Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “Payback 101” – Season Three – Episode Nine

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Payback 101”

Season Three: Episode Nine

Copyright © 2007

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 9th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, the controversy over Jamie Lynn and ex-Zoey 101 co-star, Alexa Nikolas, is confronted head on in one of the season’s most talked about episodes. It seems our horny co-host Jamie Lynn was involved in Alexa’s exit from the hit ‘Nick’ series and with Hayden’s help Alexa has the perfect plan for revenge. Let’s just say Special Guest Star Makenzie Rosman will be in place to catch all of the action on video as Alexa teaches Jamie Lynn a lesson the ‘tanned princess’ will never forget. This is Payback 101.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, January 8, 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

Story Codes: fff, fff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Jamie Lynn Spears (16)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

Guest Stars: Alexa Nikolas (15)

What an idea and what a a way to pull it off, that was my exact thoughts after watching this weeks edition of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’. See I once again had to work, so my love Summer had to set up the ole dvr and tape the som-bitch for me. I hate my fuckin dick head boss. I truly do. Which makes what happened this week on ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’, all the more delicious and not to mention thought provoking for me and my lady love. So much so that as soon as it ended we began wrestling for the right to handcuff the other, which was won by me. Let’s just say a lot of what you are about to read happened to my horny lil Summer not too long after we watched it ourselves.

So before I go into the details about this episode, let me explain a little about what happened to set this up. Our current co-host, Jamie Lynn Spears has another show you may have heard of called Zoey 101 on that channel that goes by the way nickname of “Nick.” So as the story goes in Hollywood, Jamie Lynn, the star of the show, was being a real prima donna on the set and her co-star Alexa Nikolas (playing Nicole Bristow) called her out on it and Jamie Lynn apparently didn’t like that very much and talked the producers into dumping the Nicole character for the show’s second season. Which they did unfortunately. So ever since then I’ve heard through various sources that Alexa has, to put it nicely, longing for a little payback. Funny thing is it’s not the kind of payback you would think of, it’s more of the I wanna fuck her “variety.”

Now here’s my inside word, directly from one of Taboo TV’s staffers that works with the show. This “person” told me that the Producers loved the idea and set it up as a normal episode of ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’, only this one would take a rather bizarre turn that poor Jamie Lynn had no idea was coming. But I’m thinking after it was over she wasn’t complaining too much.

The episode opened with the now familar shaky camera work and it was evident to me that my beloved Mackenzie was once again behind the camera. She walked down a long hallway and into what I have to figure was the rec room in Hayden’s Hawaiian hideout. Hayden and Jamie Lynn were sitting on the large sectional sofa chatting as they saw Mackenzie come into the room and both mugged for the camera.

“God your cute” Mackenzie said as she zoomed in on Hayden’s smiling face and then panning to the right and catching Jamie Lynn’s and going on, “And damn your little friend is almost as hot.”

“So what’s on the docket for today sluts?” Mackenzie asked as she sat down and the camera angle steadied.

“Well the producers wanted us to do some type of bondage” Hayden announced and with a coy smile into the camera that made me think from the first moment she said that that she knew something was up.

“Yeh how about you tie the princess of Hillbilly, Louisanna up and take advantage of her Hayden?” Mackenzie asked with a giggle as Jamie Lynn gave her a dirty look and then said, “This hillbilly princess don’t go for bondage….ya’ll.”

“I don’t think we asked if you liked it there Princess” Hayden said as she looked at Jamie Lynn with a knowing smile. “I like that idea. A little handcuff action.”

“Ok you can do it without me then” Jamie Lynn said as she stood and walked towards the double glass doors to the side of the couch and I noticed up on watching the episode a second time that a shadow was defintely present as she neared the door and opened it and nearly fainted as she saw the face of her former co-star, Alexa Nikolas. “What the hell? What are you doing here?”

“Revenge” Alexa (wearing a skin tight t-shirt, miniskirt and ball shoes) said as she stepped in front of Jamie Lynn, who by now was completely oblivious to Hayden. Who quietly stepped in behind her co-host as she backed up and slipped one end of a set of handcuffs onto Jamie Lynn wrist. Jamie Lynn was shook back to reality just in time to feel her body being forced back onto the couch and watching over her head as the other end of the cuffs were connected to the bed rails stored behind the couch. “Nice work Hayden.”

