Cum Over For Christmas

Title: Cum Over For Christmas

Author: CHLP

Celebs: Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder, Malene Espensen, Michelle Marsh, Holly Peers, Jennifer Ellison, Demi Rose Mawby, Keeley Hazell, Melissa Debling and Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF,FF, MFF, tittyfuck, anal, DP, throatfuck, spit, DAP, lesbian, strapon, cum swallow, big tits

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.  Please contact me at davis438 (at) yahoo (dot) com with feedback on any of my stories so far.



Peter Andrews sat in his lounge, glass of whisky in his hand.  It had been a rough year, his wife had left him, she was sleeping with a work colleague.   Then he had lost his job, a good one with an electronics company.  Peter now worked at the local supermarket, stacking the shelves.  He just couldn’t catch a break, dating was going nowhere, his only social life was volunteering at the local homeless shelter.

The doorbell rang and he got up, moving to the door he opened it.

“Alright Pete” said Steve the postman, “Mostly bills and this” he passed Peter a medium sized parcel.

“Thanks” Peter said, as Steve moved to the next house.

Waling inside he looked at the letter, yeah it was mostly bills, a couple of cards as well as the festive season was just starting.  Puzzled he examined the parcel, having not ordered anything lately.

“Very funny” he said to himself unpeeling the paper, it was an advent calendar, “well done mum”.  Every year his parents would send him a calendar, as a joke, even though he was now 36.

He put it on the bookshelf, and went back to his whisky, settling in front of the TV for the evening.



Over the next few weeks Peter opened a door on the calendar, and ate his small chocolate/sweet that was revealed, then a week before Christmas, he opened the cardboard door and a key fell out.  Attached was a label, Flat 12, Barnard close, and the postcode, 7.30 PM, dress smart.

“What the fuck” he said to himself, not knowing what was going on.

What was this, some sort of setup? Should he go?  It was 10:30 now and he had to do his shift at the shelter, so he left the key on the table and got to it.



Peter got back around 4, and the key was staring at him the moment he got in, pausing he twisted it in his hand, what the fuck! Let do this.  His parents probably had some surprise party planned, so he went upstairs and put on a shirt, dark trousers and a tie.  Grabbing his jacket he got in his car and drove off to the address on the key.



The address was a smart tower block, the key worked on the main door, as he moved to the lift.  Flat 12 was marked as the 3rd floor, so he pushed the 3 button.  The lift moved up and the doors opened, Peter walked down the corridor to flat 12.  Knocking softly he turned the key.

“Anyone here?” he asked peering around the door.

The hallway was lit, and off to the side he heard a woman’s voice say “Come in Peter”

Walking slowly down the hall he looked into the room, standing by the sofa was a curvaceous blonde.  She had short cropped hair, wore a robe, hanging open to reveal a black underwear set, with matching stockings and heels.

“Sorry” Peter said turning to look away, that was so hard to do because the woman was incredibly hot.

“Peter, it’s fine, you can look at me, in fact you can do more than look” She said, “I’m Melissa, you might have seen me online or in the lads mags, Melissa Debling”

Peter turned back slowly, admiring this beauty.  Her curvy body on show as her robe feel from her hips, big breasts held in her black bra, huge cleavage on show.  She walked towards him, hips swinging, smiling as she moved.

“But I don’t understand” Peter stammered.

“Ohh well it’s easy.  Sometimes good things happen to good people Peter, and you are a good man.   Let’s just say it’s a little early Christmas present” Melissa replied.

She stood in front of him now, reaching up and pulling his head down to kiss him softly, “Now I am all yours, shall we have some fun” she purred.

Sliding her hand down his body she pushed it into her trousers, fondling his cock, which was getting hard.  Grinning at what she found Melissa dropped to her knees and unfastened his button and fly.

“Relax” she whispered, as he looked down.

She took his dick in her hand head hard and throbbing, flicking it with her tongue her groaned as it twitched. Her soft lips ran down the shaft, as she sucked him further and further.  Peter was in shock, this gorgeous woman on her knees sucking his cock, his hands went naturally to her head, as he guided her up and down on his shaft.

“Mmmm, get undressed baby” she gasped coming up from his cock.

Melissa peeled off her robe and moved through to the bedroom, as Peter quickly removed his clothes. She stood by the bed, as Peter came in, hard cock bouncing against his body.  Melissa reached around unfastening her bra, those magnificent breasts free.

“Come here Peter,” she said laying back on the bed “I bet you want to fuck these tits”

He quickly got into position astride Melissa’s body, hands on her amazing breasts, his hard cock pushed between them, and he squeezed them tight. Melissa smiled up at him, as she took over, her hands now crushing her tits together, Peter thrusting between them.

“ohh yes, feels good baby? Pump my tits” she gasped

Peter thrust hard, cock twitching, he knew he wouldn’t last long.  The last time he had had sex was month previous with his ex, and wanking was not the same as a titfuck from a gorgeous woman.

“Sooo close” he gasped.

Melissa released his dick, “Get down and eat my pussy baby, gonna make it last a bit longer” she said.

He scooted back, helping Melissa to peel off her knickers, diving in he started to eat her cunt.  She gasped as his lips touched hers, tongue probing the wet hole.  His fingers spread her wide and then he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue, sending powerful sensations into her crotch.

“FUUUCKKK Peter, fuck your good  at this!” she gasped.

Melissa leant back as Peter delved into her gushing pussy, his hands held her soft hips as her savored her sweet taste. She gasped, close to peaking, her climax seconds away.  Her hips started to twitch, pushing up into Peters face, muscles tense as she growled loudly.

“OOOHHHH!!! FUCK!” she gasped, pleasure released.

Her thighs clamped on Peters face, holding him tight as she shook violently, gasping for air, roaring in pleasure.  Peter felt her warm juices flood his mouth, he swallowed hard, as she came.

“OH FUCK YES! FUCK! FUCK FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Melissa cried, waves of intense sensation pulsing through her groin.

She lay back, momentarily sated, Peter pulled his head up grinning, this was incredible, making this gorgeous busty babe cum with his tongue gave him confidence.  Moving up her body he feasted briefly on her big tits before sharing a deep kiss, Melissa avidly tasting herself in his mouth.

“mmmm you are fucking good at giving head baby” she gasped.

“Now then, lay back let me do the work” she said smiling.

Peter lay back on the bed, Melissa straddled his cock, easing her went cunt down over him.  He hissed, the warm cunt gripping his shaft tight, as Melissa settled in place.

“Ohhh Peter, fuck your cock feels good” she gasped.

Melissa started to slowly rock her hips, the wetness of her cunt grinding down.  Peter reached up and held her hips, as she started to rise slightly higher.  Melissa held her tits in her hands, squeezing them, she played with her hard nipples biting her lip as she pinched them.

“Oh, oh fuck Peter, fuck yeah” she gasped, “Fuck that’s it, fuck me, fuck me hard”

Her body was rising and falling faster, his dick slamming harder as she dropped on it.  Thrusting upwards to meet her, Peter fucked Melissa deeper and deeper.  She was panting, gasping as she rode him, hands squeezing her tits.

“Ohh fuck yeah” Peter groaned, “Fuck yes”

He reached up to grip her breasts, hands holding the glorious orbs.  She gasped as he crushed them in his grip, harder than he originally had planned, but Melissa didn’t seem to mind.

“FUCKK Yeah, give it to me Peter” she growled as he squeezed them hard.

She leant forwards, his cock pounding her tight hole, tits now hanging in his face, jiggling fast.  Peter gripped one in both hands and drew the nipple to his lips, sucking it hard.  She groaned in pleasure as his teeth gripped the teat, before moving to the other.

“FUCK I’m close” she gasped, loving Peter chewing on her hard nipples.

Peter gasps “So am I” as he struggled not to cum.

Melissa body climaxed, his cock slamming fast and deep.  A warm gush of girlcum flooded his balls as she clenched on his shaft.  She shook in pleasure, the feeling of her orgasm spreading through her body.

“YEEEAASSSSSSS!!!” she cried, staring straight at him.

“FUCK!” Peter gasped, his cock about to explode.

“CUM IN ME!” she snarled, body quivering.

Peter thrust deep, hot cum flooding her pussy.  Thick bolts blasted inside of Melissa as her walls gripped him tightly, the final moments of her orgasm continuing. Peter gripped her hips and held himself so deep, dick pumping hard, cum spurting out.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he gasped, his balls emptying.

“Fill me up you motherfucker!” Melissa growled, eyes still locked on his face as he came.

Peter lay back, balls drained, as Melissa sat ontop of him.  His cock still in her pussy, slowly softening.  She sat up grinning, her toned body covered in sweat. She licked her lips then smiled.

“Thank you Peter” she said before bending down to kiss him softly.

She eased up off of his dick and sat on the edge of the bed, “Hope you enjoyed that” she said.

“Oh Melissa, that was so good, I haven’t fucked anyone in months, I am honestly speechless” he said.

“Well you  are pretty good and have a nice big cock” she replied.

“Not that I am complaining have got to ask, what is this all about, why am I here?” he asked.

“Just go with it Peter, don’t ask to many questions” She replied, “Now I have to go, but this is just the start of your Christmas treat Peter,  wait until you see what’s in your calendar tomorrow!”

She got up to find her clothes and dress, leaving Peter laying in the bed, mind full of questions.  Melissa was gone 5 minutes later, and Peter got up from the bed and dressed himself, returning home.

The calendar stood on the side looking at him the moment Peter returned to his house, he picked up the phone and dialed his parents house.

“Hello Peter” his mothers voice said.

“Hey mum,” he answered, “Quick question, the advent calendar you and dad send every year?”

“I peter I am so sorry, we have been so busy we totally forgot this year, I will get you one tomorrow” She replied.

“No, don’t worry mum, its just a joke no need to go out of your way” he said, now looking at the calendar.

“I’ll get you one and give it to you when I see you Christmas day” she said.

“Thanks, look mum got to go someone is at the door” he lied.

Putting the phone down, Peter stared at the calendar, who had sent it, how did they know?  All of these questions ran through his brain, along with the memories of fucking the stunning Melissa earlier.  Peter was about to get up and open the rest of the doors all at once, but something stopped him.

“No, let’s wait” he said to himself, going off to shower and go to bed, lets see what tomorrow brings.



Peter woke late, the adrenaline of last night kicked in.  That was the best nights sleep he had had in months.  Getting up he went straight to the calendar, opening the door he found a ticket stub, this one was marked for the large theatre in the centre of town, 7.30 PM the opera, Carmen.

“Better find my DJ” Peter thought, he hadn’t been to the opera since his student days.

Peter dug his DJ out of the wardrobe and tried it on, luckily he hadn’t really put on any weight and was still in good shape, so it fitted.  He made a quick trip to the local barbers shop, for a haircut and shave, and felt a new spring in his step.

As time got nearer to the ticket stub, he felt himself getting more and more nervous, who would be there? What was this all about?  Peter showered and dressed, getting ready for his night out.


Catching the bus to the centre of town, peter waited outside the Theatre in the queue, it was quite long, but it was a warm summers night so he didn’t mind the wait.  As he was about 3 people from the front, he felt a pull at his arm, turning he saw the most stunning brunette.  She wore a tight black dress, huge cleavage and massive tits displayed perfectly.  Shapely curves and large round ass accompanied her long legs.

“Hey Peter, I’m Holly, your date for the night” she said, her arm now locked to his. “Hurry up, we’re next”

The usher at the door looked at Peters ticket, “Mr. Andrews!” he said, “The royal box is ready for you, please let Simon show you to it”

I man from inside walked up, “Mr. Andrews, and miss?” she asked.

“Peers” the brunette replied.

“Follow me” Simon said.


They walked across the foyer, and up a set of stairs marked as ‘private’.  A second set of stairs led them to a landing, “The royal bathrooms”, he said.  “You are lucky not many people ever get to watch from here,  this suite is very rarely allowed to be used by anyone.” Simon said.

Opening a door her let them into a room, a long sofa was at the back, a table with drinks, then 2 seats on a balcony overlooking the theatre.  “If you need anything there is an intercom on the wall please, we will delighted to help” he said, “You have 20 minutes before we start, make yourselves comfortable”.  Simon left them, closing the door and walking down the stairs.

“Well Peter, are you ready?” Holly said smiling at him.

“For what?” Peter replied, nervously.

“To watch the opera silly” she said, laughing.

Moving she took one of the seats, Peter following her.  He couldn’t help but stare at her amazing ass as she swayed in her dress.

“Like what you see?” Holly asked, knowing exactly what he was doing.

“Sorry, but you are absolutely stunning Holly, I couldn’t help myself” He replied.

He sat down next to her, their balcony had prime view of the opera, above all the stalls, and the rest of the seats, looking down on the stage. He looked over at Holly, she smiled back at him.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

“please” Holly answered.

Peter got back up and looked on the table, there was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, Why not he said.  Popping the bottle, he poured 2 glasses.

“Hope you like bubbles” he said handing a glass to Holly.

“Mmm yes,” she said taking the glass and having a sip.

The buzz in the theatre hushed now as the curtains opened and the opera began


Peter and Holly watched for about 10 minutes, before Peter felt her hand on his thigh, she looked at him grinning, before slowly moving to stroke his cock.  HE looked startled as it twitched under her attention, before she moved from her seat to kneel in front of him..

“But, but someone might see” he gasped, as she started to unfastened his fly.

“they might” Holly said with a sly grin, undoing his trouser button and pulling them down to his ankles.

She was now on her knees in front of him, boxers joined his trousers, as she held his rock hard cock in her hand, slowly stroking it.  The sound of the Opera in his ears as she bent her head to suck his shaft.

Peter gasped as her lips ran over his hard cockhead, sucking him in and out, her eyes looked up at him, never breaking contact.  Holly gripped his shaft and flicked the tip with her tongue before returning it to her mouth.

“Ohh fuck” Peter gasped, ”Shit I aint gonna last long if you keep doing that”

She pushed him back into her mouth, moving faster and faster over his head.  Peter was breathless, this gorgeous woman sucking his cock, feverishly working her lips up and down his twitching member.

“Ohh Holly, fuck!” he groaned.

She moved his cook, deep in her throat, the pushed her head down straightening her neck, his hips bucked up, body moving on its own, as she swallowed his whole shaft down.

“oh, oh ohhhhhhh!” he squealed

Peter had never been deep throated before, the sensation on his cock was beyond pleasure.  Holly held his hips still, breath hot on his belly, as she looked up at him.  She gagged slightly, a single tear running down her cheek, eyes wide staring at him.

