Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity – Episode 5: Dakota In The Vega’s

Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity

“Dakota In The Vega’s”

Season One: Episode Five

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 5th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’, Cammy and Becky open the show by welcoming their co-star from the upcoming straight to DVD movie, ‘Legally Blone’s’, Brittany Curran. Lucky for Brittany her two horny co-hosts are in the sharing mood, which means she gets to be the filling in a Twin Sandwich. Later, Dakota and Becky get the pleasure of introducing the Vega sisters (Makenzie and Alexa), with Becky making Makenzie feel very welcome with her clit vibrator, while Dakota shows Alexa how good she is with her cock. Even later, Makenzie and Alexa get the usual treatment as they get into a 69 for our ‘horny little butt fuck doll’ Dakota, and I’m gonna assume you can guess what happens next.

Story Codes: fff, ff, fff, oral, anal, teen, exhib

Starring: Dakota Fanning (13) & ‘Becky’ Rosso (13) & ‘Cammy’ Rosso (13)

Guest Stars: Brittany Curran (17), Makenzie (13) & Alexa Vega (19)

* * * * *

“The epic event continues tonight in an episode so hot it might burn your TV from the inside out…” The Announcer said as Summer crashed down in front of me on the couch and snuggled up to me, like always. Both of us already in the mood for what was to be an all new episode of the blockbuster new series. “…it’s real sisters. It’s real sex. It’s real orgasms. It’s real live. It’s a brand new Cumming Out series, starring our very own Dakota Fanning. It’s…Dakota and Twinsanity Live! And it’s next on Taboo TV.”

“And now welcome Twinsanity co-stars Becky and Cammy Rosso with tonight’s special guest star Brittany Curran” The announcer said as the camera panned back to show a beautiful view of the South Pacific waters off in the distance and then panning back as we saw the small crowd of girls sitting along side the stage and clapping politely. Cammy appearing from off-camera with not one but two girls trailing her as she lead them by the hands to the center of the stage. Becky being on one side and Brittany Curran on the other. Cammy wearing a pair of tight jeans and again, a simple white t-shirt. While Brittany and Becky both sported matching gold dresses that came just to the top of their thighs. Becky stepping in front of her sister and letting Cammy lift her hand above her head and spinning like a ballerina once and again. Revealing what we already knew, she’s wasn’t exactly wearing anything else. Brittany giggling as Becky stopped right in front of her and flashed a horny smile.

“You gonna gimme some sexy Mama?” Becky asked in a deep manly voice as Brittany started laughing out loud.

“Do you think you’re male?” Cammy asked with a smirk.

“No but you do, miss butt fuck every girl I meet” Becky fired back as Cammy blushed and offered no denial as Becky grinned victoriously and kissed her twin sister softly on the lips as she moved in front of her. Cammy smiling knowingly now as she kissed Becky back and both began to softly massage their tongues against the others for a long moment as Brittany watched in awe. Becky working her tongue harder against her sisters as she pulled at Cammy’s t-shirt and lifted it up her flat tanned stomach slowly as they broke for a moment. Cammy raising her arms willingly and letting Becky lift the shirt up and over her head and toss it aside. Becky kissing her sister once more before she pulled away and looked to Brittany and grinned as she took Brittany’s hand and lead her away from Cammy for the moment and to the bean bags across the set. Stopping at the edge of them, as Cammy joined them, Becky kissed Brittany softly on the lips and Brittany gladly returned the favor as the two quickly began to french for a long moment. “MMMMMMMMM girl you kiss soooo good.”

“MMMMMMMM you do too” Brittany said as both giggled. Becky turned back to her sister and dropped down to her knees and guided Brittany down onto her knees to join her. Cammy throwing her long blond hair to one side as she now stood above the pair on their knees before her with her arms down at her side. Becky smiling up at her as she unbuttoned Cammy’s pants and unzipped them, pulling them down and letting Cammy’s ever present cock pop out. Becky lowering the pants to mid-thigh for the moment and opening her mouth invitingly as Brittany watched Cammy take hold of the cock and stroke it a few times before she slipped it into her sisters mouth. Becky began to bob her head softly up and down as one of Cammy’s hands slipped into her hair and gently guided her sisters head up and down as she sucked. Cammy moaned as she hung one arm still at her side to give the camera a clear view, Becky bobbing her head up and down harder now as she took almost all of the cock in her mouth at once. “Sooooo hot, I’m so horny.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeh sooooo good Becky” Cammy moaned as Becky began to deep throat the cock over and over again now. “MMMMMMMMM sucking it so good like always baby.”

“MMMMMMMM she’s so good to you” Brittany moaned as she pulled Cammy’s pants the rest of the way down her thighs and to her ankles a moment later. Cammy moaning as she pulled out of Becky’s eager mouth and let the girls hold her steady as she stepped out of the jeans and Brittany tossed them aside a moment later, leaving Cammy now nude. Cammy taking hold of her cock and stroking it up and down as Becky and Brittany rose from their knees and each kissed Cammy softly for a long moment. Becky moving behind their guest and raising the girls dress up and as Cammy and Brittany parted she lifted it over Britt’s head. Tossing it aside and letting us see that Brittany too was naked from head to toe. “You gonna do something with that rock hard cock Cammy?”

“MMMMMMMM you on top of my sister is what I’m gonna do” Cammy said with another kiss to the girls lips. Brittany grinning as Becky moved in between her and Cammy and looked back at her guest. Brittany grinned and slipped the straps on Becky’s dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving her nude as well. Becky turning her back now to Cammy and kissing Brittany as she turned Brittany around so her butt was towards Cammy now. Becky pulling away as she slipped her hands down to Brittany’s plump little ass cheeks and squeezed them in her fingers and asked her sister, “Is that what you want Cammy?”

“MMMMMMMMMM god fuck yes it is, sooo bad too” Cammy moaned as she stroked her cock a few more times as Becky turned and led Brittany to the couch. Becky kissing her one more time as Brittany looked back and made sure Cammy was behind her as Becky laid down lengthwise on the couch and reached her hand to encourage Brittany to join her. Brittany leaned down and kissed the girl softly for a long moment. A close-up revealing that they were now trading tongues softly in a french kiss. Becky pulled away and licked Brittany’s lips and guided her on to the couch. Brittany getting on her knees above Becky’s head and spreading her thighs and Becky’s hands slid up and down Brittany’s flat stomach and guided her to scoot forward. Which Brittany did and now over Becky’s pretty face she began to moan as Becky licked her baby smooth pussy up and down softly a few times. Cammy stroking her cock a few last times as she got into position behind Brittany. On her knees now on the couch as she watched Becky lick over and over again up and down Brittany’s pussy in a slow and steady rhythm as Brittany lowered into a 69 with the younger girl. Brittany asking as Cammy moved in behind her now, “You bout ready to do some butt fucking Cammy?”

