Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “Dakota Visits Hannah Montana” – Season Three – Episode Three

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Dakota Visits Hannah Montana”

Season Three: Episode Three

Copyright © 2007


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Summary: In the ALL NEW 3rd episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, Mackenzie, Jamie Lynn and Mackenzie (behind the camera) are trapped in Hayden’s basement as a rain storm grips the western coast of Hawaii’s big island, which forces the girls to improvise in their taping of this episode. Meanwhile, Dakota gets a visit from the other member of the Disney Channel’s hit series, ‘Hannah Montana’, in Emily Osment as she joins Dakota and Miley for some girl on girl fun. Dakota’s strap-on and the other two girls tongues get a workout in this scene. Later, Mackenzie moves in front of the camera as she Jamie Lynn welcome tonight’s other guest star, Carly Patterson.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed by an ALL NEW ‘Willa’s Wild World’)

Story Codes: fff, fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Jamie Lynn Spears (16), Dakota Fanning (13) & Miley Cyrus (14)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

Guest Stars: Carly Patterson (18) & Emily Osment (15)


I watched last week’s “cam episode” with a particular interest, being that I wasn’t able to bring you the juicy details, but this week I am back and my whoring lil sis is not. I know, you’re welcome. So last week featured a very interesting episode with Mackenzie Rosman playing with her video camera along with some in-studio action with Jamie Lynn and the newbies. All in all it was a very creative mix of entertainment. This week I was expecting a return to the normal outdoor style of the show and once again I was surprised when the logo for ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ finally rolled across the screen, Tuesday @ 8:00.

I watched last week’s “cam episode” with a particular interest, being that I wasn’t able to bring you the juicy details, but this week I am back and my whoring lil sis is not. I know, you’re welcome. So last week featured a very interesting episode with Mackenzie Rosman playing with her video camera along with some in-studio action with Jamie Lynn and the newbies. All in all it was a very creative mix of entertainment. This week I was expecting a return to the normal outdoor style of the show and once again I was surprised when the logo for ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ finally rolled across the screen, Tuesday @ 8:00.

Once the annoying ass logo rolled away, we saw a gorgeous looking Hayden sitting alongside her new co-host, Jamie Lynn Spears, on what looked to be the sofa in Hayden’s basement, “Hey guys, welcome to this weeks episode, I’m Hayden, that’s Jamie Lynn and behind the camera again this week is my sexy baby Mackenzie Rosman. So, well, this week was scheduled to be a regular episode but unfortunately mother nature didn’t cooperate and it’s currently pouring the rain on the west coast of Hawaii’s big island, soooo we are stuck inside with nothing to do.”

“Yeh, hmmmmm what could we do?” Jamie Lynnn asked as she put a finger to her lips and tried to look as if she were really thinking.

“Bible trivia?” Mackenzie asked with a giggle from behind the camera. Hayden and Jamie Lynn both rolled their eyes and laughed.

“How about Monopoly?” Hayden asked with enthusiasm. “Come on, I getta be the hat.”

“No, no no, I got it…seriously” Jamie Lynn said with a stifled giggle as she held up her hands. “…let’s play..find the hairy spot?”

“Ain’t none of us gonna win that game” Mackenzie said from off-camera as all three broke up in laughter. “But we could play…lick the bald spot.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh that’s a good game” Hayden remarked as she looked at Jamie Lynn with a knowing smile.

“MMMMM yes it is, and you know Mackenzie loves watching, don’t you Mac?” Jamie Lynn asked Mackenzie, who replied by jiggling the camera up and down a little as a ‘yes’. “But what will we do for a guest?”

“Oh damn, both you sluts hush she’s on” Hayden said as she reached across Jamie Lynn and picked up the remote and pointed it at the tv as Mackenzie turned and zoomed in.

“Who?” Mackenzie asked as she steadied the camera and we saw a picture of a pretty girl who at first I didn’t recognize. “Oh yeah…”

“My dream girl, other than you Mac” Hayden said from off-camera. “Starr Manning has my heart.”

