Cuming Back to Idol

This story is a work of fiction and did not happen in real life. If you are not 18 yrs of age or older, or find this offensive, please exit out of this story now. Comments can be sent to SUBJECT: “Idol Story”
Codes: FF, cons, oral, anal, spank
Celebs: Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Alaina

Cuming Back to Idol

For all of you Idol fans last nights performance from Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean may have come as a bit of a surprise. The original Idol has stayed as far away from the show as legal obligations will let her, preferring to make her fame on her own. But it seems the changes of season 10 was enough to draw even her back.

Kelly’s twitter page has been filled with praise for the new contests this season. Her clear favorite, Lauren Alaina, the blond bombshell from Georgia. So with such a strong voiced, Southern girl leading the Idol pack, maybe a reunion wasn’t such a far fetched idea. And why not? Its been a while since we’ve seen Kelly on tv, and since she is looking her best since her Breakaway album, when is a better time to make a comeback?

But perhaps this isn’t the most shocking news of the show surrounding the former Idol. Rumors have always circulated about “expermenting” with contests when she was on the show. The latest news of her sexcipades being lesbian activities with the young Lauren, who was subsequently seen leaving Kelly’s dressing room after the show. Witnesses say that the young lady looked “a little worked over.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the singer has been called out on illicit acts with other women. A year ago, an avid fan claimed that she had introduced Kelly to bisexuality. “I was her first.” Claims Jessie D, who could almost pass for Clarkson’s sister being of similar build. “And thank God, I did. What a waste it would’ve been if I didn’t help her discover her other talents!” She laughed.

Clarkson has never hidden her sexuality, but rather teased the public with private tidbits. One of the most intimate being that she prefers not to wear panties. But wether any of the rumors are true is another story. She has always been presented as the down to earth, girl next door. And until the truth comes out I would say that is the persona she is stuck with. Whatever the case may be, she has one hell of an agent and I dare say the rumors surrounding her will continue to draw fans to the show.

The night of the show….

As Kelly got ready for her performance, she had the chance to meet the season 10 contestants. But although the top 7 were all very talented, she had her eyes set on one. The one she had been tweeting and talking about since The Top 24 was announced, Lauren Alaina. Although, she wasn’t a legal adult yet, Lauren had the looks of a 21 yr old, straight out of the heavenly gates of Georgia. Kelly thought the girl had it all. The looks, voice and personality to make it far, most likely in the country music industry.

She watched Lauren sing American Honey as the show opener in a sexy yellow dress, and heals. She thought to herself “I so want to taste that lil sexy thing’s honey.”

Kelly tried to clear the thoughts from her head, what was she thinking? The girl was still a year away from being legal, it could ruin her career, but she couldn’t help but google at how pretty she was. Golden tan with the yellow dress, all she could think about was getting this girl underneath a Georgia peach tree and having her way.

Kelly’s performance came and went; fans roared and stood on their feet from the powerful performance. After a show or concert she always felt on edge sexually. She had that drive, that fire she needed to release.

Lauren came back to Kelly’s dressing room. “Thanks for all your support, you have helped me so much! I can’t thank you enough for backing me.”

Kelly noticed how she looked so sensual in that outfit, something about it, just made Kelly want to rip them off the girl. But not yet, Kelly thought, too soon.

“You’re Welcome, Sweetie, you remind me of myself when I was on here doing what you’re doing now. Keep up the good work and stay hungry.”

Kelly almost let out a giggle. “Hungry, hmm, I know I am hungry for what’s in front of me…”

Lauren noticed the pause but continued on. “Well thanks, Kelly, I truly appreciate it.” Laruen went in for a simple hug, and what she was about to get was a whole lot more…

As Kelly hugged the girl, she looked her in her big green eyes. Lauren sensed something different, something that she hadn’t felt in a while. A desire slowly built. “I can’t be attracted to Kelly, I’m not into girls…at least I don’t think…”

Lauren looked at Kelly again, Kelly spoke.

“I believe I know what you are feeling, and I am feeling the same way.”

“But I’m not exactly 18….and this is so wrong…” Lauren softly spoke.

“Only if you let yourself think that, just let go, no one will know. It’ll be just you and me, now shut up and kiss me. You know you want too.”

Lauren pulled back, she had mixed emotions, being hit on by American Idol’s original idol? It seemed odd, yet twisted with naughty fun.

“Oh what the hell, I have had this inner desire for you Kelly for so long, you are truly my idol, and damn…you look so damn sexy in that black dress…”

Kelly grinned from ear to ear.

“And you my dear, look fucking sexy yourself. Now come here and give your idol a kiss.”

