Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity – Episode 3: Dakota & The Amazing Amanda Tan

Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity

“Dakota & The Amazing Amanda Tan”

Season One: Episode Three

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 3rd episode of ‘Dakota & Twinsanity’, Cammy introduces us to former ‘American Idol Junior’ contestants and sisters, Tori and Taylor Thompson, and unviels her new favorite position, reverse cowgirl. Dakota and Becky then welcome star of both small screen and big, Amanda Bynes and her Amazing Tan, for a little action under the sunshine of Hawaii’s Big Island. Which begins with Becky being taught a lesson for running her mouth by the other two. Later, Cammy and Becky make TV history when they get Amanda Bynes between them in the FIRST EVER ‘Twin Sandwich’. Even later, Dakota doesn’t have twins this week but she does have the next best thing in…sisters, are you ready for a sissy/sissy sandwich times 2, Dakota is.

Story Codes: Fff, fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Dakota Fanning (13) & ‘Becky’ Rosso (13) & ‘Cammy’ Rosso (13)

Guest Stars: Amanda Bynes (21), Tori (14) & Taylor Thompson (15)

* * * * *

“The epic event you’ve been waiting for continues tonight…” The Announcer said over the credits for ‘Summer Love’ as Summer and I prepared for the ‘night of orgasms’ to begin. “…It’s real sisters. It’s real sex. It’s real orgasms. It’s real live. It’s…Dakota and Twinsanity Live! And it’s next on Taboo TV.”

The credits ended and we saw the logo for ‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’ roll onto the screen for a long moment and then roll off again before the opening montage began. First up was the title star of course, Dakota, leaned forward over the back of what looked to be one of the Rosso twins in a sandwich. Pumping away with a look of pleasure on her face as her name rolled across the screen and we see her thighs spanking off the girls ass cheeks a few times before it faded into a scene with the co-stars, Cammy and Becky Rosso. Becky could be seen rolling her tongue slowly at the entrance to her twin sisters baby smooth pussy as Cammy above her shook in pleasure. Their names appearing then for a long moment as Cammy’s fingers clutched into her sisters hair and looked to be cumming as the scene faded once again into another ‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’ logo.

That faded into a brief black screen and into another of the now standard but still breath taking views of the South Pacific waters as the camera panned around and again brought us to the set as we saw the small crowd and they began clapping politely.

“Ladies please welcome one of the co-stars of Cumming Out: Dakota and Twinsanity, Cammy Rosso” The Announcer said as Cammy made her way into view from off-camera and holding hands with two cute brunette’s whom I couldn’t quiet place. Cammy, wearing a Dakota-like pair of jeans and t-shirt with her long blond hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, turned to the camera and smiled as the applause died down and she said, “Today’s show is a little bit different in that we have three guests and not two. And these beautiful girls are the first two, please welcome Taylor Thompson and her sister Tori.”

“Hey guys” Taylor said as Cammy and Tori giggled. “If you two don’t stop laughing at me I’m leaving.”

“UH huh sure you are” Cammy said as she moved behind Taylor and wrapped her arms around the girl and purposely grinding her hips into Taylor’s butt cheeks it looked. “You know you wanted to do this.”

“Yeh OK I did, but it’s not gonna be any fun if you two keep making fun of me when I say something…you know…” Taylor said.

“Sexy?” Cammy asked as she kissed the girls bare shoulder. Taylor it should be noted was wearing a mini-skirt and ‘wife beater’ tank top. While Tori was sporting a typical and easily removable summer dress. “Trust me once we get going no one will think it’s funny.”

“I am so horny” Taylor said as Tori giggled and Cammy calmed the situation by turning Taylor around and kissing her softly on the lips as Tori’s smile widened and she stopped giggling as she moved next to the pair and watched closely as Cammy’s talented tongue slipped into Taylor’s mouth. Taylor moaning into Cammy’s mouth softly as her lips fell in time with the other girls in a slow soft and tantalizingly hot kiss that seemed to be getting all three girls ready for the opening scene. Cammy slowed her lips as the camera focused on her and Taylor and let her lips linger on Taylor’s for a long moment to bring the kiss to sizzling end. Pulling back she smiled as did Taylor and then flicked tongues at each other and both turning to look at Tori, who slipped between the two and now faced her sister as Cammy wrapped her arms around both and watched closely as Tori kissed her sister softly with a horny grin. Taylor returned that grin as she cupped her hand under Tori’s chin and drew their lips together for another long moment. “Sissy gonna be good now?”

“Sissy be very good” Tori said as both smiled and Cammy again grinded her hips, this time into Tori’s butt as Tori looked back and asked, “What the hell Cammy? You sporting a rod already?”

“You know it” Cammy said as she stepped away and took one each of Taylor and Tori’s hands and guided them, as she walked backwards and they followed, to the triple set of plush bean bags. Stopping in front of them she guided Tori to turn towards the camera as she kissed her shoulder and gently slipped the straps on the girls summer dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Tori’s perky titties, flat sexy stomach, smoothie and lightly tanned skin sure made for an eye-popping moment as she smiled confidently into the camera. Cammy kissed her shoulder again as she stroked her hands up and down Tori’s now bare back as Taylor did the same to her sisters front. Taylor’s hands finding Tori’s firm titties as she squeezed them softly and kissed her sister once again for a long moment as Tori’s hands slipped up Taylor’s flat stomach and took her sisters ‘wife beater’ with it as they broke. Taylor smiled as she lifted her arms above her head and Tori pulled the ‘beater’ up and off her sisters body. Another soft kiss followed before Tori dropped to her knees and helped Taylor skin her mini-skirt down her smooth thighs and off her body. Cammy certainly liking what she saw from the slightly older Thompson sister, as she looked Taylor up and down. Taylor, much like her sister, had a light tan, flat sexy stomach and smoothie to go with her slightly larger titties. “God you two are so beautiful.”

“MMMMMMMM are we now?” Tori as she was pulled into Cammy’s arms. Cammy smiling as she kissed the girl softly on the lips, just as she had done her sister moments ago. Tori offered no resistance as she slipped her arms around Cammy’s neck and kissed her softly, Cammy touching the girls cheek and trading tongues with her back and forth for a long moment as Taylor sat down on the first of the three bean bags, now directly behind the two. Cammy pulled away as her and Tori flicked tongues at each other for a moment and Cammy felt Taylor’s hands now stroking up and down her jean clad legs as she turned around. Stroking her hand through Taylor’s hair as she moved closer to her and Tori sat down by her sister on the bean bags. “You want something baby?”

“Your hard cock” Taylor said as she unbuttoned Cammy’s jeans and unzipped them as Cammy’s already attached rubber cock popped out. Tori grinned knowingly and took it in her hand and stroked it slowly up and down with her fist as Taylor pulled Cammy’s jeans down to her ankles slowly. Cammy holding onto Taylor and Tori’s shoulders as she stepped out of the jeans and moaned as Tori pumped the cock fast with her fist as Cammy moved in front of her. Tori opening her mouth as Cammy took hold of her cock and laid the head on Tori’s tongue as Tori started to suck it. Cammy moaned as she stroked her fingers through Tori’s brown hair and shifted it away from her face and watched the girls head begin to bob up and down on the cock as she took more of it in her mouth all of the time. Taylor stroking her hands up and down Cammy’s thigh as she watched and then leaned forward and pushed Cammy’s T-shirt up her soft flat stomach. Cammy raising her arms willingly as Taylor rose and moved behind her and lifted the shirt up and over Cammy’s head, Cammy moaning as her hands went back into Tori’s hair. Tori bobbing her head harder as she took most of the cock in her mouth now. Taylor watching for a long moment as her arms circled around Cammy’s waist and she asked in a moan, “Can I be first please?”