“You do know that’s a tv show?” Jamie Lynn asked with a giggle as both her and Hayden appeared on camera again as Mackenzie swung it back.

“Yes and I watch it everyday…”

“And every night on soapnet” Mackenzie giggled as Hayden flipped her off. “Kristen Alderson is her name by the way.”

“I know that, she’s just uber hot and no doubt 100 percent straight” Hayden said with a knowing smile. “But I’d kill to get my hands on that, well me and Mackenzie, right baby?”

“You know me Hay Hay, I like to watch just as much as get involved” Mackenzie commented. “So enough talk about your dream girl…what we gonna do for a guest on this episode?”

“Already covered” Hayden said as she pointed at the TV screen and Mackenzie quickly turned the camera back to the TV and back into the camera’s view. On the screen now was former Olympic Gymnast Carly Patterson, doing an interview for a local TV channel with some dork in a loud shirt, Carly looking as fine as ever. “Carly has been begging to do the show, shall we see if she wants to…cum…over?”

“She is so hot” Mackenzie said as she zoomed in on Carly’s perky titties standing proudly on her chest. Mackenzie turned again as the segment on Carly came to a close and said aloud, “Call her already Hay Hay.”

“Yeh call her Hay Hay” Jamie Lynn giggled as Hayden flipped her off and picked up the phone.

“Hey girl” Hayden said with a friendly/sexy as all hell greeting after dialing Carly’s cell number. “What up? Yeh we’re doing it now actually and we need your help.”

“Sounds like she’s very interested” Jamie Lynn commented as Hayden went on, “We need a guest, yeh, well why not you? Well all think your smoking hot you know that.”

“Gimme that” Jamie Lynn said as she took the phone, “Carly this is Jamie Lynn, nice to meet you too, now get your ass over here. You got three girls waiting on you, and that’s three very horny girls I might add. Mackenzie is over here drooling over you on tv. You on your way? RIIIIIIGHT? Exactly.”

“Yes, see ya in a few baby” Hayden said a moment later as Jamie Lynn handed the phone back with a satisfied look on her face. With that said, the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled across the screen and we switched to a beautiful view of the west coast of the big island and the main set of CO: Hawaiian Style, with co-hosts Miley Cyrus and Dakota Fanning standing center stage. Both wearing little to nothing in the way of clothes, as they smiled into the camera, as it swooped down and showed a brief view of the cloudless sky and crystal blue waters of the South Pacific before settling in front of the two. No doubt this had to be taped on a different day, I thought.

“Hey guys welcome to the set, as you can see I am once again joined by my co-star, Dakota Fanning” Miley said gesturing rather stiffly to her friend with her hand as Dakota smiled. “Today, as you know by now, Hayden and Jamie are off with Mackenzie so it is up to me and Dakota to welcome today’s guest.”

“Oh yeah…” Dakota said as Miley nudged her and I laughed at the obvious fuck up, “…our guest today is the co-star of Miley’s hit series, Hannah Montana, right Miley?”

“Duh yeh” Miley said with a pained expression as I again laughed, “Our guest is Emily Osment who plays my best friend Lilly on the series, Emily come on out here.”

Emily appeared from off-camera and we could see her cute little butt clad in a thong as she walked towards our hosts, stopping in front of Miley. She quickly slid her arms around the girls waist and pulled a surprised Miley into a kiss, full on the lips. Not a quick peck either, as we saw with the camera angle moving to the side of the pair, Emily had moved her tongue to Miley’s lips and started a french kiss as Dakota looked on in the background with a very interested smile, one that had changed from moments earlier when she seemed completely uninterested in the goings on. Miley’s hands could be seen moments later sliding effortlessly over her friends body as they traded tongues back and forth now, with Miley now untieing the top of Emily’s bikini and pulling it away as they broke from the kiss. Emily turned around to show her beautiful perky titties to the camera as Miley had directed her to do and smiled into the camera as Miley slid her hands around Emily and cupped the girls titties and squeezed them softly, making Emily moan softly. Dakota, who was no longer staring blankly into the camera, slid in beside the two and playfully kissed Emily on the cheek.

