Cruz Control

Cruz Control

     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

     The soft wind blew through the fields, mixing with the sun to produce just the sort of
gorgeous Italian days one usually found in postcards. Warm, but a nice cool breeze blowing from
the sea, just the sort of thing the village needed to make the day complete.
     It was a typical Itallian, village, the kind that had been around for over a century, yet
starting to take on some modern conveniences, the perfect picture town, the perfect place to
shoot a
Cruz could have looked for all the world like she could fit into this village as a
native. Gorgeous European features, long black curly hair, an incredible body, wearing a simple
long dress showing off her nice legs. Few could have guessed upon first seeing her, not knowing
of her status as a film star, that she Spanish, not Italian.
     It had been an interesting year for Penelope. Having become a name in Spanish cinema,
she finally was beginning to break out in America. Nothing too major at the moment but she was
making a name for herself and she was hoping she could break through a bit more. She was
avoiding the formula films right now, trying to find one where she could really shine. A risk,
sure, but it would hopefully pay off in the long run.
     Right now, she was taking a break from filming, having just wrapped a shoot in Rome, she
had decided to check out the Southern Italy village for a nice vacation, away from the hustle of
most resorts, home simply to nice country folk, some good food and just peaceful times.
     Penelope walked the simple dirt path leading from the town to one of the neighboring
wine farms. It was a nice place to get away from it all and enjoy the good life, something
Penelope was more than ready for.
     She was walking through the fields leading to a large cliff. It was an incredible view of the
valley and the neighboring village, a sight that was incredibly beautiful for Penelope. She had
already come here a few times for some relaxation. It was just such a wonderful view, it just
seemed to suck Penelope’s view in.
     Usually, the cliff was deserted but Penelope was surprised to see a man sitting under the
large tree there. He was quite handsome, muscular build, dark hair, the usual sun-beaten Italian
features. He held a mandolin in his hands, lightly strumming the strings as he sang softly, his
strong voice carrying over the valley, a nice melody that Penelope couldn’t help but admire. The
man’s eyes opened and focused on her.
     "Hello," he said and to Penelope’s surprise, he spoke fluent Spanish. "I’m Nico."
     "Penelope," she replied, happy to be able to slip into her native language.
     "I know," Nico nodded. "I recognized you, that’s why I’m speaking like this."
     "Your Spanish is excellent," Penelope said, moving and sitting down across from him.
     "I spent a few years in Madrid," Nico explained. "Moved back here when my father got
too old to manage the farm. Not a bad job altogether. Just need to get away from it now and then
and enjoy myself."

     "I know the feeling," Penelope nodded, gazing out at the valley below. "It’s quite
beautiful here."
     "I agree," Nico said. "And having you here just makes it paradise."
     Penelope smiled and blushed, touched by his obvious flirting.
     "It’s like a dream," Nico said, brushing at the strings of his mandolin. Penelope watched
the sunlight catch upon the strings, making them seem to shine. "It’s just like a dream," Nico
continued, moving his hand up and down the strings, letting the light bounce off of them in up and
down patterns. "It’s just like a dream, a nice dream, I mean if you think of it, it’s just like a nice
dream, a very nice dream. You just feel all warm and relaxed as you sit here, just warm and
relaxed, warm and relaxed, very relaxed, very relaxed, just like a dream, you’re so relaxed, so
very relaxed, Penelope, you just feel so very relaxed, so very relaxed, just like a dream, you’re
feeling so relaxed. Just like a dream, Penelope, you feel like you’re in a dream, you’re so warm
and relaxed, Penelope, so warm and relaxed, Penelope, so warm and relaxed, just like a dream,
Penelope, you feel just like a dream."
     Penelope’s eyes were a bit glassy as she stared at the strings, watching them bounce as
Nico’s fingers trailed along them, the sun glinting off it and into her eyes, making her feel nice and
warm and relaxed. Just like a dream. "Yes, like a dream, Penelope, it’s all just like a dream, all
just like a dream, Penelope, all just like a dream. So warm, Penelope, so warm and relaxed, just
like a dream, Penelope, just like a dream, you’re feeling just like you’re in a dream. Which means
you must be asleep, Penelope, you must be asleep to be dreaming like this, Penelope, you have to
be asleep to be dreaming like this. You must be sleeping, Penelope, you must be sleeping to be
dreaming like this, Penelope, you must be sleeping to be dreaming like this, you must be sleeping
to be dreaming like this. You must be asleep, Penelope, you must be asleep. Close your eyes and
be asleep, Penelope, close your eyes and be asleep. Sleep. Sleep."
     Penelope’s eyes closed, her head slumping forward slightly as she fell into a deep trance.
Nico lowered the mandolin, staring at the great beauty, the wind blowing slightly at her lovely
face, hair flowing lightly around her. Nico licked his lips and continued with the plan he’d been
practicing ever since seeing Penelope in town and seeing her come to this cliff.
     "Penelope, listen to me carefully. You’re asleep now, asleep and dreaming. A wonderful
dream, Penelope, a very wonderful dream, the type of dream you just love to have, the type of
dream you just love to have at nights, the nice dreams, Penelope, the sexy dreams. The sexy
dreams, Penelope, it’s one of those nice, sexy dreams you often have at night, the very sexy
dreams. Can you feel it, Penelope, can you feel yourself in one of those nice, sexy dreams?"
     "Yes…." Penelope whispered, her hands moving to her chest, rubbing at her breasts
through the cloth. "Yes, very sexy, Penelope, very sexy dream," Nico continued to say, licking his
lips as he watched the actress rub at herself. "So sexy, Penelope, you feel so sexy and aroused

right now, so sexy and aroused, it’s so nice, Penelope, it’s so nice to feel so sexy and aroused,
Penelope, so sexy and aroused. When you feel yourself being kissed, Penelope, you’ll let that
arousal loose on your dream lover. You’ll want to feel your lover all over you." With that, Nico
moved in and kissed her hard on the lips.
     Penelope answered back with more passion that Nico could have guessed, driving her
tongue into her mouth and pushing him back on the ground. They rolled around for a bit before
stopping, Penelope on top, pushing herself on Nico. She moved down his body and undid the
front of his pants, lowering his shorts enough for his hard cock to pop out. She took it in her
mouth, running her mouth up and down the shaft, tickling it with her tongue as she took his meat
in her mouth. Her fingers pushed around his balls, the nails pinching at them as she continued to
suck Nico off, trying to make his shaft as hard as possible.
     Without warning, Penelope backed up and moved onto her knees. She reached down and
pulled her dress off her head, showing off her incredible body. Nico could only stare at it as
Penelope mounted him, sliding herself onto his rock hard cock and began rocking back and forth.
Nico moved his hands up to those perfect breasts, squeezing them in his hands as Penelope
rocked back and forth on him, taking all of his cock into her pussy. Nico pinched her nipples as he
drove himself into her again and again, loving that blank look in her open eyes as she moved back
and forth onto him. He cupped her breasts in his hands, pushing them together as he brushed aside
the long hair, Penelope’s thighs moving forward, clenching around Nico’s shaft, driving him
forward and forward. Penelope threw herself back, crying out as Nico finally let loose inside her,
rocking her body with orgasm.
     Nico pushed Penelope onto the grass, his cock still inside her as he started pumping again.
He moved down, his mouth going to that great cleavage and licking it as he felt himself go at her
again. Nico knew Penelope would remember none of this, that it would all be a dream to her. A
dream that she would come back to relieve every afternoon for as long as she was here. And who
knows? If she ever came to Italy again, Nico could perhaps show her that there were plenty of

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