“What the fuck are you doing Hayden?” Jamie Lynn asked in a growl as she pulled at the cuffs.

“You remember her don’t you?” Hayden asked as she put her arm around Alexa.

“What do you fuckin think?” Jamie Lynn snapped, “I worked with her for a year.”

“And then got me fired and know it’s time for my own personal revenge” Alexa said as Hayden smiled and said, “And what a perfect way for it to happen, so the whole world can see.”

“Wait, you said revenge” Jamie Lynn said in a paniced voice, “Look I’m sorry for getting you fired but this is insane.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM no it’s not Jamie Lynn” Hayden said as she stroked her hand up and raised Alexa’s shirt to the bottom of her titties and then across the girls soft flat stomach and then lifting it higher up her body and showing us those cute lil titties as Alexa smiled and leaned over and kissed Hayden softly on the lips for a moment. They broke as Alexa lifted her arms willingly and let Hayden slip the shirt up and over her head. They then resumed the kissing and this time began to trade tongues back and forth as both moaned into ther other’s mouth. Jamie Lynn had now stopped her attempts to pull away from the handcuffs and watched in almost shock with an open mouth as Alexa moved her hands to the baseball jersey they Hayden was sporting and began to unbutton it one button at a time as she continued kissing our host’s lips softly. The baseball jersey simply fell off Hayden’s body a few moments later as Alexa and Hayden finally came up for air. Hayden then turned back to her co-host and said, “What you didn’t know about our horny little Alexa is that she too likes pussy and well I think we all know where you stand on the topic.”

“What does this have to do with revenge though?” Jamie Lynn asked as Hayden sat down on one side and Alexa on the other.

“Well she’s gonna do anything she wants to you and we’re not gonna do a think about it” Hayden said with a devilish grin.

“Nothing?” Jamie Lynn asked as she suddenly started pulling again at the cuffs above her head.

“Nothing at all, you just better hope she’s not to kinky” Hayden giggled as she looked to Alexa who had just started to unbutton Jamie Lynn’s baseball jersey (one that matched the one Hayden had been sporting). Mackenzie zoomed in a little as a noticably nervous Jamie Lynn watched the jersey open and fall to the side as Alexa slowly stroked her hand over the baby smooth skin of Jamie Lynn’s flat sexy darkly tanned stomach and then up and across her titties, rubbing the girls nipples for a long moment each. Alexa looked down and soon leaned her head down and kissed Jamie Lynn’s lips softly as Jamie Lynn froze at first but soon began to kiss her back softly. But all too soon they parted as Alexa asked, “That feel good?”

“Yeh I guess” Jamie Lynn responded in a shaky voice.

“Feels good on my hand I know that, damn I love your tan” Alexa said with a another trip up and down Jamie Lynn’s body, before sliding her hand lower and slipping off the couch as she unbuttoned Jamie Lynn’s daisy dukes and began skinning them down the girls thighs. I noticed by now that Jamie Lynn had calmed down considerably as she willingly raised her hips and let her shorts slide off. Alexa certainly liked what she was looking at it appeared as she looked at the camera and gave a “she’s fuckin hot as hell” look. “No tan lines huh baby? You always told me you had them that you didn’t like tanning nude.”

“Well I didn’t at first but I changed my mind” Jamie Lynn said.

“Well it suits you” Alexa said with a wicked smile, “And that smoothy is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very sexy.”

“Well….ummmm… got me at your mercy” Jamie Lynn said as she scooted her butt to the very end of the couch and spread her thighs as she went on “Maybe you wanna take advantage of this situation and lick it.”