“I saw you guys last week with Jamie Lynn you know” Emily commented as she smiled at Dakota and Miley replied, “Yeh?”

“So hot, had to experience it myself” Emily moaned as she reached for Dakota’s hand and slipped from between Miley’s arms and took her hand as well and led them to the couch at the back of the set.

“You wanna do what Miley and me did last week?” Dakota asked, which kinda surprised me considering she hadn’t said much to this point. But she sure seemed interested in what was going on now. Her eyes never seemed to never leave Miley or Emily’s body, unlike earlier when she was glued to the camera, now it seemed her attention had now been focused correctly. “Cause Miley said it felt so good, right?”

“Oh yeah, you are in such complete control, oh man it was fuckin awesome” Miley said as Emily giggled, “But first, something a little more basic maybe?”

“Oh that means me?” Dakota asked in surprise as Miley and Emily giggled and Dakota moved off the couch to the floor and got between Emily’s thighs on cue, “This is gonna be so much fun.”

“Yeh I think so too” Miley said as she stroked her hand down Emily’s chest to her soft flat sexy stomach and had her lay back on the couch and raise her hips as that hand reached her bikini bottoms. With Dakota’s help Emily skinned her thong off and Dakota tossed it aside as she looked back up to Miley and flicked her tongue as both giggled and again started to kiss softly. The camera moved in just to the right of Dakota’s head and caught her first lick of pussy as her tongue slid up Emily’s bald pussy slit. Zooming in we saw Dakota repeat this time and again as Emily’s hips could be seen squirming just a little on every pass.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM wow that is sooooooo sweet” Dakota commented as she stopped momentarily and licked her lips as she looked directly into the camera. Before going back to work with more long strokes up and down the slit as the camera pulled back a bit and we saw Emily and Miley trading tongues now hard. Dakota stuffed some stray hair behind her ear a moment later and let her tongue start to slip inside the tiny hole of Emily’s as she went up and down and up and down a few more times. Emily finally moaned out loud as she broke away from the kiss with Miley and looked down with an almost urgent look on her face. Dakota quickly put one hand on Emily’s stomach and gently held her slowly bucking hips as she licked a little deeper and Emily moaned louder and louder all the time. Her stomach heaving as she breathed heavy now from the pleasure flowing through her young body.

“Come on Dakota lick my clit right there baby, please, come on lick it hard” Emily moaned as her hand slipped behind Dakota’s head and she guided the younger girl to the right spot, at the very top of her slit. The camera zoomed in a tad and caught Emily’s reaction and Dakota’s finding of the girls clit. Dakota spread Emily’s lips a bit at the top and licked her little rosebud roughly over and over as the older girl moaned loudly and bucked her hips a bit more as she felt her pussy spasm out of control into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm. Seconds later she began cumming in Dakota’s eager mouth as she licked every drop of girl cum from Emily’s honey drip.

A guilty as sin grin crossed Dakota’s cute face as the camera zoomed in and we saw her pull away from Emily’s pussy as the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled across the screen once again. The scene switch brought us some new scenery as the threesome were now at the back of the set on the (unused to this point in the season) over-sized heart shaped bed. Dakota was now sporting a strap-on much like last week as she sat alongside Miley and Emily and they again made out at the top of the bed. Dakota took the cue from off-camera as she broke the two up and took hold of her newly attached cock and as Emily rolled onto her back, Dakota gently laid it on Emily’s lips, before Emily wrapped her lips around the head of it and started to suck on it slowly. Her head beginning to bob up and down. Miley reached across Emily and stroked her hand up Dakota’s stomach and then up and over the girls hard puffy nipples as she looked up at her and both watched Emily take almost all of the cock in her mouth now as she sucked on it.