“Shit, ohh shit Holly” he groaned as she started to throat his cock, bouncing it deep in her gullet.

She ground her face into his crotch, spit now running down from the corners of her mouth.  Over and over she gagged, Peter struggling not to cum.  Holly pulled him free with a gasp then frantically tugged on his slippery shaft.

“Ooh Peter, cum for me, cum in my mouth” she gasped.

Seconds later his shaft exploded in her grasp, thick bolts of cum blasting in, clinging to the top of her mouth and dripping onto her tongue below.  She stroked his pulsing shaft, expertly draining every drop into her mouth.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Peter cried, his balls pumping.

Holly sat back, her mouth brimming with his cum, she swirled her tongue in the creamy load, before closing her lips and swallowing the lot.  She opened her mouth to show off her skills, every drop of cum drained into her belly.

“mmm Peter, your cum tastes divine” she purred.

Getting up she moved back into the chair, he quickly dressed himself, looking over at Holly.  She reached out and put her hand on his, smiling and returning to watch the opera.  The first half played Peter, was enjoying himself, but was somewhat distracted by Holly.

The interval arrived and everyone in the theatre started to move, the buzz of chatter from below echoed around.  Peter turned to Holly, determined to find out more.

“Wow holly, I have never been deep throated before, fuck that was incredible.  You fucking drained me” she said.

She laughed, “Peter it was my pleasure, sucking cock is one of my 2 fetishes”

“ohh what’s the other” he asked, intrigued.

“ohh you’ll soon find out” Holly replied, she stood up to get another drink, “want more?”

Peter nodded, as she refilled their glasses, the music played and the second half began.  Holly moved over to peter and handed him the glass, draping her arms either side of his neck she whispered in his ear.

“Want to put that cock inside me”

Peter turned as she stepped back, moving towards the back of the room away from the balcony.  He stood and stared at her as she reached the straps on her dress pulling it down.  Her magnificent breasts were revealed, 2 huge orbs of goodness dangling down. Nipples already hard, she smiled at Peter.

“Well?” she purred.

Peter unfastened his trousers and shirt, he was stripping as fast as he could, all the cares of being caught gone from his brain as I saw this amazing woman in front of him.  She moved back to sit on the sofa as he approached.  Reaching up she took his cock and  guided it between her tits,  Peter stood hips thrusting those big soft tits wrapped around his shaft.

“Ohh fuck my tits Peter, fuck them hard” she gasped.

Her fingers locked over her nipples, squeezing both breasts tightly over Peters dick.  Holly dribbled down onto the head as it poked up, her spit making her cleavage nice and slippery.  Peters hips pushed upwards, balls rubbing on her lower sternum, Holly gasped as sweat started to form on her forehead.

“Ohh fuck that’s so god” Peter panted. “Oh I am gonna cum soon”

Holly let go of her tits releasing them, “Ohh not yet big boy” she said.

She moved back on the Sofa, kneeling on it.  Peter bending down, he took a moment for a breather as he moved to her nipples.  Holy gasped as he sucked on her tits, gripping the oh so soft flesh in his hands and lifting one then the other to his lips.

“Ohh fuck that’s good, ohh fuck I am so horny now” she groans as Peter suckles her breasts, Grinning she moves away, standing and then bending over the arm of the sofa, looking back at Peter over her shoulder, “Ohh stick it in me then” she gasps.

Peter moves up behind her, pushing the dress up over her hips, the sound of the opera getting louder, as it nears the finale.  The dirty bitch has no knickers on, he though, her soaked cunt glistening.

“oh fucking put it in Peter” Holly gasped.

Peter pushed his cockhead to her wet lips and slipped it deep, she groaned as he started fucking her.

“ohh fuck Peter” she gasped looking back over her shoulder, “That’s good, but fuck put it in my ASS! She groaned.

Peter stopped, he had never done anal before, his wife and previous girlfriends had all refused when he asked them.  Now this insanely hot woman was bent over, juicy ass high in the air, telling him to stick it in her ring.

“Pleeasse fuck my tight little ass” she begged.

Peter pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed the head against her ass, she gasped, her ring flared and he pushed in.   It was so tight, the pressure on his shaft felt so good as he thrust deep, holly gasped, her back passage being filled by Peters cock.  Her hands gripped the sofa cushions tightly as her finally was balls deep.

“ohh fuck Peter! Fuck that’s soo big!” she groaned.

He held her hips and started to thrust, her sphincter clamed on the base of his shaft, he just pulled her back with him to begin with.  She growled again looking back at him, “harder, you gotta really fuck it” she instructed.

Peter slammed hard, making her lurch forwards, hands pinning her to the sofa arm, pulling his cock back he rammed again, then again, and again.  Her sphincter was so tight on his shaft, but every stroke was so full of pleasure.  She screamed and cried with every deep thrust, Peter now starting to build up pace.

The opera music was getting louder, Holly’s screams covered by the ever more intense singing.  She pulled up, her arms straight locked at the elbows, big tits swaying and swinging.

“FUUUCK PETER!” she cried as he rutted away.

Peters fingers clawed into Holly’s ass cheeks, gripping the soft skin tight her rammed as hard and fast as he could. Her body was starting to shake, he could feel her about to climax.  She tossed her head from side to side, the music getting louder and louder to match her orgasm.

“FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!” she roared as she came, twitching and bucking below Peter.

Her rig clamped on his cock, he was deep up her ass, he could feel his balls about to burst,  hands releasing her ass he reached around grabbing her tits, crushing them in his grasp.  His fingers instinctively twisted her nipples hard, as she howled in pleasure from his buggery.


His balls exploded as he ground himself up her back passage, cock pulsing hot scalding cum inside her bowels.  Holly screamed, her orgasm continuing as he pulled at her hard teats.


Every ounce of his strength pushed his exploding cock up her ass, balls crushed against her pussy lips. The opera reached its peak, with a roll of drums, and then silence descended, followed by a huge round of applause.

Peter collapsed ontop of Holly, as the thunderous ovation shook the building, laying there panting as it went on for what seemed like ages, finally he pulled out of her ass.

“Ohh fuck Holly!” he gasped, looking down at her.

She looked back up at him, a cheeky grin spreading over her face, “Peter, that was fucking fabulous! Sounds like they loved it” she said laughing as the applause continued.

Shaking his head, he smiled, “That was amazing, thank you so much” he said.

“Peter, it was my pleasure, believe me!” Holly replied, standing up starting to dress, “but we’d better get decent before they come to get us”

Peter dressed quickly, silence between them, both happy in the glow of their coupling.    Peter adjusted his tie, as he stood dressed, Holly still slightly red, sweat on her brow.  The door opened and Simon walked in.

“Enjoy the show” he asked.

“I certainly did” Peter replied.

“If you would like to follow me” Simon said.

He led them back to the foyer, “From all here at the royal theatre, thank you for coming Mr. Andrews”

“My pleasure” he said looking at Holly, he led her out back to the street.

“I think I should be thanking you for coming as well” Holly said once they were out of earshot.

“That was even more of a pleasure!” Peter replied laughing.

“That’s my cab” Holly said gesturing to the black cab parked by the road, she leant over and kissed him on the cheek, “Peter Andrews, thank you for an amazing night” she said, before getting in.


Peter waited for his bus, his mind again going over what had just happened, 2 nights 2 amazing women,  he didn’t know why this was happening, or what would be next, but this was the most amazing Christmas he had ever experienced.



Peter slept even better that night, Holly had certainly worn him out, waking late he felt the suns warmth through the curtains of his bedroom window.  Getting up he went and had a shower, before getting dressed.

“What you got for me today” He said to himself, opening the calendar door.

A small piece of paper fell out of the door, 10pm, and a set of number.  This one was much more cryptic.  Peter stared at the digits for quite some time, before giving in and switching on his laptop.

“Ahhhhh” he said after typing in the numbers, they were sat nav co-ordinates.

Plugging  them into his phone led to a local car park about 30 minutes drive from his house.  Peter was curious, and spend the rest of the day waiting around trying to kill time before he had to leave.



Peter pulled up into the car park, just as the sun was setting, weird, he thought there must still have been about 20 cars.  Looking around all of them had 1 driver, and all were men.  After about 20 minutes another car pulled up, a large 4×4,  it parked right at the front near a grassy area people obviously used for picnics and the like during the daytime.

The driver door opened and a busty brunette got out, she wore a tight black skirt and white top, think shoulder straps and huge cleavage on display.  She moved over to the grass and knelt down, several of the cars turned their headlights on, and illuminated her, as doors opened on most of the cars.

“Arrived on time!” a voice said outside of peters window, he looked up to see Melissa standing there.  She moved around to the passenger side door and let herself in.

“Am I dogging?” Peter asked when she got in, having figured out what was going on.

“Sophie’s dogging, we are just waiting for her to finish” Melissa said grinning.


They watched the scene unfolding in front of them, Sophie was surrounded by men, she had cocks in both hands wanking them, and one in her mouth sucking it.  A man knelt behind her hands on her tits pulling her top down to reveal them.

“ohh fuck, yes, fucking cum for me boys, cum all over me” Sophie gasped.

Cocks surrounded her as she looked from side to side, each throbbing head teasing her.  Sophie devoured one, lips dragging down the shaft, as she went deeper and deeper.  Her tits were being squashed as the man behind her roughly played with them, she panted as the cock throbbed in her mouth.

“Ohh fuck” one guy gasped.

Sophie turned her head just in time to get her first load.  A large white streak splattered over her forehead dripping down her nose.  She flicked her tongue out teasing him more as another wad of cum hit her cheek.

“Nice load” she said grinning.

The flood gates opened now, one of the guys she was stroking, pulled from her grasp.  He quickly stroked inches from her left cheek, one of the crowd joined him, cum blasting her forehead again. She gasped as the thick white strand clang to her left eyelash, while the second cock exploded into her right eye.

“Fuck!” she gasped, the hot liquid stinging her.

Blinking she forced it open, as the salty liquid hit her lips.  Her tongue instinctively snaked out tasting the pearly drops, as they stepped back.  She had another cock in her hand, cum plopping from her chin onto those orb shaped tits.

“Ohh drown me boys, cum all over this dirty little whore” Sophie spluttered.

2 more dicks blasted her face, thick globules splattering her left cheek, a large strand laced right down the bridge of her nose.  Maybe a dozen men remained, stroking in a circle around her.

“Ohh fuck, fuck that’s good, fuck I feel so nasty!” Sophie gasped, cum running down her face.

One guy with a very large cock, stood behind her, bending his shaft down he held it on her hair line, cum oozing from the tip down her face.   A white wall of cum rolled down her forehead, clinging and hanging in her eyebrows.  Sophie struggled to look up, eyes now red from all the cum.

“Ohh more, more boys, do it, do it pleeeeaaassseee” she gasped.

Melissa had her hand down Peters trousers, gripping his cock and wanking it slowly, he squeezed her tits through the material of the short black dress she wore.  She gasped as he squeezed her nipple hard.

“Easy baby,” she gasped, “Keep your eyes on the main event”

Sophie was covered in spunk, the thick streaks were all over her face, she was down to the last 3 now, her eyes blurred by the opaque pools of semen.  Grasping their cocks blindly she stroked them to a three way finale, all exploding at once all over her face.

“Yes, yes, fuck yes” she panted as the cum splashed down.

Sophie spluttered, her body drenched, her tits splattered, the sticky thick cum clang to her body, as she knelt alone.  Melissa opened the door to the car, “Come on then Peter” she said getting out.

Following Melissa Peter walked over towards Sophie, up close she was even more covered, the cum was all over her face and tits, some clang to her hair, other lumps on her skirt.

“Ohh fuck, Mel is he here? I am fucking blinded by this spunk” Sophie gasped.

“ohh yeah Sophie he’s here” Melissa replied.  “let’s get you cleaned up”


Melissa moved over to Sophie and started to lick her face, scooping all the thick cum up with her tongue.  Sophie held her mouth open as Melissa dribbled the thick clots down into it.  Several of the guys who had cum earlier remained, stroking their cocks trying to get hard again.

“Mmmm, you watching Peter, you watching Sophie” Melissa said, licking her body and spitting the cum into her mouth.

She sucked the thick pools from Sophie’s eyes, allowing her to see, she looked at Peter, his cock bulging in his trousers.  Peter stood, dumbstruck, Melissa was licking the spunk from Sophie’s face in front of him, her mouth filling up bit by bit.  It was like some sort of porn movie, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Taste good Sophie?” Melissa teased as she finished Sophie’s face and moved to her breasts.

Sophie nodded, making a Yeah noise, her mouth so full of cum she couldn’t speak.  Melissa sucked the thick trails of semen from her huge tits, moving high above her mouth making a real show of dripping the strings into it.  She returned to Sophie’s breasts, suckling the nipples for a long time, whilst removing every drop of cum.

“Filthy girl!” she teased as the last few drops filled Sophie’s mouth.

Sophie looked up at Peter, mouth wide.  He could see the huge thick pool of cum, brimming to her lips as she moved her tongue.  She savoured the thickness of her mouthful, reveling in the salty flavor.  Eyes locked on him she closed her mouth and swallowed hard, 2, 3 times she swallowed forcing the thick viscous pool down.

“Mmmm, so nice” she gasped opening her mouth showing him every drop was gone.

“So Peter Andrews” Sophie said looking up, “Think you have what it takes to put on a show for these boys?”

His cock was raging hard in his trousers, this huge breasted brunette on her knees in front of him, he nodded nervously.  Sophie moved towards Peter, as Melissa stepped back “Time for me to have some fun” she said as she walked past him.

Sophie unfastened his trousers, pulling them down, her hand going straight to his cock, she grinned, he was def big enough for her, and her mouth went straight over it.  Peter groaned as Sophie slid her lips down his shaft, her full red lips going deeper and deeper, until he touched her throat.  Just like Holly she kept going, his cock stretching the tightness until she was balls deep.

“Fuck!” he heard Melissa cry, turning his head, she was bent over one of the car bonnets, a random guy fucking her hard.

Sophie gagged on his shaft, over and over, her big eyes staring up at him, spit running down his balls.  She finally eased up, gasping for air, slapping his cock on her face, then raising her chest and rubbing it over her nipples.

“Ohh fuck Peter, I was this cock so bad” she gasped.

Laying back on the grass, she spread her legs wide, rubbing her fingers into her pussy, grinning she beckoned Peter with her other hand.  He knelt down between her legs, licking his lips he dived into that wet cunt, tongue savouring the flavor of her.  Sophie gasped, grabbing his head and pulling him in.

“Fucccck I meant stick your cock in me, but this is good too!” she panted.

