Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “Jamie Lynn’s Hot And Cold Adventure” – Season Three – Episode Seven

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Jamie Lynn’s Hot And Cold Adventure”

Season Three: Episode Seven

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 7th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, our horny star Hayden and co-host Jamie Lynn Spears welcome one of Hollywood’s hottest young talents, AnnaSophia Robb, for a little four way fun with co-star Dakota Fanning. Hayden and Anna get a taste of each other to kick off the event, which is quickly followed by Jamie Lynn getting some ‘hot and cold’ treatment to a certain very senstive area of her perfectly tanned young body. Later, Hayden and her protege Dakota have a little double dipping fun with Anna until the horny nymphet can hardly take anymore.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, December 10, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.

Story Codes: fff, fff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Jamie Lynn Spears (16) & Dakota Fanning (13)

Guest Stars: AnnaSophia Robb (13)

I came in tonight early from work and crashed down beside Summer on the couch just as the logo for ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ appeared on the screen. As it folded away we see Hayden softly kissing with a blond girl that looked to be slightly shorter than her. I’m assuming she recieved some kind of verbal cue from off stage cause just then her and the girl came up for air and we saw (to my excitement) that the brunette was the star of ‘Because of Winn Dixie’ AnnaSophia Robb. Anna looked hot in a wife beater with a pair of black gym type warm-ups on as Hayden sported a matching wife beater and a pair of skin tight shorts that looked to be painted on. Hayden had Anna turn to the camera as she moved in back of her guest star and wrapped her arms around Anna’s waist.

“Welcome back to Cumming Out Hawaiian Style” Hayden said as she slowly revealed Anna’s flat lightly tanned stomach as she pulled the girls shirt ever higher up her stomach. Stopping only at the bottom of her titties. “I’d like to introduce you to the star of the movie Because of Winn Dixie, AnnaSophia Robb.”

“Hi everyone, oh geez, fuck girl” Anna moaned as her voice turned to a moan when Hayden began kissing her neck softly. Hayden stopped after a few long moments and finished pulling Anna’s shirt up and over her head as we got a really nice view of her small but oh so firm titties. Hayden then disappeared behind Anna as Anna herself looked into the camera and smiled confidently. The angle changed to a side view as Hayden slowly pulled down Anna’s warm ups and revealed her smooth thighs and soon her calfs. My eyes though quickly noticed her thong. Hayden slipped onto the couch and had Anna turn around as the angle moved to one from over Hayden’s shoulder. Anna looked to the camera and then reached down and pulled Hayden’s wife beater up her chest and over her head. Hayden then laid back and let Anna skin her of the ‘painted’ on shorts she was wearing. Anna tossed both aside as Hayden sat back up and Anna stepped right in front of her face. Hayden smiled up at her guest star and gently rubbed the soft smooth skin of Anna’s pussy.

“Cute little thing ain’t it?” Hayden asked as she kissed the girls smooth pussy lips and looked up at Anna again who was now smiling down at her host.

“Yes I always thought it was” Anna said as she stroked Hayden’s long blond hair. Then looking up at Anna and asked with a coy smile, “You ever had your pussy licked before?”

“A couple of times yeh” Anna said as she scooped some of Hayden’s mass of blond into a ponytail as Hayden licked her stomach playfully and continued with the questioning, “By who?”

“That is private information” Anna giggled as Hayden shrugged her shoulders and licked around the top of her slit and came dangerously close to touching Anna’s sweet smelling pussy. Anna jumped a little and moved her hips in the direction of Hayden’s mouth.

“Tell me and I’ll do it for you” Hayden said with a sexy smile.

“Jamie Lynn ok? Your co-host” Anna said as Hayden glanced at the camera as it now peaked over her shoulder before turning back to Anna and looking up to her for a moment and asking, “Did she do it recently?”