“MMMMMMMMM fuck yeah it’s gonna feel sooo good on my cock” Cammy moaned to Brittany as she lined her cock up carefully with Brittany’s slightly spread little asshole. Brittany moaning as Becky continued to lick her pussy softly from top to bottom as she looked back and watched Cammy slip the head of her cock inside. Cammy moaning as her cock head slid inside and she began to work it in and out a little, sending shivers of pleasure up Brittany’s back as the girl moaned out loud and squeezed her thighs around Becky’s head for the first time. Cammy moaning louder as she stroked inside for the first time and started long smooth strokes in and out of the girls asshole now. Becky’s tongue beginning to dip inside of Brittany’s pussy as she licked over the girls clit for the first time. Cammy’s hands sliding up the smooth skin on Brittany’s back as she pumped more of her cock home into Brittany’s ass. “MMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod Britt you love getting butt fucked in the sunshine, huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM, soooo good up my butt, sooo good, feels sooo good” Brittany moaned as Becky wrapped her arms around her waist and held her in place. Cammy moaned as she again stroked deeper into Brittany’s little asshole and after a couple of more strokes pressed her thighs to the girls ass cheeks and stopped for a moment as she smiled down at her guest star. Becky now pumping her tongue softly in and out of Brittany’s pussy as the girl moaned above her. Cammy stroking her hands up and down Brittany’s smooth skin. “MMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod it feels so big and Becky is so good at licking my pussy, f-fuck it feels good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes it does baby” Cammy moaned as she looked down and pulled out till her cock caught on Brittany’s asshole ring and then plunged back in as her and Britt both moaned out loud. Cammy’s thighs slapping lightly at the girls ass cheeks each time she pumped in and out, time after time, Brittany moaning as she clutched her fingers into Becky’s thighs below her. Becky wrapping her arms tighter around the girl above her to hold her still for Cammy as she fucked her tongue up into Brittany’s pussy, rubbing it on the underside of the girls clit. Brittany feeling her pussy spasm lightly around Becky’s probing tongue as Cammy plunged in and out of her asshole again and again at a steady pace. Cammy’s hands now resting just below Brittany’s shoulders as she pumped her cock in and out of the girls back door and slapped her thighs louder at Brittany’s ass cheeks, watching them jiggle each time now. “MMMMMMMMMMM baby that butt fucking is feeling good huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sooooo good, fuck MMMMMMMM so good” Brittany moaned as she squeezed her thighs around Becky’s head and moaned intensely each time Cammy slid inside her asshole. Becky had now started to meet her sisters pace as she pumped her tongue in and out of Brittany’s pussy in perfect time to Cammy’s strokes above her. Cammy dropping an arm to her side, much like Hayden, and giving the camera and the studio audience a breath taking view of the butt fucking as she slapped her thighs at Brittany’s ass cheeks over and over again. The look of pleasure on both Brittany and Cammy’s face told the story about how good it felt. Brittany’s pussy now spasming harder with every thrust of Cammy’s cock into her ass. Cammy’s moaning growing louder now as her own pussy began to spasm harder as she clutched the hand hanging at her side into the back of her thigh just below her ass cheeks as she pumped a few more times into Brittany. “MMMMMMMMMMMM I’m gonna cum sooo good.”

“MMMMMMMMMM me to Britt, let me butt fuck you to pure heaven” Cammy moaned as Becky pumped her tongue still in time to Cammy’s strokes and feeling Brittany’s pussy squeeze around her tongue as it spasmed out of control into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm. Brittany began shaking from head to toe as Cammy’s pussy began to do the same thing, each shot to Brittany’s asshole sending a new bolt of pleasure surging through each of the girls body as both peaked in pure heaven and began to come down. Becky capping her mouth over Brittany’s baby smooth pussy and sucking softly as she stuffed her tongue in and out still, Brittany grunting as she squirted her honey cum into Becky’s loving mouth once and again. Cammy slowing as she stroked a few more times deep into the girls asshole and stopping as Brittany grunted one last time and squirted the last of her cum onto Becky’s lips and went limp on top of the girl. Cammy moaning as she carefully pulled out of Brittany’s asshole as Becky licked a few more times up and down Brittany’s pussy to get all of the sweet cum off. Cammy held her cock steady as she slipped off the couch and to her feet, gently guiding Brittany to roll off of Becky and onto the floor. Brittany now on her knees as she opened her mouth invitingly and stuck out her tongue, Cammy smiling as she carefully laid the head of her cock on the girls tongue and moaned as Brittany began to suck it softly. “MMMMMMMMM that’s sweet huh Britt?”

“MMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM” Britt moaned as she sucked harder on the cock and bobbed her head up and down. Cammy slipping her fingers into Brittany’s hair and clearing it out of her eyes and dropping an arm to her side so the camera could get a clear view. Brittany stroking her hands up and down the outside of Cammy’s sweaty thighs now as she sucked harder and harder. Cammy’s moaning filling the air as she guided Brittany’s head up and down on her cock and watched the girls every move from above. Moaning louder as Brittany began to deep throat the cock once and then again, Cammy pulling her off a moment later and asking, “MMMMM you like butt fucking now Britt?”

“MMMMMMMM love it sooooo much” Brittany moaned with a knowing smile into the camera as she went back to sucking Cammy’s cock again as the scene faded to black and into the opening credits. We first saw the logo for ‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’ roll onto the screen for a long moment and then roll of again as we saw the opening montage. First up was the title star of course, Dakota, leaned forward over the back of what looked to be one of the Rosso twins in a sandwich. Pumping away with a look of pleasure on her face as her name rolled across the screen and we see her thighs spanking off the girls ass cheeks a few times before it faded into a scene with the co-stars, Cammy and Becky Rosso. Becky could be seen rolling her tongue slowly at the entrance to her twin sisters baby smooth pussy as Cammy above her shook in pleasure. Their names appearing then for a long moment as Cammy’s fingers clutched into her sisters hair and looked to be cumming as the scene faded once again into another ‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’ logo.

That faded as we see a panoramic view of the set and the South Pacific waters just off in the distance, Cammy and Brittany could be seen now on the bed at the back of the set wrestling as the camera panned away from them and to the small audience. Just as Dakota emerged from off-camera a moment later with the week’s other two guests, Makenzie and Alexa Vega, each holding one of Dakota’s hands. Dakota wearing a pair of skin tight shorts with a ‘bulge’ and a baseball jersey, while Makenzie and Alexa sported barely there bikini’s that showed off perfectly both of their beautiful bodies. They made their way to centerstage only to be met by a naked and grinning Becky. Makenzie’s eyes opened in surprise at the sight of Becky as she moved in front of Makenzie.

“You likey my smoothie?” Becky asked as with a horny grin as Makenzie blushed and smiled.

“I do” Dakota said as she kissed Becky’s cheek. “A lot.”

“DUH” Becky said as Dakota laughed. “I ask her, not you.”