“Now there’s a productive idea” Alexa said as Mackenzie moved to the side and got a better view as Alexa dropped to her knees and got between Jamie Lynn’s baby smooth thighs. She glanced one time at the camera and after stuffing her hair behind her ear she lowered her head and began licking at the bald little cunny slit of Jamie Lynn’s. She applied a gentle pressure at first as she got used to the honey sweet flavor and licked up and down like a lollipop. Jamie Lynn moaned as she closed her eyes and sure seemed to be enjoying this moment as Alexa continued to lick at her sweet pussy. Mackenzie rose a moment later and moved directly behind Alexa’s head as we got a breath taking view of her tongue as it slid up and down Jamie Lynn’s pussy effortlessly. Alexa quickly moved her hands to the inside of Jamie Lynn’s thighs to keep the girl in place as she sunk her tongue inside now a little more with every stroke. “OHHHHHHHHHH fuck Alexa, god girl you’re so good at licking pussy.”

“I knew you’d be sweet, but damn Jamie Lynn you taste likey honey dew baby girl” Alexa cooed as she smiled up at her no longer former co-star and went back to licking her pussy, this time shoving her tongue all the way in Jamie Lynn’s pussy and beginning to pump it in and out right under the girls already engorged clitty. Jamie Lynn moaned louder and louder as Alexa fucked her pussy with an increasing pace. Her tongue like a piston as it pumped in and out with a purpose. Alexa pumped a few more times and slowly pulled away as she spread Jamie Lynn’s slit at the very top and began to suck softly on the girls clitty as we heard Jamie Lynn moan louder and louder and rattled the handcuffs above her head.

“OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM suck it Alexa, please suck it baby” Jamie Lynn moaned as her pussy began to spasm in the most wonderful of ways with the pressure of Alexa’s clit sucking getting harder and harder. Alexa closed her lips around the tip and sucked in long deep breaths as her jaws drew in and Jamie Lynn moaned out loud and squirmed just a bit as her pussy neared it’s explosion point. One which Alexa was well aware of as she pulled away at the very last instant and raised her head and smiled at Jamie Lynn with a victorious smile as Jamie Lynn’s eyes open in shock. “What the fuck, please oh god I need to cum so bad.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeh I bet do you sexy baby” Alexa said as she stroked her hands up and down Jamie Lynn’s nude body as our co-host was visibly shaking from being so horny. “Does it need it bad? really bad?”

“Ohmigod yess please” Jamie Lynn begged as she then realized she was totally at Alexa’s mercy.

“It’s a shame too cause I was really having fun too” Alexa said with a knowing smile as she leaned forward and kissed Jamie Lynn’s lips softly and said, “I’m just getting started with you…tanned princess”

“She’s a princess alright” Hayden said as she appeared again from off-camera and slipped in behind Alexa as she kissed her neck and had her rise and whispered something in her ear as Alexa smiled and nodded her head. Hayden stroked her hands up and down Alexa’s bare back and then down to her ass as she slipped the girls miniskirt down and showed us Alexa wasn’t wearing underwear as the mini fell to the floor and Alexa stepped out of it. She turned and kissed Hayden softly for a few moments as Jamie Lynn watched on with interest now obvious on her face. Hayden and Alexa smiled as they parted and Hayden disappeared off-camera again as Alexa turned back to her prisoner. Jamie Lynn looked straight up at Alexa with a small grin on her face, which made me think she was enjoying this more than she let on. Alexa sat down on the couch, her legs now across Jamie Lynn’s thighs as she said to Jamie Lynn, “God you’re hotter than hell.”

“Oh so this is just about you having the hots for me?” Jamie Lynn asked as Alexa laughed and replied, “That’s good part of I’ll admit.”

“I think you should start paying me back” Alexa said as she gave Jamie Lynn a knowing look. One which obviously didn’t exactly surprise Jamie Lynn as Alexa started to rub her own pussy softly and rise. Alexa looked down as she had Jamie Lynn lay her head back, Mackenzie then moved into a better position as we saw Alexa lower her pussy onto Jamie Lynn’s eager mouth as she started to lick at Alexa’s slit up and down. Her free hand coming up to between Alexa’s thighs and coming to rest on Alexa’s ass cheeks as she licked more and more agressively with every pass it looked. She wasted no time in shoving her tongue between Alexa’s pussy lips and starting to fuck it in and out as Alexa moaned, “Ohmigod Hayden she is so fuckin good at licking pussy, god you were so right.”

