Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “Michelle Tractenberg Returns” – Season Three – Episode Five

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Michelle Tractenberg Returns”

Season Three: Episode Five

Copyright © 2007

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 5th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, the season’s most anticipated episode is finally here as Michelle Trachtenberg (co-host from season one) returns. Hayden, and co-host for the day Dakota, welcome the horny ‘Chelle’ for a little outdoor fun Hawaiian Style. Which asll begins with Dakota’s pussy licking skills again being put to the test on Michelle. A little later, Hayden gets Dakota all warmed up for the finale with her first butt fucking as Michelle holds the young girl in place, and then helps out even more as she 69’s with Dakota while Hayden delivers another. Dakota then gets her chance on the strap as she gives her first butt fucking to an all too eager Michelle.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed by an ALL NEW ‘Willa’s Wild World’)

Story Codes: fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17) & Dakota Fanning (13)
Guest Stars: Michelle Tractenberg (21)

“Tonight on Cumming Out, Hayden will welcome former ‘Cumming Out’ cast member Michelle Trachtenberg” The Commercial announced as I plopped down in front of the tv and turned up the sound. “Find out what really happened between Michelle and Hilary next and only on American’s Hottest Show…Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style.”

“Tonight on Cumming Out, Hayden will welcome former ‘Cumming Out’ cast member Michelle Trachtenberg” The Commercial announced as I plopped down in front of the tv and turned up the sound. “Find out what really happened between Michelle and Hilary next and only on American’s Hottest Show…Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style.”

The ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled onto and off the screen, as a new opening sequence began. Usually it was just the logo and straight to the hosts of the show. But tonight, a montage of scenes from previous episodes. First was Hayden, who of course had her cock buried in some hotties ass as she pumped away in a sandwich, then we saw Jamie Lynn as she looked up and smiled into the camera after having just licked some girls pussy. Then a combo shot of Miley and Dakota aired as she rode Dakota’s cock. The stars names displayed under the scene featuring them. Weirdly enough right at the very end we saw a glimpse of Mackenzie Rosman as she peaked out from behind a hand held camcorder and flipped off the camera with a huge grin. But strangely enough her name didn’t appear on-screen, and then to the shot of the outdoor set.

“Hey guys, welcome back to the set on the beautiful western coast of Hawaii’s Big Island” Hayden said as she sat on the couch that looked out over the gorgeous blue waters of the South Pacific paradise. “Tonight is a rather…shall we say unusual episode, not that you won’t see plenty of girl-on-girl loving cause you will, but tonight is the long awaited and much talked about return of this very show’s former co-host. To help remind you of who it is I’m talking about, here’s a clip from her first appearance in season one.”

With that we saw a ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll with the words “flashback” streaming across the screen as the logo disappeared and the scene began as Hilary smiled at Michelle, “MMMMMMMM I like what I see” Hilary said through a soft moan. Lowering herself to the floor and crawling over to Michelle, she ran her hands up the outside of Michelle’s thighs and back down the inside, careful to avoid her pleasure zone. Then roaming all over her body, she was getting even more turned on feeling her baby soft skin.

“You like that huh?” Michelle asks smiling down and running her hands through Hilary’s hair slowly.

“Yeh very much, now tell me if you like this” Hilary said as she licked her tongue up the slit of Michelle’s pussy and repeated it time and again, stopping to slide inside breifly. Cupping Michelle’s perfect little ass, she pulled her closer and slid her tongue all the way in as far as she could get it and started to french Michelle’s yummy pussy.

That was an amazing scene I must say, but to soon it ended and we returned to the set and Hayden’s smiling face as she went on, “No it’s not Hilary, you guys surely remember the other girl in that scene, Michelle Trachtenberg, right? Of course you do. Well after some on again, off again negiotations she finally agreed to appear on the show again. But…to do so she also wanted a moment to explain why she exited the series in the first place.”