“You wanna do something with that thing?” Miley asked as she rose to her knees on the bed and Emily pulled off of Dakota’s cock and a long string of saliva dropped down onto her body as she too sat up.

“You know it” Dakota said as she leaned across and kissed Miley softly on the lips for a moment and then scooted down the bed to the end and turned her back to the camera. Miley moved down in front of her as Emily laid back and spread her legs out, giving us a great view of her bald cunny slit, Miley then looked back as she placed a leg on each side of Dakota’s thighs and laid forward on to her stomach. Her head now in perfect alignment with her friends pussy. Dakota took another cue from off-camera and moved up just a bit as Miley watched over her shoulder with a smile. Dakota stroked the older girls thighs up and down slowly as she obviously enjoyed the feel of the silky smooth skin under her fingers. Then taking hold of her cock as she leaned forward over Miley’s back she began to sink it inside of the girls ultra tight little pussy. “OH fuck….wow.”

“Oh wow fuck yessss” Miley moaned as she felt Dakota begin to stroke inside her pussy with the cock as she circled her arms around the outside of Emily’s thighs and turned her attention to her friends pussy now as she slowly started to lick away up and down the slit. Emily moaned and clutched at the pillows she was now resting her head on as the camera angle changed to one from above her head and we saw Dakota get over Miley’s back completely and start pumping in long smooth deep strokes inside the girls pussy now. Miley moaned into Emily’s pussy as she pushed her tongue inside and started to slowly but surely pump it in and out of the hole. Licking her inner walls as the camera gave us a close-up of the pussy licking for a moment. Emily moaned louder and louder as Dakota went faster and sunk all the way inside Miley’s pussy as the fucking came harder and harder and she began to slap her thighs off of Miley’s ass cheeks lightly now. Dakota by now was watching every single stroke and loving it as she went faster and harder all the time, Emily was now squirming back and forth as Miley licked her inner walls relentlessly with her tongue and worked the underside of the girls clit now softly. Dakota’s arms now supported her over Miley’s back as her thighs spanked off Miley’s ass cheeks louder and louder and left them jiggling each time she fucked the cock into the older girl’s pussy, while Miley was moaning out loud, almost squealing into her friends pussy above as the sensations got harder to take in. Emily clutched onto the pillows above her own head and squirmed her hips and you could see as her face contorted in pleasure that she was loving it as much as the other two. Miley’s fingers dug gently into the soft smooth skin of Emily’s thighs as her tongue plunged now relentlessly in and out of the tight little pussy hole of her friend. Dakota had started to moan herself in urgency it sounded and I noticed the look on her face and I could swear it was caused by a fast oncoming orgasm. Before that could happen Emily was the first to cry out and start to cum as her pussy could take no more of Miley’s plunging tongue and spasmed out of control as the young girl squealed in pure pleasure for a long moment and began to settle down just as Miley took off on her orgasm. Dakota sawed her cock in and out and in and out relentlessly as she drove Miley over the edge finally with one last loud thigh smacking ass cheek stroke. Causing Dakota to lose it too and start her own orgasm. Both Miley and Dakota moaned as one as they shook gently from the effects of the orgasm and settled down moments later, Miley again starting to lick at Emily’s cum covered pussy and Dakota slumping forward and sinking all the way inside Mileys pussy. “MMMMMMMMMM damn that felt so good Dakota…wow you gonna give Hayden a run for her money if you keep that up.”

“So hot and I cummed so good” Dakota moaned as she carefully pulled out of Miley’s pussy and slid off the bed as Miley and Emily both sat up on cue and followed Dakota as she walked towards the couch. Dakota sat down on the couch and held her now cum covered cock in hand as she waited for the other two, who joined her one on either side. “I think it’s time for Emily’s ride, right?”