“Yes I do” Makenzie commented as Becky smiled and kissed her softly before having her turn. Becky grinning into the camera as it moved in front of Makenzie as she untied Makenzie’s bikini top and let it fall away from the girls perky little titties. Makenzie grinning as she looked back and watched Becky drop to her knees in back of her. Becky waiting for the camera to move behind her for an over the shoulder view before she pulled down Makenzie’s bottoms and showed us her cute little ass. Becky having Makenzie turn around a few moments later and reveal her own smoothie before Becky looked up at her and moved her hand to between Makenzie’s thighs and tested her pussy slit for smoothness. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM is so right, I love smoothie’s soooo much” Becky commented as she rose and kissed Makenzie softly on the lips. Becky moving her lips against Makenzie’s for a long moment as Makenzie’s hands hung in mid-air and she looked to be uncertain of what to do exactly. Becky pulled away and took the girls hands and placed them on her stomach and kissed her again. This time Makenzie wasted no time as she slid her hands up Becky’s smooth tanned skin to her small titties and massaged them in her fingers. Becky moaning into Makenzie’s mouth as they began to softly massage tongues against the others before parting a few moments later and Becky taking Makenzie’s hand and leading her to the couch. Sitting down the two began to kiss softly once again.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM so hot” Dakota moaned as the camera panned away from Becky and Makenzie and focused on her and Alexa. Alexa kissing Dakota softly on the lips and slipping into the girls arms as their lips fell into a slow rhythm with the others for a long moment. Alexa grinning as she pulled away and did as her sister had done and turned her back to Dakota and letting the girl untie her top. Alexa’s cute little titties coming into view as it fell away, Dakota kissing her shoulder softly as she pushed Alexa’s bikini bottoms down a bit before stepping back and watching Alexa bow at the waist and push them the rest of the way down. Giving us an amazing view of Alexa’s pussy and ass, and prompting Dakota to rub the ‘bulge’ inside her shorts for a moment. Alexa tossing away the bottoms as she turned back to Dakota with a smile. “MMMMMMMMMMMM such a pretty little pussy and asshole, both need to be loved I hope.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM they do, they do” Alexa moaned before she began unbuttoning Dakota’s baseball jersey and then slipping it off her shoulders and kicking it away. Alexa dropped to her knees in front of Dakota. Dakota smiling as Alexa slid her hands up the outside of the girls thighs and began to peel down the ‘painted on’ shorts and letting Dakota’s cock pop out. Alexa pulling them to Dakota’s mid-thighs and smiling up at her host as she took hold of Dakota’s cock and began to stroke it. “MMMMMMMMM this what you gonna use in both of my holes?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM yess baby that’s it” Dakota moaned as she slipped her hands into Alexa’s long brown hair and scooping it into a ponytail on the back of the girls head and gently guided Alexa’s mouth to her cock. Alexa opening her mouth as Dakota’s cock slid inside and she began to suck softly at the head and soon up and down the whole length as her head began to bob. Dakota moaning as she dropped one arm to her side and gave the camera a clear view now as Alexa slid her hands up the outside of Dakota’s thighs and slid her shorts the rest of the way down. Dakota taking hold of her cock as she pulled it away from Alexa’s mouth and stepped out of her shorts as Alexa held her steady and then tossed the shorts away. Alexa rising back to her feet and kissing Dakota softly on the lips as the camera panned back and away from Alexa and Dakota to Becky and Makenzie on the couch. Makenzie grinning as she moved to the floor and to her knees in front of Becky.

“MMMMMMM Kenzie you like my tanned pussy?” Becky asked as she pulled one leg up to her side and rested her foot on the couch to give the camera a clear view. Makenzie simply nodded as she let Becky stroke one hand into her hair and clear her hair out of her eyes and gently guide her head forward, Becky moaning as Makenzie began to softly lick at her baby smooth pussy lips. Becky squirming her hips a bit as Makenzie moved one hand to the inside of Becky’s thighs as she licked her pussy a little deeper on each stroke. Makenzie moving her other hand to her own pussy and beginning to work her clit gently as Becky moaned and watched with pleasure in her eyes. Becky stopping Makenzie’s head a moment later and spreading her pussy lips a bit at the very top and exposing her clit before saying, “Whoa, whoa baby, lick it right here.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Makenzie moaned as she moved her hand to replace Becky’s and hold Becky’s clit exposed as she began to lick it softly herself. Becky laying her head back momentarily and moaning intensely as her thighs began to quiver in pleasure. Makenzie working her own clit now fast as she moaned and licked more roughly at Becky’s clit. The moaning creating a small vibrating effect on Becky’s clit that made the pleasure even more wonderful as the seconds passed and Makenzie licked her clit relentlessly. Becky’s moaning growing louder as her stomach heaved a bit and her pussy began to spasm hard now as she looked down and watched closely. Makenzie licked harder and harder over Becky’s clit as she worked her own clit fast and felt Becky clutch her fingers into her hair. Becky moaning to Makenzie, “MMMMMMMMMM baby likes my pussy huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh you’ve got such a sweet tanned pussy Becky” Makenzie moaned as she looked into Becky’s eyes and licked her clit again and again roughly as both girls moaned. “I’m gonna make it cum so good for you baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM look at me while you make me cum baby” Becky moaned as Makenzie did just that and looked up at her as she began to lick Becky’s clit again and again only faster. Becky moaned and felt her pussy spasm harder now as Makenzie began to pump two fingers in and out of her own pussy below as her pussy spasmed too. Both girls moaning as they surged into a wonderful orgasm at almost the same time. Becky’s mouth dropping open a bit as she peaked and the orgasm began to slowly subside into afterglow. Makenzie squeezing her thighs around her hand as she too peaked and came down and still licked softly at Becky’s honey cum covered pussy. Becky gently pulling Makenzie’s head away from her pussy as she slipped off the couch and to the floor to meet the girl and kissed her on the lips. The camera pulling back and panning away from the twosome now kissing in front of the couch to Dakota and Alexa who now relaxed in front of the bean bags. Alexa sitting with her thighs spread on one of the plush covered bean bags and Dakota in front of her with her arms down at her side and letting Alexa stroke her cock up and down.

“MMMMMMMMMM that’s a pretty big cock for such a little girl, you sure you know how to work that?” Alexa asked as she stroked Dakota’s cock up and down faster and made the girl moan. Dakota leaning forward and kissing her softly for a long moment before saying, “MMMMMMM fuck yes I know how to use it and it’s gonna get put to good use inside your tight little pussy, you ready?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yessss” Alexa moaned as she leaned back in the bean bag and guided Dakota’s cock to her pussy and moaned as Dakota began to slide inside. Dakota dropping one arm to her side and sliding her other hand up Alexa’s arm to her shoulder and slowly thrusting as she got the cock ever deeper in the girls pussy. Alexa moaning as she released the cock and slid her hands up Dakota’s now tanned stomach to her small titties and squeezing them in her fingers over and over as she looked down and watched Dakota’s thighs began to smack off of hers as the cock slid in and out with ease now. “MMMMMMMMMMMM baby you do know how to work that big cock huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesss I do” Dakota moaned as she began to pound her cock harder in and out of Alexa’s pussy. Alexa moaning and shaking as Dakota gripped the back of her own thigh and tried to keep her arm out of the camera’s view. Alexa’s hands slipping down to Dakota’s slowly flexing stomach and then around to the girls waist and guiding her to go a bit harder and moaned when Dakota gladly followed her lead and pounded harder at her pussy. Making Alexa’s pussy spasm harder all the time now. “MMMMMMMMMMM that pussy feeling good now?”