The two girls came together, Kelly started off with a slow kiss, almost teasing the younger girl. “Have you ever kissed a girl Lauren?”

“Well not really, but it can’t be that much different than kissing a guy, so stop teasing me!” Lauren giggled with desire.

Kelly got a little rougher, using her tongue this time. Locking lips, both the older and younger singers felt their desire and passion growing. Kelly made the first move, moving her hands over Laruen’s tanned smooth legs.

“Ohh…touch me Kelly, I want you to want me.” Kelly just smiled and continued kissing her, moving to Lauren’s neck.

The temperature in the room was rising by the minute.

“Kiss me there Kelly! Your lips feels so soft.”

Kelly was growing bolder by the minute. She never thought she’d be doing this to someone who wasn’t even 18 yet, but hell who was stopping her?

She moved her hands to Lauren’s inner thighs, rubbing her through the fabric.

“Ohh….wow, someone is happy already.” Kelly mused.

“Well,” Lauren said trying to catch her breath to talk,” I did say you are my idol. I’ve fantasized about this day once or twice…”

“Well today your fantasy comes true sweetie, now lay down on the couch here.”

Before Lauren took 3 steps, Kelly shoved her on the couch. She moved under the dress and caressed Lauren’s Breasts.

“Oh my…Ohhh Kelly, feels…so good!”

Kelly quickly responded. “And I’m just getting started, now lay back and enjoy.”

Lauren wasn’t going to argue with that, only if she could tell her ex boyfriend that the original idol was pleasing her, and it was five times better than what he could ever do.

“KISS ME KELLY, I want to feel your lips.”

Kelly straddled Lauren, bending over and kissing the sweet girl on the lips, tongues interlocking, one hand on her neck, and the other in between Lauren’s legs. With the skirt pushed up slightly for easy access, Kelly looked down.

“Damn you have some fine legs girl.”

Lauren blushed a little. Though she wasn’t shy about this, she wasn’t use to having girls comment on how sexy she looked, let alone Kelly Clarkson.

“We’ve got to get these panties off” Kelly motioned, in a blink of an eye Lauren complied, and Kelly’s hands went straight for her pussy. Still kissing Lauren all over, neck, lips, chin, the passion ever intensifying.

“OH KELLY Rub my pussy, please! I need you to touch me!”

“And thats not all I am going to do…” Kelly thought.

Lauren got bolder and started to caress Kelly all over through the dress. Lauren gropped at Kelly’s breasts. Kelly let out a small passionate sigh signaling that Lauren was making her feel quite alright.

Kelly kissed Lauren again, “stand up, let’s lose the dress.”

Before Kelly finished her sentence the bra and yellow dress fell to the floor. Kelly quickly got down on the floor and continued to rub her pussy.

“Put your finger inside me Kelly, I need your fingers.”

Kelly melted at the sound of the sweet teenager’s southern twang. She had a thing for accents as she had her own Texas Accent.

“How many fingers do you want?”

Lauren was caught off guard, and before she had an answer Kelly stuck two fingers in her pussy.


“Like that huh? You’re a dirty girl aren’t you? You like my fingers in there, baby? You’re a tight little slut aren’t you?” All Lauren could do was shake her head yes as the pleasure rushed through her body.

“Finger me Kelly, make me cum!”

Kelly got an idea, she put her head in between Lauren’s spread Eagle legs, and as she was finger fucking the young performer she decided to lick her clit to really get her juices flowing.

“OHHH Kelly your tounge feels so FUCKING good! SO FUCKING on my clit, lick me! MORE MORE KELLY!”

Kelly released her fingers, and tasted Lauren’s juices, “MM you taste good sweetie.”

Lauren just smiled in extascy. Kelly plunged her tounge into her pussy, licking deep as Lauren twisted in pleasure.

“SO CLOSE, Oh Kelly! Oh Kelly! I’m cuming, I’m cuming! OOOH SHHIIITT!”

All Kelly did was burry her face in the young girl’s pussy, tasting the juices.

After Lauren was done, Kelly gave her a huge kiss.

“Mm guess I do taste good. I want to pleasure you Kelly, PLEASE!”

Kelly was going to be sure she was going to get her pleasure out of it too. She stood up and Lauren unzipped the tight black dress as she let it fall to the floor. Kelly slipped out of her heals and bra and went over to her purse.

“I want you to pleasure me with these Lauren.” She pulled out about 3 vibrators, “now here’s what I want you to do, lay your body on the couch, now here are these.”

Kelly climbed on top of Lauren, creating a hot 69. “Now you know how to work those don’t you?”

“Yes MA’AM! Lauren eagerly replied.