“MMMMMMMMMM I sure am” Jamie Lynn said with a devilish smile as she again started to french her former co-star’s bald pussy. Ramming her tongue in and out and in and out harder and harder. It looked to me it was right under Alexa’s engorged little clitty too, which would make it feel even better. Alexa clutched onto the back of the couch as she got her pussy fucked harder and harder and Jamie Lynn’s free hand squeezed into her ass cheeks all the time. “MMMMMMMMMM fuck you taste so sweet.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM lick it Jamie Lynn, lick my pussy so good baby” Alexa moaned as she watched Jamie Lynn closely. Pausing for a second Jamie Lynn slipped lower on the couch so that she was now on her back and let Alexa drop to her knees, now right on top of Jamie Lynn’s face. Jamie Lynn grinned as she once again stuffed her tongue up to into Alexa’s pussy and began wiggling it around a bit and licking Alexa’s inside walls as the girl moaned and dropped both of her arms to her side and looked down and watched closely as her pussy spasmed lightly. Alexa bit her lip as Jamie Lynn pulled her tongue out now and started to suck on Alexa’s clitty softly at first and then began to apply more pressure to the girls most sensitive area. Closing her lips around it’s tip and drawing her jaws in as she sucked ever harder and looking up to see Alexa’s pretty face contorted in pleasure as she moaned ever louder from Jamie Lynn’s work on her pussy. Alexa squeezed her thighs around Jamie Lynn’s pretty face as she moaned and moved one hand to her former co-star’s head and said to her in a moan, “Oh fuck Jamie Lynn you gonna make my pussy cum so good baby, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm keep going ohmigod.”

“So sweet and yummy” Jamie Lynn moaned as she momentarily stopped on Alexa’s clit before going back to work on her pussy. Sucking even harder now as she had to have sensed that Alexa was getting closer and closer. Alexa clutched onto the back of the couch with one hand and onto Jamie Lynn’s hair with the other as she neared her reward for the licking and laid her head back for a long moment and moaned as her pussy spasmed wildly from Jamie Lynn’s ever harder sucking of her clit. “You bet ready Alexa?”

“Oh fuck god yess Jamie Lynn you are so good at this” Alexa moaned as she closed her eyes and slumped a bit forward as she squeezed her thighs around Jamie Lynn’s head and moaned as she began to cum. Jamie Lynn sucked her clitty one last time in a long deep breath before pulling away at the last possible second and capping her mouth over the girls slit and shoving her tongue inside and sucking softly as Alexa began to shake all over as her cum got sucked out and the most wonderful of sesations swept over her body. A few long moments of moaning followed before Jamie Lynn pulled away and stroked her hand up and down Alexa’s flat sexy stomach and asking, “Think you can forgive me now?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck that was amazing” Alexa said in a moan as she moved off of Jamie Lynn and sat down beside her. “But no not yet my sweet.”

“Here you go babe” Hayden said as she appeared from off-camera and handed Alexa what looked like a strap-on. Alexa stood and with Hayden’s help and began slipping into the harness. Behind them it appeared that Jamie Lynn was trying to sneak her way to a quick orgasm as she had begun to stroke her fingers up and down her pussy fast now as she moaned. That is until Hayden and Alexa noticed it and Alexa pulled it away after she had secured the strap-on in place. “Oh no looks like Jamie Lynn’s not playing along.”

“Oh come on guys, noooooooooooooooo” Jamie Lynn said in a loud complaining voice as Hayden appeared with a second set of cuffs and attached one end to her co-hosts free wrist and the other end to that same bed rail above her head. Much like her first hand had been done some minutes ago. “Fuck both of you.”

“Promise baby?” Alexa said with a knowing smile as Jamie Lynn struggled to set back up on the couch and noticed that Alexa was in perfect position for a diffferent kind of fucking. Alexa slowly stroked her newly attached cock and with her other hand she moved it to Jamie Lynn’s tanned stomach and said, “Wanna get on top?”

