Cumming Out

Cumming Out, Episode 1 by The Vert Man (

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Hayden Panettiere (13), Mackenzie Rosman (13),
Michelle Trachtenberg (17)

“Next on the Young Love channel” The Announcer said at the end of Summer
Love, “Cumming Out, so stay tuned”

I had personally been waiting for a week and half to see this show, since I
got my last edition of TV Futures. It was supposed to feature some of the
hottest and youngest female talent in the entertainment industry.

The theme began playing and the announcer came on, “Please Welcome your
host, star of the hit series
Lizzie Maguire….Hilary Duff”

Hilary walked down the ramp and onto center stage looking drop dead gorgeous
in her cutoff jeans and t-shirt tied just below her ample sized tits. Her
flat and tanned mid-section was exposed and as she spun around, you could
clearly see her ass cheeks hanging out of the shorts (almost a thong I
thought to myself).

“Thanks Johnny” Hilary said as the music died down and she smiled brightly
into the camera, “Welcome to the very first episode of Cumming Out and
believe me we plan to, all night long. Because tonight you will see some of
the hottest talent in young Hollywood go lez, some for the first time,
including me.”

“But first let me introduce the other members of the cast” She said as the
camera panned back showing a huge screen to her right, “First coming to us
live from the set of Ally Mcbeal, 7th Heaven star Mackenzie Rosman and with
her tonight, one of my absolute favorite stars in Hollywood, the very
talented and not to mention sexy as hell new Ally co-star Hayden

“Hey Hilary” Mackenzie and Hayden said in unison, the camera pulled back to
show they were dressed in matching flower print summer dresses, that looked
like they where ready to come off any second.

“By the way Hilary you look so hot tonight” Hayden said as Mackenzie giggled
to the camera.

“Thank you” Hilary said beaming from ear to ear with a smile, “can’t wait
till you get to be here in the studio with me”

“Me neither girl” Hayden smiled, “but it’s gonna be a good night cause me
and Mac are both horny and ready for some action.”

“Oh yeah that’s what I wanna hear” Hilary said, “so we’ll come back to you
guys after the break and you can show us all how horny you are”

Hayden leaned in and kissed Mackenzie on the lips and they started making
out as the camera pulled back to show Hilary watching and obviously enjoying
it. After a couple of seconds, they started frenching and Hayden stretched
her arms around Mackenzie’s neck.

“Oh yeah I can’t wait to see what they got planned later for us” Hilary
giggled as the big screen went to the Cumming Out logo,”anywayz back to the
business at hand and telling you who tonight’s Special Guest will be. She’s
the sexiest member of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which airs
Tuesday Nights at 8 on UPN. It’s Michelle Trachtenberg”

“That’ll be fun” Hilary said giggling, “at least for me”

She once again slowly spun around showcasing her million dollar ass for the
viewing audience before again smiling into the camera and saying “We’ll be
right back.”

The 4 minute wait through the boring and pointlesss commercials was as close
to wonderful torture as you can get. A beer ad followed by a stupid shampoo
one, then one for Hilary’s Show ‘Lizzie Maguire’. Finally we once again see
the show’s logo and Hilary’s smiling face.

“Welcome back” She says smiling again, “and now without further adieu, let’s
take you live back to the set of Ally Mcbeal with Hayden and Mac”

The screen goes from the logo to live action as both girls are now totally
naked and making out on the bed. It’s the room they use for Hayden’s
character ‘Maddie’ on Ally McBeal that they are in. Seconds later Hayden
looks up and sees they’re live once again and grins.

“You ready my hot little co-star?” She asked Mackenzie looking down with
lust in her eyes, “you
want your bald little pussy to be licked and sucked?”

Before Mackenzie could answer Hayden’s head disappeared between her legs and
the camera moved from the side angle to the one over Hayden’s shoulder. Her
tongue was already licking up and down Mackenzie’s bald muff as she moaned
and squirmed a little. Hayden looked so sexy as she tossed her long curly
hair over to the other side so the camera could get a good look.

“MMMMMMM yeh girl give her a good licking” Hilary said from the studio as we
got a brief shot of her laying back and rubbing inside her now unbuttoned
shorts. Hayden then slid her tongue inside Mackenzie’s pussy and started to
work it in and out a little faster with each stroke, making sure to get it
right under her clit. Mackenzie moaned louder and squirmed more as Hayden
went faster, her hands went to fists in Hayden’s hair and her back began to

“UHHHHHHHHHHHH Hayden girl I’m gonna cum all over your tongue” She was able
to moan.