“MMMMMMMMMM ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah it is” Alexa moaned as Dakota’s thighs smacked louder at Alexa’s thighs and shook her body. Dakota moaning as she felt her pussy begin to spasm more each with each shot she delivered to Alexa’s. Squeezing her fingers tightly into Dakota’s skin and moaning harder now, Alexa watched every shot of Dakota’s cock as it pumped up into her endlessly. Tensing up as her pussy spasmed yet harder as she got ready to cum. Dakota moaning as her own pussy began to do the same thing and she slipped the hand still on Alexa’s shoulder up and cupped it around the back of the girls neck and watched her shake in pleasure as her orgasm began. “MMMMMMMMMM Dakota baby cumming, MMMMMMMM cumming on your big cock.”

“MMMMMMMM fuck yeah Lexi, you gonna let me use your my big cock to butt fuck you?” Dakota moaned as she too began to cum a moment later. Pounding harder as her and Alexa reached their peak at the same time and Alexa moaned back to her, “MMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESSSSSS I wanna be butt fucked by your big cock.”

“MMMMMMMMMM yesss that’s exactly what I’m gonna do baby girl” Dakota moaned as she came down from her orgasm just as Alexa did also. Dakota sinking deep inside and leaning forward over Alexa’s body and kissing her softly. The camera zooming in and showing Alexa lick at Dakota’s upper lip and trade her tongue for her hosts as the two began to slowly massage tongues in a french kiss. Both smiling at the other as they parted and Dakota pulled out of Alexa’s tight pussy a few moments later and stood, offering Alexa a hand and pulling her up as well a moment later. The two making their way back to the couch and joining Makenzie and Becky as the two sat kissing for a long moment.

“Hey sluts, come up for air huh?” Alexa asked as Becky and Makenzie parted and looked up, both grinning sheepishly. Becky kissing Makenzie one more time before she rose and disappeared off-camera for a moment as Dakota and Alexa dropped to their knees on either of Makenzie. Dakota casually stroking their hands up and down her thighs now. Becky appearing back on camera and handing Dakota the clit Vibrator she had used before (in episode two). Sliding back on to the couch and across Makenzie’s thighs a moment later. Dakota showing Alexa the clit vibrator as Alexa took the suction cup and grinned knowingly. “MMMMMMMMM sissy is gonna love this.”

“I’m gonna love what? What did you give her? I wanna see” Makenzie asked as she tried to look before being stopped as Becky kissed her. Makenzie giving in and kissing Becky back in a slow and steady rhythm, squirming a bit as Alexa rubbed at her baby smooth pussy and spread her pussy lips at the very top to expose her clit. Becky’s tongue sliding gently into Makenzie’s mouth, the two beginning to massage tongues against one an others as Makenzie slid her hands down to Becky’s tanned ass cheeks and squeezing them in her fingers. Alexa lowering her head, now just below Becky’s ass and licking at Makenzie’s clit softly, making Makenzie jerk in delight and moan into Becky’s mouth as the pleasure began to fill her body. Alexa grinning devilishly and knowing Makenzie had no idea what was coming as she slipped the suction cup over her sisters exposed clit just before Dakota clicked the on button a moment later. Makenzie’s body beginning to shake instantly as the intense sensations started, her legs and thighs shaking as she broke away from Becky and moaned, “MMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD WHAT IS THAT?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM it’s called a clit vibrator” Becky moaned as she kissed her again for a moment as Makenzie squeezed her fingers into Becky’s tanned ass cheeks over and over. Alexa holding the suction cup in place with her hand as Dakota watched and clicked the buzzer up a notch and Becky tried to hold a shaking Makenzie in place under her. Makenzie’s stomach tensing every few seconds as she moaned intensely and shook gently from head to toe. “MMMMMMMMM is that feeling really good?”

“MMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD, ohmigod, ohmigod so good” Makenzie moaned as her voice slowly got softer as Dakota clicked the buzzer off and let Makenzie calm down for a moment. Becky taking the opportunity to guide Makenzie to lay down lengthwise on the couch as she again got over the girls stomach and leaned down and kissed her softly for a long moment. Alexa moving back to beside her sisters thighs and exposing her clit again and licking it softly over and over as Dakota watched and the camera angle changed to one from behind Becky so you could clearly see Alexa pull away and place the suction cup back on to her sisters clit carefully. Makenzie and Becky still kissing softly above as Alexa held the suction cup in place and Dakota clicking the buzzer up a notch or two and turning it back on. Makenzie’s naked tanned body tensing and beginning to shake as the sensations swept over her body, making her pull away from Becky’s soft lips and moan intensely as she tried to stop shaking. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM f-fuck so-so good, I can’t stop shaking, OHMIGOD.”

“MMMMMMMMM baby you’re supposed to shake, just relax and let it make you cum so good” Becky moaned to her as Makenzie seemingly took that advice and relaxed on to the sofa and let her body shake from head to toe. Alexa holding the suction cup in place with her whole hand now as Makenzie’s pussy spasmed so hard it was numbing her mind with the intense sensations. Her feet, legs and thighs shaking uncontrollably now as Dakota clicked the buzzer up another notch and made Makenzie arch her back a bit under Becky until it suddenly stopped once more and Makenzie went limp, still moaning. Becky rolling off and laying down behind her as she took the battery pack from Dakota. Alexa grinning as she once more removed the suction cup and lick softly at Makenzie’s clit, making her sister moan and squirm. “MMMMMMMMMMMM after that I need to cum so bad, sooooooo fucking bad.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yesss baby you’re going to” Becky moaned to her as she laid now across Makenzie’s chest and let Alexa place the suction cup back over Makenzie’s clit before she turned the buzzer back on and clicked it on high as Makenzie whimpered and again began to shake. Turning her upper body into Becky’s and moaning intensely as the sensations stormed her body and made her pussy spasm even harder than before. One last whimpering, back arching moan escaped Makenzie’s lips before she began to cum. Makenzie almost cried it sounded as she felt the buzzer take her to new horizons of pleasure for the few long moments before it slowly began to fade away and she went limp on the couch, her cum bubbling and oozing out as Alexa moved the suction cup and started to lick softly at her sisters pussy to get all of the honey cum off. Becky leaning down and kissing Makenzie again, the two soon beginning to exchange tongues in a french kiss as the camera pulled back and showed Dakota as she pointed towards the bed.