Hayden looked to the right of the camera and motioned with her hand for someone to join her. That someone turned out to be Michelle Trachtenberg. Both were dressed I might add in rather conservative floral print summer dresses. They hugged briefly and turned to take a seat back on the couch, both looking rather nervous it appeared to me.

“Ok let’s get into this like we talked about, k?” Hayden asked in a serious voice as Michelle nodded and waited for her to begin. “Point blank, why did you leave?”

“The producers at the time felt I was too old for the show” Michelle said. “And me and Hilary had a little hiccup along the way too.”

“You liked her and she didn’t return those feelings?” Hayden asked pointedly as Michelle looked shocked. “Like it was any secret.”

“Ok, yeh I did and she didn’t” Michelle said as she shrugged. “Was one of those things I guess.”

“Well don’t go falling in love with me cause I’m taken” Hayden said as Michelle laughed and pushed her playfully.

“Yeh I know Mackenzie stole your heart” Michelle said as she looked off-camera for a moment and flipped someone off. Apparently Mackenzie I thought.

“Yeh fuck you too Ice Princess” Mackenzie giggled from off-camera as Michelle laughed.

“Yeh this is true, she did steal my heart” Hayden said as Michelle smiled again at her.

“And let’s not forget your other love” Michelle said as she leaned against Hayden and suddenly all of the tension seemed to disappear as both giggled like old friends. “Starr Manning is it?”

“Kristen Alderson, oh wow, she is seriously fuckin hot” Hayden commented and then falling across Michelle’s lap and pretending to ‘swoon’, “Starr Manning has my heart.”

“You realize I know her?” Michelle asked as Hayden sat bolt upright and looked to Michelle. “I do, not very well but we met a few times at the studio when I was working on some stuff for ABC.”

“You think…” Hayden asked and everyone in the entire world had to know what she was hinting at. “…you know.”

“You and her?” Michelle asked. “Call her and ask already. She has to know, you been mooning over her all season.”

“I mentioned her one time like two weeks ago” Hayden said, “I’m not stalking the girl or anything, I’m just obsessed with her character. And I am not gonna call her and sound like some obsessed fan.”

“Hey sluts!” Mackenzie said from off-camera, “Enough talk about fucking Starr Manning and on to the stuff we got planned huh? Dakota get over there.”

“I was waiting on her to get done drooling over Kristina Anderson” Dakota said as she appeared on camera. Moving backwards as she talked to Mackenzie off-camera. Stopping when she felt someone behind her and a pair of arms circling around her body. Looking back she saw a smiling Hayden. “Hi!”

“Kristina Anderson?” Hayden asked.

“Sounded funny” Dakota giggled.

“Just for that you gonna get butt fucked today” Hayden said as Dakota’s lip dropped. “Like you didn’t know that?”

“And is Dakota not gonna do the same to me later?” Michelle asked as she rose and moved in front of Dakota and Hayden. “Huh?”

“Oh wow, yesss I want to sooo bad” Dakota said as Michelle leaned down a bit and kissed her softly.

“Can’t wait myself” Michelle said softly. “How about we start with something a little more basic?”

“Me between your legs huh?” Dakota asked as Michelle took her hand and pulled her towards the couch as Hayden mysteriously disappeared off-screen without so much as a notice to the other two. Michelle turned and looked at Dakota over her shoulder, as she smiled knowingly. Dakota wasted no time as she unzipped the summer dress that Michelle was wearing and slipped it off the girls shoulders and watched it fall to the ground. Dakota, wearing a smilar dress herself, helped Michelle step out of it as she tossed it aside. Michelle’s beautiful body coming into view as she turned (no undies thankfully) and had Dakota do the same. Slipping the straps on Dakota’s dress of her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground as we saw Dakota now in all of her glory. Another beautiful view as well. Michelle took a seat on the couch as Dakota turned and dropped to her knees and got between Michelle’s thighs on cue. “You want me to lick that pretty thing?”

“MMMMMMMM more than you know you horny little thing” Michelle said with a soft kiss. Dakota showing no resistance as she kissed her guest star back. Their lips falling in time with each others for a long moment. “MMMMMMM so sweet and damn you’re a good kisser.”