“Oh fuck you have no idea how much I would” Jamie Lynn moaned as she rolled over on Alexa’s thighs and held the back of the couch for support as she rose and then lowered herself back down onto the cock and into the catcher’s position. Alexa held it steady and with one hand on Jamie Lynn’s stomach guided the cock into Jamie Lynn’s sweet pussy. Jamie Lynn moaned as the cock began to slide into her pussy and she looked down as Alexa held the cock steady and Jamie Lynn began to slowly bounce up and down as her face showed the first signs of the pleasure sweeping over her body. Alexa’s hand moved away as Jamie Lynn impaled herself for the first time on the cock and moaned in unison with Alexa as she leaned down and kissed her ex-co-star hard on the lips. Bouncing harder and harder now as her thighs began to slap at Alexa’s thighs, Alexa moved her hands to either side of Jamie Lynn’s slender waist as she held her steady and encouraged her to do it harder and harder. “OHHHHHHHHHHH fuck yes I love bounce fucking you Alexa.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM god your so sexy Jamie Lynn, harder baby harder, bounce your titties for me” Alexa moaned as Jamie Lynn held onto the back of the couch and leaned down to kiss Alexa once more as she bounced up and down harder, getting all the way up to the very tip of the cock and then sliding back down and crashing into Alexa’s thighs. Pushing on the back of the couch and getting more upright, Jamie Lynn arched her back a little and bounced her titties harder just as Alexa had asked and moaned louder and louder as the pleasure swept over her body time and again. Alexa dug her fingers into Jamie Lynn’s tanned skin as she tried to bounce her harder and harder, and watched her face as it showed more and more evidence of Jamie Lynn’s pleasure. “Oh yeah that pussy is feelin so good now huh Jamie Lynn?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh yeah” Jamie Lynn moaned as she clutched at the back of the couch and lifted herself expertly to the very tip of the cock and then impaling herself on the cock again and again as her pussy began spasming harder and harder with every bounce. “Sooooooooooooo good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM yeah bounce your titties a little more for me” Alexa moaned as she slid her hands to the bottom of Jamie Lynn’s bouncing titties as the girl got ready to cum and bounced even harder and said in an intense moan, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM here it comes Alexa oh fuck yess I’m gonna cum so good on your cock.”

“Whoa” Alexa said as she spread her legs and Jamie Lynn lost her base as her feet got swept to either side and she crashed onto the cock as it once again slid deep in her pussy. “I didn’t say anything about cumming my baby.”

“What the fuck?” Jamie Lynn growled as she looked as if she could have ripped Alexa’s head off at that moment, “When I get out of these cuffs I’m gonna whip your ass.”

“Promises, promises baby” Alexa said with a devilish smile as she spanked her hand into Jamie Lynn’s bare ass cheek and as Jamie Lynn squealed she did it again to the other cheek. Smacking one and then the other as a helpless Jamie Lynn squealed and squirmed on the cock still deep in her tight little pussy. Jamie Lynn pressed her lips firmly to Alexa’s lips as Alexa held her with one hand now and slapped her ass cheeks with the other, a little harder each time it looked. After a few more hard slaps and Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks looking to be glowing red from the spanking, Alexa had Jamie Lynn rise and roll off her. Jamie Lynn landed on her back again as Alexa slid back to the floor, with a smile on her face, she lowered herself back down to her knees and lined the cock up with Jamie Lynn’s just licked pussy. Alexa slowly guided her cock into Jamie Lynn’s ultra tight pussy. Mackkenzie zoomed in as she once again got beside of Alexa and watched closely, Alexa stroking her cock in and out of Jamie Lynn and watching her moan as it worked at her clit softly. “Yeh that’s a tight little pussy I know baby, that cock feels so big in there huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMM” Hayden moaned from off-camera as Mackenzie reached into the camera’s view and adjusted Alexa’s hair to the other side of her body, so as to no longer block the view. She then gave us a close-up that revealed just how tight Jamie Lynn’s pussy was, as Alexa’s cute little ass clenched time and again as she slowly slid in and out. The cock glistening with juice as it got deeper all the time.

“WHOA it feels so big up in my pussy” Jamie Lynn moaned finally as Alexa started working it in and out a little faster and both started moaning. Another tight shot of the dildo going in and out, and Alexa’s’s hot little ass clenching as she worked. Alexa then moved Jamie Lynn’s dangling legs to her shoulders and fucked her love hole a little harder. Reaching forward and placing one hand on each of Jamie Lynn’s now jiggling titties as Jamie Lynn moaned, “Oh so good, it’s so big Alexa. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my pussy is feeling really good now. Come on baby faster in my pussy.”