“Oh fuck yeah, every night sometimes two or three times in the same night if the heat gets to us, she made me wanna do this show” Anna said as she braced for Hayden’s first touch and moaned when it happened. Hayden’s tongue gliding up Anna’s bare slit effortlessly now as Anna pulled more of Hayden’s hair into a ponytail above her head. Hayden looked up and nodded her head, telling the girl I guess to lie down on the couch. Which Anna did on cue, scooting to the middle and stroking Hayden’s sculpted thighs as our host got over her in a 69. The camera showed the start of the scene from a wide angle so we could see both girls licking the other’s pussy. Anna being the first to start as she pumped her tongue up and down the bald slit of Hayden’s a few times and then rubbed it as she moaned when Hayden did her the same way. Hayden moved one hand to her hair and held her long strands in place as she began bobbing her head. Both girls moaning in unison now as the 69 picked up pace.

An extreme close-up showed Anna lick a few times up and down Hayden’s slit and then lick her own lips savoring the sweet flavor before going back to doing it again. Hayden seemed to be doing the same as she licked her own lips after every few passes up and down Anna’s bald slit. A moment later, Anna stroked her hands up and down Hayden’s back as she closed her lips over Hayden’s slit and started pumping her tongue in and out. Hayden smiled and laid her head back momentarily as she enjoyed the wonderful sensations below her, squeezing her thighs a few times before starting to do the same thing on Anna. Placing a hand on either side of Anna’s slit she began pumping her tongue in and out fast. A glance at the camera followed to make sure it was getting the perfect view of her pussy licking. Both girls moaning loudly into the other’s pussy as they tongue fucked each other. Anna’s juices beginning to ooze out and drip down Hayden’s chin. While below her a close-up revealed that the chin of Anna’s pretty face was already covered in the sticky sweet girl honey. Anna stopped her pumping tongue and started licking up and down Hayden’s slit like a lollipop, she went faster and faster with her tongue as Hayden moaned louder and followed her lead seconds later. Licking Anna like a lollipop up and down in a steady pace. Anna’s hands clutched into Hayden’s waist as she moaned and licked her faster and faster. Both obviously nearing a wonderful orgasm. Hayden squeezed her thighs again around Anna’s head and her body started to shake gently as she got close to the edge. While under her Anna arched her back and moaned intensely into the girls pussy as she licked it furiously, her head bobbing like never before. A few more licks was all either could take and both exploded within seconds of each other in orgasmic bliss. Both showed the pleasure of the moment as they enjoyed a few long seconds of intense pleasure surging through their naked sweaty young bodies. Coming down and moaning again as they milked the cum out of each other’s pussies. Anna then stroked her hand up and down Hayden’s stomach as Hayden rolled off on cue, letting Anna set up on the couch.

Hayden kissed her softly on the lips, smearing their honey sweet cum onto each other’s lips as they started to french kiss. Trading tongues back and forth for a long moment. Before Hayden pulled away and guided Anna farther down on the couch, so her butt was on the edge. Anna giggled and did what Hayden wanted. Then pulling her legs up to her chest and holding them behind the knees. Exposing not only her just licked pleasure spot, but her other favorite spot too. Which certainly didn’t miss Hayden’s roaming eyes.

“AHHHHH ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh” Anna moaned as Hayden rubbed over the back of her thighs and then to her bald soft little cunny. Stroking up and down the slit slowly and then lowered her head and licking, Anna moaned louder. Smiling as Hayden raised her head again and slipped her hand lower and let her finger rub her guests asshole. Anna’s mouth shooting open wide with a moan as a finger dipped inside and began stroking in and out. “AAHHHHHH Hayden oh fuck.”

Smiling down at Hayden a moment later as Dakota and Jamie Lynn came into the room. Both naked I noticed. Hayden rose from the floor and kissed Dakota softly on the lips as they started to trade tongues, boths arms going the other’s body as they kissed until the camera switched views to see Jamie Lynn joining Anna on the couch. That lasted only a few moments as Anna reached up and pulled Jamie Lynn down to her lips and they started kissing as Jamie Lynn moved over her briefly and then to the other side of her, never breaking the kiss.