“You want too?” Cammy asked as she looked back at Taylor with a smile and moaned as she pulled the cock out of Tori’s eager mouth. Taylor nodded her head excitedly as she kissed Cammy’s cheek and moved back to the bean bags and sat back down. Tori grinning as she slipped off the bean bags to the floor and watching Cammy stroke her saliva soaked cock as she got on her knees. Taylor laying back now as she moved her pussy to the very end of the bean bags and Cammy sliding between the girls thighs. Cammy lining her cock up with Taylor’s pretty pussy as she slid a bit closer and then slid the head inside and started to work it in and out as Taylor moaned her approval. Cammy holding her cock steady with one hand and sliding the other up to Taylor’s stomach as she stroked the smooth skin softly and guided her cock in and out a little faster. Tori watching now with a wide eyed interest as Cammy sunk almost all of the way inside the ultra tight little pussy as Taylor moaned and held her hand out as Tori took it and laced their fingers together as she moved beside her sister now. Cammy dropping the hand on the cock down to her side as her thighs pressed against Taylor’s now and she slid the entire cock inside the girl for the first time. Pulling back out till the head was visible and sliding back in as she started the fucking now in earnest. Taylor’s moaning getting louder as the camera angle changed to one from above her head as Cammy joined her first hand with her second hand on Taylor’s stomach as she pounded her cock harder and harder. Cammy closing her eyes for a moment and moaning as she felt the sensations herself as she pumped faster and started to slap her thighs at Taylor’s. Taylor clutched onto her sisters hand and moaned as Cammy slid her hands up and cupped Taylor’s perky titties and squeezed them in her hands as she fucked the girl a bit faster. “MMMMMMMMMMMM Taylor’s moaning like she loves my cock huh girl?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM so good, so fucking good in my pussy Cammy” Taylor moaned as her body shook from the fucking and she clutched at the bean bags under her with her free hand. Tori watching with a smile as she stroked her free hand up and down Cammy’s bare arm and leaned in and kissed her cheek and gladly excepted Cammy’s lips on hers as the two slowly began to kiss. Cammy pounding harder and harder at Taylor’s pussy as her tongue slipped into Tori’s mouth now and they frenched softly for another long moment. Taylor watched the two softly kiss as she moaned and squeezed her fingers into Tori’s and felt her pussy begin to spasm around Cammy’s pounding cock. Squealing once a moment later as Cammy and Tori broke with a smile and Tori moaned to Cammy, “Make her pussy cum for me, I wanna see it up close.”

“MMMMMMMMMM fuck yeh she’s gonna cum so good” Cammy moaned as she leaned forward a bit and placed her hands on Taylor’s slowly heaving stomach and pounded the girl harder one last time and shook her body up and down as Taylor squealed once and again with the ever harder spasming of her pussy. Cammy moaning as her own pussy spasmed a bit harder as she looked down at Taylor in the midst of so much pleasure and knew she was getting close. Tori squeezed her fingers around Taylor’s and leaned down to kiss her sisters lips as she moaned to her, “Come on sissy, let Cammy do it, that pussy is gonna feel so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeh, yeh, yeh ohmigod it does I’m cumming” Taylor moaned as did Cammy with her pussy spasming hard and after another few strokes she was shaking in orgasm too. Cammy slowed as she cum herself and started to again take shorter and harder strokes as Dakota had taught her the week before. Making Taylor’s pussy spasm wildly for a few long moments as she pumped up into her hard and Taylor moaned out loud and the look of pleasure on her face was very evident. Cammy moaned herself as her orgasm gave way and she slowed and sunk all the way inside as Taylor went limp on top of the bean bags now, spent from her intense orgasm, at least for the moment. Tori smiled as she leaned down and kissed her sister softly on the lips and both smiled as they parted. “MMMMMMM so good, best cum ever.”

“MMMMMMMM I’m getting to like this strap-on thing” Cammy moaned, “Felt so good cumming like that.”

“It’s not funny anymore” Tori said with a soft kiss as she gently pushed Cammy by the stomach and had her pull out of Taylor’s pussy and rise from the floor as Tori pulled Taylor gently up. Taylor kissing her sister as she rolled off the bean bags and moved in front of them as Cammy took Taylor’s former position and sat down and laid back lengthwise on the bean bags. Tori excitedly stood and crossed her legs over Cammy’s thighs, her feet now on either side of the bean bag and her back to Cammy. Cammy held her cock steady and watched Tori lower herself down as Tori looked down and let Cammy guide the cock into her pussy. Taylor stroked her hands up and down Tori’s smooth thighs as her sister began to gently bounce on Cammy’s cock now and moan as it disappeared slowly inside her pussy. Cammy squeezing one hand into one of Tori’s ass cheeks as she smiled and Tori bounced a little harder now, taking more of the cock inside her. Tori moaned as she placed both of her hands on Cammy’s thighs and went faster up and down as Cammy moved her hand away from the cock and let Tori take almost all of it in her pussy now. Cammy moaned as she moved the hand on Tori’s ass cheek to one side of her waist and moved the hand that had been on the cock to the other side of her waist as Tori landed on her thighs for the first time. The cock buried deep in her pussy, Tori moaned as she looked back and moved her hands away from Cammy’s thighs and moved them back to behind her and placed them on Cammy’s wrists as Cammy’s fingers gripped tightly into Tori’s skin. Tori held on to Cammy’s wrists for balance as she lifted herself to the top of the cock and started to bounce up and down now, her ass cheeks spanking at Cammy’s thighs as she landed on her each time. With Tori’s hands on Cammy’s wrists her back was arched perfectly and her titties bounced up and down with her each time. Cammy’s fingers gripped tighter into Tori’s waist as she moaned and shook from the shots that Tori was now delivering from above. “MMMMMMMM are my titties bouncing good now sissy?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes they are baby sister” Taylor moaned as she watched now from the side and idly stroked her hands up and down Tori’s thigh and Cammy’s arm as she watched her sister bounce expertly on the cock time after time. Tori’s face showing the pleasure she was in as the cock rocketed up into her each time she bounced and her titties swayed harder up and down as Cammy moaned from below and kept Tori balanced. A wide shot showing Cammy’s feet bouncing just the way Dakota’s does when she gets rode as Tori gripped her hands tighter around Cammy’s wrists and bounced a little harder now as she lifted all the way to the top of the cock and moaned each time she impaled herself on it. Cammy squeezing her fingers into Tori’s waist tighter as she laid her head back and moaned with the spasming off her pussy. Tori’s beautiful body glistened now with sweat in the sunshine as she moaned from the spasming of her own pussy around the cock as she bounced harder one last time. Her ass cheeks slapping loudly now at Cammy’s thighs as she clutched her hands around Cammy’s wrists and rolled her eyes back in her head as she tried to take in all of the pleasure. Cammy moaned out loud from below as her pussy spasmed out of control and into her second orgasm of the day, just as Tori bounced again to the very top of the cock and crashed down onto Cammy’s thighs as her own pussy began to spasm wildly and both were cumming at the same moment. Tori moaned loudly as her pussy spasmed around the cock and finally crashed down onto Cammy as her orgasm subsided and Cammy relaxed under her with a smile on her face. Tori releasing Cammy’s wrists as she slumped forward a bit and smiled, Cammy stroked her hands up and down Tori’s sweat covered back as she moaned to her, “Good job baby, you made me cum so good, you did too huh?”