“Fuck that little lesbian pussy” Hayden said from off-camera as Alexa’s cock was pumping in and out faster and faster as Mackenzie moved next to her and gave the view from the side. Jamie Lynn moaned loudly as she pushed with both of her arms over her head against the bed rails as she held on for the ride. Alexa moaned too as she pistoned her cock in and out of Jamie Lynn’s forbidden paradise, sliding in with little effort as Alexa squeezed her fingers into Jamie Lynn’s titties now with every pump into her pussy. She picked up the pace now as she slammed away harder and harder on Jamie Lynn’s pussy.

“Faster Alexa, ohmigod I’m gonna cum so good baby” Jamie Lynn moaned as Alexa pumped her cock in and out easily. Alexa leaned forward supporting herself on the Jamie Lynn’s chest as she really began pounding Jamie Lynn’s’s muff harder and harder. Jamie Lynn’s mouth opened as she moaned and she grew more and more vocal as Alexa pounded her her harder and faster. The cock pistoning in and out of her sweet young pussy now.

“Ohmigod it’s gonna feel so good cumming baby don’t stop please” Jamie Lynn as she braced for her incomming orgasm.

“Your gonna cum soo good in a second baby, let me pound it harder” Alexa moaned to her as she pumped harder into her and brought her pussy to the brink of a wonderful orgasm before stopping and suddenly pulling out as Jamie Lynn looked up with a shocked and frustrated expression on her face.

“FUCK” Jamie Lynn growled as she pulled at the handcuffs above her head, “Make me cum already god damn it.”

“Soon baby I promise” Alexa said as she smiled down at her. “I got one more hole I wanna try out before that though.”

“Ohmigod no your not gonna do that either” Jamie Lynn said as she tried to pull away but Alexa had a good grip on her legs as she smiled down at Jamie Lynn and said, “MMMMMMMMMMM gonna do Hayden’s favorite thing.”

“You don’t really have a choice” Alexa said as Hayden joined her on the couch and both pushed Jamie Lynn’s thighs up to her chest as Hayden laid partially across them to hold Jamie Lynn in place. Alexa stroked the now pussy soaked cock as she lined it up with Jamie Lynn’s tight puckered little asshole and as Hayden watched on with an approving smile, she slid inside. Jamie Lynn opened her mouth and moaned as it entered her asshole and Alexa began pumping it in and out as she too moaned and said, “Oh yeah that’s what I been waiting to do to you.”

“Come on Alexa take out all that frustration on her now” Hayden moaned to her as Alexa dropped one arm to her side and placed the other on the back of Jamie Lynn’s thighs as she started sliding in and out slowly but surely. Only a few moments had passed before she was making long smooth moan causing stroked in and out of Jamie Lynn’s asshole. Hayden moved away at that moment as she knew now that Jamie Lynn was enjoying it as she sat down and stroked her hands idly at Jamie Lynn’s body as Alexa started to pound her cock harder and harder in and out of the hole. Sweat began forming on Alexa’s beautiful body as she thrust time and again in and out of Jamie Lynn’s back door, looking down she watched every single stroke of her cock with a smile as Jamie Lynn moaned out loud now. A smacking sound could now be heard as Alexa’s thighs began smacking against Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks a little louder each time. Alexa looked up to a moaning Jamie Lynn with a smile as she drilled the cock home harder and harder with seemingly every thrust. She looked to be taking Hayden’s words to heart as she began to shake Jamie Lynn’s naked body with every shot. “Yeh yeh yeh, you had this butt fucking coming for a long time Jamie Lynn you know that?”

“OH god your pumping it so hard in my ass Alexa” Jamie Lynn moaned as her body shook harder and harder with every thrust of Alexa’s cock. Both moaning out now as Alexa looked to be going deeper. Jamie Lynn began to squeal her pleasure as Alexa’s face showed how much she was loving this and she pumped in and out and in and out effortlessly.