Hayden wasted no time in joining Anna and Jamie Lynn on the couch (Dakota disappeared off camera for some reason), each sitting down on opposite sides of her. Hayden quickly removing the girls hand from her pussy and replacing it with her own, rubbing Anna’s soft bald pussy up and down as she laid her head back, moaning in delight at the sensations. Opening her eyes after a few more moments and watching with a smile of anticipation as Hayden lowered her head and began sucking on her clit. Anna moaned as she stroked her hair clear of her eyes and the camera zoomed in showing Hayden’s thin young lips right on Anna’s most sensitive area. Jamie Lynn smiled broadly as her and Anna then started kissing softly. Hayden sucked harder for a long moment and making Anna moan loudly into Jamie Lynn’s mouth and pull away. Hayden then pulled away and nodded her head to Jamie Lynn, who lowered down and took Hayden’s former position on Anna’s clit and began sucking it herself, softly. Anna moaned and started to kiss Hayden softly. After a few more moments Anna moaned louder as Hayden took another turn on her clit and Anna returned to kissing Jamie Lynn again. This time Hayden sucked harder and longer than before and brought Anna’s hips off the couch as the pleasure shot through her body like a missile. Anna and Jamie Lynn broke their kiss and looked down as Hayden finally stopped and invited Jamie Lynn to take another turn. Which she did happily and did much the same thing as Hayden did and sucked long and hard on Anna’s clit. Again bringing her butt clean off the couch cushion as Anna moaned her approval. She finally stopped right as Anna looked to be about ready to cum, Hayden pulled her off and shoved her tongue roughly into Jamie Lynn’s mouth as Anna watched and began to whimper as she got the feeling she was being abandoned. They both smiled as they contiuned kissing and lowered their heads as one and with Jamie Lynn’s head below Anna’s pussy and Hayden’s laying on the back of her thighs, they started sucking at the same time on either side of her clit. Anna let out a loud squeal as she clutched at the cushions above her head and her body tensed up. Both Hayden and Jamie Lynn sucked harder for a few more seconds as Anna moaned intensely and pulled away just as her cum came squirting out of her pussy. The look on Anna’s face was one of intense pleasure as she looked down at Hayden who moved to the floor and capped her lips over Anna’s pussy and started sucking noisely. The ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo suddenly appeared then as we changed scenes.

Anna and Dakota now on the floor in front of Jamie Lynn who was now on the couch with her legs pulled up to her chest, exposing her asshole for the two girls, while her and Hayden softly kissed. While down below Dakota and Anna took turns rimming her asshole slowly.

“MMMM you like having your butt fucked huh baby?” Dakota asked Jamie Lynn as she watched Anna suck at the girls asshole softly.

“MMMMMM yes, fuck yes” Jamie Lynn moaned as Anna slipped her tongue out and looked to Dakota as both said in unison, “Poppy time.”

I wondered what the fuck that could mean as Jamie Lynn watched Anna reach down beside the couch and opened a small fridge and pull out something in a white wrapper. Not being able to wait, nor wanting too, Hayden went back to kissing Jamie Lynn softly after guiding her hand down to her pussy as Jamie Lynn began rubbing softly and moaning, Anna sat back up and showed Dakota what was in her hand. It appeared to be a popsicle. Dakota smiled and pulled the wrapper off as Anna held it and then spread Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks as she laid across the back of the girls thighs and held her in place on the couch as she kissed her pussy and began licking across it sideways. Jamie Lynn moaned and urged Dakota to start on her ass again.

But Anna did something else entirely, she watched as Dakota licked contentedly at Jamie Lynn’s pussy and as she smiled devilishly at her and brought the item to her lips and sucked it for a moment. We got to then see that it was indeed a cherry popsicle. Hayden and Jamie Lynn finally broke thier french kiss and looked down on cue.

“Don’t you think this is a rather weird time to eat?” Jamie Lynn asked with a giggle.

“Why I’m licking your sweet pussy” Dakota said as she licked across Jamie Lynn’s pleasure center, making her squirm and close her eyes. Anna then rubbed the freezing cold popsicle across Jamie Lynn’s sensitive little rose bud, making her jerk and look down. “MMMMM Sweet, sweet, sweet.”