“MMMMMMMM yeh so good” Tori moaned as she smiled into the camera.

“Dakota, Becky take it away” Cammy said with a knowing smile as Tori lifted off her and the camera pulled back and showed Dakota and Becky holding hands with Amanda Bynes as they made their way onto the set from the same path that Cammy, Taylor and Tori had taken a few minutes ago. Dakota stepping in front of the two with her as they stopped in front of the heart shaped bed and saying as she motioned to the gorgeous Amanda Bynes, “Amanda Bynes and her amazing tan.”

“Hi, oh god, I’m a dork” Amanda giggled as both Becky and Dakota started laughing.

“No I can top that” Dakota said, “At the end of my first Cumming Out episode I raised my hand, waved like a dumbass and said bye.”

“I saw that dork” Becky giggled as she fell onto the bed laughing. I just then really noticed she was wearing a pair of skin tight short shorts and a belly shirt that barely covered her perky little titties. Dakota, who was wearing her now standard issue jeans and white t-shirt, tackled a still giggling Becky on the bed and pinned her down with Becky’s arms above her head. “Ha ha, Dakota’s a big dork.”

“You had best take that back” Dakota said as Becky squirmed and laughed as she tried to get lose and realized she couldn’t as she struggled against Dakota’s firm grip. Amanda watching with an amused smile as she drew both Dakota and Becky’s attention to her when she slipped the simple white t-shirt she was wearing over her head and skinned her shorts down her thighs and posed for a moment for the camera and smiled. What a fuckin amazing sight that is ladies, dark rich tan, no tan lines at all, flat stomach, toned arms, thighs and calfs, perky titties with no hint of sag, a heart shaped ass and smile to make me cream my panties. “DAMN!”

“You like?” Amanda asked as both Dakota and Becky looked on in awe as Amanda joined them on the bed.

“The amazing Amanda tan” Dakota said as Becky looked over her head now, her eyes never leaving Amanda’s body as she grinned and never once offered to try and pull away from Dakota.

“Can I please lick your pussy?” Becky asked with a knowing smile as Amanda nodded her head and leaned down to kiss Becky softly. “Oh wow, I love this show.”

“So what do you plan to do her?” Amanda asked as Dakota smiled and grinned down at Becky and replied, “Hold her in place for me? I got some plans.”

“Hey come on Dakota I’m sorry, stop let me go” Becky said in a giggle as Amanda took hold of Becky’s wrists as soon as Dakota released her. “Come on Amanda she’s gonna make me do bad things.”

“MMMMMM I’m soooooo hoping she does” Amanda moaned, Becky’s protest stopping as Amanda kissed her again and Dakota slipped off the bed and took hold of Becky’s skin tight shorts and pulled them down to the girls thighs and off. Tossing them aside as the camera focused on her for a moment and showed her slip back on the bed now on her knees and unbutton her pants. Her rubber cock popping out from her already attached harness and let the pants down to her knees as the camera pulled back and showed Amanda and Becky finally breaking from their soft kiss. Becky looking up at Dakota and was obviously wondering what she was in for now. Dakota scooted forward, her jeans now around her ankles, and got between Becky’s thighs and looked down as she stroked her cock up and down. “I’m thinking she needs her little pussy worked out Dakota.”

“MMMMMMMM such a good idea” Dakota moaned as she lined the cock up with Becky’s pussy slit and rubbed the head up and down softly as Becky moaned and made a show out of struggling against Amanda’s grip but noticed her thighs never moved an inch. Dakota smiling as she slipped the head inside Becky’s tight little pussy and quieted the girls protest as she started stroking in and out slowly. Becky moaned as Amanda watched and held Becky’s hands in place and Dakota stroked a little faster in and out of the hole now. Sinking all the way inside the hole a moment later and leaning forward over Becky’s body and placing her hands by the girls shoulders as she pulled out to the tip and slid back in slowly as Becky moaned and Dakota began to stroke faster in and out. Amanda leaned up and kissed Dakota’s lips for a long moment as the two started to softly massage their tongues against the others now as Becky watched and moaned as Dakota started pounding her cock home inside. Her thighs smacking at Becky’s now, Dakota pulled away from Amanda and looked down to see Becky moaning louder as she clutched her fingers now around Amanda’s wrists and felt her pussy spasm lightly as Dakota fucked her harder. “MMMMMM yeh you gonna run that mouth some more Becky?”

“MMMMMMMMM no no I won’t, oh my god it feels so good Dakota” Becky moaned as she looked down and watching Dakota’s cock pump into her for a long moment before she rolled her eyes back in her head and tried to take in all of the pleasure as her pussy spasmed harder. Dakota smiled as she pounded harder and started to shake Becky’s beautiful body harder now as she started to feel her own pussy slowly beginning to spasm. “MMMMMMMMM I’m sorry and I need to be taught not to do that.”

“MMMMMMMM you are so right Becky” Dakota moaned as she looked down at her and moved one of her hands to between Becky’s titties and felt the girl shake from the fucking. “MMMMMMMMM hold her in place let me fuck her real good and teach her a lesson.”

“MMMMMMMMM yeah teach her that lesson Dakota” Amanda moaned as she dropped down to her stomach and held Becky’s hands in place as Dakota pulled all the way out of the girls pussy and slammed back in again and again. Becky looking down again as she felt her pussy spasm harder and started to buck her hips to meet Dakota’s ever quickening and harder thrusts. Dakota moaning as she felt Becky do just that and opening her mouth as she felt her own pussy respond in kind and slapping her thighs at Becky’s each time now, both moaning out loud. Amanda watched in amazement as both Dakota and Becky worked to make the pleasure both felt even more intense and saw the look on both of their faces as they neared their orgasms. “MMMMMMMMM you gonna be a good girl if I make you cum Becky?”

“MMMMMMMMM fuck gonna cum so good, yes Dakota I promise I will, please me cum, please?” Becky begged in a loud moan as her pussy spasmed out of control with just a few more strokes of Dakota’s cock up into her. Dakota moaned as she watched Becky start to cum and felt her own pussy spasm out of control as both cum as one in a few long wonderful moments of orgasmic bliss. Dakota closing her eyes and slowing as she rode out the wonderful sensations making her body shake gently now as Becky did the same from below. Both seemed to settle down at the same time as Dakota dropped to her elbows and her and Becky kissed softly. “MMMM I lied you know?”

“About what?” Dakota asked as she again slowly stroked in and out of Becky’s pussy as Becky moaned.