“Hey guys” Cammy said as she sat with her knees folded under her and slowly stroking her cock as Brittany laid just in front of her with her thighs spread and her head on the pillows at the top of the heart shaped bed. Cammy stroking her free hand up and down Brittany’s flat stomach softly and asking, “After watching all that action you in the mood for some more?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah” Brittany moaned as Cammy slid in between her thighs and lined her cock up with the girls pussy and slipped the head inside gently and made Brittany moan lightly. Cammy looking down and watching her cock slide in and out now as it got ever deeper in the girls tight little pussy with every thrust. Cammy moaning too as she sunk all the way inside and leaned forward over Brittany’s body and stroked long and smooth in and out as Brittany stroked her hands up and down Cammy’s bare arms as she moaned. Cammy began to fuck it harder as Brittany moaned her approval. Brittany stroking her hands faster up and down Cammy’s bare arms as the girl began to smack her thighs off of Brittany’s thighs as she fucked the cock faster and faster in and out of her pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM making that pussy feel good now huh Britt?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod my pussy is already spasming so fucking good Cammy” Brittany moaned as she watched Cammy pound her pussy deeper and harder. Brittany’s hands now roamed up and down Cammy’s arms as she moaned louder and louder, her body shaking and her pussy spasming in such a wonderful rhythm as she watched every shot Cammy delivered to her pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh yeh yeh, harder baby, harder Cammy, yeh baby sooo good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesss harder and harder, is that what you want?” Cammy asked as Brittany’s moans got louder and louder as Cammy pounded her cock home. The camera angle changing to a shot from behind as we see Cammy’s tanned little ass cheeks clinching tightly each time she sunk deep into Brittany’s pussy. Cammy’s thighs smacking harder at Brittany’s now as the pace picked up and Brittany squeezed her fingers into the girls arms and laid her head back and moaned intensely. The camera angle changing back to a wide shot now.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM soooo good, soooooooo fucking deep inside Cammy, ohmigod it’s spasming so good” Brittany moaned. Cammy taking long smooth strokes in and out and feeling her own pussy beginning to spasm with each shot she delivered to Brittany’s pussy. Cammy throwing her long blond hair to the side and pounding a bit harder as her thighs smacked against Brittany’s louder and louder. Cammy moaning to Brittany a moment later, “Wanna feel me do a little grinding?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM OH WOW, that feels so good Cammy, ohmigod that makes my pussy feel so good” Brittany moaned as she watched Cammy slow and lean forward a bit more and start grinding the cock’s shaft hard on her clit, stroking deeply in and out. Brittany continued to stroke her hands up and down Cammy’s bare arms as she whimpered and moaned loudly at the sudden change in technique, her eyes rolling back in her head as the pleasure increased and Cammy slowed her strokes a bit more and grinded even harder, making Brittany’s body shake even harder with the pleasure surging through it. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM I’m gonna cum so good, ohhhh f-fuck yessss, make me cum Cammy.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM yes is it that good baby?” Cammy moaned as Brittany cleared the hair out of her eyes and watched Cammy grind the cock shaft harder and harder up and down on her clit. Slowing even more now as Brittany stroked her hands up and down Cammy’s bare chest and squeezed her fingers into Cammy’s cute little titties as her pussy spasmed wildly now and her moaning grew louder and louder as she got closer to her reward. Brittany’s thighs quivering and her pussy spasming, much like Cammy’s had begun to do in that moment. Brittany looking down one more time and asking as she moaned intensely, “MMMMMMMMMM fuck me hard again and make my pussy cum really good, huh Cammy?”

“MMMMMMMMM fuck yeh, gonna make it spasm just like you want girl” Cammy moaned as she moved back to her original position and started to once again pound Brittany’s pussy with force as the girl whimpered and arched her back as best she could. Cammy moaning with her as both girls felt the wonderful sensations sweeping over their young naked bodies in an endless release of sexual pleasure. Spasming out of control and filling each girls body with intense pleasure as Brittany shook gently and went limp as it gave way slowly. Cammy slowing and easing in and out of the hole as Brittany’s cum oozed and bubbled out of her sweet pussy. The bed shaking as Dakota appeared from off-camera and sat down at Brittany’s side with her knees folded under her as Cammy pulled out of Brittany’s pussy. Brittany sitting up and kissing Cammy and turning to Dakota and looking down as she watched her stroke her cock up and down. Cammy sliding off the bed as Becky too appeared from off-camera and crawled onto the bed.

“MMMMMMMMMMM I think Dakota is ready to do some butt fucking huh Kota?” Becky asked as she kissed Brittany and both watched Dakota slip to the top of the bed and lay back, her head now on the pillows as she held her cock steady.

“MMMMMMMMM I am Becky and so bad” Dakota moaned. Brittany getting on her knees now by Dakota’s thighs as on the other side Becky did the same and leaned down and took Dakota’s cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Dakota moaned as she moved her hand away from the cock and into Becky’s hair now as she guided the girls head up and down. Moaning as Becky quickly started to deep throat the cock, with her head bobbing faster now as Dakota watched closely from above. Becky pulling off after a few more bobs and taking hold of the now saliva covered cock herself and looking to Brittany. Dakota relaxed and watched Brittany turn her back and get over her thighs. Becky laying down on her stomach now as Brittany raised up to a bit so Becky could adjust the cock so it was in line. A close-up showing that to my surprise she was lining it up with Brittany’s already fucked asshole.

“MMMMMMMMMM that where you wanna go Dakota?” Becky asked in a moan as the head pushed gently at Brittany’s asshole now.

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes I do” Dakota moaned as she slid her hands up to Brittany’s waist and encouraged her to take it in her ass. Which Brittany did a moment later as she lowered down and the head slipped inside her asshole. Dakota’s ass clinching as her cock slid inside as Brittany began to bounce on the cock now and moan out loud. Dakota moaning as Brittany placed her hands down in front of her on Dakota’s thighs for balance and started to bounce higher and harder as she took more of the cock in her ass with every bounce. Becky moving her hand away as she watched with a smile as Brittany moaned intensely, Dakota’s fingers sinking into Britt’s waist as she guided the girl up and down on her cock. A few more gentle bounces and Brittany had Dakota’s cock all the way inside as her ass cheeks slapped into Dakota’s thighs once and then again before she stopped. “Come back here baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck” Brittany moaned as she did just as Dakota has asked and leaned back. Putting an arm on either of Dakota’s shoulders to support her now. Dakota stroked her hands up and down Brittany’s smooth skin and moaned out loud when Britt raised up till Dakota’s cock caught on her asshole ring and then dropped back down, plunging it back inside. Brittany’s ass cheeks smacking off of Dakota’s thighs now, shaking Dakota’s body. Both moaning as Brittany did it again and again in a moan filled rhythm. Dakota’s naked body tensing a bit each time Brittany bounced off of her now, even with that Dakota’s body shook as her pussy began to spasm lightly from the shots she was taking from above. Her hands now resting on Brittany’s waist as she guided the girl up and down and watched her cock disappear into Britt’s asshole each time. Brittany’s pussy already spasming hard as she moaned, “MMMMMMMMM so deep in my butt, does it feel good Dakota?”

“MMMMMMMMM butt fuckin always feels good on my cock” Dakota moaned as she bounced Brittany a little harder as the girl squealed in pleasure and slapped her ass cheeks harder off of Dakota’s thighs. Dakota closing her eyes for a moment and taking in the pleasure as Becky moved beside her now and watched closely. Brittany moaned louder as her pussy spasmed harder and harder with each bounce on Dakota’s cock as it pistoned in and out of her ass faster and faster. “MMMMMMMMMMM gonna feel so good to cum.”