“Do you know that’s fuckin cold…..” Jamie Lynn started to say before she lost her breath when Anna shoved a finger deep in her ass and began pounding it in and out with force. Jamie Lynn moaned and begged for more, but too soon it stopped and then the real treat began. She felt Anna’s finger leave her butt, and the popsicle being rubbed along her skin, right around it. While Dakota held her ass cheeks apart for her and Hayden watched intently, moving her hand under Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks and holding the popsicle steady for Anna. Jamie Lynn moaned as she felt the very tip of it slip into her ass. Smiling with a loud moan escaping her mouth. Dakota held her in place and let Anna push it deeper as Jamie Lynn’s body shook from the muscle jerking reaction to the cold. Anna began pistoning the frozen treat in and out of Jamie Lynn’s ultra tight back door, Jamie Lynn seemed to loose her breath for a moment as she moaned from the pleasure of it. “Oh yeah pump it in my butt fuck hole good and fast, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

“Yeh does that feel like heaven baby?” Anna asked as Jamie Lynn’s breathing started coming in pants from the shock of having something so cold in such a sensitive place. Dakota, with her head in perfect alignment with Jamie Lynn’s other love hole, and making sure her shocked lover couldn’t get away yet and lowered her head and started sucking Jamie Lynn’s clit. Anna pumped the frozen treat harder in and out of Jamie Lynn’s ass, and Dakota sucked right on the girls clitty as Hayden moved down and cleared Dakota’s hair out of her eyes so the camera could catch it all. Both listening closely to Jamie Lynn’s moaning as it got louder and louder all the time.

Jamie Lynn, beginning to recover some of her senses now, could feel the incredible sensations being shot throughout her entire body as she got butt fucked with a popsicle. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before, the freezing cold, mixed with the numbness, magnified the sensations to startling levels. Every breath was an undertaking and every moan made her body jerk. Anna’s pumping hand quickened once again, and again after that, to a speed Jamie Lynn had never known before. She cried her approval as her body begged for it to continue. All of this being made even mmore pleasureable by Dakota’s lips on her clit sucking away softly. Anna on the other end, watched with intense interest as the slowly melting, love tool pumped furiously in and out of Jamie Lynn’s butt hole. A single red streak of liquid streaming down from her hole and dripping on to the floor, soon being followed by more streaks as the sicle melted.

“You gonna cum from your popsicle buttfucking?” Anna asked as Jamie Lynn cried her reply and moaned intensely, her body on the verge of erupting into what Anna thought would be a violent orgasm. Jamie Lynn clutched at her now sweat covered calfs, and screamed as Dakota sucked on her clit, and carefully placed her lips so as to cover both sides of it and sucking softly but with increasing suction. While at the same time, Anna once again started going faster inside her ass. After a few long seconds, that seemed to be minutes or hours to Jamie Lynn, her body bagan cumming. Her whole body tensing up as it swept over her, exploding in all the right spots, and growing more violent as the explosions continued unchecked. Dakota’s lips sucking on her clit now felt like heaven as did the melting lover pistoning in and out her ass at a blistering pace. The orgasm surged till Jamie Lynn thought she couldn’t take any more, and finally it peaked and with one last violent explosion it relented in it’s attack and began to subside.

“Oh my god, oh god, oh god” Jamie Lynn panted as her body went limp on the sofa now covered in a thin film of sweat. She grunted as her cum came squirting out onto Dakota’s lips. Several hard squirts of cum filled Dakota’s greedy mouth before she sucked Jamie Lynn’s clit again and made her moan out loud as one more small squirt came shooting out. Anna eased the popsicle in and out slowly and carefully removed it from Jamie Lynn’s well fucked little ass as she looked up from the floor. “You want the rest baby?”