“MMMMMMMMM about being a good girl, cause I’m not gonna be” Becky said with a devilish grin, “You’re just gonna have to force to do bad things again.”

“I just might do that” Dakota said with a smile and looking to the camera as she said, “How about some more Thompson sister reverse cowgirl? Cammy?”

“Thanks Dakota” Cammy said as she came back into view, still laying lengthwise along the bean bags as the camera pulled back a little and showed Taylor standing as she turned her back to Cammy and crossed one leg over Cammy to the other side of the bean bags. Her feet on either side now as she lowered down, Cammy taking hold of her cock and keeping it steady with one hand and putting the other on Taylor’s lightly tanned ass cheek and guiding the girl down on the cock. Tori now watching from the side and smiling as Taylor moaned and looked down and watched the cock slip between her pussy lips. Taylor moaning as she started to gently bounce on the cock up and down, taking more of it in her pussy all the time now as Cammy moaned and moved the hand on her cock away and placed both on Taylor’s waist. Squeezing her fingers into the girls skin as she balanced her and encouraged her to bounce more. A few more bounces up and down and Taylor moaned out loud as she came to rest on Cammy’s thighs. “MMMMMMMM baby so good Taylor, reach back and hold onto my wrists.”

“MMMMMMMMMM yeh just like I did sissy” Tori moaned as Taylor took the direction from Cammy and moved both of her hands behind her and to Cammy’s wrists. Cammy’s hands sinking tightly into Taylor’s waist now just above her hips and balancing the girl as she rose to the top of the cock and impaled herself on it. Her ass cheeks smacking at Cammy’s slender thighs as she rose and did it again, bouncing now to the top of the cock every time. Moaning out loud at the sensations, Taylor clutched her fingers around Cammy’s wrists as Cammy clutched her fingers into Taylor’s skin and moaning as Taylor landed on her each time. The angle changing to one from the front as we saw Tori with her hand on Taylor’s chest and smiling as her sister moaned and bounced harder up and down on Cammy’s cock, her titties bouncing up and down with her as did Cammy’s feet, bouncing off the floor a bit each time Taylor landed on her. Cammy’s moaning growing a little louder now as she shook from the pounding she was now taking from above as she squeezed her fingers tighter into Taylor’s skin and bounced her harder. Taylor’s moaning matched that of the girl under her as she lifted herself to the very tip of the cock and crashed back down each time, her pussy spasming around the cock that was now rocketing up into her. “Harder Tay, come on sissy, fuck her real good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM it feels so good” Taylor moaned as she bounced up and down a few more times and squealed as Tori reached back and smacked her ass cheek with a stinging slap. Tori giving her a determined look and doing it again as Taylor whimpered and squealed as she bounced harder and shook Cammy’s whole body now. “MMMMMMMMM oh my god so good, my pussy is gonna cum so fuckin’ good.”

“MMMMMMMMMM that’s it baby, come on make me cum too” Cammy moaned as her and Taylor’s pussy seemed to be in the same rhythm as both felt harder and harder spasms over the next few moments. Taylor squealing as Tori again spanked the same ass cheek and clutching her fingers into Cammy’s wrists as she bounced a bit harder and slapped her ass cheeks louder at Cammy’s thighs now as both moaned out loud. Cammy squeezing her fingers into Taylor’s waist to keep her perfectly balanced as she laid her head back and moaned, both trying to take in all of the sensations. Taylor bounced to the very tip of the cock and crashed back down once more and felt her pussy begin to spasm in the most wonderful way possible as she started her orgasm, Cammy tensed up below the girl and felt much the same at almost that exact moment as she too started to cum. Loud moans filled the air for the next few long moments as both felt orgasmic bliss, Cammy settling down first as Taylor bounced once or twice more before she came to rest on top of Cammy’s thighs. Slumping forward a bit as she released Cammy’s wrists. “MMMMMMMMMM god I love cowgirl.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM…after that…me too” Taylor moaned as she lifted off the cock on rubbery legs and dropped back to her knees as Cammy sat up and they kissed softly for a moment as Tori watched and idly stroked her hands up and down either girls sweaty body. Cammy massaging her tongue against Taylor’s for a long moment before pulling away and smiling as she looked to the camera and grinned knowingly, “Back to you Dakota.”

“Thanks Camilla” Dakota said in a man-like voice as Becky could be heard laughing off-camera. The camera pulling back from a tight shot of Dakota to see Becky now between Amanda’s thighs as Amanda laid back on the bed. Her head resting against the pillows at the top as Becky grinned into the camera and moved closer as Amanda watched. Dakota laying down beside Becky as she stroked her fingers through the girl’s hair and collected it into a ponytail on the back of her head as Becky stroked her tongue up Amanda’s pussy slit for the first time. Amanda squirming a bit and moaning softly as Becky did it again slowly. The mind numbing site of Amanda’s tanned body squirming as Becky made trip after trip up her pussy slit now was enough to make me cum. Becky gently pressing her tongue into the folds of the girls pussy. Dakota watched with a smile as Becky pulled away and smiled as she rubbed Amanda’s tanned and oh so smooth pussy lips softly and licked her lips as she grinned at Dakota. Asking a moment later, “Can I take my time, she tastes so good.”

“Yes you can, and make it cum so good” Dakota moaned as they grinned at each other and kissed softly before Becky went back to work on Amanda’s pussy. Letting her tongue dip inside and after a few more strokes began to fuck it in and out of the hole slowly on the underside of Amanda’s clit. Amanda clutching into the pillows above her head now as she moaned louder. Squirming a little and showing the wonderful pleasure on her face as Becky went faster and faster in and out of the girls sweet pussy. Amanda moaned a bit louder as she clutched into the pillows above her head and felt Becky’s eager tongue begin to lick her inner walls lovingly in a tongue swirl. Amanda’s pussy spasming lightly and a bit harder with each thrust and soft swirl of Becky’s tongue up into her. Dakota smiling as she kissed Becky’s cheek to get her attention, Becky smiling as she stopped and looked up, “You gonna give her a rolling thunder finish?”

“Please make me cum like that” Amanda moaned as Becky smiled and leaned down and kissed Amanda’s tanned pussy lips and smiled before slipping her tongue a bit inside and to Amanda’s pleasure she rolled her tongue at the entrance. Amanda moaned out loud and arched her back a bit as the sensations took over and she tried to hold out as long as she could before cumming. A whimpering moan escaping her mouth as Becky continued to roll her tongue at the entrance to Amanda’s pussy softly. Amanda’s eyes rolled back in her head as she tried to take in all of the pleasure and finally gave up the fight as her beautiful darkly tanned body shook gently in a wonderful orgasm a moment later. Her pussy spasming wildly for a few long moments before her orgasm subsided into a wonderful afterglow. Relaxing on the bed and moaning a few more times when Becky slid her tongue deep inside and began to suck out her sweet cum time after time. Dakota rose as the camera pulled back and motioned with her finger for someone to join her, while Becky licked a few more times at Amanda’s pussy and rose as the two started to kiss softly. “MMMMMMMMMMM so good Becky.”