“You too” Dakota said with a smile. “Most people think I can’t kiss and try to kiss me for both of us, but you let me kiss you back.”

“MMMMM how about you kiss another part of me now?” Michelle asked as she looked down at her bald pussy and saw Dakota smile.

“Lucky me” Dakota said as she lowered her head and waited for the camera to move into position as Michelle watched intently.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMM that’s it sweet baby” Michelle moaned as the camera moved in just to the right of Dakota’s head and caught her first lick of Michelle’s pussy as her tongue slid up the girls bald cunny slit. Michelle moaned encouragingly to Dakota as she slipped her hand to the back of the girl’s head and guided her it up and down gently, watching everything with a knowing smile. Zooming in we saw Dakota repeat this time and again. Michelle’s hips could be seen squirming just a little with every pass of Dakota’s tongue. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah baby, come on lick it like a big girl.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Wow that is sooooooo sweet” Dakota commented as she stopped momentarily and licking her lips, she looked directly up at Michelle and smiled as Michelle leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips and traded tongues back and forth with her for a long moment. Breaking, Dakota was all to eager to return to her job as she lowered her head again and went back to work on Michelle’s slit, to which Michelle moaned out loud as she replied, “Ohmigod yesss baby girl, you’re doing it so good. You like licking my pussy baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM doing it makes me so horny” Dakota moaned as she looked up at Michelle before going back to work with more long strokes up and down the slit as the camera pulled back a bit. Michelle watched intently as she moaned and stroked her hand through Dakota’s blondish brown locks and again cupped her hand like before behind Dakota’s head. Michelle moaned a little louder as Dakota started to slip her tongue inside the tiny hole of Michelle’s as she went up and down the slit again and again in an endless rhythem. Michelle watched intently as she squirmed and moaned to Dakota, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah that’s it baby, that’s a good little pussy licker.”

Dakota quickly put one hand on Michelle’s stomach and the other on the inside of her thigh and gently held her slowly squirming hips as she licked a little deeper and Michelle moaned louder and louder all the time. Her stomach heaving as she breathed heavy now from the pleasure flowing through her gorgeous body. Michelle squeezed her fingers into a fist now in Dakota’s hair as she continued to guide her head up and down. Dakota’s head was now bobbing harder up and down as she slid her tongue ever deeper into Michelle’s pussy on each stroke and even licked her clit a few times at the top of the girls slit. Making Michelle buck her hips harder now and her face become contorted in pleasure as an orgasm was building rapidly it looked. But before that could happen, Michelle pulled Dakota away from her pussy gently and as Dakota smiled up at her they kissed again, softly trading tongues back and forth in a french kiss for the longest moment. Both sharing the gooey honey sweet taste on Dakota’s tongue at the moment. Breaking Michelle looked down at the younger girl and asked her in a moan, “You gonna lick my pussy till I cum right?”

“MMMMM HMMMMMMMM I sure am” Dakota moaned as she stroked her hands up and down Michelle’s thighs in anticipation.

“And then suck my girl cum out for me?” Michelle asked as Dakota replied, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that too.”

“Ok here we go my baby girl” Michelle moaned now with an urgency as she guided Dakota back down to her pussy as she spread her slit at the very top and said to Dakota in a moan, “Ok, lick my clitty baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, come on lick it hard.”