“Oh yeah” Jamie Lynn said taking the popsicle and sucking it into her mouth and then sharing it with Hayden, both tasting a weird mixture of flavors, mostly sweet as honey, Jamie Lynn began sucking at it like a cock. Anna placed her hands on the back of Jamie Lynn’s thighs as Dakota rose and watched, still holding them in place. Anna lowered her head and began licking the sweet flavor off of Jamie Lynn’s ass. Poking her tongue at her asshole and with her thumbs began gently opening Jamie Lynn’s hole again and slipping her tongue inside as Jamie Lynn cried her approval from above. The tip of Anna’s tongue darted in and out as Jamie Lynn moaned and finished disposing of the popsicle. Laying the stick aside and reaching for Anna’s head as her tongue went in and out faster. “Oh fuck Anna, damn girl you love my ass huh?”

Just then another ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll brought us back a few moments later, we returned to find Anna back on the couch with her legs pulled up to her chest and rubbing her pussy as Dakota and Hayden grinned at the camera and Jamie Lynn sat beside her guest star on the couch and watched closely.

“Welcome back and now what you’re gonna see is truly special” Dakota said, “Usually one of us will butt fuck a girl to an orgasm once but in this scene we gonna take turns on Anna’s lil asshole.”

“Yeh do it porno style” Hayden said as the two kissed and giggled and turned to move towards the couch.

“MMMMMMMMMMM” Anna moaned as she slipped her hand over her pussy and then down to her exposed little asshole and slid a finger inside and began pumping it in and out slowly, while Dakota watched and started kissing Hayden softly on the lips.

“Is that not the hottest piece of teen ass in America today?” Hayden asked as Dakota giggled and agreed. “Looks like she’s hinting at something.”

“Like?” Dakota asked playing along.

“Maybe she wants us to take turns fucking that little ass of hers” Hayden said with a devilish grin. “Two dildo’s should do the trick.”

“I think you’re obsessed with ass and now you making me that way” Dakota said sitting down by Anna and kissing her softly on the lips as her guest-star smiled. Hayden dropped to her knees in front of them and stroked her hands up and down Anna’s smooth thighs as she leaned forward and kissed the beautiful young girl as soon as Dakota and her broke. Hayden and Anna traded tongues for a long moment. A close-up revealed Anna was now working on her own pussy as she stroked her slit fast up and down. Her and Hayden broke and Hayden rose and reached for her strap-on as Dakota kissed Anna again.

“Hope you’re ready to get fucked really good” Dakota said to Anna after a brief kiss as she moved Anna’s hand away from her pussy and replaced it with her own. Stroking Anna’s slit slowly as the young girl moaned. Hayden was now slipping into the harness she had retrieved and soon enough began letting Jamie Lynn suck it. Smiling as she watched Dakota lower her head and start licking at Anna’s bald pussy slowly up and down. Another “meat shot” revealed the smile on Dakota’s face and the look of pleasure on Anna’s as Dakota spread her pussy lips and found the girls clit, smiling at the camera for an instant before she began to suck it softly. Anna moaned intensely as she pulled her legs tighter to her chest and the camera pulled back to show Hayden with the strap-on now in place as she pulled out of Jamie Lynn’s mouth.

“Here ya go” Hayden said handing Dakota a dildo attached to a harness, much like the one she now had on. “Slip it on.”

“Oh fuck I dunno if I can handle both of you for long” Anna said in a light moan as Hayden smiled and nodded as she was now on her knees in front of the couch. Her rubber cock now in perfect algnment with Anna’s asshole. Dakota dropped to her knees too and moved in beside Hayden. Dakota took Hayden’s cock and stroked the saliva covered dildo up and down, lining it up with Anna’s asshole. She rubbed the head of the rubber lover at Anna’s asshole as Hayden moved her hands to the bottom of Anna’s hips. “MMMMMM yes slip it in baby.”

Hayden applied a gentle pressure to Anna’s hole, feeding it through Dakota’s hand as the cock head slipped inside. Making Anna gasp for air, and moan at the same time. Hayden moaned with her, knowing how good it felt and sent her hands sliding up the back of Anna’s sweat stained thighs. Anna moaned even louder as Hayden slipped further inside her hole and began stroking gently in and out. Resting her hands now on the back of Anna’s thighs, just below her knees. Dakota released the cock as Hayden fucked it into her guest stars asshole, slowly pumping it a little in and out. Smiling as she watched the cock disappear inside the ring and listening to Anna’s increasing moaning as she spread her legs wide and watched herself. “How’s that baby?”