“Hey there my little protege” Dakota said with a horny grin as she kissed Cammy softly on the lips as the girl appeared on camera and crawled onto the bed. “Guess what you’re gonna do for the first time?”


“…fucking” Dakota finished as both smiled.

“Already, you think I’m ready for that?” Cammy asked as Dakota grinned and kissed her again.

“No reason to wait, two horny willing girls right here and you’ve learned how to use that cock so why not?” Dakota asked.

“Which one? Amanda?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yesssssssssss it’s me” Amanda moaned as Becky moved to the top of the bed to join her. Amanda sat up and got on her knees as Dakota directed Cammy to stand on the bed and get in front of Amanda. Cammy smiled as she stroked her cock and got to her feet as Amanda opened her mouth invitingly and stuck out her tongue. Cammy carefully laid the cock head on the older girls tongue and moaned as Amanda started to suck it eagerly, taking it in her mouth slowly but surely now as Dakota directed Cammy’s hands into Amanda’s hair. Cammy scooped her hair into a ponytail and guided Amanda’s head up and down gently as she watched and moaned from above. Becky laid down beside the two and watched as Amanda put her hands on Cammy’s bare thighs and bobbed her head harder up and down and took more of the cock in her mouth all the time. Cammy moaning even louder as Amanda started to deep throat the cock a moment later, doing it once and touching her lips to Cammy’s bare skin. Cammy pulled her off and took hold of the cock as she began to stroke it up and down and moaned to Amanda, “You’ll be my first butt fuck, you gonna take it all for me?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes I am Cammy” Amanda moaned as she once again sucked at the head of the cock and Cammy dropped her hand and let Amanda once more take the cock all the way in her mouth as she deep throated it repeatedly. Pulling her off again a moment later, Cammy dropped to her knees and kissed Amanda softly on the lips and held her cock steady as she massaged her tongue softly against Amanda’s for a long moment. Amanda smiling and moaning as she pulled away and with Cammy’s hands stroking up and down her bare back she turned around and slipped a leg over Becky’s head and lowered her baby smooth pussy down to Cammy’s twins eager mouth. Amanda now lowering into a 69 with Becky as Cammy stroked her saliva soaked cock and got in behind Amanda now and watched. Becky licking up and down Amanda’s smooth pussy as she smiled and Dakota moved in beside of Cammy now. Amanda moaning and watching Cammy closely as Becky wrapped her arms around the girls back and held her in place.

“OK, grip it right here and hold it steady” Dakota said as Cammy took hold of her cock at the base and guided it to Amanda’s puckered little asshole and gently rubbed it. “OK push it gently inside till the ring covers the head.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM” Cammy and Amanda moaned at the same moment as Cammy pushed inside for the first time and stopped just as Amanda’s asshole ring covered the cock head.

“OK, pull it back out and do it again” Dakota said as Cammy followed the instructions and worked her cock in and out of Amanda’s asshole ring once and then time after time as both girls moaned out loud. Becky below them was slowly now stuffing her tongue in and out of Amanda’s tight little pussy in time to Cammy’s gentle strokes above her. Dakota kissed Cammy’s cheek and moaned to her, “OK, now slide inside a little more and butt fuck it all the way in.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM so sweet butt fuckin Amanda Bynes” Cammy moaned as she stroked in and out now and got deeper and deeper with every stroke of the cock as Dakota moved back and watched the incredible scene play out before her now. Becky sped her thrusts up into Amanda’s now lightly spasming pussy and staying in perfect rhythm with Cammy’s strokes, working the underside of Amanda’s clit with her tongue on each stroke. Cammy slid one hand up to Amanda’s shoulder and gripped the muscle tightly as she guided the cock into the girls asshole with the other still. “MMMMMMMMMM so good, Dakota do I move my hand away now?”

“MMMMMMMMMM so smart, just like that” Dakota moaned as she laid down on her side and watched Cammy drop the hand from the cock and let it fall to her side as she made long smooth strokes into Amanda’s asshole. Amanda moaned louder and louder as Cammy got deeper and deeper and tensed up as Cammy finally sunk all the way inside for the first time. Cammy pressed her thighs to Amanda’s ass cheeks as she smiled at Dakota and moaned, “MMMMMMMMM twin sandwich?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM yes please” Dakota moaned in return as Cammy leaned forward over Amanda’s back and placed her hands by Becky’s thighs as Dakota put a hand on Cammy’s stomach and said, “OK, now pull out till the cock head catches and plunge it back inside fast.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD” Amanda moaned as Cammy did just as Dakota directed and slapped her thighs off of Amanda’s ass cheeks for the first time and then doing it again and again. Amanda moaned louder as she squeezed her thighs around Becky’s head and felt her pussy spasm harder and harder, Becky once again sped her thrusts up into Amanda’s pussy at a pace perfectly matching Cammy’s thrusts. Cammy moaned as she watched her cock slide in and out of Amanda’s asshole now effortlessly. “MMMMMMMMM Cammy baby it’s so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM butt fuck hole feels so good” Cammy moaned as she pumped harder and harder in long smooth strokes now in and out. Slapping her thighs at Amanda’s ass cheeks every time, Amanda’s darkly tanned ass cheeks jiggly each time as she moaned. Becky fucking her tongue up into Amanda’s now spasming pussy still in perfect time to her sisters butt fucking. Cammy moaned as she felt her own pussy spasming as she began to pound into Amanda’s asshole now, looking down and watching every stroke of the cock as it slid deep inside each time. “MMMMMMMMM Amanda your taking it so deep for me.”

“MMMMMMMMMM god it’s so deep and feels so good, does it feel good for you Cammy?” Amanda moaned in reply as she squeezed her fingers into Becky’s thighs and her own thighs squeezed around Becky’s head as her body shook gently from the mind numbing sensations of the ‘twin sandwich’. Amanda’s face showing the pleasure that was storming her body as she moaned a little louder, Cammy above her showing the pleasure on her face too as both felt their pussy spasm harder and harder and Cammy moaned to her, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god does it ever, Dakota said butt fucking felt good but I had no idea, I’m gonna cum so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM now you’re gonna butt fuck her hard till you cum” Dakota moaned to Cammy and watched her again follow directions perfectly as she went harder into Amanda’s ultra tight little asshole. Amanda moaned and began to squeal as the butt fucking came harder, Cammy matching her moan for moan. Cammy pounding harder as her knees actually came off the mattress a bit to get more leverage, smacking her thighs off of Amanda’s ass cheeks loudly and watching them jiggle as she did this now repeatedly. Amanda moaned out loud and felt Becky below her continue to fuck her tongue in perfect time to Cammy’s butt fucking shots. The sun glistening off of Cammy’s nude tanned body as she moaned out loud and drilled her cock home in Amanda’s back door again and again. Both moaning urgently now as Becky held on to Amanda tightly and stuffed her tongue up into the older girls pussy frantically, Amanda squealing as she squeezed her thighs around Becky’s head and felt her pussy explode in a mind numbing body washing orgasm. Cammy laid her head back and moaned out loud herself as her own orgasm took her to pure heaven too in that moment along with Amanda. Cammy finally slowing in Amanda’s asshole as both began to settle down and Cammy moving back to behind the girl and stroking inside a few more times as Becky sucked Amanda’s cum the fuck out. Dakota moving next to Cammy and guiding the girl to carefully slide out of Amanda’s asshole now, “Butt fucking feels so good huh Cammy?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM so hot sooooo good” Cammy moaned as she stroked her fingers through her sweat stained hair and moved aside as Amanda looked up. “MMMMMMMMMM did I do good Amanda?”

