The cruise ship took off from the Harbour

Sitting on the lounger on deck Cheryl sighed, facing her partner

‘Ahh………this is the life……….no work for a whole week!’

‘I know, isn’t it fantastic?!’ Brendan answered her, laying back on the sun lounger next to her, closing his eyes

Brendan opened his eyes again, looking over at his girlfriend, who was wearing possibly the smallest bikini he had ever seen

His cock stirred as he eyed her almost naked body. She caught his eye, smiling as she saw the tent in his boxers

Not saying a word, she left
her seat, climbing on to his

Checking they were completely alone, she slowly stroked his hardness. Within seconds it was fully erect, almost popping out of his shorts

Cheryl set it free, sliding a hand up and down the long shaft. Pre-cum seeped from the tip landing on her hand. She licked it off, then quickly returned her hand to his aching cock

She made slow steady movements on his tool, beating it gently, making Brendan groan softly

He put his hand over hers, guiding her over his cock

She kissed him gently, sliding her tongue in. He met it with his, giving her a passionate kiss

When they broke it off, he whispered

‘Suck me’

She did as he asked, moving her mouth steadily over his knob

He groaned as she swallowed him, taking his whole length in his mouth.

She grabbed his balls, squeezing them gently . He automatically opened his legs wider, giving her easier access

With one hand on his balls and the other on his cock, she fucked him orally, bringing him closer to climax with each swift movement

Brendan felt his balls tighten and knew he was gonna climax. His body went stiff and he jerked as it hit him hard, streams of come flowed from the tip, creating a mess over his belly

He groaned loudly as it left him almost as quickly as it had come. Cheryl continued her movements until it subsided

He relaxed his body, the twinges of orgasm slowly ebbing away

Cheryl stood up, pulling her bikini top off exposing her lovely voluptuous breasts

Brendan gasped as they came into view. It never ceased to amaze him how beautiful she really was!

He counted his blessing every day that he was with her

She leaned over him, thrusting her breasts in his face.

He immediately buried his face between them, tasting her salty soft skin between the crevice of her mountains

He moved across to one breast, taking it in his mouth, sucking on the nipple as if he were a baby feeding on it’s mother

She grabbed that breast, holding on to it as he sucked it

He moved to the other doing the same, her nipple hardening in his mouth

Letting go of the tit, he instructed her to bend over, so her arse was facing him

She did so, thrusting her buttock in his face

He opened the crack with his fingers, running a tongue between it. She fidgeted, moving her body to his motions

He slapped her cheek with one hand, leaving a red mark on her skin. She squealed in delight and he did it again

He flicked a tongue over her crack once more, searching for the little piece of heaven between it.

He found her clit, running his tongue over it. She jumped, thrusting her arse further into his face

He teased her little button, causing it to appear from under the hood that was protecting it

Her pussy was wet, dripping down his chin, making it sticky. He slid his tongue inside her hole, coating it in a river of cream

He poked it in and out, fucking her feverishly with his tongue

She bucked her hips, grinding into his face

He slipped a finger inside to hole to lubricate it before slipping it into her arse

She wriggled as he entered her, opening her legs to allow him easier access

His digit disappeared completely as he finger fucked her arse

Another finger went into her pussy, and he fucked her simultaneously with both hands

Floods of come emanated from her pussy, coating his fingers. He could tell from her body movement that she had just climaxed.

Her body went limp indicating that the climax was over

He pulled a finger out, putting it to his lips, flicking a tongue over the digit. The cream flooded his mouth, trickling down his throat like honey

He put his mouth to her pussy, licking the remaining drops of her cream, savouring her sweet taste

By this time he was hard again and he pulled her on him, sliding his cock inside her

She was well lubricated and he slid in easily, losing his whole cock inside her love hole

He pounded into her grabbing her hips to steady her

She moaned with each thrust, both hands rested on his chest

His balls slapped against her arse as he thrust into her.

She put a hand on them, massaging them as she swallowed his fuck stick

He groaned, thrusting even further, her arse meeting his groin each time, pressing against his pubic bone

‘Uh……….oh yeah’ she cried quietly, completely lost on her own world

He joined her, crying out with every push of his meat

There were people nearby, but they didn’t seem to notice or care as they continued to fuck in the open air

Cheryl stood up, his cock sliding out of her pussy

She turned around to face him, impaling herself on him once more. She rocked on top of him, her gorgeous body moving steadily

Brendan watched her tits bounce as she moved up and down on him, he took one in his hands, kneading the soft mound of tit flesh

He squeezed her nipple, hearing her quietly moan as he did so

His other hand went to her clit, rubbing the little button quickly. This caused her to move faster on top of him, increasing his arousal. He was almost about to explode.

She dismounted him, standing up so her pussy was inches away from his face

He made no hesitation in licking her out, within seconds his tongue was embedded inside her cunt

She fucked his face until climax reached her. The cream flowed out of her, trickling down Brendan’s chin as he tried frantically to catch it

He drank the nectar from her heaven, sure not to miss a single drop. She tasted wonderful and it always left him hungry for more

Once done, she poised herself over his groin. Grinning wickedly, she flicked a tongue over the tip of his cock, causing him to shudder. She teased him again, prolonging his agony

Finally after a few seconds, she gave in, talking his whole meat in her mouth, sucking it’s length down to the base

He grumbled, thrusting his groin into her mouth, making her swallow even more

Finally it hit him. He jerked violently as climax took hold, the cream filling her mouth and running down her chin

She lapped up the honey as best she could, enjoying the flavour of her lover

When he had finished, she let go of his limp member, licking her way up his body.

Reaching his face, she kissed his chin, cheek and eyes, before planting a soft peck on his lips

He poked a tongue out and she sucked it like she would a lollipop

She repeated the movement, running a circle around it with her tongue

They French kiss for a few minutes, then she broke it off, smiling sweetly at him

Then she grabbed her clothes and shouted:

‘Last one to the pool’s a rotten egg!’

Brendan jumped up immediately, pulling on his boxers, heading for the pool on the other side of the deck.

‘You’re on!


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