Cummin’ Electra

Cummin’ Electra (celeb, M+F, con.)

By B-Boy (

You probably don’t think the story of the son of a small-time mechanic from the
outskirts of Los Angeles is going to be a very interesting story, do you? Well,
I’d have
said the same thing until last week.

It had been a scorching couple of days and for most of the afternoon there’d
big, purple thunderheads on the horizon and I could tell a real beauty of a
storm was
going to hit sooner rather than later. I worked in a small auto body shop that
my Dad
owned. We weren’t very big or very rich but we survived; we were good and relied
word of mouth for business. My Dad fixed the cars while I worked in the office.
gone to help a friend whose car had broken down so he left me in charge for the
day. I
wasn’t a real expert with cars so Dad told me to tell any customers he’d be back
tomorrow and not to worry. By 4:30 the first drops of rain had started to fall
and with no
more jobs to do for the day I decided to shut up the shop.


It was 6:00 and I was about to leave for the evening when I noticed the storm
hit pretty badly. I was just finishing off filing some paperwork when there was
a loud
rapping on the front door. I looked out the window and saw a wall of water
falling from
the sky. ‘Whoever’s out there must be soaked to the skin!’ I thought. There was
more frantic knocking on the door. I went over and opened the door and was
amazed by
what I saw.

“Please, you’ve got to fix my car! It’s literally JUST broken down and I don’t
want to be caught in this weather!” It was the last person I expected to be
calling. Carmen
Electra was stood in front of me begging for my help! I just stared open-mouthed
at the
brunette beauty for a few seconds. She obviously wasn’t expecting the storm; her
brown hair looked bedraggled as it lay damp in front of her face but there was
mistaking those sexy features. She clearly wasn’t dressed for a rainstorm; her
tight, jean-
shorts showed off most of her long, toned legs but were soaked from all the
rain. While
the small, white t-shirt she was wearing was stuck to her chest and almost
see-through! She wasn’t wearing a bra and the shape of her perfect 36DD tits
visible through the flimsy fabric with her nipples standing on end. I’d jerked
off to
thoughts of Carmen’s hot body on countless occasions and now here she was stood
before me, soaked to the bone.

“Well?” She asked impatiently, snapping me out of my daze, “Can you help me or
not?” I glanced over her shoulder and looked across our forecourt; Carmen had
her red Porsche into the middle of our yard out of view from the street.

“Well, I…”

“Please!” Carmen pleaded, cutting me off mid-sentence.

“I can at least have a look.” I figured, how often do you get the chance to meet
celebrity so I ran into the rain towards the car, closely followed by Carmen.
“I think it’s the battery.” Carmen said cautiously.

“Well, let’s have a look. Can you open the hood for me?” Carmen got in the car
and released the hood. I couldn’t see anything immediately wrong with the car so
figured Carmen’s guess was as good as any.

“Just stay here.” I said to Carmen, “I’m going to get some tools”

I ran back indoors and into my Dad’s garage. I’d only been outside for about 30
seconds but I was just as soaking wet as Carmen was. My own pale blue shirt and
trousers were stuck to my skin. I picked up a battery tester and a spare battery
and put
them in a plastic bag. I made my way back through the office where I paused for
a second
to think; I was serving Carmen Electra; Playboy model, TV hostess, actress and
fantasy of millions of men! I thought about her massive tits showing through her
and I’d knew have enough mental pornography to last through at least 3 months of
wanking. I began daydreaming again about Carmen; what it’d be like to suck on
glorious melons of hers or even better slide my cock up inside her sweet,
velvety cunt
and make her cum. The images floating in my head about fucking the fit brunette
my dick to get rock hard. I couldn’t go out there like this! Carmen would see my
excitement and at best, get embarrassed and look elsewhere for help or at worst,
angry and look elsewhere for help. I decided to just sit tight for a couple of
minutes until
my raging erection went down. But it was nearly impossible! Every time I was
close to
changing my focus, another image of Carmen screaming “OH GOD YES!” as I rammed
my cock into her again entered my mind. I was picturing her bent over in front
of me
while I fucked her doggy-style when I heard a voice behind me say:
“What’s the hold up?” It was Carmen; she’d come into the office to find me. I
was so embarrassed; she noticed the large bulge in my pants, which was more
because of the closeness of my garments. Carmen just smiled; she must know the
she has on men.
“Nothing. I’m on my way.” I hurried past her, red-faced.