“Yeh I wanna see it” Hilary said as the camera showed her again. Her hand
was a blur as it flew in and out of her shorts as she moaned. Switching
back to the set, Hayden’s tongue went faster and faster in and out of
Mackenzie’s tight little love hole, until Mackenzie started to moan
intensely on the verge of cumming.

“OH MY god your so hot I love your tongue baby” Mackenzie moaned, “make me
cum, make me cum please make me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Hayden stopped her rapid fire assault on Mackenzie’s pussy and moved her
tongue to the young stars clit and began to suck it hard. Mackenzie’s hands
went to fists beside her as she slammed them to the bed and arched her back
and let out an intense scream of pure pleasure. Her whole body went stiff
next as the orgasm Hayden had worked so hard to give her took hold with

“Yeh cum for me, let it all out baby” Hilary said from the studio.

The orgasm seemingly lasted forever as Hayden continued sucking hard on
Mackenzie’s clit, her soft warm lips working in perfect unison with her jaws
sucked in almost as far as they would go. Finally Mackenzie let out one
last scream and collapsed on the bed.

Mackenzie’s cum began to ooze out all over Hayden’s greedy little tongue and
she licked every last yummy drop of it into her mouth. Sucking her clit
hard once again brought another moan from Mackenzie and more cum oozed out
her love hole, much to Hayden’s delight, as she licked away at the sweet

“Oh fuck girl” Mackenzie moaned, “that was so fucking good, I cummed harder
than ever before and it was all for you Hilary”

“Yeh just for you girl” Hayden chimed in as she lifted her head from
Mackenzie’s pleasure hole with cum still shining on her lips, “I can’t wait
till we get to do this to you live on air”

“Oh fuck, me neither” Hilary moaned working herself towards an orgasm.

Back to the set, as we see Hayden has crawled up to Mackenzie and they’re
sharing her cum in a long french kiss.

“Oh man” Hilary says, “we gotta take a break but when we come back live here
in the studio will be the star of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Michelle
Trachtenberg, so don’t go nowhere.”

With that we go to a commercial. Another 4 long boring minutes of stupid
painful spots for everything from Shampoo to a new series coming soon to a
TV near you.

Finally we see Hilary again, and she managed to compose herself during the
break it looks like.

“Welcome back and now please welcome this week’s Special guest Michelle
Trachtenberg” Hilary says as she rises and meets Michelle at the end of the
love seat. Michelle is wearing this ankle length red dress, which is slit
all the way up to her hip. Her titties bouncing just so as she walks, she
and Hilary exchange a hug and sit down.

“Girl you look so hot in that” Michelle says smiling at Hilary, “and I know
you gotta be on fire after watching those two go at it earlier”

“Oh yeah my pussy is on fire” Hilary giggles, “but better change the subject
before we get lost and forget to mention anything about what you’re up to.”

“Fuck my agenda, who out there cares what I’m doing” Michelle laughs, “they
wanna see me and you fuck.”

With that Michelle reaches over and pulls at the knot on Hilary’s shirt. It
easily comes undone and the shirt falls down covering Hilary’s belly.
Michelle then leans closer and takes one side in each hand and pulls it up
and over Hilary’s head, as Hilary raises her arms for her. Hilary’s
beautiful 13 year-old titties bounce into view, so firm and standing at
attention with her pink little nipples rock hard.

Michelle smiles and leans in squeezing one of Hilary’s tits for a second and
began to lick one of her nipples gently. Then sucking it in to her mouth
and sucking on it a little harder, we hear Hilary moan. Michelle sucks a
little harder and Hilary’s moans intensify. The camera rolls back and we
see Hilary with head layed back and eyes shut enjoying the attention.
Michelle soon switches nipples and starts sucking hard on her other nipple
as Hilary continues to moan this time a little louder than before.

“MMMMM yeh I like that your lips are so soft Michelle” Hilary moans

“Well then let me see how soft yours are” She says raising up and kissing

“Yeh so soft” Hilary said looking dreamily at Michelle as they broke the
kiss, “now let’s see your tits.”

“I’ll do you one better” Michelle says rising up from the love seat and
smiled at Hilary. She dropped the shoulder straps on her dress and let it
slowly fall to the floor, exposing her completely nude body, perfectly
shaped tittes and just a hint of fuzz on her pussy.

“MMMMMMMM I like what I see” Hilary says through a sorta moan. Lowering
herself to the floor and crawling over to Michelle, she runs her hands up
the outside of Michelle’s thighs and back down the inside careful to avoid
her pleasure zone. Then roaming all over her body, she was getting even more
turned on feeling her baby soft skin.