Michelle guided the younger girl to the right spot at the very top of her slit and closed her eyes for a moment and moaned out loud as Dakota found it easily and did as she asked. The camera pulled back a bit and moved to the side as we caught Michelle’s reaction and Dakota’s finding of the girls clit. Dakota let Michelle keep her slit spread a bit at the top and licked her little rosebud roughly over and over as the older girl moaned loudly and bucked her hips a bit more as she felt her pussy spasm out of control into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm. Michelle watched every lick of her clit as she shook in orgasm and finally settled down and nearly screamed when Dakota capped her mouth over her pussy and started to suck softly, draining the older girl of her honey sweet girl cum in a matter of moments. That soon turned into more long smooth strokes up and down Michelle’s slit before she was satisfied and raised her head only to be met by Michelle’s lips as they once again kissed softly and deeply. Sharing the honey on Dakota’s lips and tongue in a deep french kiss as both of Michelle’s hands went into Dakota’s hair and we heard a clapping from off-screen as a surprise guest emerged from off-camera. That being Hayden, who was sporting her ever attached strap-on as she slipped to her knees and moved in behind Dakota on the floor as Dakota and Michelle broke their kiss with a flickering of their tongues against one and another’s. Michelle smiled at Hayden as she said “MMMMMMMMMMMMM hey baby. Looky looky what she’s got Dakota.”

“Holy fuck, that thing looks so big” Dakota said as she turned a little and looked at Hayden’s rubber cock as Hayden stroked it and rubbed the head along the younger girls thigh gently. Dakota’s hands were now stroking slowly up and down the outside of Michelle’s thighs as she looked back at Hayden with a nervous smile and laid forward across Michelle’s lap on cue and arched her back to raise her ass up for Hayden.

“Gonna feel even bigger up your little butt fuck hole baby” Hayden said as she stroked it some more and it was easily detectable she had put some kind of lube on it, pre-scene. “You ready for your first butt fucking Dakota?”

“She sure is huh baby?” Michelle asked her as Dakota looked up to Michelle and then back to Hayden with a very unsure smile on her face.

“UMMMMMMM yeh I guess so” Dakota said as Michelle’s hands stroked down Dakota’s bare back and slid over the younger girls ass cheeks and squeezed them with her fingers and proceeded to spread them wide for Hayden. Dakota looked back and watched Hayden’s every move as Hayden lined her cock up with her hand and rubbed it gently against Dakota’s incredibly tight puckered little asshole. While keeping her cock in place and pushing gently against Dakota’s asshole, she had Dakota spread her legs a little more and get herself in position. Hayden then glanced quickly at the camera and realizing her hand was blocking the view, she dropped that arm to her side and replaced it with the hand farthest from the camera. Before going on, she again gently rubbed the head again at Dakota’s asshole and nodded her head to an off-camera cue and then gently pushed forward. Dakota tensed up as the cock head slid past her asshole ring and Hayden stopped for a long moment and let her get used to the sensation and then relax a bit. Dakota grunted hard as she squeezed her hands onto Michelle’s thighs while she still looked back at Hayden. A close-up showed Hayden carefully pull the cock out of the hole and slide it back in a time or two as Dakota whimpered from above as Hayden slid in this time farther with the cock and put a hand in the middle of her back and eased in and out some more. Dakota was grunting and whimpering by now in a constant stream of noises as Michelle slid her hands up to the Dakota’s waist and held the younger girl in place across her lap as Hayden slid even deeper in Dakota’s asshole now.

“Oh my god so big it’s too big…oh fuck it’s soooo big Hayden” Dakota whimpered and moaned as her asshole got worked now ever deeper. Almost half the cock was now in her tiny little asshole as Hayden pumped it fast now in and out. A wide shot showing the whole scene now as Hayden moaned encouragingly, “Oh no baby, you gotta take your first butt fucking like a big girl if you wanna do it too. Oh yeah sweet little ass is taking it so good huh Chelle?”

“Ohmigod yesss your makin it look so good Hayden, come on baby give it to her good” Michelle moaned as Hayden slid in and out and got deeper as she started to go faster and faster now. Dakota was still watching every move of the cock as her whimpers had now turned to moaning as she took the cock all the way in her ass for the first time and felt Hayden’s thighs press against her ass cheeks and stop for a moment. Hayden reached forward and cleared the hair out of Dakota’s eyes and asked her, “You ready to be butt fucked now sweet baby?”

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW it’s so big in there, fuck I don’t think I can take it much more Hayden” Dakota moaned as Hayden smiled and pulled all the way out and plunged back in as Dakota squealed and Hayden stopped again and asked, “You mean that baby? You can’t take that?”