Peter ate her fuck hole, she groaned loudly, her climax near, obviously all the cum swallowing had gotten her very excited.  Her thighs gripped his head, body shaking, as she came.  Peters mouth filled with her cum, he swallowed it down, she tasted great, and he really enjoyed giving head.

“SHIIIITTTTT!!!” Sophie cried.

Her hips bucked, she clasped her tits hard body shaking furiously. Growling and gasping her body climaxed, Peter still working her clit.  Sophie gasped the final few tingles of pleasure leaving her loins, as the orgasm finished.

“Ohh Peter, fuck you give good head” she gasped.

Raising up he grinned, her cum dripping from his chin, he moved up over her body to kiss her.  Sophie loved the taste of her own pussy, and ravenously kissed him, the kind of deep porno kiss that you never see in real life.

“YES! FUCK ME!” Melissa screamed, the guy’s now queuing up behind her taking turns to pound her.

Peter moved back, straddling Sophie’s body, slapping his cock on her tits.  She grabbed them in her hands and pushed them around his shaft, forming a tight hole for him to fuck.  Peter started thrusting, her soft tits perfectly wanking him, every stroke getting him nearer to cumming.

“Ohh do it Peter, fuck these tits, fuck them hard” Sophie gasped.

Peter pumped his hips watching Sophie’s face, she was very pretty, lovely eyes and amazing full plump blowjob lips.  She looked up at him, keeping eye contact as he pumped his hard cock between her huge breasts.

“Ohh Peter, I want that cock in me” she gasped.

Releasing her boobs, Peter pulled his cock out,  He stood up and Sophie flipped over, getting up onto her hands and knees.  This was Peters favourite position, so swiftly he got behind her and pushed his cock into her pussy.

“YES!!!” Melissa screamed, her body orgasming ass another man fucked her.

Melissa now was standing, bent over, her big fake tits free of the black dress.  She howled cumming hard as she was pounded from behind, the man had his hands on her hips pumping away.

Sophie gasped as Peter fucked her, cock slamming her soaked pussy.  She had her head down, ass high, his fingers dug into her full soft ass cheeks as he pumped away.  He watched Melissa getting fucked, the men rotating around, from front to back, she sucked one guy off while the next fucked her.

“ohh she’s so dirty” Sophie gasped watching as well.

Thrusting hard Peter fucked Sophie, she gasped and groaned until a shudder ripped through her, whining loudly she came.  Juices flooded down her thighs as she climaxed hard.

Peter was really close to cumming, he eased back, Sophie peered back over her shoulder, “Ohh babe, you want to blow that load?” she gasped.

Spinning around she knelt down in front of Peter, Holding her big tits in her hands.  She squeezed them together again around his cock, stroking them up and down around his shaft.  Peter groaned he knew this would be over soon, but tried to hold on for as long as possible.

“Cum on my tits Peter” Sophie gasped, stroking her huge round tits up and down.

He watched Melissa, who was now on her knees too wanking off one guy, a thick spurt of cum spattering her forehead and cheek.  Sophie stroked him faster and faster, until he roared with pleasure, cum exploding deep in her cleavage.

“Yeah, Peter!” she gasped, teeth clenched as she looked up at him.

Cum pumped up between her tits, a fountain of hot white jizz, splashing down them.  He thrust his hip head poking up, jets flying high into her chin.  Peter groaned loudly as he came, Sophie milking every drop of spunk from him..  He stepped back balls drained, hot cum running from her breasts.

“ohh fuck Peter, thank you “ Sophie gasped looking down.

Long rivulets of semen trickled down her chest, a thick wad stuck to her right nipple.  She reached down and scooped up a strand plopping it in her mouth and savouring the taste.  Melisa walked over towards them, thick cum on her face, grinning like the cat that got the cream.

“Hmmm well then Peter, how did you enjoy your first dogging adventure?” she asked, kneeling down next to Sophie.

“Fuck, I really have no idea” Peter said somewhat stunned at what he had just seen.

Sophie kissed Melissa, tongue flicking up and licking her face, she shared the thick wad of spunk with the busty blonde, before Melissa dived into her cleavage.

All the cars around now started leaving, the headlight getting dimmer, until just Peter and the girls cars remained.  Both stood up, Melissa adjusting her dress, and Sophie getting back into her clothes, as Peter stood admiring them.

“Well I hope you enjoyed it,” Sophie said “and maybe you’ll be back for more”

“Great to see you again” Melissa said, getting into the car.

“Thank you for a great night” Peter said as the girls left, moving he got back into his.

Starting the engine he made the drive home, Peter was still a little in shock, he’d fucked a gorgeous glamour model, in front of a large group of people, watched her get a huge bukkake style facial, them spunked over those huge tits.

He slept very well that night, the nervous energy sapping him,  it wasn’t until very late the next morning he woke up.



Peter opened the door for the next day and a small note fell out, ‘Have a day off on us’ it read, along with a roll of cash.  Counting it up there was about 200 pounds,  wow, nice little treat he thought.

Peter spent the day shopping, he ate all of his meals in restaurants, and had a few beers in the local pub with his pals.  Wishing he could tell them about his past few days, but knowing full well they would never believe him.

A good night’s sleep later he returned to the calendar, for his next day’s gift.  A card once again fell out, ‘The Three Angels Massage Parlour’ was embossed on it, 1pm written in pen on the back, along with an address.

Peter grinned, he knew exactly where this place was, it had the reputation for being an off the books brothel in the town.  A day of rest had given him an extra spring in his step, as he got in his car, he was really starting to look forward to the next days present.


Peter left his car in a car park 10 minutes walk from the shop, he knew the area was well known and didn’t want to park too close.  It was another stiflingly hot day, and he was nervous, so a sheen of sweat had formed on his brow by the time he got there.

Looking around as he approached the red door, peter nervously pressed the buzzer, and waited.  The door latch clicked, and a voice on the intercom said, “Come in”.

Inside was a waiting room, empty, 4 chairs and a counter.  Behind the counter sat a very attractive blonde.  “Peter Andrews” she said, “we’ve been expecting you, please follow me”

She moved around to the front of the desk, her long legs on show, a VERY short white uniform covered her curvy body.  She spoke with a Scandinavian accent, as she led Peter through to the back.

“I am Malene, you are in here” she said, the door had Room 1 embossed upon it.

She opened it, leading Peter in, “Keeley will be with you shortly, get undressed and lay on the table, under a towel.” She said leaving.

Peter removed his clothes and settled onto the table, hearing the door open he looked up.  A long set of legs in high heels led to a tight black skirt and white blouse, unbuttoned down to reveal a huge pair of tits.  Hair in pigtails she grinned at him.

“Peter, Hi I’m Keeley,  lay back let these magic fingers do their work” she said.

He put his face back into the circle at the top of the table, hearing her open a bottle of oil and move next to him.  Her hands were warm as they touched his shoulders, moving softly over his muscles, she was very good and soon Peter felt more relaxed than he had thought possible.

“You’ve got the full package paid for Peter, plus all the extras” she said stopping, and stepping back.

He looked up “Extras?”

“Yeah Extras!” she replied with a grin.

Unfastening her shirt she dropped it to the floor, “lay back down Peter” she said.

Peter lay down and felt her get up on the table and straddle his back, her bra landed on the floor in his vision, as she leant forwards.  Her big breasts squashed against his back, rubbing in a circular motion as she pushed tightly.

“Feel good Peter, we have all the treatments on store for you today” she whispered into his ear.

Her large tits crushed against his skin made Peter instantly hard, Keeley grinding ontop of him.  She raised her hips, “Roll over “ she said.

Peter span beneath her, his hard cock now beneath the towel, pressing against her as she lowered herself down.  Her large breasts glistened with oil as she sat ontop of him, hands rubbing his chest slowly.  She felt his cock twitch beneath the fabric, pulling the towel from between them it stood proud behind her as she moved forwards.

“Mmm Peter, let’s see what we can do with that” Keeley purred.

She eased her skirt up over her waist, she wore no knickers.  Lifting her hips she eased down on his cock, the thick hard shaft being eaten up by her cunt.  She gasped as his whole length filled her, nestling back down onto his crotch.

“Fuck me Peter, fuck me hard, make me cum” she gasped.

Peter reached up gripping her hips, he started to thrust his hips upwards.  Keeley dangled her legs from the sides of the table, as Peter fucked her pussy.  She groaned loudly as each thrust drew her nearer,  Peter was getting faster and faster.

“Fuck, ohhh fuck Peter, yes baby, yes!” she gasped.

Her breasts were bouncing hypnotically as her fucked her tight wet pussy.  His cock drove up and deep inside her as she rode him,  Keeley had her tits in her hands playing with them as she felt her orgasm nearing.

“Harder Peter, oh fuck me harder!” she gasped.

Her hands clutched his chest tightly now as her body clenched.  Keely came hard, her pussy spasming on his shaft as her pushed it in and out.  Big tits jiggling madly Keeley climaxed, Peter kept pumping through every tight clench of her pussy, as she wailed loudly, the release of pleasure overcoming her.


His balls were getting close to exploding but he didn’t want this to end, so Peter eased back with his thrusts as Keeley calmed from her orgasm. She sat up grinding down, pussy juices dripping from his balls.

“Ohhh Peter fuck you were good, now shall we see what I can do for you?” she teased.

Keeley eased up from his cock, and ground her hips back down, she rode him slowly, his cock twitching inside her.  Peter reached up and squeezed her tits, the large soft breasts felt so good.  She gasped as her crunched them hard, his fingers playing with her sensitive nipples.

“Cum in me Peter, fill my pussy with your cum” she groaned.

Her hips rose and fell faster and faster, Peter holding her tits tightly as she milked him with her cunt.  She locked eyes with him, not breaking her gaze as she rose and fell on his shaft.  Peter held back for every possible pleasurable second he could, but eventually it was too much and he came, roaring loudly.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!” he screamed as his thick spunk flooded Keeley’s pussy.

She laughed loudly as she ground down onto his hips, cock spurting inside her, cum filling her up.  Her tits were so big and full in his grasp, Peter finally released them as his orgasm ended. One last small jerk of semen implanted inside of Keeley.

“Ohh Peter baby, fuck that was good” Keeley gasped, “You are one of the best clients I have ever had”

She rocked her hips as his dick started to soften inside her, before easing up from his cock.  She bent over picking up the rest of her clothing, before turning back to him.  Peter sat up on the bench, a real feeling of pleasure still in his body.  The relaxation of the massage plus the amazing sex with Keeley had set him on a new level.

“Ohh thank you Keeley, that was mind blowing” Peter said

“Wait here, your next treatment will be here shortly,” Keeley replied, “take a breather”


Peter was going to reply but she left to abruptly.  Another treatment, Peter was sated from his first, whatever would happen next?  He looked up as the door opened and Malene returned, she closed the door behind her

“Well Peter, did you enjoy Keeley?” Malene asked, she started to unbutton her uniform.

“Yes, she was amazing” Peter replied.

Malene stepped out of her uniform standing there, naked barring her tall black heels.  Her HUGE breasts like a magnet to his eyes.  She saw this and ran her hands over them, playing with the big hard nipples.

“Like these?” she teased walking towards him.

“Fuck yeah” he replied.

“Sooo just to explain, you got Keeley’s pussy, now it’s my turn”  she said, standing in front of him leaning in so her face was near his.  “Now I am gonna give you my mouth”.

Peter looked back at her, “your mouth?”

“yeah, you can use this mouth and throat anyway you please Peter, and please use it, I love that” she said grinning, before kissing him hard.

She broke the kiss and pushed him back, hand going to his crotch and stroking his dick.  It was already swelling at the sight of her naked body, the touch of her hand made it throb and grow faster.

“Let me suck you, taste you, pleasure you” she gasped, “Ever throat fucked anyone?”

Peter thought back to his first time being deep throated by Holly, “no, never” he said, hoping this would lead further.

“ohh Peter, I am gonna let you throat fuck me, pound that hard cock into my neck baby” Malene teased.

She bent over taking his dick between her lips, sucking up and down, tongue flicking his head as she sucked him off.  Malene’s eyes looked sideways up his body as she pushed him deep, her tight throat swallowing his head.

“fuckkkk” Peter gasped, his hips thrusting up involuntarily.

One hand held him down, the other squeezed his balls as Malene held him in her throat, tears ran down her cheeks as she gagged on his shaft, water running from her mouth over his nuts.

“Fuuuuckkk” she gasped coming up for air after several seconds. Blinking her eyes, Malene rubbed her spit over his cock, “Get up Peter” she said.

Peter stood up and Malene lay face down on the table, reaching back she gripped her heels and arched her back.  Her head was just over the top edge, she licked her lips, looking up at Peter who was wanking his cock.

“Fuck my throat Peter” she said, eyes wide, looking up at him “Stick your cock deep down my throat, pleeeeassse” she begged.

Peter stepped up, feeding his hard cock between her lips, he pushed forwards until his head got to her throat.  Hand on the back of her head he pushed harder, it gave and his shaft disappeared down her neck.  She gagged and groaned, a muffled cry of approval.

Her grip tightened on her heels as Peter pushed deeper, his hands in her hair.  Peter started to thrust his hips now, Malene gagging as he pushed in and out of her throat.  His hands were in her long blonde hair, twisting it between his fingers as he pushed in and out.

She gagged and spluttered as he pushed his cock deep, spit was dripping from her chin onto the floor as he throatfucked her.  Her eyes were wide open as she tried to keep focused on him, tears running down her cheeks as she gagged.

“Ohh fuck you like that?” she gasped as he pulled back allowing her to catch her breath, “You like that Peter”

“Ohh fuck Malene, that’s sooo hot” he panted, “you are just like a pornstar”

Peter pushed his cock back between her lips and thrust deep again, she clutched her heels tight body bent back as he fucked her throat.  Peter couldn’t believe it, his ex wife barely sucked his cock, now here was a gorgeous Scandinavian Blonde letting him ram his hard dock down her gullet.

“ohh fuck Malene” he gasped, having to step back and catch his breath.

“Ohh Peter” she said releasing her heels and resting on her forearms.

“Want to take this to the next level?” she panted looking at him?

Peter returned her look, puzzled, what more could she mean, “Ok” he said slightly nervously.

Malene rolled over onto her back, she wiped the spit from her chin and smeared it over her big tits, rubbing them hard.  Her head hung from the edge her long hair dangling down.

“Fuck me up Peter, fuck this throat like it was my pussy,  don’t stop.  I will gag, I may even throw up, don’t stop.” She said.