“Oh yeah I think I can handle that now” Emily said as Miley directed her to rise up and cross over Dakota’s thighs as Dakota herself held the cock steady and watched intently as Emily slowly lowered herself into the infamous ‘catcher’s position’. Emily moved one of her hands to the top of her pussy slit so as to guide Dakota’s cock as it slid into her pussy. The other went to the back of the couch for support as she lowered onto the cock just a bit as she moaned and started to bounce ever so gently up and down on the head. Slowly getting it a little deeper with ever gentle bounce on it, Miley moved back to watch the scene as she started to rub at her own pussy fast. Emily sunk about half way down this time as Dakota moved her hand away from the cock and both now went to the girls slender waist. Emily looked down as she carefully bounced up and down and moaned again a little louder as she cleared the hair out of her eyes and to one side and bounced on it again only a little harder, and sinking lower this time. “MMMMMMMMMMM I love this, fuck it feels so good in my pussy.”

“It feels good for me too Emily, come on baby” Dakota moaned as the camera moved to the far side of the threesome and showed the action from a new angle as Dakota’s hands clutched into Emily’s sides. Dakota moaned now louder as she looked up at her guest star and seemed to be loving every second of it as her fingers gripped Emily’s waist tighter and tighter and she helped Emily bounce harder and harder on the cock. You could now hear Emily’s thighs beginning to slap Dakota’s slender thighs as she bounced up and down now harder and harder with Dakota’s help, literally impaling herself on the cock time and again and moaning louder all the time as the sensations rang through her young body. She moaned louder and louder as Dakota bounced her ever harder, her titties swaying up and down now as she clutched on to the back of the couch for support.

“Come on Emily, harder, make it feel so good” Dakota said in a much more audible moan than the past week when she had said much the same thing. Her thighs taking a pounding now as she looked straight up at Emily with a determined look on her face and the angle went to a wide shot as we saw Miley working on her pussy like mad now as she moaned with the other two. Meanwhile, Dakota gripped Emily’s waist tighter and bounced her harder and harder as Emily really began to squeal in pleasure and rocked Dakota’s body with each shot. A close-up showed Emily lifting expertly to the very tip of the cock before falling back down and impaling herself on it time and again, following each with a loud smack of her thighs against Dakota’s. A thick film of sweat began to appear on her body as she bounced up and down, making it harder for Dakota to keep a steady grip on the bouncing nymphet it appeared. Emily’s titties jiggled hard now as her pussy spasmed harder and harder. The moans of all three girls could be heard clearly as the angle switched to a wide shot and showed Miley rubbing furiously at her slick bald cunny as she watched the lewd display in front of her. Emily squealed out a moment later and clutched hard at the top of the couch and squealed again as she looked down at the cock rocketing in and out of her and started to shake gently all over as her pussy began to spasm insanely hard with her orgasm taking over. A couple of hard bounces later, Emily crashed down onto her knees, covered and even dripping in sweat from head to toe as Dakota slipped her arms around her and they began to softly kiss moments later.