Upon returning to the car I hooked up the battery tester and sure enough, it was
dead. Carmen was behind me, and leaning over my shoulder to get a better look.
fantastic breasts were pushing into my back and making more dirty thoughts race
my mind.

“Yep, you were right, flat battery. I’ve got one here, it’ll be…” I tried to
tell her.

“Hang on, maybe it’s the oil.” Carmen interrupted, “Check the dipstick.”

“No,” I replied, “I’m pretty sure it’s the battery.”

“Well, if you won’t check it, then I will.” Carmen declared and before I knew
what had happened she was rubbing my crotch through my soaking trousers.
“Oooooh, it
IS as big as it looked!” Carmen cooed, “Do you have any idea how long it’s been
since I
had a good, hard fucking?”

“Um, erm…” I was speechless; Carmen Electra was playing with my cock! She
undid my flies and let my pants fall to the soaking ground before plunging her
hand into
my underpants. I moaned softly as Carmen said,
“Dennis was great but after his mammoth tool, I need one just as big to satisfy
me.” Carmen pulled down my underpants, exposing my long, stiff prick.

“Fuck! You ARE big!” Carmen’s eyes lit up with lust as she ogled my 10-inch
cock. She pulled the hood of her car down and slid tight in-between the car and
me. I was
getting up close and personal with Carmen’s breathtaking tits and my cock
against her bare thigh in anticipation.

“I saw you gawping at these earlier.” Carmen purred, “Go on have a feel.” I
a hand up tentatively and Carmen joked, “Go on, they won’t bite!” I cupped her
breast in my hand and it felt wonderful through the drenched fabric of her
t-shirt. It was
perfectly smooth apart from her cast-iron nipple that poked through the
material. I
grabbed her other tit with my free hand and was soon getting into it, recklessly
her large, succulent melons. While her heavenly orbs distracted me, Carmen had
unbuttoned her hot pants and let them fall to the ground where she kicked them
off. She
gently fell backwards onto the hood of her car while I continued to grope at her
tits. She was reclining on her car with her legs spread either side of me. I lay
on top and
began to kiss her tits, all the while the warm summer rain continued to pummel
“Oooooooohhhhh…..” Carmen threw her head back and moaned. I was so turned
on and my eager cock was pressed against the black lace thong encasing Carmen’s
twat. Wordlessly she gently lifted my head of her chest and removed her sopping
freeing her bouncy tits. I’d seen them on TV and in magazines before but in
person they
were a real sight to behold. I couldn’t restrain myself and began sucking on her
breast, trying to fit as much into my mouth as I could. Carmen moaned again and
her back to push her ample chest even more into my face. I’d gotten as horny as
a dog on
heat and started to hump my stiff, impatient cock into the fabric of Carmen’s
while I flicked my tongue over her erect nipples.

“Uhnnn…Slow down stud! We don’t want you cumming too soon.” Carmen
smiled. That was easier said than done when you about to fuck Carmen Electra!
“Sorry,” I mumbled bashfully and stood up.

“No need to apologize big boy. I like an eager man!’ Carmen pulled her knees up
to her chest and I marveled at her thong-covered snatch. She hooked her thumbs
into the
elastic and pulled them down to her ankles. She took one leg out of her panties
and then
raised her legs up in a high, wide V shape; flicking her panties off her tanned,
legs as she did so. She brought her legs down so she was lying spread-eagle on
the hood
of her car with the pleasant, summer rain falling heavily on her flawless body.
“Just fuck me and fuck me hard.” Carmen sat up on her hands and demanded, “I
don’t want to think, I don’t want to speak, I just want to cum!”