“fuck Malene, that’s pretty hardcore, like some movies I have seen” he replied.

“Exactly like that!” she said grinning, “Use me like I am your nasty throat whore, I fucking love it.  If I push you away with both hands stop, that’s the only time OK” she said.

Peter nodded, he was not sure about this, but the chance to really throatfuck someone like in a hardcore porn movie was too much to resist.

“Ok Malene” he said stepping back up.

She guided his cock into her mouth with her hand, Peter feeling the top of his head slide down her tongue, until her throat once again gave way.  He gripped her shoulders pinning Malene down, his hips thrusting into her face.  She gagged and gasped, spit rapidly running down her face, thick clots hanging in her hair.

“holy Fuck baby!” Peter gasped, a whole new sensation on his cock.  Her throat was so tight as he pumped in, balls splattered with thick strands of spit.

He pushed his dick in and out, cock going deeper and deeper, looking down he could see Malene’s neck bulge as the head of his cock poked out stretching her skin.  He reached down fingers touching her neck, feeling his cock through it as he pumped deep.  She groaned, feeling his hands on her neck, her own moving to his hips pulling him deep.

He pushed so deep, balls smashed against her nose, she spat and gagged down her face as she held him deep.  Peter pushed back and forth, hips thrusting hard as she gagged on his cock.  Suddenly she pushed back with both hands, instantly Peter pulled his cock out knowing it was her signal to stop.

“You Ok Malene?” he said, looking down.

“Phugh” she spat, a thick sticky wad rolling down her left eye and onto her forehead.

“Fuckk Peter, don’t hold back, fucking give it to me” she gasped, “I am your nasty little throat whore, now fuck me up!”

“OK Malene, if you are sure” Peter replied.

“Fuck do it! Slam this throat like it was my pussy baby, grab these tits hard, fucking slap them, use me like a fucking whore!” she gasped.

She folded her arms behind her back, head dangling down gain, mouth wide.  Peter Moved back into position, his hard cock hoovered up by her lips.  Malene easily let him down her throat as he pressed his balls tight to her nostrils.

“Fuck Malene, you want it” Peter snarled, trying to push himself.

Peter had never had really nasty sex, his previous girlfriends and ex wife were all pretty normal between the sheets.  He had watched his share of porn though, and whilst not always sometimes the harder stuff really turned him on.

He ran his hands over his cockhead again, feeling it poke hard from her neck, then his hands went to those huge breasts, gripping them tight.  His hips now rutted hard, balls bashing her face as he thrust vigorously.

“Like that Malene, you filthy fucking slag!” he snapped, Peter was shocked at himself, never one for dirty talk, it kinda just came out.

His fingers crushed her breasts, mauling them roughly as his hips rammed home,  Malene was pinned in place, her legs kicked as she gagged on his girth, spitballs forming and running down her face.  Peter slapped her right breast, she squealed on his cock, then groaned in pleasure. The left one next, another squeal.  He lean forwards suckling on both after he slapped them, chewing hard on her nipples.

“fuck, fuck, FUCK!” he groaned, feeling his balls boiling.

Hands on her tits, he crushed them tight, hips slamming home, she was urging and gagging, making her throat flex on his cock, Peter couldn’t hold back and drove deep, cum spurting from his dick as he buried it deep.

“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” he hissed through gritted teeth, his hands squeezing her breasts so tight.

Peters balls pumped a huge load of thick hot cum straight into Malene’s belly, the head twitched deep in her neck, the semen shooting straight down.  Peter growled in pleasure as he retching throat milked his shaft.  Fingers tight to those huge sweaty orbs, clutching them squeezing so hard.

“NASTY FUCKING WHORE!” he roared as the last bolt of cum flew down her throat.

Peter found himself on tiptoes, arms locked straight, every muscle in his body tensed as the final joyous seconds of orgasm left him. He collapsed down, dragging his cock from Malene’s throat, balls empty.

“Ohh fuck” he gasped, watching as she gasped for air.

Malene spluttered and panted, coughing and clearing her throat.  She lay there sucking in lungfuls of air, her face a mask of spit, it coated her forehead, clang to her eyebrows, dripped down in thick wads into her hair.

“fuck, ohh fuck” she gasped, hands moving straight to her clit.

He back arched and she roared, her fingers at work.  A huge wave of climax almost immediately hit her body,  Her eyes were wide as she gasped the roared, oblivious to the thick wads rolling down over them.


Her hips bucked to meet her fingers, tits shuddering as she came.  Malene climaxed fiercely, her body filled with pleasure.  Peter stood there watching, almost mesmerized by her climax, the blonde bitch howling and screaming.

“FUCK! FUCK FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” she screamed, as the final jolts left her body.

Malene rolled over panting, looking up at Peter, she grinned, “Fuck yeah, you got it Peter, oh I loved that” she gasped.

Slowly standing, her legs wobbly, Malene moved to get a gown from the hanger behind the door, “I need a shower” she said, “Your next treatment is up soon”


Peter stood there, ‘Another!’ he thought.  Fuck they are gonna kill me.  He sat back in a chair that was next to the table, running his hand through his hair.


The door opened and a short brunette walked in, she wore a thick white towel robe, but her curves were obvious beneath.  She closed the door and unfastened her robe, beneath it she wore a golden metallic bikini, her full breasts and huge ass shown off to perfection.

“Hi Peter I’m Demi” She said smiling, “So Malene gave you her throat, Keeley her pussy, guess that means you get my ass!”

Peter’s eyes went wide, that beautiful round ass, he tried to speak but no sound came out.  Demi moved up and bent over the table, gripping the far side, she looked back at him, her huge round ass perfectly on display.

“Well, think you have something left for me Peter, I don’t want to be disappointed,” she purred.

Despite cumming only a few minutes earlier the thought of putting his dick up this firm round ass had him sporting a semi, which by the time he got to Demi was fully hard.  Running his hands over that ass it felt incredible.

“ohh that’s it Peter, my ass is yours, fuck it, fuck it hard” she gasped as he pulled down her bikini bottoms.

Parting her ass cheeks he pressed his cock to her ring, having taken Holly this way earlier in the week, he was eager to get his cock into another tight asshole.  Demi braced herself against the table edge as he pushed in, she growled with each inch, deeper and deeper until his balls touched her pussy lips.

“Ohh Peter, fuck my asshole, fuck it hard” she groaned.

He held her hips and drew back, knowing that it took more effort than when fucking a pussy. SLAP his crotch hit her ass cheeks, she squealed, SLAP again, as he thrust deep. Peter was really building up pace, Demi lean over taking it deep.

“Yes Peter! Yes that’s it! Ohh fuck yeah Peter!” Demi cried as he picked up pace.

He held her hips tight, cock driving in and out, cheekily he lifted his hand and slapped her ass cheek hard.  She squealed, then looked back at him, “Fuck yeah!” she gasped, “Slap that ass harder”.

He spanked her other cheek, then the first again, Demi shrieked and moaned, loving it.   His hips rutted fiercely, thankfully having cum twice he managed to keep going, sure he would have spunked by now if not for that.

“Oh, oh, oh YESSSSS!!!!!” Demi cried, her ass clamping on his shaft.

Peter felt the reflex of her sphincter on his shaft, hands pinned her down and he kept plunging in and out as she came.  Her hips shuddered pushing back against Peter, as she climaxed, body tight, fingers white clutching the table edge.


Peter continued to pound her, his hard cock driving deep into that tight hole.  She collapsed down orgasm sated, cheek on the table, panting.  She groaned in pleasure as Peter kept thrusting, his hard cock driving back and forth.

“Ohh cum for me Peter, cum up my filthy asshole” she gasped.

He gripped her hips tightly and slammed home, his hips moving faster and faster.  Peter had never fucked a girl this hard before, and certainly not anal, sweat dripped down his face from the effort.  He was rock hard, but not near cumming yet, as he kept on going.

Demi growled, her body close to a second orgasm, Peter felt her asshole start to clench again, “Fuck you coming again?” he gasped.

“YEEEAAAASSSSS!!!” Demi cried, her body taking over and tightening once more.

HE had never made a girl cum twice, this was beyond belief.  The young curvy model was wailing and shrieking as he made her cum for the second time in minutes.  His cock was twitching now, the thought of that bringing him close.


Peter banged ferociously up her ass, the clamping sphincter battered, his balls bashed against her as he thrust frantically, holding back for as long as possible before slamming deep and collapsing ontop of her pinning her down.

“Yes, fuck, fuck, fuuuuckkKK! He cried.

She wailed incoherently as she came, cum flooding her bowels, the hot sticky load blasting deep.  Demi was shaking, her orgasm continuing, as he filled her with his third load of the day.  Peter was amazed how much cum he was still producing, these gorgeous women were driving him to new heights.


Peter lay there panting, he was spent, Demi shook, for a good minute longer her second orgasm continuing, before finally she relaxed, the climax over.

“Ohh fuck Peter, fuck that was soo intense” she gasped.

He eased from her ass, cum followed trickling down her leg.  She stood up, shaking her head and tossing her hair, she bent to pick up her bikini bottoms.  “Take a robe and go down the corridor, first left is the sauna, just relax in there” she said leaving.


Peter was exhausted, his body now ached, he took Demi’s advice, donning a robe he went down and into the sauna.  The hot steam took his breath for a few moments before he acclimatized to it.  Sitting back he closed his eyes, drifting off into a tornado of thoughts and memories about the past few hours.  He must have drifted more than he knew, the next thing he jumped awake, the door opening.

“Peter, you all relaxed again now, just one final treatment then for you today, follow me” Malene said leading him out.

He donned his robe, and then they walked to the next door, opening it to find a small office.  Sitting behind the desk was Keeley, and perched on the edge was Demi.  Keeley looked up from her computer screen.

“Peter!” she said, “hope you have enjoyed your time here, now one last thing before you go” she stood up, Demi did too.

Malene, Demi and Keeley stood in the centre of the room, Keeley leant in and kissed Malene, then she kissed Demi.  “Mmmm did you enjoy your 3 whores?” she said.

Malene was stripping off her uniform again, as Demi slid from her little black dress.  Keeley unfastened her blouse, and dropped it to the floor.  Malene tossed 3 cushions in front of Peter, and each knelt there in front of him.

“We want 1 more load Peter, 1 more hot load of your spunk all over our faces” Malene teased opening his robe and stroking his cock.  Keeley dipped her head and sucked on his now hard shaft, as Malene kissed Demi again.

“Ohh yeah Peter, paint us with your cum, I want it bad baby” Demi teased.

His robe fell to the floor, as he stood naked, all 3 babes in front of him, kissing or sucking on his cock.  Keeley took it deep into her throat, holding it there, before Demi did the same.

“Ohh Peter, we need that cum, please, please cum on us” Keeley begged.

Malene moved around behind him, as Keeley once again deep throated.  Malene now spread his ass cheeks and tongued his asshole.  His cock twitched hard, as her tongue flicked his ring, another new experience to cross off his list.

“fuuuck Malene” he gasped, as she feasted on his asshole.

Keeley deep throated, Demi sucked his balls, slurping up the watery spit running from Keeley’s mouth, they swapped and she used it to lubricate her throat as she eased it down. Malene moved back around to join the others as they stroked his shaft alternately, he was reaching the point of exploding.

“Right here!” Malene gasped opening her mouth, waggling her tongue.

All 2 knelt, cheek to cheek in front of him as he stroked hard, until a large blast of cum rocketed out and splattered on Demi’s forehead.  He switched and blasted Malene’s mouth and tongue, the Keeley’s cheek and right eye.  The remaining spurts were shared between all 3, until finally he was done.

“ohh Peter thank you” Keeley gasped, as Malene turned and licked her face.

Demi scraped the thick wad between her lips and savoured the taste before swallowing him.  All 3 continued to kiss and lick the cum from their faces as Peter sat there watching.

“Fuck girls, you are amazing” he said.

“Oh thank you Peter, we hope you enjoyed it, I am sure we could add you to our VIP list for future visits, we give a good discount” Keeley replied.

“Feel free to use the sauna again, the grab your clothes on the way out” Demi added.


Peter left them, still kissing and fondling each other, he was done, today had been wild and amazing, but he just needed to go home and rest now.  Gathering his clothes he dressed and left, again trying to act inconspicuous as he went out of the shop.

The drive home was a bit of a blur, and the quick shower before bed did not awaken him.  Peter collapsed into his pillow, content but worn out, whatever came tomorrow would have to be good to beat this he thought as he drifted off to sleep.



Peter got up late the next day, and wasn’t too disappointed to find the standard chocolate treat inside his calendar.  However there was a note attached, ‘wait for Saturday’ it said.  Whilst intrigued, the full on session from yesterday meant he was glad of a couple of days rest.


Peter caught up with his pre Christmas tasks, over the next 2 days, shopping for gifts and food before the day itself.  He wavered over opening the door ahead over time, but managed to resist.  When the morning finally arrived he was early to rise, and eager to see what was inside.

A small note read, Balmount Hotel, ask for Mrs Purple.  This was the most respectable hotel in the town, 5 stars all the extras, hugely expensive.  Peter walked off to get his coat, no time was given so I figured he would make an early start.   Catching the bus from outside his house, it was a short 25 minute ride to the stop in front of the Hotel.


Peter felt slightly self conscious when he walked into the Hotel, he wore a casual pair of trainers, T shirt and Jeans, whilst all of the other guests seemed better dressed.  Walking up to the desk a thin face man wearing the hotel uniform greeted him.

“Can I help you sir?” the man asked.

“please, my name is Peter Andrews, I’m here to see Mrs Purple” he said, somewhat confused by the name.

“Ahh Mr. Andrews, yes, we have been told to expect you, please head up to the 25th floor, the penthouse suite, you will need this key to access it via the lift” he was passed a black and gold swipe card.  “I will call ahead so that you are expected”


Peter swiped the card, and pressed 25 on the lift keypad, slowly he felt himself rising,  the lift continued upward, he counted off the floors until he reached 25.  The customary bing, followed by the doors opening.


“Come in Peter” a voice said, it was a womans with and American accent.

He stepped into the large open plan room, a large kitchen was to the right, and then a dining area spread out into a lounge.  Standing by the sofa was a curvaceous redhead, instantly Peter recognized her as Christina Hendricks, one of the stars of a TV show he watched, Mad Men.

“Uhh you’re” he stammered.

“yes, yes I am Peter” she replied.

Walking towards him she smiled, her hips swayed hypnotically, while her vast cleavage was on display in a tight black dress.  She stood in front of him, huge breasts rising and falling in nervous excitement.

