, Tom Cruise sat there in his seat with as wide a grin as possible.

“Mission impossible? I think not,” thought Cruise of what he had engineered.

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