“Come on Alexa make her pay for it baby” Hayden moaned as Alexa moved her free hand to the back of Jamie Lynn’s other thigh and really began to pound the girls asshole full force as she watched every thrust and listened to Jamie Lynn’s grunts and moans of pleasure as her body shook harder. The thigh smacking ass cheek sound got ever louder as Alexa poured it on and squeezed her fingers into the back of Jamie Lynn’s thighs and showed no signs of letting up this time as her cock was now a blur in Jamie Lynn’s back door. Alexa looked down with a pleasure soaked smile as she moaned, “Now you’re getting the idea Jamie Lynn baby, tell me you like butt fucking now and maybe I’ll let you cum.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM god yessssss I love butt fuckin it feels soooooo good in my ass Alexa, harder, fuckin do it, make me cum baby” Jamie Lynn moaned and then squealed one more time as Alexa never let up and pounded the cock in her butt fuck hole and felt her pussy began to spasm wildly now as she shook from the fucking and clutched onto the back of the couch for support as the handcuffs bounced around noisely on the bed rails now. Alexa was biting her lip now and her face was contorting as she showed the pleasure of the moment and was nearing her own orgasm as she pounded Jamie Lynn’s ass a few more times as both began to squeal in unison as both orgasm’s seem to EXPLODE at the same time. Hayden smiled knowingly as Alexa and Jamie Lynn surged into pure heaven together. Alexa stroking wildly into Jamie Lynn’s back door as she pounded the orgasm out of both of them until both were spent from the effort. Jamie Lynn’s hands fell limp in the cuffs as Alexa slumped forward across the girls thighs, both panting from the effects of the orgasm that just passed. Hayden slipped to the floor and guided Alexa’s cock out of Jamie Lynn’s asshole as she said into the girls ear, “MMMMMMMMMMMMM now that’s a way to pay someone back huh baby?”

“Oh god it was wonderful” Alexa moaned as Jamie Lynn’s legs felt limp to the couch.

“Let her suck it now baby” Hayden moaned as Alexa gave her a smile as she got back on the couch and held her cock in her hand as Jamie Lynn opened her mouth willingly and took it in her mouth as she started to suck it. Alexa watched with a proud smile as she dropped one arm to her side and cleared Jamie Lynn’s hair from her eyes so everyone could see the lewd display. Jamie Lynn’s head bobbed harder and harder up and down as she moaned on it and soon started to deep throat it as Alexa moaned to her, “Yeh that’s it Jamie Lynn baby suck the cock I just butt fucked your sweet ass with.”

“Jamie Lynn’s been such a good girl that I think we should let her go huh?” Hayden asked as she reached forward and unlocked the cuffs on Jamie Lynn wrists and watched Alexa smile as Jamie Lynn moved her hands to Alexa’s stomach now and dropped the cock as she rose up and her and Alexa kissed each other softly. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh good babies.”

“Now that was a great payback if I do say so myself” Jamie Lynn moaned as she stroked her hands up and down Alexa’s smooth skin and kissed her more deeply as they begin to trade tongues back and forth. Hayden unstrapped the cock from Alexa’s thighs as Alexa slipped out of it and got over Jamie Lynn and kissed her as Jamie Lynn laid down length wise on the couch. Hayden disappearing off-camera as Alexa and Jamie Lynn massaged their tongues against the others in a show as Mackenzie zoomed in a little and kept a tight shot for the next few long moments. Hayden appearing again on camera, as if cue, and now sporting the strap-on Alexa had just taken off. Crawling around the twosome still kissing and getting above their heads as she stroked her hand through Alexa’s hair and got her attention. Alexa looking shocked as she saw the strap-on now in place on Hayden. “MMMMMMMM Hayden girl you are one smart cookie.”

“What’s wrong Alexa? You didn’t think you were gonna get butt fucked too?” Hayden asked with a knowing smile. “Huh?”

“Oh boy” Alexa said with a smile crossing her face. “I guess I had an idea.”