“My poor baby” Michelle cooed to Dakota as Hayden smiled and did it again.

“YESSSSSSSSSS ohmigod yesss that’s it I can’t….oh fuck” Dakota moaned as Hayden started sawing in and out of her now with ease. Her thighs slapping against Dakota’s ass cheeks each time as Michelle held Dakota in place by the waist and moaned with her. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWW ohmigod so big….it’s fuckin big Hayden.”

“Yeh baby take your butt fucking like a big girl” Michelle moaned as Dakota’s face showed the intense pleasure she was recieving now and Hayden’s hand slipped up to the girls shoulder and held onto Dakota as she sped her attack on the girls ass and plunged in and out faster and harder. The camera moved to a side angle now as Michelle leaned forward and put one hand in the small of Dakota’s back and invited Hayden to lean forward and kiss her. Hayden brought the hand that had been down at her side up and cupped it behind Michelle’s head as she kissed her hard on the lips and started pounding hard at Dakota’s asshole now as her and Michelle traded tongues above Dakota. Dakota’s body shook as the butt fucking came harder and faster with every stroke now as Hayden’s thighs slapped away at the girls ass cheeks loudly. Michelle pulled away suddenly and with her face still only inches from Hayden’s she said encouragingly, “Come on butt fuck that little girl…”

Hayden moved her other hand to Dakota’s far shoulder and now holding her completely still she listened to Michelle’s words and tried to comply as Michelle went on, “…come on harder Hayden.”

“Ohmigod fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk” Dakota moaned as Hayden did as Michelle asked and pounded harder on Dakota’s young asshole. The look on Hayden’s face at this moment told a story, she got more and more turned on by Michelle with every word it looked as her face contorted in pleasure and she looked to be nearing an orgasm.

“Uh huh come on baby that’s what I’m talking about” Michelle moaned as she took hold of Hayden’s blonde locks and went on, “Harder, baby butt fuck her harder.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah I will” Hayden moaned as she spanked her thighs off of Dakota’s ass cheeks loudly now and shook the youngsters body hard as Dakota screamed for the first time and clutched at Michelle’s thighs as best she could as the butt fucking came harder and she neared a massive orgasm. Michelle twisted her fingers in Hayden’s hair and encouraged her on as Dakota screamed again and again, “OH god yess baby that’s it, butt fuck her hard, yeh…yeh….yeh….hard…ohmigod yesss sweet baby that’s it.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck yesss I love butt fucking this little girl” Hayden moaned as Dakota’s body was now rocking back and forth despite Hayden’s best efforts to keep her still, as she screamed once again and then started to cum hard. Hayden, by now was covered in a thick film of sweat as was Dakota, who laid her head back and moaned out loud as she started cumming at almost the same moment. Michelle leaned back on the couch and watched as Dakota experienced her orgasm and settled down, just as Hayden did the same and slowed finally in Dakota’s once virgin asshole. Hayden now stroked her hands up and then back down Dakota’s sweat covered back as she cooed to the still moaning youngster. Moments later, with Michelle’s help, having dakota rise so her back now pressed against Hayden’s chest. “MMMMMMMMMM now tell me that didn’t feel good sweet baby?”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m so full right now I’m like shaking all over, I loved it so much” Dakota moaned as she leaned back against Hayden and let the girl rub her puffy nipples over and over. The camera pulled back and we saw Michelle slipped to her knees in front of Dakota and lean forward and kiss her softly as Hayden gave a knowing smile to the camera and cleared both girls hair so the camera can catch the lewd display. Michelle pulled away and gave Hayden an eyebrow raising look as she turned around and moved forward on the floor before laying back. Her head now in front of Dakota’s slightly spread thighs. Hayden now held Dakota by her flat sexy stomach as she looked over the girls shoulder and watched Michelle. Then moving her hand to Dakota’s slick bald pussy slit and rubbing gently as she said to Dakota, “MMMMMMMMMMM yeh good girl so sweet and smooth baby, spread your legs a little.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM oh god fuck mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Dakota moaned as she followed Hayden’s directions and Michelle moved up a little so her head was now between the girls thighs and moments later started to lick Dakota’s cum covered pussy slit. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod it feels so good Hayden.”