Being broken up a few long moments later by Miley as she had Emily roll off of Dakota and unstrap the cock from the younger girl, Miley stood on the couch and crossed her leg over Dakota’s body as Emily pulled the harness off and laid it aside as she sunk to the floor and pulled Dakota lower on the couch. Miley held her balance with a one hand on the back of the couch and the other on her stomach as she carefully lowered herself down. An extreme close up showed her planting her hairless pussy lips right on Dakota’s eager lips as Dakota’s tongue began to lick up and down the slit time and again. Miley laid her back and smiled as she moaned and Dakota’s hands roamed up Miley’s beautiful body, one coming to rest on her ass cheek and the other resting on her stomach. Emily was now between Dakota’s legs and as the camera showed as it switched angles, Emily began licking the girls pussy up and down slowly, smiling into the camera after every few strokes of her tongue. Miley moaned louder, as did Dakota now, as another close up showed us Dakota sucking on Miley’s clit now and driving her towards a quick orgasm. Miley dropped the arm on her stomach to her side so the camera could get a close-up and we got a tight shot of Dakota’s lips right on Miley’s clitty, sucking away as Miley moaned hard from above and laid her head back as she lost control suddenly and started to cum. Rolling her stomach in and moaning intensely as her orgasm stormed her young body and made her shake and grind ever so gently on Dakota’s loving mouth. She then slumped forward as it gave way and Dakota licked her pussy slowly for the yummy girl cum and then let her roll off to the side. Dakota then looked down to see Emily’s tongue pumping in and out of her sweet little pleasure center with a passion. Rubbing right under the girls clit as it stroked up into her and back out every time. Dakota moaned loudly from the effects as she closed her thighs around Emily’s head below her. Now looking looking down and watching every move of her guest stars tongue in and out of her, Dakota moaned with an urgency as she neared her own orgasm. Emily wrapped both of her arms around the back of Dakota’s thighs and circled them around to the front to keep her in place as she again started to suck the girls clit right on the tip and hard. Which was too much for Dakota as she arched her back and began to cum hard on Emily’s wonderful tongue. Moments later Emily was licking the cum off her pussy as it oozed out of the honey drip between Dakota’s legs. A close-up showed us this in detail as another ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll changed the scene again.

“Work you piece of shit” Mackenzie muttered as the scene changed again to a unfocused shot. Mackenzie had apparently just turned her camera on and was trying to steady it. Once she did we saw Hayden and Carly Patterson standing by the double glass doors in the basement talking. Mackenzie moved to one side and the camera shook but we could see Jamie Lynn in the background dangling her feet in the water as she basked in the sun for a few moments. The main attraction though was Hayden and Carly standing with their backs to the doors chatting, Mackenzie zoomed in a little and once the light balanced out we saw both of them were in thongs. “Yes folks that is the real deal, the former Olympic Gold medal winning U.S. gymnastics champion standing right in front of me in that thong. So should I stay here or go get some action started?”

“Hey…so who’s up for some girl on girl loving?” Mackenzie asked a few moments later as she walked outside into the bright sunlight and moved around in front of Hayden and Carly and got them both into the shot. “Carly, you sexy baby, tell me honestly, have you ever had any pussy?”

“Of course she has” Hayden said as Carly blushed and Mackenzie focused on her face. “Oh wait, Mac you didn’t know that Carly and Courtney Kupets were, shall we say…an item? Oops me and my big mouth.”

“Fuck you Hay Hay” Carly said as Mackenzie laughed.

“No shit?” Mackenzie asked as she panned the camera over to catch Hayden giggling at her own revelation. “I thought that was just hype.”

“Nope” Hayden said, “Carly likes pussy, she just won’t admit to it.”

“Well Carly?” Mackenzie asked, “What’s the truth?”

Carly didn’t offer a verbal answer as she looked directly into the camera and carefully, slowly and deliberately licked her two middle fingers as her answer. She smiled into the camera as she moved close and asked, “Want some Mackenzie?”

“More than you know Carly, more than you know baby girl” Mackenzie replied with lust in her voice as the camera shook for a moment and suddenly turned around and we got a shot of Jamie Lynn hugging Mackenzie from behind with her chin resting on the girls shoulder as both smiled into the camera and said in unison, “How about a threesome?”

“What about Hayden?” Carly asked as Mackenzie turned the camera back around.

“Gimme that thing” Hayden said taking the camera from Mackenzie, “I wanna see what’s so hot about watching anyway.”