“OH OH OH, FUCK YES” Anna moaned as Hayden slid further in and pumped a little quicker in and out as more of her newly attached cock went in the girls back door. Dakota could be seen slipping into her own strap-on, setting a few inches behind Hayden now. Hayden moved one hand now to Anna’s flat sexy stomach and dropped the other arm to her side so the camera could zoom in and give us a clear view of the cock pumping in and out in a nice rythm. Behind them Jamie Lynn could be seen moving to the floor and getting in front of Dakota and opening her mouth invitingly as Dakota slid the cock into her mouth. The smacking sound of Hayden’s hips slapping away at Anna’s ass cheeks was becoming noticable now as the ripples began running lightly from Anna’s ass cheeks down into her back. “OH HAYDEN IT’S SO BIG IN MY ASSHOLE.”

“Yeh it is I bet, does it feel good when I do this?” Hayden asked as she suddenly began pumping at a faster pace in and out. Anna’s eyes grew wide and she moaned loudly as the camera switched to a shot from above Anna’s head as she moaned to Hayden, “MMMMMMMMM so fast in my butt, oh wow.”

Behind the two on the couch we could see in the background that Jamie Lynn’s head had began to bob up and down on Dakota’s cock as it pistoned in and out of her eager mouth. Dakota’s hands stroking through Jamie Lynn’s hair and scooping it into a ponytail on top of her head as in front of them Hayden pumped faster and faster in Anna’s butt fuck hole and Anna looked down to watch the cock rocketing in and out of her hole. “YEH TAKE YOUR BUTTFUCKING LIKE A GOOD GIRL.”

“OH FUCK YES IT FEELS SO GOOD” Anna moaned as Hayden again pumped faster and faster, fucking in and out at a blistering pace. Dakota watched Jamie Lynn’s head bob harder and harder as the girl took all of the cock in her mouth and deep throated it over and over. Dakota smiled knowingly and looked back and waited for her turn as back on the couch Anna’s eyes clamped shut and she got ready to cum. Hayden fucked her hard for a few more strokes and right as Anna thought she would explode the cock suddenly came to a stop. She opened her eyes as the unexploded orgasm faded away. “OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO CLOSE.”

“Come here Dakota, time for some butt fucking practice” Hayden moaned as she pulled out of Anna’s asshole. Dakota quickly pulled out of Jamie Lynn’s loving mouth and moved in front of Hayden. Hayden slipped behind Dakota and proudly watched her protege slide her cock inside Anna’s asshole. Wrapping her arms around Dakota and placing Dakota’s hands on the back of Anna’s thighs as she watched. Dakota moaned as her cock slid deep into Anna’s asshole for the first time and started to saw in and out. Hayden smiled as she looked on and moaned her complete approval as did Anna from below. “There you go baby, just like I taught you, you lovin it huh Dakota?”

“MMMMMMMMMM it’s so hot butt fucking the same girl” Dakota moaned as she briefly glanced at a smiling Hayden as she started to pump the cock in and out. Dakota had begun building a nice rythm of her own in Anna’s asshole. Hayden watching as you could hear the smacking sound getting louder as Dakota turned up the pace on the butt fucking. Slamming away at Anna’s asshole faster and faster. A close-up revealing just how fast she was going, the cock was now a blur in Anna’s back door. “MMMMMMMMMM Hayden I really love this.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh you’re so good at it, listen to her moan for you baby, harder baby harder” Hayden moaned to Dakota as she placed her hand on Dakota’s thrusting hips and felt the muscles jerk as she slid in and out of Anna’s butt hole. “MMMMMMMM now tell her how good it feels so she’ll let you do it again when you want.”

