Cruzing On The first date

Told from the point of view from Tom Cruise.

It was our first date together and I was so nervous I could almost feel
myself shaking. Penelope was stunning and had a perfectly proportioned
figure. I relaxed as I rang her door bell and when she answered the door, I
was even more pleased with the way she looked.

She wore a thin white blouse which fit loosely, a black stone-washed jean
skirt which stopped above her knee, and high heel shoes. As I drove, I spent
almost as much time looking at her as at the road. We went from one
destination to another enjoying ourselves thoroughly at each place.

As the night progressed, we relaxed and moved closer and closer. Our last
stop was a small cafe to get a late night snack. As she sat across the table,
I felt her foot gently caressing my leg. I stopped talking and moving for a
second, then continued but in a different manner.

I didn’t discourage her from continuing, so this went on for a few more
minutes. Then she went to the ladies room and when she returned, something
about her appearance had changed, but I couldn’t tell what it was. It was
about 2 a.m. so I suggested that it was time that I drive her home.

As she got up and we walked to the car I realized what she did to her
appearence, she had removed her bra. The nipples of her firm breasts gently
poked through the blouse begging to be noticed. I let her in the car and
walked around the other side and when I entered, I glanced at her and noticed
that she had unbuttoned one botton from her blouse, exposing the side of her
breast almost completely.

When she saw that I had noticed her, she moved toward me and we started
kissing, slowly at first and then wildly while we ran our hands all over each
others bodies. I unbuttoned all the bottons all the way down to her skirt
then slipped my hand under her blouse and gently caressed her exposed breast
while she unzipped my pants and ran her hands over my growing bulge.

After what seemed like forever, we released each other. I realized we were
still in the parking lot of the cafe but really didn’t care too much if
anyone was watching, but Penelope insisted we move to a more secluded
location. Without getting dressed, we drove to her place. I stayed hard the
whole way and when arrived my dick was aching to be let free.

We entered and started kissing wildly and continued caressing each other in
the entrance hall. We moved to the bedroom where she finally shed her blouse,
displaying her treasure chest. She took off my shirt and I kissed her down
the front of her body until I reach her skirt. I unzipped it and continued
kissing my way down.

She was wearing a g-string with only a small piece of thin, see-through
material covering her pussy. I kissed it gently and she let out a small moan
of pleasure. I kissed my way back up and she gave me the same pleasure. She
kissed me all the way down, unbuttoned my pants and kissed every inch of my
dick through my briefs.

I could barely hold myself back from just thrusting my hot rod into her juicy
hole. But I held back and we pressed our bodies together while we kissed.
Then I felt her hand move to my ass and pull the briefs into my ass to make
it look like a g-string. I moved my hands into the exact same position on her
body as she moved along mine.

Then she moved from my ass toward the front and she slipped her hand into my
briefs, pulled them off, and pulled out my red meat. I did the same to her,
took off her g-string and exposed her moist inviting pussy. She wrapped her
hand around my pulsing dick and moved down and kissed the tip.

“ooohh” I nearly exploded my load right then and there but I held back
feeling the pleasure wave build. She put my tool in her hot, Latina mouth and
sucked it hard and confidently. It was great. She moved away and I moved down
to meet her wet pussy to return the favor.

She laid on her back on the bed and I kissed her area at first then slowly
moved in deeper and deeper with my tongue, exploring every inch inside her
until she shivered in orgasm. Then she pulled me up to lick some of her
juices off my lips and grabbed my dick, aimed it, and I plunged my cock into
the waiting hole.

“Fuck me baby like you did Nicole” said Penelope. We lay there motionless for
a moment. We moved and rolled around while I was deep inside her. I very
slowly started sliding my tool in and out and gradually accelerated the rate.
Then, I felt her shiver in pleasure and kept that pace in order to keep the
ecstasy going.

Then she moaned as my dick swelled and pumped a huge load inside her. I
stayed in her for a while to relax and enjoy the feeling of the hot Latin
pussy around my dick. After a few minutes, she got up, left the room, and
returned with a can whipped cream and sprayed it all over my dick and balls
and I spread some all over her pussy.

We laid there talking about the experience we just had and how much we
enjoyed it. Then I felt myself getting big again and she started licking off
the cream and we rotated so that I could lick off her cream at the same time.
We just kept right on sucking on each other long after the cream was gone. I
explored her pussy while she sucked hard on my dick.

I felt a pulse and the pleasure wave started moving through my body and
released another load which, according to her, was good to the last drop. I
kept on eating her until she climaxed. I didn’t stop there, we wanted more. I
swore I would keep going until I could unload another round again.

She worked constantly with my equipment to bring it back into the game. Then
I rolled onto my back and she got on top and presented me with her breasts
while she rode my dick. I loved the feeling of having her hug my dick with
her sweet, Latin pussy. We peaked at the same time and she collapsed on top
of me and pressed her body on mine.

Finally, we both relaxed and fell asleep around 5. This was the beginning of
a long and interesting affair which I will describe in episodes to follow.

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