“Oh it does huh?” Hayden asked with a knowing smile as Michelle licked up and down Dakota’s pussy slit faster and faster and now started letting her tongue dip inside the tiny little hole as she licked at Dakota’s inner walls and made the girl shake harder and harder. Michelle then began to stuff her tongue inside the tiny hole and fuck it in and out as Dakota moaned louder and spread her legs a little more and planted her pussy right on Michelle’s mouth. Leaning forward a bit she placed a hand on Michelle’s flat sexy stomach and moaned out loud as Hayden stroked her hands up Dakota’s bare back as she watched closely. Dakota squeezed her thighs around Michelle’s head as she moaned even louder as Michelle licked inside her pussy now with every thrust of her tongue. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM lick that sweet bald pussy Chelle, MMMMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM baby.”

“Ohmigod Hayden it feels sooooooooooo good like this” Dakota moaned as she leaned farther forward and placed her hands on Michelle’s thighs and looked back at Hayden with a shocked look as Hayden pulled her cock out till it caught Dakota’s asshole ring and slid back inside. Hayden then pressing her thighs against Dakota’s ass cheeks as the young girl moaned out loud in surprise and clutched at Michelle’s thighs as Hayden quickly did it again and again. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM nooooooo I can’t take it, ohmigod it just feels soooooooooo good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM she’s stuffing her tongue in that lil pussy and licking your clit huh?” Hayden moaned as Dakota squealed and shook her head in response as Hayden went harder and started to slap her thighs at Dakota’s ass cheeks softly. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah sweet baby girl, you sure you don’t wanna be butt fucked no more?”

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW god MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh god it feels soooooooooooooo good” Dakota moaned in between in pants as below her Michelle closed her lips around Dakota’s clitty and started to suck softly. Making Dakota again squeeze her thighs around Michelle’s head and moan open mouth now as she dug her fingers into Michelle’s thighs at the same time. A close-up revealed that Michelle now had her jaws drawn in as she sucked increasingly harder on Dakota’s rosebud. Hayden’s hands slipped up to Dakota’s shoulders as she held the girl in place and started to pound her asshole hard now with long smooth strokes. Dakota began squealing and her hole body shook with the shots as Hayden’s beautiful face showed how turned on she was as she watched every stroke of her cock pistoning in and out of Dakota’s ass and loved the smacking, spanking sound of her thighs slamming into Dakota’s ass cheeks. Dakota had her head laid back now as she squealed over and over and clutched hard at Michelle’s thighs as Michelle sucked harder on the young girls clitty. Dakota squeezed her thighs around Michelle’s head and her toes curled up as she screamed with a few more of Hayden’s butt fucking shots to her backdoor. Hayden, as if on cue, guided Dakota to move her hands and lower forward onto her elbows as Hayden lowered her own hands from Dakota’s shoulders on to the floor and got over the girls back and again started to pound away on the girls asshole as Dakota once again screamed and looked up at Hayden as she moaned hard.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD SOOOOOOOOO GOOD I LOVE BUTT FUCKING SOOOOOOO MUCH BABY” Hayden moaned as her titties rubbed against Dakota’s bare back and the camera zoomed in for a moment and caught Michelle cap her mouth over Dakota’s slick bald pussy as the young girl began squealing once again and her body shook hard now as second orgasm stormed her body only moments later in a rush. Dakota’s hole body tensed up a bit and she clutched hard again at Michelle’s thighs as she squirted hard in Michelle’s loving mouth. “YEH YEH YEH YEH THERE YOU GO, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAH BABIES GETTIN HER CUM SUCKED OUT HUH?”

“OHMIGOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IT FEELS LIKE PURE HEAVEN” Dakota moaned as Hayden finally slowed in her ass and Michelle softly sucked out the young girls cum from below as Dakota moaned and settled down. Hayden slipped the cock out a moment later as Dakota literally collapsed across Michelle’s thighs and the scene ended with the now standard ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll across the screen.

This time it took us back to the set as Michelle and Hayden sat relaxing on the heart-shaped bed chatting and as the audio came up Dakota appeared from off-screen with her strap-on in place, “God that thing does look fuckin huge” Michelle commented as she looked at Dakota’s newly attached cock, which when pressed against her stomach stretched more than half way up. Dakota crawled up beside Michelle’s head and held the cock with one hand as she glanced at the camera and Michelle casually rolled over and took hold of the fuck stick and as Hayden watched she slipped it into her mouth and started to suck it. Dakota smiled down at Michelle and hesitantly stroked the older girls hair out of face as she watched Michelle’s head bob up and down faster and take the whole cock in her mouth.

“Look at that Dakota she’s sucking your cock to get it ready for you” Hayden said as she sat up on her knees and crawled over Michelle and momentarily blocked the camera’s view as she got behind Dakota and then asked, “What is it you wanna do to her?”

“MMMMMMMMM the same thing you did to me earlier” Dakota said with a shy smile as Hayden grinned devilishly at the camera. While Michelle bobbed her head in full strokes up and down the cock and got it soaking wet for Dakota before pulling off and letting a long string of saliva drip down onto her body as she did so.

“What was that exactly?” Hayden asked as she kissed Dakota’s shoulder softly. “What are you gonna to Michelle now?”

“I’m gonna butt fuck her?” Dakota said in a questioning manner as Hayden grinned and corrected her and said to Dakota, “Take the girl by the hair and tell her what you gonna do.”

“Like this?” Dakota asked as she slid her hand into Michelle’s hair and as her guest star rose from the bed to her knees they kissed softly for a moment and as they broke Dakota said to her, “I’m gonna give you a butt fucking.”

“And poor little me is helpless to resist it” Michelle said as all three giggled and Michelle kissed Dakota again, before kissing Hayden and then turning around so her back was to Dakota. Hayden reached around Dakota and pushed Michelle forward playfully, Michelle took the hint and laid forward onto her hands and knees and spread her legs. “MMMMMMM you ready Dakota?”

“Ok baby just like I did to you” Hayden said as she directed Dakota to take her cock in hand and rub it at Michelle’s asshole ring softly.

“MMMMMMMMMM yeah good girl ok slide it inside a little” Hayden said with her hand now on Dakota cute little ass as she pushed the girl forward and guided her to slide inside Michelle’s ass. Dakota held the cock steady with one hand as Michelle grunted and watched every movement as she felt Dakota’s cock slip past her asshole ring and inside her butt slowly. Hayden carefully guided Dakota back out moments later and then back in as she taught the young girl to work Michelle’s asshole ring, which drew a sustained moan from Michelle. Hayden guided Dakota to slip the cock out once more and follow that with a harder thrust that took her deeper into michelle’s asshole, which was quickly followed by another and another as the young girl built a slow rythm and placed her free hand on Michelle’s ass cheeks as a guide. “Ok take your hand off the cock baby, there go, just like i do.”

Dakota watched every stroke intently as she listened to Hayden and did word for word what she said, dropping the hand from the cock and dropped it down by her side. “Ok get it a little deeper baby” Hayden moaned as she moved from behind Dakota and sat down beside her and watched every movement. Dakota stroked a little deeper and seemed to be getting the hang of it as she was now going faster and faster and listening to the growing stream of moans coming out of Michelle’s mouth from below her as Dakota sunk her cock all the way inside for the first time and looked at Hayden with a surprised look.

“You’re doing it so good” Hayden said as she rose up and kissed on the lips as Michelle looked back and moaned to her “Come on Dakota show me what you got baby.”

“Ok pull all the way out till it catches on the her asshole ring baby” Hayden said as Dakota pulled out till just that point and slid back in softly as Michelle moaned, “Fuck yeah, come on do it again…yeh…yeh…good girl.”