“I am so pleased you are here” she said, leaning in to softly kiss a shell shocked Peter.

Her lips touched his, breaking his stupor, feeling them part and her slip her tongue into his mouth.  He reached his hands around pulling her closer, as she kissed him harder.

“Mmmmnn, eager, I love it” Christina purred as she broke their kiss.  “We have all day Peter, so enjoy yourself, let’s have some fun together”

His hands slid to the zip of her dress, easing it down as they kissed, all the way down to the base of her spine is slid.  She stepped back peeling down the straps and then stepping out of it, her incredible body shown off in a black underwear set.

“Like what you see Peter?  Show me what you’ve got” Christina teased.

Peter stripped off in record time, tossing his t-shirt aside, and unfastening his trousers.  Kicking his shoes off he was standing in his boxers, hard cock poking from the front.  He pulled them down and stood naked, hard 8 inch cock twitching upwards.

“Ohh yeah” Christina gasped looking at the thick shaft, “is that for me?”

He moved across, as she reached around unfastening her bra, those epic tits falling free.  The huge soft mounds of titty flesh were scooped up by Peters hands, bringing each nipple to his lips to suck.

“ohh fuck Peter yes, that’s so good” Christina gasped as he sucked and chewed on her hard nipples.

Peter rolled the big tits in his hands, squeezing them, playing with them, his face buried between them as he loved every second.  Christina had the largest breasts he had ever had the pleasure of playing with, huge soft boobs, so ripe for sucking.

“These are amazing” he gasped coming up for air.

“Want to fuck them?” she teased, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the bedroom.

Laying back on the bed, Christina squeezed them together.  Peter straddled her chest, hard cock sliding between them.  She opened her tits, spitting on his shaft, before closing them around it again.

“Fuck my big juicy udders Peter” she teased.

His hips started thrusting, pushing his cock back and forth.  Christina lay there looking up at him, hands crushing her breasts around his length.  Licking her lips she craned her neck up, and head forwards, her mouth open.  The first 2 inches of his cock popped between her lips with very stroke.

“Ohh fuck” Peter gasped, this new sensation driving him close to cumming

“Ohh do it Peter, explode all over my tits and face” Christina said, releasing her lips.

He leant backwards, thrusting his hips harder, cock really pounding those tits.  She was panting heavily, as Peter neared his climax, huge soft tits enclosing his near exploding cock.

“Sooo close” he gasped at Christina.

Switching around and leaning over her, her hands folded over her tits, crushing them so tightly around his dick as he pumped furiously.  Slamming forwards he roared in pleasure as his balls pumped cum up his shaft, flying from the head of his cock. The thick white rope of spunk splattered up her neck across her chin, up her face to her right eye.  The next pump followed, 2 large blasts up her face.

“Ohhh fuck!” Christina gasped blinking, her mouth wide tongue out.

His cum continued to splatter her face, finally easing back and bubbling down out of the top of her tits forming a milky pool in the valley of her neck.  She had a good dose in her mouth, right side of her face plastered.  Peter sat there panting, his balls spent,  she looked up eyes wide, cum slowly oozing down her cheek.

“Ohhh Peter, ohh that was nasty!” she said grinning, “I am soo horny now”

He moved back, sliding down her body, bending down he pulled off her knickers, spreading those legs wide he dove into her pussy with relish.  Pushing 2 fingers inside her wet slit, he clamped his lips over her clit, tongue going wild.  Her hips rose into his face as she gasped, breathless.

“Ohh fuck yeah Peter!” she gasped.

Peter relished the taste of her juices as he feverishly ate her pussy.  Her back arched, body taught as waves of pleasure ran through her.  Peter gripped her hips driving his tongue tighter to her clit.

“Fuuuckkk!!” she gasped.

He felt her body starting to climax, but felt that he could really drive her over the edge with a little extra stimulation.  Pulling his fingers from her pussy, he rubbed them over her clenched asshole before pushing them in.  Her hips bucked furiously as Christina came so hard.


He felt her asshole clench on his fingers, clamping on his knuckles as she came.  Peter swallowed fast as her juices flooded his mouth, a fierce gush of liquid blasting forth.  Christina was shaking, her body aching in pleasure as she came so hard,  the mouth on her pussy and fingers up her ass driving her wild with desire.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” she snarled as finally her orgasm subsided.

Peter lifted his head, his fingers released, moving back up her body, he kissed her hard.  Her tongue snaked with his as she tasted every drop of her own essence.  His cum was on her face, but in the moment Peter didn’t care, the salty taste adding to the moment.  Finally they broke their kiss.

“ohh Peter, you certainly know what you are doing” Christina gasped.

“Thanks, holy fuck you are incredible, I have no idea why all this is happening to me, but I can’t say no!” He replied.


Getting up from ontop of her, Peter sat on the edge of the bed, she moved to sit behind him, arms draped over his shoulders to his chest.  She kissed his neck lightly and ran her fingers over his pecs.  Peter turned and kissed her again, starting to become aroused once again.

“Mmm round 2 already Peter?” Christina teased, “Well  I am not gonna say no”

They started kissing, Peters hands running down her body, fondling those breasts, reaching her hips.  She lay back on the bed, ,Peter standing, pulling her towards him.  Looking up she stared straight into his eyes.

“Fuck me Peter Andrews” she purred, smiling.

Peter looked down in absolute amazement, Christina Hendricks, the woman he had seen and lusted over on his TV screen was laying in front of him, begging for him to fuck her.  He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and pressed his hard shaft into her pussy.

“Ohhh yeaah, fuck Peter, do it, do it” she gasped.

Peter held her hips as she hung her legs from the edge of the bed, pushing his hard shaft deeper and deeper.  Holding her tight he was now as deep as he could get inside of her.  Christina groaned as he thrust in and out, her pussy clamping tight on him.

“Faster Peter, ohh fuck yeah, fucking pound me” she groaned.

He held her tight and slammed in and out, hips driving deeply into her.  Those huge tits undulated back and forth with his strokes, her hands eventually falling on them.  She kneaded them firmly, tweaking the nipples, as he fucked her.  She was gasping and groaning her body loving the hard shaft thrusting in and out.

“Ohh fuck yes, oh fuck me Peter, fuck me harder” she gasped

His eyes focused on those 2 jiggling tits, they held his attention as he pounded his cock hard.  She growled, her body tensing again, as he slammed deep.  Her pussy clenched his dick, throbbing intensely as she came again.

“FUCK! FUUUCKKK YEAASSSSS!!” She growled, as he kept thrusting.

Christina arched her back lifting her enormous tits high.  Peter had his hands on her hips, slamming fiercely into her. She shook and twitched, waves of pleasure pulsing through her.  Christina’s arms slammed down on the bed as she howled in ecstasy.


Peter kept thrusting his balls tightening, he slammed so deep hot warm cum blasting into her pussy.  Eyes wide she gasped, the hot semen flooding her, fingers clutching the bed sheets as she came so hard.

“Fill me up Peter” she gasped as he came.

Collapsing forwards spent, Peter fell ontop of Christina, their lips met and he kissed her.  He lay ontop of her, as they kissed, recovering from his orgasm, her hands in his hair holding his head as their tongues danced.  Finally he pulled from her wet snatch, rolling over.

“Ohh Peter Andrews, that was amazing!” she said, “What a way to start my day!”


Christina got up and moved over to the bathroom, “I need a shower, feel free to use the one in the other bedroom Peter, then maybe we can have some brunch” she said.

“Thanks” he replied as she left.

Peter walked in the guest bedroom and found a fresh robe and towels, the warm water revived him as he took a long shower.  When he was done he put on his robe and came back to the main room.

Christina was sitting by the dining table with a matching robe on, she smiled at him, then there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” she said.

The door opened and one of the hotel workers came in pushing a large trolley.  Lots of platters of food were stacked on it, “Hope you are hungry?” Christina said.

The various items were served onto the table, “Thank you” he said as the worker left.

“So Peter, are you enjoying your festive gift?” Christina said.

“Hell yes!” he replied “But I still have no idea what it is all about”

“ohh Peter, don’t over think it, just enjoy the ride!” Christina replied.


They ate a lot, chatted some smalltalk, before finally they were done.  Peter got up and moved back towards the bedroom, “Guess I should get going” he said,

“Ohh I am not done with you yet Mr. Andrews” Christina replied, a glint in her eye, “Sit down over there and wait for me to come back” she said.



Peter sat in the large leather chair, waiting for around 15 minutes, finally Christina returned.  She wore a pink evening gown, huge tits squashed into a massive cleavage, it hugged every ample curve of her body, as he watched her walk towards him.

“What do you think then Peter?” She said smiling.

“Holy Fuck Christina, you are so beautiful” he replied.

“Screw beautiful, do you want to fuck me” she asked.

He opened his robe to show his hard shaft “What do you think?” he said.


Christina moved up and got down on her knees, She took his hard cock in her hand and stroked the head, her full red lips sank over his shaft as she sucked him.  Fingers tracing lightly over his balls, she flicked his head with her tongue, it twitched in her grasp.

“ohh Christina!” Peter gasped as she sank her mouth deeper.

His cock eased down her throat as she pressed her nose to his stomach, gagging she held him deep.  Peters fingers clutched the chair arms tightly as he struggled to hold back, Christina already had him on the edge of cumming.

“Ohh fuck easy, I am so close” he gasped.

Sliding back up she pulled his shaft out of her mouth, slapping his cock on her tongue she looked up at him.  “Ohh cum for me Peter, cum in my mouth” she teased.

Her lips returned to his shaft and she throated him harder, his hands found her hair and his hips thrust upwards.  She was now taking his thrusts, harder and harder Peter was on the verge of exploding.  Christina pushed him down, pulling her head back, mouth wide gasping.  His cock pulsed thick spunk squirting into the open orifice.  Her nostrils flared as each hot stream hit the roof of her mouth, until eventually the final for strands oozed from his tip.

“FUCK Christina” he panted collapsing back into the chair.

She knelt between his legs, looking up, mouth wide.  Swirling the thick white semen in her mouth she slowly closed her lips and swallowed.  Opening her lips to show every drop was gone, Christina winked at Peter.

“Mmmmm you taste divine” she said, “I need you hard again though”

She spread his legs and moved her hand to his shaft, she slowly stroked his softening shaft.  Peters legs shook as the sensitive head was stroked.

“Shit!” she panted.

“ohhh a little sensitive are we” she teased, lips returning to his dick.

One hand stroked his shaft as she sucked on is semi soft cock, the other ran her fingers to his ass, slipping one finger slowly into his ring, peters hips rose and his dick swelled instantly.

“Ohhh you filthy bitch” he groaned.

Christina fingered his ass while sucking and wanking his shaft, Peter got hard, as hard as he had ever been in his life.  She released his head from her mouth, and looked up at him, “Peter Andrews, you want to fuck me in the ass?” she asked.

HE was lost for words for a second, the nodded, still uable to reply.  She stood up and moved over to the couch, resting on the arm she bent over face in the cushion, head turned sideways to look at him.

“Don’t hang around Peter, I won’t wait forever” she teased.

Peter stepped up behind her, pushing the dress up over her hips, to reveal that round soft ass.  Spreading her cheeks he spat down, before pushing his head against her ring.  She hissed as his cock pushed in, the shaft stretching her wide,  Peter gripped the back of her dress for leverage as he drove balls deep up her back passage.

“OHHH FUCK!” she yells as Peter starts to thrust.

Christina leans forwards taking his whole length hard and deep, a low rumbling in her belly.  He started thrusting, shaft sawing in and out of her tight ass, Christina growled and gasped as her ass clamped tightly, her body feeling every movement.

“FUCK! OHH SWEET LORD!” Christina gasped as he picked up pace, “Gonna CUM!” she wailed.

Peter kept pumping as Christina came, his cock slamming deep into her ass.  She shook and bucked the waves of climax shaking through her.  Christina yelled and screamed as her climax peaked, body calming slightly as she came down.

“Ohhh fuck Peter, keep going, keep going” she panted.

Holding her waist tightly he slammed harder and harder, Christina propped herself up, those massive tits bursting to escape her dress. He pumped harder and harder.  Within a couple of minutes Christian came again, her body shaking even more furiously than before.

“OH! OHHHH FUCCCKKKK!” she howled, unable to take the stimulation.

Peter felt his balls swelling again, Christina was draining him, his hips were slamming so hard as his balls pulsed, thick jets filling her as. She screamed in climax as they came together, gaping in unison.


Peter ground his hips to her ass cheeks, finally sated he stood there crotch pressed tight.  She panted heavily as she calmed from her second orgasm.  Eventually Peter pulled out and sat back in the chair.  Christina eased herself up, straightening her dress.  She stood face flushed, huge tits barely contained.  Peter was drained, he admired her amazing body, but had no more to give.

“Christina you are incredible” he gasped.

“thank you Peter” she replied, “That was a great ass fucking, one of the best I have had in a while”

“My pleasure” he said smiling.

“Feel free to shower again before you go, I need to change out of this” she said, walking off to the bedroom.

Peter gathered his clothes and dressed, he would shower at home.  Leaving the Penthouse he left the keycard at the front desk.  The trip home was a good one, he couldn’t quite believe it, he had just fucked Christina Hendricks, one of his totally TV fantasy women.

There were only 5 days left until Christmas now, and Peter wondered what was in store for the last few doors he had to open



The next morning Peter was up early, his session with Christina had invigorated him,  the door opened and a normal chocolate treat fell out, guess he would have to wait a day.  Patience was wearing thin and Peter waited up that evening until midnight.  He opened the door and a card fell out.  Moonlight Club was written on it, and a time 10pm.  Peter knew this was the local strip club, and was eager to get there, but it was late tomorrow night until he was due to visit so he went back to bed.

Peter slept badly, waiting for the time to pass, before he finally got up and dressed.  Trying to kill the hours until the evening he watched some TV, but eventually the time passed and he got ready.


“Name” said the burly bouncer on the club door

“Peter Andrews” he replied

“Mr. Andrews yes you are expected” was the reply, as he stepped aside.



Peter walked in to the cloakroom, the pretty redhead behind the counter took his coat, “Please go to the bar and get a drink, your hostess will be here soon Mr. Andrews” she said.

He went to the bar and ordered a vodka and coke, standing there for only a few moments before a familiar voice said, “Hello Peter”

Sophie Howard stood in front of him, she wore a tight black basque her big tits crushed to an impressive cleavage.  Topped off with black stockings and suspenders her outfit was incredible.

“Glad you could make it, please follow me to the private room I have for you” she said.