“MMMMMMMMM yeh I bet you did” Hayden said as she kissed her for a long moment and then took Alexa’s hand and guided her to turn around on top of Jamie Lynn. Which Alexa did willingly, turning her back to Hayden and watching as she lowered her pussy to Jamie Lynn’s eager mouth. Moaning with a smile as Jamie Lynn licked a few times at her pussy, settling in on her knees and elbows as she squirmed on top of her. Hayden stroked her cock and watched Jamie Lynn closely as she licked Alexa’s pussy lovingly up and down from top to bottom over and over again. Wrapping her arms Alexa’s waist and then spreading her ass cheeks slowly as Hayden moved in behind Alexa and lined her cock up. Alexa looked back and moaned as Hayden slid inside her asshole slowly and started to pump in and out, getting deeper everytime it looked. Hayden smiling knowingly as Alexa started to moan loudly.

“How many girls have done that to now my baby?” Mackenzie asked from the other end of the camera as Hayden slid her hands up the smooth skin of Alexa’s back and pumped faster and faster in and out. While Jamie Lynn began to circle her tongue around Alexa’s clit and then licked it softly over and over, making Alexa squirm and moan louder as she looked down at Jamie Lynn now. Hayden sunk all the way in her asshole and stopped, pressing her thighs against Alexa’s ass cheeks, as she leaned forward over Alexa’s back. Her arms now by alexa’s shoulders as the butt fucking started in earnest now as Hayden moaned to Mackenzie, “OH god my baby I have no idea how many hot young girls I’ve butt fucked, but I love it more everytime I sink inside another hot little ass.”

“Oh god so sweet to butt fuck Alexa” Hayden moaned as she started to slap her thighs at Alexa’s ass cheeks loudly as the girl started squealing in pure pleasure as Hayden pumped in and out. Jamie Lynn holding her in place from below as she continued to lick over and over Alexa’s clitty, only now it looked like she was doing it rougher and rougher as she went along. Alexa’s body was now dripping with sweat and shaking from the every harder shots Hayden was giving her asshole. Hayden looking down with a smile as she watched her cock slide in and out in long smooth strokes, “Oh god Alexa that looks sooo good going in and out baby, is it making your butt fuck hole feel good?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM god I love it Hayden, feels soooo good up in my butt fuck hole” Alexa moaned as Hayden gave it to her harder, her thighs smacking against alexa’s ass cheeks louder and louder. Jamie Lynn smiled from below as she started to suck on Alexa’s little clitty now and made the girl squirm on top of her and she sucked it harder in a long deep breath. Pulling off for a moment and licking it roughly before sucking it even harder as Alexa whimpered and moaned above her.

“Is Jamie Lynn sucking your clit sooo good Alexa?” Mackenzie asked as Alexa squirmed and tried to rise off of Jamie Lynn’s soft warm lips it looked. But being met each time by Hayden’s pounding cock and getting driven back down into Jamie Lynn’s lips.

“OH god yesss, my pussy is gonna cum so good” Alexa moaned as Hayden poundewd harder and harder and moaned herself as she felt her own pussy spasming in a wonderful rhythm. Alexa’s body shook now gently as she squealed and grinded her pussy on Jamie Lynn’s lips and with a few last butt fucking strokes in to her asshole from Hayden she began to cum. Jamie Lynn sucking her clit till the last possible moment and then capping her mouth over Alexa’s bald pussy lips and stuffed her tongue deep in the girls wildly spasming pussy and sucked. Causing Alexa to shake harder as the sensations stormed her body even harder, grunting moments she began to squirt her cum in Jamie Lynn’s loving mouth. Hayden moaning as she pounded her cock home and felt her own pussy explode as she shook from the effects for a long moment and settled down as she moaned to Alexa, “Yeh, yeh, let me butt fuck all that cum out.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Alexa groaned in approval as her pussy spasmed wildly a few more moments as Jamie Lynn sucked out her cum. Hayden finally slowed and pulling out with a satisfied smile on her face as Alexa moaned and went limp on top of Jamie Lynn. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Hayden I hope you and Mac got it all on tape.”

“Oh we did right baby?” Hayden asked as she looked to the camera and Mackenzie shook the camera as her answer as she rose and moved to the couch and turned it around and all four posed for a moment as the scene faded to black and the by now traditional CO logo roll closed the scene and the episode.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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