“MMMMMMMMM yessss the only thing you missed was asking if I wanted to be butt fucked to pure heaven” Amanda moaned as Becky now slowly but surely licked up and down Amanda’s baby smooth pussy and got the rest of the girls sweet cum off.

“I noticed that too” Dakota said with a horny smile as she looked at Cammy, “Looks like I’m gonna have to demonstrate.”

“I knew this was gonna happen” Cammy giggled as Dakota directed her to lay back on the bed. Which Cammy did after turning her back to Dakota and laying back so her head was now at Dakota’s knees. Amanda smiled knowingly as she watched Dakota rise to her feet and stroke her cock up and down slowly, Amanda raising a leg and moving off of Becky and to my surprise onto Cammy in a 69. Cammy smiling as she began to lick Amanda’s sweet pussy up and down and Amanda moaning as she took hold of Cammy’s cock and slipped the cock head into her mouth as she began to suck it. Becky setting up and getting on her knees in front of Dakota, opening her mouth invitingly and letting Dakota slip her own cock inside as Becky started to suck it. Dakota moaning as her hands went into Becky’s hair and she watched the girl take the cock deep in her mouth almost immediately as she sucked it hard up and down.

“MMMMMMMMMM so good Becky” Dakota moaned as Becky’s hands went to the outside of Dakota’s smooth thighs and stroked them slowly up and down as her head bobbed up and down faster and faster now. Dakota moaning as she watched for another long moment before pulling Becky off and spanking the cock on Becky’s still outstretched tongue. Holding it now in her hand as she turned and lowered back to her knees, getting in behind Amanda as Cammy licked the girls pussy up and down over and over again. Dakota lined her cock up with Amanda’s just fucked asshole and slowly slid inside as Becky watched and Amanda moaned out loud. Dakota’s cock easily sliding all the way in as her thighs pressed against Amanda’s darkly tanned ass cheeks now. “MMMMMMMMMM god that feels so good on my cock.”

“MMMMMMMMMM sandwich time” Becky moaned as Dakota did just that and leaned forward over Amanda’s back and placed her hands now by Cammy’s thighs as she sandwiched Amanda in between her and Cammy. Amanda’s moans being stifled as she sucked on Cammy’s cock and bobbed her head up and down slowly as Dakota pulled out of her asshole till the cock head caught on her asshole ring and plunged back inside. Cammy watched from below as she now licked gently over and over Amanda’s clit and felt the girl squirm on top of her. Amanda closed her eyes and moaned as Becky laid down beside of her now, clearing Amanda’s hair out of her eyes as her head bobbed up and down. Dakota’s thighs began to spank at Amanda’s ass cheeks now as she went faster and faster in and out of the girls asshole, the white t-shirt showing the signs of sweat as the blue waters of the South Pacific made a heart stopping backdrop. Cammy licking more and more roughly over Amanda’s clit from below as Dakota began to pound the girl hard now. Dakota moaning as her pussy began to spasm, her thighs spanking away at Amanda’s ass cheeks, making them jiggle each time. Cammy holding Amanda in place with her arms around the girls waist as she licked her clit over and over in an endless rhythm. Amanda moaned as her head bobbed up and down on Cammy’s cock now more slowly as she shook from the butt fucking Dakota was delivering. Dakota closing her eyes as the pleasure of the moment swept over her body and she pounded harder on Amanda’s sweet asshole, moaning to her, “MMMMMMMMMM Amanda you’re taking it so good baby.”

“MMMMMMMMM oh my god I’m gonna cum again” Amanda moaned as she slipped Cammy’s cock out of her mouth for the moment. Cammy holding her tighter as she sucked on Amanda’s clit and felt the girl begin to shake. Dakota moaned with her as her pussy spasmed harder and harder with every thrust, Amanda squeezed her thighs around Cammy’s head and moaned out loud as her pussy spasmed hard. Dakota moaning out loud as both drew dangerously close to an orgasm as she moaned, “MMMMMMMMM Amanda you ready to be butt fucked to pure heaven baby?”

“MMMMMMMMM god OH MY GOD YESSSS” Amanda moaned as she felt her orgasm take over. Her naked darkly tanned body shaking from head to toe now as she surged into pure heaven. Dakota moaned as she did the same thing with a few more shots to Amanda’s asshole before slowing and shaking herself as her own orgasm took over. A few moan filled body shaking moments of pure heaven orgasmic bliss later, both settled down. Dakota’s t-shirt soaked with sweat as she slowed and settled in behind Amanda and stroked deep a few more times. Amanda moaning loudly as she got her cum sucked out. “MMMMMMMM fuck two times in a row is insane.”

“MMMMMMMM I’ll say” Dakota moaned as she pulled out of Amanda’s asshole carefully. To my shock, Amanda rose and moved off of Cammy, sliding off the end of the bed and standing. Cammy sat up and joined a still visibly shaking Amanda as she too slid of the bed. The camera moved behind Dakota as she took Becky’s hand, and a moment later, both made their across the stage with Amanda and Cammy following. Taylor and Tori smiling knowingly as Dakota held out her hands and each sister took one as they rose. “Guess what happens now?”

“My little Kota gets a double dip” Becky said in a moan as she kissed Dakota’s cheek and both smiled. “Have fun.”

“MMMMMMMM I intend to” Dakota said with a horny smile as she turned and again took Taylor and Tori’s hands and led them across the stage. The camera giving us a great show of the Thompson sisters lightly tanned butts swaying as they did. Both crawling on to the bed a moment later and getting on their knees as did Dakota, now in front of them. Wrapping an arm around each, Dakota smiled as her hands found Taylor and Tori’s ass cheeks. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“I wonder what we could do now?” Taylor asked as Tori leaned in and kissed Dakota softly and replied, “Butt fucking.”

“MMMMMMMM my favorite thing” Dakota said as she squeezed her hands into the girls ass cheeks slowly. “Been a whole week since I got to butt fuck two girls in a row.”

“Oh no that poor baby, we gotta change that” Taylor moaned as she kissed Dakota on the lips and looked down at Dakota’s cock. “I know we’re not twins but will we do?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes you will” Dakota said as she kissed each of them one more time and rose on the bed to her feet and stroked her cock a few times as Taylor opened her mouth willingly and stuck out her tongue. Dakota carefully laid the head of her cock on Taylor’s tongue and stroked her fingers into the girls hair as Taylor started to suck it softly. Dakota clearing the hair out of her eyes as Taylor’s head began to bob up and down slowly, the cock going deeper in her mouth all the time now. Tori kissing Dakota’s tanned stomach and pushing the girls t-shirt up as Dakota smiled and lifted it over her head and tossed it aside, now nude, returning her hands to Taylor’s hair and clearing it from her eyes again. Taylor moaning as she bobbed her head hard up and down and took all of the cock in her mouth time after time. Dakota moaned as she gently stopped Taylor and pulled her cock away as a long string of saliva dripped down onto the girls body. Dakota dropping back to her knees as she now stroked her spit soaked cock fast up and down. Taylor smiling knowingly as Dakota cupped her hands around the back of the sisters necks and guided them to kiss. Taylor’s lips meeting Tori’s as the camera caught the beautiful site in a close-up. Slowly beginning to massage tongues as their lips fell into a perfect rhythm with the others. One moaning softly into the others mouth for a long moment until Dakota pulled them apart and kissed each of them herself. Then crawling around to behind Tori as Taylor got the idea and crawled forward and then laid back so her head was at Tori’s thighs. Dakota kissing Tori’s neck softly and asking the girl, “You know what I’m gonna do to you now?”