Peter was led upstairs to a large is room, 2 normal chairs and sofa sat in front of a stage.  I long silver pole was in the middle, the lights dim as he sat down.  Sophie sat in the chair next to him.

“Ready for the show?” she asked.


The lights on the stage came up around the pole and a buxom blonde walked on.  She wore a similar corset to Sophie, long thing high boots the tops of her stockings and suspenders just showing above them.  The music started playing and she began to dance, slowly she moved around the pole, showing off every curve of her body.

She writhed and danced, slowly starting to peel off her clothes, the corset unbuttoned to reveal a big pair of fake breasts, she squeezed them around the pole sliding up and down.  Peter watched intently as she moved to the music, his cock raging hard in his trousers.

“You can wank” Sophie said looking across at his bulge.

Peter unfastened his trousers and started to stroke his hard shaft, his trousers falling to the floor.  Sophie looked across at him as she delved her fingers into her knickers.  The blonde kept on her dance routine, abandoning the pole and moving to the front of the stage.

“She’s hot isn’t she Peter” Sophie gasped, fingers moving faster.

Peter somehow recognized the blonde he just couldn’t quite place her, but his dick was throbbing as he stroked it.  She walked towards him, hips swaying, watching as he fisted his dick, grinning she stepped up and straddled him, easing her knickers to one side and sinking down onto his shaft.

“Ohh fuck” he groaned as she eased up and down in time with the music.

She rode him faster and faster, her tits bouncing in his face, he moved to suck them, she nodded permission and he feasted on her tits.  Her hips rose and fell, his cock pumped deep, Peter was seconds from cumming.

“I’m gonna cum” he gasped, giving her warning to get off.

“Cum in me” she whispered bending down, dropping her full weight onto his cock and grinding hard.

He held her hips, thrusting up with each spurt, balls pumping his load deep into her we hole. She leant back, tits high pushing down to meet him, taking each warm bolt of cum with pleasure.  Sophie was groaning, obviously cumming while watching them fuck.

“Ohh sweet Jesus” Peter panted when he was finished.

The music died down, and the blonde stayed sitting on his lap as his cock softened.  Sophie stood up and walked over to them “Peter meet Jen” she said.

Suddenly it clicked, Jennifer Ellison, she was in the lads mags back in the day.  Had made a couple of records and was in a soap opera.  Peter remembered her now, he gasped as she eased up from his dick, her juices glistening on his softening member.

“Hello Peter” Jen said, “Pleased to meet you”

“Ohh Jen, you are amazing” Peter gasped catching his breath.

“Than you, No Sophie has paid for 2 hours of me, so whatever you want I am yours” Jen said, “No limits” she added winking.

“I think we need to get that dick hard” Sophie said, “Maybe put on a show”

She knelt in front of Jen, peeling her panties off she buried her face in Jens pussy.  Sophie sucked hard draining Peters cum from her snatch.  Jen gasped the brunette bombshell, lips clamped tight to her cunt.  Peter watched intently as Sophie drained every drop.

“Ohhh fuck Sophie” Jen gasped.

Standing up Sophie turned to show Peter her mouth full of cum, swallowing it down she grinned, “We want you hard for us Peter” Sophie said.

Sophie took a bar stool from the back of the stage, winking at Jen she peeled down her panties and bent over.  Her huge tits strained in her corset, the glorious orbs struggling to get free.  Jen picked up a thick dildo from the bar and strapped it into play on her crotch.

“Fuck me Jen, show Peter how you want it” Sophie said.

Jen stepped up behind Sophie, she drummed the head of her strap on against her soft bum cheeks, then guided it in.  Sophie bit her lip hard, eyes wide, locked on Peter, she gritted her teeth, wincing as Jen thrust in.

“Ohh you whore, you are taking it so well” Jen said as she finally got all the length in.

“Fuck Peter, guess what?” Sophie panted, “She isn’t in my cunt!”

Peter was slightly stunned, Sophie had just taken the thick fake shaft up her ass, the look on her face said it must have hurt, but she was unflinching in her task of making him hard.

“Fuck Peter!” she snarled, “Fuck its big, fucking huge cock up my ass”

She stared at him intensely, “Bugger my asshole Jen, fucking make me scream, I want Peter Andrews to know that I am a whore, I am his whore and I will do ANYTHING to please him”

Jen gripped her hips and started thrusting, slowly at first, then building her pace.  Sophie gripped the stool tight, her huge tits now bursting to escape with every thrust.  Jen clutched at her corset for extra grip as her thrust got faster.

“SHIT! MOTHERFUCKER!” Sophie squealed as her ass was slammed.

Jen absolutely pounded Sophie, no holding back, deep powerful strokes, her crotch slapping loudly on her ass cheeks.  Peters cock started to twitch into life, the sight of the busty brunette getting her ass destroyed was so hot.  Sophie was screaming now, her body accustomed to the shaft, her cries now turning to wails of pleasure.

“OH! OH! OH! FUCK ME JEN! FUCKING RUIN ME!” she squealed.

Peter stroked his cock watching as Sophie came, her body shaking and twitching, Jen ramming deep up her ass.  Jen flicked her long hair back and stabbed ferociously as Sophie screamed in climax.

“YEEEAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!” she roared.

Jen pinned her to the stool as the final few bucks and thrashes of her body eased, Sophie collapsed forwards, gasping for breath.  Her huge tits were miraculously still in her corset, as she panted heavily.

“Enjoy that Peter?” Jen asked, easing out.

“Holy fuck! That was mental!” he replied.

She stepped out of her strap on and moved over to him, kneeling down she gripped his cock in her hand, “Need some help?” she said grinning.

Taking the head of his hard dick between her lips she softly sucked it, bobbing up and down in time with each stroke of her hand.  Peters hips rose trying to thrust deeper, she releases his shaft and sank her throat over him, deeper down until her lips touched his balls.

“Ohh Jen yeah suck him” Sophie teased, standing up and running her fingers through her hair.

She stood in full view of Peter, unfastening her corset, slowly teasing, dropping it to the floor.  Her huge tits dropped free, massive round orbs of goodness, nipples rock hard.  Jen throated his dick, spit dripping down his balls, until she eased up and moved down to them.  Slurping sluttily, she sucked on his plums, tongue teasing between his asshole and scrotum.

“Mmmmm Peter” she purred.

Sophie pulled on Jen’s strap on and moved to the sofa, sitting down she squeezed her breasts. “Jen come ride me” she said.

Jen got up and moved to Sophie, straddling the shaft and easing down.  Her hips ground tightly to Sophie as she started to rise and fall.  Sophie gripped Jens waist and helped her, watching those firm fake tits shake in front of her.

“ohh fuck Sophie, fuck that’s good” she gasped.

“Come fill her up Peter, fuck her ass now” Sophie said.

“What?” Peter said startled, he’d seen a DP in porn movies but never thought he would actually get to be in one.

“Fuck her up the ass while I fuck her pussy” Sophie said again.

“Ohhh yeah, fill me up Peter, I want both inside me” Jen groaned.

Peter Stepped up behind Jen her ass Cheeks moving up and down fast.  Sophie held her down as Peter spread them, his spit slit cockhead pushing into her ring.  Jen was breathless as his dick pushed in, held between them both she struggled.  Both her holes stretched wide until finally Peter found himself balls deep in her ass.

“Jen, you fucking whore!” he growled, shocking himself.

“Ohh fuck yeah I am” she gasped, “Now fuck me like one”

Peter and Sophie started thrusting, Jen bouncing back and forth.  Peter pulled out as Sophie thrust in, then he thrust in as she pulled out, pistoning both her slut holes.  She groaned and writhed between them, the stimulation driving her insane.

“ohh fuck, fuck, ohhh sooo gooodd” she gasped.

Peter could feel Sophie’s fake cock thrusting alongside him, through the thin membrane of Jens body, the sensation turned him on even more.  They fell into a rhythm, Jen building to an obvious climax within a few minutes.

“Ohhh fuckk, fucck yes, harder! HARDER!” she screamed.

Peter and Sophie both went as deep and hard as they could, his fingers clawed as her soft full ass cheeks, Sophie held her hips tight and slammed so hard.  Peter then grabbed her hair and twisted it into a pony tail, tugging hard, as she screamed and screamed in orgasm.

“YES!! FUUCKKK!! FUCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKKKK!!!!” she cried.

Peter was driving deep, his balls so close, no thought of stopping in his brain, just the need to cum hard in Jennifer Ellison’s asshole/

“YES PETER! YESSSS!!!” Jen cried as she felt the hot thick cum filling her bowels, his hips grinding so tight to her bum cheeks.

Sophie kept thrusting Jen twitching as Peter pumped his seed into her, she gasped and clamed from her climax just as Peter was spent.   They lay there panting, Jen sandwiched between Sophie and Peter.

“ohh fuck Peter, that was soo good” Jen gasped.

“Nasty boy!” Sophie said, looking up at Peter, “you came again”

He eased from her ass, standing back on shaky legs, Jen slowly lifted herself up her shiny juices still all over the shaft of Sophies strapon.  Leaning down she sucked it between her lips, savouring the taste of herself.

“mmmm Jen you really are dirty” Sophie said, “Turn around”

Jen span around and Sophie sat up, just like before she wanted Peters cum.  This time she spread Jens cheeks and set about sucking it from her ass.  Jen gasped as Sophies tongue delved into her ring, drawing the semen from her ass.  Sophie worked for a good few minutes before every drop she could get filled her mouth.

“Ohh she loves spunk” Jen said to Peter.

Sophie again showed him her treat, swirling it in her mouth before guzzling the salty mixture down. “Peter you taste amazing” she said.

Jen and Sophie now both stand in front of Peter, “Think you have 1 more load for us Peter?” Sophie asks.

“I think he does” Jen says, dropping down to her knees.

She took his soft dick in her hand and swirled the head with her tongue, he jumped as the sensitive head was flicked over and over.  Sophie grins and Moves behind Peter, she spreads his ass now and starts to tongue it.  Peter jerks forwards, soft dick deep in Jens mouth now, never having had his ass rimmed before.

“Ohh shit Sophie” he groaned “Never, never had that before”

She has his ass cheeks wide as Jen deep throats his cock, it’s starting to grow and get hard deep in her tight wet throat.  Sophie slides her finger up his ass now, and immediately his cock springs hard, at least 2 inches growing inside of Jens throat.

“Ohh yeah Peter” Sophie gasps, sensing he is rock hard.

Peter grabbed Jens hair and started throat fucking her ferociously, balls banging hard on her chin, spit oozing from the corners of her mouth.  Sophie moved her finger in and out as Jen knelt, hands behind her back, giving peter her throat.

“ohh take it, use that throat Peter” Sophie said.

Fingers twisted in her hair Peter was fucking Jens throat with abandon, no thoughts to her or what she was taking, just purely focused on his pleasure.  Sophie moved around to be next to Jen, opening those plump red lips, she waggled her tongue.

“Use me too Peter” she said, hands going behind her back.

He pulled from Jens mouth, she gasped and coughed, hard dick slipping easily into Sophies.  She swallowed him down with pleasure, his hands now holding her dark hair tight, hips thrusting hard.

Jen moved below Sophie sucking his balls as her thrust deep “Ohh fuck her Peter, throatfuck her hard”

Spit flooded down her body, as she gagged on him, thick streams trickling down her tits.  She gave her throat to him, Peter thrusting deep, his balls smashing against her chin every time.  Reaching around he grabbed her head and pulled it onto his cock, grinding it trying to get ever deeper into her throat.

“Ohhhh fuck Sophie!” he groaned.

His balls were fucking ready to burst again, Peter pulled his dick out and fisted it furiously, “Gonna cum” he groaned.

Jen moved her face next to the gasping Sophie, “Fucking drown us Peter!” she said.

Peter exploded, a huge blast splattering Jens forehead, she gasped at the force.  Another bolt this time over Sophies right cheek.  Again he came, Jen getting a thick strand in her mouth.  Peter drenched them both, Sophie and Jen kneeling taking everything he had.

“FUCK! FUCK!” he gasped as he shot his load over them, watching the 2 gorgeous women loving every shot of his cum.

Eventually his third load was spent, and Peter stood, trembling.  Sophie and Jen moved to a long kiss, sharing his cum, before turning back to him.

“Ohh Peter, thank you baby” Sophie said, “Jen has earnt her money today”

“Yeah, you got full value today Peter, but I actually enjoyed it as well” Jen added.


Both stood up and started to find their clothing, while Peter dressed,  no thought for cleaning their faces they seemed happy to leave his cum on them as he watched them.  Finally he was ready, as Sophie and Jen moved to the back door of the room.

“Thank you again Peter, hope you have a great Christmas,” Sophie said. “who knows what else Santa might bring you?”

Shaking his head, Peter left, the doorman had a knowing look on his face as Peter walked past him, returning home from a very eventful evening.  Peter crashed out almost immediately upon getting home, drained by both women but happy to be drained.




Peter opened the next morning’s calendar door, and a note fell out,  “Be at home for midnight Christmas eve” was all it said.  Peter folded it up, only 2 days to wait he thought,  plus after last night’s exertions he could fully recharge for whatever that might bring.



He visited the local pub early on Christmas eve but was home before 11, and had a shower to freshen up.  He sat nervously waiting until the clock ticked past midnight, to Christmas day.  Almost immediately there was a knock at the door.

“Hello Peter” said the brunette standing there when he opened it.

“Hello” Peter stammered recognizing her straight away.  It was Lucy Pinder, Nuts cover girl and a wank target of his since she first appeared.  Possibly the one woman in the world he lusted over more than any other,”Come in Lucy”

“Thank you, no need to introduce myself I see” she said.  Lucy wore a long dark coat as she stepped inside, Peter’s eyes following her in. carrying a small suitcase she set it down in the hallway.

Once inside she waited for Peter and then unfastened the buttons of her coat, peeling it off she stood in a matching red bra and panties set, Christmas themed, along with short knee high stockings.  Dropping her cost to the floor she moved and put her hand behind Peters head, drawing him in for a kiss.

“Happy Christmas Peter Andrews” she said.


He slid his hands around to her ass, pulling her tight, she gasped in the kiss as her squeezed her bum cheeks hard.  Peter kissed her harder, those years of sexual excitement making him eager.  Breaking the kiss she stepped back, smiling.

“Well then Peter we have until dawn to make your Christmas wishes all come true” Lucy said.

She reached around and unfastened her bra, allowing those magnificent tits to fall out.  Peter s eyes were wide, he couldn’t believe he was here, Lucy Pinder, Lucy fucking Pinder, standing in front of him, about to let him fuck her.  Swiftly his hands went to her breasts, drawing one to his lips he sucked then chewed on her nipple.  She groaned as he mauled them quite roughly.