By now my animal instincts had overtaken me and the only thought running
through my head was fucking this horny slut. I stepped towards Carmen’s yearning
and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I danced the swollen head of my cock
her clit and pussy lips and then took her round the waist with one hand and went
back to
sucking on her enormous, spongy breasts.
“Please….” Carmen whimpered, “Fuck me…please…” I removed my face from
her tits and looked down towards her groin. Her greasy pussy juices were mixing
with the
rain and running down the front of hood. I gripped her hips in both hands and
with one
quick shove buried my fat cock fully inside Carmen’s hot, tight pussy.
“OH FUCK YES! IT’S SO FUCKIN’ BIG!” Carmen threw head back and
groaned loudly as I established a rhythm. I picked Carmen up of the hood
slightly so I
was completely in control of the tempo. She wrapped her long, fit legs around
the small
of my back and supported herself on her hands. She was so tight, I’d always
Carmen was a bit of a slut but judging by how unstretched her cunt was I was
one of the biggest she’d ever had.
“Oh fuck yeah!” Carmen panted, “Yeah, oh god, fuck me! Harder! Urh! Faster!
Yes! Oh God!” Using her hands for support, Carmen was pumping her hips and
my every stroke with one of her own. I didn’t think I could last very long;
after all I was
fucking Carmen Electra and each thrust into her soft, moist pussy was heaven. As
turned out, Carmen was hornier than I was and she came quickly.
Carmen’s entire body went stiff as she threw her head back and screamed. The
of her thrusting became erratic as her spasming body shuddered through her
orgasm. She
unwrapped her legs from behind me and stuck them straight in the air as I
carried on
ploughing into her. “URRRRNNNN! FUUUUUCCKKKK YEEEEESSSS!!!” Carmen
hollered again. In order to control her orgasm-induced thrashing I seized her
hips with
greater force. Her climaxing had caused her cunt muscles to clamp down on my
shaft. I was already close to shooting my creamy load into Carmen’s writhing
body and
the increased friction tipped me even further over the edge. Not wanting to
waste a single
moment screwing the hot brunette I increased the pace of my lunges.
“Uh!…Uh!…Fuck!…Uh!…Yeah!…Slut!…Uh!…” I was so powerfully
slamming into Carmen’s squirming figure that I was grunting with each thrust. My
improved vigor produced an even more intense orgasm in Carmen’s already
supple body.


Carmen shouted out as her cunt contracted around my invading cock. She collapsed
backwards onto her car so she was lying at an angle on her windshield and hood.
draped her legs over the front of her car but continued to hump up to meet my
long, stiff
cock. I was close to cumming too and bent forward to lie on top of her. I
gripped the top
of Carmen’s car to give myself better leverage as I continued to drive my cock
home with
long, hard strokes into Carmen’s snug, awaiting pussy. The whole time I’d been
Carmen all I’d been thinking about was how great the sex was then I reminded
just WHO it was I was fucking and I looked down to see Carmen screaming through
pleasure. Her gigantic tits rapidly quivering up and down with each thrust of my
The realization hit me that I was slamming my cock into one of the most fuckable
on Earth and it wasn’t long before I finally came.

“Oh…I’m cumming!” I announced and started to pull myself out of Carmen’s

“NO!” Carmen bellowed, and re-wrapped her legs around my back to stop me
escaping. “Cum (AAAAHHHHH) inside me (OOOOOHHH FUCK YEEEESSSSS),
please!” She vociferously requested. I rammed my prick deep inside her a couple
times before I felt my balls begin to tighten and my own orgasm hit me.
“UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!” I hollered as my gooey seed flowed into Carmen’s
expectant cunt. Carmen was still cumming; I just couldn’t believe how much she
loving this.

YESSSSSSS!” Carmen screamed again as her pussy muscles held my discharging cock
in place. A second shot of hot jizz exploded into Carmen’s overflowing cunt. My
cock spasmed a few more times, pumping the last of my thick, white spunk into
the big-
titted Baywatch star. I was completely spent, the last 10 minutes or so I’d
spent fucking
Carmen Electra had been the most wonderful and exhausting of my life. I fell
Carmen’s tired frame and kissed her deeply; the sun beginning to break behind
behind the clouds but for the time being a driving rain soaked our weary bodies.


We lay there kissing and caressing each other’s bodies for an indeterminable
amount of time. By now the storm had cleared and the afternoon had returned to
its usual
balmy Californian sunshine. All our clothes were ruined but I had some spares in
office. I changed into my dry clothes and lent some to Carmen; hopefully, she’d
back some time and return them!
After we were both freshened up I went back to her car and fitted the new

“How much?” Carmen asked.

“It’s on the house.” I replied.

“Well, thank you very much.” Said Carmen as she got in her car and turned on the

“You might want to get that sorted out.” I said slightly embarrassed and
to the dent our fucking had created in the car’s hood.

“Well,” Carmen wound down her window and winked “maybe I’ll be back
tomorrow to get it seen to.”

“Anytime you want to bring your car in for a service we’ll be open.” I said

“How about anytime I want a service, stud?” Carmen replied as she licked her

“Umm…Err…” I was just like I was when I first met her, speechless.
“See ya later big boy.” Carmen said as she drove off, leaving me with another
rock-hard erection.

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