“Ohmigod this feels so fuckin good in my ass” Michelle moaned as Dakota thrust again into her ass with long strokes, now lightly spanking her thighs off of Michelle’s ass cheeks as Hayden encouraged her to faster and faster. “MMMMMMMMMMMM you like butt fucking me Dakota?”

“Fuck I love it so much” Dakota said as Hayden grinned and said, “yeh that’s ok baby” as Dakota moved the arm that was hanging by her side up to the middle of Michelle’s back just as the other one was and started going even faster in and out. Making Michelle louder and louder as the butt fucking came harder and faster, Dakota’s thighs now spanking off of Michelle’s ass cheeks a little louder as she pumped her cock in and out now fast.

“Come on harder baby, show her how much you love it baby girl” Hayden said as she stroked her hand up and down the back of Dakota’s thigh idly and watched her pick up the pace once again on the butt fucking as she went faster and harder in and out. Her hands in the middle of Michelle back as the older girl grinded back to her on every thrust and moaned intensely as she neared her orgasm it looked. “Ask her baby, you know what I’m talking about right?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh…yeh…oh so good I love this” Dakota moaned as she fucked into Michelle now harder and her thighs spanking Michelle’s ass cheeks hard and making them jiggle as she thrust harder and harder, “Oh fuck….”

“Come ask her now Dakota I wanna hear it” Hayden said as she Dakota panted now with every breath as she pumped hard into Michelle’s asshole, “Come on just like we talked about, ask her.”

“Oh fuck yeh?” Dakota moaned to her as Michelle squealed for the first time and grinding back to her again and again as she watched Dakota’s every movement, “Does butt fucking feel good baby?”

“MMMMMMMM yeah that’s the magic words” Hayden said as Dakota stroked a few last times into Michelle’s asshole as Michelle answered and got ready to explode, “Ohmigod yesss Dakota your butt fucking feels so good baby.”

“Cumming, oh my god I’m gonna start cumming” Dakota moaned as she moved her hands onto Michelle’s ass cheeks and squeezed them into her fingers as she fucked up into Michelle’s butt fucking hole with wild abandone now as Michelle’s squeals turned to hard moans and she started cumming just seconds before that as she blasted off. Dakota was next as she slapped her thighs at Michelle’s ass cheeks loudly now she started cumming hard and joined the older girl in a chorus of moans as both shook with intense pleasure for a few long wonderful moments before settling down. Dakota slowed as she continued squeezing her fingers into Michelle’s plump little ass cheeks as she slowed in her asshole. Sliding in all the way once more and stopped and touched Michelle’s face gently, getting her to look up, “Feels so good cumming from butt fucking you.”

“God baby you did it so good for your first time” Michelle moaned as she stroked her hand up and down flat Dakota’s sweat covered chest. Dakota smiled as she pulled out and slide back in as Michelle moaned out loud.

“Will you suck it for me now?” Dakota asked as Michelle got a knowing smile on her face and gently pushed Dakota back and encouraged her to pull out the cock. Dakota smiled as it slid out of Michelle’s tight little asshole and she held it steady as she stood on the bed and waited for Michelle to around. “Come here Michelle, suck it for me.”

“MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM” Michelle moaned as she got on her knees as Hayden watched approvingly as Dakota sunk her cock in Michelle’s mouth and let her suck it. Michelle’s head bobbing up and down as Dakota’s arm hung at her side and she moaned from above as she watched intently. Dakota taking control of the scene as she stroked her hand into Michelle’s hair and cleared it from her eyes to give the camera a clear view. Michelle’s head bobbing harder and harder as Dakota moaned and Hayden slipped off the end of the bed and moved in front of the camera and said in a low voice, “Next week on Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style, part two of the yacht episode with Makenzie Vega and her sister Sexi Lexa. See ya then babies.”

Fade to black as we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat as the announcer says, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion. Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls away as another screen comes up and reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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