“Come on baby” Mackenzie said as she offered her hand to Carly. Carly took it as her, Mackenzie and Jamie Lynn moved away from Hayden and into the sunlight, towards the lounge chair by the pool. Hayden jostled the camera up and down as she took a seat in the other lounger a few feet away and zoomed in on the now stripping trio as she steadied the shot. Mackenzie helped Carly out of her bikini top and stopped to stroke her hands up and over Carly’s perky titties before pulling the top away and dropping it. Jamie Lynn, now on her knees on the lounger, moved in behind Carly and slowly pulled down the girls thong and off as Carly stepped out of it. Jamie Lynn guided her down on to the lounger and had the girl lay back as Mackenzie stripped out of her own skimpy bikini and provided Hayden a chance to zoom in and focus on Mackenzie for a long moment. Hayden held the shot steady as we heard her say, “Damn! And does anyone wonder why I love being between those thighs? Didn’t think so.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM so smooth baby” Jamie Lynn cooed as Hayden zoomed out and got a wide shot of Jamie Lynn, now naked, stroking Carly’s bald little cunny lips up and down as she now laid beside the girl on the lounger. Moving her hand to Carly’s thighs, and having Carly spread them wide a moment later as Mackenzie appeared again from off-camera as she crawled up between Carly’s thighs and laid down on her stomach. Carly’s feet now hung off the side as she looked down and watched as Mackenzie slowly began to lick at her pussy slit. Mackenzie swept her hair to the far side of her head before beginning to lick again and this time bob her head up and down. Her tongue dipping inside of Carly’s slit a little at a time on each stroke. Carly began to moan as she folded her arms behind her head and relaxed as Jamie Lynn watched on, contently stroking her hand up and down Carly’s flat sexy tummy the hole time. Carly began to squirm a little with Mackenzie’s continued pussy licking as her moaning grew louder, prompting Mackenzie to circle her arms around the outside of Carly’s thighs and bring her hands over the top and place them softly on Carly’s stomach. Mackenzie’s head bobbed up and down faster as she stuck her tongue inside more and more and hit Carly’s engorged little clitty once and then again, making the girl moan out loud and arch her back a bit as the pleasure surged through her body. A close-up from Hayden showed just how good a job Mackenzie was really doing as she zoomed in and we saw Mackenzie’s talented tongue stroke across Carly’s clit now again and again as Carly squirmed and we heard some off-camera chatter from Carly and Jamie Lynn amidst the constant moaning. Hayden pulled back and we saw Jamie Lynn motion to Mackenzie to do something.

“Pull her down a little” Jamie Lynn mouthed to her as Mackenzie pulled Carly down the lounger a bit so the former gymnast was laying flat on her back. This was done so Jamie Lynn could move up and cross her legs over Carly’s pretty face. That’s when Hayden moved from the lounger she was on and stood, seconds later setting the camera on a table and making sure it captured everything. Jamie Lynn looked down as Carly began to lick her pussy slowly up and down and smiled as she began to moan softly. While below them Mackenzie had gone back to licking Carly’s clit, making the girl now squirm harder and move her hands onto Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks and began to squeeze them. Carly licked hard at Jamie Lynn’s pussy now as she neared her orgasm and squirmed harder on top of Carly as she squeezed her thighs around Carly’s head. Carly’s muffled moans could still be heard in perfect unison with Jamie Lynn as both began cumming at almost the same time. Hayden re-appeared seconds later with her strap-on now in place just as Jamie Lynn settled down, she leaned down to kiss Jamie Lynn on the lips as Carly sucked out Jamie’s cum and Mackenzie did the same to Carly. Making both girls shake from the pleasure of the moment.

Hayden stroked her hand through Mackenzie’s hair and had her rise up so they could kiss, french style of course. Jamie Lynn moved off of Carly’s face and whispered something to her as Mackenzie rose and took the camera and moved back Hayden’s former spot and settled in. We saw Jamie Lynn open her mouth as Hayden slid the cock into the girls mouth. Jamie Lynn eagerly sucking it up and down till it was dripping wet as she pulled off and lay back on the futon and Carly get on top of her in a 69. Hayden smiled to Mac as she stroked her cock with one hand and slid the other over the smooth skin of Carly’s ass cheeks as she got in behind her. While below them Jamie Lynn licked a few times up and down the honey covered slit of Carly’s.