“MMMMMMM so good Anna, so sweet to butt fuck you” Dakota moaned as Hayden grinned approvingly. The faster Dakota’s cock went the more passion Anna moaned with it seemed, wrapping her arms around her legs and arching her own back as another orgasm seemingly came close. Dakota slid her hand up Anna’s chest and squeezed her small titties one at a time as she began slamming her ass with more force. Anna cried her approval and clutched at her sweat covered calf muscles. She felt her orgasm about to explode for a second time and with Dakota’s consistent pounding of her asshole, Anna opened her mouth to scream out her cumming, when again the pleasure stopped. That is Hayden stopped Dakota and again the orgasm faded away without that wonderful explosion Anna had to have needed at that moment.

Dakota pulled out and had Anna laid down on the couch length wise and again pulled her legs up to her chest as Hayden moved in below her. Lining up her cock and sliding back into Anna’s back door again and starting to pump in and out as she placed her hands on the back of Anna’s thighs and held them to the girls chest. She began slamming harder at her ass in only a matter of a few seconds. Leaning forward over Anna’s body and placing one of Anna’s legs on each shoulder as she pounded the cock home time after time. Anna moaned and whimpered, her pussy had to be dying to cum by now after all the build up. Dakota watched for a few seconds as Hayden pounded away with a smile. Her arms now supprting her by Anna’s head as she plunged deeper and deeper in Anna’s asshole with every single thrust of her rubber cock.

“OH YEAH HARDER AND HARDER IN THE BUTT FUCK HOLE HAYDEN” Dakota moaned to her co-star as she moved above Anna’s head and held her rubber butt fucker in her hand as Jamie Lynn laid down on her stomach behind Anna and took Dakota’s cock back in her mouth again and watched the action. Hayden’s thighs peppered Anna’s ass cheeks with an endless series of smacking/spanking shots as she fucked her asshole faster and faster. Anna’s moaning was now more of a forceful grunt as she moaned with Hayden and her body shook gently as Hayden pounded harder and harder. While just inches away Dakota looked down proudly as Jamie Lynn deep throated her rubber cock time and again. All of this brought Anna to the brink of another orgasm before Hayden slammed home one more time and stopped. “Come here Dakota get you some more of her sweet little butt fuck hole.”

“MMMMMMMM sooo lucky” Dakota moaned as she quickly pulled out of Jamie Lynn’s mouth and slipped off the couch and moved into Hayden’s former position and settling in below Anna. Jamie Lynn kissed Anna hard on the lips for a moment, before asking, “Your little butt fuck hole getting a good workout?”

“Oh my god I’m getting butt fucked so good, they’re giving it an unbelievable workout” Anna moaned as Dakota lined her cock up and slid back inside the young girls asshole. Beginning to pump in and out as she too leaned forward and placed Anna’s legs on her shoulders. While behind them Jamie Lynn eagerly moved back to the edge of the couch and opened her mouth invitingly as Hayden got behind the butt fucking pair and guided her goo covered cock into Jamie Lynn’s loving mouth. Anna’s feet bouncing gently behind Dakota’s head as Dakota pounded away in her asshole faster and faster with every thurst. A close-up showing the ripples flowing into her back as Dakota went faster and faster still. While behind them Jamie Lynn’s head began to bob furiously up and down on Hayden’s rubber fuck stick, as Hayden proudly scooped her hair into a ponytail and feed her the cock a lil more with each stroke. Dakota beside them was now pumping the cock furiously now as Anna cried out in a long whimpering moan. Dakota moaned to her, “OH yeah so tight does that feel good Anna?”

“OH MY GOD A LITTLE MORE I’MMA CUM GOOD, BUTT FUCK ME HARDER DAKOTA” Anna moaned intensely as the camera zoomed in and showed Dakota’s sweaty thighs spanking against Anna’s equally sweaty thighs as her cock plunged in time after time after time in long smooth strokes. After all the build up I knew it would only take a few more hard shots to the girls asshole before she would be screaming in orgasm and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t right, well almost. Dakota pounded her as hard as she could, the smacking sound of her thighs meeting Anna’s thighs was unmistakeable. She brought her to the absolute brink of an explosion and stopped like before. “OH yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god fuck I need it so bad now.”