“MMMMMMMM yeh here it comes huh Kota?” Becky asked as Dakota moaned her reply and tensed up for the final time as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful orgasm. Brittany squealed as she felt her own pussy do much the same and spasm out of control and into a body shaking orgasm for a few long moments. Dakota clutching her fingers into Brittany’s skin as she bounced her harder a few more times and both moaned out loud as the wonderful sensations finally subsided. Dakota relaxing with a smile on her face as Brittany stopped and Dakota helped her raise back up into the catchers position as Dakota’s cock slipped out of her asshole. Brittany, now dripping with sweat as was Dakota, turned and got back on her knees. Dakota sitting up and sliding off the bed as she held her cock steady and now standing up as she took Brittany’s hand and guided her off the bed and to the floor and to her knees. Brittany opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out invitingly as Dakota smiled and laid the head of her cock on the girls tongue and let her start to suck it. Brittany closed her lips firmly around the cock head and moaned as she began to bob her head up and down and take the cock in her mouth as Dakota moaned and slid her fingers into the girls hair and scooped it into a ponytail. Brittany sliding her hands up the outside of Dakota’s thighs slowly as she deep throated the cock for the first time and then doing it again and again. Dakota moaned one more time before she pulled the cock out of Brittany’s eager mouth. Brittany moaning to her as she looked up with a coy smile, “MMMMMMMMMM thank you for butt fucking me.”

“MMMMMMMMM felt so good baby, you’re very welcome” Dakota moaned as she laid the cock back on Brittany tongue a moment later as the camera zoomed in on the guest star and showed her looking up at Dakota now as she sucked softly at the head for another moment. The camera pulling back and panning across the stage to the horny threesome now lounging on the couch. Cammy grinning as she sat up and pushed Alexa off her as both laughed. Makenzie sitting up and moving to beside of Cammy now as her sister slipped to the floor and looked up at Cammy.

“You think we could lose this for a few moments?” Alexa asked as she pointed to Cammy’s strap-on. “I’m dying to get to what’s on the other side.”

“MMMMMMMM yes we can” Cammy moaned as she let Makenzie undo the straps on either side of her waist and then lifted her butt off the couch a bit as Makenzie and Alexa helped her slide the harness off. Alexa dropping it to the side as she had Cammy move her pussy to the end of the couch as she got in between the girls thighs and without another moment wasted lowered her head and licked a long streak up Cammy’s baby smooth slit. Cammy moaning with a smile on her face as she watched from above and looked to Makenzie, just as the younger girl leaned down and kissed her softly. Cammy’s soft lips and Makenzie’s soft lips began a rhythm against the other now as Alexa licked over up and down Cammy’s pussy lips. Cammy’s thighs quivering a little more on each pass it looked as she now moaned into Makenzie’s mouth as Alexa exposed the girls clit and began to softly lick it. Makenzie licked at Cammy’s upper lip a moment later and found Cammy all too willing to begin massaging her tongue with Makenzie’s as she shook a little now. Alexa smiled as she licked more roughly over Cammy’s clit each time and made the girls pussy spasm a little harder. Cammy caressing Makenzie’s cheek above her as the two continued a soft tongue massaging french kiss as Cammy’s body shook a little more. Makenzie moving a hand to Cammy’s titties and caressing them one at a time as Alexa stopped with her licking and started to suck Cammy’s clit softly. Cammy tensing and pulling away for a moment as Makenzie grinned at her. “MMMMMMMMM fuck Lexi.”

“MMMMMMMMM yes my sissy is good huh?” Makenzie asked as her lips lingered near Cammy’s.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM my pussy feels so good right now” Cammy moaned as she squirmed her hips and looked down now and watched Alexa suck her clit. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM so fucking good baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh make her pussy cum sissy” Makenzie moaned as Alexa smiled for a long moment before she sucked harder on Cammy’s little rosebud and brought a long sustained moan from the girls lips along with an arching of her back. Cammy’s pussy spasming a bit harder now as she felt her orgasm about to explode, her thighs quivering in delight as she rolled her head back into the pillows on the couch and shook gently. Alexa pulling off Cammy’s clit with a popping off her lips that made Cammy squeal for the first time and look down and watch in awe as Alexa began to repeatedly ‘pop’ off on her clit. Makenzie smiling as she watched Cammy’s hips began to squirm and her orgasm now ready to explode as Alexa ‘popped off’ a few more times and made the girls pussy do just that. Cammy’s bottom lip trembling as she surged into her orgasm and came down a few moments later and went limp as Alexa shoved her tongue deep inside of her pussy and sucked out the girls cum softly. Cammy’s moaning being stifled a moment later as Makenzie lowered her head back down and her and Cammy began to kiss softly once more. The camera zooming in on Cammy as her and Makenzie parted for a long moment and she looked into it with a coy smile and said, “MMMMMMMMMMMM Becky take it away.”

“This is Becky Rosso for the Cumming Out pussy report” Becky said as the camera focused on her. Dakota and Brittany could be heard laughing off-camera as Becky went on, “Today we present a girl who has never licked pussy before, at least on camera, my slutty co-star from the film Legally Blonde’s, Brittany Curran.”

“I am not a slut, blond” Brittany said with a mock horror look as she now appeared on camera as it pulled back to a wide shot.

“Becky was in the perfect movie for her” Dakota laughed as she looked up at the two. “Huh Becky?”

“GRRRRRRRR butt slut” Becky said as she gave Dakota a dirty look before turning back to Brittany and asking, “You lick pussy right?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM yes I do” Brittany moaned as she slipped further down on the bed as Becky smiled and crawled forward and got over the girls body and soon over her pretty face. Becky’s knees coming to rest on either side of Brittany’s head as she looked down and watched closely as Brittany’s tongue slid up her pussy slit for the first time. Dakota laying down beside of the two and watching as she began to stroke her cock slowly up and down and Becky dropping her arms to her sides and moaning as Brittany continued to lick up and down her baby smooth pussy. Brittany stroking her hands gently up and down the outside of Becky’s smooth thighs as she sunk her tongue inside the girls pussy and started to fuck it in and out slowly but surely. Becky moving her own hands to her tanned ass cheeks and squeezing them in her fingers as she moaned and watched Brittany’s every move. “MMMMMMMMMM Becky you drip honey girl, I swear you’re sweet.”