“sorry” he said releasing the nipple from his mouth.

“Nooo Peter, don’t stop, ohh fuck I love that” she gasped.

His hands crushed her tits again, as she kissed him, then he slipped his fingers from his left hand down her body and into her knickers.  Her pussy was soaked, as he found her clit.

“Ohh fuck Peter, whatever you want, I am here, your Christmas fantasy fuck” Lucy gasped, “All those times you have wanked over me, now is your chance to make those dreams a reality”

Peter broke their embrace and shifted Lucy over to the sofa, bending her over the arm he yanked down her panties.  Unbuckling his belt he dropped his trousers, hard cock in his hand stroking it.

“Anything?” she groaned.

“Anything” Lucy replied, looking back over her shoulder at him.

He rubbed the hard head of his dick over her asshole, pressing it hard she gasped as he pushed in.  No spit, no lube just cock in her ass, Lucy squealed as he pushed deep.  Peter was beyond his normal boundaries, the lust for his pin up crush driving him.

“Fuck Peter!” Lucy growled as his dick shoved deep.

His hand twisted her hair, holding her head down as his other delved into her pussy, fingers rubbing her clit.  His cock was balls deep now as he started to hump her ass.  Hips just pulling out slightly and them slamming back deep, he rutted Lucy’s asshole.

“Oh, oh, Ohhhh fuck!” she panted, her ass stretched, feeling every single inch of him.

Peter gripped her hair tightly and pulled her upright more, her body arched.  He gripped those long brown locks in both hands and fucked her ass harder, slapping in and out.  Lucy gasped as his motion increased, the ferocity of his actions slightly startling her.  Peter was ramming her ass as hard as he could now, her huge tits bouncing up and down.

“Fuckk, ohh fuck Lucy, fuck I’m gonna cum” he gasped, the moment too much for him to stop.

He pulled from her ass, pushing her down onto her knees, just in time as he held his exploding cock in front of her face.  Thick cum shot across her forehead making a long white wave of semen, before the second and third bolts hit her nose and cheek.  Lucy’s eyes were wide, mouth open, tongue out as Peter emptied his balls all over her face.

“Do it Peter, cum on my face” she said, encouraging him.

The final few drops drained from his dick as he stood on tip toes, wiping it on her face.  He gasped and shook, the moment subsiding, looking down at Lucy below him.  She made the horniest, ‘I am your slut” eyes at him as she looked up, before he stepped back and sat in the chair.

“Ohh Lucy, I’ve never, oh did I hurt you?” He said realizing how rough he had been.

She grinned, wiping a thick streak from her face, into her mouth, tasting then swallowing it. “Peter, no, no, it was fine.  In fact if you can keep going like that all night, you got me in the mood for it now, so don’t hold anything back.  All those dirty porn films you’ve wanked over, let’s make them real tonight” Lucy replied.

“Fuck, this is literally my dream Christmas present, Lucy Pinder asking me to fuck her like a pornstar” Peter replied.

She sat on the sofa opposite him, cleaning his cum from her face, Peter moved to get between her legs tongue going into her wet pussy, as she lay back gasping.  He sucked hard on her clit, fingers pushing between her lips and into her wet hole.  Rubbing them in and out she groaned squeezing her own breasts tightly.

“Ohhh fuck yes Peter, let me cum on your face, like you came on mine” she gasped.

He kept fingering her, tongue flicking that bud, as she groaned as growled above him.  Thighs gripping his head she got closer and closer to a climax.  Finally she came, hot juices pouring down his face, he swallowed avidly, savouring every drop of it.

“Ohhh FUCK! FUCK YESSS!!! YESSSSS!!!” she screamed, body tense, shaking.

Peter guzzled all of Lucy, drinking down as much as he could, the warm liquid re energizing him, his cock hardening as she finally calmed.

“Ohhh Peter, thank you” she gasped laying back panting.

He moved up her body until he lay ontop of her, Peter kissed her hard, sharing her juices.  She kissed him back, tongue delving into his mouth as they lay there for several minutes just kissing.

“Fuck me Peter, I want that hard cock inside me” she gasped breaking their kiss, as Peter looked down.

He eased his hard dick between her pussy lips, the slick wet hole sucking him in, wanting that cock inside, pulling him deep.  Peter groaned, his dick now buried inside Lucy, he lay their hands either side of her head, noses almost touching, staring straight into her eyes.  Thrusting in they locked gazes for several minutes, no words exchanged, just in the moment of the act.

“Ohh Peter, ohh fuck me, fuck me hard” she gasped as his hips increased their speed.

Peter watched, propped up on his arms as her big tits bounced back and forth, they swayed so hypnotically as he fucked her sweet wet pussy.  Her legs wrapped around his body drawing him deeper as she started to cum again, body tensing, a spasm of orgasm hitting her.

“OH PETER!!” she gasped as she came, “FUCKME! FUCK ME!”

Peter watched her face, her eyes were rolling up in their sockets as her body filled with pleasure, her wet cunt clutched and sucked him in as he thrust deep.  Lucy’s tits were quivering as she howled in climax, body overloaded with sensations.


Peter couldn’t hold back his hips going crazy, balls so close to release, “Cumminggggg! He groaned.


He drove deep, pumping semen inside of Lucy, she growled in the final moments of orgasm as he gasped and emptied within her.  Each thick pulse filling her cunt with his cum, as she shook and trembled below him.

“Ohh fuck LUCY!” she gasped, finally spent.

Peter collapsed ontop of Lucy, panting, she lay there spent, both gasping for breath.  Lucy’s hands moved to peters hair pulling him close and kissing him deep, she grinned breaking the kiss, “ohh Peter, fuck that was good” she said.

Easing from her pussy he rolled over and sat next to her on the sofa, turning her head he did likewise. “ohh Lucy, sweet lord how is this happening” he said.

“Christmas Magic Peter” Lucy replied, “Don’t ask, just go with it”


Running her fingers through her hair Lucy stood up, “I need a drink,” she said, walking towards the cabinet, full of spirits.

“Ohh so sorry, where are my manners” Peter replied “What would you like”

“Vodka and coke” she answered.

He still couldn’t keep his eyes off her near naked body as he poured her drink,  Lucy grinned as he appreciated every curve. “Sooo Peter, what you want to do next?” she teased.

“ohh fuck Lucy, I have so many things,” he said.

“Well we have a few hours till morning, so let’s see what we can do” she replied.

“Well it should have been how we started Lucy, but can I fuck those famous tits of yours” he said, “I have wanked so many times thinking of it”

“Oh Peter, it would be my pleasure, how would you like me”

“Let’s go into the bedroom” he said, leading her out.


They reached the bedroom, “Lay back Lucy” Peter said.

He straddled her body as she lay on the bed, dick rock hard, he slapped it on her tits.  Pushing it between her big breasts, she lifted her head up, licking her hand and smearing her spit on her tits.   Grinning up she gripped a breast in each hand, squeezed them together, the soft skin gripped his cock, the light lube from her spit helped, but he was still gripped tightly as he started to thrust.

“Ohh fuck these tits Peter, live out your dream” she gasped as he started to rock back and forth.

He held her shoulders down with his hands, hips thrusting faster and faster, Lucy looking up at him, eyes wide, licking her lips.  He big tits felt so good as he pumped between them, better, oh so much better, then he had ever imagined.

“Feel good Peter? Do my big soft tits feel good on your cock” she teased.

“Ohh Lucy, gonna cum again, gonna cum soon” he groaned.

“Ohh do it Peter fill that cleavage with your spunk!” she gasped.

Rolling her tits together as he pumped between them, she stimulated him so much, he was seconds from cumming.  He jerked hard, cum pumping between her big breasts, pushing his spurting dick up it blasted between her tits, spraying her chin and pouring down into the hollow of her neck.

“Fuck! FuuuckkkK!!” Peter roared as his dick pulsed, Lucy craned her neck back up to see him cum, and was treated to a blast in her mouth for her trouble.

He gasped and eased back the final few spurts between her tits, Lucy releasing them from her grasp, the thick puddle running down towards her belly button as Peter pulled his dick out.  Slapping the softening shaft on one nipple then the other he wiped the final few oozing spurts on them

“Ohh Peter, still so much cum” Lucy said.

“Lucy, you are my fantasy fuck, I think I could cum for days with you” he replied half laughing.

“Damn that was a good load” she replied, looking down her body at the mess he had made.  She sat up the cum running down over her breasts and stomach, catching in her navel.

“Let me get changed quickly, then maybe we have some more fun” she said, “I brought a couple of outfits”

“Ohh man, please Lucy, let me get your case” Peter said, moving back to the lounge.

“Thank you” Lucy replied.

Peter brought her case back and placed it on the bed, leaving her to change for a couple of minutes he went back to the lounge to wait.  Sitting down and having a drink, he was simply bewildered by what was happening.  Lucy Fucking Pinder, how was he doing this, why was it happening, Peter was totally gobsmacked.



Lucy walked into the living room, black bra, knickers and stockings, matching black high heels topped off the outfit.  Peter’s jaw dropped, her body was incredible, she was an absolute dream.

“Sweet lord Lucy, you are so gorgeous” he said.

“Why thanks Peter” she replied.

Once again the lust overtook him, Lucy was driving him insane.  Standing up he pulled her to him, kissing her hard.  Her hand ran to his crotch stroking him, as he became hard.  Pulling her over to the dining table he bent her over, running his hands down her body, yanking her knickers down.  She gasped as he thrust into her wet pussy, gripping her hips tight.

“Fuck me Peter” she gasped as he started pumping.

Peter was slamming his cock deep into her snatch, crotch slapping on her ass cheeks, Lucy gripped the table and lay face sideways gasping.  He pumped fast, hips driving his cock deep. Groaning she lay there giving her wet slit to him, as Peter drilled hard.

“yes Peter, take me, take me hard” she gasped.

He raised his hand and slapped her ass cheek, she squealed, looking back at him, “Fucking spank me Peter” she gasped.

He slapped her hard again, then a third time her soft cheek reddening, Lucy growled with each stroke, her pussy getting wetter and wetter.  Peter thrust deep, loving every second of this, the hot brunette bent over, begging  him to take her, he was in heaven.

“FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she howled her body peaking.

Lucy came, her pussy clenched, Peter pumping hard, she shook and shuddered as she did so.  Peter kept thrusting as she thrashed below him, body climaxing ferociously.  His hands gripped her ass cheeks tight, clawing at them hard.


“Fuck you Pinder” he snarled driving on, thumbs spreading her cheeks wide.

She growled back, “Fuck you too”

Sliding back he pressed against her tight ring, wanting her ass for the second time.  She gasped as he pressed in, her slick pussy juices helping him slide deep.  Barely missing a thrust he was slamming deep up her ass now, the same as her pussy.

“Shiiiiiiittttt!!!” Lucy squealed, her passage filled with cock, teeth clenched, spit spraying on the table as she took him all the way.

She was so tight, Peter wanted this to never end.  He was thrusting furiously Lucy gasping and clutching at the table top as he rutted deep.  The busty brunette took his cock up her ass, hard and fast as Peter rutted furiously.

“Well some things never change!” said a voice from behind them.

“what the fuck!” Peter said spinning around to see who was in his house.

A gorgeous blonde stood there, long dark coat, beaming smile, “Michelle!” Peter gasped, recognizing Lucy’s former glamour pal.  She was leaning against the door, watching as he stood there cock up Lucy’s ass, a look of shock on his face.

“The door was unlocked, hope you don’t mind” Michelle said.

“Fuck my ass!” Lucy snapped, as Peter had stopped, “Fucking so close, keep going!”

“Don’t mind me, I love a good show, Lucy has that look in her eyes, I know this is gonna be a good one” Michelle added.

Peter turned back to Lucy gripping her hips tight and slammed deep, he pulled out, nearly to his tip and then slammed again. Over and over these deep hard strokes, Lucy lurching forwards with each one.  Michelle moved around to his field of vision, she had removed her coat and he could see her, she wore a tight black corset and small black knickers, her huge boobs squashed together overspilling the top in an amazing cleavage.

“Yeah fuck her Peter, fuck her hard, she loves it up the ass” Michelle said, bending down to look straight into Lucy’s face.

“Do IT!!” Lucy cried, as Peter started ramming hard.

“My little whore, oh how I’ve missed our fuck sessions” Michelle said kissing Lucy.

Lucy was screaming now, a full blown orgasm tormenting her body, she bucked and twitched cumming so hard, howling in pleasure as her ass was buggered.  Michelle watched, fingers in her pants, rubbing her pussy watching Lucy cum.


Peter kept pumping her sphincter clasping him so tight, he really slammed with all his weight into her as she came so hard.  Michelle licked her lips as Peter collapsed onto a spent Lucy, her body drained of pleasure, a hard cock deep in her bowels.

“Ohh fuck” she gasped, “fuck that was so good”

Michelle dropped to her knees beside Peter “Let me taste her” she said grinning.

Peter pulled from Lucy’s asshole, Michelle hoovering his shaft straight between her lips, ravenously sucking him.  Lucy sighed her ass empty, looking back at Michelle on her knees sucking Peter off.

“Ohh Chelle, I am so glad you made it” Lucy said, turning around and kneeling beside her.

She moved to suck Peters balls, while Michelle deep throated his shaft, a sloppy double blow job beginning. Michelle had him deep in her throat, gagging and choking, spit running from her mouth down over his balls. Lucy teased him with her tongue, slurping up all of Michelle’s spit as it ran down.  Michelle eased up from his shaft, and grinned, looking down at Lucy hovering up her spit.

“Ohh you are nasty” she gasped, as Lucy released his balls from her lips.

Looking down at the brunette Peter watched as she opened her mouth showing off the big pool, swirling her tongue she swallowed every drop of Michelle’s spit down, finishing with a smile.

“Stand up Lucy” Michelle said.


They stood in front of peter, as he stroked his rock hard cock, kissing each other.  This was the kind of porn kiss you saw in the girl girl movies, tongues dancing as they made out.  Lucy then moved behind Michelle, unfastening her corset, her huge tits flopping free.  They bounced amazingly as they dropped down to her chest, free from confinement.  Lucy dropped her bra to the floor as the stood boob pressed to boob in a classic model pose, before kissing again.

“Ohh Peter, we have about an hour left, let’s make the most of your 2 fantasy babes” Lucy said.

