Cum Sharing Sluts

this is of course fiction:-

another morning show from the gmtv studios in london
had ended, penny smith and lorraine kelly were on
their way to the dressing rooms chatting about the
programme they had just done. penny told lorraine that
she thought the lesbian who came in to talk about gay
couples adopting children was a beautiful woman, and
that there were times when she found herself attracted
to other women. lorraine was a bit shocked at this,
although she admitted that lesbian sex sometimes
intrigued her. they were giggling about it when they
reached the dressing rooms, then penny went very
serious and brought
up the subject they had always
promised they would never mention again!

a few months before penny, lorraine and some of the
other gmtv women had been lured to a hotel and
gang-raped by over 30 men. the whole night had been
filmed and they were left knowing that if any of them
went to the police the film would be on the internet
and their careers and marriages would be ruined, so
they kept quiet about it and promised never to even
talk about it themselves. the worst thing about their
ordeal was that penny smith was actually very
compliant, and most of the men thought she was a
willing partner, while the other women were brutally
raped and abused. lorraine was also acutely
embarressed that she and penny had performed lesbian
sex acts infront of the men towards the end of the
night. lorraine told herself that she did it to keep
the men off her, but both of them knew that they
enjoyed it and the orgasms were very genuine. now
penny had brought the subject up again, their hearts
started to pound.

they walked into the dressing room and penny closed
the door tight shut behind them. they didn’t say
another word, just looked into each others eyes. penny
smith is a beautiful woman, and despite being at least
in her late 30s is lusted after by thousands of men
every morning. lorraine has a fuller figure, her
curves are worshipped across the internet and she was
described recently as a “national treasure”. their
breathing got heavier, penny moved closer to lorraine,
she put her hand on the big boobed scottish babes
shoulder and kissed her full on the lips. it was a
soft and gentle kiss, tentative, not wanting to upset
lorraine, but to put her at ease. penny smith felt her
pussy getting wet and started to kiss lorraine harder.

lorraine kelly wanted to pull away, she wanted to
leave the room, she thought of her husband and
daughter at home, then she realised she was getting
turned on and returned the kiss with interest.
lorraine put her hand on the back of penny’s head and
stroked her long blonde hair, their tongues entwined.
penny pressed her slim body against lorraine and felt
her curves. she especially felt lorraines hard nipples
pushing through her blouse, it felt good. penny’s
other hand ran down lorraines back and groped her
ample arse, lorraine sighed with pleasure. penny
pulled back but only to grab lorraines big tits
through her blouse and squeeze them. lorraines eyes
rolled back and she sighed louder. penny pushed
lorraine back against a table, undoing lorraines
blouse and pulling it open. lorraine climbed onto the
table and laid back, penny was in charge now.

penny pulled lorraines blouse open and right off,
mauling her large boobs through her bra and kissing
lorraine again on the lips. lorraine felt her legs
open wide and longed for something between them. she
also noticed that penny was wearing a very short dress
and that her bare thighs were right by her face.
lorraine reached out and ran her right hand up penny
smiths left thigh, feeling for her knickers and
rubbing pennys crotch. now penny started to sigh as
lorraine rubbed her pussy through her panties. penny
opened her stunning legs wider. penny stopped kissing
lorraine and moved down over her neck to her chest.
penny kissed lorraines boobs and teased the nipples
through her bra. lorraines was in heaven as she felt
her nipples grow and grow. as penny smith licked
lorraine kellys boobs her right hand slipped down over
the scots babes belly and pulled her skirt up. penny
slipped her hand under lorraines skirt and her fingers
foung the soaking wet panties that covered lorraines
pussy. the sluts were now groping each others pussys
through their panties. the penny realised that
lorraines bra was a front loader and deftly undid the
clasp. penny slowly pulled the cups away from
lorraines gorgeous boobs and they popped out, falling
slightly to the side because of their weight.

penny was intrigued by big tits because hers were very
small, and lorraine had great tits! penny sucked from
nipple to nipple like a mad woman, and lorraine arched
her back with the pleasure. penny pulled away, but
only to undo her dress and let it fall to the ground,
penny stood beside the table in her black bra and
knickers looking stunning. lorraine felt her hands
stray to her own boobs and squeeze oh so very hard.
penny watched lorraine maul her own tits as she took
off her own tiny bra. her little 36 a-cup boobs were
revealed, small but prefectly formed with hard little
pebble like nipples. penny moved between lorraines
ample thighs and pulled her skirt right off, then she
pulled lorraines tights off so they were both just in
their panties.

penny looked at lorraines large soft thighs and
caressed up and down them with her fingertips.
lorraines body shook and she whimpered with pleasure.
then penny knelt down and peeled lorraines wet
knickers down those big thighs and off. lorraine felt
pennys hair brushing her inner thighs as the beautiful
blonde moved closer, then she felt fingers on her
pussy lips, gently pulling them apart, she loved that,
then penny smiths tongue touched lorraine kellys
clitoris and she screamed. she quickly stifled the
sound but the damage was done. the door opened and in
rushed jenni falconer to see who was in trouble!

the gorgeous tall leggy scottish blonde stood
transfixed at the scene infront of her. lorraine kelly
spread eagled naked on the table squeezing her big
tits like her life depended on it, with her legs wide
open. between her legs knelt penny smith, wearing just
her knickers, with her head firmly clamped to
lorraines crotch. the licking sounds made it obvious
what penny was doing!! oh my god said jenni, penny
stopped licking and turned to see beautiful jenni
standing aghast. pennys face was already sticky with
lorraines pussy juices, but she still looked so
pretty. jenni walked in and closed the door behind

to be continued.

if anyone has suggestions as to where this story
should go please e-mail me a message and i might
incorporate it

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