“This sweet baby needs her butt fucked don’t ya Carly?” Hayden asked as she lined her cock up with Carly’s asshole and began to slide inside. Carly moaned and grinded her pussy a little on Jamie Lynn’s tongue as she looked back at Hayden and moaned, “MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck, god I need it so bad.”

“Yeh I know baby butt fucking just feels so good huh?” Hayden moaned as she sunk deep inside Carly’s asshole and dropped one arm to her side so Mackenzie could get a perfect view. While Mackenzie zoomed in and caught Jamie Lynn licking roughly over and over on Carly’s clit. Then back to the wide shot as Hayden was now all the way inside of Carly’s tight little asshole and began to slowly slap her thighs off of Carly’s plump ass cheeks. Carly squealed out loud for the first time as Hayden did it harder and harder. Carly shaking gently as she moaned, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM God fuck it does, come on fuck me I wanna hear your thighs slap my ass.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM you mean like this?” Hayden moaned as she took hold of Carly’s other shoulder and drilled the gymnast’s asshole as her thighs slapped loudly at Carly’s ass cheeks, making them jiggle and shake as she watched every stroke. While Jamie Lynn licked around and around Carly’s engorged little clit and then sucked it softly and then sucked it hard as Carly cried out in a loud moan as her body shook from the effects. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM that’s the kinda butt fuckin I liked to do.”

“OHMIGOD I love that kinda butt fuckin too baby, I’mma fuckin cum so hard Jamie Lynn” Carly moaned as she dropped her head and watched Jamie now pump her tongue in and out of the girls pussy as Carly shook harder. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM god it feels too good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh, come on sweet baby, cum in Jamie Lynn’s mouth baby” Hayden moaned as she pounded Carly’s asshole and with a few more hard shots brought her off in a shudderingly wonderful orgasm, as the former gymnast shook and moaned loudly for a few long moments and then grunted as she squirted into Jamie Lynn’s eager mouth. Hayden slowed and lowered herself over the girls back now as Mackenzie moved directly in front of Carly and Hayden. Hayden asking Carly, “Did you like your cumming out Carly?”

“OHMIGOD, OHMIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD SHE’S SUCKING MY CUM OUT, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh F-F-Fuck” Carly moaned as Jamie Lynn did just that and sucked out the girls cum as Carly went on, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM god cumming out felt sooooooooooo good Hayden.”

“Oh yeah I know it baby” Hayden moaned as she settled back in behind Carly now as Mackenzie pulled the camera back to a wide shot and watched Hayden pull out of Carly’s asshole. Rolling off of Jamie Lynn, Carly lay there still moaning as she shook gently all over. Jamie Lynn, with sweat now dripping off her body just as Hayden was, got on her knees in front of Hayden. Hayden carefully moving closer as Jamie Lynn opened her mouth willingly and held out of her tongue as Hayden laid the cock head on the girls tongue. Jamie Lynn closed her lips around the cock and started to suck as Hayden moaned and smiled proudly as she scooped Jamie Lynn’s hair into a ponytail on top of her head. Jamie Lynn’s head started to bob hard now as she took most of the cock in her mouth and sucked harder. “MMMMMMMMMM that’s it Jamie Lynn, good job sweet baby. Being up Carly’s butt fuck hole made it sweet huh baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah” Jamie Lynn moaned with a knowing smile as she paused for a moment before going back to sucking the cock and deep throating it several times before finally pulling off. Rising as she kissed Hayden on the lips. Mackenzie zooming and watching as the horny twosome began to trade tongues back and forth in a heated french kiss.

“Butt sluts” Carly giggled from the lounger as Mackenzie wiggled the camera to show that she apparently agreed. Hayden and Jamie Lynn parting and grinning at each other just as we faded to black. The ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ appeared on screen a moment later. Below it were the words, “Next week: The Yacht Episode, part one w/ Alexa ‘Sexi Lexa’ Vega and young sister Makenzie Vega. See ya then”.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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