“OH fuck she’s so good at sucking my butt fucking cock” Hayden moaned as she had her arm now hanging at her side so the camera could zoom in and watch the entire lewd display. A few long seconds followed as Jamie Lynn’s head bobbed fast and she squeezed her lips around the rubber cock and tried to milk more of the yummy flavor off of the fuck tool. Hayden finished by sliding the entire thing into her mouth a time or two and letting her deep throat it. She then pulled it out just as the camera pulled back and showed Dakota doing the same from inside Anna. “Now you gonna lick Anna’s sweet pussy right Jamie Lynn?”

“MMMMMM HMMMMMMM” Jamie Lynn said in a moan as Anna scooted to the back of the couch on cue as Jamie Lynn slipped farther back on it herself and sat down in front of Anna and laid back. Hayden watched as Anna leaned down and kissed Jamie Lynn softly on the lips, letting it linger for a moment and then both giggling.

With that Anna crawled forward and got over her in a 69. She then looked down and moaned lewdly with a smile as Jamie Lynn began licking her bald pussy slit up and down. A close-up showing Jamie Lynn’s pointed tongue making trip after trip up the bare slit between Anna’s legs. It appeared she did indeed love it as she stopped to lick her own lips after ever few passes, savoring the flavor no doubt. Hayden watched for a long moment and on cue moved in behind her as Anna really moaned her approval now. Dakota on the other end moved into position in front of Anna and began feeding her goo covered cock into the girls mouth a little. Jamie Lynn’s hands stroked up and down the back of Anna’s muscular thighs as she looked up at Hayden and smiled as she spread Anna’s ass cheeks and let Hayden slip inside the girls asshole easily. Hayden began pumping slowly in and out of Anna’s well fucked hole, Anna’s body was now racked with sensations she had never known, as Hayden began pounding away again. Her third turn by my count. When they said taking turns that’s what they meant, I thought.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH up and down sexy baby” Dakota moaned as her hand lay gently now on the back of Anna’s bobbing head, guiding her up and down as she sucked. While Jamie Lynn licked faster and faster up and down Anna’s pussy as Hayden leaned over her back and pounded harder in her asshole. Anna moaned more with every breath as her orgasm grew closer and Hayden’s rubber love tool made her pussy quiver time and again on Jamie Lynn’s tongue as she increased the pace to a speed Anna never knew existed. Putting her hands on the couch by Anna’s shoulders for more leverage, she butt fucked her harder. Loving the sight of Anna’s head bobbing on Dakota’s rubber cock as she got it in all three holes now, her moaning stifled. Hayden’s body was covered in sweat as her muscles strained to hold her above Anna’s sexy ass. I looked on in awe, knowing what was coming now. Jamie Lynn wrapped her arms around Anna’s sweaty waist and held the girl tight to her chest and then lowered her lips slightly and bagan sucking with her soft warm lips on Anna’s clit. Anna dropped Dakota’s cock and moaned out loud at almost a screaming level. Before Dakota stroked her hair from the girls eyes and gently reinserted her cock into Anna’s mouth and once again stifled her intense moaning as she guided Anna’s head up and down. “MMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMM yeh sweet baby just like before.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh stuff it full baby” Hayden moaned as she pounded harder and faster, the smacking of naked sweaty teen flesh on naked sweaty teen flesh was ear popping I thought. She watched as Anna now deep throated Dakota’s cock with ease as she squealed on it in pleasure. Her hole body shaking in pleasure now. “AWWWWWWWWWW Anna”s about to get her gold medal for butt fucking.”

Anna’s moans now stifled by Dakota’s cock as she suddenly arched her back and began cumming. The most incredibly wonderful orgasm of her life swept over her, as both girls worked on her and took her to new horizons of pleasure. After one last explosion she reached the peak and for some reason it seemed to linger, much longer than ever before, She finally went limp, her head swimming and she lay there on top of Jamie Lynn panting and finally released Dakota’s cock from her mouth. Too soon the ‘CO’ logo rolled across the screen as the scene faded to black. Wow.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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