His cock was so hard, and he was beyond almost reason at this point.  He moved and kissed them both, before pushing Michelle down into the chair.  He pulled her knickers off and picked up her legs by the ankles, bending them up to touch the back of the chair.  Michelle was folded in half, pinned in place as Peter slammed into her pussy. She took him deep, her slit wet from watching him fuck Lucy.

“Peter!” Lucy gasped watching him force down into Michelle, “fucking filthy bastard”

Michelle was getting rammed, Peter dropping his whole body down onto her, cock driving so deep. He was fucking Michelle furiously, as she gasped below him.  Lucy moved beside him, arm on his shoulder, leaning in to kiss him hard.  She watched Michelles face screw up in pleasure as Peter slammed so hard into her.

“Ohhh fuck me Peter, fuck me soo hard” Michelle gasped.

Peter kissed Lucy, then grinned, “is she a whore like you” he said to her, Lucy nodded “oh yeah” she replied.

Peter pulled out from her pussy, and rammed deep up Michelle’s ass.  Her legs tried to kick free, the shock of his girth stretching her asshole making her howl. He pinned her down dick pumping hard, never even breaking his rhythm for 1 second.  Michelle was breathless, his dick had slammed all the way balls deep, her ass filled with meat, she struggled to catch her breath.

“Fuck that ass Peter, fuck her hard” Lucy said encouraging him.

His hands held her legs up, tight to the chair back. Michelle was pinned down, as he buggered her furiously.  Lucy reached in squeezing Michelle’s tits, ass he looked up eyes wide at Peter.

“Do me Peter, do me hard” she gasped.

Lucy slid her fingers down and started to finger fuck Michelle, her thumb rubbing her clit fast.  Peter was ass fucking her so hard, she was groaning and squealing loudly.  Juices sprayed from her pussy as Michelle came, out of nowhere orgasming.  Lucy kept pumping her fingers in and out as the hot warm juices spurted over peter.

“FUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKKKKK!!!” Michelle screamed as she came.

“Nasty, nasty slut!” Lucy snarled as she felt Michelle tensing and shaking in climax

Peter was so close now, his cock almost ready to cum, he groaned looking down at Michelle below him. “gonna cum” he gasped.

“Ohh Peter, cum in my mouth” Lucy gasped dropping down next to him, opening it and waggling her tongue.

He pulled form Michelle’s asshole, slamming his spurting dickhead between her lips.  She sealed them around his shaft and milked his balls as he came.  Her mouth filled with thick salty cum peter gasping as she squeezed every drop from him.  He stepped back as she knelt there, mouth open full of his semen.

“Holy Fuck” Michelle panted as he released her, she lay there gasping as Lucy stood up.

Lucy leant over Michelle, gripping her chin and forcing her mouth open.  She slowly spat the thick jizz down between Michelle’s lips, filling her mouth.  The long gooey strand plopping over and over onto Michelle’s tongue.

“Ohh Michelle, he tastes divine” Lucy gasped her mouth empty.

Michele lay back closing her lips swirling Peters semen in her mouth.  She opened wide again showing it to him, before swallowing the lot. “Mmmmmm yes Lucy, he does” she said.

“Sit back Peter, let’s give you one last show, get you hard for a final fucking” Lucy said.

Pulling Michelle up she led her around to the chair, bending her over the back of it, big tits hanging down as Lucy went into the bedroom.  She returned quickly clutching a nice thick dildo, she sucked it, then passed it to Michelle who did likewise.

“Want to watch me fuck her?” Lucy teased, before strapping the shaft in place.  It was a nice 8 inches long and quite thick.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Lucy just like we used to in all those hotel rooms we shared on the modeling trips” Michelle said looking back over her shoulder.

Lucy moved behind Michelle, holding her hips she eased into her pussy.  Michelle looked at Peter, eyes locked on him as Lucy pushed deep.  Her big tits started swaying as Lucy built up speed, settling into a rhythm.

“Turn you on Peter?” Michelle teased, “Seeing your 2 wank whores fucking each other?”

“ohh shit I have dreamt of this so many times” he said sitting on the sofa stroking his cock, trying to get hard again.

“yeah, take it Chelle, take it baby” Lucy gasped as she rutted hard, her fake shaft delving deep into her dripping cunt.

Michelle was locked onto Peter, eyes wide as she was fucked, she watched him wanking his soft cock, furiously trying to bring it to life.  Her huge tits slapped forwards and back as Lucy picked up her pace.  She was totally fucking Michelle as hard as she could, hips slamming tight against her ass cheeks.

“keep fucking me” Michelle gasped through gritted teeth, as Lucy pumped hard. “look at me Peter, look at me while I cum” she gasped, obviously close.

“Ohh Michelle, ohh fuck that’s hot” Peter replied watching her.

“OH! OH! OH! YESSSSS!!!!” Michelle growled her hips shaking as she came again, her pal fucking her pussy hard.

Lucy held her hips tight and jerked deep as Michelle bucked forwards, those huge breasts swaying madly.  Peter felt his cock growing, the sight of Michelle Marsh getting fucked by Lucy Pinder, making him rise to the occasion.

“FUCK! FUCK YESSSS!!” Michelle screamed, her climax peaking.

Lucy held her down to the chair back as she shook, her body quivering in pleasure, the final few thrusts of her shaft setting Michelle off again.

“YEEAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!” she wailed.

Lucy eased from her pussy as she stood legs shaking, the final moments of her orgasm flowing from her body.  She grinned standing there, Michelle dropping to her knees sucking her own juices from the fake shaft.

“Ohh fuck you nasty girl” Lucy said as Michelle finally stood up.

“Ohhh shit, I am so hard again” Peter said, stroking his dick slowly.

“One last time then Peter, let’s finish in style” Lucy said. “I bet you’ve never done this before”

She stepped out of the strapon and passed it to Michelle who fixed it to her crotch, “You gonna do what I think, Luce?” Michelle said.

“Yeah Chelle, you know me too well”, Lucy replied.

Michelle sat back in the chair, wanking the fake dick, Lucy turned to face Peter, straddling the chair arms and sitting across them.  She eased her ass back and Michelle spread her cheeks as she eased down onto the strap on.  Lucy looked right at Peter as she lowered her ass down, the thick shaft stretching her wide.  Michelle held her hips and guided her down until she sat on it, legs spread wide draped across the chair arms.

“Ohh fuck Peter, cum fill me up, put that dick in my cunt” Lucy said.

Peter stepped up and rubbed his cock over her pussy lips before easing in, his cock stretching her pussy as she took both inside of her.  Lucy gasped, reveling in the fullness of her body, hands on his chest as he made it deep inside.

“Ohh fuck peter, fill me up, fuck my holes” Lucy gasped.

Peter started thrusting, as did Michelle, both of them pumping into Lucy. squashed between them both she rocked as the shafts drove in and out.  Peter looked at her, her face was full of pleasure as she felt every last inch inside her.

“Oh fuck me Peter, fuck me hard” she gasped.

Michelle held her waist as she thrust up into Lucy’s ass, while peter held the chair arms leaning back slightly allowing himself to have a full view of Lucy.  She was bouncing up and down, big tits jiggling as they fucked her.

“OH STOP! STOP PETER!” she shouted.

Immediately he stopped thrusting, looking at her slightly worried, what was wrong.

“Ohhh fuck I need it bad, I need it nasty Peter, can you do it nasty to me?” she teased.

He relaxed, she was just messing with him, thank God for that.  He started thrusting.

“NO!” she snapped, “nasty……”

“What do you want Lucy” he said.

“Take your dick from my pussy” she said to him, her eyes locked on his face, to see his reaction, “and put it in my ass too”.

Peters eyes went wide, had he just heard right.  He’d seen one movie on the net where a girl took 2 dicks up her ass, she had fucking screamed like a banshee.  Now Lucy Pinder, was asking him to do that to her.

“Whattt?” he stammered.

“You heard her Peter” Michelle said, “Join me in her ass”

“FUCK!” he gasped easing out, “You nasty whore”

“Yeah I am a fucking nasty whore, you’re nasty Christmas whore, now finish this in style.  Peter Andrews I want 2 cocks up my ass” she purred.

Peter pressed his head next to Michelle, against Lucy’s ring.  It didn’t want to give.

“You need to mean it Peter, where is that animal that fucked me when I first arrived” Lucy said, looking at him.

He pressed again this time harder, until finally the sphincter burst and his head popped in.  Lucy howled, her ring invaded, Legs quivering as he pushed in.  Michelle gripped her tits, holding her in place as Peter pushed balls deep in her ass next to Michelle.

“SHIT! SHIT! MOTHERFUCKER!” Lucy growled, her teeth clenched.

Peter held her legs, hands on her thighs holding them wide as he started to thrust, slowly easing a few inches in and out. She growled loudly as her stretched wide ass started to get fucked.

“Ohh sweet lord Lucy!” Peter gasped as she took both in her back passage.

He started to thrust now, more confident she could take it, his dick raging a=hard next to Michelle, who also began to move.  They alternated their thrusts one in one out, like 2 pistons working her ass.  Her arms clutched the arms of the chair tight, knuckle white where she gripped so hard.

“FUCKKK!!!” she howled as they pumped her.

Peter was thrusting hard now, watching Michelle crush Lucy’s amazing tits in her hands.  Lucy was gasping her body stretched to its limit. She was shaking her head growling loudly as they both fucked her.

“FUCK YOU!” she snapped at Peter, “FUCK YOU PETER!”, she looked up at him as he leant into her for a kiss, she spat on his face, “Dirty fucking bastard!” she snarled.

He was shocked as she spat on him again, eyes full of fire.  Something in the act set Peter off, his hands clasped her thighs tightly as he rammed furiously. This bitch was gonna get it now, the shackles were off.

“FUCK! FUCK FUUUCKKKKK!!” Lucy wailed, her body climaxing as he rutted harder.  Peter was slamming balls deep over and over, as her asshole clenched so tightly on him.

“Fucking whore” he gasped, thumbs digging into her soft thighs as he held her there shaking.

“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” She snapped as she came so hard.

Michelle was twisting her nipples hard, Lucy really getting the full treatment, as they fucked her asshole.  Her body was shaking violently as they drilled her ass, both pulling out together now, driving down deep, 2 shafts stretching her so wide.

“”FUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!” Lucy yelled, her first orgasm slightly easing.

“Fuck you bitch” Peter hissed, his cock driving faster, “You fucking nasty whore!”  he spat on her, she looked up eyes wide, the thick spit running from her forehead and nose.

“FUUUCKKKK” she snarled, teeth clenched, as his dick drove so deep.

“Filthy anal whore!” He spat again, Lucy spat back.

Peter was beyond his limits here, Lucy having taken him to a sexual level he had never considered.  Hips thrusting wildly she hook and quivered, her body climaxing again.

“YES!!!! FUCK!  FUCKKK!! YESSSSS!!!” she howled.

Peter looked down, Lucy’s eyes were white, they had rolled right back up into her head as she came again.  The pleasure and intensity of her second climax almost too much.  Michelle crushes her tits in her hands, nails digging into the soft titty flesh.  Lucy is howling, screaming so loudly as she cums, her body thrashing wildly.


Peter watched as she recoverd, her body calming, he eased back, she is panting her face glistening with sweat as she looks up at him. Grinning he readies himself to cum, wanting one final load before this all ends.  Lucy seems to sense this, “Cum on our faces” she purrs.

Peter steps back, cock free of her ass, the ring clenching over Michelle’s shaft, before Lucy lifts herself up and onto her knees.  Michelle joins her below Peter, heads together, cheeks touching as they look up.

“Cum on us Peter, fucking give us that cum” Michelle says, “Ohh fuck, we want it sooo bad” Lucy gasps, catching her breath.

Peter jerks fast, moments from his eruption.  They look up eyes wide, tongues out.  He roars as the thickest biggest spurt of cum he has ever produced splatters Lucy’s face..  It hits her square on the forehead, splatters wide coating the bridge of her nose and running into her eyes.  She squeals, forcing her eyes open as his second and only slightly smaller bolt fly across and splattered Michelle’s right cheek and eye, clinging to her eyelashes.

“Motherfucker!” Lucy gasps as his next spurts bathe them both.

Peter is a one man cum machine, impossibly so after all the loads he has already produced.  His balls are relentless, cum splashing over then both as the kneel panting, speechless.  Lucy’s eyes are swimming in cum, her eyeballs moving below the thick pools.  Michelle blinks hard trying and failing to clear her vision.

“Ohh sweet lord” Peter gasps, his cock finished, not a drop of cum left. He collapses back onto the sofa.

Lucy and Michelle sat there, unmoving “Peter, get your phone, take some pics” Lucy gasps, “You want to remember this moment”

Peter grabbed his phone from the side and stood above them, clicking away.  Lucy and Michelle look up at him, cum covered faces, as he takes his pictures.  Peter switched to video mode for a minute, recording every amazing second of them, as the started to kiss and lick each other clean.

For 5 wonderful minutes Lucy and Michelle sucked every drop of cum from each other, hoovering each pearl like droplet in.  They sat mouths wide, playing with it for the camera before swallowing down.

“ohh fuck, could I get some pics of your tits too?” Peter asked.

“Peter for you, whatever you want” Lucy replied.

The final few minutes before the sun hit the window were spent by peter snapping and videoing Lucy and Michelle, close ups, shots of them in modeling poses filled his phone, but as soon as sunrise hit, Lucy started to gather her clothes together.

“Peter Andrews, tonight has been my pleasure” she said, getting dressed and putting on her coat.  “I hope you will never forget these past few weeks”.

“Lucy, Michelle, that was the most incredible few hours of my life, and I have had a few of those over the last few days.  But this, it was incredible.” He replied.

Lucy then Michelle kissed him on the cheek, before they left, “happy Christmas Peter” they said walking down the path, to the cab that was waiting for them



Peter walked back into his lounge and sat there, time past and he didn’t move.  He was totally bewildered about the whole experience.  Blinking as the phone rang he moved to answer it.

“Hi Mum, yes yes I am on my way” he stammered.

Looking up the clock said 11am, he had been sat there for hours, his mind spinning, recalling every blissful moment of his Christmas delight.  Quickly he showered and started to dress, he was already late for Christmas lunch with his family.

Just as he was about to walk out of the bedroom he saw a glint of white on the floor.  Bending down he picked it up, it was a card on the front was a hotel, the Calypso, its address was in the Caribbean, the island of Barbados.  On the back was a date June 16th, room 102.

Had Lucy dropped this, she had been here, was it an old card from this past year, or one for next year? Did she mean to leave it for him?  Peter looked at it thoughtfully before leaving. “maybe, just maybe…………” he said to himself.

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