Lauren quickly went to work on Kelly, she didn’t hesitate one bit to start licking at her pretty wet pussy.

“O God lick me dammit! Lick me Lauren you little slut!”

Lauren felt like she was on top of the world. She was pleasuring the fuck out of one of the best artists in the music industry. She wished she could take photos for a keep sake but mental images would do also.

Kelly grabbed a vibrator and quickly made use of it, plunging into Lauren. “Ohh fuck, Oh Kelly that feels so damn good! ”

Suddenly Lauren had an idea. She spanked Kelly, after all, she was staring at such a luscious ass.

“OHHH THAT’s it, GOOD girl, ugh spank me again you dirty little slut!”

Lauren eagerly complied, both girls where moaning in pleasure. Sweet hormonal sounds filled the room. Kelly thought about coming back next week and getting Jennifer Lopez to join in and judge them, or better yet, join them. But those thoughts where for later. Kelly wanted a toy inside her bad; she needed to get fucked.

“Lauren, see that vibrator? Fuck me with it now!” Lauren quickly picked up the toy and plunged it right into Kelly. “Oh yes, you naughty girl! Feels so fucking good, don’t stop more! DEEPER!”

Lauren was smiling from ear to ear hearing the moans coming from Kelly as she was fucking her.

“You are a quick learner young lady! Oh this feels so good!” Kelly told her.

“Well I’m trying, but how about I give you a little surprise?”

“Huh? Kelly was confused by what she meant.

Lauren saw the smaller dildo on the floor and reached for it. An evil passionate grin on her face, she decided to give Kelly some extreme pleasure. She spanked Kelly once again, taking in the juicy ass that was right in front of her. Lauren took the second toy and slowly inserted it into Kelly’s asshole.

“OHH You…OMG UHHHHHH FUCK I LOVE BEING FILLED UP WITH MY TOYS! DO IT LAUREN PUSH IT IN MORE! You kinky little thing you…OH MY! FUCK MY ASS, Fill both my holes up you nasty bitch!” Sexual explicatives came pouring out of Kelly’s mouth.

Lauren wanted her ass played with too. She had never done it before but she would do just about anything with Kelly right now. Kelly read her mind, pushing the vibrator in and out of Lauren’s soaking wet pussy and using her juices to lube up her ass. Kelly pushed a finger into Lauren’s ass.

“O SHIT KELLY OH SHIT OH SHIT! FUCK THAT’S GREAT!” Lauren nearly collapsed in the pleasure of the vibrator in her pussy and Kelly’s finger in her ass.

“I love anal sex, nothing is better…” Kelly moaned.

Lauren completely agreed, as she thrust her pussy and ass onto the finger and toy. Kelly was being double penetrated with two toys.

“FUCK that feels so good, FUCK MY ASS, FILL MY HOLES UP LAUREN!”

Both girls where on the verge of cuming, over whelmed with the pleasure, begging one to go deeper, and harder.

“I’m goanna cum soon!” Lauren shouted,

Kelly was about to explode also. “Fuck my ass Lauren, deeper! MORE! FUCK YES!” “O MY GOD I’m cuming, Uhhhhh! Ooooooooh!”

Sexual moans where harmonizing from Kelly’s voice. It was a small wonder that no one came in to check on them as loud as they were.

“You like Kelly?”

“Mmhm I do you dirty girl, now I’m going to get you off. Get on your knees and face the back of the sofa.” Lauren eagerly complied.

Kelly kept the anal dildo and kept fucking herself with it, and used the other to penetrate Lauren’s lustful asshole.

“Oh shit that FEELS SO BIG, SO BIG in my little asshole! Push harder Kelly, fill my ass up!”

Kelly was amazed at how well she was taking it, and her first time too. Kelly loved Lauren’s ass, it was almost perfect. In fact, it almost reminded her of her own ass.

Kelly picked up her pace, fucking the young blonde with fast deep strokes.

“YES KELLY YES OH FUCK ME I’m cuming KEEP fucking my ASS!” Lauren collapsed in exhaustion, over whelmed with pleasure as Kelly licked up her juices on the dildo.

“Wanna taste?” Kelly offered. Lauren snatched it out of her hand and took the dildo deep, slightly choking on it as she released it from her mouth.

“That was hot” Kelly stated, as she curled up with Lauren, kissing her lips.

An hour passed and after they showered, they both got dressed again. But, before leaving Kelly gave Lauren her number.

“If you ever need some help on vocals or anything, call me sweetie.”

Lauren nodded and the girls hugged each other as Lauren went back to her hotel. She was going to call Kelly again for sure. Who said you couldn’t mix business with pleasure?

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