“MMMMMMMMM so do you sweet baby” Becky moaned as she moved one hand down between her thighs and cupping it around the back of Brittany’s neck and guiding the girls tongue back to her pussy and encouraging her to lick it again. Brittany smiled for a moment before she again started to lick softly up and down and made Becky’s moaning start over again. Becky keeping her other hand at her side and moaning a little louder as she began to squeeze her thighs around Brittany’s head as Brittany once again slid her tongue back inside and began to fuck it in and out at a faster and faster pace. Dakota watching intently as she sat up and a moment later rose to her feet on the bed and moved in front of Becky. Brittany looking up and watching Becky open her mouth and let Dakota slide her cock inside, Becky’s moaning now being stifled as she began to bob her head up and down. Brittany pulling her tongue out of Becky’s pussy and closing her lips around the girls clit and starting to suck, causing Becky to close her thighs around Brittany’s head tightly and squeal on Dakota’s cock. While Dakota dropped an arm to her side and gently guided Becky’s head up and down on her cock as she moaned. Moaning to her, “MMMMMMMMMMM yesss baby, good girl get it ready for me.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Becky moaned intensely as she moved both hands to Dakota’s thighs and squeezed her fingers into the smooth skin as Brittany sucked her clit harder and brought her off in a shudderingly real orgasm. Becky bobbed her head furiously as the orgasm raged inside of her and watched with a look of pleasure on her face from above. Becky moaning as she pulled off and looked down and grunted as Brittany stuffed her tongue inside and sucked her cum out softly, making Becky’s pussy spasm wildly for another moment. Dakota gently guiding her cock back into Becky’s mouth and getting her to suck it again as the camera pulled back and slowly moved across the stage to where Cammy sat with Alexa and Makenzie on the couch. Cammy standing on cue and taking one each of Alexa and Makenzie’s hands as she guided them to their feet and across the stage to the bed. The camera dropping down and giving us a great view of Alexa and Makenzie’s cute little tanned asses as they swayed with the girls walking. Becky just pulling off Dakota’s cock as the threesome arrived and Dakota dropped back to her knees. Brittany rising as Becky slid off her and then the bed, to which Brittany soon followed as Becky took her and Cammy’s hand and the threesome disappeared off camera.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Dakota like to butt fuck sisters” Dakota said with a horny grin as she stroked her saliva covered cock fast up and down as Makenzie and Alexa crawled onto the bed and Makenzie joining Dakota as she kissed her as both waited for Alexa to lay back on the bed. Alexa’s head now at Dakota’s thighs as she watched her sister and Dakota massage their tongues against one an others for a long moment before parting and grinning deviously at the other. Makenzie turning her back to Dakota as she crossed one leg over her older sisters pretty face and lowered her baby smooth pussy down to Alexa’s eager tongue. Dakota stroking one hand up and down Makenzie’s bare back as she looked down and watched as Alexa began to lick her sisters pussy softly up and down. Makenzie moaning as she laid forward onto her elbows and into a 69 with her sister as she looked down and watched Alexa lick her pussy too. Alexa stroking her hands up and down her sisters sides as she licked lovingly up and down the slit now over and over again. Dakota scooting closer and carefully lining her cock up with Makenzie’s tight puckered little asshole and holding it steady as she slid the head inside for the first time, both moaning out loud. Pulling back out and sliding back in and repeating this several times as Makenzie moaned intensely with shivers of pleasure shooting up her back.

“MMMMMMMMMMM go for it Dakota, my baby sister needs a butt fucking” Alexa moaned from below as Dakota slid back inside and a little further this time as she began to pump the cock in and out slowly. Dakota dropping the hand away from her cock to her side as her other now rested in the middle of Makenzie’s back as she pumped deeper and deeper inside. Makenzie squeezed her thighs around her sisters head as Alexa began to slide her tongue up into her baby sisters pussy time after time. Dakota pumping her cock faster and faster now as she got deeper, moaning to Makenzie, “MMMMMMM is that right baby you need to be butt fucked huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMM fuck yess I do so bad” Makenzie moaned as the camera changed to a wide angle, which gave us a clear view of the butt fucking now as Dakota went faster and got deeper and deeper. Alexa pumped her tongue faster and faster from below, rubbing her tongue on the underside of Makenzie’s clit now as she watched Dakota with intense interest. Finally with a couple of more strokes Dakota pressed her slender thighs to Makenzie’s ass cheeks for the first time and both moaned. “MMMMMMMMM that’s the most wonderful feeling ever…ohmigod.”

“MMMMMMMMMM yes it is sweet baby” Alexa moaned from below as she wrapped her arms around Makenzie’s waist and held her still before she again began to stuff her tongue back up into her. Dakota moving her other hand to Makenzie’s back now as she pulled all the way out till her cock caught Makenzie’s asshole ring and then plunged back inside with a stiff shot to Makenzie’s ass cheeks. Dakota’s thighs smacking loudly at Makenzie’s ass cheeks each time as she did this repeatedly in long smooth strokes. Makenzie shaking now as she moaned out loud and clutched onto Alexa’s thighs to keep herself in place as Alexa stuffed her tongue up into her sister faster now. Finishing each pump with a soft swirl that made her sister moan and squirm in pleasure. Makenzie moaning a moment later, “MMMMMMMMMMM I never felt anything this wonderful.”

“MMMMMMMMM butt fucking sisters is wonderful” Dakota moaned as her naked body tensed a bit each time she slammed into Makenzie’s asshole. Holding her with one hand on her shoulder and the other sinking into the girls waist. Alexa swirling her tongue over and over inside her sister now as Makenzie squealed in pure pleasure from above and shook from the butt fucking she was taking. The moaning stopping a moment later as Dakota delivered one more body shaking shot to Makenzie’s asshole before she stopped and leaned forward over the girls back and placed her hands by the girls shoulders. The butt fucking beginning again in earnest as Dakota now slapped her thighs off of Makenzie’s ass cheeks loudly. Her pussy beginning to spasm hard now as was Makenzie’s below her. Alexa pumped her tongue up into Makenzie one more time and then attached her lips to Makenzie’s slit and began to swirl her tongue inside as she felt Makenzie’s pussy spasm insanely hard for the next few moments. “MMMMMMMMM time to butt fuck you to pure heaven Makenzie you ready baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESSSS” Makenzie moaned as Dakota did just that as Makenzie’s pussy spasmed out of control on her sisters tongue and into a pure heaven orgasm. Dakota pounding away as she tensed up and felt her own pussy spasm out of control into an orgasm. A few long moments in pure heaven for each and they began to settle down as Makenzie grunted and squirted her cum deep in her sisters mouth once and again as she squealed and Dakota slowed in her asshole. “MMMMMMMMMMM please butt fuck all my cum out Dakota.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes I will baby” Dakota moaned as she settled back in behind Makenzie on her knees and stroked deeply inside a few last times and milked out the girls honey cum for her. Alexa sucking softly from below on her sisters pussy as she drained her sister of the yummy treat. Dakota moaning as she stroked inside one last time and then carefully pulled out of Makenzie’s asshole. Holding her cock steady as her body was now covered in a thin film of sweat as Makenzie rolled off her older sister and sat up still shaking visibly and panting. Alexa rising and kissing Dakota softly as she stroked her hands up and down Dakota’s sweaty stomach and over her tiny titties. “MMMMMMMMMM you’re so right Alexa she did need to be butt fucked.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod sis…she is so good at it too” Makenzie moaned as she moved to Dakota’s side and kissed her lips softly.

“Well Hayden taught you, so you gotta be good” Alexa said as Dakota grinned. Alexa kissing her sister a moment later and guiding Makenzie to lay back in front of Dakota. Then leaning down and kissing her sister softly on the lips for a long moment. “So you ready for me now Dakota?”