“You like huh?” Michelle asks smiling down and running her hands through
Hilary’s hair slowly.

“Yeh very much, now tell me if you like this” Hilary said as she licked her
tongue up the slit of Michelle’s pussy and repeated it time and again,
stopping to slide inside breifly. Cupping Michelle’s perfect little ass,
she pulled her closer and slid her tongue all the way in as far as she could
get it and started to french Michelle’s yummy pussy.

“OH yeah oh yeah oh FUCK YEAH” Michelle moaned holding Hilary’s head tightly
to her pussy as her knees began to feel weak. She struggled to keep her
balance as Hilary frenched her pussy like mad, harder and harder and faster
and faster. Moving her hands to Hilary’s shoulders, she leans forward just
enough to get blance and began to moan loudly.

Hilary, her pussy on fire at this point, kissed Michelle’s pussy like it
would be her last time, sucking harder at the lips and fucking her tongue in
and out as fast as she could. Michelle’s moaning kept getting louder and
louder, so she knew she was doing a good job. Hilary then went for the
kill, going at her pussy as fast as her tongue would move, she thought.

“OH GOD YES” Michelle moaned with her hands still on Hilary’s shoulders and
her legs feeling like jello. She felt her orgasm coming on. She was about
to cum on a girl’s tongue for the first time. It was such a wonderful

Wrapping her arms around Michelle’s ass as tight she could, she let her
tongue fuck deeper and deeper into Michelle’s yummy love hole. Her juices
were by now flowing into her mouth and Hilary wanted to make this the best
cum of her Guest Stars life. Michelle started to stiffen and moaned louder
as her orgasm tore through her young body, almost violent in it’s intensity.
She no longer could support herself and felt her self falling backward.
She landed softly on the love seat, but what was even better was Hilary’s
tongue never left her love hole, but instead drove Hilary’s face into her
pussy, pushing her tongue even deeper. Michelle squirmed and moaned as her
orgasm finally peaked and began to slip away slowly.

“That was too good” She moaned after catching her breath a little. But
Hilary wasn’t paying much attention as she was busy licking away at her
reward oozing out of Michelle’s well fucked pussy. Hilary met every drop as
it came out with her tongue and she sucked Michelle’s clit clean.

The camera moved back to show a wide shot, and Michelle now had her arms
stretched over her head and was hanging over the love seat, still moaning
and groaning from Hilary’s touch.

“MMMMMMMMMM girl get all that yummy stuff out of there” Michelle said still
breathing ragged holding Hilary’s hair for her. Hilary licked until every
last drop was gone and made sure to suck her clit good and hard to get it

“MMMMM come up here girl” Michelle said as Hilary rose up and met her lips
with Michelle’s and layed down on top of her as they started to french.

“So you like the taste” Hilary asked as she rolled off onto the other side
of the love seat, “I think your cum is so sweet”

“Oh yeah I love it” Michelle answered, while licking her fingers off after
she rubbed her pussy a few times,”It tastes just like candy”

“Oh man are you kidding me?” Hilary said looking at the camera, “we got to
take a break; be right back”

I was finally able to breath as they went to commercials. This show had
made me so hot, I was about to boil over.

“Wait” I said aloud, I been writing this whole thing down and never once
have I actaully introduced myself. Anywayz not that you care, but I am
female and 15, and very much bi sexual.

In the time it took me to explain that the commercials were over and the
logo was back up. We see Hilary and Michelle still seated on the couch.

“Hey Guys” Hilary said,”well I had fun and hope you did too, but we’re out
of time. So it looks like you won’t get to see Michelle return the favor,

I groaned inwardly and thanked god I had the VCR running and caught this.

“Anywayz next week on the show we’ve got Star of the Blue Crush movie Mika

“I bet she tastes good” Michelle chimed in.

“You know it girl” Hilary said kissing Michelle playfully, “and also next
week star of stage, screen and TV,WaterWorld’s Tina Majorino will make an
appearance of some kind”

“I’ll be back to” Michelle said as Hilary looked surprised and the credits
began to roll. Just then the camera pulled back to show Mackenzie and
Hayden still naked laying on the bed on the big screen, “so will they huh

“OH yes me and Hayden got some unfinished business don’t we girl” Hilary
asked Hayden looking at the screen.

“Sure do” Hayden responded, “licky licky lover”

All four girls cracked up and waved bye as the show went to black and an
advertisement for the next show came on.

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