“Butt fuck me” Tori moaned as Dakota smiled and asked, “MMMMMMMMM yeh, and you know what you’ll be doing while I’m doing that?”

“Shaking in pleasure?”

“That and moaning” Dakota said as Tori smiled an almost evil grin. “You ready?”

“MMMMMMMM so horny and so ready” Tori moaned as she crawled forward a little and watched as she carefully lowered her pussy to Taylor’s eager mouth. Moaning as her sister’s tongue began to slide up and down her pussy slit now fast. Dakota sliding a hand up Tori’s bare back and encouraging her to lay forward so she was over Taylor in a 69, which Tori gladly did as she looked back with a smile. Dakota stroked her cock a time or two more times as she watched Taylor sink her tongue into Tori’s pussy and start to pump it in and out of the hole slowly but surely. Tori moaned as she squeezed her thighs around her sisters head and squirmed as the sensations began to fill her body with pleasure. Dakota smiled as she moved forward a bit more and as Tori watched, she lined her cock up with Tori’s asshole. Dakota doing something then I had never seen do before, dropping the hand holding her cock steady down to her side and giving us a clear view as she slid into Tori’s butt, the girls asshole ring closing around Dakota’s cock as she moaned out loud now. Pulling the cock head back out and sliding it back in as she worked Tori’s asshole ring to perfection. Tori moaned as she watched every movement and clutched onto Taylor’s thighs below her as Taylor began to softly lick her sisters gently spasming inner walls now. Fucking her tongue up into Tori’s pussy as she wrapped her arms around her sisters waist as Dakota began to stroke deeper and deeper now with each stroke. “MMMMMMMMMM so good being butt fucked Dakota.”

“MMMMMMMMMM I know it is baby, you know your butt fuck hole is feeling so good on my cock right baby?” Dakota asked in a moan as she slid a hand up to Tori’s shoulder and held her in place as she stroked faster and deeper in and out of the girls tight little asshole. Taylor feeling Tori squirm on top of her as she now licked at the girls clit softly over and over again. Tori’s pretty face showing the intense pleasure she was experiencing as she watched every stroke of Dakota’s cock into her ass now, moaning to her in reply, “MMMMMMMMMMM oh my god I hope it does Dakota, god it’s fuckin big up my butt, feels so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMM feels so good” Dakota moaned as she went faster and faster and made Tori moan out loud for the first time. Taylor had now gone back to stuffing her tongue in and out of her sisters pussy as she fucked it up into her in time to Dakota’s strokes. Dakota moaned out loud as she sunk all the way inside of Tori’s asshole and pressed her thighs to the girls ass cheeks now. Leaning forward over Tori’s back and placing her hands by Taylor’s thighs as she pulled all the way out till the cock head caught on Tori’s asshole ring and plunged back inside, her thighs smacking at Tori’s ass cheeks each time now as she started the butt fucking in earnest. Tori opened her mouth and showing the pleasure on her face as she was held in place by Taylor’s arms tightly wrapped around her waist. “MMMMMMMMM oh my god Tori, I’m gonna have to butt fuck you real hard now baby, it feels so good. I wanna see how loud I can make you moan.”

“MMMMMMMM I CAN TAKE IT HARDER OH MY GOD, DO IT FASTER UP MY BUTT FUCK HOLE” Tori moaned as Taylor fucked her tongue harder and harder up into her, making Tori’s pussy spasm all the more harder. Licking her sisters inner walls lovingly over and over as she watched Dakota above her. Dakota moaned as she felt her own pussy begin to spasm now as she did just as she said and went harder in and out of Tori’s butt. Tori moaning louder and squeezing her fingers into Taylor’s thighs and her own thighs around Taylor’s head as her body began to shake from the shots Dakota was delivering to her asshole. Dakota’s beautiful naked body glistening with sweat now as she slapped her thighs off of Tori’s ass cheeks louder and drove her cock deep inside of Tori’s asshole every time. Tori began squealing in pure pleasure as her pussy spasmed harder with every passing moment it seemed. Dakota’s pussy spasming harder too as she moaned to Tori, “MMMMMMMMM TAKING IT SO GOOD BABY, MMMMMMMMMM GONNA BUTT FUCK YOU TO PURE HEAVEN YOU WANNA FEEL THAT HUH?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD I BEEN DREAMING ABOUT THAT PLEASE LET ME FEEL IT” Tori moaned as Dakota pounded harder one last time, slapping her thighs off of Tori’s ass cheeks louder. Taylor pumped her tongue up into her sisters pussy faster now as she felt it spasm harder and knew her sister was on the verge as her tongue worked the underside of Tori’s clit. Dakota moaned as she slammed away at Tori’s asshole a few more times and then closed her eyes as her orgasm began to sweep over her sweat drenched body. Tori screaming once as her pussy spasmed out of control and she felt pure heaven for first time. Her toes curling up, calfs and thighs tensing, her stomach bowing in, fingers clutching into Taylor’s thighs and her moaning coming in pants as the wonderful sensations made her body shake at it’s peak. Dakota peaking as she shook a little from the pleasure and began to subside as she slowed in Tori’s asshole now and watched the girl settle down as her orgasm subsided too. Tori grunting as she squirted her honey cum into her sisters mouth once and then again as Dakota settled back down behind her and stroked inside a few more times to get all her cum out for Taylor. Taylor sucked softly and making Tori squeal a time or two as she sucked out all of the girls cum from below. Dakota stroking her hands up and down Tori’s sweat covered back for a moment before she pulled out of the girls asshole carefully. Tori shaking visibly as she rolled off of Taylor and got on her knees now in front of Dakota and kissed her softly on the lips. “MMMMMMM that was fuckin amazing it felt so good I’m shaking.”

“Your butt fuck hole feels so good on my cock too” Dakota moaned as Tori smiled as her sister sat up and joined the other two. Then smiling at Taylor as she moved in beside the two, Taylor’s chin now smeared in her sisters girl cum. “And now it’s your turn Tay.”

“Sure you can handle me?” Taylor asked as Tori turned her back to the two of them and crawled away and then laid back in the familiar set-up for a sandwich. Her head now at Dakota’s thighs as Taylor kissed Dakota softly before Dakota replied, “MMMMMM yesss, two girls in a row is my new favorite thing. And you are number two.”