“MMMMMMMMM I wanna go where Hayden’s been a few times” Dakota moaned as she again started to stroke her cock up and down fast as Alexa smiled and turned her back to her host and crossed a leg over Makenzie’s pretty face and lowered her pussy down. Looking down and moaning as we got a close-up of Makenzie’s tongue beginning to lick up and down the smooth lips of her sisters sweet pussy over and over. Alexa’s moans growing a bit louder as her thighs could be seen quivering and reacting to each lick of her pussy by her sister. Makenzie stopping to lick her lips and savoring the honey sweet flavor before she went back to licking up and down the slit and began to dip her tongue inside once and then again. Licking Alexa’s clitty each time it appeared and causing Alexa to moan even louder at that sensation. Makenzie smiled for a moment before she began to lick Alexa’s clit softly over and over again, and then closed her lips over the little rosebud and began to suck it softly as Alexa moaned out loud. The camera pulling back and going to the wide shot of all three as Dakota stroked her hands up and down Alexa’s bare back and guided her to lay forward. Which Alexa did gladly and came to rest on her elbows in a 69 with her baby sister now. Dakota stroking her cock again as she scooted forward, “MMMMMMM Alexa you know Hayden said your butt fuck hole is so sweet.”

“MMMMMMM I think you should find out for yourself” Alexa moaned as Dakota leaned forward over Alexa’s back and supported herself as she put one hand down by the girls shoulder and looked down as she held her cock steady with the other. Lining it up with Alexa’s asshole and moaning out loud as she slid the entire cock inside in one long smooth stroke. Making Alexa moan intensely as her asshole got filled up, Dakota’s thighs now pressing against Alexa’s ass cheeks below her as she placed her other hand by Alexa’s other shoulder. “MMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod that feels so good in my butt.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah Hayden was right this is a sweet butt fuck hole” Dakota moaned as she pulled all the way out till her cock head caught on Alexa’s asshole and plunged back inside. Alexa moaning as she now looked down at her baby sister and watched Makenzie lick up and down her slit over and over again and again. Makenzie circling her arms around Alexa’s waist as she held her sister in place as Dakota began to slap her thighs at Alexa’s ass cheeks loudly now as the butt fucking came harder and harder in the next few moments. Alexa moaned and clutched her fingers into her baby sister’s thighs and squeezed her thighs around her head as the pleasure made her pussy spasm lightly already. Dakota moaning as each time she slapped her thighs off of Alexa’s ass cheeks her own pussy spasmed a little harder. “MMMMMMMMMM Alexa so good on my butt fuckin cock.”

“MMMMMMMMMM I know, so good in my butt” Alexa moaned as she shook from head to toe with each shot to her asshole delivered by Dakota. While her baby sister stopped her licking and began to suck on her clit softly. Alexa’s moaning growing louder and louder as the butt fucking and clit sucking came harder over the next few moments. “MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod my baby sister is so good at licking my pussy.”

“MMMMMMMMM butt fucking sisters feels so good, you know that Alexa?” Dakota asked in a moan as she slapped her thighs louder at Alexa’s ass cheeks and pounded her cock home in the girls asshole time after time. Her pussy spasming harder now as she moaned out loud and listened to Alexa’s increasingly louder moans of pleasure and knew she was loving this too. Makenzie was now licking roughly over her sisters clit and then sucking it hard in long deep breaths as Alexa cried out and squeezed her thighs around Makenzie’s head over and over as her pussy spasmed insanely hard and she neared her orgasm. A shot from behind the threesome showed Dakota’s now darkly tanned little ass clinching each time she slid deep inside Alexa’s asshole. Back to the wide shot now with the South Pacific waters as the back drop as Alexa moaned to Dakota, “MMMMMMM I know it feels so good for me too.”

“MMMMMMMMM time to butt fuck you to pure heaven Alexa you ready baby?” Dakota moaned as she pumped away inside of the girls asshole a few more times. Makenzie now sucking harder on her sisters clit as Alexa moaned and shook from the pleasure surging through her body and moaning to Dakota just as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm, “MMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSS.”

“MMMMMMMM butt fucking feels so good on my cock” Dakota moaned just as her pussy began cumming. Makenzie holding her shaking older sister as still as she could and moving her lips back a bit and capping them over Alexa’s pussy. Alexa’s moaning growing louder as she peaked and then squealing as she squirted her cum into her sisters loving mouth, once and then again. Dakota’s orgasm peaking as she too began to calm down and slowed inside Alexa’s asshole. Dakota, now dripping wet with sweat from head to toe, settled back in behind Alexa as she stroked a few more times deep into her asshole and milked out her cum for Makenzie. Alexa moaning intensely as her pussy spasmed wildly each time Dakota stroked back inside and Makenzie sucked softly to drain her of the sweet cum. Dakota moaning as she reached forward and guided Alexa to rise back up to her. Alexa sitting up, her back now against Dakota’s chest, Dakota wrapping her arms around Alexa’s equally sweaty body as she kissed her shoulder. “MMMMMMMMM I love getting my cock sucked after I butt fuck sisters you gonna be a good girl and do that for me?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes I will” Alexa moaned as she leaned forward again as Makenzie licked her sisters pussy a few last times to get the last of the honey cum off. Dakota moaning as she carefully pulled out of Alexa’s tight little asshole and somehow rose to her feet on the bed, looking to be on shakey legs.

“Come here Alexa, suck my butt fuckin cock for me” Dakota moaned as she held her rubber steady Alexa and Makenzie got in front of her now and Alexa opened her mouth invitingly. Dakota watching as she gently laid the head of her cock on Alexa’s outstretched tongue and dropped one arm to her side as Alexa started to suck the cock slowly. Makenzie sweeping her sisters long brown hair out of her eyes so the camera could get a clear view of the cock sucking. Dakota moaning as she watched Alexa take it deep in her mouth and start to bob her head up and down. Her hands stroking up and down Dakota’s thighs as she deep throated it once and again before pulling off. Alexa holding it then for Makenzie as her sister took it in her mouth and started bobbing her head as she sucked on it. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yes that’s what I needed Lexi. Was it sweet coming out of your butt fuck hole?”

“MMMMMMMMM yeah so sweet, love doing that, it is good sissy?” Alexa moaned as she held Makenzie’s hair in a mass on top of her head and watched the girl take almost all of the cock in her mouth now as her head bobbed harder and harder.

“MMMMMMMMMMM so sweet and yummy” Makenzie moaned as she made a show out of laying the cock on her tongue and letting Dakota push it back inside her mouth a few times as she started to suck again. Dakota moaning a little louder as she watched Makenzie deep throat the cock now once and again before she pulled off and smiled up at Dakota. Dakota dropping to her knees to join them.

“Nice way to end a double butt fucking huh Dakota?” Alexa asked as Dakota wrapped her arms around both of the sisters and let her hands find their ass cheeks as she massaged each with her hands.

“You know I’ve heard that somewhere before and my answer is still, ohmigod yessss” Dakota moaned as Makenzie and Alexa giggled and each kissed one of Dakota’s cheeks softly as the scene faded to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion, for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more and it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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