“MMMMMMM cum on sissy it feels so good you’ll be moaning so loud” Tori said as Taylor smiled and turned her back to Dakota and crossed her leg over Tori’s head and lowered her pussy down. Tori smiling as her tongue eagerly started to lick at Taylor’s baby smooth pussy, Taylor moaning with a smile on her face as she laid forward onto her elbows and now in a 69 with her sister. Tori licking softly up and down now and letting her tongue dip inside slowly as she did and felt her sister squirm and moan on top of her. Taylor looked back and watched as Dakota held her cock steady and slid in behind her and lined it with her asshole. Holding it steady with one hand and pressing the head of the cock gently into Taylor’s asshole before moving the hand and dropping it back to her side as the head slipped past Taylor’s asshole ring and we heard Taylor moan. Dakota’s other hand sliding up the smooth sweaty skin of Taylor’s back as she began to pump slowly in and out and get her cock deeper, Taylor moaning out loud now as she squeezed her thighs around Tori’s head. Tori now had stopped licking and shoved her tongue all the way inside of her sisters lightly spasming pussy and fucking it in and out slowly. Dakota moaning herself as she stroked faster and faster in and out of the hole and got her cock ever deeper as Taylor moaned now with every thrust of the cock and watching Dakota’s every movement. Dakota moving the arm at her side to join her other on Taylor’s back and pumping faster as Taylor squealed and shook from the sensations storming her body now.

“MMMMMMMMMMM butt fucking feels so good Dakota” Taylor moaned as she Dakota pumped one more time into Taylor’s asshole and sunk all the way inside for the first time. Pressing her thighs to Taylor’s ass cheeks as she leaned forward over the girls back and placed her hands now by Tori’s thighs as she kissed Taylor’s shoulder and asked in a moan, “MMMMMMMM so you like it?”

“MMMMMMMMM I love it” Taylor moaned as she looked up at Dakota. “God it’s so big up my butt.”

“MMMMMMMMM yeh it is I know, good thing it just started too” Dakota moaned as she pulled all the way out of Taylor’s ass until her cock head caught on the girls asshole ring and plunged back inside as Taylor moaned out loud. Dakota’s thighs now spanking at Taylor’s ass cheeks as she started butt fucking the girl harder and harder with each shot. Tori stuffed her tongue up into her sister faster and faster now as she watched everything above her with wide eyed interest. Her tongue working the underside of Taylor’s clit, Tori’s thrusting matching perfectly with Dakota’s now and feeling Taylor’s pussy spasming harder as she did. Dakota moaning as she stroked deeply into Taylor’s asshole, her noticeably tanner body dripping with sweat as she delivered shot after shot and felt her own pussy starting to spasm. Taylor moaning loud as she squeezed her thighs around Tori’s head and her fingers into the girls thighs. Tori pumping her tongue harder up into her sister as she wrapped her arms around Taylor’s lower back and held her in place for Dakota. “MMMMMMMMM now that’s how good butting fuck feels Taylor, you still love it?”

“MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH SO GOOD, FASTER, PLEASE DAKOTA FASTER IN MY BUTT” Taylor moaned as Dakota started to pound at the girls sweet little asshole now, smacking her thighs loudly off of Taylor’s ass cheeks with each stroke. Tori fucked her tongue harder up into her sister and stopped each time to lick the girls inner walls lovingly, feeling Taylor squirm as she did it. Knowing her sisters pussy was now spasming harder with every licking of her inner walls. The look of intense pleasure on Taylor’s face told the story of how much she was loving it, her moaning getting louder as Dakota moaned to her, “MMMMMM fuck yeah, gonna have to butt fuck you hard now baby, just like I did to sissy.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD YOU MAKE IT FEEL SOOO GOOD” Taylor moaned as Dakota pounded harder and harder. Taylor’s body shaking from the sensations her body was now racked with and from the fucking Dakota was delivering. Taylor’s body joining Dakota as both dripped sweat now, both girls naked bodies glistening from head to toe in the bright sunshine. Dakota’s thighs smacking even louder at Taylor’s ass cheeks and her pussy spasming harder and harder as she closed her eyes and moaned as the sensations swept over her body harder and it looked like her muscles were straining to hold her above Taylor’s back. Taylor squirmed on top of her sister as Tori fucked her tongue relentlessly up into her sisters pussy and felt Taylor shake harder and harder and her pussy spasmed wildly as she neared her orgasm. Dakota moaned louder as her own orgasm grew close and she took a few more strokes deep inside, “MMMMMMMMMM YOU GONNA GET BUTT FUCKED TO PURE HEAVEN TAYLOR, YOU READY?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSS” Taylor moaned as she felt her orgasm take over just as Dakota’s did. Both surging to pure heaven at almost the exact same moment. Taylor doing much like her sister had done, her toes curling, calfs and thighs tensing, stomach bowing in, fingers clutching into Tori’s thighs as she squealed and shook in pure pleasure for a few more long moments. Dakota’s body tensing a bit as she rode out her own orgasm and slowed in Taylor’s asshole as she settled down and moved back behind the girl again. Tori stuffing her tongue into her sisters pussy and sucked as Taylor grunted and squirted her cum into her sisters loving mouth two or three times as Dakota stroked deeply inside once or twice more. Taylor squealing again as she clutched into the sheets for a moment and relaxed as Dakota slid deep in her ass once more and then carefully pulled out.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM god butt fucking two sisters in a row is wonderful” Dakota said as she ran her fingers through her sweat drenched hair and slowly rose to her feet on the bed and a visibly shaking Taylor rolled off of Tori and got on her knees. Tori sitting up a moment later and joining Taylor as she too got on her knees as Dakota got in front of the pair. Taylor eagerly opening her mouth as Dakota laid the head of her cock on Taylor’s tongue and moaned as the girl started to suck it eagerly. Tori stroking a hand up and down the outside of Dakota’s sweaty thigh as she watched both, Taylor’s head bobbing up and down now as Dakota slid her fingers into the girls hair and scooped it into a ponytail on the top of her head. Taylor’s hands now on Dakota’s thighs as well as she took all of the cock in her mouth once and again. Dakota moaned as she clutched her fingers into Taylor’s hair and let Taylor deep throat it a few more times before pulling her off. The cock now laying on Taylor’s tongue as Dakota moaned to her, “MMMMMMMM sweet huh baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMM like candy” Taylor moaned as Dakota smiled and took hold of the cock as Tori opened her mouth and let Dakota slide it inside. Tori moaning on it as she too started to suck it up and down. Dakota scooping her hair into a ponytail as she watched from above and again moaned her approval. Tori’s head bobbed harder and faster as she took all of it in her mouth in record time it seemed now. Dakota moaning one last time before she pulled Tori off and dropped back to her knees finally in front of the two. “MMMMMMMM sweet huh sissy?”

“Candy covered butt fuck stick” Tori said as all three giggled.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM so sweet to butt fuck” Dakota moaned to Tori as they kissed softly. Dakota’s lips falling in time with Tori’s for a long moment before they parted and Dakota turned to Taylor as the girl asked, “What about me?”

“MMMMMMMMMM so sweet to butt fuck too” Dakota moaned as she kissed her softly on the lips. “Both of your butt fuck holes felt so good on my cock.”

“MMMMMMMMM lucky you” Taylor moaned and again kissed Dakota as the scene faded to black and we saw a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more and it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman.”

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